westminster gravy train The (inter)net is tightening round their crimes and necks.

Westminster an organised criminal conspiracy, sack the spivs who let them get away with it - and put thieving MP's on trial

Defensive: Harriet Harman tried to justify the expenses claims by saying they were 'within the rules'

Ever since Parliament first met beside the Thames more than 700 years ago it has been inspired by one very powerful and wonderful idea: disinterested public service. This meant that people would seek to become MPs or government ministers not out of self-interest and personal greed, but because they wanted to serve the nation. The key reward was never financial. Rather, it was measured in terms of honour.

This admirable motive drove all the greatest parliamentarians in our history: Oliver Cromwell, William Pitt the Elder, Gladstone and Winston Churchill. These men were respected for their self-sacrifice and exceptionally high standards of ethics. This noble idea, which has driven our public life for so many centuries and, in many ways, has held Britain together as a country, died yesterday. Nobody can say any longer that our politicians are motivated by honesty, duty or patriotism. Almost to a man and woman they have been exposed as cheats and crooks whose primary motivation is lining their own pockets rather than serving Britain.

As a result, Parliament itself no longer looks like our greatest national institution. Instead, it has been exposed as an organised criminal conspiracy whose primary purpose is to defraud the taxpayer and serve the vested interest of a venal political class. This corruption does not just involve a few bad apples, as Parliament's defenders so often like to assert. The shocking truth is that, with a handful of gleaming exceptions, almost all ministers and MPs are caught up in it including the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Home Secretary and the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Gone are those values of decency and integrity, to be replaced by a squalid system of institutionalised corruption and private self-enrichment. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a national disaster of the first order. Nor does this moral and financial corruption merely infect the Government. Voting out Gordon Brown's stinking New Labour administration would not make the faintest difference. The stench of greed, cheating and dishonesty spreads into the opposition parties. David Cameron said yesterday that all MPs would have to explain to voters why they have claimed what they have. Any Conservative found to have breached the rules, he claimed, risked being 'dispatched in very short order'. But significantly, neither Mr Cameron nor a single member of his front bench had a word of criticism for any of the Labour ministers caught up in scandal yesterday. The truth is that the Tories are shaking with fear over possible further revelations that they have been stealing taxpayers' money with the same free abandon.

Some might call this mutual omerta honour among thieves. In fact, it is something far worse - a cross-party conspiracy to defraud at the heart of our public life. Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat have conspired together to feather their nests and steal money from the public. This means that the fundamental division in British politics is now no longer between Tory and Labour. Instead, it is between a greedy, venal and corrupt political class - and the great mass of ordinary, decent people. MPs and ministers have known about this rotten state of affairs for years, which is why they fought to the bitter end to keep their expenses claims secret. But after yesterday's jaw-dropping revelations, everybody knows that a number of very senior politicians have been engaged in what most right-thinking people would see as criminal activity.

The Leader of the House, Harriet Harman, argued that all her colleagues' deceitful and very often poorly-documented expenses claims were 'within the rules'. She could not be more wrong. When the Additional Costs Allowance, which is at the heart of much of this scandal, was introduced in 1971 it was intended to meet the costs incurred by MPs whose constituencies were outside London and who needed to stay in the capital to attend Parliament. It was never intended to finance the development of a property portfolio. That is why the Commons rules don't allow the use of public money for house improvements, only repairs. Yet there are hundreds of examples of such rule-breaking. They all taint the whole concept of parliamentary democracy.

This brings us to the disgraceful role played by the man in charge of dealing with MPs' expenses. Instead of acting as a rigorous guardian of taxpayers' interests, is Andrew Walker, the director general of resources, to blame? It was his office which cheerfully waved through the Home Secretary's expenses claim for her husband to watch pornographic films. Not that the MPs, beneficiaries of such largesse, would object. And the systemic corruption doesn't end here. Walker is ultimately accountable to the Commons Speaker, Michael Martin, and therefore is open to the charge that he could wave through any questionable claims because he feels that is what Martin, reflecting the will of the Commons, wants.

Forced out: A whispering campaign led to the loss of commissioner for standards Elizabeth Filkin

How things have changed since ten years ago, when there was an official at Westminster who genuinely set about rooting out corruption. Her name was Elizabeth Filkin, the parliamentary commissioner for standards. However, she fell foul of MPs when she rigorously set about investigating alleged corruption. She was utterly fearless in her examination of cases involving Labour Cabinet ministers such as John Reid, the late Mo Mowlam and Peter Mandelson. But her honourable approach appalled the Commons establishment. She was personally threatened and soon became the victim of an ugly smear campaign, with disgusting and false rumours spread about her personal life. In due course, with the backing of Speaker Martin and all the main political parties, she was effectively sacked. Her replacement, John Lyon, is an abject figure - as can be seen from the fact that he embarked only with the utmost reluctance on an investigation into the abuse of public money by Jacqui Smith.

Had Mrs Filkin remained in post, the Commons would not be in the shameful position it is today. It is time that Speaker Martin stood up and apologised to her on behalf of all MPs. Politicians are now held in public contempt, and rightly so because so many of them have been exposed as liars and thieves. Trust in British democracy stands at its lowest point since the First Reform Act of 1832. Even so, I would argue that it is still possible to clean up British public life. But this means embarking on wholesale reform.

First, MPs and ministers who have exploited the public trust must pay back all the money they have received through bogus expenses. For example, Hazel Blears and Geoff Hoon's property portfolios have been amassed partly at taxpayers' expense and therefore they should pay back all the profits to the Treasury to help pay off the mountainous national debt. Second, MPs should no longer be exempt from the usual criminal penalties which apply to cheats in other sections of society. We should be ready to prosecute those who have made fraudulent statements to maximise their benefits.

