Where you are most likely to see men suffering from PTSD
When the media publish articles on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder they usually associate them with soldiers, people living in war zones, major accidents and various extreme events that lead to traumatization of the victims of such events.

However we can say with absolute certainty there are more men suffering from PTSD globally who have had PTSD DELIBERATELY triggered by the freemason madmen embedded in the judicial, legal and police mafia's and who are intent on destroying men's lives for profit who rely on stolen children to feed a network of satanic blackmail techniques that keeps their dimwitted goons in line.

Some of the symptoms PTSD triggers in victims are

Being easily startled
Feeling tense or “on edge”
Having difficulty sleeping
Having angry outbursts

Some factors that increase risk for PTSD include:

Living through dangerous events and traumas
Getting hurt
Seeing another person hurt, or seeing a dead body
Childhood trauma
Feeling horror, helplessness, or extreme fear
Having little or no social support after the event
Dealing with extra stress after the event, such as loss of a loved one, pain and injury, or loss of a job or home
Having a history of mental illness or substance abuse

Not only are men facing the divorce industrial complex suffering serious PTSD symptoms but their children, seeing their father belittled and ripped from their lives, will have lifelong PTSD symptoms and may be part of the master plan to make it easier for those wishing to control to make them jump when demanded to by the state destroyers and with a fathers biological protection with little influence.

Never mind the appalling financial mess men are being left in but PTSD is driving men to their own suicidal thoughts by an evil satanic cult that uses psychological techniques to better their own wallets through leaving men unable to function. Their lives are driven out of control by the maniacs and psychopaths determined, despite growing evidence, to continue to take advantage of the failures of any oversight that ensures the few controlling the many are getting away with murder.

There are women who may also suffer and have likely been formerly married to a freemason and will endure the same harrowing experiences as men when faced with judges who are hand picked freemasons there to protect their lodge buddies financial position. BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!