jessica banks MORENO VALLEY, Calif.—The pastor of a church in a Riverside County strip mall was sentenced to life in state prison Friday for abusing her five adopted daughters, who were beaten daily, fed spoiled food and hidden in a garage.

Jessica Banks, 65, of Moreno Vally was sentenced to 36 years and 8 months in prison along with two consecutive terms of 15 years to life, said Michael Jeandron, a spokesman for the county district attorney's office. Superior Court Judge Richard Hanscom in Riverside described it as the worst abuse case he had seen. However, the Moreno Valley woman denied any wrongdoing and her attorney said an appeal was planned. Banks was arrested in June 2005, about a month after one of the sisters, a bruised and emaciated 6-year-old, was found curled up on the pavement in front of a tax business at the strip mall.

The mall also housed Word of Life Apostolic Church, where Banks was pastor and the children attended school. Her attorney, James Curtis of Riverside, said it was a storefront church, "fledgling at best," with only a handful of members. It closed after her arrest. Authorities say the girls, who ranged in age from 4 to 11 at the time, were forced to wear two layers of diapers and long dark dresses and lived in a hidden room in Banks' unheated garage.

Banks kicked and beat them daily with cords, sticks, high-heeled shoes, extension cords and belts, fed them spoiled food, made them take sleeping pills and sexually abused two of them with paint sticks, prosecutors claimed. A jury deliberated fewer than five hours before convicting her in July of 16 felonies, including willful harm or injury to a child, child endangement, and sexual penetration by force or fear. Banks became the girls' foster parent in 2000 after they were found to have been abused by their family. She legally adopted them in 2004. The girls are now with foster families.

On Friday, prosecutor Elan Zekster read a letter from the oldest girl, now 15. "Mom, I know somewhere in your heart you were a nice person. It was not right what you did to me and my sisters. Mom, I want you to know that I forgive you and I will be praying for you. But mom, It will never be OK what you did to me and my sisters," the letter said. Banks told the court that the girls had a normal life. She also contended that the girls were mentally disabled and could not have written the letter.

"All the things they said about me are not true," Banks told the judge. "They're lies. I know it's all a lie... I don't know where all this stuff comes from." Curtis, her attorney, urged the judge to give Banks concurrent sentences rather than consecutive ones so that she would be eligible for parole in seven instead of 14 years. At her age, "it's a death sentence," he said.

"I'm happy she'll spend the rest of her life in jail," said Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Elan Zektser. "I just hope this sends a message to others that my office doesn't take child abuse lightly." Curtis argued that the children were not abused during their early years with Banks, and in court, he displayed photographs of them at birthday parties and engaging in other regular activities. "There was substantially a period of time when they had normal lives," he said after the hearing.

"This is a woman who is not a predator, she's not trolling for kids, she's not abducting kids," he said. "She, in my opinion, was a woman who simply got overwhelmed and potentially had some sort of mental break." He did not argue in court that she was mentally ill but "that's the only reasonable conclusion," Curtis said. Despite testimony from the girls and physical evidence, "she still does not acknowledge that she did anything to these kids," Curtis said. "This is a defendant who's not seeing the same reality as everybody else."

He said Banks had raised a daughter, now grown, and a niece before adopting the sisters. She apparently lived on Social Security or other government funding and government funds supplied to help her raise the adoptive children, Curtis said. He also argued that child protective agencies were at fault for failing to prevent the abuse. "How in the hell does a 50-plus-year-old woman who has no children... has no extended family, no other resources that support her, who in the hell let her have these kids in the first place and why weren't they checking on these kids?" he asked.


    domestic I'm always encouraged to hear about positive changes in the way intimate partner abuse is viewed by public officials. In March, several groups and individuals sent letters to the San Diego District Attorney objecting to a new domestic violence police training video which the District Attorney funded. In brief, the video minimized female abuse and stigmatized males, used false and misleading information, created a wrongful appearance that domestic violence usually involves a male perpetrator and female victim and implied that only female, or primarily female, deaths result from domestic violence.

    After several phone calls and a face-to-face meeting between Harry Crouch, who is a member of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council and Assistant District Attorney Pat McGrath there is now an edited version of the video. McGrath noted that this effort changed the way DA’s now view some aspects of domestic violence, particularly within the domestic violence unit. While all failures of the video were not repairable some were, as incorrect statistical information has been deleted. The DA will send a copy of the revised version, along with a letter of explanation to all law enforcement agencies in San Diego County as well as every government and private agency in receipt of the first version and request that the first version of the video be replaced with the second version, including on departmental intranets.

    The DA will also send a letter to the San Diego Domestic Violence Council and will send a representative to a regular Domestic Violence Council meeting to explain the failings of version one. According to Harry Crouch, Director of California Men's Centers, "It always amazes me how much can be accomplished when working as a team, and this was a team effort. This type of victory and working together in my view accelerates change within what most view as an unapproachable bureaucracy."

    Among those participating in the project were Harry Crouch, Marc Angelucci of NCFM, Charles Corry of the Equal Justice Foundation, Phil Cook, author of Abused Men: the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, Richard Davis, researcher and author; and Ed Bartlett of RADAR.


    penny boudreau Karissa's last words were 'Mommy, don't'

    The final moments of Karissa Boudreau's life were revealed in court Friday, as her mother pleaded guilty to strangling her own child with a piece of twine in a grim bid to keep her boyfriend from leaving. Penny Boudreau, 34, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Friday in a Bridgewater, N.S. courthouse and was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 20 years. Courtroom spectators wept openly as they listened to the brutal details of 12-year-old Karissa Boudreau's murder. They learned that the little girl's last words were "Mommy, don't," as she was pinned down and the rough rope tightened around her neck.

