• UK James Bond fiction or a licence to pump out royalist propaganda? (Queen first then country constantly comes through the narrative, also claims that Bond is a royalist feminist)

  • UK Is Labour's Angela Rayner Right To Call Tories "Scum"? (We have been calling them SCUM for decades it must be catching on) (VIDEO)

  • UK All eyes are on Labour's brazen deputy – whose ‘Am I bovvered?’ attitude following her widely rebuked ‘bunch of scum’ comments about senior Tories (Even a feminist claims tory's are scum but NOT a lawyer like Starmer)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer like Labour lawyer Blair are total LOSERS no matter the bullshit (The legal mafia have taken over the working class roots of Labour)

  • UK Katie Price avoids jail despite admitting to car crash while drink-driving without insurance and while disqualified (Reverse the gender and jail time would be the sentence)

  • UK Another female carer caught robbing the elderly (Same thing goes on every day in divorce courts but sanctioned by the legal mafia and despite claims by Womens Aid and Refuge about protecting females they remain SILENT when the perpetrator is female)

  • UK The SNP scum have apologised "unreservedly" for "woeful and wholly avoidable" 13-year delay in setting up a public inquiry into child abuse (Children en masse being separated from the protection of their biological fathers by Sturgeon's legal pals)

  • UK Council bosses writing their own pay cheques

  • UK Scotland's ruthless masonic cops get more taser trigger happy (Heterosexual men's lives made a misery by the law society's hired thugs)

  • UK Brexshit mad tory scum's pathetic attempts to win over foreign HGV drivers with temporary visas ain't working

  • UK At least 15 cops have killed women in the last 12 years (These are the same evil bastards that persecute men for mere suggestion of abuse. It was revealed earlier this year that a woman every week was coming forward to report domestic abuse by a partner who was in the police. Freemason cops think they are above the law and their lodge buddies will cover up their crimes. But how many have gotten away with murder?)

  • UK Its the masonic cops women should be worried about as cop who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard to be sentenced (Their lodge buddies swear to protect each other ABOVE ALL ELSE and any female married to one should be aware of that as they point the finger at innocent divorcing men being shafted in courts and a smokescreen for their own murderous abuse )

  • UK Labour’s annual conference has passed a motion backing a £15-an-hour minimum wage for everyone working in the UK (But NOT Labour lawyer Starmer's shadow cabinet who are told that they shouldn't support £15 an hour minimum wage)

  • USA Double-jabbed couple die of Covid one minute apart while holding hands in hospital (Makes a mockery of enforced vaccinations)

  • Global ‘Build back better. Blah blah blah’: Greta Thunberg mocks leaders at youth climate summit (A New World Order chant all the hand picked lackeys rabbit on about) (VIDEO)

  • UK Cancer Centre judicial review exposes the OUTRAGEOUS sums being charged by the legal mafia for shuffling a few A4 papers (The global legal mafia are all part of one big extortion racket founded on very little energy expended by them when they are paid $trillions for doing virtually FUCK ALL. There is no profession on the planet that comsumes so much wealth for no help to humanity only causing misery )

  • UK Brexshiteer Jim Allister Makes Wonderful Case For Rejoining The EU! (VIDEO)

  • USA Vaccine APARTHEID: Don Lemon’s Covid BOMBSHELL (VIDEO)

  • Global Nations who are stockpiling bioweapons(VIDEO)

  • Global Those who are duped into believing they OWN property (Check the mortgage small print)(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccine manufacturing employees secretly filmed about vaccinating children(VIDEO)

  • Indonesia Fully vaccinated doctors dying in droves(VIDEO)

  • Australia 1200 Queensland cops suspended without pay for refusing vaccination(VIDEO)

  • USA Epstein flight logs contain the most powerful on the planet(VIDEO)

  • UK Young duped into believing they can own a home but at what expense? (Anyone in any kind of relationship will soon find out how quickly that pseudo ownership is taken away by the house thieves)(VIDEO)

  • UK Claudia Webbe an MP made threat to send nudes of woman, court hears (The females Womens Aid and Refuge fail to register on their dodgy stalking stats)

  • UK The SNP, under feminist lawyer Sturgeon, seem determined to turn Scotland into a one party state where only their voices were heard during a crucial time for the country (BBC complaints shot up when Sturgeon used the majority of a February Covid briefing to criticise her predecessor Alex Salmond

  • UK Filthy royalist rag forgets to mention the richest family on the planet in their "Who are the 25 wealthiest families in the world?" (Underplaying the UK royals assets when they have been proven to be, by far, the richest in the world that NO ONE comes close to)

  • Australia Melbourne cops out of control arresting women and children over Covid protests(VIDEO)

  • USA Joe Biden WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!(VIDEO)

  • USA Black Box Security spied on EVERYTHING Britney Spears did (Illuminati control over big name artists)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory crisis meeting (VIDEO)

  • Global Family courts destructive powers against men (Freemasons totally control the courts, judges and lawyers via the royal masonic henchman the Dukey Kent with utter tyranny destroying millions of men globally that are not part of their DEATH cult)(VIDEO)

  • UK Filthy royalist rag claims "'Classic and traditional': Kate Middleton’s £9,000 necklace gives Duchess 'refined' look" (Enough royalist bullshit to make anyone throw up. Meanwhile the poorest peasants are lining UK streets homeless and penniless)

  • UK Foreign lorry drivers say they ‘won’t help UK out of the s*** they created’ themselves (Two fingers up to the tory scum who kicked them all out and now offering just a temporary visa to stem the tide)

  • UK The fuel crisis is the price of Brexshit and the British aversion to economic migration

