• UK BBC Newsnight reporter chased into 10 Downing Street by anti-lockdown protesters(VIDEO)

  • USA American Case Against Assange Falls Apart, as Key Witness Says He Lied to Get Immunity (VIDEO)

  • UK Policing is so DIRE in England even cops dont feel confident about reporting crimes

  • UK Tory scum's disturbing lack of urgency to address a range of Brexshit-related bureaucracy

  • UK No Brexshit Help for Creative Industries(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC report on Manchester cop failures concentrates on attacks on women ONLY (The BBC by the day are making it clear they don't give a fuck about crimes against heterosexual males and crystal clear in this report on Newsnight)(VIDEO)

  • UK Cop Benjamin Monk who unlawfully killed Dalian Atkinson by tasering him to the ground and kicking him in the head has been jailed for eight years

  • UK All the British dimwits who will be out in force celebrating their enslavers long devious reign (England is a nation full of VILE right wing royalist tory voting scum who have NOW isolated the rest of the UK from Europe. You really have to be some sort of fucked up sadistic scumbucket to vote in to power a bunch of evil sick fuckers like the tory mafia to endlessly do so much murderous harm to the most vulnerable and poorest sections of society )

  • UK If only the BBC was as sympathetic to the Gazans killed by Israel as they are to the jews who claim to be threatened in Britain (By distracting attention from the mass murder in Gaza the BBC are complicit with Israel and its war crimes. A high percentage of senior positions inside the BBC are zionist sympathisers who DONT see those killing as important enough to report on. They do the same with homosexuals and feminists painting them as victims of all us heterosexual men)

  • UK Ministers face probe over private emails: Data protection watchdog is set to launch inquiry into use of personal accounts by ministers in the wake of Matt Hancock scandal (How the tories hide the corruption that sees their pals and donors getting multi-million pound covid contracts with no tendering)

  • UK Questions remain over Matt Hancock scandal as Boris Johnson defends handling of situation(VIDEO)

  • UK As we lose respect for political bullshitters, democracy itself is taking a hit

  • UK What's the Long Term Brexshit Trade Plan? (VIDEO)

  • Canada BBC's usual biased report on "A Pride symbol vandalised in Canada's 'prettiest little town'" (Buggering Boys Club always sympathetically report on homosexuals as victims and heterosexual men as abusers)

  • UK SNP lawyer feminist Sturgeon once again kissing the royal arse despite claims of wanting independence (She swears an oath to serve HER before anyone else and is a fucking devious hypocrite)

  • UK Hypocritical tory scumbag Handcock’s downfall (AUDIO)

  • UK Two apparent council scandals seem too much for Caerphilly

  • UK Another council leader suspended after shares probe

  • UK Tory's wonder where CCTV camera that caught Handcock came from (There is NOWHERE in ANY government buildings that does NOT have secret service monitoring to ensure they follow the royals orders or get EXPOSED like Handcock)

  • UK Tory scum deluded they are all NOT being closed monitored by MI5

  • UK Camera which caught Hancock snog is disabled as MI5 ‘to hold talks on leak’ (1984 is alive and well in the hallowed walls of the British government. Political parties dont hold meetings inside government buildings as they know they are ALL secretly monitored)

  • UK Tory rat Handcock avoids exposing corruption using his personal email account for government business

  • UK Matt Hancock’s conduct was threat to security, justice secretary admits (Former health secretary’s use of private email account for official business could let hackers listen in)

  • UK Tory scumbag Handcock whisked mistress aide Gina away on romantic G7 summit break after claims he was ‘sh**ging on taxpayer cash’(Just like his boss Boris)

  • UK Redefining Hate: Has lawyer Sturgeon succumbed to powerful LGBTQ lobbyists at the expense of Scotland’s independence?

  • UK Prison for Benefits Fraud – Knighthoods for Tax Dodgers (Britain Does Not Fight Tax Evasion – Britain Accommodates Tax Evasion)

  • UK Gutter rag gives platform to feminist to whine about INTRUSIVE men hitting on her throughout the day (Smearing and shaming men when they never mention the men being hounded by females. All part of a master plan of undermining heterosexual men)

  • USA New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC once again push the positive promotion of homosexual icons (Meanwhile heterosexual men continue to be smeared as abusers by the sicko's at the BBC)

  • Turkey Crackdown on LGBTQ activism as police break up banned Istanbul Pride march (VIDEO)

  • USA Stuttering lawyer Joe Biden lies to push gun control(VIDEO)

  • UK The case for Brexshit was built on lies. Five years later, deceit is routine in our politics

  • UK Even the right wing gutter rags take aim at tory fuckwit Handcock

  • UK Damning emails that prove tory scumbag Handcock misled the public about his friend's Covid contract: He repeatedly insisted he had 'nothing to do with it'... but these messages reveal the truth

  • UK Tory scumbag Handcock routinely ‘used private email account for government business’ (The government does not have records on all of Handcock’s exchanges, including key negotiations on multimillion-pound contracts for personal protective equipment (PPE) and emails setting up the £37 billion test and trace programme)

  • UK Handcock's timeline of lies, elderly deaths and corruption

  • UK Harry continues to expose the royals like his mother and now being treated the same in their gutter rags

  • UK "Hundreds" of people could be forced from their homes in Wales after the ban on evictions comes to an end next week

  • UK Schoolchildren complain of being unfairly punished for taking part in pro-Palestine protests (Judeo / masonic indoctrination inside schools targeting children who dont back Israel)(VIDEO)

  • USA tax system prioritizes the wealthiest (VIDEO)

  • UK Matt Handcock quits as health secretary after breaking social distance guidance

  • USA New York's Homeless Epidemic (VIDEO)

  • UK Will serial adulterer Boris Johnson sack Matt Hancock despite his affair with Jennifer Arcuri and the PM's own chequered love life? (Yet the English tory voting scum still put these evil bastards back in to power. How much more do they have to do to get sacked?)

  • USA George Floyd murder: Derek Chauvin sentenced to over 22 years (His lawyer described the killing as "an error made in good faith" Lawyer Tony Blair used the same 'Good Faith' to excuse himself taking Britain into the ILLEGAL Iraq war))

  • UK Edinburgh City Council to hand over secret report into dirty tricks campaign against whistleblower (What happens when freemasons are running councils for their own self enrichment)

  • USA Harry defends his continued obsession with using 'haughty' royalist meaningless title"His Royal Highness" (The royals show their true psychopathic traits when they believe calling themselves 'HIGHNESS'S' separates them from the peasantry)

  • USA America's Looming Housing Crisis(VIDEO)

  • UK Men who were sexually abused as boys at a training school for Roman Catholic priests have welcomed a bishop's "momentous" apology

  • UK The evils inside Scotland's children’s homes (There is method in the madness of stealing children into children's homes)

  • USA Even people WITH homes aren't safe now in America (America is crumbling away with decay)

  • UK Sycophant tory scumbag wants every home in Britain to have a portrait of the Queen (Hitler and 1984 alive and well in the hallowed walls of tory mafia HQ's)

  • UK Tory scumbag Handcock's job is in the balance after he is caught in steamy clinch with his closest aide

  • UK Mother, 36, killed daughter, five, by knifing her 15 times (Despite claims from Womens Aid and Refuge about protecting females they have NOTHING to say on behalf of this young girl murdered by her mother as it doesn't fit their very warped narrative)

  • Global Mortgages are a lifetime noose around the neck unless you divorce and men's homes are stolen by the legal crooks

  • UK Top tory austerity ridden scumbag Osborne has NO shortage of job offers despite bringing the country's people to it's knees