    Penny Boudreau left the court silently in police custody, filing through a crowd of reporters who tried unsuccessfully to get her to speak. Karissa's frozen remains were found on the banks of the LaHave River on Feb. 9, roughly two weeks after she reported her missing on Jan. 27. Two days after the girl went missing, her mother had made an emotional plea to the media and public to help get her daughter back.

    She claimed that the two had an argument in a supermarket parking lot on the day she went missing. Four months later in June, Boudreau was arrested in Halifax and charged with the first-degree murder of her 12-year-old daughter and only child. Reading from an agreed statement of facts on Friday, Crown Attorney Paul Scovil revealed chilling, until-now unknown details about the murder.

    He read that Boudreau was given an ultimatum by her live-in boyfriend, Vernon Macumber, who told her either the daughter had to go, or he would end their relationship. According to the statement of facts, Boudreau and her daughter did go to the grocery store on the day Karissa disappeared. While there, Boudreau left Karissa in the car while she placed a call to her boyfriend, telling him the girl had gone missing.

    Boudreau then returned to the car and they drove to a nearby road where she told Karissa to get out of the car. The two then argued, and Boudreau knocked her daughter to the ground before pinning her down and strangling her with a length of twine. She then dragged the body back to the car, and drove to the nearby river where she rolled the body down the river bank. On the way she put the twine in a coffee cup and stopped to throw it away, Scovil said.

    The statement said the girl's pants came partially off when Boudreau was dragging the body from the car, and she left them in that state to suggest a sexual assault had occurred. She also put some of her articles of clothing in a garbage at a local swimming pool. Scovil told the emotional courtroom that Karissa asked her mother to stop.

    "Karissa said, 'Mommy, don't,'" Scovil said as people in the public gallery sobbed. Boudreau stood up and whispered the words "I'm sorry," in the courtroom Friday. Justice Margaret Stewart, glancing up at Boudreau, told her: "You can never call yourself mother. "The words, 'Mommy, don't.' ... are there to haunt you for the rest of your life."

    While the agreed statement of facts confirmed Boudreau's boyfriend had told her it was either him or her daughter if their relationship was to survive, Scovil said there was never any evidence Macumber was involved in the crime. "Our understanding was that he indicated to her, 'We have to do something within our family, you have to either choose her or me,'" Scovil said outside court. "We were satisfied he did not mean ... that she was to kill Karissa." Scovil added that it was clear from the beginning that it was Penny Boudreau, "and her alone, who took responsibility (for) the murder."

    Undercover operation

    The court was also told Friday of the events leading up to Penny Boudreau's confession of the crime. In an interview Friday afternoon with CTV Newsnet, Scovil said undercover agents -- posing as members of a crime family syndicate -- were able to gain Boudreau's trust. On Feb. 14, 2008, Boudreau met with an undercover operative who convinced her that he "could possibly make her 'problem' go away" if she told them exactly what happened.

    "She told the undercover operator exactly what happened, and then the next day, led them to (the murder) scene," Scovil told Newsnet from Bridgewater. "Immediately after she had done that, they arrested her and she was taken into custody, and it led to a guilty plea." When asked why the Crown didn't try to push for a first-degree murder confession, Scovil replied Boudreau's family preferred to settle the legal process now -- instead of waiting what would likely be another year for a higher conviction. "We took into account the fact that the sentence for first and second-degree (murder) is the same -- it's life," Scovil told Newsnet. Parole eligibility for first-degree murder comes after a minimum of 25 years. "We said we'd need 20 years to accept a second-degree plea," said Scofield.

    "In the end, we thought the right thing to do was to take a second-degree with a very high parole ineligibility, and get a conviction." At the time of the girl's disappearance, police scoured a river and wooded area close to the grocery story, but nothing turned up until passersby stumbled upon the girl's remains. After an autopsy was performed on Karissa's body, police said they were treating her death as a homicide. They did not release any details about how the girl was killed.

    The city of 8,000, about a 90-minute drive southwest of Halifax, hadn't recorded a homicide since 1993. Residents were stunned by the news of the girl's death.

    At Karissa's funeral, Rev. Perry Ingersoll had praised her friendly personality, "winning smile" and love for animals. Her teachers and friends described Karissa as a typical youngster who liked to sing and listen to pop music.


    caroline dunsmore AN EVIL mother yesterday told a jury how she sat and watched TV while her distraught 10-year-old daughter was gang-raped in the next room. Wicked Caroline Dunsmore, 46, also revealed she let a male friend have sex with her tearful little girl while she and her fiend husband had intercourse just feet away.

    Dunsmore - already serving a 12-year prison sentence for her role in the abuse of daughter Dana Fowley, now 29 - was giving evidence at the trial of Neil Kendall and Ian Davidson. Dunsmore told the High Court in Dunfermline that in 1990 she was living in a caravan park with her daughter and her late husband William King - Dana's stepfather.

    chloe fletcher A 22-year-old mum has been charged with the death of four-year-old Chloe Fletcher
    Laura Fletcher of Oakdale Avenue, Wallasey, was questioned for around 30 hours before she was charged by detectives. She is due to appear at Wirral Magistrates' Court this afternoon. Chloe Fletcher was found at a semi-detached house in Oakdale Avenue, Poulton, Wallasey, just before 2am yesterday. The little girl had been dressed and put to bed.
    Her mum, named locally as Laura, was arrested and led from the house in handcuffs by police. The 22-year-old remained in custody today where she is being quizzed by detectives on suspicion of murder.

    jordana ruzgar A mother who worked as a sex chatline worker has been jailed for three-and-a-half years after a 'frenzied' attack on a fellow mum with a hammer in front of dozens of children at a primary school.