Also, changes of key personnel are vital. Speaker Martin has long been at the apex of the Commons culture of corruption. No House of Commons reform carries an ounce of credibility while he remains in his post. The same applies to the wretched Andrew Walker. It also goes without saying that we need a new set of rules, diligently and honestly enforced. Finally, those MPs and ministers who have abused the great trust placed in them by the British public must not be allowed to remain in the Commons a moment longer than necessary. Those who have stolen from the taxpayer must be forced to step down. This means a series of summer by-elections which, it is fervently to be hoped, will usher in a new breed of politician: men and women who are honest, decent, principled and public-spirited and capable of restoring the oncesplendid reputation of the British Parliament.

    andrew brown Andrew, 53, is the youngest of three brothers. Like Gordon, and his elder brother John, a former head of PR at Glasgow council, he took an early interest in journalism at Edinburgh university. After a spell at BBC Scotland, Andrew went to London to work for his brother as a researcher.

    In 1987, he became an assistant producer for Newsnight before joining Channel Four News two years later. He became a programme editor in 1994, and worked on scripts for the presenter Jon Snow. In 1996, he took over as the editor of ITN’s political programme Powerhouse. When Powerhouse was replaced by a longer ITN news bulletin in 2003, Andrew Brown left to become the director of media strategy at Weber Shandwick, an international PR company. Colleagues described him as a “very calming, very thoughtful, very mature person with a gentle sense of humour”.

    David Brain, the joint chief executive of Weber Shandwick, said he was hired “not for his links to his brother but because he is a top-quality broadcaster. I am sure that, if there were any conflicts of interest, we would find a way to resolve them.” Andrew moved again in 2004 to become the head of media relations at EDF, the French utility company. He is now the director of corporate communications.

    When he took the job, Andrew admitted that “the energy industry is not something I knew much about before”. Nevertheless, he has been at the forefront of EDF’s expansion in Britain after it bought London Electricity, Sweb and Seeboard. He lives with his wife, Clare, 49, in Victoria, central London, less than half a mile from Gordon’s flat.

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    Purnell 007 Purnell is another evil New Labour scumbag who Brown selected to bully,abuse ,threaten and harass the poor while lining his pockets with dodgy expenses claims.

    Purnell 'claimed expenses on flat partly paid for by his girlfriend'

    James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has been accused of "playing the system" after he claimed expenses on a flat to which his girlfriend allegedly contributed. The Cabinet minister and his former fiancée, Lucy Walker, reportedly paid half each of the £1,820-a-month rent for the apartment they shared in Covent Garden, central London until their break-up in late 2006. But a Sunday newspaper alleged that Mr Purnell submitted claims under his taxpayer-funded Parliamentary allowances running to an average of £1,506 a month.

    Last week, the Cabinet high-flyer was embarrassed after it emerged that the flat was left in a filthy state on his departure, forfeiting his £2,500 deposit as a result. Mr Purnell claimed that he had paid for it to be professionally cleaned. A spokesman said that Mr Purnell's claims were based on a complicated arrangement whereby he refunded his then-girlfriend for part of the rent while she was away travelling for her work as a documentary filmmaker. He added that under House of Commons rules, the minister had been entitled to claim the full cost of running the apartment, but in fact asked Miss Walker to contribute around a third of the rent to mark the amount of time she spent there. The spokesman added: "Despite being entitled to claim in full for the whole rental cost incurred by him and his partner, James claimed less than the amount he himself spent.

    "The rules of the House of Commons make it clear that an MP is entitled to be reimbursed for the rent or mortgage paid by the MP and their partner. Nevertheless, James went out of his way to ensure overall he claimed less for accommodation than he himself paid." The arrangement was approved by the Parliamentary fees office, but will add to the pressure on MPs to reform the controversial system of second home allowances, which have come to public attention following a series of scandals.

    Martin Bell, the former MP and anti-corruption campaigner, said: "This is yet another example of an MP playing the system to the limit - within the rules that the MPs themselves have set."

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  • Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Political Division
    westminster What is most intriguing about the latest New Labour debacle and the leaking of an email supposedly to try and smear the tories is the increasing assumption that there is a DIFFERENCE between the two top political donkeys. Westminster is a massive facade run and controlled by masons to give the impression to electors that by voting in the United Kingdom that it can make a difference. Like our legal system, Britains political system is a closed shop were only leaders of major political parties get the promotion via their corporate media to ensure only those parties and leaders get elected into power.

    The complete control of our political and legal mafia is a masonic ruse of enormous proportions. No new political party , lawyer or judge will make one iota of difference as long as we TOLERATE a system of power and control that despicably rules over our lives and what little wealth we manage to gouge out of a corporate business model that ensures any competition fails. Most major business's are assured the finance from the masonic bankers, anyone who dares to try and compete will be destroyed through their control of the various mechanisms that TAKE OUT anyone trying to infiltrate their complete hold over BIG business.

    We presently have one of our group who has a large domain presence on the internet and who has been targeted to try and take away his assets they require to continue that control . He has broken the back of the hold the masonic run companies have across this sector of the industry. They dont like this and have made his life as difficult as possible, even considering using bankruptcy as a means to jail him for failing to fill in the necessary paperwork that will expose his holdings for a take over by the masons waiting in the wings to pounce on his assets as soon as they become open to repossess. They are doing this across the United Kingdom with ALL our homes and business's through judicial thugs who work for the masonic coffers and ultimately answer to the British crown who are behind this secret society network of power and control . Common purpose one arm of how they only need the heads of councils, police, judiciary and political parties to exert complete control of their hidden agenda .

