State is being used to sweep away any remaining claim Christianity has to a hearing in the courts.

The gay couple who won damages from Christian hotel owners for refusing them a bed are suing to get even more money from them, according to documents filed at the Court of Appeal. Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall said the owners were let off too lightly because of their Christian beliefs. Peter and Hazelmary Bull now face having to pay the couple thousands of pounds more in compensation.

Civil partners Mr Preddy, 38, and Mr Hall, 46, of Bristol, won their case in January and were awarded £1,800 each. Their legal challenge to the amount of damages is being backed and fully financed by the taxpayer-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission, according to the documents. The move led yesterday to fresh protests that the might of the State is being used to sweep away any remaining claim Christianity has to a hearing in the courts.

Mr and Mrs Bull, who run the Chymorvah Hotel in their seven-bedroom home in Cornwall, had turned away the men on the grounds that their policy is to let double rooms only to married couples. In January Judge Andrew Rutherford, at Bristol County Court, ruled that the Bulls had broken sexual orientation regulations under the Equality Act, because in the eyes of the law civil partnership is the same as marriage. He said he took into account that ‘this discrimination by the defendants was due to a genuinely held belief of theirs’.

According to Mr Preddy’s own evidence, the Bulls had not acted ‘in a demeaning manner’, the judge added. Mr Preddy and Mr Hall have now applied to the Appeal Court to overturn the damages awarded against the Bulls and order much higher compensation. Their case is being presented by EHRC lawyers, according to court documents. The couple claim the discrimination against them was wrong for whatever reason Mr and Mrs Bull acted. ‘It does not matter whether they acted with a good or indifferent motive’, their legal papers say.

Mike Judge, of the Christian Institute think-tank, which is supporting the Bulls, said: ‘It is disappointing that Mr Preddy and Mr Hall, backed by the Equality Commission, are being so mean spirited.

    Stephen Douglas-Hogg St Paul's Cathedral School master sexually abused boys and created 'atmosphere of latent homosexuality

    A schoolmaster sexually abused pupils at a prestigious boarding school, a court heard today.

    Stephen Douglas-Hogg, 52, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in 2009 after admitting indecently assaulting five boys at St Paul's Cathedral School for choirboys in the 1980s. Following his sentence in May 2009, a number of other former pupils came forward to say they had also suffered abuse from Douglas-Hogg, telling how he would inspect pupils at shower time and creep into their dormitories at night.

    They also claimed the schoolmaster involved his former colleague and partner Jane Violaris, 49, in creating an 'atmosphere of intimidation and latent homosexuality'. The history and languages master, of Filey, North Yorks, sexually groomed his 'favourites' at St Paul's Cathedral School where he taught during the 1980s. The court heard how he controlled the boys' daily activities through fear, and supervised their bath times. One of the boys claimed he was raped by Douglas-Hogg when he was nine years old. Others described him as 'schizophrenic' and a 'sexually misguided lunatic'.

    One victim said: 'The behaviour of Mr Douglas-Hogg went on unnoticed by many people and he was pretty much able to act freely, almost like the school was his kingdom and we were pretty much powerless to do anything about it.' At Southwark Crown Court in 2009, Judge Michael Gledhill QC labelled Douglas-Hogg a 'paedophile who used his authority to strike fear into his victims, who were too afraid to report what happened.

    The school sits next to the cathedral in central London, and has a small number of choristers boarding. Each boy is selected for his singing ability and remains at the school from the ages of seven to 13, singing daily in the cathedral choir, until their voices break. Places at the private school are highly prized among parents. Douglas-Hogg, who taught English, Latin and ancient history, and Violaris, a geography teacher, were the two live-in housemasters and had bedrooms on the top floor of the three-storey dormitory. Violaris was cleared last year on the direction of a judge at the Old Bailey. Douglas-Hogg was due to face a retrial on charges of sodomy and indecent assault, but prosecutor Emma Smith announced that the Crown would be offering no evidence on the indictment.

    A councillor from Cumbria has been remanded in custody accused of raping a boy.

    Tony Brunskill, of Great Salkeld, is accused of three counts of rape and one count of inciting a boy to engage in sexual activity. No pleas were entered when the 65-year-old independent councillor appeared at Carlisle Crown Court on Monday.

    Dr Hans-Christian Raabe Who said these words? ‘Approximately 20 to 33 per cent of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature.’ I will tell you.

    It was the Home Office, on Page 14 of Sex Offending Against Children: Understanding The Risk, published by the Policing and Reducing Crime Unit in 1998. I have a copy. For saying roughly the same thing, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has just been sacked – by the Home Office – from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). That’s right. He has been sacked from a body to do with drugs, for having unfashionable views about sex, views that the Home Office has itself espoused. A pathetic creature called James Brokenshire has allowed his name to be put to the letter that formally dismisses Dr Raabe. This is the first known instance of anyone being fired from a Government post under the provisions of Harriet Harman’s Equality Act 2010, Section 149, though I don’t think it will be the last.

    Mr Broken Reed did not actually sign the wretched epistle, as a smudged rubber stamp indicates. I don’t blame him. It is a cowardly document and so sloppily prepared it even manages to misspell Dr Raabe’s address. Dr Raabe is accused of having expressed ‘controversial’ views on homosexuality and of having ‘failed to declare them’, though they are traceable in seconds on the internet and he had no good reason to think they had anything to do with his appointment. It has come to something when a man is required to guess which past words of his may be regarded as ‘controversial’ when seeking a state appointment, and be dismissed for getting such a riddle wrong.

    I have spent several days trying to discover exactly what the Home Office means by ‘controversial’ in this case, or who defines this word. No reply. I think we should also wonder why it is a sacking offence, in a free society, to be controversial. When I asked them if their own publication’s words on the subject were ‘controversial’, they wouldn’t say. They’re hiding something. And what they are hiding is this. That when the Prime Minister defined himself the other day as a ‘muscular liberal’, he meant exactly what he said. The official ideology of Britain, from Downing Street downwards, is a militant and highly intolerant political correctness, originating in Marxist thought and forced on us by EU directives (so much for ‘Euroscepticism’).

    Interestingly, this miserable dogma is all he has to offer in response to the growing challenge of Islam in our streets and in our culture. Not centuries of Christian tradition, and the heritage of Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution, but ‘equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality’. The affair of Dr Raabe is one of the most fascinating episodes of modern times. The doctor, who is German-born and so at least can’t be accused of ‘xenophobia’, works in a poor district of Manchester and observes every day in damaged lives the dismal effects of the law’s feeble attitude to supposedly illegal drugs. He can see for himself that the official policy of ‘harm reduction’ is actively doing harm. His appointment to the ACMD (to a seat reserved specifically for a GP) was a great moment for every mother and father who wants the State to stop complacently accepting mass drug abuse as an unalterable fact, and instead to help keep their children safe from the little packets of madness on sale at the school gates.

    It was a great blow to the selfish, irresponsible people who have for years spread the false idea that drugs can be taken safely, and denied the growing evidence from the mental hospitals that many young cannabis-users go irreversibly, horribly mad. His dismissal is a great loss to those who care about the lives and minds of the young. I will reserve for another time an examination of the fascinating role of a senior figure in the supposedly impartial BBC in what happened next. He deserves a lot of time to himself, and I shall get round to that.