    Jordana Ruzgar launched the savage attack on mum-of-three Michelle Wood after claiming she had been 'disrespected' in front of her young son. A court heard how the 29-year-old stuffed a claw hammer in her handbag and marched to Bewbush Primary School in Crawley at around 3.30pm on 30 April. Ruzgar, according to her Facebook page a fan of serial killers and horror films, crept up on Ms Wood and swung it at her head before being tackled to the ground by school staff and parents.

    Judge Guy Anthony told Ruzgar at Hove Crown Court yesterday: 'This was a wicked attempt to injure somebody for no good reason.' He added it was 'sheer luck' she was not facing a more serious charge carrying life imprisonment. Ahmed Hossain, prosecuting, said: 'There was screaming in the playground with children crying.'

    He said witnesses later described Ruzgar's 'casual manner' as she approached Ms Wood. At a previous hearing the court had heard how Ruzgar had dropped her young son at home before the attack so he wouldn't have to bear witness to her savagery. Ruzgar admitted attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

    After the attack one parent, who did not want to be named, said: 'It was awful. She kept saying about being disrespected because of her job, but that's no excuse for what she did.' Ms Wood was treated by paramedics at the scene, but did not need to go to hospital.



  • COATESVILLE, Pa. A Coatesville mother is under arrest after police say she let her 6-year-old daughter drive a car. It happened in the area of South Fourth Avenue and Walnut Street at about 4:20 p.m. Sunday. Police say a patrol offficer stopped the car after spotting the young driver.

    The officer says the girl was operating the Dodge Durango station wagon while her 30-year-old mother was More..sitting in the passenger seat, laughing. She reportedly told the officer she was teaching the child to drive. The child's aunt showed up at the scene and police say she asked the young girl, “If her mother made her drive the car?” The girl replied "Mom made me drive because she was sleepy," according to police.

    Then police say the aunt asked her niece, "Was your mom smoking that stinky stuff again?" Te girl replied "yes," say police. Police have charged the woman with endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, recklessly endangering another person, and permitting violation of title. She does not face any driving under the influence charges because police say she was not the one driving the car.

    The woman is currently held in Chester County Prison after failing to post 10% of a $15,000 cash bail. Her name is being withheld to protect the identity of her child.


    laura jane vestuto A 'selfish' mother killed her 20-month-old son by drugging him with painkillers to 'make her life easier', a court heard today.

    Laura-Jane Vestuto, 28, crushed up pills into son Renzo's milk and orange juice to stop him crying over several months. The former childminder had been prescribed amitriptyline by her GP as a pain reliever.

    But she stockpiled the drugs and began giving them to Renzo, finally killing him with a dose ten times the safe adult dose. Hospital staff were shocked by her lack of concern when medics tried in vain to revive her son. She later denied giving him drugs in three separate interviews and tried to pin the blame on innocent members of her family. Her partner and Renzo's father, Yilmaz Hassan, a baker, was initially arrested and held in custody and her own mother was interviewed under police caution.

  • Mother jailed for toddler's death

    rekha kumari-baker

    A mother accused of murdering her teenage daughters allegedly phoned a special constable and told him: "I have done something terrible."

    Rekha Kumari-Baker, 41, stabbed her two girls to death while they slept at her home, Cambridge Crown Court was told. After taking the pair on a shopping trip to the Lakeside Centre in Essex, she stabbed 16-year-old Davina Baker 39 times, prosecutor John Farmer said. Then, using a knife bought at a nearby Asda store, the hotel worker attacked Jasmine Baker, 13, at the house in Stretham, Cambridgeshire, he added.

    After killing the children, Kumari-Baker got dressed twice and into her car before allegedly ringing a special constable she knew to say: "I have done something terrible..." A possible motive, Mr Farmer told the jury, is that the girls were killed in order to "wreak havoc" on Kumari-Baker's ex-husband, David Baker. Defence lawyers will argue Kumari-Baker had "diminished responsibility" for the killings, judge Mr Justice Bean said.

    They will claim she was suffering from a "serious abnormality of mind" when the offences occurred. Mr Farmer told jurors that if they agreed with the defence's argument she would be guilty of manslaughter, not murder. The trial continues and is expected to last two weeks.




    mercedes farquhason A British woman who said she was the Messiah is set to appear in court today to face charges of enslaving three children. Mercedes Farquhason was indicted in 2006 by an American jury after she was accused of keeping the three children, all of whom are also British, as her slaves on her North Carolina farm.

    The children were rescued but she went on the run, and was only arrested in Bulgaria in July this year. She was extradited to the United States, where she is in custody awaiting a detention hearing scheduled for today. She had been wanted on two counts of felony child abuse over the suspected beating of her adopted daughter, and three felony counts of involuntary servitude. She is due to appear in a North Carolina court tonight.

