• UK Extreme and systematic bigotry infects every area of Scottish life despite the SNP utopian bullshit (Pure evil and hate resonates across all areas of Scottish life and constantly hidden by a media that distracts from the malicious intent that leaves minorities with little wealth left to show once the legal system strips them bare. It is not only the sink estates where bears foster blatant violent hatred but much worse are the judges, lawyers and cops that prey on anyone not part of their masonic / orange lodge clique)

  • UK Living in Scotland causes severe damage to men's mental health (The SNP policies only reinforce the systemic persecution faced by separating men. Lawyers, judges and cops behind a massive persecution network of greed when stripping men bare)

  • UK 'Thousands died in Scots care homes as Nicola Sturgeon copied mistakes of Boris Johnson', Scots virus expert says (Yet Scots still voted the bitch and the English voted Johnson back into power)

  • UK government put military at high risk during nuclear testing (Anyone unaware of how British governments DONT GIVE A FUCK need to see how far they will go to damage targeted individuals for their TEST results)

  • Canada Remains of 215 children found at Indigenous school site in Canada(VIDEO)

  • UK Disabled Scots dad takes life hours after DWP suspends benefits following bank statement error

  • USA Three Washington cops face criminal charges for the murder of black man (Cops acting as state assassins)(VIDEO)

  • UK Extremists at Stonewall the mouthpiece for the homo / tranny agenda (The enforced indoctrination into their debauched and perverted lifestyles)

  • USA Another "liberate" protest in Texas. And they're chanting "Arrest Bill Gates!"(From Apr 2020)(VIDEO)

  • USA How The USA Created The Taliban (VIDEO)

  • UK A woman has been found guilty of murdering her millionaire landlord in order to inherit part of his £3.5m estate (The feminist scumbag lawyer run Womens Aid and Refuge ignore evil bitches who thieve from men like they do in divorce courts while getting away with MURDER)

  • UK A former Post Office worker says her life was ruined and her health suffered after she was falsely accused of stealing (The smearing, framing and psychologically and financially torturing many postmasters into early graves)

  • UK Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Hillsborough case 'greatest scandal of British policing' (For a tory twat like Rees-Mogg to state the obvious shows the depths British INjustice has stooped to as he joins the chorus of outrage after the trial of two former senior police officers and a solicitor accused of perverting the course of justice collapsed on Wednesday)

  • UK Covid bereaved join call for ‘Hillsborough law’ to force duty of candour (Lawyers and cops can lie like fuck even after so many deaths and not face ANY punishment, meanwhile men who argue with their wives can lose EVERYTHING)

  • UK Tory scumbag Handcock faces calls to explain Covid test failings at care homes (Sending sick and elderly from hospital to care homes ensured huge numbers of pensioners would die and save a fortune in pension payments. If there is NOT method in the tory madness see the sanctioning system that pushes claimants to commit suicide in vast numbers and another tory bastard ploy to save money)

  • UK Daniel Morgan: Report into murder to be released on 15 June

  • UK What justice (or lack of)in Britain is like when FREEMASONS control the outcome (Two lying cops and a lawyer, judge rules have no case to answer)

  • UK Dominic Cummings' 33 most damning revelations of Covid incompetence that killed thousands (Tory scum exposed like never before)

  • UK Vaccine role in BBC presenter Lisa Shaw's death to be probed (was treated for blood clots days after her first jab)

  • UK Cummings: Tory scumbag Handcock should have been sacked for 'criminal, disgraceful behaviour(VIDEO)

  • UK Cummings: What happened and what impact will it have?(VIDEO)

  • UK Cummings tells MP's Johnson ‘unfit’ to be PM (Johnson has another long trail of the dead after all those who were sanctioned and who committed suicide during the tory austerity madness) (VIDEO)

  • UK is the most corrupt country in the world (from 7.15)(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP in bed with the Greens that will guarantee a whole raft of new homosexual leaning legalese and more anti-heterosexual fucking bullshit from feminist lawyer Sturgeon

  • UK Dominic Cummings: The seven most explosive claims about the tory scum (The English tory voting scum continue to let them wreak havoc on Britain. You really have to be a right fucking twisted scumbag to view Johnson and his clique as fit to run Britain)

  • UK Cummings brought to life what many already knew about Tory scumbag Johnson’s failures (Despite the utter incompetence the English tory voting masochistic scum still provide the votes to keep these fuckers doing so much damage to the country)

  • USA Like all previous presidents Biden is coming to kiss the royal arse (Their controller)

  • USA More exposures of the royal parasites in new Oprah show with Harry

  • Global Scientists 'find cause of rare blood clots linked to Covid jabs' and 'could fix it' (German researchers said on Wednesday that the current batch of vaccine could be modified to make it safer for future patients. Safer shoving their vaccines where the sun dont shine)

  • USA Dua Lipa, Gigi and Bella Hadid SMEARED For Supporting Palestine (The vile zionist persecution of anyone who doesn't back Apartheid Israel)(VIDEO)

  • USA In 2019 Harvard Law students walked out from talk given by Israeli ambassador(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag 'Handcock should have been sacked' he is a multiple liar(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Boris Johnson unfit for the job of PM, says Cummings(VIDEO)

  • UK 'Unauthorised' chats with BBC's Laura Kuenssberg were my main contact with media, claims Dominic Cummings(VIDEO)

  • USA Why Houses Are So Expensive In America(VIDEO)

  • UK British spies DID breach public’s privacy by harvesting vast amounts of communications data from UK citizens and people around the world, European court rules

  • UK Despite those who THOUGHT they owned homes warning those who are desperate to buy homes about the dangers the MADNESS goes on (There is no accounting for the dimwits who like lemmings throw themselves over the 'pseudo buying' cliff. A 'lawyer vetted' media that creates a frenzy about home 'ownership' who ultimately get vast sums from the legal mafia to readvertise the properties they thieve back from divorcing men on a fucking whim)

  • UK Trial of two retired South Yorkshire cops and ex solicitor accused of altering statements to 'minimise blame' after Hillsborough disaster collapses as judge rules they have no case to answer (Lying freemason cops and lawyer getting off scot free by their brother on the bench while 96 died)

  • USA Why Malls Are Disappearing(VIDEO)

  • UK Property theft will only increase as house sales forecast to leap 46% (Seems few are learning the lesson as to how money spent on property becomes a black hole when the house thieves come knocking i.e. banks, lawyers, judges and councils are all implicated and for men your EX will provide the ammo in malicious allegations as the lever)

  • UK Labour no longer run by working class people (there were too few working-class MPs on the frontbenches of either major party. The British establishment via the law society have stolen the original intentions of Labour)

  • UK Priti Patel's Latest Immigration Brain Fart Labelled Legally Unworkable (Nasty party with nasty bastards in control)(VIDEO)