    Many many victims are becoming increasingly organised to EXPOSE their scams. We warn anyone not to trust any major political party and the MP's who wont act in your best interests. We dont know any lawyer or judge in the United Kingdom who can be trusted with our estates as they are ALL controlled by the Law Societies of the UK who's heads are all heavily imbedded in the satanic masonic system of control. Also bankers head this network with the dodgy mortgage scams and loans that leave anyone vulnerable to attack and homeless. Many activists get extra special treatment and struggle to keep a roof over their head as estates are the BIGGEST masonic scam that sees courts fleecing billions from victims of their NON JURY decisions. The British crown and its judiciary destroy more lives in the UK than any other arm of their control network.

    How long before the United Kingdom citizens start rioting like they are doing in Thailand? We have tolerated this evil system for far to long and the recent murders of Charles De Menezes and Ian Tomlinson, innocent victims of Britains masonic thug coppers shows we have tolerated this bully boy network way to long . Many victims have died behind the closed doors of psychiatric wards were they get rid of the brave activists who have stood up to their tyranny. The media have been expert at covering these up but we hear through the grapevine and have personally witnessed friends and associates facing the masonic thugs that dominate the extremes that continue to threaten our families and instigate the FEAR created by a corporate media who are part and parcel of this evil network of power.

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    Purnell 007 CABINET Minister James Purnell charges taxpayers up to £400 a month – for his household groceries.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary, in charge of the Government’s crackdown on benefit cheats, submits the claims for food under the controversial MPs’ second homes allowance. He is not even required to provide any receipts to support his claims, which have cost taxpayers £9,094 over the last five years.

    At one point the 39-year-old bachelor, who earns £142,000 a year, tried to increase his tax-free monthly claim to £475 but was told this was too much, even under the lax rules surrounding MPs’ expenses. A spokesman for Mr Purnell – tipped as a future Labour leader – said: “We have no intention of commenting on leaked documents but are confident all claims made by James are within Commons guidelines and have been approved by the Parliamentary authorities. “James fully supports urgent reform of the House’s allowances system.”

    Documents show the Labour MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, near Manchester, also claims in full for his utility and council tax bills.

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    home secretaries

    Former home secretary Blunkett and Reid and present home secretary Jackboot Smith

    When Jackboot Smith or Brown sends out press releases on behalf of the British Government they are not in the business of protecting the British public only the British establishment controlled from their headquarters at the United Grand Lodge of England. These despicable patsies and morons like Smith and the never ending parade of numpties that masquerade as home secretaries under NEW Labour and before under the Tories, are all hand picked spokesmen and women for the masonic lodges of the UK who behind the scenes are controlling EVERYTHING.

    The bankers, judges,lawyers,coppers and council officials operate first and foremost to promote and protect the British establishment and the utterly corrupt British Crown and NOT the long suffering electorate who assume they have a VOTE, Yes a vote on which masonic donkey will be first past the post.

    We have a corporate media that ONLY promotes political parties that are headed by masons. We have a mass media that ensures NO alternative political party will take over the running of the UK because the vast bulk of the media is controlled and owned by high level masons. This is an evil network of power that wants to monitor and control us all, so if we step out of line with the masonic New World Order agenda, we will swiftly be dealt with . UK psychiatric wards are full of victims who dared put their head above the parapet. Our group know of many instances when activists have been murdered or chemically lobotomized by so called professors and doctors all part of the masonic run General Medical Council who know the quickest way to get rid of the bad apples that the British establishment and their masonic goons need to shut down for fear of their secrets getting out.

    Despite attempts by the odd presenter on British TV to hint at these issues NONE OF THEM DARE mention the word MASONS on their shows as they will quickly find their careers will be over commanded by the bosses who run these TV networks and who take their orders from the Grand Lodge . Any journalist or supposed investigative journalist will find their bank accounts ,private correspondence and any other personal details will be used to undermine them , defame them and finally lose their jobs,homes and livelihoods destroying their ability to warn the British public as to what drives these evil bastards in their satanic powermongering.

    The ONLY terrorists we have to worry about in the UK come from the hallowed walls of the satanic lodges were they train their dupes to instigate persecution campaigns against ANYONE who threatens their all powering wealth creating scams . The ringleaders of those scams are Britains judicial mafia who refuse us JURIES while sitting in judgement on the billions of pounds they fleece every day in family/civil courts across the UK. Also the massive theft of children for their networks of abuse. Jersey childrens home only one example of how they operate and control their membership. This is a sinister and evil network of power that blocks the real exposures of how they control us all. Fear their court system, as it is there more than anywhere else, they consume the vast quantities of wealth for their masonic coffers using their judicial mafia.
    labour crooks

    McNulty, Jackboot Smith and devious Purnell

    These NEW Labour mobsters steal from the poor while lining their corrupt pockets. They should all be jailed.

    Is there no end to the outrageous ruses MPs dream up to fleece the taxpayer?
    In any other job, they'd be jailed.

    Shamelessness in Parliament appears to be a truly bottomless well. At the weekend, another Government minister had to put his hands up to yet another expenses fiddle. Employment Minister Tony McNulty admitted he had claimed some £60,000 as a second-home allowance for a property which is actually his parents' home. Despite the fact that he and his wife, Chief Inspector of Schools Christine Gilbert, live in a house that she owns just three miles from Westminster, the minister has been claiming up to £14,000 a year in Parliamentary expenses to help pay for the second house in Harrow where his parents live, 11 miles from the Commons.