    But let us say that a campaign to remove Dr Raabe, boosted by anonymous misty threats of resignations from the ACMD, roared rapidly into action. And that, preferring political correctness to an honest, decent doctor worth dozens of any of them, this Government swiftly bowed to that campaign. And that the person directly responsible for this grovelling hawked himself to the people of Old Bexley and Sidcup as a ‘Conservative’. And they believed him. It would be funny if it were not so disgusting.

    I'm victim of PC vendetta, says Christian drug expert as he is sacked from Government advisory panel before he even started

    A Christian GP claimed last night that he had been ‘sacrificed on the altar of political correctness’ after being sacked as a government drugs adviser. Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, a respected family doctor, was dismissed for holding ‘embarrassing’ views about homosexuality. He was appointed to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs less than a month ago and had not even had the chance to attend a meeting.

    Home Office officials said he had failed to disclose being co-author of a study suggesting a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. Anti-drugs campaigners described his sacking as an outrage. Many had welcomed him as a breath of fresh air on the ACMD, which has repeatedly called for softer attitudes to drugs, such as cannabis and ecstasy. By contrast Dr Raabe believes that children should be told to ‘say No’, rather than being told the safest way to consume a banned substance. Dr Raabe told the Daily Mail: ‘I have been discriminated against because of my opinions and beliefs which are in keeping with the teaching of the major Churches. This sets a dangerous precedent: Are we saying that being a Christian is now a bar to public office?’

    He added: ‘My appointment has been revoked based on the wrong perception that I could potentially discriminate against gay people – something I have never done; neither in my private nor professional life. Even the Home Office has not questioned my knowledge and expertise in matters relating to substance misuse and drug policy. ‘My appointment has merely been revoked as a result of my views on matters completely unrelated to drug policy.’

    Dr Raabe was appointed to the ACMD by drugs minister James Brokenshire on January 10.

    Militant homosexuals viciously attack columnist for DARING to question their agenda. Also a rare occasion when a corporate columnist questions militant feminism.

    One week ago, I ­suggested on this page that some gay people were in danger of turning into the new McCarthyites by demonising and attempting to silence all who disagreed with the gay rights agenda. Given the point I was making, it followed that I was expecting a reaction which would amply bear out the truth of what I had written. The response, ­however, exceeded even my ­expectations. For during the past seven days, I have been ­subjected to an ­extraordinarily vicious outpouring of hate and incitement to violence, via email, the internet and in the mainstream media, and much worse besides.

    In my article, I expressed concern that attempting to bar a Christian GP from the government’s advisory council on drugs because of his views on homosexuality, ­bombarding the school curriculum with irrelevant gay references, and prosecuting Christian hoteliers for refusing to ­accommodate gay men in the same bedroom were ­examples of a frightening intolerance. The response to this warning against an attempt by the gay lobby to silence dissent? An eruption of tweets on Twitter suggesting that I should be killed. Yes, really. Apologies if the hideous and obscene ­language shocks some readers, but examples of such tweets included: ‘Someone just kill Melanie Phillips please’; ‘your homo­phobic rant equals that which comes out of a dog’s rectum. Kill yourself you ****’; and ‘throw her in the Thames’.

    And emails to me included such epithets as ‘vile, poisonous, horrible old woman’, and ‘people like you should be silenced as you insight (sic) bigotry and fear. Go and suck a tail pipe, get cancer, GET RAN OVER BY A TRAIN. I hope your ******* house burns down’. All this because, having acknowledged the legitimacy of trying to protect gay people from true prejudice and discrimination, I suggested that Christians should not face discrimination against their beliefs! If the gay lobby had set about trying to prove my point, it could hardly have done a better job. Indeed, the total inability of those who subjected me to such abuse to realise that they are, in fact, spewing out the very hatred, intolerance and incitement to violence of which they are accusing others would be hilarious were it not so terrifying.

    For this is nothing less than a totalitarian mindset which turns truth, justice and rationality inside out. In the Independent, gay columnist Johann Hari furiously demanded why I thought it was ‘wrong to protect gay children’ from bullying. Eh? What on earth was he talking about? What I actually wrote about was the grossly inappropriate flooding of school subjects such as maths or science with irrelevant gay references. Yet he accused me, in effect, not only of being indifferent to the bullying of gay children but of fomenting attitudes which cause them to be bullied. But there is nothing to suggest that ­anything I have ever written has had ­anything to do with the victimisation of a gay child — let alone other supposed crimes Hari hurled my way (if he’d had a kitchen sink to hand, doubtless he’d have hurled that, too).

    If anything incites hatred, this vicious attack is surely it — a graphic ­advertisement of the totalitarianism of which I was ­warning. For such libellous and Orwellian ­distortions help create the witch-hunt atmosphere (indeed, in several messages I was actually called a ‘witch’) that leads directly to the open incitement to violence and murder on such appalling display ­during the past week. The key distinction I have always made is between gay people — against whom I have no harsh feelings — and the gay political agenda. (And I seem to recall that once upon a time Hari himself paid tribute to me for making just such a distinction.)

    richard lang Lottery winner who hanged himself was found by secret homosexual lover his family didn't know existed.

    A lottery winner who hanged himself in his home was found by a live-in gay lover his family had no idea existed, an inquest heard today. Richard Lang, who won £867,454, was discovered by his partner Joshua Jones, in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. Mr Lang's family said they had no idea of Mr Jones's existence, let alone the fact he was living at the house. The pair had met on the internet, the inquest was told.

    Coroner Martin Gotheridge told the court at Leicester Town Hall it seemed Mr Lang had a 'number of lives'. Mr Jones, now living in Wrexham, was not at the inquest today, but two statements were read to the court by the coroner. He said on May 17 Mr Lang, who carried on working as a British Waterways engineer despite his lottery win in 2005, came back from work as usual at 4.30pm.

    'He went into the dining room and sorted out some paperwork, I thought that was unusual as he could do that at any time and it wasn't what he usually did in the evenings,' his statement said. He said the couple ate dinner, watched a film then went to bed at about 11pm. The coroner said: 'He then says that they slept together and Lang would often say that sex was pointless and everything was pointless as nothing made him excited or interested.'

    The following morning Mr Lang got up at 7.40am as normal - the inquest heard he was usually picked up by a colleague at 8am. Mr Jones's statement said: 'I usually heard the TV come on as Lang usually watches the news as he eats his breakfast. 'I heard something else on the TV, it was much louder than usual.

    'I was half asleep and I heard some noises on the stairs which I assumed was Lang getting ready for work.' But he said when he heard the van arrive, he noticed Mr Lang did not leave the house as normal. 'After approximately five minutes I thought it was strange that the van was still out on the driveway so I went downstairs. 'As I looked down to the ground floor I thought I saw Lang kneeling on the floor. 'I went down the stairs where I realised Lang was hanging.'

    Mr Jones said he called his mother, because he panicked. She advised him to call an ambulance, and called one herself as well. He said he managed to get Mr Lang down and tried to resuscitate him with instructions from the ambulance service, until an ambulance arrived. The inquest heard a post mortem examination gave the cause of death as hanging, and no other illnesses were found that may have contributed to Mr Lang's death.

