What really is the LAW?

If you started from zero on creating laws to protect the population from the likes of murderers there would likely be some sort of general consensus that a population needed to stop someone from killing with impunity and locking them up for the safety of a law abiding society.

However that is NOT how law has evolved. In fact law has never been manufactured with the consent of the population as a whole but by a ruling mafia that saw law as a way to control and live a life of vast opulence while enslaving the peasants unaware of what the hell was going on.

Way back even in Roman times and where much of modern law has evolved from, the senators were manufacturing laws, NOT to protect the population, but to ensure their financial futures while keeping the peasants in their place. The modern day version of that can be seen in family courts across the world where only a small percentage of the population selected as judges can have a hold over all of the land, property and wealth and where freemasons have been embedded to strip the male peasants of the ownership of everything they have built up over a lifetime.

The very laws they write specifically to ensure they have the powers to remove men from all of it and at the behest of a solitary masonic judges signature. Their compliant media wheel on an endless stream of political and legal lackeys to rant on about the importance of living under the RULE OF LAW. The very laws they manufacture that don't affect them as they get immunity from the very laws they impose on an unsuspecting public.

Law has been deliberately made complex , confusing and mountainous to stop the peasants from finding out that they are really being controlled and thieved from every single day as long as this vile system continues as it is.

A gang of mass murdering psychopaths and terrorists are now overseeing a global scam that makes ALL other crime pale and where their crimes are hidden behind a system of enforcement that lets them steal with total and utter impunity, a global law society mafia. But that is only until the world's population waken up to their murderous regime. Even the supposed terrorists threats, that get endless promotion on their dodgy media outlets, are a minute fraction of the damage this evil system is doing to men and their families worldwide and we have NO DOUBT it will be brought to its knees in time.

The laws they are using to rape and murder are tyrannical laws conjured up by despots who use freemason lackeys to do their bidding and bears no resemblance to what should be a just and moral set of rules and regulations to protect ALL the population from threats both from within and without the country they live in.

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