  • China builds dodgy high rise blocks that are now shaking to the core(VIDEO)

  • USA Capitalism And Monopolies: How Five Companies Control All US Media (VIDEO)

  • USA Nasa got to spent $43billion on moon landings in the 1960's and 70's (Is it any wonder ordinary Americans are now on the streets homeless and penniless?) (VIDEO)

  • UK The lunatics that are running the tory asylum (Nothing more hypocritical than an immigrant herself taking a far right wing stance on immigration to Britain)(VIDEO)

  • USA Rodger is 83 years-old and lives in van homeless near Seattle (VIDEO)

  • UK The school bullies who end up employed as British cops(VIDEO)

  • UK Blame Brexshit for Northern Ireland tensions, says Ursula von der Leyen

  • USA Rockefeller's 1991 Leaked Speech(VIDEO)

  • USA Why America Throws the Poor in Prison(VIDEO)

  • USA Who Makes Money From Private Prisons? (VIDEO)

  • USA Does Capitalism Actually Reduce Poverty?(VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless encampment the real skid row Downtown Los Angeles (VIDEO)

  • USA Black business owners and creatives have been thought of as less than their Caucasian counterparts – and Black businesses are paying the price

  • UK 'This is curtains for the BBC' on the aftermath of Diana interview inquiry(VIDEO)

  • UK Human rights body leaves Stonewall diversity scheme (Stonewall is the enforcement arm of the homosexual mafia that wants supremacy above heterosexuals and with a legal system aiding and abetting heterosexual men's destruction)

  • Belarus 'diverts Ryanair flight to arrest journalist', opposition says

  • USA Jewish Journalist FIRED For Calling Out Media Bias On Israel and Palestine(VIDEO)

  • USA Outcry after Associated Press journalist fired amid row over pro-Palestinian views

  • UK Frost Says We Shouldn't Have Signed His Brexshit Deal(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour MP Gives ASTONISHING Answer On What Party Stands For(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC Blasted For Martin Bashir's Princess Diana Interview (VIDEO)

  • UK Too cosy ties between TV regulator and the BBC (British regulators are all hand picked lackeys for the British establishment who get away with murder)

  • Israel BBC and CNN Bias EXPOSED On Israel and Palestine(VIDEO)

  • USA Geraldo Defends Palestinians And Schools Fox News On The Crisis(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal families dark secrets (Divorcing men are being pushed into early graves by the royals hand picked ruthless masonic judiciary while they help themselves to their wealth and children)(VIDEO)

  • UK Harry exposes the royals 'total silence and neglect'

  • UK Harry claimed The Firm "tried to smear" his wife Meghan Markle

  • UK William grins in first sighting after Harry's bombshell claims of 'nightmare' royal life (Only the TIP of an enormous iceberg that they are up to their neck in . They are the head of the snake that are the destroyers of families not just their own)

  • UK Harry says Diana was 'chased to death while in a relationship with someone who wasn't white' and feared 'history repeating itself' with Meghan

  • UK The ex-wife of football icon George Best says he felt cheated and manipulated by a BBC TV interview (The evil that emanates from the BBC exposed once more)

  • Global The banks are broke(VIDEO)

  • UK Martin Bashir: Ex-BBC News boss 'didn't know' Bashir forged statements (The BBC liars now being exposed like never before)

  • UK BBC 'deceit': What next for the corporation? (BBC behind the lawyer / feminist DV scams that see thousands of children removed from GOOD parents and into their perverted dens)

  • UK Mother, 30, begs judge for 'mercy' and not to be jailed like her two killer ex-boyfriends

  • USA Two prison guards avoid jail after they admitted falsifying records on the night disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in August 2019

  • Russia Video comparing Russian army to US army ad goes viral(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC bias at its very worst(VIDEO)

  • UK The scam that will NEVER end? (VIDEO)

  • UK Former Great Ormond Street homopaedo porter abused boys over 35-year period (Paul Farrell, 55, pleaded guilty to 76 offences against eight victims between 1985 and 2020)

  • UK John Smyth, who died in 2018, carried out “horrific beatings” of teenage boys who attended Christian holiday camps (The authorities seem to care NOT A JOT when it is British boys that are being brutally abused)

  • Israel John Pilger Interview: Israel is a LYING MACHINE, Palestine Has The Right to Resist!(VIDEO)

  • Irish Politician Destroys Israeli Ambassador (VIDEO)

  • UK The violent female teachers the feminist run schools cover up for (Any divorcing man will find schools become a no go area when they divorce as it is run as a hard line feminist regime where only the mother has any clout via her crooked lawyer dishing out legal aid to the teachers who write dodgy reports for their court cases and against the fathers best interests to care for his children. The amount of professionals like doctors and psychiatrists etc that are in the pockets of legal aid funded lawyers is sinister at the extreme with many prepared to ignore their professional ethics to get legal aid bungs)

  • Global Shapiro destroys radical feminism(VIDEO)

  • UK Social work child theft on a grand scale(VIDEO)

  • UK Prince Harry accuses royals of ‘total neglect’ and says ‘life was a nightmare’ (Ask any man facing the wrath of the royals hand picked judicial mafia to REALLY know how they make divorcing men's lives an utter nightmare. How do we KNOW we are some of their MANY victims)

  • UK Sunday Times Rich List shows UK's elite made £106billion in pandemic(While still downplaying the royals VAST wealth)

  • UK More BBC deceit exposed behind Diana's interview (Anyone who still thinks the BBC aren't a bunch of devious liars should see how Diana was deceived and look where she ended up. Our own group have done numerous BBC interviews only for them to be redirected to the nearest MI5/6 agent but NEVER broadcast)

  • UK BBC failures contributed to Diana’s 'fear, paranoia and isolation' (BBC aided and abetted the royals to get rid of her and paint her as deranged)

  • UK ‘Complacent and unambitious’ BBC(Bloody Big Con)

  • UK Windrush victims still waiting for compensation

  • Ireland Mother is cleared of murdering her three children aged three, seven and nine, at their Dublin home in January on the grounds of insanity (Reverse the genders and it would be a very different result)

  • UK Cops are being protected from their own domestic violence attacks (The very bastards charged with DV investigations remain FREE from their own violent acts) (VIDEO)

  • Gaza Debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre(VIDEO)

  • Israel 'Human Shield' Propaganda Used to Justify State-Sponsored Massacres for Decades

  • Israel's entire existence depends on ethnically cleansing Palestine(VIDEO)

  • UK The ruthless female thugs Womens Aid and Refuge refuse to speak out against even when they brutalise females (Both charities claim to protect women when they do fuck all of the kind and will NEVER speak out against dangerous women)