  • UK Bastard lawyer Starmer destroying Labour to keep the tory scum in power

  • UK Filthy royalist rag claims "Kate trumps Meghan Markle and Harry in US popularity - Americans not buying into Sussexes" (How to turn trash into glitzy royalist bullshit)

  • Australia Covid has exposed the brutal and corrupt cops that have tarnished Australia for decades (Has even corrupted the judiciary and lawyers or the other way round)(VIDEO)

  • Australia Father forced to sack son because he refuses to get vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • Australia Paramedic fired after 25 years service for speaking out against vaccine mandate(VIDEO)

  • USA Epstein had BANKS of spy cameras for his blackmail plots(VIDEO)

  • Australia Children stolen away from unvaccinated parents(VIDEO)

  • UK Fuel supply: Visas won't solve petrol supply issues - retailers (More tory scum fuck ups then blaming EVERYBODY else but themselves)

  • UK Scottish masonic cops protecting another brother?

  • UK Scots cop 'battered, bloodied and bruised' after alleged attack by police officer fiancée (The supposed defenders of abuse victims are the worst offenders)

  • UK Scots provost taxi driver’s firm picks up £3m in contracts from council he represents (Dodgy Council contracts rife in Scotland)

  • UK Probe launched into senior ambulance service managers running a camper van rental firm from the same building as their HQ

  • USA Biden's top fried brain moments(VIDEO)

  • USA 14 year old girl removed from parents for refusing to have her vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • UK Daniel Morgan Murder links Corrupt Cops and Murdoch Empire to the Heart of Government (VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer faces wave of anger over Labour conference chaos (Labour has been infiltrated by right wing lackeys acting for the ruling mafia via the terrorists operating out of the LAW SOCIETY)

  • UK The fucked up scum at the BBC and their NON=stop positive promotion of homosexual / lesbian marches while continually negatively smearing heterosexual men (The lunatics are running the Buggering Boys Club asylum)

  • UK Lawyers who think they are above the law and come up with any excuse to avoid the consequences

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson's desperate measures after their hard line immigrant stance leaves the UK on the edge

  • UK Absolutely NO sympathy for former far right wing Murdoch lackey and BBC mouthpiece Andrew Neil who claims he cried when he came close to having a breakdown over disastrous GB News (Time to get rid of these fascist dinosaurs from the TV)

  • UK Starmer exposes how much the Israeli lobby has control over Labour (How jewish / Israeli interests come before British citizens needs in the UK's major political parties)

  • UK Tory fuckwit Johnson Backs Down Over Brexshit Immigration Position (Brexshit turning into a shambles as was warned by so many but fell on the tory scums deaf ears)(VIDEO)

  • USA How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties(Only an ILLUSION of left leaning politics with Democrats and Labour TOTALLY controlled by lawyers like Biden, Obama, Clinton, Blair and Starmer in the UK) (VIDEO)

  • USA Capitalism And Monopolies: How Five Companies Control All US Media(VIDEO)

  • USA The Myth Of The "Self-Made" Billionaire(VIDEO)

  • USA Force vaccinations are a declaration of war on the people (Lawyer Alan Dershowitz trying to dictate forced vaccinations when he should be in jail for his part in the Epstein scandal)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory thugs RACIST hard line immigration stance backfires as UK is brought to a standstill with lorry driver shortage(The utter scum and dregs of the earth put a dogmatic racist political stance before the country's needs)

  • UK How the royalist gutter rags promote talentless royals on the back of talented sports stars

  • UK Royal scumbags legal lackeys accept he was served with USA rape papers

  • UK Met cops kettle vaccine passport protesters at tube station(VIDEO)

  • UK Homeless in London: 'People pretend they are not there' (A very rare occasion when the BBC rats show any sympathy for the homeless MEN on the streets)

  • UK SNP promoting "Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliances (GSAs)" in schools (While the SNP are destabilising and dismantling heterosexual families through divorce courts they are using homosexual propaganda to brainwash school children many of those children no longer have their biological fathers protection)

  • China Evergande's Tactic Move? Unpaid Crowds march and blockade Evergrande offices across China (VIDEO)

  • Australia What the fuck is going on in Melbourne? (VIDEO)

  • Australia Dictator Dan Andrews addresses anti-lockdown protests (What is going on in Ozzie with mad men like Andrews dictating and justifying cops en masse stifling dissent)(VIDEO)

  • UK Ken Loach absolutely DESTROYS Labour lawyer Keir Starmer(VIDEO)

  • UK Tenants EN MASSE are being evicted due to rent arrears built up during the Covid pandemic (555 private and social landlord hearings, 270 ended in an outright possession order)

  • UK Renters: Eviction ban in England extended until March

  • USA What women are demanding of men in America(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson caught lying again(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdoch's former right wing mouthpiece and BBC lackey Andrew Neil has torn into far right wing GB News, accusing the network of leaking “smears” to a newspaper (Britain doesn't need any more gutter media spouting far right propaganda)

  • China Angry protest at headquarters of China Evergrande as property giant faces liquidity crunch(VIDEO)

  • UK Former Labour MP and minister Keith Vaz engaged in a "hostile, sustained and harmful" campaign of bullying against a Commons clerk (Lawyers like Vaz think they are ABOVE the law)

  • UK Sex, drugs and politics: The story behind the Keith Vaz scandal (No wonder there are so many laws being enacted by scum like lawyer/politican Keith Vaz to promote homosexuality. He was handed the longest ever suspension for any MP in history over prostitution and drugs claims)

  • Australia Construction workers turn VIOLENT in Melbourne protest(VIDEO)

