America left to vote for two old pensioners
Trump is aged 70 while Clinton is aged 68

If either of these two went for an ORDINARY job what chance would they have of getting employed?

They are pension age and few companies would consider them suitable for employment at their age.

Yet the most powerful political position on the planet is to be filled with either of two individuals that should be sitting relaxing on their porch instead of making decisions that will not only affect millions of Americans, but millions around the world. The American presidential selection system is creaking not only because of the two party gang, but believing two elderly pensioners are suitable candidates to run a country the size of America.

Clinton is a lawyer and a plant for the global law society while Trump's history with all his dodgy deals makes neither of them suitable for leader of America so why do ordinary Americans accept this system when decade after decade they get the same devious political machinations imposed on their way of life by the two party mafia gangs disguised as some sort of political power?