    One of the girls, 15 at the time Farquhason went on the run, was her adopted daughter, believed to be named Emma. The other two, Jasmine and Holly Lloyd, were taken in by Farquhason in London in the 1990s when their real mother was having problems in a difficult marriage. In 2006 it was reported that the girls' mother had been Farquhason's best friend. She 'gave' the girls to Farquhason as a Christmas present, it was claimed. In 2005 police said Farquhason would bark profanity-ridden orders to the girls over an intercom, working them 20 hours a day.


    dcfs 6-year-old allegedly abducted in custody dispute two years ago

    ROYALTON, Illinois - Authorities say a boy allegedly abducted in a custody dispute two years ago has been found alive, hidden behind a wall at his grandmother's southern Illinois home. Franklin County authorities found 6-year-old Richard Chekevdia on Friday in a small room hidden behind a wall in Diane Dobbs' rural home.

    The boy's mother, Shannon Wilfong, is charged with felony child abduction. Dobbs is charged with aiding and abetting. Wilfong disappeared with her son in 2007 and was charged with kidnapping, though she couldn't be found. Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Stan Diggs says the boy is in good spirits and very social, talkative and polite. He's staying with his father's relative, under supervision of state child-welfare workers.

  • Boy missing for almost 2 Yrs, Found ALIVE Hidden in Grandmas Wall(VIDEO)


    However none of these evil man hating rags have investigated the complete failure of the NSPCC to protect children. They claim the millions go on child protection and NOT to their high flying salaried directors ,many who come from the radical feminist man hating club.

    Those rags that carry the NSPCC man hating propaganda also do not investigate the NSPCC's failures in major child abuse cases were the NSPCC were implicated and failed children like Victoria Climbie and many others children who the NSPCC had reports on yet did NOTHING despite the millions they get from many sources.
    See the following at Climbie Inquiry and the NSPCC

    "The charity NSPCC is keen to promote an image of slick professionalism at the cutting edge of child protection. But this is at odds with evidence heard by the public inquiry into the death of eight year old Victoria Climbie."

    Our group have tried endlessly to open up the books of the NSPCC and PROVE this charity DOES NOT protect children but merely uses sensationalist headlines , as the below prove, to give themselves a means to ask for MORE AND MORE money thanks to their partners in crime, Britains masonic run scumbag man hating media. All of this backs up the crooked masonic judges and lawyers fleecing men in family courts and NOTHING to do with protecting children.

  • 'Many girls' abused by boyfriends
  • One in three teenage girls has been sexually abused by a boyfriend

    helen goddard A woman teacher appeared in court today accused of engaging in sexual activity with a young girl. Helen Goddard, 26, of Greenwich, south east London, appeared before City of London Magistrates' Court.

    She was accused of six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child aged between 13 and 15, City of London Police said. She was released on conditional bail and will appear again at Southwark Crown Court on August 18, a spokesman added.

    The defendant has been suspended from her post at a London school that cannot be named for legal reasons. City of London Magistrates' Court was unable to confirm details of reporting restrictions imposed on the case. Details of the charges were made public by City of London Police only after the hearing.

  • Teacher accused of lesbian affair


    sarahjanehilliard A woman faces jail after luring a man into having sex with her and then crying rape in a plot to claim thousands of pounds in compensation. Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 20, applied for £7,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority days after falsely accusing Grant Bowers, 19, of raping her. Yesterday, the telesales employee was told she faced a jail term, after her web of lies was exposed in court in May.

    Hilliard told police she met up with Mr Bowers, whom she regarded as a friend, at Liquid nightclub in Basildon, Essex, on July 26 last year. She said he joined her and a friend in their taxi home, but when she stopped in a public toilet by the railway station he came in and attacked her. In reality they had met at another club and walked to the station, and it was she who lured him into the toilet - even telling him he 'better be there for the baby' if she became pregnant.

    Mr Bowers was arrested and bailed. But eight days later, after police failed to find CCTV images of the pair outside Liquid, Hilliard's friend confessed that they had actually been in the nearby Colors nightclub all night. CCTV footage from there clearly showed Hilliard and Mr Bowers, both from Basildon, kissing and holding hands before leaving. Officers contacted Mr Bowers and told him he would not be charged and instead arrested Hilliard for perverting the course of justice.

    But this did not save him from being made a hate figure. 'The last 11 months have been horrendous,' he said. 'I've lost all my self- confidence. I don't know why she did it but her lies have ruined my life.' Mr Bowers's father, Tony, 48, said his son had to move out of Basildon because of threats against him. He said: 'After the court case people started kicking the door of his flat in and shouting "rapist" though the letterbox. 'He moved into temporary accommodation but he heard that people were offering £100 to find out where he was. He's been threatened and chased through town with a knife too.

    'He's petrified. He's left Basildon and is staying with friends because he's worried about what's going to happen.' In Hilliard's trial at Basildon Crown Court in May, Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, said: 'This incident has changed Mr Bowers. 'He speaks of his lack of confidence approaching young women, not trusting them and having trouble sleeping.

    'He was physically sick through worry, constantly teary and feeling like he wanted to cry.' Jacqueline Carey, defending, said Hilliard had an 'extremely difficult period in her past' which she had discussed with a psychiatrist. Hilliard was found guilty and was due to be sentenced yesterday but that was adjourned until next month to wait for further psychiatric reports.



    social workers

    For to many men in the UK who have been separated from their children this is an all to common occurrence. Social workers ensure mothers in the majority of divorce cases get custody of the children. This leaves them without the protection of their biological father and then threatened by the NEW boyfriend the mother attaches herself to . In many cases ex wives use those boyfriends to inflict abuse on the children to GET BACK at the father.