  • UK Lesbian carer denies urinating on child's toothbrush (She sent messages to her ex-lesbian partner claiming she had urinated on a service user's toothbrush and boxer shorts, rubbed cutlery on her genitals and served food laced with laxatives)

  • UK Covid in Scotland: Legal challenge planned over vaccine passports (SNP acting like dictatorial scum under feminist lawyer Sturgeon. These are the same evil legal fuckers that claim to want to stop discrimination now dictating how to DISCRIMINATE)

  • USA Female entitlement and how divorce feeds their laziness and greed(VIDEO)

  • Israel is the most vaccinated in the world yet have the highest covid cases (VIDEO)

  • Nigeria blocking non vaccinated from access to their own money(VIDEO)

  • Australia Melbourne covid protest 1(VIDEO)

  • Australia Melbourne covid protest 2(VIDEO)

  • Australia Not just a vaccine passport but a BOOSTER passport will be required (Dictator Dan Andrews is an evil scumbag) (VIDEO)

  • Australia Daniel Andrews: Victoria's 'dictator' or just a wildly popular, unstoppable political force? (This bastard makes Hitler look like a moderate. A dictator reveling in his power, with “a disturbing streak of authoritarianism”)

  • USA Rich v Poor(VIDEO)

  • USA Update Major Homeless encampment Clean up on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles(VIDEO)

  • Global 50 Key Stats About Freedom of the Internet Around the World

  • USA ONE doctor not a team of doctors reporting on Covid 19(VIDEO)

  • UK Establishment run ITV used Jeremy Kyle show to smear the peasants(VIDEO)

  • USA Health care: America vs the World(VIDEO)

  • USA Why The United States Can't Handle Crises(VIDEO)

  • USA New York's Homeless Epidemic(VIDEO)

  • USA America's Stunted Political Spectrum(VIDEO)

  • USA Whipping migrants the new fun game for America's border control(VIDEO)

  • UK Rabid feminists get to spout their man hating VICTIMHOOD in their femi rags

  • UK Rabid feminist gutter rags come up with this headline

  • USA America's Overwork Obsession(VIDEO)

  • Hong Kong is being beaten into submission by China's regime(VIDEO)

  • Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century(VIDEO)

  • UK The head of Scotland's professional football league voices 'huge concern' over vaccine passport checks

  • UK Surviving Homeless - A shocking documentary of life on the streets during covid(VIDEO)

  • UK They finally nab the bastard by formally serving him with papers in USA sexual assault lawsuit (No heterosexual male facing divorce could AVOID having legal papers served on them for very long. The legal mafia would pursue those men to the ends of the earth while scumbag royals can hide behind a team of lawyers and cops)

  • UK Tory scum who said post Brexshit trade deal with USA would fill the void ain't happening as Biden tells Johnson it's NOT a priority

  • UK Labour MP uses Commons privilege to accuse Tory police commissioner of stealing from ex-employer(VIDEO)

  • UK Gutter rags promote a 'one off' £10 payment at Christmas while the tory state assassins strip £20 a week from Universal credit

  • UK Gutter rags only seem interested when females struggle with loss of £20 a week Universal credit payment (Not ONE example of how men will cope with that loss)

  • UK Brexshit Powered Inflation Running Out of Control(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC positively promote future royal parasites (The scum and filth who run the BBC promote the very WORST of Britain, the ruling mafia and ALL their cronies and hangers on, while smearing the heterosexual men who have BUILT Britain)

  • UK BBC promote DEAD royals ad infinitum(So the peasants NEVER forget)

  • UK Gutter rags still promoting DEAD royals

  • USA Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech, Sept. 19 2021 (VIDEO)

  • Global Innocent men being fucked over by false accusations(VIDEO)

  • UK No wonder victims of crime can't get police assistance

  • Global Why Facial Recognition Technology Is So Dangerous(VIDEO)

  • USA Is Going To Charge Mark Forkner, Former Boeing Chief Test Pilot, For The Boeing Max Crashes(VIDEO)

  • USA How Capitalism Destroyed Boeing (VIDEO)

  • USA Why America Throws the Poor in Prison(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasite holds ‘crisis talks’ over sacking 'shambolic' legal team 'It's a disaster!' (Lawyers cant protect the scumbags arse any longer)

  • USA Who's responsible for the Joe Biden "Making the Taliban Great Again" billboard? (VIDEO)

  • Global All of the world's strife and misery by design(VIDEO)

  • Global Shocking comparison between covid vaccinated blood and non-vaccinated blood(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden caught lying about Covid restrictions (VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyers protecting royal parasite are dishing out BAD advice (The same fucking lawyers who persecute divorcing men and use the Queen's hand picked judges to hammer them)

  • UK Divorcing men get served legal papers on a none to regular basis so why can't the royal parasites son face the same endless legal bullshit?

