I Went to School With Pig F*ckers Like David Cameron

The Bullingdon PIGS with David Cameron and Boris Johnson. These are the sick fuckers that are in key positions of power in Britain and NOT because of their abilities.

Lord Ashcroft’s allegations that David Cameron inserted his penis into a dead pig’s mouth as part of a hazing ritual for a hyper elitist Oxford toff club came as no surprise to me. Ashcroft’s motivations are certainly questionable (he was denied a top position in the Tory government after their 2010 election victory), but the bizarreness and context surrounding it makes the scandal not only plausible, but likely.

Let me explain why.

I was raised in the British private schooling system (although private schools are known as ‘public schools’), and grew up around a significant number of people who looked and sounded like David Cameron. More than that, the school itself was run by people who looked and sounded like David Cameron. They were Oxford educated elites running a business that catered to wealthy parents who wanted to send their children to places like Oxford.

To say that the environment was competitive would be a gross understatement – it was oppressively competitive, bordering on abusive. I was hit by teachers at my school, publicly humiliated on numerous occasions for poor academic performance, and punished on a weekly basis for minor regulation infractions, like having my shirt untucked or not bringing a pencil to school. It was a dark, repressive place where bullying was rife, human care was non existent, and the relentless pursuit of academic excellence was valued over all else.

I lost many friends who could not handle the rigor of British private schooling and were kicked out due to ‘poor performance’ or ‘unruly behavior.’ We were not viewed as children, but potential academic stars to raise the profile of the school and bump us up the pecking order in the highly competitive public school ranking. At 16 I realized I didn’t want anything to do with this and moved from my boarding school to a tiny French-American school in Los Angeles where my parents were instead – a welcome break from an environment that felt more like a Victorian prison than anything else.

It took me many years to understand why elite schooling in Britain is so traumatic, so tribal and so bizarre. After a considerable amount of space and reflection, I have come to the following conclusion. The public school system serves a very important function in British society, and exists in large part to socialize the next generation of elites.

The effects of public school on a child are equally fascinating and horrifying. In my single sex boys school, tribal groups would form as ways of surviving the intense pressure. There was a lot of fighting and psychological bullying amongst us, but little outright defiance directed at the school itself. I was part of a loosely affiliated group of teenagers who would question authority and refuse to participate in the systems of control put in place to keep us passive. And we were punished for this over and over and over again until we either broke or were asked to leave.

The school devised an ingenious system where boys were divided into separate ‘Houses’ where they would pledge allegiance to it and represent the House in sporting activities. They also maintained rigorous academic streaming system where boys were put into classes according to academic performance.

There would be end of year exams, and your average result would determine whether you were put into the top, middle or bottom stream. The constant shuffling and intense academic pressure served to continuously separate friendship groups and keep us focused on competing with each other. The effects of these highly stressful divide and conquer tactics were immediate and dramatic. From the age of 11 onwards, students would routinely tell on one another, refuse to help each other and obsess over academic results. Cliques formed to either defend themselves from bullying, or to reinforce the ruthless competitive culture either intellectually or physically. Bullying, hazing and aggression were largely tolerated, but dissent against the school was not.

Those who adopted these ghastly social norms the best were limitlessly rewarded by teachers who would shower them with praise, mark up their work and help them get into the best universities in the country. The level of corruption I witnessed at school still blows my mind. I had numerous friends who were given better grades than they deserved and had phone calls placed in universities like Oxford and Cambridge to guarantee them a place. I know this because I saw it happen first hand.

The students who went to Oxford from places like my school largely came preconditioned to succeed in the academic and social hierarchy. They understood the social norms having been bred to believe they were part of the elite, and could mingle easily with other prepped elites from around the country.

Places like Oxford and Cambridge breed politicians, bankers and Prime Ministers – invariably white men from extraordinary privilege who have been molded from birth to rule over everyone else. Peculiar clothing, accent and aristocratic breeding are necessary to succeed at the top end of the social hierarchy, and bizarre, fetishized clubs within an already elitist system serve to put the finishing touches to the David Camerons and George Osbornes of the British power structure.

Cameron was part of the notorious ‘Bullingdon Club’, where burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person was part of the hazing process required to get in. Elitism and breeding isn’t always sufficient to be accepted by Britain’s ruling class. One must present adequate disdain for the poor to be truly welcomed by the country’s nobility.

