Salmond's law society minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

  • BBC ask the very stupid question "Is the Scottish Parliament in need of reform?" (Until they remove the lesbians, homosexuals, freemasons and the man hating lawyers and feminists no heterosexual man is safe while the devious self serving and enrichment brigade dominate legislation)
  • Inverclyde the suicide capital of Scotland if not the UK (BBC report on Samaritans only TOUCH on divorce as a MAIN trigger and fail to mention that Inverclyde council controlled for decades by corrupt lawyers who use lying social work , teachers and doctors reports to steal millions in legal aid with corrupt freemason judges, cops and sheriff officers seizing mens estates and psychologically bullying them into suicide)
  • Inverclyde – Is It Corruption Or Incompetence That Makes It The Worst Run Council In Scotland?
  • SNP's 'named person scheme' is a law society concocted Big Brother scam to undermine biological parents of children (Sturgeon is a lawyer and a law society plant like Clinton and Obama in the USA)
  • SNP ministers and NHS bosses sign off £75million IT project to store and share the confidential health files of everybody in Scotland - without announcing it to the public or Parliament
  • Hunger strike homelessness protester vows to fight to the death as he hits out at political 'shower' (Alasdair Codona sums up our own feelings about the Holyrood mafia busy lining their pockets while Scots suffer severe hardship through draconian policies)
  • SNP paedo coverer upperers
  • Both the Westminster mafia and Holyrood mafia ‘failing Scotland’ and are behind the economy ‘teetering on the brink of an economic and employment crisis’
  • Scotland's legal mafia try and justify appalling injustice in courts (VIDEO)
  • Intender program: How freemasons brainwash initiates into their vile cabal that began in Scotland (first drawn up in 1598 by William Schaw, Master of Work and General Warden of the Masons of Scotland. Many streets in Scotland named after this bastard and how they used the same brainwashing techniques in schools at an early age in freemason dominated Scotland)
  • Top echelons of Scottish society are 'dominated' by elite private schools and top universities (45 per cent of senior judges were privately educated compared to less than 6 per cent of the country’s overall population. Half of Scotland’s top media professionals and 46 per cent of the country’s MPs attended the four “ancient” universities)
  • Scots still face the tyranny of a ruthless judicial mafia seemingly unaccountable despite supposed regulation (Men by the millions are being destroyed by freemason monsters who have given THEMSELVES enormous power)
  • Scotland's top freemason judges protected jewish law lord Greville Janner from homopaedo abuse claims
  • SNP freemason Mike Russell named as Scotland's Brexit minister ahead of talks with Westminster to iron out EU deal (He claims he left)
  • Welcome to Scotland, the SNP's police state (from 2014)
  • Scotland's SINISTER National Fraud Initiative only interested in catching out the poorest sections of society NOT fraud carried out by the legal mafia or offshore tax dodgers and the corrupt freemasons behind these stasi influenced DATA collections (Vast sums are being stolen and stashed away but the NFI turn a blind eye to those)
  • Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse(VIDEO)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP ensure homosexual rights a priority before heterosexual rights (positive discrimination dressed up as equality)
  • SNP sheeple flock to new leader 'lawyer' Sturgeon just like the Labour sheeple did with 'lawyer' Blair (Never trust a lawyer EVER)
  • Freemason / feminist / law society controlled SNP are only be interested in feminist view in run up to independence vote
  • Scottish independence under freemasons and the SNP? Mike Russell(a freemason) claims by 2016
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • There’s more chance of winning the lottery than winning justice in Scotland(Ask anyone who has been a victim of the crooked freemason judges, lawyers and cops that run the system for their own self enrichment)
  • Law Society of Scotland ruthlessly silence dissent (as victims we know how they operate)
  • Scotland's judicial mafia ensure TRIAL BY JURY becoming a distant memory in another legal shake up (Freemasons increasing their grip in their dens of iniquity where supposed JUSTICE should take place aided by the political crooked at Holyrood)
  • How Scottish freemasons manipulated law legislation to steal men's property
  • Judicial complaints reviewer
  • Scottish law blog
  • Violate:The perverts club of the legal mafia in Scotland
  • How Scots masonic politicians use a facade of protection to STEAL men's property
  • Most Scottish religious hate crimes 'target Catholics'
  • Abandoned Scotland
  • Hollie Greig: How Scotlands legal mafia wage vendetta's against their opponents
  • Scotland's freemason cops push for routine gun carrying after Westminster attack

