Transgender jailbird ‘sexually abused four female prisoners’ days after arriving at West Yorkshire jail

  • FULL ARTICLE HERE (Lunatics running the LGBT asylum)
  • What the fuck is going on with the mass media transgender propaganda?

    Frank Maloney (UK) and Bruce Jenner (USA) turning into women

    The sicko's in the mass media are going RIGHT OVER THE TOP promoting Maloney in the UK and Jenner in America turning themselves into women. What would be classed years ago as rather dubious and distinctly psychiatric problems is now being pushed as a great thing for men to do.

    Well we just want to inform the sick fuckers controlling the mass media that men ain't fucking interested in promoting the feminization of men while there is hardly one national newspaper in America and Britain that isn't running stories about Maloney and Jenner. There must be few people not sick and tired of reading the latest escapades of the Kardashians and their views on their transgender leaning daddy.

    The global media mafia controlled by the zionist / freemason / satanists are really going overboard in their very warped perspective of what a man's world should be all about without really giving a damn that men are sick and tired of them pushing the homo / trannie agenda in our faces either in newspapers or on TV.

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