  • UK BY-BY ELECTION Embattled Labour lawyer Keir Starmer faces brutal leadership coup from Corbynista left if he loses crunch by-election battle(Starmer another legal clone like Blair)

  • UK Civil service jobs are only for the posh toffs who went to private schools

  • UK Now lego push the homosexual agenda

  • USA Why did Bill Gates meet Jeffrey Epstein AFTER he was convicted? Pushed Melinda to divorce?(VIDEO)

  • USA America Compared: Why Other Countries Treat Their People So Much Better(VIDEO)

  • UK Continued cover ups of axe murder victim who was about to expose police corruption (Freemasons inside and outside the cops behind this murder that continues to blight the Met)

  • UK There's a Sickness at the Heart of British Democracy and It's called Corruption(VIDEO)

  • UK 129 women have accused cops of domestic abuse in the last two years (The very bastards charged with investigating DV claims are the biggest instigators of DV. Those women face the same fate as the men hounded by courts and masonic cops over malicious claims)(VIDEO)

  • UK Thousands Outside BBC Shout SHAME ON YOU (VIDEO)

  • UK The dark sectarian side of SNP run Scotland exposes bigotry through football allegiances (Behind the facade of the SNP utopia lies a deep seated sectarian network founded on religion that is rife across Scotland. Only those born and raised truly understand how deep that bigotry permeates everywhere leading to injustice and VAST inequality)

  • EU Travel to EU but ONLY with vaccination passport

  • UK Royals drum up more celebrations for the peasants to kowtow to their enslavers

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer pushes the feminasty bullshit while smearing men (Labour will be a total disaster under this lawyer nutcase like they did under lawyer Blair)

  • UK BBC promote "Toxic homo marches" infecting Scottish islands as a GOOD thing (Meanwhile heterosexual men continue to be smeared and framed by the Buggering Boys Club)

  • USA Harry exposes the royals total lack of parenting skills while questioning the USA's first amendment rights

  • USA Update homeless encampment in Venice Beach new Skid Row(VIDEO)

  • UK Princess Diana Was Murdered By The Royal Family?(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC continue the feminist DV hysteria for and on behalf of the crooked lawyers who control their output

  • UK Authorities ignore the abuse of boys from homopaedo footballers (A letter from the SFA’s lawyers said it was not liable on a number of grounds. The same fucking lawyers that use DV allegations to abuse divorcing men while protecting the REAL abusers)

  • UK Former youth footballer investigation found abuse of children as young as six (If the victims had been females this would not have gone on for long)

  • UK The Daily Mail reading yobs who voted for Brexshit(It'll keep the Chinese and Indians out!!!!!!)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum claiming to spend money to help the homeless (They have a long track record of ensuring homelessness will forever blight the streets of Britain while they remain in power and the English tory voting scum who allow that to happen)

  • UK Now the Indian variant could keep lockdown delayed once AGAIN

  • UK Gutter rags move in to attack Harry for daring to expose the royals (He now facing the same wrath as his mother and Murdoch is there to prop the bastards up)

  • Gaza Journalist rushes for cover as Gaza building destroyed during live report (VIDEO)

  • Gaza Israeli air strike hits the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera offices in Gaza(VIDEO)

  • Israel Roger Waters : Israel won’t change its ‘murderous’ policies unless the govt is pressured(VIDEO)

  • UK NO SYMPATHY for Scotland's bleating lawyers claiming they are at breaking point (Any man facing these ruthless bastards will realise how they use the law and crooked judges to break men constantly through financial and psychological torture)

  • UK Lockdown is NEVER going to end in Britain as Johnson rolls out another excuse to shut everything down

  • USA Harry distances himself from the royals 'Truman' show (he desperately wants to ‘break the cycle’ of ‘genetic pain and suffering’ caused by his upbringing)

  • UK Female criminals in Scotland are ONLY criminals because of men's abuse claims study (It is easy for females to get off lightly in courts when they and their lawyers on 'LEGAL AID' use the domestic abuse chant. Criminal behaviour by females can be excused under the abuse umbrella they use at every opportunity. But few men would get away with that ploy coming up against the utterly ruthless Scottish legal mafia who would laugh such excuses out of court)

  • UK Eton groomed David Cameron’s demise is humiliating and unprecedented (These royalist lackeys think they are untouchable by continually kissing the royal arse)

  • UK Harmsworth's gutter rags wheels on royal EXPERTS to slag off Harry for exposing the firm

  • UK DWP goes after welfare claimants pittance while HMRC ignore monumental tax dodging

  • UK Met cop helped crime gang nick £850k by 'confiscating' cash handovers from rivals (He clearly wasn't a freemason then?)

  • UK A father’s fight to see his son through a broken family court system(VIDEO)

  • Israel America's gutter media give platform to the Israeli murderers and oppressors by claiming they are fighting terrorist when they are the biggest terrorists on the planet(VIDEO)

  • Global 'Social media giants censor pro-Palestine posts' - Yasser Arafat's former bodyguard(VIDEO)

  • USA Yale's Secret Exclusive Society Producing America's Leaders(VIDEO)

  • USA How many people need to die before the self drive bullshit is halted?(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC report exposes the VAST sums of public money[£125m while womens aid claim they want £200million more] being wasted on lesbian controlled fem dens that are NOT open to rigorous regulation or oversight (We are seeing the approval of the destruction of families and their wealth stripping using highly organised and government funded man haters that make the legal mafia £billions. DV claims are a monumental racket spun for all those pocketing mens stolen assets and children)

  • UK A former Perthshire community councillor Alice Duncan is facing action under the Proceeds of Crime Act after milking the money, £129,000 embezzlement, from a frail elderly aunt whom she had invited into her Perthshire home (Same thing goes on every day in divorce courts sanctioned by the legal mafia)

  • UK A ban on rental property evictions enforced by bailiffs in England will end on 31 May (Mass homelessness on the streets of UK will rise rapidly)

  • UK Diana NEVER TRUSTED Prince Andrew and Predicted His DISGRACE (VIDEO)

  • UK Prince Andrew: THE BOSS of Buckingham Palace(VIDEO)

  • UK Court of Appeal judge 'knew his wife was sexually abusing a boy in the 1980s and looked the other way' (These are the same evil bastards that are destroying men for merely arguing with their wives and removing children into care for their ulterior deviant motives)

  • UK Mother, 38, 'had baby daughter with teenager she abused' and is accused of 16 sex attacks on two boys under 15 (Silence from Womens Aid and Refuge and their stats that ignore the female rapists in their own ranks)

  • Global Anti-Israel protests are held around the world following dramatic escalation of violence with Hamas as air strikes continue to bombard Gaza Strip (How long are the feeble world leaders going to sit back and be browbeaten by the Israeli warmongers?)