    Toxicology tests also showed no drugs or alcohol were in Mr Lang's system at the time of death. Acting Detective Constable Jessica Card, who investigated the death, said police had interviewed Mr Jones. She said: 'He stated that they had met on a website where people just chat with each other, I took it to mean it was a social networking site.' She said the couple had communicated regularly, then met up because Mr Jones was having problems at home. The inquest heard he started staying over, and it developed from there.

    'He said that they had had a sexual relationship but it had not really gone on to what I would consider to be a conventional relationship," she told the inquest. 'He didn't meet the family, he didn't meet the friends, it was purely sort of companionship.' The court heard no suicide note was found from Mr Lang, and no clues to suggest why he did what he did. He had not indicated to his family that he had any worries or suicidal thoughts.

    Dc Card said Mr Lang's colleague arrived every morning at 8am to collect him, waiting in the van on the driveway. She said the timing of the hanging, with just a 20-minute window between when the lottery winner got up and when his workmate arrived, had raised some concerns it was a 'cry for help'. Mr Lang's mother, Yvonne Greenwood, described her son as 'well-loved, quietish, not outgoing'. She told the inquest he loved helping people and enjoyed spending time with friends.

    Just three days before his death he had spent time at her house in Mountsorrel, Leicester, going to a stag party in Loughborough with his brother on May 15, then staying with her. The next day he left after dinner, saying he would see her the following week, she told the court. When asked if they knew anything about Mr Jones, she told the inquest: 'We had never heard of him.'

    Mr Gotheridge added: 'The timing of the events were somewhat unusual in that there was only 20 minutes between Richard getting out of bed and the time that his friend or colleague arrived at 8am to collect him from the house, and he would go out to the van. 'Joshua Jones describes the TV being on a different station to the news station which Richard normally watched with his breakfast and of course one has to wonder, though it is pure speculation, whether that was in any way intended to drown out any other noise. 'But I have been told that Richard was essentially a private man, was not particularly outgoing and it is clear from what I have heard today that he had a number of aspects of his life, or you could even say a number of lives which were quite separate from each other.

    'He still had his relationship with his family and was on good terms with them, he had his work which he loved and continued doing notwithstanding the money he had come by on his lottery win, and he had his social circle of friends. 'And what must be even more disturbing for his family, there was apparently this relationship with Joshua Jones of which they had no prior knowledge.' He said although it seemed Mr Lang had committed suicide, he did not have enough evidence to be sure what was in his mind at the time he died, so recorded an open verdict.


    Richard Lang is not the first lottery winner to discover that money does not necessarily bring happiness. Keith Gough, 58, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, hit the bottle after scooping £9million in 2005. His wife of 27 years left him and earlier this year he died of a heart attack caused by his heavy drinking. In an interview before his death he said: 'When I see someone going in to a newsagent, I advise them not to buy a lottery ticket.'

    Mr Gough and his wife Louise won £9million in 2005 and splashed out on a top-of-the-range BMW, racehorses and an executive box at Aston Villa Football Club. But the couple separated two years later after Mr Gough quit his job and began drinking heavily out of 'boredom'. He moved to Cheshire where he rented a £1million home and hired a chauffeur and a gardener on annual salaries of £25,000 and £15,000 respectively.

    But he blew a fortune on gambling and was duped out of more than £700,000 by conman James Prince, who persuaded him to invest in bogus business schemes. He was thought to be penniless when he died in March but he had actually left nearly £800,000 in his will.


    BREAKING NEWS: Judgment on Saudi prince finds him guilty of murdering his servant. He will be sentenced tomorrow.
    A gay Saudi prince killed his servant in a ferocious murder which had a 'sexual element', a court heard today. Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 33, had previously subjected Bandar Abdulaziz to physical assaults and mistreatment. The 32-year-old victim was found beaten and strangled in bed at the London hotel room he was sharing with the prince on February 15.
  • Homosexual Saudi prince found guilty of murdering servant
  • Hotel porter: 'I could tell Saudi prince and man he killed were homosexuals'
    Homosexual Saudi prince 'strangled his manservant to death at top London hotel in sexually-motivated killing'

    A gay Saudi prince killed his servant in a ferocious murder which had a 'sexual element', a court heard today. Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 33, had previously subjected Bandar Abdulaziz to physical assaults and mistreatment, the Old Bailey was told. The 32-year-old victim was found beaten and strangled in bed at the London hotel room he was sharing with the prince on February 15.

    A series of injuries including bite marks to Mr Abdulaziz's cheeks revealed the 'ferocity of the attack to which he had been subjected', a jury was told. The prince, a distant relative of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, at first claimed his aide had been robbed and attacked in Edgware Road three weeks before his death, the Old Bailey heard. But CCTV footage from a lift at the Landmark hotel in Marylebone where they were staying showed the victim had been subjected to a 'really nasty assault' by the defendant himself on January 22, said Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting.

    It became clear to police that he had been killed 'in the privacy of the room he had shared with the defendant and when alone with him', the court heard. Further searches of CCTV footage revealed previous assaults on the victim by the defendant, Mr Laidlaw said. The prince was arrested and detectives began trying to establish 'the true nature of the relationship' between the men, he added.

    Al Saud claimed they were 'friends and equals' and that he was heterosexual, jurors were told. But Mr Laidlaw said: 'The evidence establishes quite conclusively that he is either gay or that he has homosexual tenedencies. 'It is clear that his abuse of Bandar was not confined simply to physical beatings. There is clear evidence, over and above the bite marks, that there was also a sexual element to his mistreatment of the victim.'

    The body of Mr Abdulaziz was found lying on his bed in a pool of blood. He had been punched in the face, strangled and bitten, the court was told. His lips had been split open and his teeth broken, bones in his neck had been fractured and he had suffered brain injuries. The prosecutor said: 'Of particular relevance to the nature of the attack suffered by Banda were signs that he had been bitten. It is certainly not a typical feature of such violence and bite marks to the cheeks have an obvious sexual connotation.' The pair had arrived at the hotel in Marylebone Road on January 20. Officers recovered CCTV from the hotel lifts which showed Al Saud subjecting Mr Abdulaziz to a 'really nasty assault' on January 22.

    Further footage captured another attack on February 5 and a third on the night of the killing where Al Saud was seen kicking the victim. 'The defendant had sought to persuade the police that he and Bandar had been friends and equals. They were not,' said Mr Laidlaw. 'Bandar was plainly an aide if not the defendant's servant. The defendant was also to pretend that he is heterosexual. He is not. The evidence establishes quite conclusively that he is gay or that he has homosexual tendencies.'

    Mr Laidlaw said a forensic search of suite 312 revealed a number of areas of blood staining which were 'consistent with the victim having been the subject of a series of separate assaults before he was killed'. Mr Laidlaw added: 'The room also showed signs that the defendant had tried to clean it up and to conceal further areas of blood. 'Furthermore various items of Bandar's clothing stained with his blood were recovered, some of which had been hidden and some of which were wet, no doubt because it had been washed again in an attempt by the defendant to cover his tracks.'