I didn’t go to Oxford myself (academic performance wasn’t high on my priority list as a teenager), but I have many friends who did. On the condition of anonymity, I spoke to a friend of mine who mixed with people in the same social clubs as David Cameron while at Oxford. I asked him about his knowledge of the Bullingdon Club and whether he thought there was any truth to the pig abusing allegations. Here’s what he had to say:

I had an extremely privileged education and went to a fairly average public school and then Oxford. When attending the latter I had direct contact with some of the then members of the Bullingdon Club.

They were, across the board, from highly privileged, monied backgrounds and were generally arrogant at a level that almost beggars belief. Due to my public school background, I have been told that I am ‘confident’ or ‘a tad arrogant’ (depending on which of my friend’s you talk to). However those in the likes of the Bullingdon Club are on an entirely different level. Incidences of destroying restaurants have been well documented in the media. One particular chap I personally knew in the Bullingdon Club spent over £3,000 in his first 8 week term on booze alone and his initiation to the club involved downing three bottle of champagne. Such behaviour smacks further of arrogance, but in a fiscal form. Money is unimportant to the members of such clubs. It has to be, otherwise you are simply not asked to be a member.

Aside from this, the club acts as any closed group does: to bind its members together. It’s hilarious in such circles to chortle about how Tarquin Snodgrass-Flarty slapped a waiter before kicking a homeless person because you (a) know that no-one else in the club will ever spill the beans on you because you have equally sordid stories about them and (b) because such behaviour does not really seem that sordid to you. “We’re the Bullingdon Club!”, “Do you know who my father is?!”, may sound like ridiculous statements but wielded by the likes of Cameron and his ilk, they are an instrument to remind us that we are less important than them. Their behaviour should not be judged by the same yard-stick to which the rest of us are made to adhere. In the face of such disregard for money, other people and even personal dignity I find it entirely plausible that #piggate happened. Were the actual photograph to surface, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

Based on my experiences mixing with Britain’s elites, I would also bet a considerable amount of money that #piggate occurred. Rugby friends of mine have told me tales of the school team sticking beer bottles up each other’s backsides for fun, masturbating each other and engaging in other acts of extreme homoerotic depravity while on tour (of course none of it gay…). Sticking one’s penis in a dead pig’s mouth for a dare would be fairly mild compared with some of the other tales I’ve heard.

The British public are enjoying this scandal precisely because it strikes a heart at this type of repulsive elitism. David Cameron’s vicious war on poor people can rightly be viewed as an extension of his ideological training in Oxford. Cameron was so desperate to be accepted by the country’s elite that he would dehumanize a homeless person and put his cock in a dead pig’s mouth to prove it. Unfortunately for him, the grotesque rituals designed to breed extreme camaraderie also came at a high cost. Writes Rob Fahey in Foreign Policy:

The ritualized, sexually grotesque nature of Cameron’s initiation sets it apart somewhat, of course; but what’s also different about this kind of ritual in elite circles is the calculation behind it, the power and control it affords, and the self-perpetuating network of influence it creates. Consider this scenario: At elite institutions, those earmarked — by wealth, title, connections — for future leadership roles are forced, as impressionable young people, to carry out humiliating acts in order to gain acceptance by an in-group.

That same in-group will, over the course of their lives, help advance their careers massively in ways both overt and covert; membership in that group essentially secures their success in life. The cost of entry, paid by all members of the group, is participation in humiliating acts which will forever wed them to the group. Because should they later act in a way contrary to the group’s interests or desires, their indiscretions can be brought back to destroy their careers or personal lives.

Lord Ashcroft, a billionaire and former party donor, has reminded Cameron that while he may be Prime Minister, he is still beholden to those who put him there in the first place. And sadly for Cameron, they are just as fucked up as he is.

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    The peasants are sick and tired of hearing the political mafia, of whatever persuasion, telling them about taking tough decisions. The only ones suffering from those TOUGH decisions are the poor , disabled and most vulnerable. London's elite establishment live off of the spoils of a grotesque market that uses the peasants to generate wealth for their dodgy capitalist racket that allows the REAL scroungers to wine and dine on the toil of those enslaved by the corrupt machinations of the rich, while draining the wealth and energies of the grafters, that line the pockets of the spongers who use capitalism, not physical effort, to make themselves rich. Generations of families have had the austerity boot ground into their skulls and only a massive upheaval will rid this country of the scum and filth that pretend, at each election, there will be 'change' when nothing is so far from the truth.