    But no mention of giving us all guns for our own safety
    Scotland's mason mafia disguised as cops get away with touching up children under 'Stop and Search' guise

    Anyone who has had regular contact with these scum wont be surprised as they regularly help the legal mafia seize children from the protection of their biological fathers during divorce

  • Scotland rejects leaving the European Union
    Scotland's legal mafia try and justify appalling injustice in courts VIDEO
    Scotland's feminist / lawyer leader meets England's feminist leader

    Men in for a rough time while this pair are running the show
    Brexit exposes power struggles of the elite
    Never have the tory political scum been so divergent over Brexit when an otherwise solidly corrupt bunch of murdering thugs show a united front when massively attacking the financial status of the peasantry . Leaving the EU has exposed a massive chasm existing within the British establishment who dragged us into the EU but are now finding its restrictions are impeding their ability to hammer the peasantry even more.

    However in Scotland there is a very different power struggle in that the SNP, which is in fact a very long arm of the terrorists operating out of the Law Society of Scotland and unknown to the vast bulk of Scots as yet to face the wrath of this monster who have been led like sheep down a road of SNP utopia dreamt up by the press who they control with an iron fist. Scots rightly got rid of the vast bulk of tory madmen with only a token few tories left and who get a disproportionate amount of time in the controlled media despite being a tiny minority voted in by some small borders town who see England rather than Scotland as their home.

    Salmond rubbing shoulders with his masonic pals in Ayr

    However the SNP under Salmond, who left the door open for a law society plant in Sturgeon who gets massive publicity in the press on everything she utters ensures the LAWYER control over Scotland continues unabated. Scotland is totally and utterly controlled by freemasons . They are embedded in every branch of government and the police and especially those who use Scots law to fleece the peasants and keep them in their place.

    Scots who have yet to feel the massive legal mafia boot don't even know what is truly going on behind the closed doors of Scotland's courts . But instead are browbeaten every single day by the controlled media in how wonderful a job the SNP are doing despite them trying to bring in a police state under one rogue chief constable who was massively arming them while setting up spy networks listening to all Scots communications.

    You would think that would be enough to convince Scots the SNP utopian message was a myth yet they carry on heeding not only the SNP but all the other political parties with a majority of leaders either homosexuals or lesbians who are using Holyrood to destroy heterosexual men and their families. These are the facts coming from men who have faced this tyranny yet see a Scottish race continuing to believe the ruling mafia have their best interests at heart.

    The SNP are pushing for independence NOT in the best interests of the Scottish people but to allow the freemasons ever more power where Scotland is the power base of the most sinister satanic cult across the globe and its birthplace. Brexit will give the opportunity for independence to happen while the tory psychopaths take England on a different path and who have been unable to accept their domination being overruled by the EU mafia that is just another arm of the freemasonic state that encircles the globe .

  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the freemasons to avoid criticism
  • Freemason SNP MP Mike Russell and the break up of the United Kingdom
  • Brexit Exposed - The Occult Of 33rd Degree Of Freemasonry(VIDEO)
  • How a secret group Freemasons has kept a grip on Britain for 200 years
  • How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK justice system(VIDEO)
  • Scottish Recording Centre: Mass surveillance by Scotland's freemason mafia disguised as law enforcement
  • Edward Snowden leaks reveal secret Scottish spy system
  • Scottish freemasons (disguised as cops) had access to GCHQ spy programme
  • Snowden: Scotland has its own NSA conducting mass surveillance of phone and internet activity
  • Trump celebrates Brexit in Scotland VIDEO
    Snowden revelations exposes SNP's stasi police state
    Despite the glowing accolades for the SNP and their lawyer leaders in their lawyer controlled media we as a group have been aware for decades how the terrorists operating out of the Law Society of Scotland have been using eavesdropping to gather information to strip men and their families of ALL their worldly possessions. Snowden shows how a secret cop stasi are being used to gather that information. Also our group have ex-communications engineers who know how information gathered through eavesdropping has been used over decades in the UK to destroy people's lives and careers with freemasons, in ALL the key positions of power heading the communication monopoly, and at the very heart of the information gathering by stealth. The Official Secrets Act has been used to suppress how that is being done in secret.

