Former lecturer Chris Green behind feminist White Ribbon

What man would be pushing a feminist agenda and where do they get all the money to set up a globally funded network to smear, shame and frame men? Is he a freemason?

  • White Ribbon movement to end male violence against women
  • Chris Green WHITE RIBBON involved in Sarah Everard death who was murdered by a cop QUOTE "Chris noticed there was a "groundswell" of reaction on social media from women since the Sarah Everard case started being talked about - with some asking why more men weren't "shouting about" the issue of women's safety?" (Turning a murder by cop into a 'man hate' fest by the feminazi THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!)
  • All the SNP MP's who back Chris Green White Ribbon(SNP leader a feminist lawyer who would want to ensure her lawyer pals have maximum reason to strip men bare and Green is the tool to do that)
  • Chris Green attends feminist DV conference (DV IS BIG BUSINESS. Rachel Horman Solicitor and Head of the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Forced Marriage Department at Watson Ramsbottom Ltd. Rachel was personally involved in changing the law to create a criminal offence of coercive control or emotional abuse)
  • Chris Green previously full-time lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University In 2007 he was awarded "Ultimate Man of the Year". Green was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to equality
  • Interview with Chris Green, White Ribbon UK (VIDEO)
  • White Ribbon UK founder Chris Green to receive OBE (When the royals dish out honours you have to be suspicious of their motives)
  • Feminists push White Ribbon UK is now active in over 60 countries (Where do they get ALL the global funds to smear and frame men?)
  • Hebden Bridge novel funds donation to White Ribbon Campaign against domestic violence (But only working to end male violence against women)
  • Chris Green White Ribbon attends another feminist man smearing lecture
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts (The most important video men need to understand before marrying)(VIDEO)