    Vast inequality ensures opulent lifestyles for the royal parasites and their enormous army of zionist / freemason boot boys embedded in every government department and who control the legal, political, police and media mafia's and only thanks to recent changes in information technology are the peasants becoming aware of how these evil bastards machinations have brainwashed them with endless and incessant propaganda. You tell enough lies from many sources and you can convince the duped into accepting their lowly place while psychopaths rule the roost ring fencing ALL the resources for themselves.

    So FUCK their tough decisions FUCK their insane corporate monopolies that will continue to enslave the 99% until they rise up and refuse to play a RIGGED market that only favours the ruling self appointed elite with a mindset that needs ripped from their evil grip on power .

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    And at £12.88 a week, the boost is more than enough for a regular bottle of champagne from the supermarket. The research also looked at the impact of the changes across non-working households.

    It showed a similar pattern of large gains at the top, minor gains in the middle, and losses for the bottom. General secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Even after the extra help from a larger tax allowance and a higher minimum wage, low paid families will still be made more than £8 a week worse off on average by 2020.

    “And if Universal Credit is delayed, leaving families still on tax credits, their losses will be hundreds of pounds a year more. David Cameron needs to explain to low-paid families why he is cutting their income by the same amount as a whole year of school dinners but he’s giving the richest a cash boost worth a bottle of champagne every week.

    Budget anger: Frances O'Grady says Cameron and co need to explain to poorer families why they're worse off “We need a recovery that works for everyone, not just those at the top. "But by cutting support for low paid families, despite a growing economy, the government is shutting them out of the recovery.

    "And worse than that, it’s also giving rich households a tax break by taking support away from the low paid. “Not only is this unfair, but it’s bad economics. We need more money in the pockets of low paid families so that they can get out and spend it in their local businesses.”

    The disparity will occur because, under changes unveiled in the Budget, the poorest households will lose tax credits while the wealthiest get tax cuts. The report came as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation warned single parents trying to juggle full-time work with raising a child face an £80-a-week black hole in their household budgets due to welfare cuts.

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    Strong leaders are pushed by the zionist / freemason media as the main criteria for power but when you examine the psyche of these STRONG leaders you see a total lack of compassion and why millions remain impoverished while they spend public money on vast military and science projects that do NOTHING to enhance the lives of those who find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order.

    The tory mafia who control Britain are the stereotypical psychopathic mindset who spend all their waking hours working out how they can persecute the poor into early graves. The UK mobsters are expert at persecuting their targets using psychological torture (sanctions) to push the vulnerable, poor and disabled over the edge .

    Either we accept that Britain is a sick society where the supposed majority voted for these murdering bastards, or we are living in a flawed state where no matter what the peasants need they will always get a bunch of ruthless scum only to interested in propping up their billionaire backers while conjuring up ever more legislation to push millions more into the gutter. Britain can no longer stomach the grotesque distortion of a system of power that is neither democratic or fair to the poorest sections of society who will never benefit from a quality of life that the ruling masters provide to themselves with generous benefits that ensure vast inequality protects the rich at the utter expense of the poor.

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    Wallpaper firm Osborne & Little teamed up with a secretive corporation in the British Virgin Islands, to draw up plans to redevelop its former London headquarters into housing. The companies jointly applied for planning permission for around 45 flats and houses, and once given the go-ahead, Osborne and Little sold its site to the offshore firm for £6,088,000.

    A legal expert shown contracts obtained by Channel 4 News said Osborne & Little must have known the developer was based offshore, and had the potential to avoid millions in tax. At the time, the Chancellor was the beneficiary of a family trust that owned at least 15% of Osborne and Little, so would have personally benefitted from the sale. It is not known what the Chancellor's personal stake was.

    The deal calls into question his commitment to clamping down on offshore firms avoiding tax, a practice he has gone on to publicly condemn as "morally repugnant". The offshore company, called Nightingale Mews Incorporated, went on to redevelop the site, in Denning Mews, Clapham, and is estimated to have avoided up to £2 million in tax on its profits. There is no suggestion the Chancellor, or Osborne & Little avoided any tax in the deal, or that they or offshore property developer Nightingale Mews Inc. did anything illegal.