  • Global How the FAA allowed Boeing to murder with impunity(VIDEO)

  • New Zealand Doctors planned 'dream relocation to New Zealand for two years' before mother 'murdered' their three daughters after spending 14 days in the country's covid hotel quarantine (Media whores paint a very different picture when it's the mother who murders)

  • UK Wife who avoided death penalty in Malaysia for killing husband returns to UK ('Jones stabbed abusive husband John to death.' But dead men can't defend those accusations that are becoming ALL TO REGULAR an excuse for female murderers)

  • UK Thousands of anti-vaxxers march through London chanting 'arrest Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty' as they call on government to scrap plans to give Covid jab to children

  • UK If ONLY the British establishment's state assassins were as meticulous when it's tax dodgers that were spied on

  • UK Scotland blighted by the dimwitted royalist loyalists who let their bigotry and hate spill on to city streets (The dark underbelly of living in a country founded on vile and hate filled discrimination)

  • Global The jewish gangsters who get away with screwing many musicians (The music industry controlled by these utter scum like the notorious crook who swindled artists out of their owed royalties) (VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer run GAYrdian report: As if women aren't already milking divorce they are now seeking a slice of the pension after stealing the house and kids

  • UK Lawyer run GAYrdian stokes the DV flames with more bullshit

  • USA The Dark Reality of Los Angeles(VIDEO)

  • UK An angry ex-girlfriend broke the mother of the bride's arm on the week of the wedding (And still the deranged feminists claim victim status)

  • USA Lawyer accused of staging own murder surrenders (VIDEO)

  • New Zealand Cops allege mother killed twin daughters Maya and Karla, two, and their older sister Liane, six, at home

  • UK Cops should give violence against women same priority as terrorism, says watchdog (A watchdog run by freemasons to back up the royals judicial scams)

  • Thailand Royal Thai Police: Scandals bring renewed focus on force (VIDEO)

  • Venezuela judicial mafia complicit in rights abuses (The same global judicial mafia that undermines divorcing men's rights)(VIDEO)

  • Philippines say lawyer Duterte will not cooperate with ICC drug war probe and state murder(VIDEO)

  • Japan is dumping 1m tonnes of radioactive water in the ocean (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag under fire over use of private emails leaves Government in reshuffle

  • USA Biden go fuck yourself (VIDEO)

  • Global Feminists forget "Men built the world women live in" (VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasites ABOVE the law when their wills can be hidden away for 90 years (They dont want their vast wealth being exposed and where it all comes from)

  • UK Masonic cop inspectorate using rabid feminist DV claims to dominate and fleece men not part of their DEATH cult (Behind this mob are the royals with their masonic dukey kent controlled HER MAJESTY's henchmen and the £billions being stolen under their vile DV smear scams)

  • Global Extreme Fukushima radiation fallout encircling the globe(VIDEO)

  • UK The loyalist royalist dimwits allowed to dominate the streets of Scotland with their HATE marches (The royal parasites rely on these ORANGE scum and filth to survive and breed their very warped agenda)

  • UK Woman facing a life sentence after being convicted of murdering her husband in a stabbing attack at their home (Feminist Womens Aid and Refuge would back her to the hilt and murders that never appear on their warped stats)

  • USA Biden demands employers with more than 100 staff to force them to get vaccinated (VIDEO)

  • Global Eric Clapton's "Disastrous" Vaccine Experience(VIDEO)

  • UK Millions left with homes that are a fire risk thanks to government failings on cladding (So much for the claims of OWNING a home)

  • UK Damaging vaccination stats read out in the Houses of Parliament(VIDEO)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan joins establishment propagandist Murdoch's vile gutter media

  • UK Call for investigation of menstrual changes after Covid jabs (A side effect of vaccinations are possible infertility?)

  • Global A Prison On Earth(VIDEO)

  • UK One lot of tory scum out another lot of tory scum in (they are all tarred with the same twisted brush)

  • USA The Dark Truth About the History of the USA and British Empire(VIDEO)

  • UK Frail, elderly Scot lay in agony for almost eight hours waiting for ambulance (The SNP under lawyer Sturgeon claim some sort of utopia when its a nightmare for millions)

  • UK Scotland blighted by dimwitted racist bigots and a country awash with discrimination (SNP do NOTHING about the 'HATE' marches despite claims otherwise)

  • UK Prince Andrew case: High Court to notify duke of US civil proceedings

  • UK BBC positively promoting more homosexual propaganda AGAIN (The BBC is the number one mouthpiece for homosexuals and lesbians and definitely NOT for heterosexual men and their families who pay the vast bulk of the licence fee. There is something twisted and sinister going on behind the scenes at the Buggering Boys Club even after their top presenter and top paedo Jimmy Savile and his paedo ring got flushed out)

  • UK NHS app storing facial verification data via contract with firm linked to Tory donors

  • UK Despite medical claims we would all be safe with vaccinations now they are claiming a potential big spike in hospitalisations

  • Pakistan Evil homopaedo who raped and killed 100 boys handed most gruesome death sentence ever

  • UK Head teachers threatened with legal action over Covid jabs for schoolkids (If a parent communicates to you that their child will not to be included in the vaccination programme or does not provide consent, then that decision must be respected, without any further consequences for the child, including direct or indirect discrimination or coercion)

  • UK Scotland's judicial mafia find NOTHING wrong with 196 deaths in prisons (Behind the SNP's utopian bullshit lies a sinister legal system that hammers the poor while protecting the elite)

  • UK Homopaedo taxi driver admits abusing boy he drove to school

  • UK Cressida Dick will serve an extra two years as Metropolitan Police commissioner despite "presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up" (The worse you are as a cop the higher you climb the greasy pole)

  • UK The sick fuckers at the Buggering Boys Club continue to positively promote homosexual parades (While endlessly smearing heterosexual men as violent abusers)

  • UK Prep school homopaedo deputy head, 75, who sexually abused young boys in the 1980s is jailed for 16 years

  • UK This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery (More feminism being funded by lottery money. Meanwhile male homelessness is ignored)

  • UK Cops use DV claims as excuse to leech on to women who may be getting large divorce settlements (This has been going on for decades using DV as a means to an end with divorcing men paying a heavy price)

  • UK Tory scumbag Patel who rants about how GREAT British cops are then gives them ZERO pay rise

