French attack leads to mass hypocrisy of two western leaders
Britain's Eton gangster David Cameron and America's mafia don Barack Obama have been high profile of late ranting endlessly about the horror of the killings in Paris . A great opportunity for mass murderers themselves to hide their sins behind what might well prove to be another false flag.

However look at the recent background to these supposed great leaders their media keep telling us about and something very different appears despite their perceived genuine grief at those innocents who died in Paris.

Cameron and his vile cronies in the tory party are behind the mass killing of thousands of victims of their state assassins the DWP and former sidekick ATOS that also includes a recent suicide of one of their own party Elliott Johnson, who suffered torment, bullying and abuse at the hands of their lackeys. More British citizens have died thanks to Cameron's mafia than during the French attacks yet the media don't dramatize those deaths anywhere near to the same degree as it isn't guns and bullets that caused their deaths it is the persistent use of psychological torture perpetrated on weakened individuals that finished them off.

No blood or guts just a sinister silent campaign of murder inflicted on those they deem USELESS EATERS. This is so dire that we are to believe that the British, or more likely a Southern English population have voted them back into power at the last election despite a long history of finishing off those facing the wrath of draconian welfare cuts. The British establishment have a long history of vile campaigns against the peasants.

Obama paints a picture of sympathy for the Paris victims while black Americans are being gunned down en masse by a police force that is now totally out of control and has always been masonic controlled and used to assassinate anyone not following the sinister American dream that for millions is now a nightmare. More American citizens have died while Obama was holding the reins of power than those killed in the latest French attack.

Here is the total hypocrisy of two nations leaders, that are behind the most subtle and devious mass murder of their own people, yet have the audacity to tell those nations that THEY and THEY ALONE will defend them against so called terrorism. Both are warmongers who continue to light the firestorm across the Middle East, started by war criminals Bush and Blair and yet we have the bizarre scenario where they are supposedly speaking on behalf of us all about our rights and freedoms that they themselves are totally abusing in the mass murder of citizens of Britain and America. What is even more bizarre is that the sheeple buy into the fact that they are deluded into believing they will be protected by a political mafia with a long history of murdering their own people.

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