Posh actors complain about the public complaining about them

James Norton

James Norton the actor who is portrayed as the bad guy in the BBC drama Happy Valley proves just what is going on in the media. They want to show the 'WORKING CLASSES' as not worthy so they get a POSH boy to play a working class man who terrorizes the population of a small town.

"James Norton has spoken out about the ‘ridiculous’ preconceptions about ‘posh’ actors." HERE

Of course the basic concept of always showing the working classes as a menace instead of the POSH boys playing the scum and filth toffs that are infiltrated into every area of London and make the working class boys look like angels compared with the massive criminal empire London city reigns over. It would not be quite as shameful if they had at least offered the part to a working class boy instead of the posh set who frequent London's luvvy circuit.

The BBC take money from the peasants to portray those peasants, well especially the male working classes, as abusers of women and children and follows exactly the news line they take with their homosexual / feminist propaganda.

Despite endless FOI requests to expose their freemason agenda the BBC and its predatory paedo set formerly controlled by predatory paedo Jimmy Savile will continue to produce drama's that attack the working classes as the cause of all ills. Meanwhile propping up the royal parasites and their masonic minions who are in fact the persecutors of the working classes both within the legal and political establishments and ensures the peasants anger continues to be vented onto working class males through fiction and a grossly distorted news agenda.

It will be those working class men in the end that will require to remove these establishment scum from power before any vestige of equality will take place in a country riddled with gross injustice that the BBC has aided and abetted with their hideous devious agenda.

  • War and Peace’s James Norton criticises ‘ridiculous’ preconceptions about ‘posh’ actors
  • Paedo protecting BBC use feminist writers to constantly portray working class heterosexual men as rapists, murderers and abusers (Except if they serve as military assassins for a police state)