asian woman American Extols Gender Roles in Indonesia

After three FAILED American marriages, Bernard Grover found "balance" in the traditional gender roles practiced in Indonesia. This may be the reason the East will surpass the West.

"In total, I have been married for 20 years. The last three have been the happiest with my submissive Asian wife. We have disagreements, but never fights. There are never threats of lawyers and walking out. It's not all sunshine, but it's deeply satisfying on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual." "Those who have studied and experienced dominance and submission know that the submissive one always has the power to say, "No!" The trick is not getting the power, but keeping it. That requires wisdom and restraint."

(Editor's Note: I personally find this example a bit extreme but agree with the basic principle. I present it to you for discussion.)

by Bernard Grover (henrymakow.com)

Bernard Grover is an independent writer/producer living in Indonesia for the past five years.

A man is transferred to Indonesia for a year or so on business. He brings his wife and family with him. After a few months, he divorces his Western wife and marries a local woman. If I've heard this story once, I've heard it a dozen times. Invariably, my wife asks me why. I've tried to explain the English concept of "battle axe" or the German version, "hausdrache" (house dragon). The idea of a woman who is domineering and disrespectful of her husband is as foreign to her as eating a dog is to a Westerner.

On the other hand, I've known many Indonesian women with successful careers who turn in their notice with the reason that they are getting married. If you ask them why, they will tell you they need to stay home and care for their husbands and fledgling families. Not because they are forced to, but because the culture here expects a woman to concern herself with matters of home and hearth. And they are happy to do so. Two years ago, I wrote an article entitled, "My Submissive Asian Wife Empowers Me." It's time to revisit that article and examine whether Asian women really are superior to Western women, and whether the Asian culture truly does empower a man. And the short answer to both questions is, "Yes!"


When I rise every morning at 4 a.m., my wife has already prepared my coffee and breakfast, heated the bath water and started cleaning the house. I have never asked, much less demanded this behavior. It's her role as she understands it and she has never complained about it once. The other day, I had a couple of colleagues to the house for a casual get-together. By the time I had led them inside, my wife had set out refreshments and cakes on the table and did not join the conversation past initial introductions until I asked her to do so. Even then, she took a cushion on the floor at my feet and did not sit at the same level as the men. I did not request or order her to serve my guests, and certainly not to sit on the floor. It was her duty as my wife to make me look respected and in charge in front of my associates. Being Westerners themselves, my guests took careful note, as I could see by their expressions.

When I take my family out for dinner or other activity, my wife and daughter open doors for me and will not sit at the table until I do. When the food comes, I am served first. I have never said I expect this treatment. It is just done that way and there is no need to say a thing, though I am always appropriately thankful. I am the intellectual, spiritual and economic leader of my house. My wife may (and frequently does) offer her opinion on important matters, or advise me on social necessities, but when I have made a decision, there is no further discussion, especially in front of others. She always presents a united front with me and wouldn't think of gainsaying me and causing me to lose face.

At this point, you may be thinking, "This is incredible, but what does she get out of the deal?" I'm glad you asked.


The man's role is to provide emotional and economic security, as well as to make well-informed and wise decisions concerning the family's well-being. He is the example of moral and ethical behavior to his family. If there are any problems that affect the household, the man is expected to represent his family. If the problem is between two houses, the men settle the matter, regardless of which member of the family is involved.

This all may seem positively medieval to a Western reader, but you would be amazed at how happy and satisfied we all are with our roles. My wife is rewarded with absolute control over her house: making the home comfortable, budgeting the household expenses, buying the family's necessities, and so forth. Most importantly, she receives the respect of her friends and family because her husband provides well for the family and is a respected member of society. She is fulfilled in serving a man who increases the family's status and makes good choices. My wife, though submissive, is never dishonored or shamed. Her efforts to build me up benefit her in a dozen different ways, not the least of which is the fulfillment of her femininity. She knows that I give equal weight to her opinions, needs and desires, but she respects my role as the decision-maker. I have proven that I make considered and wise choices.

As a man, I receive what my gender craves the most: respect and authority. I don't waste my efforts fighting my own household, but rather can focus my efforts on advancing the family's fortunes. Can you imagine the power I feel in this arrangement - to be a Man and completely secure in my role, and in the knowledge that my wife is completely Woman in hers.

This is my fourth marriage; the previous three were to Western women and were disastrous for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a family court system that rewards women for destroying their families.


