Mother, 28, jailed for leaving daughter, six, home alone for FIVE DAYS... with Monster Munch and a flat screen TV

A six-year-old girl was left home alone in a freezing flat for five days with nothing to eat but Monster Munch, yoghurt and drinking water a court has heard. The girl's mother, Natalie Terry, 28, was jailed today following the child cruelty case that heard the girl eventually knocked on the door of a neighbour's house in Dartord, Kent. Shaking and sobbing hysterically, she told them 'mum has left me five days and has not come back'.

When she was arrested at the sparsely furnished flat that was extremely cold and had no carpets, Terry said to police 'I neglected my daughter. End of'. There were cat's faeces on the floor and the kitchen was dirty with little food. The only luxury was a flat screen TV. Terry's neighbours contacted police after the girl turned up on their doorstep. When Terry finally returned, she asked where her daughter was after being told she was with police she said: 'I will not get her back.'

Prosecutor Peter Forbes told Maidstone Crown Court that Terry had said to police that she had been working nights at a shop in Woolwich and had tried to get home before the girl woke up. 'I am doing everything I can to earn money and keep my job', she said. However, it has not been made clear where Terry actually was during the five-day ordeal.

The girl told police that she had got dressed for school and waited for her mother to return. However, when she did not come back, she took off her uniform and watched TV instead. Throughout her five-day ordeal in November 2010, all she had to eat were Monster Munch crisps and yoghurt. Mr Forbes told the court: 'She said when she realised she was on her own, it made her feel sad.' But he added: 'There is no suggestion she was locked in.'

Terry pleaded guilty to child cruelty and admitted that she had left her daughter alone on previous occasions. The child is now being looked after by her grandparents and has been seeing her mother under supervised contact. The court heard that the schoolgirl could feel blame for her mother's 18-month prison sentence, but Judge Martin Joy said it was deeply troubling that the girl was taking responsibility for her mother's actions.

As he rejected calls for the mother to be spared jail, Judge Joy said there must have been have been an element of danger to the child in abandoning her for so long. 'She was living in utterly insanitary conditions. She was in fear and distress. That was for a considerable time in November.' Trevor Wright, defending, said: 'It is difficult for me to convey to the court the depth of her emotional regret,' he said.

Mr Wright said Terry spent eight months in a refuge after suffering from domestic violence. When she moved into the flat she had nothing. She had a crushing problem with money and was in arrears with her rent. 'She became so overwhelmed with this problem she found it difficult to provide even the essentials,' said Mr Wright. 'She just withdrew and shut down. She couldn't explain it. 'After the girl was taken into care, the mother's shock and grief must have been beyond comprehension', said Mr Wright.

    gemma barker Court hears of amazing double life of girl, 19, who disguised herself as a boy so she could date GIRLS

    Gemma Barker had sexual encounters with two friends posing as three separate boys
    Victims and their families were fooled even though they knew the real Gemma
    She faces jail after admitting sexual assault
    Identity was only discovered after removing her clothes in police cells
    Teenager wore baggy clothes and spoke like a boy to change her identity
    Scheme involved 'deception of everyone around her'

    With her crushes on boy bands, love of TV soaps and dreams of becoming an actress, Gemma Barker seemed like any normal teenager. But behind the innocent aspirations and her shy smile, the 19-year-old led a double life that saw her pose as a boy in order to date two younger girlfriends to whom she was sexually attracted. In an extraordinary deception, she created false alter egos so she could have sexual encounters with her 15 and 16-year-old victims.

    She had three fake identities - Aaron Lampard, Connor McCormack and Luke Jones. She tricked her victims by talking like a boy and wore boys’ baggy clothes, hats and hooded tops to disguise her figure. She set up Facebook profiles for each ‘boy’ and gave each an individual dress sense and personality.

    'Manipulative' Barker incredibly completely fooled her friends and their families by posing as three different teenage boys. The victims were completely taken in and kissed and cuddled with her – despite both having gone to the same school as Barker. Eventually they became suspicious that their ‘boyfriends’ were the same person.

    One took off Connor’s hat as ‘he’ slept in her bedroom and realised it was her friend’s supposed boyfriend Aaron. It was only when - in the guise of one of her fake identities Aaron Lampard - she was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and her clothes were removed in the cells that police discovered her true identity. Barker's two victims were completely taken in and had sexual encounters with the person they variously believed was Lampard, Connor McCormack or Luke Jones.