    Jurors heard that on their flight to London from the Maldives the prince travelled in business class while Bandar was in economy. It is claimed the pair developed a routine in London of staying up late at night visiting nightclubs and bars and then sleeping in until the afternoon. A porter got the impression that they were involved in a 'relationship of sorts and were gay', the court heard.

    The belief that they were gay was also shared by the manager of Scalini's restaurant and a barman at the Sanderson Hotel, the court heard. 'The defendant flirted with the barman and suggested that they go out socially together,' said Mr Laidlaw. A search of the prince's laptop also revealed he looked at gay massage and escort agency websites, jurors were told. Mr Laidlaw said Mr Abdulaziz appeared to have been 'bearing the signs of injuries' throughout his stay in London but the assault on January 22 seemed to be the first captured on film.

    The men had spent the evening of January 21 at the Matsuri restaurant in St James before going on apparently to a bar or club. Returning to the hotel at about 4am, the prince began attacking his servant in the lift, the court heard. 'It is a nasty assault with the victim suffering a whole series of blows being struck with both fists and elbows,' said Mr Laidlaw. 'What is also evident from the victim's behaviour is that he had become by this point almost entirely submissive.'

    The men did not leave their room until the evening of January 24 when they went out for dinner to a restaurant, where Mr Abdulaziz kept his hat, coat and sunglasses on throughout, the court heard. A barman noticed his lips were swollen and he seemed to have trouble eating. One of the porters noticed a couple of days later that his face was swollen and he 'looked like he had been badly beaten up', the jury heard. Mr Abdulaziz was persuaded to take a taxi to hospital where he was treated but 'appeared reluctant' to report the assault on him to police. A sister in the accident and emergency department at St Mary's Hospital said it was the 'worst injury' of its type she had ever seen. It turned out to be so severe that it needed reconstructive surgery, the court heard.

    Mr Laidlaw said the assault was not 'an isolated incident' and a second was captured in the hotel lift on February 5. On the evening leading up to his death, the victim asked the hotel concierge to book an Italian restaurant for that evening and the Whisky Mist nightclub at the Hilton Hotel for 1am, said Mr Laidlaw. CCTV showed the prince and his servant entering the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel that night before going on to Signor Sassi's restaurant. Footage outside the restaurant later 'shows the defendant kicking out at the victim', jurors were told.

    They did not go to the nightclub and were back at the Landmark Hotel's bar before midnight where the prince ordered a bottle of champagne and later asked for six shots of a cocktail called 'Sex on the Beach No 3'. CCTV showed the two men leaving the bar at 1.08am and by 1.14am the victim could be seen making his way towards the lifts and up to the third floor, the court heard. A guest staying in the room below 'heard the sounds of raised voices and what sounded like furniture being knocked over'.

    The prince rang Abadi Abadella, a 'facilitator' from the Saudi embassy, at 3.30pm, saying he had just woken up but had failed to wake Mr Abdulaziz, the jury was told. 'The defendant said he thought Bandar needed to go to hospital,' said Mr Laidlaw. Mr Abadella told the defendant to call reception for assistance and then arrived at the hotel at about 4.30pm to find the defendant crying. 'The facilitator asked whether he had called reception and the defendant said he had not, Mr Laidlaw continued.

    'Mr Abadella, fearing Bandar may be dead, immediately made that call himself.' When told that Mr Abdulaziz was dead, the prince 'began to sob'. A post mortem examination found Mr Abdulaziz's death was the result of injuries to the head, neck and abdomen. Another expert report found that the bite marks on his cheeks would have been inflicted using 'considerable force'. Mr Laidlaw told jurors the prince now admits carrying out the killing so it would be for them to decide if he were guilty of murder or only manslaughter.

    The 34-year-old denies murder and one count of grievous bodily harm with intent. The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.

  • Hotel porter: 'I could tell Saudi prince and man he killed were homosexuals'

    Peter Tatchell became one of the few living people today to be honoured with a blue plaque. Sir Ian McKellen unveiled the plaque on the side of the block of flats in Bermondsey where the human rights campaigner has lived since 1978. Mr Tatchell, 58, said he was “gratified but a bit embarrassed”. The sign was erected after a vote organised by Southwark council. Unlike English Heritage's blue plaques, there is no restriction on living recipients.

    chris bryant The number is far lower than the estimate used as a basis for the distribution of millions of pounds in public money to sexual equality causes.

    Only one in 100 Britons is gay despite long-held myth... but 71% of public say they are Christian The first ever official count of the gay population has found that only one in 100 adults is homosexual. The figure explodes the assumption - long promoted by social experts and lobbyists - that the number is up to ten times higher than this at one in ten.

    And in further evidence that Britain remains a traditional society, 71% told the same survey that they still regarded themselves as Christian. The Office for National Statistics said 1.3 per cent of men are gay and 0.6 per cent of women are lesbian. Another 0.5 per cent consider themselves bisexual, according to the figures gathered from questions put to nearly 250,000 - the biggest survey possible outside a full national census. This means that, in total, around 1.5 per cent of the population is either homosexual or bisexual. The number is far lower than the estimate used as a basis for the distribution of millions of pounds in public money to sexual equality causes. When the government framed civil partnership laws, it accepted an assumption that at least five per cent of the population was homosexual.

    Since then thousands of same sex couples have tied the knot. Among them were Labour's Chris Bryant who earlier this year became the first homosexual MP to enter into a civil partnership in the Houses of Parliament, 'marrying' partner Jared Cranney. British surveys carried out by sex researchers have suggested between six and ten per cent of men have had homosexual experiences.

    In 2003 the government published and endorsed estimates by the Stonewall lobby group which said that between five and seven per cent of the adult population was gay. The ONS said yesterday that the new figures were the first on 'self-perceived sexual identity' to be made public. The findings also showed that 94.8 per cent of adults call themselves heterosexual or straight.

    Another 0.5 per cent described themselves as other than straight, gay or bisexual, and a similar proportion declined to reply to the question. The gay population, while small, is highly educated and economically successful, the survey showed. Gays and lesbians are twice as likely as heterosexuals to have university degrees or the equivalent.

    Nearly half of all gays and lesbians work in managerial or professional grade jobs, compared with fewer than one in three heterosexuals. The figures brought calls from religious groups for less political attention and public money to be spent on meeting the demands for legal protection for homosexuals. Mike Judge of the Christian Institute think tank said: 'A large amount of public money has been spent on the basis of higher figures, which have turned out to be a lie.'

    Ben Summerskill of Stonewall said some of those polled may have been reticent to answer questions on their homosexuality. He added: 'We would expect to see these figures increase over time as people's confidence in the survey grows.'


    The estimate of homosexual numbers was drawn from a new ONS survey, called the Integrated Household Survey. It was compiled by putting new questions to individuals who already take part in six existing large-scale surveys. As a result the ONS has managed to draw answers from a large number.

    In total, the new Integrated Household Survey can cover 450,000, hundreds of times the size of databases commonly used in research. The questions on sexuality were put to 247,623, of whom 238,206 provided an answer.

    By contrast, the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles which last tried to make a count of the gay population in 2000, used a database of 12,000. The ONS survey put questions on sexuality both face-to-face and by telephone.

