What happens when lawyers take over the Labour party

Labour lawyer Keir Starmer another Tony Blair clone

Labour's SMUG lawyer Nick Thomas-Symond who you are going to hear a lot more about

As if Labour hadn't learnt their lesson when they voted lawyer Tony Blair in as leader who turned Labour into a tory party mark 2 with the accolade of becoming a renowned war criminal alongside his cowboy mate George Bush over their dodgy wars in the Middle East for and on behalf of their Israeli buddies, they now put more lawyers in charge to the enormous detriment of heterosexual men.

We have always had doubts about Labour even as the only alternative to the tory mafia, Labour is full of lawyers especially man hating feminist lawyers like Harriet Harman with a long track record of acting as a mouthpiece for the law society terrorists under the Labour umbrella. Corbyn kept her in check but now lawyer Starmer has been voted in as their new leader things can only get much worse for heterosexual men when they are all lackeys for the Law society persecution campaigns that strip men bare under the guise of their domestic abuse mantra.

One of the first to be selected by Starmer is SMUG lawyer Nick Thomas-Symond as shadow home secretary who has immediately shown his true law society colours by claiming more money is needed for the law society's domestic violence scams that are used to bleed men dry HERE .

While Thomas-Symond is happily bashing heterosexual men he is also voting for homosexual rights and homosexual marriage and is typical of the lawyers who bleed heterosexual men dry while pushing a homosexual agenda. See his voting record below.

Also a letter he signed with other MP's below

Labour are now about to restart their man hating attacks with this utter bullshit so they can line their lawyer buddies bank accounts thanks to Starmer and his lawyer croney's. We can guarantee the right wing rags that are also controlled by lawyers under the orders of the law society will give them high praise for backing warmongering Israel and Starmer is already turning Labour back into a Blair style mafia and will no doubt back more unrest across the Middle East to satisfy Netanyahu and his war criminal zionist pals.

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