Women's Aid the mouthpiece for the legal mafia

Women's Aid is a construct of the terrorists at the Law society who claim to protect women from all us bad men when in reality it is a licence for these evil fuckers to smear, frame and thieve from men using manufactured domestic abuse bullshit that is brought up, NOT before juries, but freemason judges during divorce. This is the single biggest racket on the planet and no mafia can steal more than the legal mafia when men's money is tied up in bricks and mortar that cannot be moved out of the country when these fuckers come to thieve big time.

Women's aid are totally integrated with lawyers, run by lawyers and funded by governments to ensure an easy way of re-distributing billions of men's wealth into the hands of the crooks using the most extreme persecution campaigns that even the toughest of men can end up suicidal when their life's are ruined by the legal mafia running the courts for their own and the crown's self enrichment schemes.

All the feminist offshoots of Women's Aid like Refuge are full of man hating feminists whose only mission in life is to destroy heterosexual family life with men as its head and draw women into their lesbian lifestyles that smear men only ever as abusers and a legal system only to happy to turn them into millionaires overnight on the back of the lies and deceit that freemason judges NEVER question as that is all part of the racket.

Even the cops who enforce the court orders using DV scams to line their pockets when they get offered some of those stolen properties at knock down prices from the law society mafia only to happy to share the spoils with a myriad of government agencies used to break men while fleecing them of everything they have ever worked for. A gutter press, also controlled by the law society, who regularly use DV scams to propagate the myth that Women's Aid are supportive of vulnerable women when those women ultimately learn that all the legal aid used to fight their husbands in court will have to be be paid back from the proceeds of selling off the family home and silver to pay for the extortion used to destroy their ex-husbands.