Why do the mass media constantly rant about property prices and sales?

It is constant throughout the mass media reminding the 'They think they own property' sheeple that house prices and sales are on the rise. So why do they do that so often? Most of the advertising revenue the media rely on comes from lawyers / banks pushing property in their newspapers and the whole corrupt system relies on property increasing in value to pay for it all.

Millions of the properties being advertised have been STOLEN by the legal mafia and readvertised for the next donkeys who come along and fooled into parting with money under the guise they are in fact buying property when that is so far from the truth. Millions of separated men know how quickly those homes can be stolen back in a merry go round of endless paper shuffling and pseudo property selling. Those contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on.

One very good reason why all of the mass media refuses to publish the biggest criminal racketeering as they feed off of the corruption that is rife in the old property game.

  • London house prices hit record high: the average asking price for a home in the capital reaches 650k - despite imminent Article 50 trigger
  • FORGET THE LONDON BUBBLE House prices are now rising fastest in the Midlands, as average asking price hits 310,000