Restraining orders used to feed the legal perverts
Many married men are unaware of the legal scam of restraining orders and the enormity of the impact on their lives after separation. A restraining order was originally manufactured supposedly to stop women OR MEN from being abused but WOMEN seldom if ever get restraining orders against them as the vast bulk of MISUSED orders are against men , divorcing men in particular and by a long way and a misuse that sees millions of ex-husbands immediately restrained from protecting their homes, livelihoods and most especially their children when the legal mafia come after their lives. This should be a LAST resort not a FIRST resort and used en masse against fathers with no criminal history.

Wicked ex-wives, golddiggers and their crooked lawyers have become expert at the dangerous misuse of restraining orders. The most vile satanic perverts head the global law society and gain access to feed their vile perversions via court orders that stop at a stroke the protection a biological father provides for his children. The authority of fathers is massively undermined when restraining orders allow thug cops to arrest a divorcing man on the most trumped up charges when vulnerable children become the prized possession of the perverts running the show.

Jewish lawyer and law lord Greville Janner aided and abetted Britain's legal mafia to conjure up laws that took boys into care. Meanwhile those boys in care were being abused by Janner for decades and allowed to continue with impunity as the system he helped create also protected him from any charges while the crown and police turned a blind eye to his homopaedo abuses against young boys.

Any lawyer using restraining orders to stifle a fathers RIGHT to protect his children from the judeo / masonic mafia is as criminal as the perverts like Janner and should be jailed for their part in furthering the satanists prepared to use perverse laws to get their way. Britain's masonic police and judges responsible for aiding and abetting this DIABOLICAL system of law and order that feeds the crime syndicate destroying fathers and their children's lives under the guise of protecting the poor wee downtrodden women.


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