  • USA Time for the lesbian who created a toxic work environment to be kicked off TV

  • UK Another rich Russian about to be screwed over in Britain's divorce courts

  • Gaza tower block collapses after Israeli airstrike (VIDEO)

  • UK Widow of High Court judge denies ‘repeatedly sexually abusing young boy in the 1980s’

  • USA City of LA accused of moving the homeless in order to prepare for the Academy Awards(VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless Man Talks Rats, Police Sweeps and Shelters(VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless Encampments by Universal Studios City Walk Hollywood (VIDEO)

  • UK Government lays out plans to protect users online(by censorship)

  • UK The State Opening of Parliament where the political lackeys kiss the royal arse yearly to make clear who is the BOSS (NO democracy just a few of her masonic dimwits to vote for as if there is choice. Another one of her Eton groomed lackeys Boris still running the show for her COINCIDENCE?????)

  • Israeli cops brutality against Palestinians continues unabated (There is something deeply disturbing as to how these fuckers seem to take pleasure from abusing who they view as the enemy. Britain and America back these murdering bastards despite their long murderous and brutal history)(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour under lawyer Starmer have “For too long have given off an air of talking down to people and telling people what they need or even what they should want or what they should think” (Like Blair, Starmer is a law society plant and ONLY interested in policies that make lawyers rich. The law, as it stands, is a vast reservoir of bullshit that ensures the Crown and its lackeys become VERY rich at the expense of plundered men and their lives)

  • UK Lady Lavinia Nourse, 77, the widow of former Lord Justice of Appeal Sir Martin Nourse, 'sexually abused a boy under the age of 12 in the 1980s',

  • UK Harmsworth's royalist gutter rag sickly deferential promotion of the next faux QUEEN

  • UK The female scum and filth employed as cops

  • UK Ten years jail if you take offence at your wife running off to the club with her single pals (There is NO point in marrying now as anything can be seen as coercive even when she spends all your money and you DARE complain. Meanwhile the royals can be accused of the rape of under age girls and have NOTHING done to them)

  • UK Postnatal depression was TWICE as common among mothers caring for new babies during Covid lockdowns (Lawyers use post natal women to line their pockets during divorce and doctors cover up the illness with legal aid bungs, a lucrative sideline . Leaving thousands of seriously ill mothers solely in charge of children while the fathers get clamped with restraining orders that stop them ensuring their kids remain safe)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer's Authority In Tatters After Bungled Reshuffle (VIDEO)

  • UK Murdered community cop exposes the feminist DV promoters and gutter rags who will use her death to push their very dodgy stats (PCSO, Mrs James would have helped 'hundreds if not thousands of domestic abuse survivors with stories like mine and even far worse')

  • Israel's Recent turmoil exposes a badly fucked up intolerant, ruthless and murderous state under Netanyahu

  • USA Melinda Gates began divorce moves at the time Bill Gates meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were revealed

  • UK Children's nurse, 31, appears in court accused of murdering eight babies and attempting to kill nine others in alleged 'year-long killing spree' at a hospital neonatal unit (No comment allowed from men's groups but no ranting from the screaming hyenas at Womens Aid and Refuge when their stats take no account of mass murdering females. An no political feminist demanding NEW laws to protect children from mass murdering females)

  • UK BBC feminazi forced to report "nurse accused of murdering eight babies and attempting to murder another 10" (If she was divorcing the judicial mafia and their conspirers social work and Womens Aid would back her TO THE HILT)

  • UK When a computer system installed by the Post Office went haywire, it led to the convictions of scores of subpostmasters for theft and false accounting

  • UK GAyrdian more feminist bullshit about online abuse of female journalists claiming a "a tide of misogynistic" (Is that because of the MAN hating propaganda they pump out from their lesbian mafia?)

  • USA Commercial Real Estate Collapse Triggering 45% Drop In Property Value As Business Face Foreclosure (VIDEO)

  • UK GAYrdian claims "Far-right candidates perform dismally across UK elections" (Conveniently forgetting the tory scum)

  • UK Cases where people claiming benefits died or came to serious harm have led to more than 150 government reviews since 2012 (Tory state assassins psychologically and financially pushing the most vulnerable into early graves and the EVIL bastards that brought in sanctioning have been voted back in by the tory voting scum in England)

  • UK Scotland being taken over by the feminist mafia (There will be more anti-male legalese pumped out to further undermine men's rights. Scotland erased the tory scum from the landscape only to replace it with a hard line lawyer run SNP mafia)

  • UK Royal parasites none to cosy relationship with Russia (Even though they have German origins)

  • UK Royal parasite Prince Michael of Kent accused of selling Kremlin access

  • UK Labour losing support when LAWYERS like Starmer are running the show

  • UK Is Labour lawyer Starmer trying to destroy the party?

  • Global The Chilling Truth About Social Control - Edward Snowden on Social Media and Surveillance (VIDEO)

  • USA Skid Row: Three Square Miles Of Pure Hell In The City of Angels (VIDEO)

  • UK Dare to Ask: Brexshit 100 Days (VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer blames anyone but himself for election disaster (Labour no longer represents the working classes of Britain and lawyers like Blair and Starmer have turned it into a clone of the tory party who kowtow to the murderous Israel lobby)

  • UK Starmer SACKS Angela Rayner As Labour Chair(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer attacked by Burnham over disasterous election result (While former Blair supporters remain in Labour their decline will only continue)

  • UK Lawyer Sadiq Khan re-elected as London Mayor (The hidden hand of the law society terrorists behind elections in Britain)

  • UK SNP's feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims victory yet we wonder why any Scotsman would vote for this ranting feminist cow? (You really have to be crazy to think a bitch like Sturgeon would be looking after the best interests of Scottish men while her legal pals are busy stripping them bare in divorce courts. British elections are a total farce when the political mafia all work for the Crown and the royals and NEVER the people)

  • UK Scotland's lawyer run gutter rags hail SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon over election (God help the men who voted for this witch when they get dragged into the divorce courts)

  • USA The 10 States Where Homelessness is Out of Control and Beyond Repair (VIDEO)

  • USA The Woke CIA PsyOp (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC and gutter rags perpetuate the MYTH that Brits have a vote and a democracy when ALL the political establishment operates under the control of a satanic death cult resided over by royal mafia via the Dookie Kent(VIDEO)

  • UK 'Bitterly disappointed': Keir Starmer vows Labour party change (Lawyer Starmer destroying any last bastion of what Labour originally stood for. He is a plant, like SNP lawyer Sturgeon in Scotland, for the hidden hand of the law society terrorists destroying men globally that are NOT part of their satanic death cult)(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer concedes Labour has lost the trust of working people (When Labour operates as a satellite of the law society and NOT the people they are fucked)