    Barker, from Staines, Middlesex, now faces jail after admitting two counts of sexual assault and one of fraud by tricking the girls into relationships. Prosecutors at Guildford Crown Court told how she reinforced her deception by setting up Facebook profiles for her different personas and even had individual dress styles for them. She wore different hats, hoodies and other baggy clothing to mask her identity, walking and talking like a boy.

    Judge Peter Moss told Barker he could not be sure whether she was 'bad and dangerous to know or mad and dangerous to know'. Barker's disguise was so convincing that when one of the victims removed a sleeping 'Connor’s' hat following a petting session, she was shocked to discover it was her best friend’s boyfriend 'Aaron' she had been kissing. Even at that point she did not realise the boy was actually a female friend.

    When the net was closing in, Barker deliberately fractured her jaw and tried to blame her 'Luke Jones' alter-ego for attacking her and forcing her to pose as 'Aaron'. She even tried to claim compensation for her injuries. Prosecutor Ruby Selva told the court: 'The defendant was 19 years old when she befriended her victims, who were 16 and 15 years old.

    'Having befriended them she disguised herself as various 16-year-old boys for the sole purpose of having sexual relationships with them. 'Neither had any idea it was Miss Barker - their friend. 'If either of them had known of the deceit, that the boy they were having a relationship with was Miss Barker, they would not have consented to the acts.'

    Barker struck up an online relationship with the older victim by inventing the fictitious character 'Aaron Lampard', and the pair became a 'couple'. The girl met 'Aaron' in various parks and even took him home to her family, Ms Selva said. The prosecutor said the 16-year-old's parents were taken in by the disguise, even though they had met Gemma Barker.

    Ms Selva added: 'They (her parents) described never really seeing "Aaron Lampard’s" face because of the hat being pulled down so low or him averting his eyes from them.' Barker engaged in 'kissing, cuddling and groping' with the girl as Lampard before creating another boy persona and befriending a second victim. It was through 'Lampard' that the 16-year-old's younger friend met 'Connor McCormack'.

    'Connor' had slightly different clothing but still concealed 'himself' with a hoodie and baggy clothes when with the girl. The younger victim began a relationship with 'McCormack', despite having met both 'Lampard' and the real Barker. In May 2010 the bizarre story took a further twist when the second girl removed 'McCormack's' hat and saw who she thought was 'Lampard'.

    Ms Selva added: 'As far as the second girl is concerned a third character - ‘Luke Jones’ - was introduced, again via ‘Aaron Lampard’ and ‘Connor McCormack'. 'She described on one occasion kissing him. She described similar clothing, a hat and a hoodie being up.'

    After the alleged infidelity, the girls became suspicious and contacted police. 'Lampard' was arrested in June 2010 but it was only when he was searched that Barker's identity was revealed. Barker described herself as an 'actress' on her Twitter feed.

    The cross-dresser said of herself: 'I love life and live to make people laugh. I try to be a best i can. Im an actress, loving my job. Never say Never !!!' One Direction fan Barker repeatedly bombards the five members of the X-Factor band, which includes Harry Styles and Zane Malik, with tweets. One message to Niall Horan read: 'Please make my night and follow me xxx'

    Another to Zayn Malik said: 'Miss you at the airport cos i'm ill :( promise ill see you next time xxx'. Gemma also regularly tweeted the X Factor contestants during the ITV show and also posts about hanging around at Shepperton Studios. Judge Moss said her case involved 'fairly lengthy and convoluted deception' of everybody around Barker. He told her: 'What concerns me is, however unusual it is, it has got a very mean, manipulative streak to it.' Barker was bailed until sentencing on March 2.


    Last January Samantha Brooks was charged with obtaining sexual contact by fraud after being accused of posing as a man called Lee Brooks in order to have sexual contact with two women, one in Perthshire, the other in London, between 2001 and 2009. The charge alleges that she pretended to each woman that she suffered from testicular cancer and that they could not therefore handle her penis, in an attempt to induce each to believe that she had a penis. It alleges she tried to hide her breasts from the women by telling one that she had suffered burns on her back and needed to wear bandages around the chest area. She allegedly told the other that she had suffered a stab wound to the torso which meant she had to wear bandages and clingfilm around the chest. Brooks, 26, was accused of placing a condom on an object she purported to be her penis and using it to obtain sexual intimacy with both women, which she knew they would not otherwise consent to. The charges, which Brooks denied, were eventually dropped after a witness refused to co-operate.

    In May last year, Joanna Hayes (above) was jailed for life after disguising herself in a wig and moustache before shooting dead her daughter-in-law in Snellville, Georgia. Hayes, 45, killed Heather Strube, 25, while wearing the disguise and was sentenced to 30 years behind bars.


    The radical feminists at the BBC think it is funny to show women punching men in the face. These are the same bastards that run domestic violence campaigns smearing men as abusers, yet they make Christmas comedies thinking that the promotion of women openly punching men in the face and making men look like wimps is something that is considered funny. The sick radical feminists have turned the BBC into a haven to promote all things feminist while the golddiggers continue to screw men in the courts the BBC provide the propaganda for.
    A young New Yorker we'll call Minerva McGonagall* was tired of dipping into her savings to keep up with her Manhattan lifestyle.

    Her $45k salary was not enough and she needed at least an extra $500 a month and sometimes $1,000 to pay her credit card bills and afford her $1,475 a month apartment in Murray Hill. Then she discovered Match.com– the perfect site for a broke 23-year-old.

    “Before I barely had enough money to pay for food,” said McGonagall. “After using Match.com I found I wasn’t going into debt anymore.” McGonagall started eating out five nights a week using a rotation of different guys she met through the dating site. McGonagall kept things simple—no more than five dates with the same guy. The investment banker types were thrilled to woo her with extraordinary restaurants like the underground taqueria La Esquina and a Japanese restaurant, Megu, in Tribeca. One guy even took her to a champagne bar and purchased a $200 bottle.

    McGonagall went from easily spending $500 a month on dinners alone to having someone else dole out an average of $60-plus per night. She also stopped eating lunch and opted for a light breakfast to save even more. According to our calculations, McGonagall made over $1,200 a month. Match.com does require a $50 monthly subscription, but the dates more than made up for the entry price.

    “I mean, a guy buys me three drinks at $15 a pop and that right there made up for my Match fee,” said McGonagall. McGonagall's roommates played the money-saving game as well. In fact, McGonagall first learned about online dating after watching one of her roommates go on extravagant outings every night. Two weeks later, McGonagall and her other roommate joined. “We made ground rules,” said McGonagall.

    One of them called for making spreadsheets about each guy who took them out for their drinks and/or meals. It included names, photos and details from their Match.com accounts. The girls also let each other know where they were going for the night. And they never let guys pick them up at their apartment and instead met up at a public location. After awhile at their escapades, they soon learned how prevalent the online dating scene had become in New York City. McGonagall commonly ran into people she recognized from the site, and discovered that others using Match.com averaged at least ten dates before meeting her.

    It’s no surprise considering New York City ranks as the number one online dating city, according to a survey of singles by SNAP Interactive, a social media site. But as popular as online dating had become, and as much of a great saving tactic it was, McGonagall eventually tired of the scene. “It was exhausting," she said. "I needed my sleep and I was done playing the game." McGonagall seems to have retired for good—she currently has a boyfriend.



  • Freemason councillors and Chris Green behind DV campaigns that plunder mens assets
  • Chris Green a little piece of freemason shit supporting radical feminist man hating campaigns (VIDEO)

    Tom Martin began studying an MSc in 'Gender, Media and Culture' at The London School of Economics in the 2009/10 term, but withdrew six weeks into the course, filing a £50,000 damages claim against the elite university, for 'sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act.'

    Tom is representing himself in the legal process, and asks you to go to http://sexismbusters.org/ to read all about the case, and to donate towards the fighting fund. For an in depth interview with Tom on AVFM, (starting 36:30 into show) listen HERE

    References: Women 4 times more sexist than men: HERE - unfortunately, the researchers have hidden their findings within the above paper - so reading the extract is not enough, but it is well worth the $11 to download, or you could read it free, by going to HERE and find the listing: Rudman, L. A., & Goodwin, S. A. (2004). Gender differences in automatic in-group bias: Why do women like women more than men like men? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 87, 494-509.

    Clicking the link labeled "Request Paper" at the end of that entry will bring up a window that will email a PDF of the paper to whatever email address you enter. No pay gap for under 30s, and part-time women out-earning part time men: HERE

    Per unit of effort, women earn more than men per hour overall: Go to HERE and download video clip entitled 'Neil Cuvuto show, August 21th, 2008'. Roy Den Hollander says women earn 3% more than men for all work-related hours - and here's how he got that number: 'Females earn more per unit of time at work than males. The average man spends 44% more time working or doing work related activities than the average female. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Time Use Survey 2007, Table A-1. So for every hour a guy works, a girl works 42 minutes, but the average female makes 77% that of the average man. If the two were paid equally per unit of time actually worked, then the pay for the average female would be 69.5% that of the average man—not 77%--so girls are overpaid.

    You'll have to update the figures because I believe now the Dept of Labor stats are girls making 80% that of a guy and the Dept of Labor has a more current Time Use Survey.' As for women more likely to use weapons, poison, element of surprise, or an accomplice: HERE As for women initiating 70% of DV and being 70% of lone abusers: HERE - Martin S. Feibert's enormous annotated bibliography is in the lowbar of that video.

    Indian domestic violence allegations (98% false) video: HERE For exclusive link to LSE's newspaper article on Tom's lawsuit: HERE

    Hyperlinks to all A to Z references in the video appear at HERE - some hyperlinks currently not working - being fixed soon) Tom can be contacted at sexismbusters@hotmail.com

    Schoolteacher plied FOUR teenage boys with alcohol so she could have sex with them

    A former childcare worker who had sex with four boys in a drunken orgy has been given a suspended prison sentence. Drug addict Laura O'Donnell, 20, had sex with her victims - aged between 12 and 15 - on three separate occasions between February and June last year at her home in Ballarat, south-western Australia. She also spent time at the home of one of the boys after buying them all alcohol. On the first two occasion she had sex with one child but on the third, all four boys were involved.

    But the sordid sex parties ended after one of the victims told his father about the incidents, and O'Donnell was arrested in November. At Victoria County Court, O'Donnell pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16. But Judge Sue Pullen suspended the sex offender's two-year, five-month jail sentence after taking into account her 'dysfunctional' background.

    According to Victoria's The Age news website, Judge Pullen told O'Donnell that her crimes were 'very serious and disturbing'. But a consultant psychologist had earlier testified that O'Donnell sought out attention because she had low self-esteem. She had also used drugs from the age of 14, had below-average intelligence and had suffered from narcissistic and dysfunctional parenting and severe depression. O'Donnell was also given an 18-month community-based order - despite breaching an earlier order for armed robbery.

    Judge Pullen said O'Donnell would be a registered sex offender for life and would need to stop drug and alcohol use to avoid being a risk of reoffending. The sentence was condemned by Australia's Crime Victims Support Association. 'If it was a man on those charges it would have been a different story,' CVSA president Noel McNamara said.

    stockholm court STOCKHOLM — A Swedish court on Tuesday convicted 23 women and one man of child pornography offenses in what investigators called a unique case because of the number of female perpetrators. The Falu District Court gave the women, aged between 38 and 70, conditional sentences and fines ranging from 2,500 to 18,000 Swedish kronor ($380 to $2,700). It also sentenced a 43-year-old man to one year in prison for aggravated child pornography. The court said the women received scores of sexually explicit video clips and photographs of children from the man and discussed them online with him. Some said they liked the images or shared sexual fantasies about the children, and one woman sent pornographic images of children to the man, the court said. The material showed girls and boys of various ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

    The man made contact with the women on the Internet and had sexual relations with about half of them, but they had no connection to each other, the court said. Some 1,181 pictures and 40 films with child pornography were found in the man's computer, including brutal images of shackled children being raped by adults. Swedish police said reactions they have received from Interpol indicate this is the first child pornography case worldwide to involve so many women.

    The court noted that the man appeared to be seeking out women that had been "struck by tragedies within the family, or had been generally mentally worn out." "Even though they (the women) ... obviously must take full responsibility for their actions, nothing else can be said than that he has abused their weak psychological state and longing for human contact. This has been systematical," the court said. It added that the majority of the women would probably not have looked at child pornography had they not been introduced to it by the man. The man confessed to committing a child pornography offense of the lower degree but denied aggravated crime. A 39-year-old woman denied any involvement, claiming someone else must have used her computer, while five of the women confessed. The others admitted they had received the files, but denied criminal guilt, saying they weren't aware of what kind of files they had received or had suffered memory loss. In Sweden, defendants in such cases are not named by the nation's media.

    Lawyer Staffan Uvabeck, who represents the 39-year-old woman, says he assumes his client wants to appeal. "She has denied that she used her computer for this," he said. "Since this happened a very long time ago, five years ago, we believe there is room for other interpretations of what has happened." Lawyers of other defendants didn't immediately return calls seeking a comment.

    When her husband confronted her about the visitors he was thrown out of the two-bedroom house. A common occurrence for men with women getting away with murder thanks to ridiculous UK laws that protect serial golddiggers and unfaithful wives.

    Euromillions winner Angela Dawes sneaked a string of lovers into her home while her husband was out working, her estranged son claimed yesterday.

    The then taxi driver allegedly waited for former husband John Leeman to go out on night shifts before inviting the men round. The couple’s son Steven, 17, said he was ordered to stay in his room while the visitors spent hours in the family home before leaving in the early hours. One, he claimed, was Dave Dawes, now his mother’s partner of four years with whom she shared last Friday’s £101million jackpot.

    ‘When Dad was away working I would be sent to bed as early as 8pm and told to stay in my room,’ said Steven, who was 12 at the time. ‘I realised it was because she had different men coming into the house and I would hear them in the bedroom or in the living room. A few times I came out to use the bathroom or to get a drink late at night and saw a man in the house. ‘She would ask me what I was doing and tell me to get back to bed.

    ‘Sometimes she even told me to put the volume up on my TV so I couldn’t hear what they were doing.’ Steven said he saw Mr Dawes in the family home three times late at night. Another visitor was a man his mother knew from her work at the time. The teenager, who lives with his father in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, previously complained that his mother, now 43, abandoned him after leaving to be with Mr Dawes, 47.

    The bitter allegations emerged within hours of the couple going public about their lottery win, the third biggest in Britain. Mr Leeman, a lorry driver, said he was thrown out of the family home when he confronted his wife about the alleged affairs. He claimed he came home one night to find his clothes dumped outside in bags. His son added he was told ‘if I didn’t like it I should go’ when he came back from a school trip to France to find his father gone.

    Since then, father and son claim, Miss Dawes – who plans to marry her partner next year but has already changed her surname by deed poll – has ignored her son. Former soldier Mr Leeman, who served in both Gulf Wars, said: ‘I knew something was up as she would wear matching lingerie and dress herself with make-up when she was going out. This went on for about eight or nine months before I was thrown out. ‘Then neighbours started saying they saw different men rushing into the house late at night after hiding in the back seat of her car or even in the boot. ‘It’s not right as a mother to be carrying on like that when your 12-year-old son is sleeping in the next room. It’s unbelievable.’

    The couple and their young son lived in a rundown caravan in a trailer-park on the outskirts of Wisbech for ten years until 2006. They then moved into a modest rented house and it was then, Steven claims, the after-dark visits from men began. Towards the end of the year the couple’s relationship broke down when Mr Leeman confronted her about the visitors and he was thrown out of the two-bedroom house.

    The 44-year-old said his ex-wife also left him £20,000 in debt after she splashed out on designer goods, nights out and furniture for her ‘love nest’ with Mr Dawes, a shift supervisor. ‘It has not been easy raising a son alone and with all those debts,’ he said. Steven, who has said he is not interested in his mother’s fortune, added: ‘When she made me leave she gave me some numbers and an address so I could contact her but they were all false. ‘I was very young and had no way of contacting my mum. I couldn’t understand it. Since then I haven’t heard anything. No Christmas cards or birthday cards. Nothing.’

    Charity shop volunteer Miss Dawes declined to comment last night when contacted through Camelot. A Camelot spokesman reissued a statement she released after the first allegations emerged, which said: ‘I’m saddened by these reports. 'A lot of what has been said since my divorce has been untrue and very hurtful. I’ve always wanted to be in contact with my son, who I love dearly, and very much still want to rebuild our relationship.’

    On Tuesday, Miss Dawes and her partner – who live in a £70-a-week one-bedroom flat in Wisbech – said they had drawn up a list of 15 to 20 friends ‘that we’re going to sort of make millionaires’. They also revealed plans to buy a home in Portugal and a house in Chelsea, within walking distance of Mr Dawes’ beloved team’s Stamford Bridge ground.


    Last night Miss Dawes released a statement saying she was saddened by her ex-husband’s claims and that she loved her son and would like to rebuild their relationship. Miss Dawes said: ‘I’m saddened by these reports - a lot of what has been said since my divorce has been untrue and very hurtful. ‘I’ve always wanted to be in contact with my son, who I love dearly, and very much still want to rebuild our relationship.’

    Victoria Horsley Paedo nurse, 36, 'had sex on the beach with schoolboy 14 during her three-year affair'

    A nurse drove a schoolboy to the seaside in her car and had sex with him on the beach, a disciplinary hearing was told. Victoria Horsley, 36, is said to have had a three-year affair with the 14-year-old, which ended only when his parents found out. The pair were once spotted naked by his friends in her bedroom and on another occasion they were seen without their underwear on a park bench, the hearing was told. They allegedly had sex at least ten times.

    At one stage in their relationship, it is said that the schoolboy feared he had accidentally got the nurse pregnant. Yesterday Horsley was appearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The disciplinary tribunal was told the mother of two – who lives with her partner – had been working as a community district nurse in North Wales since July 2003.

    In 2005 she allegedly began a relationship with the boy, who the tribunal heard may have been as young as 14. The panel was told the schoolboy – who is now thought to be 20 – and his friends would be invited to get into the nurse’s NHS car and she would drive them round. The boy – known during the hearing as Child A – allegedly told a friend: ‘I’m s****ing her.’ The hearing was told that sometimes they would go to a beachfront in Anglesey, where his friends would be forced to wait in the nurse’s car while the pair went off to have sex. Louise Culleton, for the NMC, said: ‘The parents of Child A made allegations to the police that their son, at the time 14 or 15, had been involved in a sexual relationship with Ms Horsley. ‘He and his brother would spend substantial amounts of time at her home and being driven in her car.’

    A police investigation was launched in 2006 and Horsley was questioned about the alleged sexual relations with the boy. She told police the allegations were completely untrue and claimed they were ‘made out of maliciousness’. Horsley, of Benllech, Anglesey, told police: ‘I wish to deny the allegations in their entirety.’ Officers dropped the investigation but in 2007 the nurse was questioned again after the boy said he had sex with her a number of times. Police twice sent papers to the Crown Prosecution Service but lawyers ruled that there was insufficient evidence for a successful prosecution. At the NMC hearing in Cardiff, Detective Constable Alan Carter, a child protection officer with North Wales Police, told Horsley: ‘Child A has told us that you and him have had intercourse ten times. ‘The majority of them – if not all – were you asking him to have sex with you.

    ‘The majority were in beach areas where his friends were left in the car and you wandered off to have sex. One of his friends said he saw you having sex with him.’ After police dropped their inquiries, North West Wales NHS Trust launched its own investigation. The hearing was told ‘various allegations were proven’ and Horsley was sacked. If the case at the NMC’s Conduct and Competence Committee finds against her, Horsley faces being struck off as a nurse. She denies having sex with Child A and keeping in touch with the boy and his younger brother after being warned by health chiefs to break contact. She also denies allowing two teenagers to drive her NHS car when they were under 17 but she admits allowing another boy to drive it. The hearing continues.

    helen reece by Joshua Banks

    The Daily Telegraph ran a piece on Helen Reece, a respected academic at the LSE who gave advice to Teresa May, a UK government Minister who readers of IMO may well have heard of.

    Incredibly this Helen Reece states that sex offenders including convicted paedophiles should be able to work with and adopt children(!) if you don't believe me, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, the piece is HERE I will examine Helen Reece's Points from the incredible telegraph article: I think Reece is a danger to vulnerable children everywhere and hope to discredit her. I do not think such an awful woman should be giving advice to anyone let alone a democratically elected government minister who the tax payer funds. The text in bold is from the Telegraph article:

    1. Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, To read this literally you would think that paedophiles leave prison and never offend. The fact is that they are simply not getting CAUGHT. My personal belief is that paedophiles learn that they were too careless and are more sly in their molestation. Reece does not address the fact that more covert offending is obviously part of the reason that reoffending rates "were not high amongst sex criminals" Reeces next point is probably even more ridiculous:

    2. "despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low." Despite being grammatically incorrect (it should read "the number of child murders") Referring to the number of child murders as "very low" is ridiculous and insulting. Surely isn't one murdered child enough? Mrs Reece who has a Msc in Logic and Scientific Method would probably argue that they are "low compared to other crimes". I would in turn say that this is ridiculous: Child murder is a crime which cannot be compared to others and is one of the most dispicable things a human being can do. To refer to the number of child murders as "very low" is appalling.

    3. "There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them." I believe that this point is ridiculous: Would Reece happily leave her precious apple Mac or lawyer's posh car with convicted burglar who had just last week finished a sentence for stealing a lawyer's car and brand new Apple Mac? I think not. But she is advising that the care of a child who is up for fostering or adoption (and this child will probably already have suffered trauma that few could even think of) be entrusted to a convicted paedophile. Possessions are probably more important to Reece the academic than the rights of a parentless child from the poorer areas of the Uk...