  • UK TEN days of resistance against the world’s biggest arms fair started in London today with a rally demanding an end to weapons sales to Israel (Excel centre in London’s Docklands is at the end of Freemasons Road)

  • UK SNP hypocrite feminist lawyer Sturgeon issues plea to Johnson over Universal Credit uplift (She has a fucking cheek when her lawyer pals are literally robbing Scottish men and their childrens future inheritance in masonic run divorce courts while she bleats about £20 a week loss her gangster pals, who work via the orders of the Law society terrorists, are stealing £billions from men in draconian courts many who end up suicidal thanks to the damage they cause)

  • UK Scottish cops dressed like paramilitaries during COP26 (Scotland descending into a dictatorship where cops act as hired thugs for the ruling elite)

  • UK While the Queens hand picked judges and lawyers are hammering and persecuting innocent divorcing men her son can use law enforcement to block and evade legal papers being served on him (The royal parasites, who reside over how British courts operate, behave as if they are above the law and a legal mafia only to happy to provide the cover so they CAN avoid the law)

  • UK A suicidal person may not want to see the police... they may be the last people they want to see if they're having a mental health crisis" (Cops have a long history of jailing and endangering suicidal people treating them more like criminals)

  • USA NYC homeless proof design, good job!(VIDEO)

  • UK The royal parasites think they are above the law using law society lackeys to protect their arses (LAWS that ONLY the peasants are expected to adhere to while they think they can get away with murder. They can have SHOOTING parties with access to vast arsenals while the peasants since Dunblane have been stripped of any weapons to defend themselves against their ruthless tyranny. Ask the millions of men tuffed out on to the street homeless after facing the Queens hand picked judicial mafia during divorce when their property is seized)

  • UK 640 people in England died with Covid after being fully vaccinated

  • USA Medical dictator Fauci calls for unvaccinated Americans to be banned from air travel

  • UK SNP draconian vaccine passport proves they are even more right wing than the tory scum (Sturgeon a dangerous and devious bastard who is a lackey for the law society terrorists)

  • UK You just couldn't make it up the top perverters of justice, Dick and Patel, claim to want to protect kids by reading encrypted messages (Protecting children ALWAYS the excuse for nasty governments like the tory's to snoop on the long suffering public)

  • UK Callous tory fuckwit response to cutting £20 a week from Universal Credit

  • UK Lawyers used to protect the royals from their crimes while destroying INNOCENT divorcing men (The RULE of law is a fucking ass protecting the criminal elite while persecuting the innocent peasants. Epstein victims fear Duke will 'hide behind his lawyers' and never face court)

  • UK Prince Charles has become embroiled in a fresh donations scandal, after it emerged a Russian businessman previously convicted of money laundering tried to donate half a million pounds to his charities (Handing out criminals money under the guise of a 'ROYAL' charity is a massive fucking FRAUD)

  • UK The royal parasite tags on to latest tennis stars success (They are the biggest bullshitters who use others talent as a platform to prop up their criminal empire)

  • UK Vaccine passports for nightclubs ditched as ministers U-turn on plan (Meanwhile SNP lawyer Sturgeon and her lackeys bring in vaccine passports)

  • USA Depression is a Call to "Deep Rest" - Jim Carrey (VIDEO)

  • UK SNP lawyer Sturgeon tries to justify vaccine passports when England isn't going ahead with one (Dangerous and devious law society witch who wants to wipe out heterosexual men in Scotland)

  • UK Tory scumbag Priti Patel branded a serial offender last night over a secret “lobbying” meeting she brokered between a billionaire Tory donor and British Airways

  • UK 'Despite being responsible for law and order tory scumbag Priti Patel can't obey rules herself'

  • USA Judge Commits Suicide As FBI Prepares To Arrest Him(VIDEO)

  • USA Homopaedo 'PERV' JUDGE SUICIDE Maryland Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, shoots himself dead as FBI swoops to arrest him for ‘filming naked boys’

  • UK How lawyers protect the royal mafia from their crimes (Meanwhile these same evil fuckers persecute divorcing innocent men)

  • UK BBC use creepy tranny image to promote National Television Awards (You now have to be a warped fuckhead to work at the BBC)

  • UK A report into allegations of bullying against Scotland's first female bishop has recommended she leave her role (and the feminists who would back her behaviour to the hilt)

  • USA Is Run by a Financial Oligarchy(VIDEO)

  • UK British social workers are the dregs of the earth who let mothers away with MURDER (The same lesbians smear heterosexual fathers in divorce court hearings)

  • Russia Ex-wife snatches frozen bodies and brains of wealthy Brits and Americans from Russian lab in bitter divorce (You can't get any more macabre divorce than this)

  • UK LGBT promoter Cressida Dick keeps top Met job despite “presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up” (SHE knows EXACTLY what she is fucking doing with her COMMON PURPOSE training)

  • Global Virus being used for something far more sinister(VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist LGBT loving SNP lawyer Sturgeon turns Scotland's streets into a debauched homosexual display

  • UK 'Dangerous' homopaedo headteacher filmed young boys in swimming pool changing rooms

  • UK Cops get caught setting up faulty speed cameras incorrectly fleecing motorists

  • UK Domestic abuse campaigner who ran over four-year-old boy on pedestrian crossing is spared jail after she blamed 'mental health difficulties' for jumping a red light(Feminists who scream DV then inflict violence on kids)

  • UK Royal parasites lackeys fuck up over 'Black Lives Matter' claims (Every town across the UK has a creepy FREEMASON Lord-Lieutenant watching her back)