  • UK The dark forces that protect the royal parasites that Diana feared (The five million+ freemasons in key positions of murderous power)

  • USA Royals still pushing the 'HAUGHTY' titles despite grandma objecting (You really have to be some sort of mindless psychopathic fuckwit to claim your are a "HIGHNESS")

  • UK Gutter rags inflaming property to 'idiot buying' prices

  • USA Rose McGowan exposes the monsters running Hollywood(VIDEO)

  • India's opinionated feminist and her viral wedding ad

  • Canada Around 750 graves discovered at former school for indigenous Canadians

  • Iran Why has America blocked Iranian media websites?(VIDEO)

  • USA Giuliani suspended from practicing law in New York state for lying (That should mean every lawyer globally is suspended as they all fucking lie endlessly)(VIDEO)

  • Global Gov't corruption and smartphone slavery – John McAfee's best quotes to RT(VIDEO)

  • USA Photographer Homeless in Venice Beach after Camera Stolen(VIDEO)

  • French woman on trial for murdering husband claims to protect herself and kids(VIDEO)

  • USA In the four months of 2021 there have been more vaccine deaths than in the 15 year period 1997-2013 (COVID vaccine deaths - Senate Committee on State Affairs - May 6, 2021)(VIDEO)

  • USA Senate Committee Confirms That Animals Kept Dying During The Covid 19 Vaccine Tests (VIDEO)

  • UK Channel 4 ramp up the feminist / lawyer DV claims (Repetitive feminist DV claims rampant in the lawyer vetted media and behind a multi-triilion dollar racket)(VIDEO)

  • USA White House considering month long extension on eviction moratoriums (7 million Americans in rent arrears)(VIDEO)

  • UK Mitcham woman who killed her daughter given indefinite hospital order ((BBC report would have a very different tone if the gender was reversed)

  • UK If only the BBC were as sympathetic to the heterosexual men facing assault every weekend all over Britain

  • UK Too many people in Northern Ireland have had claims for their Personal Independence Payment (PIP) "unfairly rejected"

  • Global UEFA says no to symbol of homo promotion at soccer match(VIDEO)

  • UK Five years to convict a murdering cop (Britain's masonic mafia embedded in the cops are literally getting away with murder protected by the brotherhood, the Dukey Kent and the royals they work for)

  • UK Why does Keir Starmer keep telling voters that Labour deserves to lose? (Lawyer Starmer a law society plant undermining Labour to keep the tory's in power indefinitely?)

  • UK Gutter rags report claims by the SNP of another FREEDOM day (Or until the next variant!!!!!!!!)

  • USA CDC reviews cases of heart inflammation following vaccine(VIDEO)

  • USA Suicide has been four times deadlier than combat for American soldiers(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC vastly underestimates how much the royals sponge off the public into the £millions and to keep their palaces remaining opulent and SECURE(Some argue that the true cost of the Royal PARASITES is far higher to pay for security, which is usually picked up by the Metropolitan Police and while the peasants line the streets homeless and destitute)

  • UK BBC report on LOW rape convictions debate between two FREEMASON controlled political mafia's that bow constantly to the feminist mantra (NEVER a mention of the years when men where being jailed while the feminist run crown was failing to disclose evidence that proved men's innocence. NON cult men are being smeared, framed, persecuted and plundered to satisfy the greed of the legal, political and masonic mafia's )

  • UK Eton groomed lackey meets Windsor boss to discuss state of the country unrecorded (And they call it a democracy)

  • UK The royal parasites PRIVATE meeting with her Eton groomed lackey has a note in her handbag for her servants (NO democracy while this bullshit goes on unrecorded)

  • UK Royals still bickering over HAUGHTY titles (The term "HRH" should be banned from use as some ancient acronym instigated by the royals psychopathic forefathers)

  • Global BBC keeps us right about the Great Reset (NOT)

  • Spain John McAfee: antivirus entrepreneur found dead in Spanish prison

  • UK Few blacks but plenty of gays in the royal parasites village (Homosexuals much easier to BLACKMAIL)

  • Global The Great Reset And Your House (What we have been warning for a very long time)(VIDEO)

  • UK ‘Teeny’ benefits of proposed Pacific trade deal dwarfed by hit from Brexshit (Tory scum leading Britain down a black hole thanks to the loyalist royalist English tory voting scum)

  • UK Gutter rags and cops ramp up the feminist DV extortion racket that lets women, assisted by corrupt lawyers, divorce while smearing their ex-husbands to wipe them out (Using murder as a ploy to hammer ALL men apart from freemasons. NEVER mentioning the women who abuse and murder men and there are PLENTY)

  • UK The reality for Britain after Brexshit as GDP fell 9.9%

  • UK A disabled woman's suicide was "a direct result" of having her benefits cut (The tory scum who claim to protect women from all us bad men are actually MURDERING women with financial and psychological torture and using DV to point the finger away from their long line of the dead. The DWP's decision to terminate Ms Whiting's benefit was overturned five weeks after her death)

  • UK Boris Johnson Refused to Visit this Cornwall Foodbank (VIDEO)

  • UK Woman in her 80s is found dead in Essex house as woman in her 60s is arrested for murder (Womens Aid and Refuge are SILENT when women are murdered be their own kind despite them claiming to protect women which is total BOLLOCKS)

  • UK Judicial mafia push for smaller juries or NO juries (The enormous backlog is due to the utter inefficiency of a court system that DRAGS cases out for years to ensure the legal mafia can access the legal aid grave train for £billions. As court watchers we have been amazed NO government has dared ask why court cases take forever to finalise and divorcing men get dragged into their dens for decades at enormous cost even if they do not want to be there)

  • UK The richest despot on the planet gets new yacht bought using defence money (You just couldn't make up the vast lies used to prop up the royal parasites)

  • UK Scottish edition of 'ENGLISH' rags promote the HIGHNESS'S sprogs (Royals unashamedly use sprogs to promote the brand and the next generation of freeloaders)

  • UK Drop 'disproportionate' plan to ban noisy protests, government told (A fascist tory state being built around their evil and corruption)

  • UK Gutter rags only ever report cop injuries at protests (NOT the protesters who have been batoned and brutally attacked by the met mafia)

  • UK Royal parasites in fear of Meghan LEAKS

  • UK A rare occasion when the BBC report on men being fucked over in marriage scams but only in the Ukraine

  • Ukraine Are Ukrainian Brides Scamming Men All The Time?

  • UK A UK business-promoting "national yacht", reportedly costing up to £200m (A new luxury yacht for the royal parasite at the peasants expense under the guise its for business promotion. Eton lackey Johnson bowing to the royals demands and where they are groomed to serve them first before the long suffering public)

  • UK Complaints against ministers will no longer be investigated in-house by the Scottish government, in a shake-up prompted by the Alex Salmond row (How the Holyrood mafia get away with murder. Devolution has been a nightmare for any man not part of the masonic death cult that rules Scotland with an evil iron fist with Scotland's royalist hand picked judiciary the main instigators of the redistribution of wealth of the men targeted by these evil bastards. We are some of their victims who have the mental scars of how they psychologically and financially torture non CULT men into early graves. Every last one of their gutter rags ensures they dont get exposed well until the internet changed all that)

  • UK Nearly 4,000 women report changes to their periods after vaccine

  • UK Establishment rag backs establishment mouthpiece over Icke

  • UK School covered up for pervert teacher (Deeply disturbing how schools in Scotland totally ignore separated fathers concerns instead back mothers to the hilt on issues of parenting and also provide lawyers with false statements to back their cases)

