Masonic / zionist terrorism still alive and kicking despite major smokescreens

When Bush and Blair said they would END the terrorist threat, as they used SHOCK AND AWE in Iraq, did the sheeple not realise that was going to instigate the rise of groups opposed to the rape, plunder and murder across the Middle East for their oil?

What is being witnessed on the streets of Paris is a tiny fraction of the mass murder that was being carried out by the west in the countries that were being obliterated of their assets for the greed of the west's need for ever more oil. While the mass media go into an enormous frenzy over the killings , the opposite was the case when the same carnage only a million times worse, was being inflicted in Iraq supposedly ONLY to take out Saddam when Iraq's people were being bombed out of existence by the evil warmongering cretin George Bush rubber stamped by fellow war criminal Tony Blair.

It is easy to get caught up in the hysterical frenzy of the mass shooting of innocents, not only in Paris but elsewhere but the west and its people need to face the fact that their leaders are themselves terrorists using the arms of the state to mass murder under the guise of war when it is pure evil and greed that is the driving force. George Bush, while he was Texas governor, was behind the execution of more jail inmates than ever before due to his bloodthirsty psychopathic tendencies. He walked around like some sort of cowboy pulling out his six shooter anytime anyone got in the way of his devious plans.

Unfortunately that only increased when he took the presidency and did the same across the Middle East to satisfy his greed and with a family history of plundering oil reserves. Both Bush and Blair lit the firestorm that has raged across the Middle East to this day, aided by other EU nations including France and it is that TERRORISM that is a reaction to the millions of Iraqi families affected by the supposed war on terror that was instigated by two of the world's top terrorists Bush and Blair for and on behalf of the western nations that continue to plunder the Middle East of its mineral wealth to this day.

The tentacles of freemasonry, for and on behalf of zionist Israel, continues to operate behind the scenes pulling the strings while the media browbeats the sheeple into believing that giving them ever more power will keep us safe, but nothing is so far from the truth.The Eton wideboys running Britain into the dust have been killing the peasants en masse with a devious form of sanctioning , previously used across the Middle East to bring its people to their knees.

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  • Nearly 600 suicides in England may be associated with the tory government's "fit-for-work" tests (Tory mass murder using sanctions and the hypocritical bastards talk about deaths due to terror attacks that are a tiny fraction of how many deaths they have been behind)