  • UK The thugs employed as British cops

  • UK Tory scum's long trail of 'TOUGH' decisions that always hit the poorest hardest

  • UK Anger mounts over Scotland's vaccine passport scheme amid claims it is 'riddled with holes' (SNP lawyer tyranny in operation with discrimination now at the top of their vile dictatorship)

  • UK Billionaires expand during tory reign over pandemic(VIDEO)

  • Canada rising up over Trudeau and pandemic(VIDEO)

  • Australia doctors mandated to lie over pandemic (VIDEO)

  • USA West Virginia seeing a 26% increase in fully vaccinated cases(VIDEO)

  • UK enforced jabs for 12 year old's plus without parental consent (VIDEO)

  • USA gutter media speaks with ONE tongue AGAIN(VIDEO)

  • USA Afghanistan War Pays Off BIG For Generals Who Lied(VIDEO)

  • USA Rental Policy Shock – 750,000 Face Eviction As Housing And Rent Prices Explode(VIDEO)

  • UK Holyrood mafia about to vote on draconian Scottish vaccine passport scheme (This is NOTHING to do with safety and everything to do with tyranny)

  • UK One of the biggest miscarriages of justice in UK legal history (Short of physical abuse, it was "hard to conceive of a more hostile and intimidatory approach by police officers, during the interview")

  • UK Deluded royal parasite plots his royal return

  • UK How much longer can Met Commissioner Cressida Dick hang on to her job? (A shambolic disaster masquerading as law enforcement. A landmark panel of victims of police corruption, incompetence and malpractice today call for the head of Cressida Dick. They also demand an overhaul of the Met's senior team, 'urgent and long overdue' reform of the police complaints system and a shake-up of the 'unfit for purpose' Independent Office for Police Conduct. But NO mention of ridding the cops of a freemason mafia behind the corruption, incompetence and malpractice)

  • Australia Desperate divorced dads fight for equal custody of their kids (Five males a day commit suicide in Australia driven to their grave by the legal mafia)(VIDEO)

  • USA Lawyer whose wife and son were murdered stole money from firm (VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland's PATHETIC cops take three days to attend accident with one dead and another seriously injured fined £100,000 (If this was an ex-wife claiming malicious DV against her ex-husband there would have been TEN cop cars on her doorstep in SECONDS)

  • UK A "bullying" female carer has been struck off after forcing a resident with dementia to eat, causing her to throw up (Feminists ignore these females at their peril)

  • USA How the Elite Control the World: The Rich Getting Richer, the Upper Class and Money in America (1996)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum suspended for repeatedly propositioning a male employee

  • UK Married At First Sight UK contestant Nikita Jasmine has been removed from the matchmaking show for "unacceptable" behaviour, her level of aggression "was unacceptable"

  • UK Young royal parasites deluded about the future of the monarchy

  • USA Camera Records Wife Allegedly Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC's director of FEMINAZI news Fran Unsworth quits (She is responsible for the 'MAN' hate propaganda pumped out by the Buggering Boys Club)

  • UK The Feminist Heist at the BBC(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum on Oldham council call for schools to fly the Union flag, display a portrait of the Queen and teach children to sing the National Anthem (Tory scum and their royalist propaganda)

  • USA America's big pharma racketeering(VIDEO)

  • Global Pfizer insider claims 200,000 vaccine deaths(VIDEO)

  • Global Bullshit news(VIDEO)

  • USA Gutter rags hide lawyer democrat gaffs(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum voters now regret voting tory scum after Brexshit disaster(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish freemasons masquerading as law enforcement want more guns with CLAIMS of assault (Anyone who has crossed paths with these utter scum and filth especially divorcing men will know the lengths they will go to persecute their targets. There are no words to describe how the utter dregs of society get employed to abuse the law for their masonic masters)

  • UK Scotland's utterly corrupt masonic coppers (To busy stealing mens property while letting accident victims DIE)

  • UK Scotland's SNP and Greens enforcing 'Gender Recognition' tyranny (Scotland is being turned into a mad house with this utter fucking bullshit while destroying heterosexual men and their families. A satanic agenda being pushed through by a LAWYER controlled SNP. Lesbians and homosexuals being allowed by the SNP to take over the country. Holyrood FULL of them)

  • UK Why the S.S. are being embedded in schools(Divorcing men will know the extreme powers being abused by scum council social workers when being framed by these filth many of them 'man hating' lesbians and homosexuals used by the child thieving state to remove kids from the protection of their biological fathers)

  • UK Royal parasite claims he had "no knowledge" of an alleged offer from his former aide to help a Saudi businessman secure an honour(A corrupt system that encourages total scumbags to suck up to the royal mafia. They take other peoples money and give it to charity claiming it's from their piggy bank like the Prince's Foundation then give them tacky little worthless trinkets like medals as the payoff)

  • UK “Scotland’s Shame” despite the SNP claims Scotland is awash with vile, unchecked, unspoken, bigotry and discrimination

  • UK Why is Only Brexshit Britain Suffering from 'Global' Shortages?(VIDEO)

  • USA More than 7 million set to lose jobless benefits (VIDEO)

  • UK How the gutter rags and feminists, working with governments like lawyer run SNP scum, want to blame prostitution on MEN alone (BBC negative promotion of heterosexual men while living in a mad world where women who want to sell their bodies because of poverty, then feminists blame men for doing so taking away responsibility of governments to provide adequate financial support. Devious and dangerous attacks on heterosexual men by sinister man hating forces to try and bring men to their knees. But only if we let these evil bastards do so)