  • UK has worst inequality in north west Europe

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer ignores muslims as he is just to busy kissing the zionist arse

  • UK Drunk female leaves woman scarred for life after biting her nose in taxi rank bust-up (Oh the violence women inflict that goes under the radar of feminist run Womens Aid and Refuge)

  • USA Hubble failing but no worries NASA spent $10 billion on the new James Webb Telescope (Clearly America's political mafia have their priorities right )

  • USA CIA Stories: The CIA is Born(VIDEO)

  • UK British judges could no longer be 'bound' by ECHR decisions (British courts seldom if ever consider human rights unless its a lawyer looking to make a killing. Divorce courts daily undermine the human rights of fathers on a grand scale so the legal mafia can bleed them dry)

  • UK Royal war over who gets their 'haughty' titles (You have to be a psychopath to claim to be a 'HIGHNESS')

  • UK Labour, under lawyer Starmer, push the feminist 'LOW' rate rape stats (Tory and Labour bowing to the demands of screaming feminists unhappy that courts can no longer believe all the lies females have been getting away with after their mobile messages were finally handed over by the crown to prove thousands of men's innocence)

  • UK 'THEY FAILED US' Son of murdered Daniel Morgan brands report into dad’s death a ‘national shame’

  • UK Pilots are calling for urgent action after claiming the government's "ludicrously cautious" travel restrictions caused the UK's aviation industry to be "the hardest hit in Europe"

  • UK Retired cop makes report on deaths and serious side effects from vaccines and PCR tests(VIDEO)

  • UK Covid restrictions have saved thousands of men from getting married NOW its back on

  • Poland BBC promote homosexuals and lesbians spilling their debauchery on to the streets of Warsaw

  • USA Battle Continues Over Sidewalk Homeless Tents(VIDEO)

  • UK Daniel Morgan Murder: damning report says Met Police are "institutionally corrupt" (VIDEO)

  • UK Inside The Murder Report Priti Patel Doesn’t Want You To See - Daniel Morgan Case (VIDEO)

  • UK Police quizzed Charles over Diana murder conspiracy: Scotland Yard chief reveals how he was forced??? to question the royal parasite over wild??? allegations that he plotted to kill ex-wife (Harmsworth's vile establishment gutter rag tries to debunk Diana murder. WILD ALLEGATIONS????? It was a letter penned by Diana)

  • UK The royals at war over Meghan

  • UK Labour run by a lawyer like Blair is a disaster (Despite endless attacks on Corbyn by the fascist British media run by billionaires he NEVER did so badly at the polls than Starmer a LAW SOCIETY PLANT)

  • UK Is England finally waking up to the tory scum and filth as 16,000-majority overturned?

  • Hungary GAYrdian reports positively on the homo /lesbians determined to March in Budapest against Hungary’s anti-LBGTQ+ laws (Meanwhile they continue to smear heterosexual men as abusers while promoting street debauchery as GOOD)

  • UK Daniel Morgan Murder links Corrupt Cops and Murdoch Empire to the Heart of Government (VIDEO)

  • USA County Sheriff Department prepare to remove Homeless in Venice by July 4th (VIDEO)

  • India How Britain Stole $45 Trillion from India with Trains (The murderous British establishment scum at their very WORST and continues internally across the UK)(VIDEO)

  • UK ‘We are deeply ashamed’: Government apologises to the thousands of rape victims who have ‘gone without justice’ (But fail to be deeply ashamed about the thousands of innocent men charged and jailed for rape when the Crown withheld information that proved their innocence)

  • UK Ministers apologise to rape victims and promise overhaul of system

  • UK RAPE now a major feminist scam being pushed by the freemasons inside government, judiciary and lawyers to jail men not part of their satanic cult(Thousands of innocent men were charged and found guilty of rape when the crown withheld information that showed they were innocent)

  • UK In 2018 Alison Saunders was desperate to secure more rape convictions to appease the feminist lobby (Perverting the course of justice is supposed to be a criminal offence. Under Alison Saunders it seems to have become an instrument of public policy)

  • UK In 2018 100's of innocent men were jailed for rape due to police and crown not disclosing evidence (VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer explains how they steal land(VIDEO)

  • USA 'My Wife Hired A Hitman So I Faked My Own Murder To Catch Her' (There are ex-wives every day using the legal mafia to push their ex-husbands into early graves using financial and psychological torture and covered up by the gutter rags paid by lawyers to sell the homes those men had stolen in a multi-trillion dollar racket) (VIDEO)

  • USA Police Sweeps Keep People Homeless and Waste Taxpayer Money(VIDEO)

  • Global Michael "Big Short" Burry: This Is The Greatest Bubble Of All Time In All Things (VIDEO)

  • Israel March by Israeli far-right groups inflames tensions around region (VIDEO)

  • Global Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola bottles in press conference(VIDEO)

  • UK Met chief Cressida Dick could face investigation over axe murder victim Daniel Morgan after she had hampered efforts to get to the truth (A masonic cop cover up. Dick came out as a lesbian in April 2017, making her the highest-ranked homosexual cop in British police history. Her partner Helen is also a cop )

  • UK Ex-Met chief defends Cressida Dick over Daniel Morgan findings

  • UK Police forces have spent almost £470,000 on training courses run by a group dubbed a ‘left-wing Freemasons’ (Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, the Met's most senior female police officer, attended one of the training courses while at Thames Valley Police, which spent £28,000 on them over six years)

  • UK Met chief Cressida Dick is the Common Purpose senior cop who authorised the “Shoot to kill” policy without reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean de Menezes was one of the innocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.

  • UK In 2017 Met lesbian cop chief Cressida Dick faced backlash after saying solving burglary is a ‘meaningless activity’ (But arresting heterosexual men who argue with their wives is a TOP priority)


  • USA Meet the Teacher Who Fought Back Against His School's Radical Gender Policies (Homosexuals push their agenda by constantly portraying themselves as victims when they are NOT)(VIDEO)

  • Geneva Reporter confronts Putin: 'What are you so afraid of?' (VIDEO)

  • UK British child thieves under the spotlight (The scandal of the children being ripped from the protection of their NON CULT biological fathers and into homopaedo run government care homes. Anywhere there are claims of DV you can be sure children are being targeted for satanic dens by freemasons running the system using their homo/lesbian conspirators inside social services)

  • UK Abused by powerful men in penthouses and diplomatic apartments in London and royal palaces (Why child theft is RIFE in Britain that feeds the perverts in high office who use courts, run by a masonic judicial mafia, to smear and frame fathers to gain access to now vulnerable children)

  • UK Forced adoption in Scotland exposes state child thieving has been going on for decades (Anyone who does NOT believe the state steals babies should read the evidence. 60,000 women had babies adopted simply because they were unmarried)

  • UK Tory scum Johnson's texts claiming 'Hopeless Handcock'(How the tory's operate with arseholes running the show)

  • UK SNP win election on an illusion of independence (Sturgeon, a law society lackey, swears allegiance to the Queen NOT to the Scottish public)

  • UK Rainsbrook: Children to be removed from privately run borstal disguised as a training centre for youngsters (There is BIG money in criminalizing UK children and into the hands of the violent abusers running these satanic dens)

  • UK In 2019 a woman admitted attacks on a six-month-old girl which left the child badly brain-damaged has avoided being sent to prison (The Scottish judiciary SOFT on female abusers, BRUTAL against men who merely argue with their wives)

  • UK In 2019 a HORRIFIC Scot female thug left baby girl brain damaged after repeated attacks – then moaned about missing a hair appointment when taking her to hospital

  • UK Court hears of man's threats to Shannon Soutter, who attacked baby girl and left her brain damaged (Only available on subscription)

  • UK Shannon Soutter, 23, Scottish feminist, attacked a tiny girl she was left to babysit over a two month period

  • UK Tory scumbag Dominic Raab tries to justify G7 'leaders' breaking coronavirus laws(VIDEO)

  • UK 'HORROR STORY' Ex-BBC chief brands Bashir’s Diana interview ‘one of biggest crimes in history of broadcasting’ (Is that the same morally upstanding BBC that constantly smears men as abusers?)