    The UK's masonic judges and lawyers busily stealing the assets and homes while allowing the mother and her friends to blatantly ignore the welfare of the children and an all to common effect of the EXTREME bias of Britains corrupt family courts. Our group have first hand experience of the jack book lesbians being recruited by councils to ensure only radical feminism is what decides the level of protection for children and that ENSURES the total removal of the biological father.

    Baby P case is only one of many thousands of examples when the family courts get it badly wrong.

    And the officials who missed all the signs...



    * Social worker allocated to Baby P's family.
    * Dismissed by Haringey for gross misconduct in April.
    * She has appealed against her dismissal.
    * The hearing has yet to take place.
    *Currently suspended from the social work register while an investigation continues.


    * Social work team manager responsible for Baby P's case.
    * Dismissed by Haringey for gross misconduct in April.
    * She has appealed against her dismissal. Hearing yet to take place.
    * Currently suspended from the social work register while an investigation continues.



    * Consultant paediatrician who saw Peter two days before his death but missed his most serious injuries.
    * Suspended from the medical register while an investigation continues.
    * Suing Great Ormond Street for unfair dismissal after it refused to renew her contract in May 2008, nine months after Peter's death.


    * Family GP who saw Peter at least 15 times during his life and was the first to raise the alarm over the toddler's abuse.
    * Suspended from the medical register while an investigation continues.



    * Former £133,000-a-year head of children's services at Haringey.
    * Suspended last December after disastrous press conference about Baby P, dismissed a week later.
    * Now seeking a judicial review against Ofsted and Children's Secretary Ed Balls over their handling of her dismissal.
    * Also taking Haringey to a tribunal over claims she was the victim of sexual discrimination.


    * Former deputy to Sharon Shoesmith at Haringey.
    * Suspended on full pay last December, dismissed for a 'loss of trust and confidence' in April.
    * She has appealed against her dismissal. Hearing yet to take place.


    * Haringey's former head of safeguarding children.
    * Suspended on full pay in December, dismissed for gross misconduct in April.
    * He has appealed against his dismissal. Hearing yet to take place.

  • Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him

  • Baby Peters biological father demands £200,000 compensation for social work failures


  • Boynton Beach Florida Aug. 5, 2009. After she solicited an undercover police officer and gave him a down payment of $1,500 to kill her husband on video with a promise of $3,000 more. Her acting performance as a result when told her husband was dead. After seeing her husband was alive at the police station and charged with attempted 1st degree murder, a judge ordered a $25,000 bond which she gave 10% by law ($2,500) and was bonded out of jail.

    She is now under house arrest at her mother's house. The police have her on video soliciting the murder and exchanging money.



    Julie cory Gazing adoringly at the newborn child, a couple pose with pride. For Alex Dion, who cradles the tiny infant on his left arm, it is a moment of unbridled joy.

    But within hours his world had fallen apart when police arrested his partner Julie Corey amid gruesome accusations that the baby he thought was his had been taken from the womb of a murdered woman. Mr Dion he had been convinced he was the girl's father and was stunned when police moved in on him and Miss Dion as they sat in their car with the baby.

    He was taken to a police station where he was horrified to learn the 4lb baby was the daughter of Darlene Haynes, 23, who had been found dead two days earlier. The mother of three, a friend of Corey, had been eight months pregnant.

    Dion, from Worcester, Massachusetts, spoke as this picture and others were released of a family celebration at which he and Corey proudly showed off 'their' new daughter, who was said last night to be in good health.



  • Woman arrested on child cruelty charge

    An Alabama woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police say she injured a child while dragging it through a store in Rome. According to Floyd County Jail records:

    Melissa Catherine Smith-Means, 37, of Gaylesville, Ala., was arrested by Rome police around 12:30 p.m. She was charged with felony first-degree cruelty to children. Police say she was observed by customers and employees at a store on Broad Street, dragging a small child around by a backpack leash. The child had visible marks on the neck from the incident.

    She remains in jail without bail


    city of londond school A woman teacher at a top private school for girls has been arrested over allegations that she sexually assaulted a pupil during an “inappropriate” relationship. The 26-year-old woman who teaches at the City of London School for Girls, a £13,000-a-year school in the heart of the capital’s financial district, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of sexually assaulting the child. The woman, who has not been named, has been suspended from teaching while the police investigation continues.

    A spokesman for the City of London Corporation, which owns the school, said: “A member of staff has been arrested following an investigation by police into an allegation of an inappropriate relationship with one of our students.” Parents of the 700 pupils at the school, which was rated among the independent schools Top Ten last year, received a series of texts and e-mails advising them to read a letter posted on the school’s intranet by Diana Vernon, the headmistress.



    jennifer day A mother was jailed for two years yesterday for crying rape against a man she met on a dating website. Jennifer Day, 34, who made the false allegation against former boyfriend Andrew Saxby after a row, was told by the judge that she had undermined efforts to treat genuine rape victims fairly and sympathetically. The court also heard that Mr Saxby was subjected to 'degrading and upsetting' examinations while being held by police for ten hours. Judge Ian Graham said the investigation had wasted £4,000 of taxpayers' money and 270 police man hours.