  • UK Homosexual debauchery back on the streets of Scotland after covid pause (BBC positive promotion of homosexuals and a fucked up country where the SNP are putting homosexual rights far ahead of heterosexual rights and a legal system that is destroying heterosexual men and their families. Many of the jobs that cause that destruction i.e. lawyers, council social workers, judges and cops are all part of that mindset)

  • UK Corruption at the heart of the royals dodgy (dis)honours system

  • UK Lawyer run SNP want to push through vaccine passports (This has fuck all to do with safety and EVERYTHING to do with control)

  • UK Scotland's Vaccine passports may 'entrench vaccine hesitancy'

  • UK Opposition increasing towards Scotland's vaccine passports

  • Australia painted as a ‘dystopian nightmare’ as footage goes viral(VIDEO)

  • UK One of Prince Charles’ closest aides has stepped down from his role over claims he helped secure an honour for a rich Saudi donor (Honours system anything but honourable)

  • UK Tory scum trying to enforce dodgy vaccinations that can kill and cause serious illness

  • Afghanistan Latest on Biden's Taliban disaster (What happens when you put LAWYERS in charge of politics)(VIDEO)

  • USA 750,000 Face Eviction As Housing And Rent Prices Explode(VIDEO)

  • USA Jolie still playing the domestic abuse card against Brad Pitt (Any man considering marriage needs to understand the enormity of ex's vile smearing their character to gain the upper hand in divorce. See also McCartney and Depp's vile smear campaigns during their divorces)

  • UK Andy 'NONCE' poster outside BBC Manchester(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag 'Despicable' Matt Hancock is 'a horrible individual'

  • America NO society in history has imprisoned more of its population than America (and yet they still claim it's the land of the FREE)(VIDEO)

  • UK Anti-vaccine protesters attempted to storm the headquarters of the government agency responsible for bringing Covid vaccines to the UK public (Gutter rags report claims sympathetically ONLY four cops were injured but NOT the public)

  • UK Even the far right GB news can't stand the extreme right wing ex-BBC presenter Andrew Neil (When ex-Murdoch lackeys like Neil get mainstream platforms at the BBC you know the country is totally fucked)

  • Global Is the vaccine safe? (VIDEO)

  • Global Mandatory vaccination: Assumption of liability agreement(VIDEO)

  • Australia One life for the vaccinated a DIFFERENT life for the unclean(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson is preparing to renew his ‘draconian’ emergency Covid laws as he goes head-to-head with anti-lockdown MPs (Nothing to do with protecting the public and EVERYTHING to do with government control)

  • UK Protesters clog London in march against vaccine passports (VIDEO)

  • Global The Final Phase has Already Begun...(VIDEO)

  • Global Celebrities aiding and abetting mass murder through vaccines(VIDEO)

  • UK Welsh government breached data laws 300 times since 2019 (Governments are using private data maliciously)

  • UK Queen's lackeys upset over death plans leak


  • UK Be Very Careful of BBC TV Licence ‘Customer Care Visits’ (BBC thugs who harass the elderly) (VIDEO)

  • UK The phoney closet homosexual tv presenters who feign being heterosexual

  • UK 'Tories should be ashamed of horrendous cut to benefits' (The tory scum are the utter dregs of the earth)

  • UK Former SNP bully Alex Salmond threatens legal action after new book reveals 'misconduct finding' (Scottish law is a total fucking ass when it protects the MASONIC abusers while persecuting the innocent)

  • UK Shameless couple behind £2.4million mortgage fraud lose luxury family home (Every single crooked lawyer in Scotland should suffer the same fate but THEY run the system for their own devious ends)

  • UK Harmsworth's gutter rag and hard brexshit promoter calls to unite with the EU (VIDEO)

  • Afghanistan America's Afghan pull out a shambles(VIDEO)

  • Afghanistan Taliban now have $85 billion worth of USA military equipment(VIDEO)

  • Global Being black and being GAY is NOT the same thing(VIDEO)

  • Australia's fake covid actors (VIDEO)

  • USA Jack's New York wont serve non vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • UK Scum London councils who rip off motorists BIG TIME(VIDEO)

  • USA Texas mother tortured daughter to the edge of death (Feminists will NEVER accept the evil bitches in their midst) (VIDEO)

  • Italian protest inside parliament on NO GREEN PASS(VIDEO)

  • Global Radical feminists global rampage while ignoring the murderers within their OWN ranks (Only man haters can't see the forest for the trees)

  • America's Surveillance State: The Surveillance Industrial Complex Documentary VIDEO
    Another royalist masonic lackey Sir John A. Macdonald toppled by protesters in Canada’s Hamilton VIDEO
    Everyday life for millions in Scotland when cops do NOTHING to stop insufferable crimes

    Despite all the utter bullshit from SNP lawyer Sturgeon and her mob, her lawyer pals hang on to the coat tails of serial criminals (who defend them via a massive legal aid pot) and who are in and out of courts, but NOT jail, while imposing massive suffering on their victims forced to live in appalling housing schemes that cops avoid, unless there is a murder. The enormity of the stress these people face when lawlessness has been allowed to flourish for decades and with masonic controlled cops who are to busy acting as hired thugs for the lawyers screwing men during divorce and the large financial rewards that accrue from the massive injustice that flows when they are all getting a slice of the corrupt pie.

    You will only EVER see a massive parade of cop cars at the doors of the men about to lose their homes (stolen during divorce to fund criminal legal aid) by the crooks running the legal system for their own self enrichment schemes while the peasants wallow in the gang warfare that blights cities right across Scotland as the cops are otherwise engaged.

