EMAIL to The Scotsman


Subject? The Scotsman promoting the SNP using public money to prop up women's groups

Seeing that the 'lawyer' vetted Scotsman back the 'lawyer' run SNP (Sturgeon a 'lawyer' along with her other SNP MSP lawyer buddies) propping up groups supposedly to protect women from abuse. Womens aid is run by 'LAWYERS' for and on their behalf. HERE

How much are the Scotsman getting in advertising revenue per year from Scottish lawyers who use false claims of abuse to steal men's property (claimed as matrimonial assets) and then advertise those stolen properties in rags like the Scotsman????????????

See HERE for proof in your own paper that is being totally ignored by law enforcement and NOT a one off and going on every day in Scotland's masonic run family / divorce courts with NO JURIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been saved in case The Scotsman decide to pull this story as we have noticed it has been moved several times since it was first published.

This is going out worldwide on our International contact list that Scottish newspapers are reaping vast rewards for peddling this nonsense for the terrorists at Scotland's Law Society and its piggy bank the Legal Aid Board. The SNP promised this would stop when they got into power but is only getting much worse under the law society plant Nicola Sturgeon. YOU just cannot get away with being part of this malicious fraud indefinitely.

Also while former SNP ministers can groom schoolboys and get away with no charges and former SNP ministers can sexually abuse multiple women and face no discipline it is outrageous that they can claim to be protecting women when within their own ranks abuse is rife against women and even children.

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