This kind of power is not without its price. There is a heavy responsibility that comes with having a wife who submits her power to you. You cannot take decisions lightly and your public behavior must be exemplary at all times. You must also discern the proper occasions to exercise your power. Lording yourself about is one of the fastest ways to lose it. You must also be appropriately grateful to the woman who concedes to you. There is a reason that women seem attracted to the "bad boys". Women desire men who are decisive, somewhat aloof and constitutionally strong. Men are, or should be, everything a woman is not, and vice versa. We are designed to complement each other. That is why our bodies, our minds and our spirits fit together like a puzzle. Together we become one.

A woman, even one who is badly trained as many Western women, will ultimately submit to a man who knows how to use his power. She is constitutionally made for it, just as men are made to wield power. But Western men have not been properly trained by their fathers on how to be powerful. We men are just as responsible for the collapse of the traditional roles as the women are.

Western men are invariably attracted to Asian women because they sense the power of real femininity. It is the man's job to convince the woman to relinquish her power to him. When properly done, both the man and the woman are ultimately satisfied in their roles. When improperly done, it is disastrous and injurious to both people. In the absence of this natural balance between the genders, we have what the Hopi Indians call koyaanisqatsi, life without balance. Perhaps at the deepest root of the socio-economic problems in the West, is the lack of balance between men and women that is destroying our culture. How can unbalanced people create a balanced society? Only resuming our proper gender roles and acknowledging the natural wisdom of complimentary sexes will restore the balance.


There is a catch, though, like all good things. You can not bring your Asian wife back to the West. Here, the culture supports and demands traditional roles. Fathers train their sons and mothers train their daughters. Once exposed to the toxic influence of Western culture, though, it takes a very strong woman to resist. What's more, once they learn that the laws and the courts are so heavily slanted toward women, the temptation to 'cash in' is almost unbearable. I know of several men who brought their Asian wives home, only to lose them to the forces that are tearing Western families apart. My wife and I blended our two families. I have two children and she has three. There were many challenges in merging our backgrounds. I had to assimilate into a new culture and learn a new language. She made adjustments, as well, helping with my immigration status and learning English.

She has modified the family's diet to include my favorite Texas fare. However, the seas have calmed and life goes on. And there's our mountain retirement house with the writer's shack out back to look forward to, with a woman who will actually be around to share my old age. - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/06/American-Extols-Gender-Roles-in-Indonesia%20.html#sthash.SjlBdQhm.dpuf


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    Thatcher the most evil feminist of all

    While twisted fascist Harmsworth's Daily Hate provides pages and pages of obituaries to Margaret Thatcher claiming her saintly status the rest of the country are rejoicing at the death of maybe the most evil radical feminist on the planet.Wickedness doesn't come into the equation when she took evil to another level and while feminists will rant about her being the first women prime minister there are many more women who hope they never see another witch like her in power again.

    She ensured every major industry carried out by men, the really tough, dirty, filthy jobs that the feminists wouldn't dare touch like shipbuilding, steel works and mining were decimated leaving men in their millions on the dole while she brought in jobs from foreign electronic firms who provided the desk jobs for her girls. However in her madness she didn't realise those women who were forced from their homes to find jobs instead of taking care of the kids now wish they had never seen or heard of Thatcher never mind her evil tory policies. Most have found they cannot stop working as it now takes two wages to keep a roof over their head.

    She also made massive changes to family law and courts that few of the compliant rags touch on and were women suddenly found themselves amassing huge divorce pay outs thanks to the devious manipulation of court judgements made, not with juries, but with lackeys of an evil crown. So men were brutalized and made homeless and penniless thanks to the wickedness of Thatcherism. Even her policy on the 'right to buy' council houses was a scam . Ask those who bought their homes and through divorce found themselves out on the street when the legal mafia came in to thieve them back. If they had been renting that would not have been possible but there was always method in her madness.

    Apart from the many street parties across the UK there will be many victims waiting to piss on her grave and why she made sure she gets cremated to avoid the hoards turning up at the cemetery to use it as a lavatory. She will most definitely rot in hell for her ruthless abuse of the peasants and Cameron and his vile henchmen Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling should be looking on as they will suffer the same fate as the country celebrates the passing of one of the most evil bastards on the planet who was allowed to get away with murder until even her own vile party had to get rid of her before the megalomania caused the total destruction of the UK. Many families are still facing generations of pain thanks to her wickedness. She played a major part in deregulating the banks that ultimately caused the collapse of capitalism that she so fervently supported.

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    False rape claims 'devastating' say wrongly accused
    false rape Two people a month are being prosecuted for making false allegations of rape and wasting police time, new figures show.

    It's the first time details for England and Wales have been compiled, showing how common the problem is.