  • 44 percent of homosexuals with HIV don't know they have it

    Almost three-quarters of a million UK adults say they are gay, lesbian or bisexual - equivalent to 1.5% of the population, a survey suggests. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says 480,000 (1%) consider themselves gay or lesbian, and 245,000 (0.5%) bisexual. The ONS received 450,000 responses in its new Integrated Household Survey.

    The survey provides the biggest pool of social data in the UK after the Census, ONS says. London had the highest percentage of those polled who identified as gay, Lesbian or bisexual and Northern Ireland lowest.

    Testing phase

    People aged 16 and over were questioned about their self-perceived sexual identity, and asked to respond with one of four options: heterosexual/straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual or other. The data showed that 95% said they were heterosexual, 1% gay or lesbian, 0.5% bisexual, 0.5% other, and the remaining 3% either did not know or did not answer. The survey is based on questions from six current household surveys. The sexual identity question was tested on a number of ONS surveys in 2008 and added on the IHS in 2009.

    All the survey's statistics are considered experimental, or in a testing phase, as they have not yet been assessed by the UK Statistics Authority. The gay equality charity Stonewall welcomed the release of the figures but suggested the real figure for people who were gay, lesbian or bisexual could be higher.

    Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said: "This is is the first time that people were asked and data collection happened on doorsteps or over the phone, which may deter people from giving accurate responses - particularly if someone isn't openly gay at home." Stonewall worked with 600 major employers and their experience had shown that these statistics increased when people were regularly asked about sexual orientation as part of general monitoring information. "We'd expect to see these figures increase over time as people's confidence in the survey grows and sexual orientation becomes a routine part of data collection," he said.

    gaunt A children's entertainer appeared in court today accused of a string of internet sex offences involving young boys, police said.

    Jason William Gaunt, 22, who worked at holiday camps, was arrested after a series of online-related offences involving five children between August 2008 and February this year. He was charged following an investigation by Surrey Police's paedophile online investigation team with one count of sexual activity with a child, four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

    Gaunt, who did not enter pleas when he appeared at Redhill Magistrates' Court, is also charged with six counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, two counts of attempting to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child and one count of attempting to arrange sexual activity with a child. The defendant faces a further 10 counts of making indecent images of a child, three counts of possession of indecent images of a child and one count of attempting to distribute an indecent photo of a child.

    Gaunt, of Leander Close, Walsall, in the West Midlands, was given conditional bail and told to appear at the same court for a committal hearing on November 16, the Surrey Police spokesman said.

    peter tatchell Here comes the Pope, though he would have much more fun if he stayed in Rome for root canal dentistry.

    His mysterious visit, to the country in Europe where he is most likely to be insulted, is the target of every liberal elitist in Britain. A whole assembly of crackpot sexual revolutionaries and wild ultra-Leftists will be ranged against him. Such people normally do not have much popular support. Against the previous Pope, their campaign would have been insignificant squeaking, barely heard above the applause.

    But thanks to the abuse of children by some priests, and the Roman Church’s feeble efforts to punish them, all that has changed. It is now respectable again to be anti-Catholic.

    Well, that’s reasonable. Paedophilia is disgusting, and particularly so among men supposedly dedicated to goodness. But the Vatican doesn’t actually tell its priests to abuse children. The vast majority of them do not so do. And it has tried to stamp out the problem and to offer genuine apologies to the victims. I (as a non-Roman Catholic) have examined some of the main charges levelled against Benedict XVI by his attackers, and found that several of them are simply untrue, whereas others have been crudely distorted. I have also examined the record of one of the main critics of the Papal visit. This is Peter Tatchell, prominent in the ‘Protest the Pope’ campaign.

    The Roman Church's feeble efforts to punish priests who have abused children have left many with criticisms of the Pope

    I admire Mr Tatchell’s physical and moral courage, notably when he was badly beaten by Robert Mugabe’s bodyguards for attempting a citizen’s arrest of that monster. The effects of that beating still trouble him. But this does not cancel out what I believe is the hypocrisy of his attempt – and that of the Left in general – to wage war on the Pope by employing the charge of condoning or failing to act against paedophilia (it is No 5 in the charge-sheet set out by ‘Protest the Pope’). For on June 26, 1997, Mr Tatchell wrote a startling letter to the Guardian newspaper.

    In it, he defended an academic book about ‘Boy-Love’ against what he saw as calls for it to be censored. When I contacted him on Friday, he emphasised that he is ‘against sex between adults and children’ and that his main purpose in writing the letter had been to defend free speech. He told me: ‘I was opposing calls for censorship generated by this book. I was not in any way condoning paedophilia.’ Personally, I think he went a bit further than that. He wrote that the book’s arguments were not shocking, but ‘courageous’.

    He said the book documented ‘examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal’. He gave an example of a New Guinea tribe where ‘all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood’ and allegedly grow up to be ‘happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers’. And he concluded: ‘The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.

    ‘While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.’ Well, it’s a free country. And I’m rather grateful that Mr Tatchell, unlike most of his allies, is honest enough to discuss openly where the sexual revolution may really be headed. What he said in 1997 remains deeply shocking to almost all of us. But shock fades into numb acceptance, as it has over and over again. Much of what is normal now would have been deeply shocking to British people 50 years ago. We got used to it. How will we know where to stop? Or will we just carry on for ever?

    As the condom-wavers and value-free sex-educators advance into our primary schools, and the pornography seeps like slurry from millions of teenage bedroom computers, it seems clear to me that shock, by itself, is no defence against this endless, sordid dismantling of moral barriers till there is nothing left at all. Yet when one of the few men on the planet who argues, with force, consistency and reason, for an absolute standard of goodness comes to this country, he is reviled by fashionable opinion.

    derek slade A former boarding school head convicted of abusing boy pupils during the Seventies and Eighties was today given a 21-year jail term.

    Derek Slade, 61, of Burton-on-Trent, was convicted of more than 50 offences. A jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting and beating 12 boys aged between eight and 13 between 1978 and 1983, following a trial at Ipswich crown court.

    Paid Slade hit boys with a slipper, a table tennis bat and his bare hand then ordered youngsters to write about "whackings I have had". He ran St George's private school, which was initially based in Wicklewood, Norfolk, then moved to Great Finborough, Suffolk, in 1980. Slade was arrested after former pupils complained two years ago. One victim said he had never told his parents what had happened. Another described Slade's assaults as "reigns of terror". He had admitted assault, indecent assault and child pornography offences. He denied other allegations of assault and indecent assault but was found guilty. Slade admitted being a paedophile and told jurors that there was a sexual motive behind the corporal punishment he inflicted. But he denied more serious sexual assaults, including prosecution allegations that he hosted "midnight feasts" where boys would be abused.

  • Senior Labour politician helped homosexual paedophile headmaster establish false identity
    A GROUP of rich and powerful men in Portugal have been jailed for their involvement in a paedophile ring which some believe is linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    A former ambassador, a television presenter, a doctor and a lawyer were found guilty on Friday after an eight-year investigation and a six-year trial which shook the country, with 32 men giving evidence of hundreds of crimes committed against them when they were children. Members of the ring snatched children as they slept at the state-run Casa Pia orphanages in Lisbon and took them to grand houses to endure sickening abuse. One of the abused boys, Pedro Namora, is now a lawyer and was a key witness in the case.

