Sanctioning a zionist / freemason tool to force compliance with their evil agenda

Sanctioning has been used to force Middle East countries with oil to comply with the demands of the masonic run west. Now it is used on the general public where in Britain the poorest and most destitute are forced to bend under a sanctioning regime that demands if rules the political mafia impose to obtain any form of state assistance are NOT rigidly adhered to that meagre pittance will be removed at a stroke.

We have thousands dying yearly from draconian tory rules that are regularly bent by their DWP / ATOS lackeys that see ten of thousands being manipulated to believe they have failed to comply with the sanctioning system and then find themselves out on the street with no roof over their head and no means to survive. Many decide an easier option is to commit suicide and a new way for the tory fascists to bring about a Nazi style final solution without any need for gas chambers .

Sanctioning is being used by the ruling mafia to bring country after country and citizen after citizen to their knees to produce some sort of compliant zombies who are forced to live life at the edge and who are easily manipulated into the New World Order mindset with corporate state assassins only to happy to use psychological and financial torture to push anyone vulnerable to attack into an early grave.

But only if we let 'em.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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