  • USA Jewish thug Harvey Weinstein can be moved to California to face rape charges

  • UK GB News: Several brands pull advertising from news channel

  • UK Taking on GB News With Consumer Power(VIDEO)

  • Australia Boom or Doom: inside the extraordinary Australian housing market (8,000,000,000,000 dollars up for grabs for the crooks running the housing racket and the Ozzie men risking it all)(VIDEO)

  • Hungary's parliament passes anti-LGBT law that bans ‘promotion’ of homosexuality (VIDEO)

  • UK Epstein and Maxwell implicated in multiple claims of abuse in UK over a decade (Met cops covered up abuse)(VIDEO)

  • UK Daniel Morgan murder: Met Police 'institutionally corrupt'(VIDEO)

  • Canada The clip Canada Broadcasting didn't want you to see(VIDEO)

  • USA It Gets Ugly: Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982 And It Won’t Bounce Back(VIDEO)

  • UK Axe murder Daniel Morgan: Met Police accused of 'form of corruption' in report

  • UK BBC show far more sympathy for London jews than murders in Gaza

  • UK GB News Launches With An Anti-Science Agenda (All the extreme right wing establishment arseholes masquerading as news) (VIDEO)

  • UK Rupert Murdoch Says The Sun Is Now WORTHLESS (VIDEO)

  • Philippines: Duterte’s deadly war on drugs could be investigated by ICC (VIDEO)

  • UK Victims of police domestic abuse 'feel silenced' (The arbiters of DV are the biggest perpetrators. Women married to cops are silenced as are men who face false accusations are silenced while cops help themselves to mens estates)

  • China Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab(VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist stalking laws that will SELDOM be used against females (A masonic ruse to control men not part of their satanic cult. Fathers can be accused of stalking when they try to see their children stolen by the state and deranged mothers)

  • UK Parents have hit out after a FEMALE stalker returned to her job as a nursery teacher just hours after pleading guilty to subjecting two women to a year-long campaign of fear (Feminists at the BBC and GAYrdian would have you believe stalking is only a male trait)

  • UK Woman caught carrying knife in Lidl moments after assaulting supermarket worker

  • Israel New Israeli government is just as bad as the last, says Palestinian PM

  • Israel New Israeli gov’t approves right-wing march through Jerusalem (Britain allows the same racist marches in Scotland and Northern Ireland)(VIDEO)

  • UK Paralegal admitted swindling £223,000 from a legal firm's customers (Though reading the gutter rag version its the law firm that they claim he stole from)

  • Australia ‘This is what government refuses to tell you’ (Australia refuses to let Australians return to their country)(VIDEO)

  • UK Daniel Morgan the most brutal freemason cop cover up murder in British history? (BBC once again fail to join the masonic connections)

  • UK Abolish The Monarchy (VIDEO)

  • UK NO president would dare to refuse to kiss the royal arse as they would be out in days (Her 33 degree masonic scumbags operating out of 10 Duke Street St. James,and behind Chatham House, would soon set the machinations in motion to get rid of them quickly)

  • UK Tory scum and their false promises of ending lockdown (You really have to be a fucking moron to vote these evil fuckers into power. All the bullshit promises before election and once they are back in they fade away)

  • UK Tory scum extend lockdown while pulling support so everyones on their own now

  • UK Maskless anti-lockdown protesters march on Downing Street demanding end of restrictions with PM set to confirm four-week Freedom Day delay

  • Israel finally gets rid of warmongering and corrupt Nuttyyahu but will the new lot be any better?

  • USA food insecurity: More than 40 million people may be affected this year(VIDEO)

  • UK Pro-Palestinian protesters rally in London against G7 military cooperation with Israel(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshiteers Still Complaining About the Nightmare of Brexit (VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasite is UK government's 'secret weapon' in US special relationship, says author (Or how the 33 degree freemasons that operate out of 10 Duke Street St. James in London acting for and on behalf of the royals best interests ensure they KNOW who will get picked to run for President while claiming they have some sort of democracy)

  • UK Homopaedo left sick teenager for dead on Edinburgh bus (Edinburgh the HOMO capital of Scotland and rife with these evil bastards especially within the judiciary and lawyer clique)

  • UK ‘Mistrusted’ tory scumbag Johnson feels full force of EU fury as Brexshit wrecks G7 summit

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson facing legal action after he gave peerage to a billionaire party donor, despite an independent watchdog advising against it (Honours system totally corrupt)

  • UK Harmsworth's fucking far right lunatic rag takes the greatest of pleasure in rubbing the elites expensive garb in the face of the austerity ridden peasants

  • UK The royals two birthday bullshit to end

  • UK Lobbying: Call for greater transparency around access to ministers (Corruption masquerading as lobbying)

  • UK The royal circus turning into a farce over naming of new sprog (Usually the royals use new sprogs to promote the brand BUT NOT this time)

  • USA The Apollo moon landing heroes who hesitate about swearing on the bible then try and punch the guy asking (VIDEO)

  • Israel Former Israeli soldier breaks silence on occupation of Palestinian Territories(VIDEO)

  • USA County Sheriff Department prepare to remove Homeless in Venice Beach by 4th of July(VIDEO)

  • UK The royal parasite pops in to the G7 meeting to let them know who is in charge(VIDEO)

  • Ukraine Something is Happening at Chernobyl(VIDEO)

  • UK The interview UK news shows now don’t want you to see (Bare face liar Johnson)(VIDEO)

  • Israel Disturbing Truth About Israel's New Government with Miko Peled and Abby Martin(Podcast)

  • UK American presidents have ALL lined up to kiss the royal arse (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson cancels June 21st freedom day (During the local elections there were all sorts of promises now they go back on them after they get back in. England is a fucked up nation full of tory voting scum who want sadistic bastards like Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Handcock and Patel running the show)(VIDEO)

  • UK Footballer ordered to pay his ex-wife nearly £80,000 by family court judge from a 2007 order that had been a 'life maintenance' order (Men need to waken up to WHAT they are expected to pay if they divorce that is AN EXTORTION RACKET controlled by masonic judges)

  • UK A dishonest honours system that is only for those prepared to kiss the royal arse

  • UK How Britain's Police Spy On The Left(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexit Customs Declarations May Come as a Shock to Businesses (VIDEO)

  • UK Gender-critical views are a protected belief, appeal tribunal rules

  • UK Royal parasite pokes his nose into G7(Who is really running the show? and Cornwall conveniently sits in his vile fiefdom the Duchy of Cornwall)

  • USA Deputies Descend on Venice Boardwalk as Homeless Enforcement Looms(VIDEO)

  • UK The Murder Of Daniel Morgan (We have been reporting this sinister masonic cop riddled murder cover up for well over a decade)(VIDEO)

  • UK The female paedo's the gutter rags used to avoid reporting now exposed (The feminist man hating lesbo's running Womens Aid and Refuge, for their own self enrichment, don't see the evil witches in their midst when they spout their biased stats)

