Tory corruption potential for a nuclear disaster
Today French company EDF announced is was extending the life of four of the eight nuclear plants it operates in Britain. EDF have been bankrolling the tory party into power. Here is a foreign company funding a murderous political mafia and vastly distorting the UK's so called democracy.

Not only is that a dangerous precedent that should be investigated by the police but now they are seemingly getting away with running nuclear plants far longer than anticipated and the possibility that a nuclear disaster could occur when a now tory government turns a blind eye to blatant undermining of an already dangerous industry.

That does not include the fact tory scumbag Osborne signed a deal with China for them to run and control a nuclear plant on British soil knowing the dire health and safety history of the Chinese. Britain is now not only seeing vast swathes of the population committing suicide through psychological and financial torture but the whole country is at risk of a nuclear meltdown thanks to a French energy company and a tory mafia scratching each others backs in a sea of vast corruption that could end in a very dangerous accident happening through dirty corrupt practices.

  • French energy firm EDF will extend the life of four of its eight NOW OBSOLETE nuclear power plants in Britain (A foreign company being allowed by a vile government to allow old and dangerous nuclear plants to continue operating. How much are EDF funding the tory party come election time?)
  • Tory SCUM are in the pocket of energy companies like French EDF (Due to tory corruption taking money from a foreign nuclear company that is extending the life of old plants British people's lives are being put at risk of a nuclear disaster. Meanwhile the National Crime Agency turn a blind eye to massive fraud and corruption by those in government)
  • Tory party is being fuelled by energy fatcat donations of 2.6m like French EDF (A foreign company being allowed to undermine democracy by funding a murderous tory regime then being allowed to run old nuclear plants into the dust)
  • Tory Election expenses: cops forced by media exposure to investigate(VIDEO)