    He wants Portuguese detectives to continue their probe as he believes the ring may be connected to the disappearance of Madeleine at the Praia da Luz resort on the Algarve in May 2007. ‘These men committed barbaric crimes’says Pedro Namora Mr Namora said: “During the summer children were taken to the summer homes of paedophiles on the Algarve. It was highly organised and involved a lot of planning and control.

    “It is possible that those connected with the ring who have not been caught may be involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. I do think detectives should look at this possibility. No stone should be left unturned.” Although most of the abuse involved hundreds of boys, he said some girls also fell victim to the gang. One man arrested in the case and later released without charge was said to have had a great interest in the ancient underground tunnels running under Praia da Luz.

    There were emotional scenes at the Lisbon court house as two judges read out the punishment to the men, once regarded as being among the country’s great and good. Socialite Carlos Cruz, once Portugal’s most popular television presenter, was sentenced to seven years in prison. The 68-year-old father of two was found guilty of having sex with a 14-year-old and abusing another boy. Cruz said: “There is no proof of my guilt. This brings back memories of Portugal under dictatorship.”

    A former Portuguese ambassador to Unesco, Jorge Ritto, 74, was jailed for six years and doctor Ferreira Diniz got seven years. Former Casa Pia ombudsman Manuel Abrantes should have been safeguarding the boys but he was also an abuser. He was sentenced to five years. Casa Pia caretaker Carlos Silvino, 53, known as Bibi, used to pluck sleeping boys from their beds and take them away to abuse them or pass to others. He confessed to 600 crimes and was given the longest sentence of 18 years.

    Mr Namora, who was in court along with four other victims, said: “These men have to be condemned. They committed barbaric crimes against humanity.” Catalina Pestana, who has run Casa Pia since the crimes were reported in 2002, said: “The stories that I heard were the most terrible of my life.

    “Now when a child accuses an adult, nobody will look with the same lack of attention that they did for many years.” Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, said they had been closely following the Casa Pia case but did not have a lead linking Madeleine’s disappearance to the paedophile ring.


    A former headmaster of a boys boarding school is facing jail after being convicted of more than 50 offences including beatings and buggery. Derek Slade was a homosexual paedophile who inflicted corporal punishment on pupils as young as eight for his own sexual gratification.
    carlos cruz Hugo Marcal Six Portuguese men have been jailed after they were found guilty of sexual abuse at a state-run children's home.

    Carlos Silvino was given an 18-year sentence after confessing to 639 charges relating to the abuse of children or procuring them for others. His co-defendants, including the former TV presenter Carlos Cruz, were jailed for between five and seven years. The boys, now aged between 16 and 22, were all residents at the Casa Pia children's home in the capital, Lisbon.

    The panel of three judges in the case spent most of the day reading the full verdict in each of the hundreds of sexual abuse accusations. After ruling that the vast majority of the charges had been proven, they handed down guilty verdicts to six of the seven people on trial. Silvino, a 54-year-old former driver for Casa Pia who abused boys on hundreds of occasions and later offered them to other men for cash, was convicted on all charges.

    Cruz and Joao Ferreira Diniz, a doctor, were each given seven-year sentences, while retired ambassador Jorge Ritto got six years and eight months.

    Pedro Namora Former Casa Pia pupil and victim(3 September 2010)
    "These men have to be condemned, they committed barbarous crimes against humanity"

    Hugo Marcal, a lawyer, was sentenced to six years and two months, while former Casa Pia governor Manuel Abrantes was sentenced to five years and nine months. But Gertrudes Nunes, a woman who was alleged to have allowed her house in Elvas to be used by the abusers, was acquitted on all charges.

    The six had denied the allegations and said their lives had been ruined. "This is one of the most monstrous judicial mistakes in Portuguese history," Cruz said, dismissing the verdict as built on "lies and manipulation" and part of a "vendetta" against him.

    Horrific injuries

    One of the victims, Bernardo Teixeira, hailed the sentences. "It was very good to hear our names as a proven fact, and to know that really somebody believes us, principally the panel of judges," he told RTP Internacional TV. "People said we were lying, that it was all made up, and so it is very healthy and positive for us finally to have proof that we were not lying."

    Another victim, Bernardo Tavares, said: "It is difficult, but... when we hear our name linked to proven facts this gives us more strength." "There is anxiety, tensions are running high in there, our seats are probably the hottest because we have waited many years for this day. It is one of the days we have most looked forward to, the day when finally justice will be done and when finally those who have committed crimes will be sentenced for them." Pedro Namora, a lawyer and former pupil who helped expose the scandal in 2002, earlier said: "I hope this day will allow us to show the country that the boys have told the truth from the start."

    "These men have to be condemned, they committed barbarous crimes against humanity." The case is one of the longest-running in Portuguese history, lasting more than five years, with testimony from more than 800 witnesses and experts. During the trial, the 32 victims gave gruesome testimony about being raped by adults in dark cellars, cars and secluded houses.

    "Some of the accounts could be considered pornographic," the lead judge, Ana Peres, told the courtroom on Friday. One of the victims, now in his early 20s, was so seriously abused that he was now incontinent, a lawyer told the BBC. Almost all of them identified their abusers by pointing them out in the courtroom.

    However, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Lisbon says it is thought that there may be many other victims who are still too frightened to speak out. Railings outside the Casa Pia college of Pina Manique in Lisbon (1 September 2010) Abuse at Casa Pia is said to have started in the mid-1970s, but was not discovered until 2002 The abuse at Casa Pia is said to have started in the mid-1970s, but was not discovered until 2002, when the mother of a boy placed at a state-run home in Lisbon said he had been abused by staff there.

    Casa Pia, or Pious House, is a 230-year-old institution which cares for about 4,500 orphans and underprivileged children through a network of homes and schools. This case is not the only one spawned by the investigation that began in 2002.

    Seven other trials have already run their course, with some of those found guilty themselves former Casa Pia pupils. In March 2006, a court ordered the Portuguese government to pay 2m euros (£1.66m) in compensation to 44 former Casa Pia residents, saying it had failed in its duty to protect them

    Casa Pia scandal timeline

    * September 2002: Mother of one boy tells police he has been sexually abused by a former Casa Pia driver and gardener, Carlos Silvino
    * November 2002: Journalist Felicia Cabrita reveals the scandal in Expresso newspaper
    * February 2003: Social workers say they have uncovered 130 cases of child abuse at the main Casa Pia home, dating back to the 1970s
    * December 2003: Prosecutors charge 10 people with the sexual abuse of children at Casa Pia, including several celebrities and top officials
    * June 2004: Judge throws out charges against three suspects, including a leading politician
    * November 2004: Six men and one woman go on trial, accused of sexually abusing 32 children
    * May 2005: The 32 victims starting giving evidence
    * March 2006: Court orders the government to pay 2m euros in compensation to 44 former Casa Pia residents, saying it had failed to protect them
    * September 2010: Six men are convicted and sentenced to between five and 18 years in prison

    derek slade A former boarding school head teacher has been found guilty of sexually abusing and beating pupils.