  • UK Former SNP leader Alex Salmond accuser 'incapacitated by depression' after his political return (Meanwhile INNOCENT men are being criminalized by the SNP's vile DV courts that need NO PROOF to destroy men)

  • UK Former SNP leader Salmond says Alba may not win any seats

  • UK The Post Office is contacting 540 former sub-postmasters and sub-mistresses who may have been wrongfully convicted of theft and fraud (Smearing, framing and shaming of innocent victims of the British establishment just like the thousands of divorcing men who face similar persecution)

  • Palestinian protesters and Israeli police clash over evictions in Jerusalem

  • Global Secret Societies: The real controllers of the political systems NOT the voters the gutter rags claim(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer thinks its a reshuffle they require rather than shuffle this legal bastard right out the door

  • UK The Holyrood feminists finally let a woman of colour into their fem den

  • UK England's tory voting SCUM vote in once again lying and corrupt tory bastard Johnson (Britain's political system is in DIRE straits)

  • UK Give lawyer Starmer 6 months and he will be out, Labour no longer represents the working classes and is now a tory party mk 2

  • UK Wales worst cops Dyfed-Powys Police failed to record thousands of crimes despite being told to improve two-and-a-half years ago (But the BBC concentrate on the feminist DV hysteria they promote daily)

  • UK Brexiteer Gunboat Diplomacy - Brexit Lies Have Consequences For Jersey!(VIDEO)

  • UK While Tories Distract UK Firms Suffer Massive Shock Post Brexshit! (VIDEO)

  • UK EXPOSED: The Secret British Cabal That Proves Colonialism Never Ended (The royals and their dimwitted freemasons dominating global politics in secret)(VIDEO)

  • USA Los Angeles Homeless Skid Row | Who is Moving In? (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Liz Truss Not Doing Her Job On Post Brexshit Trade Deals!(VIDEO)

  • USA Expanding humanitarian crisis engulfing Venice beach(VIDEO)

  • UK Is Line Of Duty Copaganda? (What we have been stating for decades what you see on TV bares no resemblance to crossing paths with British cops and globally)(VIDEO)

  • UK Closet homosexual TV presenter Phillip Schofield, 59 exchanged Snapchat messages with 17 year old boy for THREE YEARS

  • UK Abolish The Monarchy (Time to get rid of the parasitic spongers. PURE fucking evil dominates every aspect of how they control via 5 million plus masonic lackeys globally)(VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist BBC more concerned about women's depression than men (Despite the vast bulk of the homeless are MEN)

  • UK Lesbian who murdered and dismembered her friend after demands for a sexual relationship were rejected has been jailed for life with a minimum of 23 and a half years (Despite the murder of a women SILENCE from Womens Aid and Refuge who ignore the murdering monsters in their midst only interested when they can scream their man hating bullshit. There is a hidden agenda by the gutter rags that includes ALWAYS seeking comment from lawyer run womens groups when a female is murdered EXCEPT when its another women who does the murdering and NEVER includes mens comments when a womam murders as it does not fit their agenda)

  • USA Gates divorce will distract him from his preoccupation of forcing the world to take vaccines

  • UK Labour now a political joke with a lawyer at the helm who's only interested in women rights above all else

  • UK Marriage certificate to include mothers' names in England and Wales (But STILL no small print on a legal document that could warn men of the enormous dangers to their health and wealth when she no longer wants YOU but just your money)

  • Global Even lawyers admit men can lose their inheritance in a divorce (Past families can spend generations improving their wealth only for a golddigging bimbo to steal it all through corrupt divorce courts)(VIDEO)

  • USA Squawking feminist gets put in her place(VIDEO)

  • USA A rare occasion when a woman is forced to pay child support(VIDEO)

  • UK The Tories' BBC Stranglehold Tightens(VIDEO)

  • USA Tiny homes village for the homeless people in echo park downtown Los Angeles(VIDEO)

  • UK A man has called for all those who are homeless in Wales to receive speedy help even if they do not fit into a priority group (But do the political mafia ever listen?)

  • UK Bid to stop Paul Dacre taking over at TV regulator (Former side kick of Harmsworth's VILE gutter rags as a fucking regulator?)

  • UK Working from home could become more permanent and much easier to monitor and fire

  • UK Thousands march through London in biggest ‘kill the bill’ protest yet (alarmed by the tory scum's thrust towards authoritarianism)

  • UK Feminist GAYrdian hysteria claims ‘chilling tide of abuse against female journalists over an avalanche of misogynistic abuse and threats'

  • Global establishment lackeys rabbit off parrot fashion the elite agenda (It's like the Weapons of Mass Destruction warmongers Bush and Blair used to rant on about) (VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson's father wrote a book about 'THE VIRUS' way back in 1984 (You just couldn't make this shit up)

  • UK Brexshiteer Blames Others For Problems She Created (VIDEO)

  • UK Will Brexshit destroy Britain's heartlands?(VIDEO)

  • UK Prince Andrew In ANOTHER Disgraceful Episode (VIDEO)

  • USA New details emerge about investigation into Giuliani(VIDEO)

  • Global The Crisis Going On Right Now, That You Are Not Being Told About... (VIDEO)

  • UK Government Brexshit Advice Labelled Useless(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish SNP Government to be sued over Covid rules by nightclubs (We would NEVER trust a feminist lawyer with our rights and freedoms ask any man who has been fucked over in Scotland's corrupt death cult run divorce courts)

  • UK A black child with learning disabilities was brutalised by a Met cop using up to 34 baton strikes and CS spray

  • UK The utter scum and filth employed as Met cops

  • USA Life in a homeless encampment on skid Row in downtown Los Angeles (VIDEO)

  • UK Ex-Tory Chair and Businessman Paid For Boris Johnsons Flat Refurb! (VIDEO)

  • UK gutter rags fail to report over 500,000 protesting in London(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshit Devastating Food and Drink Exports(VIDEO)

  • Illusion of a Multi Media that speaks with same forked tongue VIDEO
    Venice Beach Homeless Crisis | New Update VIDEO
    French cops throw down handcuffs refusing to arrest anyone breaking lockdown rules VIDEO
    Brexshit Reality: more costs and more delays as jobs and investment leave the UK VIDEO
    Favoring the rich Major US companies dodge 2020 taxes while small businesses go bus VIDEO
    Brace Your Self For A Catastrophic Housing Crash: Bubble Explodes and Inventory Fall Like Never Before VIDEO
    International Conference on Men's Issues Recap from 2019 VIDEO
    The obnoxious bitches that judges, feminists, Womens Aid and Refuge would back to the hilt VIDEO