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) looked at a period of 17 months finding that in that time 35 people were charged. Keir Starmer QC, head of the CPS, called the cases "serious but rare". Jason, 21, was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. "It was devastating," he said. "I was getting harassed outside of work, harassed in work, it's just terrifying. "Someone approached me and told me to stay away from my ex or basically he'd come back and finish me off completely. He punched me twice in the face and once in the stomach." There have been calls to allow those accused of rape to remain anonymous, until they are found guilty but the government has ruled that out.

    Criminal record

    Nottinghamshire Police have successfully prosecuted two women in the last 18 months for making false rape allegations. One was Rosie Dodd, 20, who was jailed for two years after accusing three men of raping her.

    Police say she made the claim because she was embarrassed she'd slept with them in one night. Support groups for men falsely accused say the problem doesn't end when the accusation is proved untrue, as the claim remains on their criminal record until they apply to get it removed - which can take several months. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) confirmed that details of an accusation and the fact it was proved to be a lie, would remain on a police record for six years. However, they say it would not be revealed to anyone doing a background check.

    Report findings

    Out of 159 suspected cases referred to the CPS, 35 ended in a prosecution.
    Almost half of the accusers were aged under 21, some were under 16.
    92% of those prosecuted were women.
    98% of those accused of rape were men, and the majority were aged over 21.
    84% of those making false claims identified their "attacker". One case saw a woman randomly accuse a man she saw on Facebook.
    18% of those making false claims had "a mental health problem".

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    International women's day 2013

    women of the world Feminists like zionists ignore their own vile traits

    You can hear them scream 'VICTIM' right across the globe on International Women's Day and once again they have a long list of gripes that women suffer from because of 'this' and 'that' and especially because of all of us bad men , the sad part is that feminists are blinded by their own dull light.

    Feminists, like Israeli zionists, play the victim card to garner support they might not necessarily get due to inherent whinging that, rather than get up and doing something positive they endlessly complain that it should all flow directly to them for free. Palestine is constantly smeared by the zionist media to divert support to their oppressors sitting in Israel seeking the approval of the world as they initiate another bombing raid on Gaza. The feminists however seek to increase their wealth through no effort of their own by playing the golddiggers in family courts smearing men as their abusers and demanding that the freemason judge hand all of a man's worldly possessions to a scorned woman who feels its her right to plunder any man they have cajoled into mating with them to ensure they are kept in the lifestyle they think they deserve.

    The freemasons pander to this nonsense as they themselves i.e. the lawyers and judges who have taken control of our courts require male patsies to take the fall for their crimes using feminist golddiggers as a means to an end and the excuses that endlessly flow from these poor wee 'hard done to' wimmin who have been treated so badly. If you look at the feminist movement there are few of them that would even consider working down coal mines, hanging off the bow of a ship, changing the tyres of an articulated lorry but they want EQUALITY .

    That equality would be that they can pick and chose the least physical jobs while complaining that they aren't getting paid as well as the men who are required to provide the muscle to keep industry going. There are now far to many women across the globe that became millionaires on the back of family law supported by crooked lawyers and judges that have manipulated those laws to be heavily biased in favour of the feminist movement. There are many female lawyers who are deeply involved in setting up organisations like the vile 'WOMENS AID' primarily to give them maximum clout in courts and to ensure a ready supply of feminists and jack boot man hating lesbians only to happy to see men kicked in the balls while their sisters, aided and abetted by the legal mafia, are only to happy to help themselves to the family silver.

    International Women's Day is not about celebrating women who are happy to collaborate with men in relationships and family but selfish bitches seeking to get as much out of mens hard earned toil through subterfuge and malicious use of the 'victim' card. Fortunately women themselves are waking up to these witches who masquerade as some sort of moral compass whose main aim is to teach all us 'FECKLESS' men how to treat a lady. When they themselves do not know what being a lady is all about in the first place. Men have been slow to waken up to their devious feminist ploys but not any longer.

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    if feminists could design stuff
    feminist ENEMIES OF LOVE

    Western men (and women) should be very angry at Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic lackeys. Like alien invaders, they abducted our women, brainwashing them to become lesbian and frigid. This vicious satanic attack on society by our traitorous "leaders" has been marketed as "women's rights." Feminism is elite social engineering masquerading as grassroots social change.

    The Power of Sexual Surrender, a 1958 book by female psychiatrist Marie Robinson MD, states that femininity is based on female sacrifice (altruism) and trust in a man. This is the wellspring of love, repaid by husband and children.