    Caught out: Tony McNulty has been 'directing his sanctimony at everyone but himself'

    When confronted with this charge, Mr McNulty initially claimed that he was doing nothing wrong as it was 'within the rules'. But then he appeared to change his mind and suddenly announced he had stopped claiming the second-home allowance - while denying that this was because, ahem, he had been caught out. More remarkably still, Mr McNulty, who is also Minister for London and a possible Mayoral candidate, went on to say that MPs who live as he does within 60 miles of Westminster should be banned from receiving the £24,000-a-year handout.


    Even by the standards of this Government it takes some brass neck, after being caught out in a scam, to turn on a sixpence like this and attack others for doing exactly the same thing. It's as if we're expected to think there's the Tony McNulty who has been pulling a fast one, but who is somehow quite different from the Tony McNulty who says the practice should be banned! Maybe the minister should seek treatment for a split personality. (Perhaps he could claim that on expenses, too.)

    Mr McNulty certainly sees no contradiction in directing his sanctimony at everyone but himself. He was quick enough to condemn failed bankers for their enormous pay- offs; yet when asked to return the taxpayers' money he has trousered through his second-home scam, he was strangely reluctant to agree. Minister's £60,000 expenses for parents' home: 'Rumbled' Tony McNulty drops claim... then calls for it to be curtailed What grotesque hypocrisy. But Mr McNaughty is merely the latest in a dismal procession of ministers who use ever more ingenious ruses to exploit the expenses rules.

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claims expenses of £20,000 per year by arguing - imaginatively - that her sister's house where Ms Smith lodges during the week is her main home, rather than the substantial house in her Midlands constituency where she lives with her husband and young children. In 2005, it was revealed that Children's Secretary Ed Balls and his wife, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Yvette Cooper, had switched their 'second-home' designation from their house in West Yorkshire to their £655,000 London home - even though their children go to school from this house - to help pay a £438,000 mortgage. Last year, the Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell was accused of pocketing thousands of pounds in expenses and avoiding tax by designating one of his properties as both his main residence and a second home.

    He said his London flat was his second home so he could claim Commons expenses. But when he sold the property in 2004, he also said it was his main home - thereby avoiding Capital Gains Tax. In all these cases, the excuse is always the same: such arrangements are 'within the rules'.

    To which the obvious reply is: so change the rules. If they are so loosely formulated that the word 'home' means whatever an MP chooses it to mean, however ridiculous, then there's something very wrong with the rules. But in any event, the MPs' parroted response is wholly inadequate. The 'Nuremberg defence' by former Nazis was that they were 'only obeying orders'. The Westminster defence by MPs creatively interpreting their expenses is that they are 'only doing what the rules allow'.


    But what about the question of whether or not this is right?

    By any normal standards, it is outrageous for an MP to justify using taxpayers' money to fund his parents' house as if it is his own second home. A home is where you live. The sole point of the second-home allowance is to help MPs with constituencies far from Westminster to live within easy travelling distance of the Commons. But Mr McNulty's main house is in Hammersmith, merely nine London Underground stops from Westminster. Clearly, he doesn't need a housing allowance at all.

    It is equally outrageous for Jacqui Smith to claim that her house in Redditch, Worcestershire, is not her main home when her children go to school from there. Similarly, the reverse claim by Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls that their Castleford constituency house is their main home - even though their children go to school from their house in London. It is plain that MPs are manipulating these allowances to help with the cost of their most expensive residence, wherever that might be.

    If that's within the rules, then to paraphrase Charles Dickens, the rules are an ass. But by the rules that really count - those of honesty and morality - such behaviour is simply a fraud on the public. It's not even as if these people are struggling to make ends meet. Mr McNulty and his wife have a combined annual income of a third-of-a-million pounds; Jacqui Smith is on a salary of £141,000 per year; and Mr Balls and Ms Cooper rack up between them an annual income of £282,000. Yet such MPs seem to regard a seat in Parliament as a ticket to a gravy train as of right. Instead of abiding by the spirit of the rules, they use them as a green light to get away with whatever they can - confident so many other MPs are up to the same thing that they will never be brought to book.


    Even after the rules were revised following the uproar over the 'John Lewis list' - the informal guidelines on how much of their second-home allowance MPs could spend on home furnishings - MPs can still charge for white goods, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, cutlery and crockery, security fittings, cleaners and decoration to kit out their second homes. There seems to be no end to the ruses they dream up to fleece the taxpayer. Some husband-and-wife MPs claim two sets of allowances to run the same house; other MPs claim mortgage allowances on properties they own outright; still others have put their spouses or relatives on their taxpayer-funded payroll. In any other trade or profession, such behaviour would land people in jail. Yet as the public's watchdog, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards John Lyon has proved absolutely toothless.

    He cleared Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls of wrongdoing and twice rejected a complaint against Jacqui Smith, only finally investigating her after the evidence became too embarrassing to ignore. MPs even voted to exempt their expenses claims from scrutiny under Freedom of Information legislation. In their determination to avoid transparency or accountability for their behaviour, MPs seem to be going out of their way to express contempt for the electorate.

    Quite simply, they have clearly lost all sense of what public service actually means. And correspondingly, the public have now unsurprisingly lost all faith in the Parliamentary process from which they are now dangerously alienated. Especially at a time of growing economic hardship, these expenses scams are intolerable. While MPs fiddle, democracy slowly but inexorably burns.

    westminster THE police are predicting a “summer of rage” as taxpayers seek to get even with those who have been ripping them off. No wonder. And it will not merely be the spiv bankers in the line of fire.