    So much for the DV slingers about all us bad men when she forced a plane to turn back to kick her off
    The Decline of Feminism and the Manspreading Chair VIDEO
    TOP 10 AMERICAN SLUMS - Exploring ghettos in the USA VIDEO
    How Googling led to an emergency landing of a Titan Airways A321 VIDEO
    INJUSTICE: American Prisoner Compares Norway's Prisons to Our Criminal Justice Prison System VIDEO
    Neil Oliver: The SNP is not about freedom of speech, it’s about silencing freedom of speech VIDEO

    What we have been exposing for a LONG time the lawyer run SNP want to silence their critics
    Fraud cops probe SNP over £600,000 of indyref 2 funds after claims cash was 'diverted'

  • End of Protests in Britain? The Controversial 'Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill' VIDEO
    DR CREEP - PANDEMIC (From 2013 lyrics gave advance notice) VIDEO
    America's Debt Problem: How the Richest Nation Became the Most Indebted? VIDEO

    If there is so much debt why can NASA get $billions to spend on frivolous space trips to Mars?
    Feminists celebrate their hatred of men VIDEO

  • Feminism the Hate Group
  • Labour's lawyer leader Keir Starmer Hires A Former Israeli Intelligence Officer VIDEO

    Starmer hires Mossad spy?
    Panic Buying Sweep Across US As Catastrophic Shortages Are Collapsing Supply Chains VIDEO
    Tory Corruption Exposed Following Business Collapse! VIDEO
    AMERICAN DECLINE - The Fall Of A Superpower VIDEO
    What Happened To The UK's Oil Wealth? VIDEO

    While other countries people thrived when oil was found only the elite few got rich on North Sea oil
    Brexshit Deportations Beginning Next Month in Spain VIDEO

  • British expats 'in tears' as Spain to deport 500 under new rules ‘Dream over' (DUH!!!!!!Fellow returning expat Shaun Cromber voted Leave but said he did not believe Brexshit would end his Spanish lifestyle)
  • L.A. Closing down Echo Park homeless encampment for renovations Closed off VIDEO

    America's capitalist ideology has FAILED MASSIVELY. Those who believed in it now demand
    government handouts over the pandemic lockdowns.
    UK's masonic mafia masquerading as thug cops feed lies to gutter rags about protests VIDEO
    MP exposes Britain's evil right wing gutter rags VIDEO
    Hidden cameras expose Kim Jong-un's clandestine weapon and drugs trade VIDEO
    Tory corruption: Johnson dishes out £100k+ of public money for sex VIDEO

    Tory corruption goes on unabated and with NO regulation to jail the crooks. The law makers have made themselves above the law just like the royals randy andy. Sex for public money should become an instant jailable offence and no longer fit for office.
    Manufacturers conspire to make sure their products age faster VIDEO
    America's Looming Eviction Crisis VIDEO
    Cops Admit False Claims About Serious Injuries at Bristol protests VIDEO
    SNP ripped apart with ex-leader setting up new party

    SNP run by lawyers and another without
    Suez Canal Blocked! $10 Billion In Losses And Gasoline Shortages Spark Chaos On Global Supply Chains VIDEO
    BBC with Womens Aid ratchet up the DV racketeering

    BBC with Womens Aid ratchet up the DV racketeering where women wanting divorce are then swept away into lesbian dens controlled by feminist lawyers getting £billions in public money between legal aid and grants to provide the lies that allow CROWN masonic judges(NO JURIES) to screw men of their livelihoods and where children are hidden and groomed away from the protection of their biological fathers.

    They are the biggest threat to men and their children under the guise they protect women when they manufacture lucrative jobs with FREEMASONS pulling the grant schemes behind the scenes in the political and legal arena's. BBC presenters like serial paedo Jimmy Savile have previously accessed those now vulnerable children and are part of this sinister network of propaganda)

  • Britain's judicial mafia once again back claims from golddigger Heard and the Murdoch SCUM about Depp's abuse against HER (NOT as the evidence showed she was the abuser. and NO JURIES when it comes to DV allegations never juries just specialist courts with masonic judges)
  • The Untold Truth about Women's Shelters
  • Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence - Bettina Arndt(VIDEO)
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • SNP taken to court again by their own former leader

    A fucking shambles at the heart of the SNP and its law society control via Sturgeon
    Here's Why Chernobyl is Still a Massive Problem Today VIDEO
    'Stop (FEMINISTS)politicising Sarah's tragedy and turning her into a martyr' - Ryan-Mark Parsons VIDEO
    Why The United States Can't Handle Crises VIDEO
    No One Can STOP Them, It Was All Organized! VIDEO
    SNP feminist witch hanging on by a thread

  • So WHO cleared lawyer Sturgeon? Oh right ANOTHER lawyer!!!!!!!!! (All the lawyer controlled gutter rags back up that dodgy decision without question)
  • Lawyer finds SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon did nothing wrong (He was completely impartial LOL)
  • Lawyer Sturgeon claims she would have resigned if another lawyer had found her guilty (The law society mafia in operation who smear and frame men every day with their fucking lies)
  • Alex Salmond inquiry says Nicola Sturgeon misled committee (SNP's feminist lawyer liar and the same fucking bullshit goes on in divorce courts the length and breadth of Scotland with many men pushed to suicide thanks to the persecution that comes from monstrous lies)
  • Holyrood mafia back the feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon for NOW
  • The two female civil servants who made harassment complaints against Alex Salmond have accused the Scottish government of not giving them enough support(this is the same feminist lawyer who claims to protect women against all of Scotland's men by undermining their rights and with draconian laws)
  • SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon accused of misleading parliament over Alex Salmond (Despite one of her lawyer pals backing her)
  • The SNP's feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon has three days to save her skin: First minister's career on a knife-edge as she faces result of two inquiries AND a vote of no confidence (Only her demise will be the start of the restoration of men's rights in divorce courts that she has turned into a vast racketeering network for her lawyer buddies. She is the utter scum and dregs of the earth)
  • Feminist SNP lawyer liar Sturgeon desperate to hang on to power despite breaking ministrial code (She has deviously lied her way to the top and continues to create a HATE agenda against men with her vile anti-male legalese. Meanwhile pampering to the homosexual / lesbian mafia's demands. It can't get much more twisted than that)
  • Feminist SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon rejects claims over Alex Salmond inquiry evidence (They will need to get the men in white coats to remove this deranged feminist witch who has conspired with her legal buddies to make life in Scotland impossible for heterosexual men and responsible for the mass suicides of men who have been persecuted into early graves)
  • Ex SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay quits the SNP (The SNP launched a disciplinary investigation after he admitted behaving "foolishly" by messaging a 16-year-old boy on social media. He aided and abetted the anti-heterosexual male legalese that is destroying heterosexual families in divorce courts)
  • Disgraced SNP HOMOSEXUAL finance secretary Derek Mackay, quits after he was suspended for bombarding boy, 16, with 270 messages - piling more pressure on Nicola Sturgeon (This is the same evil witch that manufactured new laws that saw men lose everything for arguing with their wives while homosexuals like Mackay inside her party have been manufacturing legalese to make that so much easier)
  • So WHO cleared lawyer Sturgeon? Oh right ANOTHER lawyer!!!!!!!!!