    Snowden Disclosure of Scottish Eavesdropping Prompts Backlash

    Top government officials in Scotland are under pressure to explain their knowledge of a secretive police surveillance unit that was exposed in documents leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

    On Tuesday, cabinet secretary for justice Michael Matheson was grilled in the country’s parliament about the so-called Scottish Recording Centre and its previously undisclosed involvement in covert surveillance operations. As The Intercept revealed last week, the Recording Centre is one of several domestic organizations within the United Kingdom involved in a top-secret program named MILKWHITE, which has provided law enforcement agencies with access to “bulk” internet data intercepted by the British eavesdropping agency Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. Prior to the disclosure, few in Scotland knew the Recording Centre even existed — much less that it has been tapping into GCHQ’s troves of data.

    In recent days, several Scottish media outlets have picked up the issue, increasing pressure on the government. Questioned about the revelations on Tuesday, Matheson told the Scottish parliament that the government “takes the protection of our citizens’ civil liberties extremely seriously and we are clear that investigatory powers should only be used when it is necessary and proportionate to do so. But we must always balance those fundamental civil liberties with the need to ensure our law enforcement bodies have effective powers to investigate and deal with serious organized crime.”

    He declined to comment on any relationship with GCHQ and stated that police must obtain a warrant signed off by a government minister to intercept communications. However, documents about the MILKWHITE program show that it stores metadata about emails, instant messenger chats, and social media activity, meaning it contains information that could reveal the sender and recipient of an email or message, but not the written content. And police agencies in the U.K. do not require a warrant to access this kind of information. They only require a warrant when they want to monitor thecontent of a communication — for instance, the audio of a call or the body of an email.

    Matheson’s response, perhaps unsurprisingly, did not satisfy opposition politicians. John Finnie, a member of the Scottish parliament representing the Green party, said in a statement: “The Cabinet Secretary today attempted to give the impression that all policing activities in Scotland are proportional and that interceptions are independently approved but as we know that is not always the case. There is clearly a culture of bulk collection of data that needs [to be] reined in. I will continue to challenge such over-reaching activities.”

    The revelation about the Recording Centre, the first from the Snowden archive to implicate Scotland’s authorities, has put the ruling Scottish National Party in an awkward spot. Just last week, the party’s leadership took a strong stand against the U.K. government’s push to obtain more surveillance powers through the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed the “Snoopers’ Charter” by critics. Joanna Cherry, the Scottish National Party’s spokesperson on justice and home affairs, had raised concerns about the proposed new powers for “bulk” surveillance, which she blasted as “extremely intrusive.”

    However, the Snowden documents about MILKWHITE indicate that Scotland’s police forces — through the Recording Centre — have been accessing bulk data for years, presumably with sanction from top Scottish government ministers. Alistair Carmichael, a Liberal Democrat member of parliament, was quick topoint out this inconsistency — and has pledged to take up the issues surrounding the Recording Centre and the MILKWHITE program with the British government’s Home Office in an attempt to obtain more information.

    “In the House of Commons last week, [former Scottish first minister] Alex Salmond voted with the Liberal Democrats against Tory moves that would see our internet histories recorded and made available to the intelligence services,” Carmichael said. “Now it seems that a centre established when he was First Minister was at the heart of the mass surveillance of our personal information.”

    If it turns out that the Scottish government claims it was not in fact aware of the MILKWHITE program, Carmichael said, it would raise “big questions over the role of the U.K. intelligence services.” And if it were aware and yet “did nothing to raise the alarm, then we need to be told why they were happy for Scots to be left in the dark,” he added. Scottish police and GCHQ have declined to answer questions about MILKWHITE, citing policy not to comment on “intelligence matters.” The Home Office has also refused to comment, claiming that it never discusses anything derived from leaked documents.

