Neither Clinton or Trump are fit to run America

Trump with zionist backer Adelson and Clinton with her zionist backer Haim Saban

Trump and Clinton both kiss Netanyahu's arse

Its nothing to do with Hillary Clinton's emails its nothing to do with Trump's behaviour towards women but that they BOTH kiss the arse of their zionist masters. Trump and Clinton both support warmongering Israel and will continue wars on their behalf.

All the rest is bullshit pumped out to appease American sheeple who wave placards without realising Israel and NOT America is their first priority. When America's top zionist Sheldon Adelson is pumping millions into the Trump campaign (special interests)and top zionist Haim Saban is pumping millions into the Clinton campaign it's NOT for the benefit of America but for Israel's zionist interests across the Middle East while Americans will continue to see their country slide further into the quagmire of debt caused by their flawed banking , political and legal systems while warmongering for their Israeli backers. Until one presidential candidate distances themselves from the zionist clutches America will NEVER be great but remain subservient to that evil agenda.

  • Billionaire Sheldon Adelson to give millions to Trump campaign
  • Sheldon Adelson and his zionist cronies meet in Vegas to decide which political gangsters they can buy off