    All the lawyer controlled gutter rags back up that dodgy decision without question
    Kill The Bill Protest / Riot in Bristol VIDEO

    Claims the police instigated the thuggery to provoke a reaction

  • Bristol protests: Police take back claims officers suffered broken bones in riot (The lying devious freemasons that masquerade as law enforcement THUGS who ONLY protect the state NOT the people)
  • Hypocrite tory thug Priti Patel blasts Bristol protest as ‘shameful criminal thuggery'(VIDEO)
  • 'Police have lost a significant amount of trust' | Former police chief on Bristol violence(VIDEO)
  • America's Overwork Obsession VIDEO
    There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: Prepare Your Self For The Worst! VIDEO
    Dozens of arrests in anti-lockdown protests in central London

  • The scum who think they are born to rule

  • Revealed: the truth about the peers who are born to rule
    (A long line of masonic families that serve ONLY the interests of the royal mafia)
  • Homeless Crisis in California / homeless encampment in Venice Beach new skid Row VIDEO
    Harmsworth's shitty rag backs complaints about tory scums obsession with union jack flags and royal parasite promotion

  • Harmsworth's royalist / establishment GUTTER rag attacks two of the BBC's better presenters for commenting on the tory scum's obsession with always having Union Jack flags and pictures of the royal parasite in view everytime they are interviewed at their home or office
  • Harmsworth's royalist / establishment GUTTER rag claims FURY over two BBC presenters being reprimanded for commenting on the tory's promoting the Union Jack and royal parasites in their interviews

    Innocent divorcing heterosexual men are being brutalized in Herr Majesty's Courts while her son avoids any form of action over allegations of child rape while she and her masonic judicial mafia control who gets persecuted and who gets away with murder. Those who serve her are ensured maximum protection no matter how evil their crimes are.

    She and her mob are behind the vast network of domestic violence feminist groups like lawyer run Womens Aid and Refuge getting £millions of public money to provide the false allegations that allow her judges to rob men and steal their children. AN evil regime protected by the gutter rags who all serve to protect her from exposure of the vast criminal network called the Queen Elizabeth law(less)courts and why she is the richest despot on the planet.

    Despite those same gutter rags downplaying her wealth every time they report on the richest individuals on the planet.

    Queen Elizabeth II has title to, and is therefore the “legal” owner of 6,600,000,000 ( SIX BILLION, six hundred million) acres of the Earth’s surface. That’s 10,312,500 square miles. Quite the little homestead worth $33,000,000,000,000

  • Royals at each others throats after exposure of how they function (Only the tip of an enormous iceberg what these fuckers are really behind the mass culling of men in HERR courts through devious secretive ploys)
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail - Insider
  • Noel Edmonds claims the royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • Royal parasites deny "any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors"
  • The frivolous royalist bullshit conjured up by the gutter rags
  • Royal parasite "categorically denies" sensational allegations by a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with him while under 18
  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England - Prince William's uncle
  • Prince William, the Royal family and Freemasonry
  • More on Dunblane
  • More on speculative society
  • Connecting divorce, domestic abuse allegations and elite paedophilia
  • Divorce as Revolution by Stephen Baskerville (2003)
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Mountbatten “was a homosexual with a perversion for young boys”
  • Crimes That Shook Britain Jimmy Savile(VIDEO)
  • UK's masonic establishment and cops let zionist jewish lawyer Janner abuse boys for decades(VIDEO)
  • Jewish lawyer Janner to face criminal proceedings over allegations of homopaedo abuse in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s
  • Former BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 homopaedo offences committed between 1969 and 1986 (A very long line of homopaedo's inside the BBC yet they rant on as if they are some sort of moral guardians)
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
  • BBC top paedo protector(VIDEO)
  • The secret memo 'that proves BBC bosses DID interview sacked DJ Tony Blackburn over claims he seduced 15-year-old girl who later killed herself'
  • Last entry in BBC Top of the Pops girl’s diary reveals the agony that drove her to suicide (How many more deaths are the BBC responsible for?)
  • Two BBC radio presenters Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer on homopaedo charges
  • Savile and the 9th Circle(VIDEO)
  • What Harmsworth's Daily Rat said about BBC paedo Savile on his death
  • BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile's historic abuse at Stoke Mandeville hospital(VIDEO)
  • Jimmy Savile: Senior staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital 'knew about abuse of young patients at hands of DJ'
  • Savile victims WILL get compensation - but less than they hoped as judge orders that lawyers must be paid first (The very law society bastards who protected him while he was alive will now gain from his death)
  • Just 22 out of 58 payout claims against Jimmy Savile have been accepted amid warnings that his estate may be swallowed up by lawyers... leaving nothing for genuine victims
  • Savile said he had a legal team on standby and would simply threaten anyone accusing him with libel
  • Tory whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'
  • Tory homopaedo whistleblower: 'Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring among ministers'
  • Homopaedo's at Westminster changed the law to suit the homosexual agenda
  • Houses of Parliament a den of homopaedo's and their protectors
  • Have Britain's political party whips covered up the crimes of homopaedo politicians in order to exert political power?
  • Extreme homosexual buggery before Stuart Lubbock's murder VIDEO

  • JONATHAN Kenney was the homosexual partner of TV star Michael Barrymore at the time of Stuart Lubbock’s death in March 2001

    Humanitarian crisis in the land of capitalism and of the free to starve and die on the streets of America that runs with the blood of the victims of pure GREED.
    Tory thug Priti Patel Is Trying To Ban YOUR Right To Protest VIDEO
    Why Do The 787 Dreamliner Cockpit Windows Keep Shattering In Mid Air? How Dangerous Is It? VIDEO
    Starlink Review: FAST Internet from Space VIDEO
    What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? VIDEO
    You really have to be one creepy bastard to wear this t-shirt
    The Everything Bubble Burst! Stocks, Housing And Bond Markets Will Collapse Simultaneously VIDEO
    Why USA Malls Are Disappearing VIDEO
    Labour lawyer Keir Starmer used the Weaponisation of Antisemitism to Purge the Left from Labour VIDEO

    Lawyer Starmer took control of Labour by taking out non-lawyer Corbyn

    Meanwhile lawyer Sturgeon took control of the SNP and Scotland by taking out non-lawyer Salmond

  • There had been a "concerted effort" by SNP officials to encourage complainers to come forward about Alex Salmond (Lawyers like Sturgeon had plans to take over leadership of the SNP for their own malicious ends)
  • Tory MP David Davis reveals whistleblower's explosive evidence of Nicola Sturgeon cover-up - including claims her chief of staff knew about Salmond 'sex misconduct' allegations two months EARLIER than she says and 'interfered' in process
  • GAYrdian FIRES Columnist For Tweet About Israel VIDEO
    UK exports to EU plunge 40 per cent in January VIDEO
    Rhodes Secret Society behind the New World Order VIDEO

  • The Secret Society: Cecil John Rhodes’s Plans for a New World Order (Rhodes was a homosexual who was in love with his private secretary, Neville Pickering, and that he established "… a homosexual hegemony – which was already operative in the Secret Society – went on to influence, if not control, British politics at the beginning of the twentieth century"
  • Rampant feminists arrested as protesters clash with police at Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common VIDEO

    Using a dead woman to spout their hatred of men instead of directing their venom at cops. If only the gutter rags gave the same platform when men are murdered much more regularly on the streets of London.