  • UK The feminist running the GAYrdian quits just 15 months into the job with an expected payoff of £600,000 (Dispute over the DIRECTION of a rag that spouts endless feminist / lesbian / homosexual bile while smearing heterosexual men and family life)

  • UK Edinburgh Council fined for cancelling religious speaker who had made previous comments on homosexuality and abortion (Edinburgh is the HOMO capital of Scotland and where the legal mafia plot to destroy heterosexual men and their families)

  • UK Feminists now up in arms over Stonewall (Homosexuals and lesbians inside the UK's legal system have been aiding and abetting women using the law to separate fathers from their children)

  • UK Feminist hysteria taking over schools

  • UK Child theft is BIG money

  • UK For some students at Oxford, the decision to remove a portrait of the Queen from a common room is an “unspeakable thing”, and for others it’s a welcome acknowledgement of the UK’s colonial history (Youngsters are brainwashed in the cubs, scouts and cadet organisations who all place pictures of the royal parasite all over their propaganda dens. Hitler, Gaddafi and Kim Jung Un did the same)

  • Canada Kamloops School and Kevin Annett exposures over decades (215 children found, some as young as 3 yrs old, in mass grave)(VIDEO)

  • USA spends over $37,000,000,000 on nuclear weapons in 2020 (No wonder its people are lining the streets destitute)(VIDEO)

  • UK School has apologised to former male pupils who were sexually abused by a former homopaedo head of art over a period of 29 years (Abuse of boys goes on for decades with NO action and the BBC positively promote homosexuality at every opportunity)

  • Holland Thierry Baudet exposes the Rockefeller Foundation in parliament!(VIDEO)

  • USA Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet often paid less in federal income taxes than normal Americans(VIDEO)

  • Israel Peace Propaganda And The Promised Land U.S Media and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict 2004 (VIDEO)

  • Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and Free Speech with Abby Martin(VIDEO)

  • UK Oxford students start the ball rolling by kicking the witch bitch out

  • France Macron is SLAPPED in the face during walkabout in France (But not as hard as the French cops who brutalize protesters in France on the orders of Macron)

  • UK Diana will be turning in her grave after Harry names new sprog after Queen and his own mother

  • Global To ALL the mothers who stop their kids seeing their dads(VIDEO)

  • UK How I Caught Jimmy Savile(VIDEO)

  • USA Outsourcing The Production Of Everything Has Brought The U.S. Economy To The Brink Of A Collapse!(VIDEO)

  • Global Freemasons promotion on TikTok

  • Germany reportedly planned to dump 'unusable' masks on society's most vulnerable(VIDEO)

  • UK More extremely dodgy feminist stats spun by the BBC that state female prisoners are mostly due to abuse by men (Feminists and their propagators will NOT accept ANY blame for their criminality and abusive behaviour instead fob it off on men abusing them. There are VAST numbers of professionals living off of the spoils of the millions being spent on DV warped stats that allow freemasons to persecute and dominate men not part of their satanic cult and who steal their children into their evil dens. ALL reported by the homo / feminist mafia rife at the BBC and employed to destroy heterosexual life)

  • UK Keira Knightley gets platform in the GAYrdian to smear men with FEMINIST crap painting ALL women as victims (Subtle, devious and dangerous reports that SMEAR all men as bad and all women as victims. Knightley is ONE of their major mouthpieces with her MAN hating)

  • UK The Feminist Politics of a Keira Knightley Period Drama

  • UK Keira Knightley on family, feminism and freedom (We wonder what her hubby thinks of her extremely feminist rants?)

  • UK Keira Knightley's four-year-old daughter Edie has proudly inherited her mother's feminist credentials

  • UK In 2019 Keira Knightley goes against the system as she transforms into a feminist fighting for women's rights by going against Miss World beauty pageant

  • UK Keira Knightley on her 'quietly feminist role' in The Imitation Game (VIDEO)

  • UK State child theft rife in Wales

  • Israel Why The Media Can’t Tell The Truth On Israel and Palestine(VIDEO)

  • UK Why are the gutter press allowing failed PM Blair a platform to spout about vaccine passport

  • UK Secret papers reveal UK spied on Scottish anti-nuclear campaigners

  • UK ITV struggle to remove themselves from the royal arse (The two main British TV broadcasters the BBC and ITV's primary role is as propagandist for a vile monarchy)(VIDEO)

  • UK Scots public bodies awarded £500m worth of Covid contracts approved without scrutiny (A pandemic that is masking vast corruption)

  • USA Department of Justice (DoJ) ending secretly obtaining reporters' records during investigations into the leaking of classified information

  • Israel Protesters gather outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem (VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland wants the royal parasites even less than the political bullshitters

  • UK Vulnerable children may have been 'detained unlawfully' in Scotland (The legal mafia making MILLIONS through child theft usually after the biological fathers protection has been removed)

  • UK How the royal mafia treat anyone who veers from the script

  • UK Cut of £40m in help for tenants will ‘drive up homelessness’

  • USA When cops treat victims of serious crimes as the criminals (If she hadn't been released the boyfriend would have gotten life) (VIDEO)

  • UK GAYrdian/ Observer vile drag queen promotion (The warped minds of the lesbians who masquerade as decent journo's pushing this fucking disturbing bullshit)

  • Denmark Spying SCANDAL: How the NSA Used Danish Internet Cables to Tap EU Officals (VIDEO)

  • USA Are extended jobless benefits keeping Americans from returning to work? (VIDEO)

  • USA Cornell University and its feminist, gender and sexuality studies major (Hard core feminism being churned out in these feminist dens)

  • USA Zuckerberg caught on camera bashing leakers who exposed social media giant's censorship of users' concerns about COVID vaccines

  • UK A gender-critical feminist group in Scotland has been charged in relation to allegedly homophobic and transphobic tweets in a case that has been seized on as an exemplar of the apparent clash between free speech and transgender rights (The case has already gained wide attention among those who believe women’s rights and free speech are under attack from people who want to privilege transgender rights)

  • UK The dilapidated cupboards masquerading as homes to buy in Britain's crazy pseudo house buying racket (You have to be insane to spend £150,000 on this dump requiring a fucking lawyer to do all the paperwork at enormous expense. If you can buy a ferrari for £150,000 without a lawyer why do you need one for this dump?)

  • UK Britain's vile bin collection system leaves council tax payers up to their neck in rubbish mountains (Council scum take money falsely claiming they provide bin collection that is in fact a disgrace with few other European countries adopting the same scam. 'When people are paying so much in council tax, they just want their bins collected regularly')

  • UK A farewell to freedom: It's a grim truth - when we lose our liberties, it takes years to win them back, if ever (Airports have been used to undermine rights for decades with ever increasing searches that aren't going to reduce any time soon)

  • UK So its NOT government thats responsible for mass poverty its those who inhabit the homes where kids are supposedly abused? (Right wing gutter rag conveniently targets the adults responsible for children blaming them for all the poverty woes)

  • UK British doctor and his secret campaign to gag the Covid lab leak theory: He worked in Wuhan and manipulated coronaviruses — yet orchestrated a campaign to clear it of blame and tried to hide his tracks

  • UK Tory scum spend £30million on war memorial in France while pushing ever more austerity (Time for British establishment and royals to stop celebrating wars and taking care of its people)

  • UK Homo/lesbian thugs Stonewall now being exposed in the gutter rags

  • UK Even the feminists are alarmed at "Stonewall have signed up more than 850 companies, charities, government departments and public authorities to be “Stonewall Diversity Champions.”" (But worst of all, depending on the nature of functions, it may cause companies to infringe liberties, mis-state the law, commit or condone criminal offences, and put children and vulnerable adults at risk of serious harm)