  • Scottish Recording Centre: Mass surveillance by Scotland's freemason mafia disguised as law enforcement
  • Edward Snowden leaks reveal secret Scottish spy system
  • Scottish freemasons (disguised as cops) had access to GCHQ spy programme
  • Snowden: Scotland has its own NSA conducting mass surveillance of phone and internet activity
  • Welcome to Scotland, the SNP's police state (from 2014)
  • Scotland moving ever nearer towards a police state under the SNP with freemasons (cops) given carte blanche to arm themselves to the gunnels (Scottish cops the most vile vicious scum across the globe who would steal the roof over your head at the drop of a lawyers hat)
  • THE legacy of failure in Scotland's housing system is a scandal (Controlled media (by lawyers) fails miserably on why housing is a scandal and thats because of homes being seized by the legal mafia)
  • Scottish independence under freemasons and the SNP? Mike Russell(a freemason) claims by 2016
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • A Sovereigns Wish on Scottish Law VIDEO
    Scottish masons disguised as cops in evidence fixing probe
    Anybody forced to cross paths with these lying devious bastards will not find any surprise in this report. Men being robbed by gangster cops.

    Reported in the Scottish Mail on Sunday 15 May 2016


    Officers ‘colluded’ on statements

    SCOTLAND’s police watchdog has issued a damning series of judgments calling into question the ‘credibility and reliability’ of officers.

    In three cases, the commissioner responsible for overseeing Police Scotland found evidence officers had ‘colluded’ to produce near-identical statements during investigations. The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) noted that if civilian witnesses had done the same thing, suspicions would be raised over their credibility. The revelation is damaging for the reputation of Police Scotland – especially as the force remains under investigation by PIRC over its handling of 13 serious incidents, including deaths in police custody and response times.

    One of PIRC’s chief roles is to investigate how police handle complaints made against them by members of the public. In three cases where reviews found standards were not met, PIRC noted officers who had been questioned seemed to have colluded when making statements to investigators. In one example, PIRC said: ‘Having viewed the statements of Constables A and B, the Commissioner notes a number of paragraphs are identical. It is difficult, therefore, to avoid the impression that a degree of co-ordination has occurred between Constables A and B when preparing their statements.

    ‘Were civilian witnesses to co-ordinate their statements during a complaints investigation, it would naturally give rise to doubts over the credibility and reliability of their accounts. In the Commissioner’s view, the situation is no different for police witnesses.’ Solicitor Aamer Anwar represents the family of Sheku Bayoh, a 31year-old trainee gas engineer who died in police custody a year ago. He said: ‘It’s a serious problem for Police Scotland and it’s very important that the Commissioner has raised this because it goes fundamentally to the heart of the criminal justice system.

    ‘The Commissioner is quite right, if it had been civilians, statements would be taken separately and if they were identical there would be questions raised and potential for perversion of the course of justice. ‘But because police put on a uniform, they’re not held to account. Those in power should be asking why the statements are identical. ‘This should be a disciplinary matter and at worst it should be a criminal matter.’

    In a report published last week, PIRC detailed a case in which a man believed he and his friend were wrongfully arrested and were in fact victims of an alleged crime. Five aspects were considered, review officers concluded none was dealt with to a reasonable standard and they made five recommendations. In addition, the team delivered a ‘learning point’ about the similarity of witness statements and cited two previous cases in which the same issue had been raised. The report said: ‘It was noted the statements of Constables D and E are virtually identical. As such, it is difficult to avoid the impression that a degree of collusion has occurred.’

    It did not appear the ‘collusion’ had been identified either by a sergeant appointed to investigate the complaints or by a chief inspector who provided a written response. The learning point said all four ‘should be reminded that an officer’s statement must be his or her own version of events rather than a copy of a colleague’s statement’. In another case, a man claimed the ‘relaxed manner’ of two constables changed when they heard his accent and confirmed he was from elsewhere in Europe. Police denied discriminatory behaviour.

    Yet PIRC found the officers’ statements were ‘extremely similar, with numerous near-identical sentences and phrases’. A PIRC spokesman acknowledged the issue does not appear to be widespread but had been identified in a few complaints. Among the serious incidents being investigated by PIRC are the deaths of John Yuill and Lamara Bell, who were left by the side of the road for three days despite a sighting of their crashed car being reported to police.

    Yesterday, Miss Bell’s father Andrew said he was unsurprised by the findings, claiming: ‘It happens all the time.’ He believes the collusion suggests a ‘cover-up’ and added: ‘It’s happening everywhere. This seems to be the answer to everything. Who watches the police? There is nobody apart from PIRC and how much influence can they actually put on? Not a lot. ‘So basically they’re getting away with it constantly because nobody’s there to watch them.’