    Feminism, which is Communist in origin, destroyed this trust and outfitted women with a psychological penis. Instead of devoted wives and mothers, many women have become angry, frigid man-haters. This indoctrination continues in the mass media today. (Book review below is revised from 2009)

    QUOTE: Once the feminist "log jam" is removed, a woman's natural instincts will flow and health will be restored. Essentially this involves "allowing herself to trust her husband in a very deep sense. It means that she finally realizes that she no longer has to fear or oppose his strength, but that she can rely on it to protect her, to give her the secure climate necessary for the full flowering of her femininity." by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    the power of sexual surrender Marie N. Robinson MD, a Cornell educated psychiatrist devoted her New York City practice to the treatment of frigidity. Her book, The Power of Sexual Surrender (1958) is a revealing study of the feminine psyche. It is out-of-print. Why? It is politically incorrect. Marie Robinson has disappeared down the memory hole. There is no information about her on the Internet, no Wikipedia entry. Why? Welcome to the NWO.

    Dr. Robinson says that millions of American women suffer from frigidity. Frigid women universally adopt the feminist view that a career as a wife and mother is demeaning and men exploit woman. This creates an "emotional logjam" which obstructs sexual response and psychological development. Dr. Robinson writes that a woman's identity lies in an "essential feminine altruism."

    Her self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender.


    Robinson says men and women are different by nature. Men are designed for mastery of the external (physical) world, and women for mastery of the internal (spiritual) world and the home. These are not social stereotypes, as feminists argue. "Women are designed for duties different from those of the marketplace, another kind of stress entirely," writes Robinson. They "tend to lose their essential womanliness if they stay [in the marketplace] by choice."

    According to Robinson, modern women think they are no longer needed as women. Before the industrial revolution, the home was the centre of all life and a woman was its heart. She nursed and trained the children, prepared clothing and food, and helped with farm tasks. The industrial revolution seemed to make women obsolete. Children were not needed and were even considered a liability. Everything could be bought in stores. The home was empty. Children went to school, husbands to work.

    Woman's response was to turn against her own femininity. Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a feminist manifesto Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) that proclaimed women were identical to men, and promoted maleness in women.

    david rockerfeller (David Rockefeller Jr.)

    According to Robinson, "the feminist credo thoroughly discredited feminine needs and characteristics and substituted male goals for female goals." The other response to the industrial revolution was not feminist, but "Victorian." Robinson says Victorian women took "revenge" on men by denying women had any sexual feelings. They "were amazingly successful in convincing men and even scientists that frigidity was indeed a basic attribute of the female."

    These factors laid the foundations for modern female neurosis. "The depreciation of the goals of femininity, biological and psychological, became part and parcel of the education of millions of American girls. Homemaking, childbearing and rearing, cooking, the virtues of patience, lovingness, giving ness in marriage, have been systematically devalued. The life of male achievement has been substituted for the life of female achievement."


    The feminist-Victorian antagonism to men was handed down from mother to daughter so that "to millions of women, hostility towards the opposite sex seems almost a natural law. Although many a modern women may pay lip service to the ideal of a passionate and productive marriage to a man, underneath she deeply resents her role, conceives of the male as fundamentally hostile to her, as an exploiter of her. She wishes in her deepest heart, and often without the slightest awareness of the fact, to supplant him, to exchange roles with him." (emphasis mine 56)

    jacob rothschild (Jacob Rothschild)

    Robinson says that if feminism had brought women happiness, the game might have been worth it.

    "But it hasn't been. The game has brought frigidity and restlessness and a soaring divorce rate, neurosis, homosexuality, juvenile delinquency all that results when a woman in any society deserts her true function." Dr. Robinson writes that once the emotional "log jam" is removed, a woman's natural instincts will flow and health will be restored. Essentially this involves "allowing herself to trust her husband in a very deep sense.

    It means that she finally realizes that she no longer has to fear or oppose his strength, but that she can rely on it to protect her, to give her the secure climate necessary for the full flowering of her femininity." For a profound vaginal orgasm, Robinson writes, "the excitement comes from the act of surrender. There is a tremendous surging physical ecstasy in the yielding itself, in the feeling of being the passive instrument of another person..." On the other hand, the woman who mistrusts her husband's love and, as a consequence, her own femininity has a "difficult, painful, frenetic" approach to life. She is at war with herself. In bed, she has to feel "in control all the time."

    zbigniew brzezinski (Z Brzezinski)

    Robinson regards the clitoris as a masculine vestige. She implies that a woman may still be frigid even if she is sexually active and mechanically adroit. Feminine sexuality depends on "absolute trust" in a man, which allows a woman to fully receive and fully respond. Dr. Robinson says there is nothing in life more important than love. She believes marriage is the key to human development. The power of love is felt in the world through this relationship.