    He added: 'The police have put great stores on providing sympathetic treatments of women who make genuine complaints of rape and you abused that. 'You have undermined and jeopardised the efforts that are being made about the need to treat genuine victims of rape properly, fairly and sympathetically. 'The offence is in itself a serious one, it has terrible consequences potentially and actually for the victim and wider implications for those women who have genuinely been raped.'



    oldest  mum 'I have no regrets': Deathbed words of world's oldest mother who kept cancer secret from twins

    The world's oldest mum insisted on her deathbed she had 'no regrets' about having children at the age of 66. Carmen Bousada´s death last week left IVF twins Christian and Pau orphaned at the age of two-and-a-half. The 69-year-old was bedridden and virtually blind when she said a tearful goodbye to her children after a long battle with the cancer.

    But in an interview given the day before she died, Ms Bousada said she felt no remorse about her controversial decision to become a mother 18 years after going through the menopause. She had tricked US doctors into giving her IVF treatment, telling them she was 55.


    hannah mcintyre A female teacher at a private boys' school has been charged with sexual activity involving a sixth-form pupil. Classics mistress Hannah McIntyre, 24, is accused of abusing a position of trust and sexual activity with a child.

    The teacher, a keen musician, was suspended from Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, in Crosby, Merseyside, following her arrest in January. Yesterday police confirmed she had been charged with sexual misconduct with one pupil, and will appear in court later this month.

    Although sixth-form students are above the age of consent, it is a criminal offence for teachers to engage in sexual activity with them because of the 'relationship of trust'. Miss McIntyre joined the school in September 2007, and according to its website she is 'an able musician'.


    sarah wilson Bisexual woman, 21, becomes first female to be jailed for grooming a schoolgirl for sex

    Sarah Wilson, 21, was jailed for 20 months after targetting a 15-year-old girl online and bombarding her with sexually explicit text messages A woman was jailed for 20 months today in the first case of an adult female grooming a schoolgirl for sex.

    Sarah Wilson, 21, targeted the 15-year-old in an internet chat room and quickly began playing on the youngster's 'vulnerability'. The couple's six-month online relationship quickly 'escalated' into a 'multitude' of texts and phone calls becoming 'more and more sexually graphic'. Prosecutor Peter Zinner said Mrs Wilson had left no doubt what she wanted to do with the youngster and in some of her emails spoke of using 'sex toys'. He said that it quickly 'became clear that this 15-year-old was becoming more and more emotionally dependent on the flattery that Wilson fed her over the internet'.

    rake A hardline feminist has been chosen as the Government's new chief spokesman on families.

    Dr Katherine Rake, who wants to see men bring up babies, will head the Family and Parenting Institute, a heavily state-financed organisation set up by Labour to speak for parents and children. The Institute boasts that it 'brings alive the real issues for families' and 'listens to parents and carers across the country'.

    But critics said the appointment of Dr Rake, currently director of the women's equality campaign group the Fawcett Society, showed the Institute was out of touch with the concerns of ordinary families. The organisation was set up in 1999 by then Home Secretary Jack Straw to shore up family life and encourage parents.

    Last year it received nearly £8million from Ed Balls's Department for Children, Schools and Families towards its declared mission of 'supporting parents in bringing up children'. Dr Rake, who will take over from the Institute's founding chief executive Mary MacLeod, has long declared her intention is not to support parents as they are, but to revolutionise their lives.

    Writing in The Guardian three years ago, she said: 'We want to transform the most intimate and private relations between women and men. 'We want to change not just who holds power in international conglomerations, but who controls the household budget. 'We want to change not just what childcare the state provides, but who changes the nappies at home.'

    Dr Rake added: 'It is only when men are ready to share caring and work responsibilities with women that we will be able to fulfil our true potential to form equal partnerships in which we have respect, autonomy and dignity.' Under the direction of Dr Rake, a former London School of Economics lecturer, the Fawcett Society has campaigned for a 'changing role' for men. The group, which is chaired by prominent gay rights campaigner Angela Mason, says the role reversal should be backed by longer paid parental leave, official encouragement for men to apply for flexible work hours, and the opening of mother and toddler groups to stay-at-home fathers.


    william leith Sitting on the sofa, with my four-year-old son Billy, I was reading aloud to him from a book by Anthony Browne. He's our favourite male children's author. We love reading together. For one thing, it's about bonding. My son asks me about the world and I try to explain it to him. It's a classic moment between father and son.

    This particular book is called Gorilla. It's about a girl called Hannah who is obsessed with gorillas and whose father takes no notice of her. There he is, the awful man, introduced on page two, sitting at the breakfast table, hiding behind his newspaper. His daughter wants to talk to him, but he's not interested. He's there, physically, at the table. But in all other respects, he's absent.

    'He didn't have time for anything,' writes the author Browne. On the next page, the father says: 'Not now. I'm busy. Maybe tomorrow.' And as I read this out to my son, he looked puzzled. 'Why?' he asked, gazing up towards me for an answer. 'I don't know,' I said. Later, I considered my son's question in more detail. And I realised that it wasn't just some dads. It was lots of dads. Why?

    Why is the dad in Zoo, another book by Browne, about a family trip to the zoo, such an idiot? Not just an idiot, but a grumpy, overweight idiot who tries to make jokes, but is never funny and, what's more, is always on the verge of ruining things for everybody else. He's a greedy slob, just like Homer Simpson. He's more childish than his children, even though he has hair sprouting from his ears. Then there's the dad in Into The Forest, another book by this author. This one's about a dad who goes missing. He is clearly a weakling. He walks out of the family home and goes to stay with his mum. A recent academic study confirmed that men - particularly fathers - are under-represented in almost all children's books. And when they do appear, like the fathers in Gorilla and Zoo, they are often withdrawn, or obsessed with themselves, or just utterly ineffectual.