    For even as the state of the economy worsens before our eyes, the excesses of Britain’s political and social elite seem to become more extreme. While the rest of us have been tightening our belts, a distasteful culture of entitlement to our money has taken root in the corridors of power.

    It is difficult to say which of the many abuses uncovered recently is worst. The revelation that it is easily possible for a British MEP to rake in £1million in allowances in a single term on the Brussels gravy train is enough to raise the blood pressure, while the ongoing refusal of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to acknowledge any problem with her £116,000 “second home” expenses suggests she inhabits a different moral universe.

    But what about the £170,000 of our money spent on modern art to decorate the walls of Jack Straw’s new Department for Justice? Then there is Prince “Air Miles” Andrew’s £4,000 helicopter ride to reopen a bridge (he could have gone by rail for £90). What view should we take of Tory grandee Michael Ancram, whose personal fortune is thought to run to tens of millions, claiming £50,000 towards upkeep of his country house, including the removal of moss from its grounds?

    When the economy was doing well, such examples of profligacy were maddening enough but taxpayers at least had the compensation of knowing general living standards were rising. Now that hundreds of thousands of people are out of work and the national finances are in an almighty mess, it is simply unforgivable that ridiculous calls should be made on the public purse. That the authorities fail to appreciate how obscene the excesses are and fail to act against them suggests that a whole cadre of politicians, civil servants and assorted hangers-on is completely insulated from the cares which afflict the general population.

    stella rimington Ministers 'using fear of terror'

    Stella Rimington has often been critical of the government

    A former head of MI5 has accused the government of exploiting the fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties. Dame Stella Rimington, 73, said people in Britain felt as if they were living "under a police state". In an interview in a Spanish newspaper, published in the Daily Telegraph, she also accuses the US of "tortures".

    The Home Office said it was vital to strike the right balance between privacy, protection and sharing of personal data. It said any policies which impact on privacy must be "necessary and proportionate". Dame Stella, who stood down as the director general of the security service in 1996, has previously been critical of the government's policies, including its attempts to extend pre-charge detention for terror suspects to 42 days and the controversial plan to introduce ID cards.

    "It is time to take stock and to repeal abusive laws and policies enacted in recent years" says Mary Robinson International Commission of Jurists

    "It would be better that the government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, precisely one of the objects of terrorism - that we live in fear and under a police state," she told the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. She said the British security services were "no angels," but they did not kill people.

    "The US has gone too far with Guantanamo and the tortures," she said. "MI5 does not do that. Furthermore it has achieved the opposite effect - there are more and more suicide terrorists finding a greater justification."

    'Take stock'

    Dame Stella's comments come as a study is published by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) that accuses the US and the UK of undermining the framework of international law. Former Irish president Mary Robinson, the president of the ICJ said: "Seven years after 9/11 it is time to take stock and to repeal abusive laws and policies enacted in recent years. "Human rights and international humanitarian law provide a strong and flexible framework to address terrorist threats."

    The Conservatives said the government's push to extend the detention time limit for terror suspects was the kind of measure condemned by the report. Shadow security minister Baroness Neville-Jones said: "The Conservative Party is committed to ensuring that security measures are proportionate and adhere to the rule of law." Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey said: "This is damning testament to just how much liberty has been ineffectually sacrificed in the 'war on terror'."

    "We have very broad police powers which sweep the innocent up with the guilty" says Isabella Sankey, Liberty

    Isabella Sankey, director of policy at human rights campaign group Liberty, said she was "enormously heartened" by what Dame Stella had said. "Over the last seven years, we've seen a number of measures passed, some of which affect very few of us in a horrible and terrible way, whether that's house arrest under control orders or rendition and torture in foreign states," she said.

    "We've also seen many, many measures that affect all of us just a little bit and, most of all, which seriously impact our rights to privacy. "We have very broad police powers which sweep the innocent up with the guilty."

    'Effective safeguards'

    A Home Office spokesman said: "The government has been clear that where surveillance or data collection will impact on privacy they should only be used where it is necessary and proportionate." "This provides law enforcement agencies with the tools to protect the public as well as ensuring government has the ability to provide effective public services while ensuring there are effective safeguards and a solid legal framework that protects civil liberties." Dame Stella became the first female head of MI5 in 1992.

    The UK Government have for years been threatening and intimidating car drivers in the UK. From the most frivolous car parking offences that costs at least £120 to the latest ad for road tax offences.

    Whether you are ILL or on holiday if you dare forget to IMMEDIATELY road tax your car a whole platoon of Government goons patrol UK streets forcibly removing cars and crushing them NO MATTER the reason. A vicious and ruthless Government campaign against the long suffering public. The price many car drivers pay for living in the UK under a fascist police state .
    Purnell 007 The government last night defended radical reforms of the benefits system, which will require unemployed people to prove they are taking steps to get back to work or face cuts to their benefits, as a "fair deal".

    The £1.3bn "tough love" package, unveiled by UK Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell in a White Paper yesterday, includes plans to make the vast majority of people on incapacity benefit attend job interviews, while those out of work for a year will be required to do four weeks' full-time activity. Those still not in paid employment after two years may have to work full-time for their benefit.

    This is another masonic ruse. Purnell will be redirecting money paid into National Insurance by employees prior to them suffering ill health and expecting that to be returned in benefits. Instead Purnell's lodge buddies would be getting the contracts via the usual backdoor and the large cash handouts who then simply remove anyone they like from the benefits list. They are using the worst case scenario's to feed this to the sheeple.

    Instead of showing how heart and cancer patients struggle to get the pittance of benefits jumping through hoops regularly in staged assessments that when appealed come before tribunals made of up lackeys of the state.