    "Love means, in its very deepest sense union; union between individuals...It is the most basic and profound urge we have and its power for good is illimitable... the lover partner becomes as important as oneself...This fact is why real love never leads to domination or to a struggle for power..." No one is questioning the right of a woman to have a career. The issue is the social engineering that changes female nature and priorities.

    betty friedan (Betty Friedan)


    The significance of The Power of Sexual Surrender cannot be overstated.

    By coercing women to abandon their femininity and usurp the male role, feminism throws a spanner in the natural heterosexual mechanism of humanity. This is reflected in the decline of marriage and the birth rate, and the rise of divorce. Millions of women are condemned to loneliness and frustration. Similarly, men are deprived of the role of protector and provider essential to their development and fulfillment.

    The triumph of such a wrongheaded ideology, and the suppression of the truth, signifies that control in the world has passed to a malignant force. A satanic cult, the Illuminati,(Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) fosters feminism as part of a long-term agenda to dislodge Western civilization from its religious and cultural moorings, and create a world police state in its place.

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    feminist madness There are many men paying an enormous price when golddiggers , aided and abeted by crooked judges and lawyers, have used that CON to drain a man of his assets, home and children. Those men are now awakening younger men to this CON before anymore are caught out by the zionist / freemason / feminist agenda that uses OUR courts and THEIR self-enriching laws to bleed men dry. BUT NOT FOR MUCH F***ING LONGER AS THEIR WICKED SCAMS ARE NOW PLASTERED RIGHT ACROSS THE INTERNET FOR EVERY MAN TO BE ALERTED TO.

    "I fear that men are beginning to suspect that we women conned them through the centuries. I fear they are asking themselves -- to women's terrible hurt -- why they should support an able-bodied woman who can earn a good living too, and why should they be responsible for providing a home for women."

    "Feminism is the Real Enslavement of Women"

    Of course, nature's "great con" is designed to allow women to bear and raise children.
    By Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985)

    (Abridged from Caldwell's prescient 1970 classic "Women's Lib: They're Spoiling Eve's Great Con Game." Re-edited from April 19, 2010)

    The left, alas, is now running yet another "Liberation Movement," this one championing females who believe that the male sex has somehow done the ladies wrong. The members of this Front say they want all the spoils the boys appear to be getting out of life. They're quite mad, of course. What these "girls" are about to do is ruin the biggest Con Game, and the most ancient, which one section of humanity has ever imposed on another, since Eve invented it.

    I'm just jealous, myself, having been deprived by circumstances from getting into that Big Con Game...alas, alas, alas. But I've stood on the sidelines and seethed with envy, and now I hope - I say with a grin over clenched teeth - that the Liberation "girls" will get exactly what they want. It's all they deserve. As for myself, I am ... plenty happy that my two beautiful daughters are in on the Game and enjoying every minute of it, and wouldn't even dream of Female Liberation. I brought them up to appreciate their blessings -- and to shut their mouths around their husbands, for fear the boys would catch on and demand liberation for themselves, which is exactly the calamity these rampant females in the "Liberation Movement" are going to precipitate. God help the contented women who will be their victims!


    At eighteen, I fell desperately in love with a true man, a man of strength and masculine vitality and courage. He was attracted to me, too. But then one night he said to me, "Janet, you aren't the gentle little woman my mother was. My father worshiped her, and no wonder. You are too strong, yourself, and too independent for me. There'd be conflict in the house. You wouldn't be satisfied just to be taken care of; you'd want to do something on your own, and be a 'partner' to me.

    It's just no use." I was struck dumb at this horrifying statement. I wasn't very articulate then. He gently picked up my hands and shook his head at the old callouses, and as gently put them down. I wanted to cry out to him, " But I want to be like your mother! I want you to take care of me and deliver me from my hateful daily job! I want you to cherish me! I want only to be your wife and have your children and keep your house! I don't want a career or anything else. I just want you."

    But I couldn't say it. I had no words. My rearing silenced me. And so I never saw him again. But I saw the creeps, all right! They hung on me like leeches. Charity prevents me from elaborating on the matter. After all, a girl has to marry someone, doesn't she, when her yearning for love and protection overcomes her. And, believe me, unless she is a dyke or a Liberated Commie, that yearning is natural and heart-breaking...


