Panama Papers: What the compliant media isn't telling us
British Royals and their dodgy lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent behind freemason courier service out of Britain.

The only mention in the lying press is that the Queen's bankers Coutt's are part of the massive multi trillion pound exit of money into the freemasons offshore accounts that make all other crime pale apart from the mass seizure of mens estates by their equally dodgy courts run by freemason judges and lawyers.

The main culprits in all the tax dodging are lawyers and bankers who just happen to be hand picked freemasons of the royals via the world's top freemason the Dukey Kent . We have already done extensive exposures of how the Cayman Islands offices in London are only a stones throw away from the top masonic haunt and a short walk away for the royals couriers to remove enormous sums into the coffers of the crown dependencies of the Cayman and Virgin Islands, to mention only two, for them to collect either on death or when requested by their controllers at Buckingham Palace.

This is a centuries old finely tuned corrupt machine that ensures old Lizzie remains the richest despot on the planet who wont be seen running from the nearest bank with the loot she steals instead a long line of loyal satanic swearing dimwits weedle their way out of the country with various amounts of dosh to be buried in the vaults overseas controlled by her Crown lackeys.

They don't call it HMRC for nothing, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs ensures the peasants are bled dry while those deemed suitable for courier service get free rein to make massive amounts through dodgy government contracts i.e the same mob who fund the twisted tories into power come election time while they get all the multi billion pound contracts paid with public funds that find their way into the bolt holes organised by the royals forefathers that ensures that money ultimately ends up in their pockets through a secretive stealth network organised by her freemason lackey the Dukey Kent.

It is no surprise that despite decades of political blustering that the political establishment claim they take tax dodging very seriously all past governments have done little to stamp out a global crime ring that feeds the royals need for ever more power and wealth and why NOTHING will be done until a decent government is formed that will take the steps required to deal with this evil system that only perpetuates the murderous regime that seems, even with the Panama exposures, to still remain off the radar despite all the complicit media's apparent exposures.

They still ignore the royals and their freemason henchmen who pull the shots behind the scenes.

See our past exposures on their vile trade long before the Panama files were released.

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