    Last week, a Scottish Tory spokesman said: ‘The public needs to have confidence that police officers are held to the same standards as anyone else would be. Police Scotland has had a number of issues with transparency since its creation and this is yet another example.’ Chief Superintendent Carole Auld said: ‘The PIRC complaint handling report recommendations resulted in officer and organisational learning outcomes and consequently neither officer involved was subject to formal misconduct proceedings.’ A Police Scotland spokesman could not confirm to which case the chief superintendent was referring.

  • Why do people back NASTY?

    Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse

    Sturgeon when she was Salmond's legal lackey alongside his other legal lackey MacAskill. SNP is totally controlled by lawyers

    Have you ever seen a family situation were one member of the family is behaving in the most deplorable of ways yet other members of the family back them? Have you ever watched mothers of mass murderers being interviewed on tv and claiming, despite evidence to the contrary that 'My son's a good boy' .

    It is exactly the same with politics. In Scotland over the last few days SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon got voted in by more people than any other party. Now this is the same voters that years before kicked out the nasty tory party for treating Scots like dirt yet the SNP provide deluded utopian messages about Scotland that encourages Scots to vote for them again.

    The reality is that very little has changed yet Scots believe the bullshit being fed to them by a lawyer controlled media only to happy to see one of their law society lackeys Sturgeon holding the reins of power and will continue to allow the mass destruction of heterosexual men and their families under a freemason controlled family court structure. Some of Scotland's sink estates are even worse than during the 1950's but you would never believe it with the deluded optimism that somehow Sturgeon and the SNP will wave a magic wand and repair the destruction of the Crown lackeys who work out of Westminster. Sturgeon is just ANOTHER crown lackey as can been seen when she swore total allegiance to the Queen when she took up office.

    But what is even worse is that some Scots have started to vote for the tory mafia again, the very scum who have caused widespread poverty and homelessness like never before. You can but ask why so many are prepared to back scum bags behaving in the most deplorable of ways when it is plain to see much of what is going on is a nightmare for many wrapped up in political bullshit. Or is it just degrees of nastiness and the SNP are seen as less nasty than Labour or the Tories?

  • SNP wipes out Labour in Glasgow and west
  • Labour are so DIRE in Scotland some would sooner vote for the nasty tory's as an alternative
  • SNP lawyer Sturgeon continues to fool Scots into a false sense of security (NO mention she is a LAW SOCIETY plant as land and property theft continues unabated under the bullshit that passes as some sort of utopia)(VIDEO)
  • Scottish independence odds lengthen at bookies after SNP fail to land expected majority in election
  • Tory henchman Zac Goldsmith brought back ‘nasty party label’(VIDEO)
  • Goldsmith has brought back the nasty party label to the Conservative Party (It has NEVER gone away)
  • A 2014 Guardian article on the SNP's freemason police state
    This could have come out of one of our own pages on what the SNP are actually doing in Scotland and what we have been warning about for decades.

    Scotland's SNP government has adopted a curious approach to showcasing the nation's qualities ahead of the independence referendum. You certainly can't accuse them of purveying a rose-tinted image of auld Scotia. For it seems that the country has, at some point in the last seven years, turned into the most illegal small country in the world and the SNP appear to be revelling in it.

    For no apparent reason that I can recall, the SNP in 2007 committed itself to providing the country with an extra 1,000 police officers. ( No mention that MacAskill is a law society plant and intent on using more cops to enforce the vast theft of men's land and property in draconian family court hearings ) There didn't appear to have been any great popular clamour for this remarkable and expensive job creation scheme for the plods. I don't remember any cataclysmic increases in violent crime across the country, certainly nothing which a disciplined, properly focused force operating under good leadership couldn't cope with. Since then, we have discovered that our police force has been anything but disciplined, focused or properly led and for this the rest of us have had to pay a mighty price in money and civil liberties.

    Last March, the numbers of police officers in Scotland reached a record high of 17,496, according to Scotland's chief statistician, and the nationalists crowed that another election promise had been met and just in time for the birth of the new single police force. Huzzah! The problem, though, with providing this small and reasonably well-behaved wee country with an extra 1,000 polis is this: how do we keep them all occupied week in, week out? Easy-peasy… we simply criminalise lots of law-abiding people. And if we don't actually criminalise them, well… we can just treat them like criminals instead.

