Google / Youtube's latest dirty tricks

We have been making major changes to our online presence and noticed on one particular updated page that every single Youtube video we had uploaded wouldn't play. But what was worse was that every other video we had EMBEDDED from other uploaders did play, effectively stopping any of our video's being played on thousands of websites across the globe. In total we have more than 30 million views, well up until this happened.

We have the stats from decades back that show our video's are being featured in many countries and helps get the message out, but what is worst of all is that when we searched the new massive rearranged Youtube platform they changed, despite a lot of users reservations as it is now very confusing , that the page in question that requires to be accessed to correct this has ALSO been switched off.

Now we have exposed on many occasions the dirty tricks that Youtube are up to to censor and in fact undermine any group like ourselves who have exposed what they do, but this has been a secretive way they have managed to withhold our video's without us knowing for a long time until we were doing a major overhaul.

We are now running other video sharing sites as more and more of Youtube is being pulled so much so that many of our webpages are being ruined by empty spaces where video's from other groups have been featured until Youtube has pulled them for the most spurious of reasons.

But this latest trick they have pulled makes us realise this lets them censor without the need to remove video's from their site and get even more bad publicity. We await to see what their response is to this latest nasty dirty trick that their zionist masters have no doubt ordered.

  • We previously reported "Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting"