Doctor kept '£10-a-month slave woman from Africa' at her £500,000 home

A retired doctor held a slave in her suburban home for four years, a court was told yesterday. Saeeda Khan, 68, is accused of making Mwanahanisi Mruke work up to 24 hours a day cleaning, cooking and gardening. She fed her scraps of bread and made her sleep on a thin mattress on the kitchen floor with only a sheet for warmth, it was alleged. Khan and her late husband, who was also a doctor, allegedly paid Miss Mruke just £10 a month – a low salary even in Tanzania, the African country they brought her to Britain from in 2006. Miss Mruke, 46, had all her calls monitored and was not allowed to leave the £500,000 home in Harrow, North West London, without Khan, Westminster magistrates heard. ‘She lived in extremely poor conditions for a number of years,’ prosecutor Malachy Pakenham told the hearing.

Additional payments of £40 a month were meant to go to a bank in Tanzania to pay for Miss Mruke’s daughter’s education, but much of this was never received, the court heard. Khan, a British citizen who has lived in the UK for 30 years, is believed to be the first person charged with modern slavery. Scotland Yard detectives started investigating the case in February following a tip-off. Officers from the Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command, known as SCD9, were involved. Khan did not have to sit in the dock during the ten-minute hearing because she suffers from arthritis and has recently had an operation on her knees. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of arranging and facilitating the arrival of a foreign national with the intention of exploitation in the UK and elsewhere. The charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in jail.

Khan was bailed to appear before the court next month. Before she came to the UK, Miss Mruke worked in a hospital run by Khan’s late husband in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. Khan is alleged to have kept her slave in her three-bedroom bungalow in Harrow which she shared with her 40-year-old son, who has mental health problems. Khan’s daughter, who also has learning difficulties, lived in the property too but has since moved out. Neighbours said Khan spent tens of thousands of pounds renovating the property when she moved in about a decade ago. Two cars, including a new Volvo estate, are usually seen parked in the driveway. James Carpenter, who lives next door, said he often saw Miss Mruke going for walks with Khan’s son. He said: ‘She would follow him up and down the street, normally about ten yards behind him.

‘She only spoke the East African language of Swahili, so we couldn’t communicate with her and she couldn’t really speak to anyone. ‘Sometimes, we would wave and nod at her just to be polite. She would normally wave back. ‘She wore normal, western clothing. I had no reason to suspect anything untoward was going on. ‘But it’s a very quiet area and nobody round here really knows their neighbours very well.’ Slave trading has been outlawed in Britain since the 19th century. However, the UK remains a major destination for trafficked women. Human rights organisations claim up to 1,000 people are made to work as slaves.

    men and their cars


    Men who drive expensive cars really are more attractive to women, according to a study by university researchers.

    Psychologists proved what car-dealers have boasted for generations the car one drives is key when it comes to turning a woman's head. The university team showed women pictures of the same man sitting in two cars - a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered Ford Fiesta. The women, who were aged between 21 to 40, picked the man sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford.

    Dr Michael Dunn, of the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, said it shows women rate a man higher if he is behind the wheels of a "fancy motor rather than in an old banger". His research, in the latest edition of the British Journal of Psychology, also shows that men are more interested in a women's looks not her motor. The researchers say the men tested in the same way are not impressed by whatever car a woman drives because they judge purely on her face and figure.

    Dr Dunn said his findings confirmed that women judge a man by his wealth and status whereas men are primarily concerned with what a woman looks like. He said he was spurred by his own interest in evolutionary psychology along with the increasing number of women buying so-called "high end" motors. He said: "There's a wide variety of evidence that does suggest that females are more influenced by wealth and status.

    "It's not a recent phenomenon. It is very ingrained and the evidence is not just anecdotal. "Females focus on questions of wealth and status because if the male possesses those, that male would be in a better condition to rear healthy offspring." Dr Dunn believes this basic human trait will not change in the future - even as women become more independent and wealthy in their own rights.

    He said: "It appears that the stereotype of women being positively influenced by a man's status is true and, evolutionarily speaking, this makes sense. "However, even with the growing number of women in high-paid careers and the fact that they can be highly successful has no effect on how attractive they are to men. "What you find is that these new, wealthy women still show a preferment for high-status males."

    Now his researchers plan to carry out further studies - to guide men buying expensive cars in their mid-life crisis. Dr Dunn, who admits to driving an old Ford Ka, will examine if high-status items like expensive cars can help make up for "the attractiveness-diminishing effects of age."

    In other words, do middle-aged men in expensive cars seem more attractive to women despite their grey hair and expanding waistline. Dr Dunn admitted that his research could also be interpreted as evidence that women are shallower than men. He said: "Let's face it - there's evidence to support it."


  • Holyrood is dominated by these creepy wee men hating wimmin MSP's who are used to justify the massive legal aid bill paid to women using dodgy lying two faced lawyers who are bleeding men dry caught up in malicions allegations in divorce courts. Masonic judges and lawyers and eastern star women provide the endless drivel and legislation that is being used to bleed men who, as Paul McCartney found out when divorcing witch bitch Heather Mills , is an easy way to gold dig a man for his assets. The divorce racket headed by these golddigging men haters.

    A Durham teacher has been sentenced to more than 6 years in prison after admitting to having sex with a boy student. The woman, Gina Marie Watring, taught at Creekside Elementary School in Durham and also was sentenced to 3 years of probation. The incident with the boy, who was 10 years old, happened twice at her home in April of last year when the two had intercourse, according to court documents.

    There were also sexual text messages between the two. Watring was charged in April 2009 with first-degree kidnapping, felony child abduction, rape of a child by an adult offender, sex offense with a student and indecent liberties with a child.



    The cruel act was caught on camera in Bray’s Lane, Stoke, where the kitten’s owners Stephanie and Darryl Mann have CCTV outside their home for security. After hearing cries from Lola the cat, who is not yet a year old, they found her trapped in the bin and replayed the video footage expecting to see teenagers or drunken louts committing the act in the middle of the night. But to their horror, they watched a middle-aged woman stop and pet Lola in broad daylight before dropping her in the bin and shutting the lid, leaving the moggy trapped for 16 hours.

  • Grey-haired bank worker who dumped kitty in the litter... is named and shamed as her mother says she's a 'CAT LOVER'
    frasier Girls, if you want to get ahead in life, get a hat. Preferably one with an airline logo prominently displayed on the side.

    Then get yourself a pair of tan tights, a big drinks trolley and a talent for saying ' Ice and lemon with that, sir?' while still smiling. If you can manage all this, if you can go placidly amid the noise and haste of economy class and remember what peace and silence can be achieved with the adroit dispensation of vodka miniatures, then your future is secured. Perhaps through being moved to Business or First-class - a promotion known in the business as a BOF! for very good reasons.

    Or, as the captain always puts it: 'Cabin crew, ten minutes to landing a rich husband.' So well done to this week's star in-flight employee, 29-year-old Kayte Walsh from Bristol. True, our Kayte hasn't quite got a ring on her finger yet.

    However, the Virgin air hostess has just got herself freshly impregnated by millionaire actor Kelsey Grammer, the 55-year-old comic genius known to his millions of fans as Frasier. No one yet knows if the couple met on a Virgin flight or in a Virgin lounge, but insiders are pretty certain that, wherever it was, it wasn't in the tinned goods aisle of a West Country Lidl. So, hurrah for Kayte! That's one more notch on the fuselage for the upwardly mobile rise and rise of the ambitious Trolley Dolly.

    At a time when so many young people with good degrees and great brains will leave university and fly straight into a jobs no-go zone, there is much to be said for the dedication with which stewards of both sexes make it their mission to sleep with the rich and famous. It's a terrific career opportunity; one of the best. And I mean it. Why bother slaving over exams or embarking on a dreary accountancy apprenticeship when you can just jump straight into the sack with old Frasier and be made for life instead? And never mind the 26-year generation gap between the couple, or the fact that Grammer is older than Kayte's father. The emollience of money will massage away those pesky rough edges. For the time being, at least. And while actors may have a weakness for make-up artists, and rock stars naturally gravitate towards the simple charms of the cocktail waitresses (she's hot, she's got cold beers), what other trade has a better spousal hit rate than the Trolley Dolly?

    You've got to hand it to them. The in-flight meal tray. Once you've finished with it, I mean. Former air hostesses happily married to fabulous rich guys include the fragrant Lady Bamford (married to construction heir Lord Bamford, worth around £990 million, result!) and Kate Middleton's mother Carole, who went the traditional and classic Trolley Dolly route by marrying the first available dashing pilot who crossed her aisle (excellent stuff). Danielle Bux, another Virgin Atlantic hostess, worked her way through assorted men before finally settling, like a bee on a sunflower, on Gary Lineker. This paved the way to a showbiz career as a reality TV contestant (on Hell's Kitchen) and an instant media expert on the perils of a blended family.

    Well done, Danielle. You'll never have to repeat 'Coffee? Tea? Tea? Coffee?' ever again. Even Sir Richard Branson's mother, the redoubtable Eve, worked as one of the very first air hostesses before she married. And judging by her son's predilection for wearing women's clothes at every opportunity, she made a big impression on him. Of course, not every Trolley Dolly hits paydirt.

    Four years ago, Quantas air hostess Lisa Robertson flew straight to social siberia when she kissed and told of having sex with actor Ralph Fiennes during a flight to India. Lisa told the actor she liked his performance in the 1996 film The English Patient. He whined: 'That was over ten years ago. Why don't people value my later work?' But not even this passion-quenching spurt of luvvie self-regard could dampen her ardour, and it was off to the lavatory without delay. Who says romance is dead?

    Not Kelsey and Kayte, that's for sure. There has been no word yet from blessed-out Kayte, but her father, the former Bristol City footballer Alan Walsh, did say: 'I don't know how long they have been together and I have not met him yet.' Hmmm. I suspect that might be Dadspeak for: 'Wait until you get home, young lady.' However, it would take a harder heart than mine not to wish the couple the very best. Especially as Grammer has been married three times before and has yet to divorce his last wife.

    Yet up there, where the air is rarefied, the course of true love must have its own share of turbulence and buffeting head winds. So well done, Kayte! All those long-haul hours, all those fractious passengers, all those delays and the ingratitude from the oiks in row 45. All behind you now. Doors to manual and crosscheck. Another Trolley Dolly bolts for freedom.

    aimee louise sword A mother who gave up her son for adoption years ago, began reconnecting with him over the Internet, and now she stands accused of committing incest with him.

    Aimee Louise Sword, a 35-year-old woman from Michigan, gave up a son early on in life for adoption. According to ABC News, she was allowed limited contact with him over the years, but at some point they began talking more on the Internet. She now stands accused of having started a sexual relationship with in the Summer of 2008. In the Fall of 2008, somehow Child Protective Services (CPS) became aware of the situation and alerted the local police. An investigation was conducted, and Ms. Sword eventually surrendered to the police on April 24th of this year. She was initially charged with three counts of felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct, but now a judge has lowered it to just one count. She is currently free on $3,000 bond, and is scheduled to go to a hearing on Sept. 21st. Ahead of her hearing, she has already plead not guilty.

    The details in this case are very sketchy as the boy involved is a minor, and Michigan won’t even allow his age to be revealed to the public. (not that his age should matter in a case of incest) Ms. Sword has other children, and all of them have been removed from her home by CPS. It will be interesting to see what the evidence in this case is, because from the multiple stories I’ve read, no evidence is ever mentioned. Compared to the teacher sex scandals I normally cover, which usually have heaps of evidence, this one seems to be missing a lot. While I’m not one to pass judgement usually, you have to wonder if possibly the adopted parent(s) didn’t like the increased contact between Ms. Sword and her son. I have zero evidence of this, it is pure speculation, but you do have to wonder.


  • SOCIAL workers were warned that three young children were at risk just five minutes after they are feared to have been killed by their mother, it emerged yesterday.

    A judge instructed court officers to track down Theresa Riggi, 46, the day before the bodies of twins Luca and Austin, eight, and five-year-old Cecilia were found in the family’s flat. The hearing at Scotland’s highest civil court on Tuesday ruled her children were to come under the watch of social workers after the American failed to show up for a divorce hearing. David Jack, counsel to the ­children’s father Pasquale Riggi, 46, warned the Court of Session in Edinburgh it was facing a “real emergency” after Mrs Riggi ­refused to tell of their whereabouts in a call to her estranged husband.

    Lady Clark agreed to grant a warrant allowing court officers to search for Mrs Riggi and said ­social workers should supervise the children and apply to a sheriff for child protection orders if necessary. But yesterday, social work chiefs at Edinburgh Council said a fax alerting them to the ruling arrived at 3.05pm on Wednesday, around five minutes after the first reports of an explosion at Mrs Riggi’s ­Edinburgh home. Mr Riggi, a geologist, was yesterday brought to the city to identify his children’s bodies. Mrs Riggi is being treated for ­serious injuries at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and has been ­sedated by doctors.

    When firefighters arrived at the flat they were confronted with the ­“devastating scene” of the SDHp bodies of the children. Police said the two boys and girl had ­suffered “suspicious” injuries and were investigating if the fire was started after they died. Neighbours told how they smelled gas before hearing an explosion and seeing Mrs Riggi leap from a ­second-floor balcony, while a small fire burned in the building. Mrs Riggi, from Bakersfield, ­California, and her husband, from Aurora, Colorado, married in the US before moving to Scotland 13 years ago. They were living in Skene, ­Aberdeenshire, before the ­marriage broke up and Mrs Riggi fled to Edinburgh with the children.

    The family disappeared on July 11 and a judge made an order to prevent the children being taken out of the country and demanded the handover of their passports. Edinburgh Council confirmed that social workers were asked to assist at almost the same time as eyewitnesses called 999 to report the unfolding tragedy. A council spokesman said they had no knowledge of the family in Edinburgh until Wednesday, and there had been no file on them while they were in Aberdeenshire. He added: “We ­received a phone call on Wednesday from lawyers regarding the court proceedings involving the family. The court’s ruling was then faxed through to us at 3.05pm. In this fax we were asked to assist with the family’s situation if and when they were found by the ­messenger at arms [representing the court].”


    amanda little CONYERS, Ga. -- Conyers police have pressed charges against a woman accused of making a false sexual assault report, authorities said.

    Amanda Little, 26, of Oxford, initially told police that she was kidnapped while walking in the parking lot of the Walmart at about 1 a.m. on Dogwood Drive on June 24, investigators said. Little said she was taken to an undisclosed location and sexually assaulted, said police. Upon further investigation, and after reviewing video from the Walmart parking lot, police said Little’s story simply didn’t add up. She later admitted to detectives that she lied and told them that she had been having sex at another location when her cell phone, which was in her back pocket, accidentally dialed the number of her boyfriend’s friend and left a voicemail recording, police said.

    Little said she came up with the abduction story as a cover up, investigators said. “Our detectives did a good job with ferreting out the truth here. We are an agency that focuses in on the needs of our victims, and cases like this simply are a waste of time and tie up valuable police resources,” Conyers police said. Little is charged with the false report of a crime.


    A company chief executive tried to avoid a string of speeding offences by claiming her mother had been driving – even though she died almost a decade ago.

    Helen Child managed to dupe police on two occasions by blaming her mother Lucinda when her car was picked up exceeding the limit by speed cameras. The 44-year-old forged her mother’s signature so the penalty points were endorsed on the dead woman’s licence instead of her own. Fearing her scam would be discovered, Child accepted a further speeding offence months later because her mother already had nine points on her licence.

    But she was caught out when she tried to use the trick again last year after jumping a red light and police finally realised that Lucinda had died in 2002. Child has now been handed a 15-week suspended prison sentence after admitting perverting the course of justice. Manchester Crown Court was told that the web of lies began when Child was caught doing 38mph on a 30mph stretch of the A6 at Bolton-le-Sands in February, 2006, in her mother’s old car.

    She was driving the Volvo again when a speed camera caught her driving at 46mph in a 30mph zone on the A6 through Lancaster in June, 2007. Police sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution to Child's mother for both offences as she was still registered as the owner of the Volvo. The court heard that Child, who runs Lancaster-based firm GTP, successfully fooled police by forging her mother’s signature and pretending she was still alive.

    With her mother only a few points away from a driving ban, Child accepted a further speeding offence in Merseyside in November, 2007. But she tried to blame her mother again in September 2009 after driving through a red light in her Audi S5 V8 Quattro. On that occasion, Child named her mother as the driver but the penalty notice was intercepted by a neighbour who told police that Lucinda was dead.

    Officers launched an investigation and realised that she had died of cancer in 2002 aged 68. Child, whose company account card firm boasts the AA Driving School and Pizza Express among its clients, was also ordered to carry out 80 hours community service. She escaped a driving ban. After the hearing, Sergeant Mark Beales, head of Greater Manchester Police's road crime unit, said: “It's despicable the elaborate lengths some people will go to beat the system. She has been rightly exposed.”

    Only last year, Child took part in a fund-raising campaign for the charity CancerCare, admitting she had lost her mother to the disease. She said: “Having lost my mother to cancer, CancerCare is a charity that is particularly close to my heart.”

    google search
    Mothers the radical feminists would rather ignore.
    This is the shocking moment a woman was caught on CCTV using her eight-year-old daughter to help shoplift electrical goods.

    The woman was spotted on security cameras removing security tags from a DVD player at a branch of Tesco's. She is then seen encouraging her young accomplice to pick the £50 machine off the shelf and walk out of the store.

    The girl - aged around eight - is seen leaving the shop in Plymouth, Devon, with the goods under her arm. Police say they believe the girl is the daughter of the woman who they have branded 'despicable'. PC Paul Coppola said: 'It's despicable to use a child in this way. It is very unusual. If caught, the woman would be prosecuted. 'But if the child is as young as she appears, she is under the age of criminal responsibility. In that case she would be referred to social services.' The woman, who was wearing grey bottoms and a cardigan, was spotted at the store at 1.35pm on June 3. Her accomplice, of large build and with mousy hair, also walked out the store with a protective case for the DVD player worth £15.

    leyla ibrahim 'Wicked' woman who cried rape is jailed for three years despite being seven months pregnant

    A woman who ripped her own clothes and gave herself a black eye to support her lie that she had been raped was today jailed for three years and branded 'wicked'. Leyla Ibrahim, who is seven months pregnant, will now give birth in prison after being locked up for sparking a £150,000 police investigation which saw four students held and subjected to humiliating examinations. They were questioned for nearly three days, during which time one attempted suicide, and were later subjected to abuse in the street, causing such trauma that one has since left the area.

    But the 22-year-old had invented the whole incident in order to teach her friends a lesson after they abandoned her at the end of a night out, a judge said. The four wrongly accused - two of whom were under 16 - are still suffering as a result of the stigma caused by the false allegations, Carlisle Crown Court was told. All were 'subject to name calling and abuse in the street' following their arrests, with one describing the ordeal as 'torture'.

    Another said he was 'devastated' by the harrowing experience and had been unable to eat or sleep, with one suspect complaining: 'We were treated like s*** and not a stint of an apology.' Even the doctor in the case described the examinations as 'intimate, embarrassing and uncomfortable'. A senior police source said the four were still 'really struggling', adding: 'One of them has even had to move out of the area.' Detectives had initially taken Ibrahim's account that she had been raped or sexually assaulted on her way home from a night out seriously, launching a massive manhunt involving 40 officers. The frilly dress and leggings she had been wearing had apparently been ripped in the attack, clumps of her hair had been hacked off and she had a black eye and scratches to her breasts and legs.

    Four suspects were held for questioning for more than 60 hours and subjected to intimate examinations of their genitalia. But police became suspicious, and tests showed the Libyan-born former children's holiday rep had ripped her own clothes and inflicted the injuries herself to back up her fabricated claims. After failing to withdraw her allegation she was charged with perverting the course of justice and convicted following a trial. Supported by her mother, Sandra, and sister, Samira, she was today jailed despite her first child being due in September.

    Judge Paul Batty, QC, told her such false allegations made it harder for women who genuinely had been raped to secure their attacker's convictions. 'Not only was this false allegation very worrying for the local community, who feared that there were two attackers still at large in the area, they also resulted in the arrest of four innocent men. 'Perverting the course of justice in this way is a serious matter as it undermines the whole basis of our justice system.'

    'Not only did these false allegations have an effect on four young men, but also a considerable effect on your own family,' he said. 'You were convicted on clear and compelling evidence of wickedly fabricating a grave crime, causing countless anguish to all involved. 'Your behaviour was thoroughly irresponsible and some may say wicked. It strikes to the heart of the criminal justice system.

    'You feigned injury and illness with doctors and cut your own clothes and even your own skin. 'I'm entirely clear in this case that you craved attention and wanted your friends to think they left you and you were then attacked. 'You wanted to teach them a lesson.'

    Describing her offence as 'about as bad as it could be', he jailed her for three years, meaning her child will begin its life in prison. Ibrahim, who had been denied bail following her conviction, smiled and waved at her family as she was led into the dock. Her distraught mother covered her face with her hands following the sentence, calling: 'It's okay darling, we all love you and we'll always be with you.' The family are still protesting her innocence and said afterwards they would 'fight for ever' to clear her name.

    Ibrahim, who came to Britain from Libya with her family when she was nine, worked at a petrol station at the time of the supposed attack in Carlisle on January 4 last year. She hatched the elaborate plot after a row with a male friend when he refused to lend her the money for a taxi home after a drink-fuelled night out, even leaving one of her shoes at the scene in an attempt to add weight to her allegations. Ibrahim told police two youths had knocked her to the ground as she walked home, subjecting her to a violent sexual assault.

    She claimed she grabbed a pair of purple scissors from her handbag, only for one of the pair to snatch them from her and cut off a clump of her hair. Afterwards district Crown prosecutor Linda Vance said: 'This sort of case, where someone fabricates an allegation of sexual assault, and continues with that false allegation, is very rare. 'But, as in this case, the consequences can be very serious.'


    Anonymity in rape cases has long been a cause of controversy.

    For 35 years, the victim's identity has not been made public. But the law allows defendants accused of rape to be named. Many campaigners claim that the identities of sex attackers should only be made public on conviction. They argue that this would stop defendants who are acquitted having a permanent stain on their character.

    The government is currently considering a radical reform of the rape law which would grant anonymity to male defendants. But feminists and campaigners have protested that the anonymity offer will hinder justice.

    laura voyce Transsexual pervert who downloaded child porn spared jail because judge says it would be 'an appalling experience'

    A transsexual who downloaded child pornography has been spared jail after a judge said she would not be safe in prison. Laura Voyce, 20, who used to be called Luke, was convicted of 14 counts of downloading indecent images of children.

    Some of the images on her laptop were graded at the second most sickening level of abuse. Voyce, who is biologically still a man but legally a woman, was sentenced to a nine-month jail term. But Judge Lesley Newton chose to suspend the sentence after saying time in a prison would be an 'appalling experience' for the sex offender.

    The court heard that Voyce's computer contained 300 file names hinting at child porn and her collection of images, some which had been renamed, was stored in a secret part of her computer. Kay Driver, defending, told the court that Voyce still maintains her innocence and would be forced to go to a male prison if jailed. She added that her client had suffered 'gender insecurities' throughout her youth which had led to 'substantial bullying', 'isolation', and 'disrespect for her own body which led her to be used by others'. The lawyer said that Voyce, who is legally certified as female, was engaged to be married. Passing sentencing, Judge Newton told Voyce: 'Frankly, you deserve to go to prison, but I can't bring myself to send you to prison, entirely because I think prison would be an appalling experience for you.

    'I do not see how you could be kept safe in a prison environment with the best will in the world on the part of those who run such establishments.' Judge Newton described Voyce's possession of level 3 and level 4 images as 'alarming', but said the therapy which would reduce the risk of her offending was not available because of her 'unusual circumstances'. She added: 'I'm satisfied that you downloaded those images with a view to perverted sexual gratification.

    'I take these offences very seriously; these are real children who are being abused so that people like you can look at them.' Voyce was handed a nine-month sentence suspended for a year with supervision and 100 hours unpaid work. Judge Newton also ordered her to sign the Sex Offenders' Register for five years and told her to be 'under no illusion' she would be jailed if she fell foul of the law again.


    Transsexuals can apply to have their gender formally changed and recognised by the law by applying to a Government panel for a Gender Recognition Certificate. The person does not need to have had surgery on their sexual organs to acquire a certificate, but must be over 18 and able to prove that they have been living as their new gender for two years or more. Applicants must also provide evidence, from a doctor or psychiatrist, that they have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria - the recognised medical condition associated with feelings of being born the wrong sex - and that they intend to live with their new gender for the rest of their lives.

    Once a person has acquired this certificate they are officially recognised as having changed gender and are able to get married, claim benefits or appear in court under their new name. Transsexual prisoners with such a certificate are more likely to go to a prison housing inmates of their new gender, although for some pre-op transsexuals - those who have their original sexual organs - this is not always the case. Decisions are taken on an individual basis and are usually at the discretion of the prison service. Although transsexuals are officially treated like any other inmates, the reality is many end up in segregation or on a health wing because the risk to them from other inmates is too great. Lewis Turner, vice president of Press for Change, a campaign group for transsexuals, said there are no formal guidelines for prisons on how to deal with transsexual prisoners, but most were sympathetic towards transgender inmates. '

    'There is no requirement to have genital surgery in order to get a Gender Recognition Certificate, this can be awarded simply by applying to have your new gender formally recognised in law,' Dr Turner, who has a PhD in gender studies, said. 'We do come across cases where there are people in prison undergoing gender reassignment, which can be difficult for them because obviously they are surrounded by others of a gender they don't identify with, and getting treatment can be hard. 'A lot of transsexual prisoners also end up in segregation or on a health wing for what the prison authorities say is their own safety, but why should they receive a harsher punishment, separated from other people, simply because of their gender issues?'

    southwest airlines A Chicago area father is suing Southwest Airlines, alleging his 14-year-old son was forced to sit next to a woman who allegedly made sexual advances toward the boy and offered him illegal drugs during a flight to Florida.

    The suit, filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, claims that the flight attendants didn’t protect the boy during the July 13th, 2008 flight from Chicago to Orlando. “My client was a 14-year-old little boy when he was aggressively, sexually pursued by an older passenger who offered him drugs, who wanted sex from him,” said Chicago attorney Jeffrey S. Deutschman. “He went to the bathroom four times, he asked to move and he was told to take his seat,” Deutschman said.

    The boy was so “shaken” he refused to take the return flight home alone, the suit states. “His father had to fly down and bring him back,” Deutschman said. The suit claims the airline was negligent and failed to “remove the adult female who was obviously intoxicated and/or under the influence of other drugs.” A spokesman for Southwest Airlines declined comment.

    "I do not understand how an airline today, in this post-9-11 world would permit a passenger to be abusive to a small child," Deutschman said. The family is seeking at least $50,000 in the personal injury lawsuit.

    vruti pate Domestic violence from female cops and lesbians so much for the radical feminist and malicious chief constables RANTS that its only women who are the victims of MEN!!!!!!!!

    A policewoman accused of assaulting her girlfriend after a ‘lovers’ tiff’ has been cleared.

    PC Vruti Patel, 26, feared that fellow police officer Lisa Staines was cheating on her and visiting dating websites behind her back. So she confronted her lover while they were having dinner at Café Rouge. Blonde PC Staines claimed that Miss Patel had ‘grabbed her and pushed her back’ with such force that it left bruises. She said their relationship of 18 months had been coming to an end and Miss Patel’s behaviour had become ‘aggressive, erratic and hostile.’

    After the incident last year Miss Patel had been put on restricted duties, pending the outcome of the court case. But a district judge today rejected her account and found Miss Patel innocent on the sole charge of battery. He accepted her defence lawyer’s account that this was a ‘lovers’ tiff, a storm-in-a-teacup, petty squabbling that amounted to nothing more.’ Essex Police said they would look into the case to see if she would face a misconduct hearing.

    South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, in Ipswich, heard that last September Miss Staines had finished her shift at Essex Police and gone to meet a financial adviser at the Halifax. Miss Patel, who was made a PC last summer after nearly five years as a PCSO, had met her there as they planned to have dinner afterwards.

    ‘Her demeanour went from hostile, aggressive, very erratic behaviour,’ Miss Staines said. ‘She asked the financial adviser whether she would meet someone random from the internet, and by that I thought she meant having sexual relations. ‘This made me very uncomfortable.’

    She and Miss Patel then continued to the Café Rouge in the Lakeside shopping centre, Essex, and they ordered some drinks. Miss Staines said Miss Patel had then produced some pieces of paper which were print-outs of her emails and ‘evidence’ that she had been contacting other women secretly. ‘I was scared because she was so angry and she was shouting and swearing at me – she was causing a real scene,’ Miss Staines said. She then left the restaurant, quickly followed by Miss Patel and they both were shouting at each other in the shopping centre.

    ‘She grabbed my right arm with enough force to produce a bruise and she pushed me. ‘It was like a thud impact in the chest and it was enough for me to take one step back. ‘I was very upset and in tears, she was humiliating me by shouting and swearing,’ Miss Staines added. Closed-circuit television footage showed security guards intervening to keep the officers apart, before Miss Staines was escorted to her car. But Miss Patel always maintained that she had not used any force and that she had just wanted ‘answers’.

    ‘We were both shouting and talking and I wanted to know why Lisa had been lying to me,’ she said. ‘At no point did either of us lay hands on each other. ‘I was trying the achieve the truth and I had found the hard evidence to prove this.’

    After their argument, Miss Patel said that Miss Staines had called her to meet up again 45 minutes later for further discussion. Miss Patel wept with relief when District Judge David Cooper found her not guilty of assaulting Miss Staines after a three-hour trial. The judge said police and prosecutors had been right to charge PC Patel but he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that she had used ‘unlawful force’. Essex Police said PC Patel, who denied assault, has been on ‘restricted duties’ since she was charged. A spokesman said officers would investigate to see if any police disciplinary rules had been breached.

    brianna lewin Left: Brianna Lewin

    Sara Bradbury, a former soldier, and her girlfriend Brianna Lewin, attacked Christopher Steadman which such force that they could “easily have killed him”, a judge said.

    He suffered a fractured cheekbone and jaw, a brain haemorrhage and facial bruising and swelling. Bradbury, 30, was jailed for two and a half years and Lewin, 28, received a four year prison term at Southampton Crown Court. The victim had been drinking with the women and two other men at their flat in Southampton, the court heard.

    While Lewin was taking one of the visitors home, Mr Steadman attempted to make a “sexual advance” on Bradbury but he was rebuffed. She then texted Lewin and, on her return to the flat, they launched they pushed the man to the floor and kicked him repeatedly to the head and body. The court heard how Lewin made a 999 call for an ambulance after she realised the extent of Mr Steadman’s injuries.

    Judge Gary Burrell QC said: "He was vulnerable because he was unable to defend himself. "You could have easily killed him or caused him a permanent brain injury." Bradbury admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

    Sentencing her to 30 months in jail, the judge said that she had served in the Army for four years, including tours of Bosnia and Kosova, and said her record was “exemplary”. He said she was of previous good character, apart from a drink driving conviction. Lewin, who has 11 previous convictions for 18 offences, was convicted after denying the same allegation. She was jailed for a total of four years and four months. Although the court heard that Bradbury and Lewin are no longer together, Bradbury’s Facebook page shows them pictured together smiling at the camera.

    Lewin’s facebook page says she is a fan of Shameless, the TV show which glorifies life on a fictional Manchester council estate She is also a member of a group called “Life is full of ups and downs, so up the music and down the vodka”. Lewin’s mother has protested on her Facebook page that her daughter was provoked and that is what led to the “---- getting beat up”. She said that she was “proud” of her daughter. Speaking about good character references made in court, she added: “Every one said she was lovely until she has a beer then she protects people she loves to the extreme.”

    gillian dicks A FORMER policewoman has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

    Gillian Louise Dicks is alleged to have befriended the girl in 2007 and then engaged in sexual acts with her over a six-month period. The 40-year-old allegedly had sex with the child three times between September 2007 and February 2008. The Daily Telegraph understands the alleged offences occurred not long after Dicks had left the force following an extended period of sick leave.

    Police refused to confirm the date Dicks left the force or any other details of the case. A statement from Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said Dicks was not an officer when the alleged offences occurred. She had previously been a long-serving officer at Manly. A statement tendered to Downing Centre Local Court said police from a Chatswood-based juvenile investigative response team arrested Dicks at 7am on June 26.

    Police have alleged that between October 7, 2007 and January 12, 2008 Dicks engaged in sex with the girl at a North Ryde address. She then allegedly had sex with her at a Manly address on January 12, 2008. On January 13 Dicks allegedly took the girl to the Seaview Motel in Manly where sex allegedly occurred. Dicks was initially remanded to Silverwater jail. She has since been given bail on condition she not approach the young victim or any witnesses. She will reappear in court on August 11.

    condom The Rape-aXe anti rape condom was developed by a South African woman ,Sonnet Ehlers, after witnessing first hand the horrific aftermath of a sexual assault. She felt that something had to be done to stop this growing threat against woman and started to work on the anti rape condom the Rape-aXe. The first prototype was launched on 31 August 2005, at Kleinmond, Cape Province, South Africa.

    What is it? Rape-aXe is a revolutionary new product that aids in the prevention rapes. This device can later be used to identify the attacker and aid in the apprehension of the perpetrator.

    How does it work ? The Rape-aXe system consists of a latex sheath, which contains razor-sharp barbs. The device is worn in her vagina like a tampon. When the attacker attempts vaginal penetration the barbs attach themselves to the penis, causing great discomfort. The device must be surgically removed, which will result in the positive identification of the attacker and subsequent arrest.
    the sorority How men have been reduced to watching men hating radical feminists force men only clubs to stop restriction of women members then to see them opening clubs for women only. This is the utter hypocrisy of the nutty toffs running London and much of the world through a self appointed elite who have bought their way, through inherited wealth, into positions of POWER.

    So many women now wealthy through ridiculous divorce settlements or with rich daddies or even sugar daddies. We have NO TIME for the clique who wander about London using EXCLUSIVITY to give themselves an air of sophistication when most have the personalities of trolls. However the self appointed upper class twits have shot themselves in the foot by opening their men only clubs to women only for those same women to desert those clubs due to the BOREDOM of conversation for clubs that are exclusive to women with similar obnoxious traits.

    When you see the utter poverty and homelessness on the streets of London and compare with this bunch of twisted and devious scumbags paying enormous sums to mix with similar scumbags the world seems an odd place were those with the least humanity seem to have the most material wealth, money being their ONLY god.

    Here is the female vision for entry to the all exclusive female only club 'The Sorority'

    "The Sorority is an exclusive members-only club for inspiring professional women.
    Celebrating style and femininity, The Sorority seeks to nurture and sustain a collaborative network of excellence made up from the inspiring professional women destined to shape the future. Derived from the Latin term for “Sister”, our Sorors are independent and stylish women who epitomise the modern day femme fatale; confident and intelligent alpha females who pursue business with passion and integrity. "



  • Another crazy woman for the radical feminists and womens aid to chew over.

    Rape accused ID ban bid 'an insult'

    Campaigners lashed out at the Government after it pledged to ban the identification of men accused of rape. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition said it would extend anonymity in rape cases from victims to include defendants.

    Officials said details of the change were yet to be decided but it is likely the ban will be lifted once a suspect is convicted. The move will turn the clock back to the 1970s when the Sexual Offences Act introduced anonymity for those accused of rape, something later repealed. But it stands in the face of a report by Lady Stern that recommended independent research should first be done into the scale and nature of false rape allegations. Ruth Hall, of Women Against Rape, said the decision was an "insult" and a backlash against the rising number of rape reports. She said: "More attention needs to be paid to the 94% of reported cases that do not end in conviction rather than the few that are false. If men accused of rape got special rights to anonymity, it would reinforce the misconception that lots of women who report rape are lying. "Of course, being wrongly accused is a terrible ordeal but the same can be said of being wrongly accused of murder, theft, fraud or any other serious offence. We are against a special case where men accused of rape are singled out for special protection."

    Rape law campaigner Jill Saward said she is "horrified" by the news and accused politicians of turning their backs on victims of sexual violence. Ms Saward, who has spoken out on tackling rape since being attacked at her Ealing vicarage home in 1986, said she completely opposes anonymity for defendants, adding the changes may discourage genuine victims from coming forward and "send a damaging message".

    lauren tilo TAMPA — A Middleton High School assistant principal was arrested Thursday after she sent a naked picture of herself to a 14-year-old boy in Manatee County, authorities said.

    Lauren S. Tilo, 30, will be charged with transmission of material harmful to a minor. Tilo was arrested at her Tampa home at about 6 a.m. Thursday. Here's what deputies say happened:

    Lilo met the boy in February while playing World of Warcraft, an online multiplayer game. They became friends and aware of their ages. On March 7, Tilo sent the victim a picture of herself in a "provocative and sexual pose." The photo was sent in a text message from her cell phone. He told a school guidance counselor about it Wednesday. Deputies don't think the two ever met face to face.

    "There was something that upset him and he decided to step forward," Manatee sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow said. He declined to elaborate. "We don't have any firsthand knowledge of the allegations at this point, but we are prepared to serve her a letter telling her not to report to work and meet with Professional Standards," said Hillsborough County School District spokeswoman Linda Cobbe. Professional Standards is the investigative office of the district. Cobbe said Tilo started at the school as an English teacher in 2003. She was appointed assistant principal in September.

    "In all likelihood she will be suspended with pay, and if she remains charged then the School Board will suspend her without pay," Cobbe said. The investigation isn't related to her work at school, Cobbe said. One of her recent teacher evaluations was positive, she said. Manatee deputies are investigating to determine whether there are more victims.

    "In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and two cats," reads a biography of Tilo on the school's website. "Ms. Tilo can be found on the bus ramp every morning with her cup of Starbucks coffee, and she is determined to one day have an office that is almost as nice as (the school principal's)." Tilo graduated from Kathleen High School in Lakeland and earned a degree in English literature from the University of South Florida, according to the website, as well a master's degree in education administration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. This isn't the first time a Middleton educator has been charged in a sex-related crime. In 2007, Christina Butler, a 33-year-old special education teacher, was accused of having sex up to a dozen times with a 16-year-old boy. She pleaded guilty and received probation.

    Mary Glasspool has been with her partner since 1988

    The Episcopal Church in the US is set to go ahead with the controversial ordination of an openly lesbian bishop. Saturday's ordination comes despite warnings from the Archbishop of Canterbury that it will deepen an already bitter dispute on sexuality. Canon Mary Glasspool, 56, will become an assistant bishop in Los Angeles, the first openly gay US bishop since Gene Robinson seven years ago. Since then the Anglican Communion has been on course for a permanent split.


    The election of Mary Glasspool - who has been with her partner Becki for 22 years - represented a snub by the liberal Episcopal Church to other Anglican Churches around the world. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams had urged the American Church not to proceed with the ordination, warning that it would further alienate traditionalists who believe active homosexuality to be a sin. It is likely to accelerate the gradual marginalisation of the Episcopal Church within a two-tier Communion and increase tensions between Anglicans elsewhere. The Communion has never recovered from the crisis prompted by the election in New Hampshire of Gene Robinson as its first openly gay bishop in November 2003. The Episcopal Church at first agreed to suspend the creation of gay bishops but reversed that decision last July

    irn bru One of the biggest threats to family life are the lunatic jackboot man hating lesbians and their radical feminist agenda that suggests they are protecting women from all us BAD men, when it is NOT.

    Funny or offensive? Irn-Bru advert leaves women’s rights group fizzing

    A controversial radio advert for Scottish soft drink giant Irn-Bru has reignited the debate over what is considered funny and what’s offensive. The ad, which has a sunny and jovial soundtrack, relates the story of couple who are deeply in love. The man joyously sings at the start of the advert: “My girl she is the one for me, she’s filled my life with love. We talk and laugh the whole day through, on the handbag she’s the glove.” However, in typical Irn-Bru-style, the dialogue takes a darker twist after the woman pinches her man’s fizzy drink. What follows is a rant which some might consider tame and amusing. For others, however, the comments are offensive and detrimental to women.

    The ad, called My Great Girl, continues: “But then she nicked my Irn-Bru, a mistake that was quite dumb. So I kicked that numpty into touch, now I’m shacked up with her mum.” The campaign by the Leith Agency has not received any formal complaints via the Advertising Standards Agency, but it has reignited the debate over where the line should be drawn in satire and comedy and what it’s okay to say. Heather Coady of Scottish Women’s Aid said: “This could be viewed as quite funny and harmless if we were able to ignore the fact that women are controlled, kicked, punched and ultimately killed at the hands of their partners in phenomenally high numbers. “Irn-Bru is taking its bad taste and irony too far here. The message, albeit an ironic one, is that women need to be kept in line and can legitimately be physically hurt to achieve that.

    “It’s taken many years even to challenge that idea so it’s depressing to see it rear its ugly head however light-hearted this is meant to be.” An Irn-Bru spokeswoman said: “This is the latest in a long line of maverick adverts of which we are very proud. “The brand is all about raising a smile and we would never wish to offend people.”

    mold crown court Elizabeth Rawley was sentenced at Mold Crown Court

    A woman has been jailed for 32 months for possessing indecent images of children and showing distressing videos to a girl. Police found 172 pictures, mainly of girls aged between five and 12, and 18 videos on Elizabeth Rawley's computer. Rawley, 41, of Rhiwbryfdir, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, formerly known as John, admitted 17 charges of making indecent images at Mold Crown Court. She also admitted a string of other related offences.

    They included one of possessing indecent images, six charges of causing a child to watch a sex act and a single charge of sexual activity in the presence of a child. The court heard how police were informed by Gwynedd social services that a 12-year-old girl had been shown six inappropriate videos by Rawley, who had also committed a lewd act in front of her. Judge Merfyn Hughes QC told Rawley: "You don't accept any responsibility for your offending behaviour. "You deny any sexual motivation notwithstanding clear evidence to the contrary. I'm satisfied, had this matter not been brought to the attention of the police, the course of conduct would have escalated in seriousness." Referring to the young victim of abuse, Judge Hughes added: "She herself had previously been sexually abused and that abuse had been filmed.

    "What you did was to add to her distress and the harm which had been caused to her, by causing her to watch a number of moving images." Rawley, a pre-op transsexual', was described by her defence team as "confused and troubled", and had not received any gender reassignment treatment. Rawley also has to register as a sex offender.

    oprah Yet somehow, the media doesn't seem to be celebrating her coming out party. Perhaps they're skeptical of the Enquirer's reportage (a bizarre position since the John Edwards sex scandal). Perhaps they're suddenly respectful of the personal lives of celebrities (though they were happy to trumpet Mark Foley's sexuality to every available reader/viewer). Or perhaps they're still trying to cover for Oprah herself. The gay community has been largely silent on the issue, which is shocking. Usually when a celebrity comes out of the closet, the gay media is all over it. When Ellen came out, they celebrated. When Rosie came out, they celebrated. Hell, Ricky Martin just came out, and they celebrated that. But when Oprah comes out, they don't even report it.


    Because for years, the left media has pushed the notion that lesbianism is the new normal. Every single major female talk show host with the exception of Tyra Banks has been a closeted lesbian who eventually came out to the adoration and acceptance of her fans. Oprah's revelation, however, would not just be another story in a chain of stories -- it would be the capper, the revelation that millions of American women have been played for dupes. Ellen's audience is large, but niche. Rosie's audience dissolved after she came out. Oprah crosses all racial, income, and socioeconomic lines, and any information that suggests that she doesn't represent the American woman threatens her brand and her credibility with her audience. Better for the media and the gay left to ignore her sexuality so that she can purvey her pro-gay views more effectively, without being seen as a partisan in the culture wars (which she most assuredly is).

    The media ignored John Edwards until it became too big to cover up. They'll do the same with Oprah. The left covers for the left, and they ensure that their most effective cultural tools remain intact until they have outlived their usefulness.

    cindy mauro alini brito BROOKLYN -- Two female teachers from James Madison High School in Brooklyn are being charged with misconduct after allegedly being caught naked together in a classroom. French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and Spanish teacher, Alini Brito, 30, were discovered by a school janitor who caught the "undressed" instructors allegedly sharing a kiss in the empty classroom at James Madison High School during a Nov. 20 assembly.

    Officials say the women, both tenured teachers, were immediately removed from the classroom following the incident and sent to Department of Education disciplinary chambers. Outraged students created a Facebook page to sound off on the incident involving the two popular teachers. When the incident occurred, a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education confirmed the teachers were reassigned, but fell short of releasing details of the alleged tryst. "The school is investigating an incident of employee misconduct while the school was having an event in the assembly," school officials said in a statement. "The two teachers, who are tenured, have been reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation." DOE officials say the allegations have been proven to be valid and teachers will likely face disciplinary action.


  • A SECURITY camera captured the moment a drunk woman intentionally drove into a man at a Northern Territory service station - flipping him over her car's bonnet and into the air.

    Natasha Anne Carra, 19, was facing up to 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to recklessly endangering life and aggravated assault over the incident at Katherine's BP service station in June last year, The Northern Territory News reports. During her ram-rage, Carra hit one man in the legs before driving off and skittling a second man over her bonnet. The Northern Territory Supreme Court heard a drunk Carra left a nightclub and drove to the service station about 1.25 a.m. Chief Justice Brian Martin said she parked behind a car in a bay closest to the entrance doors, beeped the horn, and yelled "move your f---ing car".

    The court heard she had an argument with the driver, then she shunted the man's car forward with her own, denting her vehicle in the process. Justice Martin said in her "drunken state" she saw the dent and became convinced the other car had reversed into her vehicle. A "heated argument" followed - in which Carra was called a "peg leg" - and the 19-year-old exploded. She drove at two of the men - hitting one in the legs.

    Footage then shows Carra reversing 10m, stepping on the accelerator and hitting the second man, causing him to hit her bonnet and roof before being flung into the air. "You were overheard by one of your passengers to say: 'Don't think I won't hit you,' before revving the vehicle and accelerating heavily," Justice Martin said. He said it was "very surprising" the victim suffered only minor grazes and bruising. "You did not apply your brakes or swerve or make any attempt to avoid striking that victim."

    In sentencing the judge said he took into account Carra suffered a rare and painful condition that affected her limbs, for which she had been taunted and teased at school. He said it was to Carra's credit she was a person of good character - and that this was a difficult and "exceptional" case. She was given a three-year jail sentence, fully suspended for three years, and had her licence disqualified for that same period.
    british library Deputy head Teresa McKenzie 'had sex with pupil in library'
    A female deputy head of a special school had sex with one of her pupils four times in the toilets of the British Library, a court heard today. Teresa McKenzie, 39, had a 14-month affair with the boy when he was 16 and 17, the court was told. She sent him love notes found in a bag with condoms and KY Jelly, it is alleged, and phoned and emailed him 600 times.