    The evil that hides behind the DWP(Dept of Work or Prison) can be properly scrutinized at http://www.dwpcorruption.co.uk/ were many cases are highlighted showing the disgraceful way those genuinely entitled to claims are treated. All the mass media do is provide the distortions and propaganda that feeds this fodder to those who then think its a good idea until they fall ill themselves by then it is FAR TO LATE.
    Diamond skull A look at the "hidden economy" - but first,some words from George Bernard Shaw.

    The law is equal before all of us; but we are not all equal before the law. Virtually there is one law for the rich and another for the poor, one law for the cunning and another for the simple, one law for the forceful and another for the feeble, one law for the ignorant and another for the learned, one law for the brave and another for the timid, and within family limits one law for the parent and no law at all for the child.

    I found this exchange in today's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report on the "hidden economy". A panel of MPs was trying to find out whether the taxman is doing enough to deal with an estimated two million people defrauding an estimated £2bn a year from the revenue.

    MP: If one of my constituents was caught, say, stealing £5 from a post office, they would undoubtedly be prosecuted and there would be consequences of publicity. Yet if a barrister steals several hundred by avoiding his tax, then there is no publicity and he is allowed to carry on regardless. It does seem a trifle unfair, does it not?

    Taxman: I can understand where you are coming from but we cannot prosecute everybody.

    There are reasons, and I will come on to those - but when it comes to natural justice, it does seem that GBS was right when one measures the vigour with which the authorities prosecute the rich tax evader compared to, say, the relatively poor TV licence evader.

    Q: How many people were prosecuted for TV licence evasion in 2005-6?
    A: 157,452. (The Television Licensing Authority claims a 99.9% conviction rate.)
    Q: How many people were prosecuted for tax evasion last year?
    A: 69.

    The amount lost through tax evasion is more times ten times that lost from people not paying their television licence. And the likelihood of a benefit fraudster being prosecuted is thirty times greater than a tax fraudster.

    MP: Our friends in the Department for Work and Pensions are prosecuting 60 cases per thousand benefit fraud cases. You are only prosecuting two cases per thousand hidden economy cases. I am not suggesting that you should rise to the level of 60 per thousand but two per thousand is very low, is it not? This is a tiny chance of being prosecuted if you are in the hidden economy. These are people deliberately evading paying tax.

    Taxman: It is a low number and we do have plans to increase it when we can apply the skilled resource to it.

    The difference between tax evasion and TV licence evasion or benefit fraud is that it is hugely expensive to prove that somebody has defrauded the revenue. In fact, the revenue makes a loss on most cases: the cost of prosecution is around £30,000 and the average amount of missing tax detected is just £11,260. Unless the tax involved exceeds £10,000 and the case has other features, such as involving a tax advisor or barrister, criminal prosecution will not be considered. The consequence, according to the PAC report, is that "there remains very little chance of someone in the hidden economy being prosecuted". But just how assiduous is the revenue in prosecuting high-profile fraudsters like barristers?

    MP: What... schemes are you going to use in the future to try and tackle the hidden economy, particularly at the upper end of the scale?

    Taxman: We have got several things going on. We have got more than 20 projects. We are trying to do the same with builders and decorators and the like by matching publicly available information, maybe advertisements in the Yellow Pages or elsewhere, with our databases. That tends to be at the lower end. At the upper end of the scheme we have a project looking at barristers, for example 57 barristers who were in the hidden economy at some time in recent years. MP: What, barristers doing legal work in this country perfectly normally are not paying any tax at all?

    Taxman: Not paying any tax.

    Builders and decorators are targeted then - and barristers too. How many of the 57 dodgy lawyers were prosecuted?

    Taxman: The project that identified 57 barristers as failing to notify has not, at this time, led to any prosecutions.

  • What credit crunch? As Super-Rich Upgrade the Old Jumbo Jet
  • What credit crunch? Latest Fashion Trend for the Super-Rich

    Here exposed are three of the henchmen behind the New Labour attack on the poor across the UK. Professor Paul GREGG quoted by DWP(Dim Witted Pr*ck)James Purnell justifying the ruthless attack on the poor . The Centre for Economic Performance is another think tank of the UK masonic crooks who use a myriad of self appointed professionals to STEAL money from the poor.These EVIL bastards are all part of the SCUM Purnell and the other headcases that operate in Browns cabinet doing irreparable harm to the poor creating ever more homelessness and destitution.

    They all operate from a NWO masonic agenda and determined at any cost to punish the poor for their failed policies.Further investigations into unelected quangos dictating the direction of the UK is TOTALLY unacceptable and in time these mobsters will be outed for their attacks on the poor.

  • Gregg and his draconian workfare policies
  • Gregg
  • Gregg and his Professor of Economics page
    Purnell 007 This evil bastard has been brought in to destroy the UK's poorest citizens. He is planning to use lie detectors on Britains poor, but NOT on the corrupt legal and political mob running the UK. Promoted by NWO Brown as head of the DWP (DEPT OF WORK OR PRISON) he has done nothing but attack those least able to defend themselves against this bully boy who is nothing but a little SHIT who will, like all previous DWP heads fall on his ass, when civil war breaks out from his draconian backed changes to welfare reform.

    If the prisons in the UK aren't already bulging, the measures proposed will see a massive increase in crime when more and more are pushed into extreme deprivation by this ruthless bastards plans. While in recession he is planning to remove the minimum asssistance to the poorest sections of UK society in changes to the welfare system that wouldn't look out of place in medieval Britain or in a discussion at a Gestapo meeting.

    Here is a record of some of his notorious past history .