    Derek Slade, 61, of Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, had denied more than 50 counts of sexual assault and beating at Ipswich Crown Court. But a jury found him guilty of abusing boys between 1978 and 1983 at private schools in Wicklewood, Norfolk, and Great Finborough in Suffolk. Slade will be sentenced at the crown court on Monday. He was head at a school for boys aged between six and 17-years-old from January 1978 and March 1983.

    The school relocated from Norfolk to Suffolk in 1980. Police said they were first contacted in June 2000 with allegations of assault by a former pupil but detectives could not trace Slade. In 2008 and 2009 further former pupils came forward to police in Norfolk and Suffolk claiming Slade had abused them. It was then the initial complaint was looked into further, a Suffolk police spokeswoman said. Slade was arrested in Derbyshire earlier this year.

    GAY MAFIA Hate crimes that the gay and jewish lobbies have been fomenting in political circles ensure that two groups in society can effectively get away with murder . The Israeli zionists can kill and destroy as many lives as possible in Gaza and Palestine with impunity stating that any critics must be anti-semitic who do not understand the need for Israel to dominate the middle east and have their puppets Britain and America jumping through hoops to accommodate their murder squads.

    Meanwhile much of the homosexual promotion in western media has behind the scenes, jews who own and control the complicit media as well as heading the many homosexual promoting groups who dominate the same media. With a growing body of evidence of homosexual paedophilia rife across the globe homophobia is a good weapon to use against anyone who dares suggest so many paedophiles are in fact homosexuals with a very unhealthy appetite for young boys that the same mass media avoids pointing out which would clash with their editorial on promoting all things 'GAY'. These two lobbying groups have been buying off the politicians that on two fronts are allowing them to get away with absolute MURDER with a fully supportive media that continually smears anyone with alternate views on jewish murder squads and homosexual paedophile rings.

  • Jewish Leaders Behind The Homosexual and Lesbian Movement
    robert dando A leading Baptist minister has been charged with molesting young boys during trips to America.

    Robert Dando, 46, was arrested this week during a visit to Fairfax County, Virginia. He is said to have sexually abused two boys, starting when they were aged seven and eight, over a period of up to five years during visits to a family friend in the U.S.. Dando has resigned from Worcester Park Baptist Church near Kingston in South-West London.

    But further enquiries may be conducted in Britain. Dando had personal contact with boys here, working with the Boys' Brigade. He has also worked for a children's charity in India. He has been charged in the U.S. with four counts of aggravated sexual battery. A spokesman for Fairfax County Police Department said yesterday: 'In December 2009, a 21-year-old victim of sexual abuse came forward to Fairfax Police.

    'The victim, who was between eight and 13 at the time of the abuse, alleges he was assaulted by a visiting family friend in a private residence in Fairfax County. 'Police initiated an investigation and discovered a second victim, who is 17, who said he was abused under similar circumstances when he was seven or eight.' Dando was executive assistant to the president of the Baptist World Alliance. He is due in court in a month. His wife Janice, 50, is a vice president of the Boy's Brigade. Last night a spokesman for the youth movement said it was 'deeply concerned' and had removed Dando's membership.

    rabbi mordechai elon Israeli police say there is sufficient evidence to press charges against Rabbi Mordechai Elon in the allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him by former students.

    They said that the prominent religious Zionist rabbi should be tried for allegedly committing indecent acts by force against minors. Elon called the matter a "terrible blood libel, a complaint without foundation," by a "person whose stability is doubtful," Ynetnews reported.

    The investigation began in February, after Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein received several complaints alleging Elon to having committed sexual offences against young boys that came to him for advice.

    Police investigators said that they have talked to a number of people and two boys have agreed to testify that the rabbi had sexually assaulted them between 2005 and 2006 when they were minors. Elon, 50, was also the host of a popular TV program on the weekly Torah portion and worked to build understanding and cooperation between the religious and secular sectors, The Jerusalem Post reported.

  • Israel's homosexual rabbi's on sexual abuse mission
    Lawsuit Claims College Ordered Student to Alter Religious Views on Homosexuality, Or Be Dismissed

    A graduate student in Georgia is suing her university after she was told she must undergo a remediation program due to her beliefs on homosexuality and transgendered persons. The student, Jennifer Keeton, 24, has been pursuing a master's degree in school counseling at Augusta State University since 2009, but school officials have informed her that she'll be dismissed from the program unless she alters her "central religious beliefs on human nature and conduct," according to a civil complaint filed last week.

    "[Augusta State University] faculty have promised to expel Miss Keeton from the graduate Counselor Education Program not because of poor academic showing or demonstrated deficiencies in clinical performance, but simply because she has communicated both inside and outside the classroom that she holds to Christian ethical convictions on matters of human sexuality and gender identity," the 43-page lawsuit reads. Keeton, according to the lawsuit, was informed by school officials in late May that she would be asked to take part in a remediation plan due to faculty concerns regarding her beliefs pertaining to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. "The faculty identifies Miss Keeton's views as indicative of her improper professional disposition to persons of such populations," the lawsuit reads.

    In a statement to FoxNews.com, Augusta State University officials declined to comment specifically on the litigation, but said the university does not discriminate on the basis of students' moral, religious, political or personal views or beliefs. "The Counselor Education Program is grounded in the core principles of the American Counseling Association and the American School Counselor Association, which defines the roles and responsibilities of professional counselors in its code of ethics," the statement read. "The code is included in the curriculum of the counseling education program, which states that counselors in training have the same responsibility as professional counselors to understand and follow the ACA Code of Ethics." The Code of Ethics prohibits counselors from discriminating based on a number of factors, including gender identity and sexual orientation. "Counselors do not discriminate against clients, students, employees, supervisees, or research participants in a manner that has a negative impact on these persons," the code says.

    Keeton's lawsuit alleges that the university's remediation plan noted Keeton's "disagreement in several class discussions and in written assignments with the gay and lesbian 'lifestyle,'" as well as Keeton's belief that those "lifestyles" are cases of identity confusion. If Keeton fails to complete the plan, including additional reading and the writing of papers describing the impact on her beliefs, she will be expelled from the Counselor Education Program, the lawsuit claims. Keeton has stated that she believes sexual behavior is the "result of accountable personal choice rather than an inevitability deriving from deterministic forces," according to the suit.

    "She also has affirmed binary male-female gender, with one or the other being fixed in each person at their creation, and not a social construct or individual choice subject to alteration by the person so created," the lawsuit reads. "Further, she has expressed her view that homosexuality is a 'lifestyle,' not a 'state of being.'" David French, senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund, which filed the lawsuit against Augusta State University on Keeton's behalf, said no university has the right to force a citizen to change their beliefs on any topic. "The university has told Jennifer Keeton that if she doesn't change her beliefs, she can't stay in the program," he told FoxNews.com. "She won't even have a chance to counsel any students; she won't have a chance to get a counseling degree; she'll be expelled."

    Keeton, who is not available for interviews according to French, believes that people have "moral choices" regarding their sexuality, he said. "A student has a right to express their point of view in and out of class without fear or censorship or expulsion," French said.

    andrew stallard A well known political consultant and lobbyist used the offer of vodka to lure a younger man back to his house before putting a cloth doused in amyl nitrate over his face and raping him, a court heard today.