  • UK Perth man, 40, appears in court and admits ‘speaking loudly’ to his wife (Shout at your spouse lose your house and the madness of men living in SNP controlled Scotland)

  • Israel Palestinians welcome end of Netanyahu era – but fear more of the same

  • UK A disgraced homopaedo secondary school teacher has admitted carrying out historical sex attacks on young boys

  • UK SNP finances: Nicola Sturgeon 'not concerned' after two high-profile resignations

  • Israel is asking the US for $1 billion 'emergency military aid'(VIDEO)

  • Gaza Abby Martin talks about Gaza, Palestine, Israel, BDS, and her film: Gaza Fights For Freedom(VIDEO)

  • Israel Abby Martin- Netanyahu Should Be Indicted for War Crimes! ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom!’(from 2019)(VIDEO)

  • Global Google collects location data even after users deny permission - court files(VIDEO)

  • UK EU wants vaccine passports with 'digital wallet' that will hold official ID (Their NWO plans accelerated with pandemic agenda)

  • UK Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!(The most expensive owned by the British Royals yet NEVER mentioned in the rich lists to keep their vast wealth HIDDEN from the peasants they SCREW daily)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum impose massive austerity on peasants while spending ever more money on DUFF warmongering machinery

  • UK ‘Dirty secret’ gives lobbyists access to heart of Westminster (Lobbying=corruption)

  • UK BBC continue pushing the homosexual agenda (Meanwhile attacking heterosexual men at every turn)

  • UK Royal parasite is unhappy her offspring are exposing their nasty traits

  • UK Di's wedding dress goes on display despite SHAM royal wedding (She must be turning in her grave)

  • USA NASA awards $500m (£352m) for the development of two missions to Venus (While the political mafia claim the USA has massive debts and with streets lined with the homeless NASA gets to spend even more money on more frivolous space junk. Clearly the political system is so broken other planets get a bigger priority than it's own people back on earth)

  • China The Wuhan lab leak theory (What we had been stating from the onset of this global fuck up)

  • Pakistan Growing number of attacks on journalists and human rights activists(VIDEO)

  • USA I Will Not Yield My Values: Fired AP Journalist Emily Wilder Speaks Out After Right-Wing Smears(VIDEO)

  • UK George Galloway Running To TOPPLE Keir Starmer(VIDEO)

  • UK A woman who forged her wealthy landlord’s will before starving him to death to inherit a slice of his £3.5 million fortune has been jailed for life (A very RARE occasion when the UK's judicial mafia give a murderous witch a proper sentence. Every woman who screws a man in divorce courts with false allegations, triggering suicide, should face the same punishment)

  • UK Never ending merry go round of royalist propaganda at her Platinum Jubilee (Expect the royalist dimwits to be out en masse to pay homage to their enslaver)

  • UK The Queen’s courtiers banned “coloured immigrants or foreigners” from serving in clerical roles in the royal household until at least the late 1960s (Documents also shed light on Queen’s ongoing exemption from race and sex discrimination laws)

  • UK Bending to the LGBT mob only makes matters much worse

  • UK BBC report on Covid: Claims hypocritical social workers fear a 'generation of traumatised children' (Yet the biggest threat to children are the jack boot lesbian social workers who steal kids for the state and deviously lie to courts to ensure they lose their biological fathers protection)

  • UK No accounting for the seriously deluded prepared to throw away ever increasing amounts of their hard earned cash on the ILLUSION of OWNING a house (How long before all that money goes down the drain when the legal mafia move in to thieve it back?)

  • UK Almost 1,000,000 fear losing their homes as eviction ban ends

  • UK Tory scumbag Handcock allowed to use ridiculous excuse to keep job, says Labour

  • UK Power of UK landlords to impose 6 months advance house rental (Britain has, like the USA, far to high a criteria for many people to find a place to rent. Most of Europe does NOT have the same high demands and why Britain has a dire homeless situation)

  • UK The Northern Ireland bigots get to parade their 'hate' despite covid restrictions (How the royals keep the loyal dimwits on side perpetuating HATE)

  • UK SIX Post Office bosses 'could face charges for possible criminal offences' in handling of IT scandal that saw 700+ postmasters hounded, bullied and wrongly prosecuted for fraud (Some were bankrupted, or jailed while some committed suicide)

  • UK One million Britons fear losing homes when eviction ban ends tomorrow - as up to 400,000 tenants have already been served notice or told to expect it due to unpaid rent over pandemic

  • USA mother is charged with 'medical child abuse' for subjecting her adopted Zambian daughter to treatment and surgery - including a feeding tube and wheelchair - for a disease she never had

  • Israel continues mass arrests despite ceasefire (VIDEO)

  • UK Unmarried women forced to hand over their babies for adoption (The evil state now forcibly removing divorcing fathers from their childrens lives)(VIDEO)

  • UK Insatiable greed of the vulture capitalists (Preying on the vulnerable during lockdown should be criminal)

  • Australia Queensland Premier gets FAKE Flu Shot - More Government Lies(VIDEO)

  • Israel Jews flee from Israel? 'Right papers' save from danger zone (VIDEO)

  • Global I’ve seen how a bad divorce damages children (The legal mafia responsible for letting ex-wives lie like fuck, with NO repercussions, to wipe men out during divorce)

  • Jewish Journalist FIRED For Calling Out Media Bias On Israel and Palestine VIDEO
    Royal families dark secrets VIDEO

  • Harry exposes the royals 'total silence and neglect'
  • Harry claimed The Firm "tried to smear" his wife Meghan Markle
  • William grins in first sighting after Harry's bombshell claims of 'nightmare' royal life (Only the TIP of an enormous iceberg that they are up to their neck in . They are the head of the snake that are the destroyers of families not just their own)
  • Harry says Diana was 'chased to death while in a relationship with someone who wasn't white' and feared 'history repeating itself' with Meghan
  • BBC bias at its very worst VIDEO
    John Pilger Interview: Israel is a LYING MACHINE, Palestine Has The Right to Resist! VIDEO
    The scam that will NEVER end? VIDEO
    Shapiro destroys radical feminism VIDEO
    Social work child theft on a grand scale VIDEO
    Debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre VIDEO

  • 'Human Shield' Propaganda Used to Justify State-Sponsored Massacres for Decades
  • Why did Bill Gates meet Jeffrey Epstein AFTER he was convicted? Pushed Melinda to divorce? VIDEO
    America Compared: Why Other Countries Treat Their People So Much Better VIDEO
    What They Don't Want You To See. Boston Dynamics and AI VIDEO
    129 women have accused cops of domestic abuse in the last two years VIDEO

    The very bastards charged with investigating DV claims are the biggest instigators of DV. Those women face the same fate as the men hounded by courts and masonic cops over malicious claims
    Update homeless encampment in Venice Beach new Skid Row VIDEO
    Princess Diana Was Murdered By The Royal Family? VIDEO
    A father’s fight to see his son through a broken family court system VIDEO
    America's gutter media give platform to the Israeli murderers and oppressors by claiming they are fighting terrorist when they are the biggest terrorist on the planet VIDEO

  • Roger Waters : Israel won’t change its ‘murderous’ policies unless the govt is pressured(VIDEO)
  • Yale's Secret Exclusive Society Producing America's Leaders VIDEO
    City of LA accused of moving the homeless in order to prepare for the Academy Awards VIDEO
    Homeless Encampments by Universal Studios City Walk Hollywood VIDEO
    Israeli cops brutality against Palestinians continues unabated VIDEO