    I fear that men are beginning to suspect that we women conned them through the centuries. I fear they are asking themselves -- to women's terrible hurt -- why they should support an able-bodied woman who can earn a good living too, and why should they be responsible for providing a home for women. Why can't women be architects and bricklayers and plumbers and stone-masons and lawyers and doctors and business women too, and pile up a fat bank account to be inherited by husbands?

    Why should a man give his ex-wife alimony and child-support checks, when she is just as capable, if not more so, of rolling up her sleeves and getting on the 8:00 bus of a morning for an arduous day in the factory or the office? After all, men whisper among themselves -- I have heard -- that women in Russia are treated exactly as men, and are farm-laborers plowing and seeding and harvesting, and they manhandle big machines in factories, empty garbage and shovel snow, learn to be bricklayers and steel-workers as well as doctors and lawyers, serve in the armies, drive trucks, wear felt pants, dig sewers and lay pipes, clean chimneys and work in the forests, and do the heaviest of manual labor.

    Men, in short, are licking their lips and, for the first itme in history, are readying themselves to be exploiters in their turn -- to be the soft gentle creature in the house, the soother of exhaustion, the serene person who has nothing to worry about in his pleasant life. Mom's out there, plugging and "fulfilling" herself, and why should Pop worry? He's had it coming to him since Eve. It is a woman's nature to make a sanctuary of love and delight in her home. That is the true "career" for women. Alas, alas, that so many multitudes of women are now forced -- or choose -- to abandon that career, and to become imitation men in society. The true men won't marry them. The creeps will throng about them. They will reap the bitterness I have had to reap -- though I never wanted a career, never wanted to be "stalwart." I just wanted to be a woman.


    You really can't change human nature, and the instincts of that nature, for good or evil. I know a prosperous young man in New York, in his early thirties, who has a "pad" in a penthouse, and is up-to-date on everything, including Ladies' Liberation. He highly approves of it. It is time, he told me, that women "stopped being parasites" and worked to the day they dropped dead or retired, as men do, and not expect a man "to support them." He is very enthusiastic, too, about women's "sexual liberation," and always manages to get a girl who, the dupe and dope, heartily agrees with him. "After all," says the young man, "women get as much fun out of it as men do, so why should a man feel obligated to marry them, or give them more than a drink and a dinner in exchange? I'm all for this new freedom for the girls."

    He belongs to the Key Club. You know the kind I mean. When I was in New York recently he invited me to meet his "newest girl" at the Club. The "girl" happened to be a member of an advertising agency, a smart, pretty cookie with swinging hair and bright cheeks and eyes, and good manners and an engaging way with her. Only her eyes were vulnerable, and soft and tender as she gazed at my young masculine friend. The lovelight shone in those eyes, deep and passionate and devoted. I thought those two hit it off wonderfully well, and I thought, too what a wonderful marriage they would make and what handsome and intelligent children they would have. After all, the girl came of a good family, had a master's degree in publications and advertising, and money of her own. And I could palianly see that marriage was fixed in her own ardent wishes and hopes.

    When she went to the "powder room" I said to my sophisticated, progressive, and with-it young pal: "Are you going to marry Sally soon?" He looked absolutely shocked! Suddenly the primitive man was there and not a "modern" man in a dinner jacket and black tie, in a Key Club with bunnies running around and the smell of winey cooking in the air. He was aghast. He said "Excuse me, but you can't be serious, can you? Sally's all right. But, after all, she is a modern girl -- she likes a romp as well as I do. No inhibition." He paused. Then he said, "Playmates for play-time. But only maidens for marriage!" And he laughed.

    When I still stared at him cynically, he got a little mad. "Let's face it," he said. "The liberated girls have made their own public bed, and they can lie in it, and we men love it. but if they think we are going to marry them, they're due for an awakening. No man wants a woman who's been out on the town with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. When we marry, we don't want a 'modern' woman." He laughed again. "Oh, we encourage the women to be 'liberated'! It's cheap for us, and we get all the free sex we want before we settle down with a decent girl." Sally came back, glowing at the boyfriend, her heart in her eyes. No one ever told Sally that she was being used, that her womanhood had been cheapened and degraded by her sister-women in the name of "liberation."

    Sure, Sally had her "identity," as they wickedly call it, and her "freedom," and she was being fulfilled all right, all right! She had her good job and her independence and her nice little apartment...and she was twenty-seven years old and she would soon be middle-aged, and all she could marry then (and even now) would be some "Liberal" creep eager to live on her salary and permit her to support him. The young man now opposite her, with his urbane manner and excellent income and ambitions, would never marry Sally. He would marry some sweet, untouched creature who would not "stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the battle for life," but who would make him a pleasant little wife of whose decency he would be proud, and who had never heard the phrase, "women's liberation." Well, I suppose, it serves Sally right and all her deluded and pathetic sisters who sprint off to work every morning and take care of themselves and are as "free as men." But deep in their deprived hearts they know how tragic they are.