    Andrew Stallard, 41, approached his alleged victim outside a nightclub in Cardiff and invited him back to his house for a drink. When they got there he put a cloth doused in "poppers" over the younger man’s face before he passed out, a jury at Newport Crown Court was told. In a video interview conducted by police and shown to jurors today, the younger man said he had been on a night out with friends drinking beer and cocktails and was leaving a nightclub when a man in his 40s or 50s invited him back to his home. He said: "He offered me to come back to his house for vodka. I went back because I didn’t want to go home on my own. I am quite a sociable person and wanted to talk to somebody. It wasn’t sexual. We went in a taxi and the driver was going really fast and I got out and was sick."

    In the video he said he was sick again when he went inside the house and added: "The next thing I remember was this white cloth coming on to my face and then I could not move. I could not speak and everything went black. When I came round I couldn’t move my arms, I was on the bed face down and I could not move." He said when he tried to fight and wriggle away his attacker tried to put the cloth over his face again. Opening the case yesterday, Richard Twomlow, prosecuting, told the court that police found a bottle of amyl nitrate in Stallard’s house. He said: "That was what had been put on the cloth. Mr Stallard admitted they had both inhaled Liquid Gold. He said they met at the bus stop and he invited him back for drinks and fun. He said he was not aware (the younger man) was feeling ill. He said there was mutual oral sex.

    "He said he used a flannel on which he had poured the liquid gold and they had inhaled. He said the younger man had done it of his own free will." The court also heard Stallard, of Llandaff Road, Cardiff, is accused of raping another man. In another video interview with police shown to the jury today the other alleged victim said he had been drinking in a pub in Cardiff with a group of people he had only just met when his vision became impaired. He said: "I remember everything started to go very strange, everything was sliding left and right and I knew something was not right. I can recall someone on my right offering to take me home." He said he did not know who the person was or what he looked like.

    "There is a black spot until I remember going up some stairs and I remember I kept asking where I was and who I was with. I remember thinking, 'This does not feel right’." He said he lost consciousness and added: "Next thing I know I came back into consciousness and he is having sex with me quite roughly." He said he was frightened and tried to get the man off him. The next day he had dark blue bruises on his forearms and hips, the court heard. Nicholas Gareth Jones, defending Stallard, suggested the man had not been raped but had instead willingly gone back to Stallard’s home with another man where they had continued drinking and watched porn. Stallard denies two counts of rape. The trial was adjourned until 10am tomorrow.

    THE Catholic Church in Italy, still reeling from the clerical sex abuse scandal, has lashed out at gay priests who are leading a double life, urging them to come out of the closet and leave the priesthood.

    The Diocese of Rome issued the strongly worded statement last Friday after the conservative weekly magazine Panorama printed a cover story and accompanying video claiming it had interviewed three gay priests in Rome and accompanied them to gay clubs and bars and to sexual encounters with strangers, including one in a church building. One of the priests, a Frenchman identified only as Paul, celebrated Mass in the morning before driving to the airport the two escorts he had hired to attend a party the night before, according to the magazine.

    In a statement, the Rome diocese denounced those priests who were leading a "double life", said they should not have been ordained and promised that the church would rigorously pursue anyone who is behaving in a way that was not dignified for a priest. It insisted the vast majority of Rome's 1,300 priests were truthful to their vocations and were "models of morality for all". Those who are not faithful to their vows "know that no-one is forcing them to remain priests, taking advantage of only the benefits", the diocese said. "Coherency would demand that they come forward. We don't wish any ill-will against them, but we cannot accept that because of their behaviour the honour of all the others is sullied."

    Church teaching holds that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered", and the Vatican has recently cracked down on gays in the priesthood. In his first major policy statement as pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI issued an instruction barring actively gay priests from seminaries. It said that men "who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called 'gay culture"' cannot be admitted to the church's teaching establishments for priests. The only exception would be for those with a "transitory problem" they had overcome for at least three years. A member of the clergy quoted by the magazine put the proportion of priests who are gay in Rome at "98 per cent".


    Vatican on defensive again after magazine exposes priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex

    The Catholic church, already reeling from a string of clerical sex abuse scandals, is facing new embarrassment after an Italian magazine published an investigation into what it termed the double life of gay priests in Rome. Using hidden cameras, the weekly Panorama, owned by Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, captured priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex. The Vatican does not condemn homosexuals, but it teaches that gay sex is "intrinsically disordered". In one of his earliest moves, pope Benedict barred actively gay men from studying for the priesthood. The diocese of Rome lashed out at the prime minister's magazine, saying its aim was "to create scandal [and] defame all priests". But it also urged gay clerics to leave both the closet and the priesthood.

    It said, "Consistency would require that they come into the open", but that they "ought not to have become priests". The semi-official papal daily, L'Osservatore Romano, made no reference to the affair. Vatican Radio reported it briefly. One priest, a Frenchman in his 30s identified as Father Paul, attended a party at which there were two male prostitutes then said Mass the following morning before driving them to the airport, Panorama reported. A photo on its website claimed to show the priest in his dog collar but without his trousers with a gay man who acted as decoy for the magazine. In other shots, priests were shown apparently kissing Panorama's collaborator.

    A member of the clergy quoted by the magazine put the proportion of gay priests in the Italian capital at "98%". The Rome diocese insisted the vast majority of priests in the city were "models of morality for all", while adding that the number of gay clergyman was "small, but not to be written off as isolated cases". A review eight years ago of research on the American church concluded that between a quarter and a half of seminarians and priests there were homosexual. A former Italian MP and gay activist, Franco Grillini, said: "If all the gays in the Catholic church were to leave it at once – something we would very much like – they would cause it serious operational problems." Another well-known spokesman for the gay community, Aurelio Mancuso, condemned Panorama's investigation as a "horrible political and cultural operation", but agreed that if priests in Rome were to follow the advice given to them in yesterday's statement, it would "paralyse" the diocese. In March, the pope's own household was rocked by scandal when court documents revealed a Vatican chorister had procured male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.


    Gay British millionaires Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow hit the headlines when their two children, Saffron and Aspen, were born to a surrogate mother in the US, using donor eggs and the couple's sperm. The pair were accused by some of 'going against nature' and 'shopping for the ultimate gay accessory'.

    Brother Orlando was born four years later, using a frozen embryo. No mother figure has been involved in the children's upbringing, and Barrie and Tony want to keep it that way. A decade on from Saffron and Aspen's births, award-winning documentary filmmaker Daisy Asquith films the family over the course of a year, as Tony and Barrie try for more babies.

    She charts Tony and Barrie's incredible, emotional journey and asks the older children what it's like growing up with two fathers ('Dad' and 'Daddy') and no mum, and how they feel about their new siblings. The documentary follows the family as they select an egg donor from an online catalogue and talk to the pregnant surrogate mother via video link, before Barrie travels to America for the birth and brings the twins home.

    Meanwhile, Saffron and Aspen celebrate their tenth birthdays - Saffron's presents include a pony and a mink coat - and the kids change schools after disgruntled parents object to Barrie playing the fairy godmother in the children's nativity play. This intimate Cutting Edge documentary gets behind the headlines to paint a distinctive portrait of a unique family, and looks at how Tony and Barrie's single-minded determination to have children has affected them and their kids.

  • Death threats for homosexual parents over £1million family