    In 1996 Purnell was one of three Islington councillors who were sued for libel by fellow Labour councillor Liz Davies. Davies had previously been selected as the Labour Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds North East, but the selection had been vetoed by the party's National Executive Committee. Part of the evidence to the NEC had centred around Davies' willingness to abide by the Labour Whip in Parliament, with reference to her time as a member of the Labour group in Islington. Liz Davies claimed that, in their evidence before the NEC, the three councillors had claimed she incited violence during a committee meeting. This led to an out-of-court settlement, under which the three apologised for the allegations they had made and made contributions to the general election campaign of the local MP, Jeremy Corbyn.

    Paul Diggett, one of James Purnell's political researchers was convicted in January 2004 of downloading child pornography from Purnell's PC, without the MP's knowledge. Diggett was Labour's candidate for Cheadle in 1997, and was suspended from the party following his arrest.

    In May 2006, Purnell auctioned off a signed copy of the Hutton Report signed by Alastair Campbell. Stewart Jackson, a Conservative MP complained over the insensitive nature of how the report was auctioned to raise funds for the Labour Party.

    In January 2007, it was reported by the Daily Mail that James Purnell was given an 'easy ride' in an interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC's Newsnight because he was having a relationship with one of the producers, Thea Rogers. The BBC found no wrongdoing, while Purnell has also denied inappropriately using his government car.

    In September 2007, a photograph of James Purnell was faked and released by the press office at Tameside General hospital as part of a press release for the Tameside Hospital Private Finance Initiative (PFI) rebuilding deal. The Tameside Trust claimed that Purnell agreed to the amalgamation of the two photographs, as he was late for the original photo call, but Purnell denied this. Another Labour MP, Tom Levitt, present for the photoshoot stated that he and other Labour MPs deliberately left a gap for Purnell when the original photograph was taken, knowing that Purnell's image would be superimposed onto their photograph. Critics described the photograph as being "misleading"; it was especially damaging as it came at a time when Purnell has criticised the media for misleading the public over telephone phone-in scams and over news stories that were not true.

    Prior to becoming a cabinet minister, Purnell has repeatedly been one of the most expensive MPs in the United Kingdom and being confirmed as the most expensive in Greater Manchester, with expenses in 2004 of more than £120,000.
    Jacqui Smith Home secretary Jacqui Smith is once again pontificating about another area of life were she reckons toughening up prostitution laws will STOP it going on.

    Here is a government that has been pushing ever more women and children into abject poverty who as a last resort sometimes are forced to sell their body. There are high class hookers in major cities who make a fortune out of selling themselves with many getting paid more an hour than the Prime Minister and Jacqui Smith. Maybe she hates prostitution so much because those women are making more than they do f*cking men.

    Jacqui Smith is a typical man hating radical feminist, that if there is a problem in society it must be men to blame. Her and the glut of radical feminist political windbags voted to push more women and their children into poverty while their disastrous policies have been destroying family units encouraging women to divorce if their husband dares even to raise his voice. Suggesting that men who do are domestic abusers.

    The failed Child Support system that suggested women who do get out of marriage, the government would look after them with lucrative payments from the CSA was another con. Sure they hounded the fathers into early graves but the money seldom reached the women or children as the system cost so much to maintain with plenty of lucrative salaries for the masons at the heart of another government scam to keep them in the executive lifestyles they think they deserve. One of the main factors in ruthless secretive family court outcomes.

    Smith is an evil power monger distracting attention away from years of appalling New Labour policies and onto men once again as always the reason why the poor downtrodden women suffer so much. SHE should look at the attacks on the family her own party have instigated that will see far more mothers and children in abject poverty thanks to her and ministers like the head of Dept of Work or Prison James Purnell who would not look out of place at a Gestapo meeting. Ruthless evil control freaks pushing forward the global NWO agenda that the masons/zionist/illuminati have been planning for a very long time using FEAR,POVERTY and the ever increasing dependence on the state.ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

    New Labour dominated by radical feminist men haters like Jacqui Smith,Harriet Harman,Hazel Blears , Margaret Beckett, Patricia Scotland, Beverley Hughes and Tessa Jowell.

  • Penalising the punters
  • Prostitutes clients to be charged with rape says Jacqui Smith
  • Jacqui Smith attacks oldest profession
  • Tough new plans to get jobless into work 'may cause poverty', warns top government adviser
  • 130 families a day have homes seized
  • Welfare plan may cause VAST poverty
  • UK Benefits plan could cause even more poverty
  • Atlantis :The rich party in Dubai while the rest of us are forced into poverty
  • Grow up Jacqui Smith , it's your law that belongs in the gutter
    Purnell 007       Purnell IB       Purnell holy
    Click on pics for full screen versions
    Evil Purnell Minister for the Dept of Work or Prison
                                      FULL SCREEN PART1 HERE       FULL SCREEN PART2 HERE
    Quote from Obama victory speech at 2.57 minutes
    "Black,white,Hispanic,Asian,native american,GAY,straight"

    Obama and his wife have been courting the GAY vote for a very long time. When a minority GAY agenda is quoted ahead of STRAIGHT America that should cause ALARM bells to ring loud and clear. That Obama places GAYS before heterosexuals and why so many MEN and their families are being destroyed in the very courts Obama,his wife and fellow lawyers and judges operate in their anti-heterosexual rulings.

    GAY funding has allowed a twisted political agenda to undermine heterosexual families giving priority to a small gay hard line lobbying group that has dominated US policy for far to long in corrupt family courts. Obama has shown time and again and in his speech just were his priorities lie.