  • Legal aid the racket that just keeps giving
  • Where Trump's millions really came from VIDEO
    Scotland under tyrannical rule

    Sturgeon a front for the terrorists who operate out of the Law society of Scotland responsible for more men's deaths than all other threats together. The stealthy use of persecution that NEVER gets addressed in the gutter rags they control responsible for destroying men's lives daily.

  • Scotland's lawyer controlled SNP announces ‘dangerous’ plans to make emergency Covid powers permanent (Dangerous, devious evil bastards behind the SNP facade. See the long trail of men pushed to suicide by the death cult that controls the courts)
  • Protesters ‘seize’ Edinburgh Castle and accuse the Government of treason (Scottish people have been ‘lied to all (their) lives’, stupid legislation and fraudulent government tyranny, ‘no more enslavement’, going to ‘take everybody down’ – including the Government, the courts and adds: ‘The crown is coming down today.’)
  • Men accounted for 71% of suicides in 2020 in Scotland (Many men pushed over the edge by a satanic death cult's draconian grip of power in Scotland that the gutter rags will NEVER recognise as they are also controlled by them)
  • SNP lawyer controlled lunatics will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents' consent - and tells teachers not to question a child's request to choose a new name or use a different toilet (Holyrood SNP mafia are needing psychiatric treatment and the BOLLOCKS you get when they make these crazy rules up. Children as young as four will be able to change their gender at school without their parents’ consent under guidance introduced in Scotland. The guidance was branded ‘shocking’)
  • While billions globally are pushed into extreme destitution the elite are paying £500,000 for bags VIDEO
    ‘Dictatorship of Health’ | Protesters flood Paris, outraged by approval of Covid health pass VIDEO

    Penned by Shawn Stephens:

    "It's just a mask." "It's just six feet." "It's just two weeks." "It's just non essential businesses." "It's just non essential workers." "It's just a bar." "It's just a restaurant." "It's just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals." "It's just to make the cases go down." "It's just to flatten the curve." "It's just a few inmates." "It's just to keep others from getting scared." "It's just for a few more weeks." "It's just church. You could still pray." "It's just a bracelet." "It's just an app." "It's just for tracing." "It's just to let others know you're safe to be around." "It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with." "It's just a few more months." "It's just a large gathering but for protests." "It's just a few violent protests." "It's just a vaccine." "It's just a little microchip." "It's just a blood test." "It's just a scan." "It's just for medical information." "It's just a vaccination certificate." "It's just like a credit card." "It's just a few places that don't take cash." "It's just so you can travel." "It's just so you can get your driver's license." "It's just so you can vote." "It's just a few more years."

    It's just the NEW WORLD ORDER......
    Scotland's crazy lawyer run SNP (Sturgeon) comes up with this fucking disgraceful bullshit VIDEO

    Scotland is sinking into a fascist state where NO MAN or child is safe

  • SNP lawyer controlled lunatics will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents' consent - and tells teachers not to question a child's request to choose a new name or use a different toilet (Holyrood SNP mafia are needing psychiatric treatment and the BOLLOCKS you get when they make these crazy rules up. Children as young as four will be able to change their gender at school without their parents’ consent under guidance introduced in Scotland. The guidance was branded ‘shocking’)
  • Homeless face abuse on the streets of America VIDEO
    1976 Swine flu vaccination program was for NO reason and vaccine X53A was never field tested when given to 46 million Americans VIDEO
    Britain's friendly neighbourhood cops VIDEO
    Britain's friendly neighbourhood cops 2 VIDEO
    Australia's friendly neighbourhood cops VIDEO
    Close up view of Twin Tower collapse as reporter hears an explosion VIDEO
    Thousands around the world protest against Covid restrictions VIDEO
    Johnny Depp's innocence proven with cop body cam footage VIDEO

    British judge refused to listen to American cops evidence that proved Heard was a blatant liar

    ALL British judges operate a smear, frame, persecute and plunder system against men allowing freemasons to access their property, children and wallets
    Vaccinated man warns about the dangers of getting vaccinated VIDEO
    Megyn Kelly denounces sleazy lawyer Cuomo then smears Prince Andrew accuser VIDEO

    Gutter rags ALL operate as a propaganda machine for the royal mafia especially in America
    NO return to normal. Just a conspiracy theory? VIDEO
    Protest inside Covid testing centre Manchester VIDEO
    Daily Mail caught fabricating Covid misinformation on anti-vax WEIRDO's VIDEO
    ITV cut to weather while Covid vaccine dangers are being discussed VIDEO
    Italy protests over GREEN pass VIDEO
    Trafalgar Square peaceful protest until cops turn up VIDEO
    Bill Burr on being a mom is the most difficult job on the planet VIDEO
    Doctor confirms Covid test can cause cancer VIDEO
    Australians protest over Covid tyranny VIDEO
    Elite paedo rings exposed VIDEO
    Glitzy Dubai founded on slave labour and human rights abuses VIDEO
    French farmers protest over food autonomy VIDEO
    X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion VIDEO

    How they FRAME men they want to plunder globally
    Julian Assange closer to extradition to the US VIDEO

    American and British establishment are behind persecution campaigns enacted against anyone they can frame. See divorcing men as examples every day of persecution by a satanic death cult that runs the evil court networks
    Covid travel restrictions doesn't affect RICH people at all VIDEO
    Experienced paramedic on Covid vaccine deaths not being reported VIDEO
    Australian MP on ineffective mask wearing, lockdowns and discriminatory Covid passports VIDEO

  • James Bond fiction or a licence to pump out royalist propaganda?
    (Queen first then country constantly comes through the narrative, also claims that Bond is a royalist feminist)