    Girls, the men are catching on -- through your sister-women who have been "liberated -- that they have been victims for ages of the Big Con Game, and the first thing you know they will be demanding Civil Rights and Equality for themselves, too! It's up to you, in behalf of future generations, to lull them back and to again become superior. Who wants Equality with men? No woman in her right mind. Remember this: The strongest sign of the decay of a nation is the feminization of men and the masculinization of women. It is notable that in Communist nations women are exhorted, and compelled, to do what has traditionally been men's work. American women, some of them, feel triumphant that they have broken down the "barricades" between the work of the sexes.

    I hope they will still feel triumphant when some commissar forces a shovel or an axe into their soft hands and compels them to pound and cut forests and dig ditches. I hope they will be "happy" when a husband deserts them and they must support their children and themselves alone. (After all, if a woman must be "free" she shouldn't object to men being free too, should she?") I hope they will feel "fulfilled" when they are given no more courtesies due to their sex, and no kindnesses, but are kicked aside on the subways and buses by men, and jostled out of the way by men on busy sidewalks and in elevators. I hope that no man will extend mercy to them because of obvious pregnancies, but will rudely tell them that that is no excuse to shirt a day's heavy labor, and they should be like Russian women. I hope they will be proud when some court demands that they support "delicate" husbands for a lifetime, and pay alimony. I hope, when they look in their mirrors, that they will be pleased to see exhausted and embittered faces, and that they will be consoled by their paychecks.

    The decay and the ruin of a nation has always lain in the hands of its women. So does its life and strength, its reverence for beauty, its mercy and kindness. And, above all, its men.

    Taylor Caldwell was born in England and emigrated with her parents when she was a child in 1907. She was an outspoken conservative and wrote for many publications until her death in 1985. The preceding article was reprinted from the 1970 issue of American Opinion.

    Makow: Women are walking on thin ice: The Illuminati bankers are subverting society by destroying women. Gullible women are falling for the Feminist ruse. Young women are buying the lie that their self-worth resides in their sex appeal, and are giving their bodies to strangers. This destroys them by destroying their self-esteem.

    They have sold out to the Illuminati. Having become biologically redundant, eventually they will be redundant to the Illuminati as well.

    A very rare occasion when the compliant media publish our comments

    Domestic violence: Can a perpertrator change?

    Having looked at the very VAGUE annual report for Respect there is no mention of how much is being paid to its members in salaries from donations?

    2010 - 2011 OTHER = £216,000

    Like homelessness domestic violence is another nice little niche for some to get large salaries on the back of highly exaggerated statistics. Also like homelessness if everyone had a roof over there head there would be no need for the high salaried executives of so called homeless charities especially in London. We as a group have investigated those so called agencies

    Domestic violence allows freemasons running the courts and cops to steal mens lives with impunity the biggest global theft that is BRUSHED UNDER THE CARPET and under the guise of domestic violence . As the old saying goes 'SHOUT at your SPOUSE lose your house'.

    Domestic violence has a direct correlation to homelessness as there are thousands of men wandering the streets in SHOCK after being removed from their property on the back of alleged, NOT PROVEN, domestic violence. Crooked lawyers make a fortune in legal aid from pushing the domestic violence card in closed courts .

    Policemen's wives , even when they suffer from abuse in their marriage, get the same treatment as men do as cops tend to have freemasonic help from the judicial mafia.

  • Respect annual report

    This was the scene captured by office workers in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, who couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the girl being left outside a branch of the bookmakers Ladbokes for several minutes. The woman she was with, believed to be her mother, appeared to feed the little girl's baby reins under the door before slipping into the shop. The child then appears to struggle to release herself and walk away.

    Scuffles erupted in Paris on Sunday as a small group of Femen activists tried to disrupt a protest by Catholics against the president's plan to legalize marriage and adoption for same sex couples. What began as a peaceful protest quickly degenerated into violence when some radical members of the Catholic Civitas organization chased the Femen activists off and violently pushed some on the floor, witnesses and journalists on the scene reported. Security stewards opened tear gas canisters to break off the fighting.

    A day earlier, throughout France, more than 100,000 demonstrators protested against the president's plan. Femen, a Ukrainian protest group, has gained prominence for staging topless protests against all kinds of political and social problems - from the shortage of hot water to women's rights in the Muslim world to domestic pension reforms.