  • California voters put a stop to gay marriage
    ELECTION Another round of American election farces is underway but do the American people truly believe they have REAL choice? Do they NOT realise the satanists bankrolling the Democrats and Republicans head the US tyranny and there wont be ANY CHANGE as they are proclaiming, only more of the same dire policies that will continue to bully the world and the ordinary American citizen.

    It is a WIN WIN for the Zionist/illuminati/masonic controllers of the American New World Order.
  • Satanists taking over the world
  • The greatest political farce on earth
    The problem of unreliable, unaudited electronic voting machines could be solved very easily. But somehow the concept has escaped every since state in the Union - and the man who championed the solution died in a car crash just before he was to speak before Congress.

    The news media is not interested in a solution, Congress is not interested, the Democratic Party is not interested and, of course, the Republican Party is not interested either.

    HUNT News Alliance nails another outrageous New Labour lie and questions the overt pressure mounted by MI5 not to release the damning report into the Wilson Plots

    In the immediate aftermath of Harold Wilson's resignation in 1976, his successor Jim Callaghan ordered Lord Hunt to investigate the plots by MI5 and the Ministry of Defence to bring down the Wilson-led Labour governments. It is widely known that Lord Hunt conducted a thorough investigation through his extensive links in Whitehall and produced a superlative report into the machinations of the Secret State to destroy Harold Wilson that later became known as the Wilson Plots. And since 1977, the report has sat in a Whitehall safe, secreted from public view and the truth has been buried since then. The Hunt Report names the names of the MI5, MI6 and MoD officers involved in the plots to smear and destroy Harold Wilson and by so doing crush democracy. The objective of which was a military junta led by senior MI5 and Army officers.

    The machinations that came to be known as the Wilson Plots are of such a serious nature that to make them and their authors public would render them untenable at any time in the future. That was the point behind our campaign to compel the release of the Hunt Report, to defend democracy against shadow 'government' and the campaign will continue despite the Home Secretary's latest lie. Three months ago we wrote to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown urging him to release the Hunt Report in the public interest. The PM replied to the effect that the matter would be delegated to his Home Secretary, the hapless Jacqui Smith whose great obsession is the National Identity Register and mass surveillance of British citizens. After three months and several letters to the Home Secretary chasing up our original line of enquiry, we heard nothing as the Home Office ignored us. But after our investigation into whistleblower John Francis Smith led us to a safehouse in Holly Mount, Hampstead on 25 October 2008 shadowed by the Metropolitan Police, the Home Secretary was compelled to act....

    Just 72 hours later, and after being ignored for three months, a letter was penned to the editor of News Alliance to the effect that the Home Office does not have the Hunt Report for which the Home Secretary is responsible. We are being asked to believe that a devastating report commissioned by a former Prime Minister with the direct involvement of the Home Office is not held by New Labour regime. This is another outrageous lie so typical of the last 11 years of New Labour spin, corruption, sleaze and outright lies. We know only too well that the Director General of MI5 has pressured the Home Secretary not to release the Hunt Report and the 'best' tale that Jacqui Smith can come up with is to say the report does not exist.

    Does this mean then that the Hunt Report never existed and that Jim Callaghan ordered a phantom inquiry into the Wilson Plots? It certainly does not, it simply means that the New Labour regime will not release the report for fear of serious repercussions to its beloved MI5 and the collapse of the Police State they have together engineered under the guise of the laughable 'war on terror'. It further illustrates that New Labour is determined to keep the truth buried about the Wilson Plots to bring down two Labour governments under Harold Wilson. And cements forever the fact that New Labour has no loyalty to Old Labour and the tens-of-thousands of traditional Labour Party members and supporters targeted by the Wilson Plots. Have no doubt at all that this schism will lead to the death of New Labour as a political entity because News Alliance will now go on the offensive, covertly and overtly, to spread the news of New Labour's great betrayal of its traditional supporters.

    And the Home Office letter itself is a 'perfect' New Labour creation, signed by no other than 'Will Smith'. That signature gave us a huge lift and caused hours of mirth and mocking humour for which we thank the Home Secretary. We doubt very much that a 'Will Smith' actually works for the Home Secretary and that this is simply another juvenile New Labour prank at a reference to Will Smith the actor of Enemy of State fame. And the Home Secretary should have no doubt at all that News Alliance and its supporters are indeed enemies of the State for publishing the truth time and again.

    But this idiotic prank demonstrates that New Labour is completely unfit to hold any form of government and should be thrown out at the next General Election in the name of democracy. It is also perfectly clear now that MI5 and the Secret State combined run Britain and that New Labour is nothing more than a figurehead, token 'government' to give shadow government the appearance of being democratic. What distinguishes modern Britain from the old Soviet Union? The spooks run Britain and New Labour or 'Conservative' elected governments are mere false flag operations to creat the false impression that Britain is a democracy instead of a Police State.

    Above else what Britain needs is a government to put the spooks in their place and remind them daily that they are public servants and not public masters. Today, 2nd of November 2008, is history in the making and Harold Wilson must be turning in the grave. But more so the historic aspect comes in the form of New Labour's great betrayal of Old Labour. Everyone who supported traditional Labour Party policies and tried to fight for a better country has today been betrayed. We urge all of you never to forget this betrayal and to vote the wretched New Labour regime out of office at the next General Election.

    Some traditional Labour voters (white working class) may ask why this affects them? The answer is quite simple: By refusing to release the Hunt Report, the New Labour regime consents dirty tricks, smears and criminality of the Wilson Plots to destroy British democracy and so doing takes the side of MI5 against the people. It is at last damning evidence of the fact that the State is at war against the people of Britain and that they will not stop until the British people summon the collect will to put these crooks out of business permanently!