Royal parasites on the benefit scrounging again into the millions

A shocking state of affairs when the political mafia spend years telling the peasants WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER as austerity pulls the heart out of communities up and down the length and breadth of the UK while they condone 369 million EXTRA spending of public funds to cover the cost of a make over for only ONE of the old royal bag's palaces.

The royalist sheeple who bow to this tyranny condone the mass murder of the most vulnerable sections of society who have endured years of tory 'sanctioning', their version of the Nazi final solution, only to see that saved money being spent on ONE individual who is the richest despot on the planet see below link .

Also the billions allocated towards a make over of their own palace at Westminster while they cut people's pittance to the bone or remove altogether.

  • While British peasants face austerity the richest bitch on the planet gets 369 million to do up only ONE of her palaces (If there is a time for a revolution on that news it is LONG overdue. The political bullshitters ALL swear allegiance to this royal cow)
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is 17,600,000,000,000
  • Palace of Westminster renovation 'could take 32 years and cost 5.7bn'
  • Thousands sign petition for royal parasites to pay for Buckingham Palace repairs themselves
  • Petition to Make Royals Pay for Palace Renovation