    The Channel 4 News revelations come as the Chancellor prepares to deliver his Summer Budget, which is expected to include far-reaching cuts to services in a bid to reduce the deficit. In contrast, campaigners are urging him to regain funds by tackling tax avoidance by the rich

    Details of the property deal emerged in a series of documents obtained by Channel 4 News. They show the wallpaper business entered into an agreement with BVI-based Nightingale Mews Incorporated to redevelop its headquarters in Temperley Road, Clapham, south London, in 2004. A confidential contract stated that the two firms would submit a joint planning application to Wandsworth Borough Council for around 40,000 square feet of residential housing. The gated mews street would be named Nightingale Mews.

    Planners approved a scheme for 16 homes and 26 flats in January 2005, and a deal for Osborne & Little to sell the land was signed in May 2005 by George Osborne's father Sir Peter Osborne.

    Tax haven

    Barrister David Quentin, a senior adviser to the Tax Justice Network, said Osborne & Little must have been aware that Nightingale Mews Inc. was based in a tax haven. He said: "It's quite clear that we're dealing with an offshore company. If you look at this agreement, you see that the buyer company is named and then it's expressly described as incorporated in the British Virgin Islands."

    He added, by being based offshore, the company could have avoided any tax on profits it made. "Instead of paying UK tax on that profit, it would be able to realise that profit tax free," he said.

    £8m profit

    The development was later renamed Denning Mews, with analysis of Land Registry records showing the upmarket flats and houses were sold for around £20m. It is estimated the profit may have been up to £8m, with the developer able to legally avoid up to £2m in corporation tax by being based in a tax haven. Following the sale of the new homes, Nightingale Mews Inc. was dissolved, in 2010. It is virtually impossible to know who was behind the British Virgin Islands company, which is registered to a PO Box in a legal office on the Caribbean island of Tortola. As well as branding "aggressive tax avoidance" as "morally repugnant" in his 2012 budget speech, George Osborne has promised to clamp down on properties owned by offshore firms.

    The government introduced an annual levy on those that were, but campaigners say the fee, which raised just £73m last year, has done little to dissuade wealthy investors. Channel 4 News asked the chancellor if he was aware of the deal, and aware of the agreement to sell to an offshore company – and put to him that the taxpayer could have lost millions of pounds. His office refused to answer any questions and said only: "This is a totally bogus and desperate story."

    'Commercial basis'

    Sir Peter Osborne, managing director of Osborne & Little, said the wallpaper company "is not in the business of property development and simply sold the property on a commercial basis". He said all relevant taxes on the sale of the London site were paid, adding: "The company retained no benefit in any future development of the property and the directors have no knowledge of the success or otherwise of the redevelopment." Sir Peter said the directors of Osborne & Little "cannot comment on the tax affairs of another company, whose tax residence, rather than country of incorporation, is not known to them".

    An analysis by Channel 4 News shows 73,853 commercial and residential properties in England and Wales were registered in tax havens since 2009. While half the homes on Grosvenor Crescent in London's Belgravia - named by a Lloyds Bank study as the most expensive street in the country - were found to be registered to tax havens.

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    “With Polling Day in the General Election this Thursday, here is a list of all the parliamentary candidates who have sent positive replies to the Fairness for Israel Charter,” the Zionist outlet informed its followers.

    Our British candidates agree, for example that, “boycotts against Israel in any sphere must be opposed.” The shameless British parliamentary candidates listed below are willing to sacrifice freedom of expression to please their paymasters; agreeing that the “democratic State of Israel is not an ‘apartheid state’ and must not be described as one.” The Zionist outlet explains; “It is noted that every (Israeli) citizen has the right to vote and discrimination based on race, religion or sexuality is illegal.” But We Believe In Israel fails to mention a basic crucial fact. Millions of indigenous Palestinians living within areas controlled by Israel and subject to Israeli oppression are not entitled to be citizens let alone vote. And why? Because they are not ‘racially’ qualified.

    This extensive list reveals that British politics is in urgent need of a major overhaul. It must cleanse itself of the corrosive influence of a very dangerous foreign Lobby. The list reveals that Zionist corruption has planted its roots in pretty much every British parliamentary party. This fact alone may help to explain why Brits have lost interest in their politics and do not believe their political parties. No matter who you vote for, at the end of the day, it is the Jewish Lobby that calls the shots.

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    If that is not fraud and corruption then there is something seriously wrong with a system that is letting these evil bastards away with murder.

    They have no right to give public money to their friends who then give it back to them in donations which makes those companies couriers of fraudulent money being handed indirectly to the tory party. Why are the fraud squad NOT investigating the huge corruption and abuse of public money to line the pockets of a government hell bent on destroying the public sector to secure their political funding ?

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