    There is something deeply disturbing as to how these fuckers seem to take pleasure from abusing who they view as the enemy. Britain and America back these murdering bastards despite their long murderous and brutal history
    PORTL’s HoloPortation Technology VIDEO
    Russia's Victory Day AERIAL PARADE 2021 VIDEO
    The Chilling Truth About Social Control - Edward Snowden on Social Media and Surveillance VIDEO
    Skid Row: Three Square Miles Of Pure Hell In The City of Angels VIDEO
    The 10 States Where Homelessness is Out of Control and Beyond Repair VIDEO
    Scotland's lawyer run gutter rags hail SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon over election

    God help the men who voted for this witch when they get dragged into the divorce courts

  • SNP's feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims victory yet we wonder why any Scotsman would vote for this ranting feminist cow? (You really have to be crazy to think a bitch like Sturgeon would be looking after the best interests of Scottish men while her legal pals are busy stripping them bare in divorce courts. British elections are a total farce when the political mafia all work for the Crown and the royals and NEVER the people)
  • Scotland being taken over by the feminist mafia (There will be more anti-male legalese pumped out to further undermine men's rights. Scotland erased the tory scum from the landscape only to replace it with a hard line lawyer run SNP mafia)
  • The Woke CIA PsyOp VIDEO
    Secret Societies: The real controllers of the political systems NOT the voters the gutter rags claim VIDEO
    NASA Reveals Plan For Permanent Moon Base VIDEO

    As America collapses under a mountain of debt the political mafia redirect vast resources on to NASA's frivolous space white elephants

  • In 2016 NASA claimed they could build a moonbase $10 Billion
  • EXPOSED: The Secret British Cabal That Proves Colonialism Never Ended VIDEO

    The royals and their dimwitted freemasons dominating global politics in secret
    Los Angeles Homeless Skid Row | Who is Moving In? VIDEO
    Is Line Of Duty Copaganda? VIDEO

    What we have been stating for decades what you see on TV bares no resemblance to crossing paths with British cops and globally.
    Abolish The Monarchy VIDEO

    Time to get rid of the parasitic spongers (Their masonic henchman arrowed)
    Expanding humanitarian crisis engulfing Venice beach VIDEO
    Even lawyers admit men can lose their inheritance in a divorce VIDEO

    Past families can spend generations improving their wealth only for a golddigging bimbo to steal it all through corrupt divorce courts
    Squawking feminist gets put in her place VIDEO
    A rare occasion when a woman is forced to pay child support VIDEO
    The Tories' BBC Stranglehold Tightens VIDEO
    Tiny homes village for the homeless people in echo park downtown Los Angeles VIDEO
    Global establishment lackeys rabbit off parrot fashion the elite agenda VIDEO

    It's like the Weapons of Mass Destruction warmongers Bush and Blair used to rant on about
    Boris Johnson's father wrote a book about 'THE VIRUS' way back in 1984

    You just couldn't make this shit up

  • Good reads website who sell it online
  • Prince Andrew In ANOTHER Disgraceful Episode VIDEO
    Will Brexshit destroy Britain's heartlands? VIDEO
    Life in a homeless encampment on skid Row in downtown Los Angeles VIDEO
    Ex-Tory Chair and Businessman Paid For Boris Johnsons Flat Refurb! VIDEO
    Why Boeing's Downfall Is Well Deserved... VIDEO
    UFO caught on camera: Pentagon confirms leaked images and video are real VIDEO
    UK gutter rags fail to report over 500,000 protesting in London VIDEO
    Ex-wifes new boyfriend doesn't face scrutiny of family courts like the father VIDEO

    This is a scandal that fathers need to start addressing
    when a stranger can be moved into the home of your children with NO scrutiny
    Mike Pompeo brazenly claims the CIA lied, cheated and stole VIDEO
    Lawyers live the highlife on divorce VIDEO
    USA gutter media report "Homeless Badly Hurting Los Angeles' Tourism Industry" VIDEO

    America's gutter rags report on the homeless upsetting tourists instead of reporting on the shame of a capitalist system that forces millions on to the streets and NOT because of addiction or mental issues that is only a minority that they use as the excuse for the vast swathes of Americans unable to rent a roof over their heads. We have family and friends that are neither addicts or have mental health issues that cannot afford to rent.
    Blair's new shocking look
    Dominic Cummings Goes To War With Boris Johnson VIDEO
    Who the fuck is the BBC's lesbian producer Eleanor Lawrie?

  • Eleanor Lawrie who brags she is an LGBT producer for the BBC. Read her twitter feed to see the bullshit she has planned to push the lesbian agenda that only mentions men when it's to smear, frame and shame them
  • BBC now Britains number one lesbian mouthpiece (Quote "men can be intrusive" Heterosexual men are not paying the bulk of the BBC licence for this fucking feminazi man hating bullshit)
  • The lesbians at the BBC who use smear tactics to undermine men and backed up by their lesbian producers (Subtle, devious and dangerous anti-male lesbians taking over the BBC news output)
  • BBC quote "I found associations of the term "feminism" with man-hating, lesbianism or lack of femininity was a key factor in rejections of the label "feminist""
  • BBC lesbian producer reports on 'People find anything about the vagina hard to talk about'
  • Another BBC lesbian piece on women only carriages being safer (More anti-male bullshit and proud of it)
  • BBC lesbians behind this feminist drivel
  • BBC left STUNNED after secret survey reveals 417 of its staff are TRANSGENDER (They shouldn't be as it is by design they employee so many)
  • BBC LGBTQ+ Timeline
  • Portrayal of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People on the BBC
  • Recommendations of Portrayal of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People on the BBC
  • BBC NEWS: The secret language of lesbian love
  • BBC NEWS: 'How do I convince the Home Office I'm a lesbian?'
  • What do lesbians actually do at night? - BBC (VIDEO)
  • BBC 100 Women 2020 (But NO 100 men)
  • BBC newsreader Jane Hill outed herself as a lesbian in the Corporation's in-house magazine in 2009
  • How Long Have You Been Into Women? - Lip Service, Episode One - BBC Three (VIDEO)
  • Norway Sounds Alarm As 23 Elderly Patients Die After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine VIDEO
    Judge orders all Los Angeles Skid Row homeless must be offered housing by October VIDEO
    Innocent Post Office worker took his own life after being wrongly accused of stealing £60K

    Smearing, shaming and framing of innocent victims causing suicide

  • Post office scandal: Ex-boss quits director role after convictions quashed (She should be jailed for her part in triggering the convictions of over 700 innocent postmasters whose lives were destroyed thanks to her ignoring their pleas of innocence and others who were pushed into suicide)(VIDEO)
  • Post Office scandal saw woman jailed and plunged into depression, a man spend his 60th birthday behind bars and another stepped in front of a bus
  • Former postmasters cleared after Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice (Divorcing men are the biggest miscarriage of justice)(VIDEO)
  • Postmaster's widow: 'I will never forgive them' (How the British establishment including judges allowed over 700 innocent postmasters to be smeared, shamed and framed into early graves, a daily occurrence in divorce courts)(VIDEO)
  • Post Office scandal: Postmaster emotional as conviction is quashed (A legal system whose murderous regime allowed over 700 INNOCENT postmasters to be convicted of criminality)(VIDEO)
  • A group of 42 sub-postmasters and postmistresses will learn later whether convictions for stealing money will be quashed amid a Post Office IT scandal (The system was flawed and postmasters and postmistresses have spent years trying to clear their names. Smeared, framed and jailed in many cases due to a scurrilous management and failed IT system)
  • Convicted Post Office postmasters have names cleared (Smeared, framed , shamed and robbed of their livelihoods and in some cases their lives, just like they do in divorce courts every day)
  • Israel: Over 12,000 people test positive for COVID-19 after receiving Pfizer vaccine VIDEO
    Tory scum funded by billionaires to do their bidding VIDEO
    The disaster aircraft: should Boeing's 737 MAX ever fly again? VIDEO
    Your mind will collapse if you try to imagine this | UNIVERSE SIZE COMPARISON VIDEO
    Homeless encampments removed from Venice Beach VIDEO

    Hiding the homeless away wont change anything just remove the eyesore
    3rd world poverty in Las Vegas VIDEO
    Activists, Venice residents argue over homeless problem VIDEO
    George Floyd: How significant is Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for America? VIDEO

    American cops are finally getting jailed for their crimes and their brutal racist murder squads.