    McKenzie also told the boy's mother she loved him and would resign from her job, Chester Crown Court heard today. McKenzie and the boy met when she began work at the Cheshire special school in February 2006. Soon after, she became his "key worker" and he became infatuated and would follow her around "like a lost dog". Simon Mills, prosecuting, said an illicit relationship began which culminated in August 2008 when McKenzie had sex with the boy in the toilets of the British Library.

    The youngster, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotionally disturbed behaviour and oppositional defiant disorder, was at a holiday camp with his family in Kent. He was not enjoying it and his mother allowed him to return to his home city of London to meet McKenzie. Mr Mills said McKenzie had been to see the boy the previous March when they had sex in the Cumberland Hotel. But he said of the British Library: "The second time they snuck into the disabled toilets on different floors and had penetrative sex four times."

    The barrister also said letters and notes were found in the teenager's rented home in Cheshire from McKenzie. One said: "Sweet love heart, I hope you are well this morning. I long to see you. Such sweet anticipation makes my heart race. "I won't be able to concentrate in the meeting thinking about your beautiful eyes, strawberry and cream hair, soft hands, gorgeous laugh, strong shoulders and delicious lips. "I could go on but you would tell me off for all the compliments - Lol! "I love you forever," which was signed off with 30 kisses.

    Another note found along with KY Jelly and condoms in a gift bag with a pirate on it was addressed to "my gorgeous pirate". "I'm dreaming of hiring a pirate ship with you and sailing across the seven seas," she allegedly wrote. "We could find a deserted island with just palm trees and lapping waves and hot sun. Do you think you would like to come?" It went on that they could "forget everything and everyone - it would be bliss. "I will love you forever and ever and ever."

    McKenzie, of Meifod, Powys, formerly Chester Road, Tarporley, told police the letters were to support the teenager, "a very troubled young man", said Mr Mills. She denies seven counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

  • Female deputy head of special school had sex with pupil four times in toilets

  • Police arrested a teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School in Burbank Tuesday for allegedly having sex with one of her male students over a period of several months. Amy Beck 33, was booked on suspicion of lewd or lascivious acts with a child of 14 or 15 years and was held on $400,000 bail, said Burbank police Sgt. Robert Quesada. Authorities said Beck surrendered at the police station on Monday afternoon. She is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Burbank Superior Court. "She said she had sexual relations with one of her students," Quesada said. Police interviewed the boy "and confirmed that the acts did occur" between March and September of last year.
    sarahpirie A ballet teacher allegedly abducted a male pupil and had sex with him during a three-month affair.

    Sarah Pirie, 27, who has choreographed stage shows across Britain and has appeared in TV soaps Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road, is accused of taking the boy, aged 15, to hotels where she seduced him. Yesterday Scots-born Pirie, formerly of St Annes, Lancashire, appeared before magistrates in Blackpool in relation to the claims. She faces five charges of intentionally sexually touching the boy, who is training to be a ballet dancer, but cannot be named for legal reasons.

    Banker's daughter Pirie, formerly a teacher at a dance school on the Fylde Coast, is alleged to have taken the teenager to hotels in Manchester for sex. She is accused of committing the offences between March and June last year and is also charged with abducting the teenage pupil from Blackpool on one occasion in May. Pirie, who is now living in Mamer, Luxembourg, spoke only to confirm her name and address at the two minute hearing. Her lawyer, Trevor Colebourne, told the court his client would be pleading not guilty to all the charges. Prosecutor Pam Smith asked for the case to be heard at crown court.

    The chairman of the bench granted Pirie bail to April 30 when her case will be committed to the higher court. Pirie, whose father is a wealthy banker in Luxembourg, trained at the Hammond School in Chester, before launching her career as a dancer and choreographer. Originally from Leuchars, near Dundee, Pirie has starred in and choreographed various musicals and pantomimes across the country.

    angela sullivan Woman who rewarded boy, 12, with new trainers after sex for 100th time, jailed

    A woman who had sex almost 200 times with a 12-year-old boy was today jailed for nine years. Angela Sullivan, 36, even gave the boy - who was dubbed "manballs" by school friends - a pair of trainers as a reward after he slept with her for the 100th time. When police arrested her in October, they found her diary marked with childish entries, and 191 stars against dates when they had sex.

    The unemployed single mother, of Cavendish Road, Middlesbrough, admitted 10 specimen charges - relating to one sex session for each month of their fling last year - of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Prosecutor Richard Bennett told Teesside Crown Court that the abuse started on the night of a party she threw at her home in January last year. "On the 3rd to the 4th January the defendant threw a belated New Year's party," he said.

    "Alcohol, including spirits, was available and it seems the young children at the party were freely able to consume it. "During the course of the party the defendant said to the boy, 'Are you daring? Are you a devil? Are you game?' "She tried to kiss the boy but he pulled away."

    The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later told police he had consumed 10 bottles of the vodka-based drink WKD and was really drunk. "The defendant took the intoxicated boy up to bed," Mr Bennett said. "There is no doubt that at the time she knew he was only 12 years of age when she placed him on her own son's bed." Sullivan undressed him and had sexual intercourse with him.

    The next day the boy - described in court as a "young-looking 12-year-old" - had a heavy hangover and Sullivan told him: "I had sex with you and if anyone finds out it's classed as rape and everything". "Each time the defendant had sexual intercourse with the boy she would place a star in her diary against the relevant date," Mr Bennett said. "It is clear from the entries in her diary that the defendant believed she was in a relationship with the boy."

    In the diary entry for May 17, which recorded the 76th time they had sex, Sullivan wrote "come on". On August 1 - marking the 174th occasion - she wrote "got to reach 200". "It also appears from her diary that she encouraged him to shave off his pubic hair as part of her celebration," Mr Bennett said.

    "In her diary on that date, together with three stars, is the comment '(name) shaved pubes'." Mr Bennett added: "The defendant groomed him by buying him gifts to keep him happy." She would send her own son, also aged 12, to stay with his grandparents so she and the victim had the house to themselves. "The defendant's 12-year-old son had seen the defendant having sex with the boy," the prosecutor said.

    "He had seen this in the house when the defendant wasn't aware he was there. He had also seen this on video footage recorded by the defendant on her mobile phone." Rumours began to circulate around the boy's school that he was in a relationship with Sullivan and that she was pregnant. "He was given the nickname 'manballs' by his 12-year-old peers at school because of his apparent virility," Mr Bennett said.

    Sullivan was "quite indiscreet about the relationship", sending friends texts or MSN computer messages about what she was doing. When the allegations were reported to the police, Sullivan denied any sexual activity had taken place. Andrew Turton, defending, said: "What Angela Sullivan did was wrong.

    "It is quite clear that she did participate in a relationship with him and that the complainant was a willing participant in what went on." Jailing Sullivan for nine years, Judge John Walford described the case as "shocking". "You took advantage of this boy's age," the judge said.

    "While I accept from the papers that you did not ply him with drink, the fact of the matter is that to allow a 12-year-old boy to drink, such that he did become intoxicated, is in my judgment shameful." The judge condemned Sullivan for the psychological effect her conduct would have on the victim and her own son. "But having read the pre-sentence report and the psychiatric report upon you I am prepared to accept this was an aberration, albeit one that was long lasting, rather than anything more serious," he said. Sullivan, who had no previous convictions, was also placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for life.

    beyonce shakira rihanna

    Female pop singers dress like sluts then feminists blame men for violence against women

    How pop became porn

    The woman is naked - or looks like she is. Only a flesh-coloured leotard covers her body. Her long blonde hair tumbles down her back. She's in a cage, sliding her fingers provocatively in and out of her mouth. A scene from a cliched pornographic film? Sadly not. The woman in question is Shakira, a pop superstar and the fourth richest singer in the world. The images can be seen in the video for her single, She Wolf, which will be watched obsessively, again and again, by thousands of young men and women, many of whom will form the opinion that writhing in a cage is precisely the way 'sexy' women should behave. Meanwhile, in the video for her single, Rude Boy, Rihanna, an American pop star most famous for having been beaten up by her boyfriend, is dressed in leather bondage gear. She writhes on the floor. She sits astride a zebra.