    4. "The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms." This paragraph states that sex offenders are singled out for special treatment and that this is unfair(!) Paedophiles are the most dangerous of offenders as they not only traumatise children but rob the child of his or her own enjoyment of sex him he or she grows up. They also cause massive damage to familes. I think, like any rational person that paedophiles should be treated differently to other criminals. Discrimination is not always a bad thing.

    5. Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be "tarred with the same brush," saying that while "careful screening" was "important," the issuing of a "blanket ban" violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people. She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren. Here reece uses one outstanding case to fight an argument. Anyone who knows anything about logic will tell you that an outstanding case means very little. the law is there to protect children and if somebody had sex with a fifteen year old he should not be allowed to adopt. I am sure this is a very rare case and does not represent the majority of paedophiles.

    I have highlighted this woman and taken apart the arguments that she gives for paedophiles adopting children. I was shocked to read this article but probably not as shocked as some of you: I have spent much time with academics and there in there number, people who will argue absolutely anything: This Helen Reece is one such person, albeit an extremely dangerous one. She won a prestigious prize for her book "Divorce Responsibly" and was giving this advice to a government minister. I think that the way to combat dangerous women like this academic is to spread information about them. Reece's website is HERE. I would hope that any concerned man reading this would contact Reece directly or alert other men to this extremely dangerous woman.
    The UK version of the Huffington Post is running two articles on domestic violence , no coincidence one is written by a female lawyer and another by a female MP.

    The links to the articles are below and shows how the UK version of the Huffington Post is pandering to the outcry from the radical feminists using family courts and corrupt lawyers and politicians to redistribute mens wealth into the hands of the gold diggers,like Heather Mills, who sit or their backsides leeching off men while married and then when they get bored hire a dodgy lawyer to make up allegations of abuse to ensure she can gain maximum financial advantage in divorce.

    The courts are run by a masonic judiciary that ensures only men not part of their creepy network are destroyed as are the women who DARE to make such allegations of their masonic ex-spouses and will quickly find themselves being evaluated prior to being removed , for their own safety , to a psychiatric gulag for DARING to suggest a masonic husband would do such a thing.

    Family courts are where freemasonic power is at its extreme and prior to removing a man from his assets, home and children they require to manufacture the lies , via an ex-wife to ensure they have justification for the massive land and property theft that hides behind the facade of domestic violence. Men will NO LONGER tolerate the abuses faced in their wretched dens of iniquity. No more are we going to tolerate the lies and deceit being manufactured by crooked lawyers, judges and MP's who gain substantially from the theft of property that usually ends up as part of their property portfolio's when discounted homes are offered to them by the Law societies and judicial scum behind this enormous scam.

    The Huffington Post is clearly advancing the radical feminist agenda by giving these leeches carte blanche to continue this nonsense.

  • Domestic Violence, Legal aid and the Tory Assault on Women (or so say female lawyers milking the system)
  • Legal Aid Cuts Will Hit Women, Warns Conservative MP Anna Soubry
  • Scottish judge accepts 'excuse' that woman murderer had previous history of being abused

    Mistress of the Revels 'man-in-the-middle' attacks
    The London School of Economics is facing legal action after a former student claimed its gender studies course was sexist - against men.

    Tom Martin, who quit the university after six weeks, claims in papers lodged at the Central London county court that lecturers ignored male issues. He is claiming some £50,000 citing breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act. The 39-year-old, who attended the university last year to take up a Gender, Media and Culture Masters degree, said there was "systemic anti-male discrimination". But he said an internal investigation carried out by the university in the wake of his complaints found "no evidence" of bias.

    Mr Martin, who is representing himself, said: "The core texts we had to read before each class were typically packed with anti-male discrimination and bias - heavily focusing on, exaggerating, and falsifying women's issues perspectives, whilst blaming men, to justify ignoring men's issues. There was no warning of this sexist agenda in the prospectus." He added: "They simply refuse to acknowledge the research which contradicts the 'women good/men bad', or the 'women victims/men perpetrators' storyline. "Science does not come into it at LSE's Gender Institute. Like a religion, the curriculum simply insists, by repetition, attempting to drum the anti-male agenda into the students." The university's legal team has asked for the case to be struck out, claiming the core texts were not compulsory, merely recommended readings, and that the texts were equally available for both men and women to read, so therefore did not directly discriminate against men. The team also argues that "any discriminatory effect [against men] was plainly justifiable".



