Zionist / masonic global smear campaigns: A licence to plunder
The zionist / masonic media's main purpose is to spend endless amounts of time smearing their intended victims prior to mass asset stripping. Men, not part of their creepy satanic cult, have known for a very long time that prior to being plundered their media machine goes into overdrive providing the EXCUSES to remove men's estates with impunity. Domestic violence the main excuse used to thieve $trillions from men caught up in freemason controlled courts.

When they want a country's resources there are months long, even year long campaigns intent on smearing their citizens and leaders prior to sending in the armies to destroy its infrastructure for the corporate powers to suck the life blood from every known asset.

The global satanic masonic cult are deployed in ALL the major power positions ensuring their strategy of smear then plunder continues unabated weakening anyone who could stand up to a global tyranny that is far more powerful than all other supposed terrorist threats combined. The resistance to that threat classed in their rags as terror to mask the fact that many citizens of countries that see the plunder coming attempt to stand up to their devious murderous campaigns only to be crushed by a military might that exceeds anything they can muster to fight off their evil attacks.

The world is waking up to this monster, but not fast enough, for until every single political system across the globe resists and rejects the zionist money cascading out of Israel that is buying off the political mafia and then closes down every last stinking masonic hell hole that instigates these 'smear then plunder' regimes NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will change.

That we intend to ensure is NOT ignored now that the free flow of information can no longer be curtailed by their media lawyers. We can no longer trust any of the corporate media platforms who are the main instigators of those smear campaigns. Look out for the next victims of their plunder coming to your TV screens real soon. There is NO paranoia just plain facts about a global conspiracy that must be taken down and NOT pampered to by those they have bought off.

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