    How long will it take before lawyers and judges are fully exposed and jailed for their barbaric mistreatment of men during divorce when they are financially and psychologically pushed into early graves and a far bigger hidden 'murder by stealth' than even the cop murders? The main reason why they dont want cameras in divorce courts to see what they are up to under the guise it is to protect children.
    Scots woman's severe reaction to Covid vaccine turned both legs into 'giant blisters' and left her in wheelchair

  • Woman exposes the BIGGEST threat to men globally VIDEO

    Lawyers implicated in manufacturing domestic violence allegations to claim legal aid and fleece men.

    This women is extremely brave and men should be grateful for her exposures as she will be loathed by the man hating feminists pushing this $multi-trillion dollar RACKET.

  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts (The most important video men need to understand before marrying)(VIDEO)
  • Woman exposes the BIGGEST threat to men globally (Lawyers implicated in manufacturing domestic violence allegations to claim legal aid and fleece men)(VIDEO)
  • The damage done to kids when maliciously separated from their fathers(VIDEO)
  • Divorce lawyer admits there are legal parasites in their midst (We don't know any divorce lawyer that IS NOT a parasite causing mayhem for the lives of the parents and children alike) (VIDEO)
  • A global legal mafia responsible for fathers having to deal with this shit (VIDEO)
  • How many men globally are raising children that aren't theirs?(VIDEO)
  • Why America Sucks at Everything VIDEO
    Danish health official faints while announcing halt of AstraZeneca vaccine VIDEO
    Is the pandemic being used to create a surveillance state? VIDEO
    Divorce lawyer admits there are legal parasites in their midst VIDEO

    Ayesha Vardag is arguably Britain's most well-known divorce lawyer. She's famous for representing the rich and the powerful and big high worth divorce cases.

    We don't know any divorce lawyer that IS NOT a parasite causing mayhem for the lives of the parents and children alike

    Is it open season on black America?
    Thousands rally at ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration in London VIDEO
    The Collapse of American Cities Has Started. And Yours Is Next VIDEO
    AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: You Have The Right To Remain Poor! VIDEO
    Business Leaders Trash Brexshit "Teething Problems" Excuse! VIDEO
    Old Phil's death: TV viewers switch off blanket coverage like North Korea VIDEO

    Old Lizzie getting a taste what it feels like when millions of men
    are robbed of their homes and children by her hand picked masonic judicial mafia
    Al-Fayed: "Prince Philip is a gangster" VIDEO

    While the controlled gutter rags ooze platitudes about old dead Phil Al-Fayed has an alternative view. Anyone who has crossed paths with the royals know the repercussions and divorcing men face that MENACE every day in her crooked courts where her masonic henchmen rob men blind.
    How safe is the vaccine? VIDEO

    How safe is the vaccine?(Pulled from Youtube and re-uploaded)

    Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think that it violates our medical-misinformation policy. We've removed the following content from YouTube:

    Video: How safe is the vaccine?


    We know that this might be disappointing, but it's important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it. If you think that we've made a mistake, you can appeal and we'll take another look. Keep reading for more details. How your content violated the policy

    YouTube doesn't allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).
    A global legal mafia responsible for fathers having to deal with this shit VIDEO

    Any young man considering marriage needs to know the repercussions of this global tyranny
    How the disabled elderly are treated in tory run Britain VIDEO
    GAYrdian the only (feminist)gutter rag that didn't carry a front page picture of the old Duke

    Only because he is a man. Feminism supercedes even the royals
    Tsunami of new evictions across America VIDEO
    The American DREAM on full display in Philadelphia VIDEO
    Britain Loses The Plot Over Prince Philip's Death VIDEO

    Just like North Korea. They NEVER serve their country they only serve themselves and he was NOT born in Britain but was born in Greece and into Greek and Danish royal families
    Sex, Money, Boris Johnson and The Curious Case of Jennifer Arcuri VIDEO

    Like Prince Andrew NO cop force prepared to act on their crimes yet these are the nasty fuckers that turn men who argue with their wives into criminals that warrant thieving their lifes work and leaving them destitute
    Prince Andrew Rolled Out On BBC After Philip's Death VIDEO
    Judge Judy NAILS the father's role in the family VIDEO
    Royal parasites DELUDED that they work for a living
    The damage done to kids when maliciously separated from their fathers VIDEO
    What the fuck is UKHSA??????? VIDEO
    NYC renter facing possible eviction: "I want people to know that this can happen to anybody" VIDEO
    When vaccines were given to animals later when they got exposed to a virus in the wild they died VIDEO
    Prince Philip's Death Turns Britain Into North Korea VIDEO

    The BBC acting just like the Korean Central News Agency KCNA when reporting on the royals
    How many men globally are raising children that aren't theirs? VIDEO
    Former lecturer Chris Green behind feminist White Ribbon

    What man would be pushing a feminist agenda and where do they get all the money to set up a globally funded network to smear, shame and frame men? Is he a freemason?

  • White Ribbon movement to end male violence against women
  • Chris Green WHITE RIBBON involved in Sarah Everard death who was murdered by a cop QUOTE "Chris noticed there was a "groundswell" of reaction on social media from women since the Sarah Everard case started being talked about - with some asking why more men weren't "shouting about" the issue of women's safety?" (Turning a murder by cop into a 'man hate' fest by the feminazi THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!)
  • All the SNP MP's who back Chris Green White Ribbon(SNP leader a feminist lawyer who would want to ensure her lawyer pals have maximum reason to strip men bare and Green is the tool to do that)
  • Chris Green attends feminist DV conference (DV IS BIG BUSINESS. Rachel Horman – Solicitor and Head of the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Forced Marriage Department at Watson Ramsbottom Ltd. Rachel was personally involved in changing the law to create a criminal offence of coercive control or emotional abuse)
  • Chris Green previously full-time lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University In 2007 he was awarded "Ultimate Man of the Year". Green was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to equality
  • Interview with Chris Green, White Ribbon UK (VIDEO)
  • White Ribbon UK founder Chris Green to receive OBE (When the royals dish out honours you have to be suspicious of their motives)
  • Feminists push White Ribbon UK is now active in over 60 countries (Where do they get ALL the global funds to smear and frame men?)
  • Hebden Bridge novel funds donation to White Ribbon Campaign against domestic violence (But only working to end male violence against women)
  • Chris Green White Ribbon attends another feminist man smearing lecture
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts (The most important video men need to understand before marrying)(VIDEO)
  • Homeless encampment Venice Beach cleaning starts temporary housing in parking lot VIDEO
    NWO chants at Trafalgar Square protest VIDEO
    Evictions Are On Hold, But What Happens When Rent Is Eventually Due? VIDEO

    Even the right wing gutter rags take aim at tory fuckwit Handcock

    Oxford students start the ball rolling by kicking the witch bitch out