    Thus was the Offensive Behaviour at Football Matches legislation introduced in 2012, which sought to target young, working-class men from Glasgow's poorest districts for espousing tribal sentiments in support of Celtic or Rangers. Hundreds of previously law-abiding men have been subject to Stasi tactics by the police and dragged through the courts for singing age-old songs about the war in Ireland. Others have been kettled and intimidated by foul-mouthed cops for daring to march together peacefully to a game.

    Last week, we discovered what the second part of the SNP's hitherto covert criminalise the punters strategy looked like. Between April and December last year, the police conducted almost 520,000 stop-and-search procedures on members of the Scottish public, almost 2,000 a day and twice as many as are carried out by London's Metropolitan police.

    The Scottish police claimed that this strategy of suspecting just about everyone of being a criminal was a success because nearly 20% resulted in a positive result. The previous week, we had discovered that Scots police were much more likely to go after people using mobile phones in their cars than those who had committed a sexual assault. Compared to modern, lawless Scotland, Snake Plissken had it easy in Escape From New York.

    It's all nonsense, because the crime figures are provided by the Scottish police and thus must be treated in the same manner as you would an economic progress report from North Korea. Increasingly, the Scottish police are themselves operating above the law with the impunity of a general's private army in a banana republic. And it also seems Kenny MacAskill, the cabinet secretary for justice, without telling anyone, has transferred his powers as justice secretary to the unelected Stephen House, Scotland's new chief of police.

    In the last five years or so, we have learned that several hundred police officers actually have serious criminal records or been accused of serious criminal offences. Among the allegations are rape, sex attacks, violence, wife beating, theft, fire attacks, abduction, stalking, football disorder, racism and data breaches.

    Meanwhile, despite almost 150 police officers being reported to prosecutors for alleged corruption, only six have been convicted. The alleged corruption included serious assault, bribery, blackmail and gangland activity. Unlawful access to secret files and lying in statements (an old police favourite) were the least of it. Strathclyde police, Scotland's biggest force, refused to provide figures on the pretext of cost. At this rate, the public will soon be given stop-and-search powers over the cops. God knows what would come tumbling out of their high-vis tunics.

    Last week, according to the Independent, we learned that secret groups of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs for years to corrupt the criminal justice system. This echoes a chilling declaration by Strathclyde's deputy chief constable recently that 27 organised crime gangs were attempting to infiltrate the force by planting recruits in the ranks and grooming others. Yet, in Scotland the government has always resisted calls for membership of secret societies to be deemed unacceptable for all serving police officers and judges.

    The abuse of their powers by the police is part of a wider picture of police corruption and lawlessness throughout the UK, which had remained unchecked despite nasty little episodes such as the Met's Flying Squad porn baron scandal of the mid-70s. The thuggery displayed by police officers during the miners' strike in 1984 at places such as Orgreave and Polkemmet was virtually sanctioned by Margaret Thatcher as she vowed to destroy those whom she called "the enemy within". The Birmingham Six, the Hillsborough cover-up and the Stephen Lawrence inquiry all pointed to a force that had been allowed far too much respect by government and judiciary.

    In Scotland, a supposedly enlightened, progressive and democratic administration has made the police virtually untouchable and handed the force wide-ranging and discretionary powers over the people. Yet all the evidence and anecdotal experience points to an organisation that has itself turned feral and is almost beyond state control. MacAskill, now in reality acting merely as bag carrier to House, should be brought to account for allowing this to happen on his watch. An independent review of the customs, practices and recruitment policies of the police must be undertaken before the people say enough is enough and sort it out themselves.

    In the meantime, let's put all talk about membership of the EU aside. For, at this rate, if Scotland does gain its independence in September we will merely become the newest member of the confederation of independent police states.

  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties

    There has been disturbing evidence coming out of Scotland that heterosexual men and their families are being destroyed by policies instigated by a majority of lesbians and homosexuals operating inside the Holyrood mafia. Any man who has been dragged through the freemason controlled family courts knows the vicious persecution campaigns that are instigated thanks to those legal machinations manufactured by this mob. Despite this the controlled media seem to promote this nonsense as something worthy of praise and we wonder just who is behind that propaganda considering the fact media lawyers control their output.