    Even the wholesome-in-real-life, meek and mild Leona Lewis is transformed in her music videos into passive victim, usually portrayed sliding around on the floor (can the male directors of these short films really not come up with anything else?). Common themes? Girls in cages (in a mainstream Girls Aloud video, Lindsay Lohan is trapped in a bird cage). Girls dressed as animals. Girls caressing themselves. Girls lying prone, and who look as though they have been or are about to be raped. Women filmed in dark, wet alleyways, inevitably dressed as prostitutes (the hugely famous female artists who have been portrayed in this scenario are far too numerous to mention). I have just spent 24 hours watching MTV's various, numerous channels. My eyes hurt. My brain has lapsed into a confused coma. I felt nauseated one moment, bored out of my skull the next. Yesterday, psychologist Linda Papadopoulos delivered a 100-page report to the Home Office into violence against women, and called for sexual or provocative pop videos to be banned before the watershed of 9pm.

    'Children and young people today are not only exposed to increasing amounts of hypersexualised images,' she wrote in the report. 'They are also sold the idea that they have to look "sexy" and "hot".' This report follows on the heels of recent promises by both Labour and Conservative MPs to do more to combat the early sexualisation of young girls: the sale of padded bras for children, sparkly pink T-shirts daubed with the slogan 'When I grow up I want to be a WAG', and the like. On Woman's Hour a week ago, David Cameron spoke about how he wanted to stop his very young daughter listening to Lily Allen's music because of the provocative lyrics, but that he had failed miserably. This is because parents are powerless to police all these images and their dangerous messages. MTV - which pumps this stuff out all day long - and You Tube are just too powerful. As well as a moratorium on sexually explicit videos on television, stricter measures need to be introduced as to what can be viewed by children on the internet, because the safeguards are laughable. Pop stars themselves are never going to change, fearing they will seem out-of-touch, past it, or simply tame in a cultural climate which has seen soft porn merging with mainstream music videos.

    When I have challenged female pop stars about why they allow themselves to be portrayed in this way, particularly when they know how young their fans are, they always spout the same nonsense. When I asked Shakira, the Latin American superstar, how she can square being sexy, wearing skimpy clothes, with her charitable work championing children in the developing world, she replied indignantly: 'Of course I can square it! I think my image is one of being powerful, in control.' Why, then, appear as a tawdry pinup on the cover of FHM magazine?

    'I am totally pro-women,' she said. 'I know it's critical to invest in girls' education.' A non-sequitur if I ever I heard one. When I told Kimberley Walsh that I've always felt the scantily dressed, over-made-up uniform of her group, Girls Aloud, makes young women appear weak and relentlessly girly, she shook her head, a mass of Forties- style curls, liberally enhanced with the requisite extensions. 'We dress up in videos because we're in a band, and it's part of the performance to be glamorous,' she responded. 'But just because we look the way we do doesn't make us weak. 'I know young girls copy us, but that doesn't mean we don't think that having a personality isn't more important than being beautiful. I never look like this when I'm at home.' Is that true, I wonder. Can young girls tell the difference between dressing up for a video, a performance, and real life?

    Can young boys, particularly, differentiate between girls in a group and those who live in their street, or will they grow up with a warped view of how women should look and behave? Spend a Friday night watching women parade in town centres the length and breadth of Britain and you will be able to see for yourself that they take the drag queen make-up and hooker uniform they see on screen literally. I recently talked to a group of teenage girls at a school in Hackney. They were all dressed as though they were extras in one of these music videos: exposed thighs (despite the snow!), hooped earrings and false eyelashes. Which female role models do they most look up to? 'Beyonce!' they chorused.

    One 17-year-old said: 'We want her clothes and her lifestyle.' (Note, not one young woman said: 'But we realise how hard we would have to work to get that.') Some people may argue that I'm being prudish; that music videos have always been controversial, packed with sex and violence. Isn't the point of pop music to enrage parents? MTV, which showed its first video in August 1981, was criticised from the start for its fast-moving images, and for limiting the attention span of its viewers. When Duran Duran's video for Girls On Film aired, depicting naked women wrestling in oil, parents bombarded the station with complaints.

    In the U.S., the National Coalition On TV Violence condemned MTV as early as 1985, while the loudest critics were cable TV mogul Ted Turner and Al Gore's wife, Tipper, who took exception at the sexual content of many hip-hop videos. MTV actually took some of this criticism on board, cutting back on the more violent heavy metal videos, and even banning Madonna's Justify My Love video in 1990 for its explicit, sadomasochistic content. But the channel's acknowledgment that it needs to exercise restraint seems to have been forgotten. These days, Madonna's early videos seem positively quaint. Even the Spice Girls were preferable to what we have on offer today: at least they sang about power. They might have dressed skimpily, but there was an innocence, a freshness to their look. They put each other before boys.

    A study of the MTV network's content by the Parents' Television Council in America found 1,548 sexual scenes containing 3,056 depictions of sex or nudity in just 71 hours; that is a sexual scene every 6.6 minutes. Even the female artists who started their careers espousing the virtues of being independent, of not relying on a man to pay the bills (two of Beyonce's early songs were called Independent Woman and Bills), have become more and more sexual. On these music channels, as well as the music videos featuring women who are never old, never not liberally oiled, never not near naked, never not writhing at the feet of some dreadful man, there are liberal dollops of 'documentaries' and game shows. Would you like some examples of what is actually being broadcast, at all times of day and night, on the most recognised network among young adults aged 12 to 34, a network that is watched by 73 per cent of all boys and 78 per cent of girls, and which is pumped into more than 10million homes in the UK and Ireland? There is a reality TV programme featuring a 'bisexual hottie' and her quest for a partner.

    The young women taking part in this programme are all hysterical, tanned, fake-breasted imbeciles with names like Brittany. The young men have bandanas and six packs, and nurse pent-up balls of aggression they occasionally unleash by headbutting each other. Another show, which is preceded by the words 'Warning: Stupid show ahead', features a fat teenager who proceeds to harass members of the public. There is hip-hop's answer to Whose Line Is It Anyway?, in which a half-naked girl is leered at by sportswear-clad men who have nothing witty whatsoever to say to her. It is merely lewd. Another show, The Hills, is about high-maintenance, whining girls who all aspire to work on Teen Vogue if only they could lift their heads out of a puddle of drool. In between all this rubbish is the occasional music video for songs - and I use that word loosely - with lyrics including 'How u like it, daddy, the way she do it from the back?' and another song about the joys of 'wearing my Rolex'.

    As one despairing father wrote in a blog, having just watched, with his teenage children, a 'human sundae eating competition', where a girl eats cream off a dude's chest: 'It's the content, the imagery, I can't stand. 'Sex as combat, the crotch as fetish. The stupid, blatant monotonous sexism. The tight shots of body parts. I don't see much difference between MTV and pornography.' While there are a few female artists who have not accepted that debasing themselves in this way is inevitable, there really is a dearth of female singers who have intelligent lyrics, and who manage to keep their clothes on. Where are the Carole Kings, the Tracy Chapmans, even the Bjorks of today?

    While there is a wave of new young singers who have come to the fore on the back of High School Musical and Glee, these seem to appeal only to the very young: all the teenagers I've spoken to dismiss these stars as hopelessly square, the Osmonds of our time. While I agree that we do need tighter controls on what is shown on both TV and the internet, particularly given the fact that so many very young children have both TV sets and laptops in their bedrooms, absolutely nothing will change until a new wave of singers emerge who are intelligent, who write their own songs and control their own careers and, most importantly, manage to keep their clothes on. What I saw on MTV, and have glanced at several times on the internet, was an entire sub-culture of mainstream music videos in which sex is the only currency: in which girls wear bikinis, and boys take their pick. It's depressing. It's demeaning. And it's corrupting a generation who simply don't have the moral guidance that would lead them to turn it off.