Tough decisions? How Britain's vile political mafia put the peasants in their place
When you hear the tory scum and filth talking about taking TOUGH decisions you can be sure the poor and sick are going to pay a heavy price for propping up the few at the top who fund these evil bastards. The UK operates by the rich's financial backing of psychopaths come election time and a mass media only to happy to give them the platforms to push their twisted agenda.

The peasants are sick and tired of hearing the political mafia, of whatever persuasion, telling them about taking tough decisions. The only ones suffering from those TOUGH decisions are the poor , disabled and most vulnerable. London's elite establishment live off of the spoils of a grotesque market that uses the peasants to generate wealth for their dodgy capitalist racket that allows the REAL scroungers to wine and dine on the toil of those enslaved by the corrupt machinations of the rich, while draining the wealth and energies of the grafters, that line the pockets of the spongers who use capitalism, not physical effort, to make themselves rich. Generations of families have had the austerity boot ground into their skulls and only a massive upheaval will rid this country of the scum and filth that pretend, at each election, there will be 'change' when nothing is so far from the truth.

Vast inequality ensures opulent lifestyles for the royal parasites and their enormous army of zionist / freemason boot boys embedded in every government department and who control the legal, political, police and media mafia's and only thanks to recent changes in information technology are the peasants becoming aware of how these evil bastards machinations have brainwashed them with endless and incessant propaganda. You tell enough lies from many sources and you can convince the duped into accepting their lowly place while psychopaths rule the roost ring fencing ALL the resources for themselves.

So FUCK their tough decisions FUCK their insane corporate monopolies that will continue to enslave the 99% until they rise up and refuse to play a RIGGED market that only favours the ruling self appointed elite with a mindset that needs ripped from their evil grip on power .