    A controversial new book argues that women are outperforming men at home, school and work. Is this the end of men?
    billion rising

    It is always women who think they can protect children against all us bad men when if TRUTH be told more children are at risk from crazy mothers and we have documented thousands of murdering mothers on this website.

    "Feminism is the worst thing to happen to women", says Suzanne Venker in her best-selling book "The Flipside of Feminism".


    1) Feminism did not liberate women. It has actually harmed women by placing them in a prison of negative thinking and promoted dead-end promiscuity.

    2) Studies show that women today are LESS happy under modern Feminist assumptions and cultural practices.

    3) Women today do not owe feminists for everything. Feminism did NOT give women the right to vote or go to college. Those rights existed BEFORE the "Second Wave Feminism" of the 60's.

    4) The Women's Suffrage Movement was NOT a "feminist" movement: the "Suffragettes" were actually Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Conservative women. (Today's Feminists would reject them, ironically.)

    5) Feminism has robbed women of placing family and marriage at the center of their lives, as the most meaningful part of their existence. Instead, it shames women into believing that career materialism should be placed at the center.

    6) Women should ignore the institutionalized, Feminist cultural prescriptions that demean motherhood and marriage. They should sequence their lives in a way that place family as the most central, meaningful experience of their lives.

    7) Feminism is a finished movement in America.

  • The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know

    The SISTERS never see fault in their SISTERS only in all those bad men out there. Psychopathic tendencies of the men haters who distort their own bigotry.
    feminist madness Sinister would be the only term used to describe this crazy sexist nonsense. Freemasons within the British police force have a LONG history of using domestic abuse allegations to aid and abet the removal of men from their properties and assets in conjunction with crooked judges, lawyers and bailiff's acting for a criminal Crown. Now they want to use dodgy records kept by a murderous cop machine to implicate men in very dodgy legal moves that won't include the same rights for men. Will we get the same right to ask if a cop has a history of violence when they come to beat us up?

    Women will get right to ask for new boyfriends' police files under controversial Claire's Law initiative

    Women will from tomorrow have the right to ask police whether a new boyfriend has a history of domestic violence. Under a controversial initiative dubbed ‘Clare’s Law’, police and other agencies will be able to carry out checks and warn women if they are at risk. Home Secretary Theresa May will announce she is launching trials in selected areas before rolling it out nationally.

    The scheme, first disclosed in The Mail on Sunday a year ago, follows fears that internet dating has left many women in the dark about their partners’ backgrounds. Clare’s Law is named after Clare Wood, who was killed by a man she met on Facebook. George Appleton strangled Ms Wood, 36, in Manchester in 2009 and set her body on fire before he hanged himself. Ms Wood’s family later discovered that Appleton had convictions for violence against women, including the knifepoint kidnapping of one of his ex-girlfriends. Ms Wood’s father Michael Brown has been championing the Clare’s Law campaign.

    Mrs May said: ‘Domestic violence is a dreadful crime which sees two women a week die at the hands of their partners, and millions more suffer years of abuse in their own homes. That is why we are constantly looking at new ways of protecting victims.’ But critics, including domestic violence charity Refuge, say the initiative would waste police resources. Others say it could result in malicious claims being made against innocent people. Under the scheme, both women and men will be able to ask police whether a new or existing partner with whom they have an ‘intimate’ relationship has a violent past.

    Applications can also be made by friends, relatives or neighbours who have reasonable concerns about an acquaintance’s partner. Police sources said people who made malicious claims would be weeded out during detailed telephone and face-to-face interviews. If police decide that a person may be at risk, they will meet other agencies to discuss how to disclose the information and ensure that person is safe.

    Officers could also take the initiative to warn someone that he or she is at risk if they are given information from a third party such as a doctor. Sources stress that information will be released only after officers are fully satisfied that the concerns are genuine. In 2010, 94 women and 21 men were murdered by a partner, ex-partner or lover.

    The first trials will be launched tomorrow in Wiltshire and Gwent, followed by those in Manchester and Nottingham in September. Frontline staff in police forces where the trials are taking place have been given basic training, while specialist officers have undergone more in-depth sessions. Conservative MP Robert Buckland, who initially had misgivings that the system would be abused by people fishing for confidential details, said he was now satisfied that it included safeguards to control the disclosure of information.

    But Mr Buckland also called for the scheme to be assessed properly before it was launched nationally. Gwent Chief Constable Carmel Napier, who is responsible for domestic violence issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: ‘The scheme is intended to empower people to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their children when getting involved with a new partner.’