    I went to an advance screening last week of The Help, the Oscar-tipped Hollywood film that has already taken £62 million at the American box office and which opens here next month. It amused me no end that it was a ‘fashion-Press’ screening, which has been followed up with ‘get the look’ emails from various High Street firms, due to its setting in the Deep South of Mississippi in the early Sixties. Never mind that the film is about segregation and lynchings. It’s like being asked to a screening of Schindler’s List, and then ‘getting the look’ of all the lovely uniforms. Ho hum. Such is modern-day marketing.

    The film has caused controversy in America, particularly because the story concerns a young, white, privileged journalist who tells the story of the lives led by black maids, the ‘help’ in the title. I disliked the fact that the black actresses, particularly Octavia Spencer, are so ‘eye rolling’, but I suppose I’d still be complaining if Halle Berry had been cast instead (too white, too beautiful). But what I found most interesting was its premise that it was women who oppressed black people The problem with history is that women are portrayed as powerless bystanders who are, at worst, benign. But women in the South, concerned as they were with running a perfect home, had no problem oppressing other women to make sure their front gardens won ‘yard of the month’, or that all the food was home-baked.

    This myth that it is women, all women, even white homemakers in Sixties America, who are the victims is perpetuated every weekday morning by Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. There are endless mewings about how women are still oppressed: we take on the bulk of the childcare; and we earn less (there was yet another report last week that found women will have to wait another 98 years before pay parity).

    One item that enraged me not so long ago was a report on female jump jockeys. Do these women get their fair share of rides, are they allowed to go on to become trainers? Dear God, is this the Thirties? What these female jockeys should have been asked is: ‘Are you kinder to the horses, do you use the whip more or less than men?’ The argument has moved on, surely? It’s as though Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey cannot see beyond her own embonpoint.

    Women today use sexism as a way to bully and oppress others.

    I am fed up that I am always being accused of having no empathy with children, merely because I don’t have any. I wanted to be sent by the newspaper I was then working for to report on the Dunblane massacre, but was told the editor wanted to send ‘a mother’. Is this true – that only once you become a parent can you really feel what it is like to lose a child? I think the opposite is the case. Once a woman becomes a mother, she becomes insular, focused on only her own children, not those of others.

    There was a Twitter storm about me last month, due to the fact I had been sent to Somalia to report on the famine. One person emailed me to say he understood the ribbing – the references to the fact I probably took Gucci luggage, and wouldn’t like the mess – because I have horses and a nice house. To be honest, who in national journalism doesn’t have a nice house? What about the writers with children in public school, or with a new car, or rich parents? At least all my animals are rescued. At least I am supporting two Pakistani girls, Dolly and Jolly, former garment factory slaves, through school, until they reach 18. They have been able to leave the slums of Dhaka and now live in a rural village with their family. They sent me a photo the other day, showing them both smart in blue-and-white school uniform.

    I can’t show off these kids in restaurants or be boarded first on aeroplanes, but I’d far rather help a child already in the world than bring another one into it, just out of vanity and a desire to keep my husband and take a year off work. Being female, but most of all being a mother, has become the ultimate get-out-of-jail card. You are untouchable, because you have a family. You are necessarily a GOOD person, much as the white female characters in The Help believed they were good because they wore white gloves, and had spotless floors, and mop-topped infants. One mum spat at me on Twitter: ‘You will die a lonely old woman.’ I hope I do die lonely. Better than to have hovered over a child all its life, then to accuse it of not visiting me often enough in my care home.


    "Feminism is the worst thing to happen to women", says Suzanne Venker in her best-selling book "The Flipside of Feminism". HERE


    1) Feminism did not liberate women. It has actually harmed women by placing them in a prison of negative thinking about men and promoted dead-end promiscuity.

    2) Studies show that women today are LESS happy under modern Feminist assumptions and cultural practices.

    3) Women today do not owe feminists for everything. Feminism did NOT give women the right to vote or go to college. Those rights existed BEFORE the "Second Wave Feminist" of the 60's.

    4) The Women's Suffrage Movement was NOT a "feminist" movement: the "Suffragettes" were actually Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Conservative women. (Today's Feminists would reject them, ironically.)

    5) Feminism has robbed women of placing family and marriage at the center of their lives, as the most meaningful part of their existence. Instead, it shames women into believing that career materialism should be placed at the center.

    6) Women should ignore the institutionalized, Feminist cultural prescriptions that demean motherhood and marriage. They should sequence their lives in a way that place family as the center of their lives.

    7) Feminism is a finished movement in America.