The war on men erupts every Christmas
We know that lawyers are having cosy meetings in the run up to Christmas anticipating the expected sharp rise in marital break ups.

We have insider knowledge that not only are these evil crooked bastards rubbing their hands on the demise of men's marriages and the massive spoils that flow, but the freemason mafia who run the show behind the scenes, also provide the domestic abuse and violence propaganda to make that all the more likely.

This is a war where freemasons have to blame all ills of society on heterosexual men through distortions of what they claim is any sort of abuse so they can get their hands on men's hard earned estates. You will notice a sudden surge of DV articles in their controlled press around this time alongside adverts of women dollying themselves up for the festive parties NOT with their beloved but at office do's where much of the issues that make domestic fights much more likely as men try to stop the sudden anticipation of their wives turning into singletons over the Christmas period and ignoring their marriage vows.

The psychological mind games are basically saying that women can do what they like to damage their marriage and the state will back them up claiming any man who raises his voice restraining them from behaving like whores will be turned into mice while the freemasons help the little old lady to strip her man of every last piece of his life.

Well this is a message to these scumbags that men are rising up across the globe and are not going to take this shit lying down. To many good and decent men have lost their lives after being smeared and destroyed by the masons colluding in their controlled courts and police stations, snatching men and using restraining orders to stop them protecting their homes and children. Many of those children end up in the hands of the perverts running the system for their own financial enrichment and their perversions towards children made vulnerable by those very orders.

This cannot go on any longer with this facade of protecting those poor wee women. This is a massive psychological game where billions are being removed from men not part of their satanic cult and into their coffers to ensure this vile enrichment system can go on ad infinitum. Young men need to learn early on just what this is all about as they CRAFT this so cleverly that many of those younger men do not realise that they themselves will be caught up in the massive web of deceit that is going on right across the globe.

Men are massively more likely to die or face severe hardship and abuse from crooked freemason judges , lawyers and cops than any Middle East terror threat. Yet you would never guess so from how their controlled media find all sorts of distractions from their evil mind games.

  • The lunatic freemason / feminists at the Holyrood nuthouse make stealing mens estates much easier with draconian changes to what is classed as abuse (SNP controlled by lawyers and behind the grand theft of mens estates)
  • Scotlands Daily Rat controlled by speculative freemasons provides the DV propaganda for their lawyer / judicial lodge buddies to fleece men not part of their satanic network
  • MP blames "militant feminists and politically correct males" (freemasons) for stirring up problems between men and women
  • Family courts hold the most drastic powers of any tribunal (and that's from a judge)
  • High Court Judge: Don't always believe claims of domestic violence
  • Legal mafia trying to smear men using draconian abuse claims so they can help themselves to the family silver and children for their perverted friends (See jewish lawyer and homopaedo lord Greville Jenner for evidence)
  • Current events are a charade put on by freemasons and their jewish banker masters