Legal mafia and their gutter rags will stop at NOTHING to hide their crimes against heterosexual men

Since launching attacks on some of the enemies of heterosexual men who have been helping the legal system besmirch men to the point they are being persecuted into early graves to make thieving from them so much easier, we have seen ominous moves that have forced us to reconfigure everything we put out online. As with the printing presses of the past the legal mafia used libel laws to shut down any dissenters who were exposing their corruption.

They seem to be trying to use any trick in the book to block the truth of how they operate getting out and to cover up the many thousands of men who have either died or left broken thanks to their tyranny. That we intend to remain vigilant to and to avoid the removal of their crimes from exposure. Youtube have been particularly helpful in bending to their demands by pulling any video's the establishment don't like as we have been unable to keep up with the speed in how so many important video's have been removed.

They cannot and will not be able to stop the ever expanding avalanche of material even if they try and pick us all off one at a time that we have spent decades avoiding and will continue to do so even if we have to close down some parts that might be easier to attack.