  • Full article here

    ROCKEFELLER by Richard Evans
    The "Patriarchy" is the Plutocracy and it's Funding Feminism!

    When big changes happen, follow the money. Feminist funding comes from big foundations. Google "Women's Studies" and Rockefeller Foundation and you'll get 132,000 links. Google "Women's Studies" and Ford Foundation and you'll get 217,000 links. Carnegie Foundation yields 197,000 links. They frequently acknowledge foundation funding and expose a massive social engineering program designed to reduce population, emasculate men and undermine the institutions of marriage & family.

    Yet, horror to tell, these foundations are dominated by men, not women. Feminism, ostensibly dedicated to "smashing the Patriarchy," is bankrolled by the Patriarchy.

    * A 1990 report by Women and Foundations/Corporate Philanthropy found that 23% of foundations surveyed had no women or people of color as trustees. Furthermore, women of color made up only 5% of all foundation trustees.

    * 71% of foundation members are male. A similar bias exists among foundation directors. At 14%, women are better represented among chief executive officers of foundations, but they tend to head the smaller foundations. The largest independent foundations are headed by men.

    If you take the time to really trace NGO funding, the faces change from radical chic hell raiser women gradually into very old white men. Feminists drawing large salaries in universities and NGO's, all have these unseen sugar daddies. The rank and file don't know this. They're too busy picking on men who don't pull any more strings in this culture than they do. I'll show you how to check it out yourself. First, you'll need the Grants Foundation Index. Using this you can look up foundations and see where their money goes.

    Start with an organization's website and where possible, find who funds them, and the list of their board. Save to a notepad or word.doc. When you've collected a lot of donors names, most you won't recognize, some you will, but you'll see names crop up over and over again. They're not all American names either listed on these US foundations. You'll find many names listed in Who's Who in America consisting of mostly Anglo-Americans, Jews, and a smattering of Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and some Russian. But nationalities don't matter. What binds them more powerfully is that they're all Plutocrats. When you have the names of the foundations that fund them upfront, check those foundations websites to find who their donors are. As you go, check each foundation with the Grants Foundation Index. This will tell you what other organizations they fund.

    During the 20th century funding up through the 1970's feminist/population control organizations used to be relatively easy to trace to two 'prime mover' sources. These could be found either funding directly or through one or two 'conduit' foundations.

    The big two were (are)

    * Rockefeller Foundation (primarily funding US based feminism/population controller NGO's in the Western hemisphere.)

    * Carnegie Foundation (US based international NGO's)

    Today it takes more time to trace the money trail back to where the buck stops. The up front organizations who commonly fund NGO's involved in the catch-all 'women's rights' include :

    International Planned Parenthood Federation
    (IPPF), the International Women's Health Coalition, the Population Council,
    International Projects Assistance Services (Ipas), the Center for Reproductive Rights
    Family Care International
    William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
    David and Lucile Packard Foundation
    The MacArthur Foundation

    (Curiously, all these foundations have a common social agenda suggesting the rich belong to one club, the Illuminati, and were allowed to prosper because of this membership.) Prior to US invasion/occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the primary target of US population control and 'women's rights' foundations was Latin America, and Mexico. Until the Robles Reform was approved, abortion was illegal in every Mexican state. All that changed, however, in January 2002--thanks, in large part, to funding provided by U.S. pro-abortion foundations.

    When the 911 episode gave the US government the excuse it needed to seize Afghanistan and Iraq. destabilizing the region from Iraq to Pakistan, the way was open for the Foundations to deploy the NGO's of 'culture change'. Islamic culture has a history of resisting Western culture and more importantly, our credit based central banking system. Men and women didn't want any of that in the Western hemisphere either a hundred years ago. But foundation funding of the education system, entertainment and media industry, and ultimately, manufactured adversarial division of gender consensus, changed all that.

    An additional NGO tool

    The money trail leads back to expose once and for all the REAL Patriarchy making life hell for women, men, children, the elderly, and the starving: The Patriarchy of the International Central Banking Cartel. Would it feel any better if they were evil old crones instead of old evil men?

    The real "Patriarchy" is the PLUTOCRACY. Not fathers, husbands, brothers and co-workers.


    radical feminism As a successful playwright this woman should have the world at her feet. So why, at 36, does she feel bitterly unfulfilled? My mother - a film-maker had books by Germaine Greer and Erica Jong by her bedside. (Like every good feminist, she didn't see why she should do all the cleaning.) She imbued me with the great values of choice, equality and sexual liberation.
    But, at nearly 37, those same values leave me feeling cold. Now, I want love and children, but they are nowhere to be seen. When I was growing up, I was led to believe by my mother and other women of her generation that women could 'have it all', and, more to the point, that we wanted it all. To that end, I have spent 20 years ruthlessly pursuing my dream of being a successful playwright. I have sacrificed all my womanly duties and laid it all at the altar of a career. And was it worth it? The answer has to be a resounding no.

    She religiously follows her icon through the years, as Madonna sells her the ultimate dream - 'You can do anything, be anything, Go girl!'. Lesley discovers, along with Madonna, that trying to 'have it all' is a massive gamble. I wrote the play because so many of my girlfriends were inspired by this independent woman who allowed us to feel we could be strong and feminists and have careers and still be sexy. I still adore Madonna, and always will, but she has turned out not to be able to 'have it all'. The same goes for those of us who idolised her - and it's a huge disappointment.