    Partrick Harvie: Scottish Greens co-convenor (homosexual)

    Ruth Davidson: Scottish Conservative leader (lesbian)

    Kezia Dugdale: Scottish Labour leader (lesbian)

    Nicola Sturgeon: SNP leader (lawyer)

    Willie Rennie: Scottish Liberal Democrat leader

    David Coburn: UKIP Scotland leader (homosexual)

    David Mundell: Conservative and the secretary of state for Scotland (homosexual)

    As far back as 1992 homosexuals have been seen to interfere with Scottish justice

  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia controlled almost entirely by homosexuals and lesbians
  • Five Scottish party leaders in the same room specifically to discuss issues of concern to the LGBTI community
  • SNP's lawyer Sturgeon more interested in 'non-binary gender???' laws than heterosexual rights
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • The Scottish legal aid racket controlled by homosexual and lesbian lawyers at the top
  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia controlled almost entirely by homosexuals and lesbians
    and why heterosexual males are being wiped out by their anti-family policies

    Kezia Dugdale reveals she is in a relationship with a woman (Lesbian/feminist run Guardian make this look like a GREAT idea)

    Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, has revealed for the first time that she is in a relationship with a woman, making her the fourth lesbian, gay or bisexual leader of a mainstream political party in Scotland.

    Speaking to the Fabian Review, Dugdale, 34, said: “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it much because I don’t feel I need to.” Her decision to reveal the information was met with widespread support among Scottish politicians. Explaining her decision to keep her private life away from the spotlight since being elected to the Scottish parliament in 2011, Dugdale said: “There’s been something too about how meteoric my career has been. I am generally calm, almost serene. I don’t get easily stressed or battered. “But I need a bit of stability to do that and that means my private life is my private life. That’s the thing I just have to have that nobody gets to touch, and that gives me the strength to be calm elsewhere.”

    Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative party; Patrick Harvie, the leader of the Scottish Green party; and David Coburn, the leader of UKIP Scotland have also come out as LGB. Dugdale was also forced to clarify her stance on Scottish independence after saying in the same interview that “it’s not inconceivable” she could support a future yes vote if the UK leaves the EU. She said she would very much like Scotland to remain part of both the UK and the EU. Dugdale was asked where her loyalty would be if there was an overall vote to leave in the EU referendum but the majority of Scots wanted to remain. She said: “I’ve never contemplated that. I really wouldn’t like to choose, because what I want to do is the best possible thing for Scotland.”

    When pushed on the topic and asked if she would “argue, for Scotland’s sake, against the UK union”, Dugdale said: “Possibly. It’s not inconceivable.” She went on to say: “As I made clear in the leaders’ TV debate this week, Labour has ruled out a second independence referendum. We won’t introduce one in government and we would vote against one if it’s introduced by any other party. “I campaigned as hard as anybody to ensure that Scotland remained part of the UK. The collapse in the oil price showed that the best way to secure our public services is to stay in the UK. I would vote to stay in the UK in any future referendum.” Independence re-emerged as an election issue during a television debate this week. During the STV programme, Nicola Sturgeon said any future referendum decision was “in the hands of the people”, while Davidson accused the first minister of disrespecting the 2014 poll.

    Davidson also said Scottish Labour “simply cannot be trusted to defend the decision of 2 million Scots to stay part of the UK”. “The idea that Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom is in some way dependent on Britain’s membership of the EU is offensive,” she said. “Scotland helped build the UK and is an integral part of it – confirmed by the referendum vote just 18 months ago.” The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie, said: “Only the Scottish Liberal Democrats are now unambiguously in favour of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom and the European Union. With Labour confusion over independence and the Conservative division over Europe, the SNP are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of another independence debate.”

  • Five Scottish party leaders in the same room specifically to discuss issues of concern to the LGBTI community (Holyrood scum on a satanic agenda and don't give a fuck about the damage being done to heterosexual families)
  • SNP's lunatic lawyer Sturgeon more interested in 'non-binary gender???' laws than heterosexual rights (Disturbing so called equality laws that are anything but equality and more to do with providing very warped agenda's for a twisted and disturbed self appointed elite. Rev David Robertson, said:"The SNP seem to be working on the unproven and somewhat bizarre notion that children get to choose their own gender and sexuality)
  • Tory henchman David Mundell, Scotland secretary, comes out as homosexual