    My views may not represent those of other women of my generation. Perhaps I am just a spoilt middle-class girl who had a career and who has now changed her mind about what she wants from life. But I don't think so. I would argue that women's libbers of the Sixties and Seventies put careerism at the forefront of women's lives and, as a result, the traditional role of women was trampled underneath their crusading Doc Martens. I wish a more balanced view of womanhood had been available to me. I wish that being a housewife or a mother hadn't been such a toxic idea to middle-class liberals of those formative decades.

    Increasing numbers of my strongly feminist contemporaries are giving up their careers and opting for love and children and baking instead. Now, I wish I'd had kids ten years ago, when time was on my side. But the essence of the problem, I can see in retrospect, is not so much time as mentality. It's about understanding what is important in life, and from what I see and feel deep down, loving relationships and children bring more happiness than work ever can. Natasha Hidvegi, 37, who recently left her job as a surgeon in order to look after her son, told me: 'I don't want to judge other women in similar jobs, but I found it impossible to be both a good surgeon and a good mother. Giving up my career was a terribly hard decision, but I don't regret it.'

    It's one thing to give up your career and have children before it's too late with the right man, but it's another issue altogether if you haven't yet found that man. Because, as my generation have discovered to their cost, men don't appear to like strong women very much. They are programmed to like their women soft and feminine. It's not their fault - it's in the genes. Holly Kendrick, 34, who holds a high-status job in theatre, agrees: 'Men tend to be freaked out if you work as hard as them,' she says. 'It's like being the smart kid in the class: no one likes them.'

    This is why many of my girlfriends are still alone. Perhaps men haven't accepted women's modernity. (By modernity, I mean being the strong alpha woman who never questions her entitlement to the same jobs, fun and sexual gratification as men.)

    And this is the crux of the problem. Modernity has made women stronger, and that consequently means that we have higher standards; we want more. I am extremely capable, I really don't need a man. Seriously - it scares me how much I don't need a man. But that doesn't mean I don't want one. I am lonely, and terrified of being alone.

    I have tried everything to stop the clocks, to stall time and find my ideal partner. I've considered the whole 'Let's adopt a baby from an African orphanage' thing. I have even had my eggs frozen (yes, really!) in the hope that if I do meet the right man, I will be in a position to have the children I now long for.

    I feel a great pressure from other women of my generation who have husbands and children to join their club. In their eyes, I am not the trailblazer but the failure. My friend Rita Arnold, who's 36, works in marketing, says: 'It's not men who judge me for being a careerist - I find they are more accommodating of "modernity" - it's other women. The claws come out.' This leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. We are letting each other down, but there is a worse betrayal even than that. Apparently, I am a failure in my own eyes. Somewhere deep inside lurks a women I cannot control, and she is in the kitchen with a baby on her hip and a ball of dough in her hand, staring me down. She is saying to me: 'This is happiness. You can't deny it, this is what it's all about.' It's an instinct that makes me a woman; an instinct that I can't ignore, even if I've tried to for 15 years.

    Had I had this understanding of my inner psyche in my 20s, I would have mentally demoted my writing (and hedonism) and pursued a relationship with vigour. There were plenty of men and even a marriage offer from someone with whom I would have happily settled down. But no, I wasn't prepared to give up my dreams, the life I had been told was the right and proper one for a modern woman.

    No one told me having fun isn't as much fun as I thought.' As I write this, I feel sad, as if the feminist principles my mother brought me up to have are being trashed. Am I betraying womanhood? No, I am revealing a shameful inner truth. Women are often the worst enemies of feminism because of our genetic make-up. We only have a finite time to be mothers, and when that biological clock starts ticking, we receive the most enormous reality check. That's why we suddenly abandon all our strength, forget all talk of deadlines and Powerpoint presentations, and start keeping ovulation diaries.

    Of course, not all women want children. But I challenge any woman to say they don't want loving relationships. I wish I had been given the advice that I am now giving to my sister, who is 22. If you find a great guy, don't be afraid to settle down and have kids because there isn't anything to miss out on that you can't go back and do later - apart from having kids. In the future, I hope there can be a better understanding of women by women. The past 25 years has been confusing for our sex, and I can't help feeling I've been caught in the crossfire.

    As women, we should accept each other full stop, rather than only appreciating professional 'success'. I have always felt an immense pressure to be successful, to show men I am their equal. What a waste of time that was. The traditional role of wife and mother should be given parity with the careerist role in the minds of feminists as well as men.

    My mother has managed to juggle a career as a film-maker and being a great mother. She was part of the generation that overlapped in the sense that they had feminist values, but still had children early. She hasn't had the career opportunities that my generation of women have had because she had to make sacrifices and take lesser jobs so she could be there at parents' evenings.

    That is not a clash of priorities that I or most of my friends have ever faced. Before the sisterhood rise up in fury, I would say this: I am not betraying feminism at all. Choice and careers are vital, of course, but they shouldn't be held up as a Holy Grail and pursued relentlessly. I love being a writer, but my career hasn't made me feel as fulfilled as I had imagined it would. So, now I am facing facts. The thing that has made me feel best in life was being in love with my ex-boyfriend - whom I was with for five years from the age of 30 - and the thing that makes me feel the most centred is being in the country with other people's children and dogs, and, yes, maybe in the kitchen.

    Of course, I still have time to find a man and have children, but it doesn't often work like that, does it? I don't want to be an old mother whose arthritic knees don't allow her to run in the park with her little ones. It's all about now, now, now. And sod's law says that every day, minute, hour that goes by makes you older and more desperate. It might as well be tattooed on my forehead.