  • Rabid feminists ‘shocked to see police manhandling women’ (Disgusting pushing a 'hate men' agenda on the back of a murdered woman by cop. But ok if they manhandle men on the back of feminist bullshit with hardly one comment in any online article backing their motives) (VIDEO)
  • Toxic feminists wont be happy until every man in Britain is castrated and jailed as they have the potential to become rapists and murderers (That's like crushing every car in Britain after someone is killed in a crash. They are fucking NUTS and with a government bending over backwards to accommodate their demands and pouring money at them when they are used by the crown and courts to screw men over)
  • Feminists claim Police used 'heavy handed' response at Sarah Everard vigil(VIDEO)
  • Feminist GAYrdian rolls out the rabid man hating feminists with their diatribes about all the bad men good women have to tolerate using a cop murder as leverage(within the context of an epidemic of male violence against us. NO an epidemic of lunatic feminists who jump on any bandwagon to further their hatred of men who are seen as bad and ALL women as angels)
  • GAYrdian serious about "Angry at the idea of a curfew for men? Think of all the ways women are told to adapt" (This is the outright lunacy that goes on in divorce courts every day where men are stifled by restraining orders that allow golddiggers and crooked lawyers and judges to help themselves to a man's wealth, home and children)
  • Hypocritical GAYrdian rant about civil liberties while demanding a curfew on men (You just couldn't make this fucking shit up from the man hating lesbians / feminists who write for the GAYrdian)
  • Tory thug and bully Priti Patel under pressure by feminazi to toughen laws on hate and violence against women (But not men. Labour, under lawyer Starmer, has urged the Government to make misogyny a hate crime. Criticising a rabid man hating feminists could be classed as a crime FFS)
  • JANET STREET-PORTER: The murder of Sarah Everard is horrific but it's no reason to demonise half the population. The vast, vast majority of men are not rapists and murderers and people(women?) kill them too (As with Meghan and Harry, an utterly unique set of circumstances is in danger of being hijacked and politicised by people with their own axes to grind)
  • 'Calling all men dangerous is bad for our sons, brothers, partners': Davina McCall faces the wrath of the cancel culture mob by sticking up for men in wake of Sarah Everard death (The vicious attacks on women who dare suggest feminists are deranged in their mindset exposed)
  • Feminists try and high jack and politicise murder of female by cop
  • Feminists use female murder by cop to push their gender biased mindset
  • An extreme feminist GREEN Party peer today doubled down on her call for men to face a 6pm curfew to make women feel safer (Any divorcing man knows how ex wives via crooked judges and lawyers can take enormous control of their lives and finances leading them to suicide. There is no words to describe the horrors that permeate from divorce courts and the utter abuse of power going on behind closed doors and sanctioned by a corrupt crown and monarchy who hand pick the evil bastards dishing out their vile orders)
  • BBC give platform to raging feminists when one female is murdered on the streets of London (To politicise this death with the man hating mantra shows how toxic they and the BBC are at spouting their venom as if the world is full of bad men and godly saintly females. Many women no longer believe feminism is good for their sanity)
  • Feminists demand "Men to challenge other men on women's safety" (Extreme feminist dogma rising up after murder by cop and being used to push their man hating agenda)
  • Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift In The Standard Of Living In All Of U.S. History VIDEO
    Light Years Ahead The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer VIDEO
    Is Skid Row Safe To Walk At Night? VIDEO
    First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination VIDEO
    Sick bucket required for dirty Richard Desmond's old nauseating royalist gutter rag

    The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Star, The Express and The Telegraph are a bunch of twisted royalist lackeys hell bent on targeting anyone who dares cross the royal parasite who is promoted as some force for good. The Markle claims, backed up by Harry, pale next to the massive trail of dead men persecuted into early graves by her hand picked masonic judicial mafia. We are the victims who survived the financial and psychological torture treatment meted out daily across the UK and the globe by her lackeys and have been warning the public ever since.

  • The honours system embodies much of what is wrong with modern Britain: corruption, abiding snobbery and obsession with status (How the royals use tacky awards to steer duped goons into their grooming network)
  • Harmsworth's gutter rag claims polls show popularity for the royal parasite goes up while expelled royals go down (Same shite they produce come election time with dodgy pollsters)
  • One women murdered by cop in London and feminists GO CRAZY

    Feminist Gayrdian rants about women's safety while far more young men and boys are murdered on the streets without the mass protests and screams from the feminazi. Wales even consider men being curfewed supposedly to protect women at night which is fucking crazy.

  • An extreme feminist GREEN Party peer today doubled down on her call for men to face a 6pm curfew to make women feel safer (Any divorcing man knows how ex wives via crooked judges and lawyers can take enormous control of their lives and finances leading them to suicide. There is no words to describe the horrors that permeate from divorce courts and the utter abuse of power going on behind closed doors and sanctioned by a corrupt crown and monarchy who hand pick the evil bastards dishing out their vile orders)
  • BBC give platform to raging feminists when one female is murdered on the streets of London (To politicise this death with the man hating mantra shows how toxic they and the BBC are at spouting their venom as if the world is full of bad men and godly saintly females. Many women no longer believe feminism is good for their sanity)
  • Feminists demand "Men to challenge other men on women's safety" (Extreme feminist dogma rising up after murder by cop and being used to push their man hating agenda)
  • Is met cop who murdered in London a one off or a potential serial murderer who has kept under the radar by being employed as a cop and protected by his lodge buddies?
  • The lunatic feminists want "6pm curfew for men after Sarah Everard's murder"
  • Privacy campaigners slam secret 'Snooper's Charter' surveillance trial as Home Office teams up with two internet firms to test how to track the browsing history of every person in the country
  • JANET STREET-PORTER: The murder of Sarah Everard is horrific but it's no reason to demonise half the population. The vast, vast majority of men are not rapists and murderers and people(women?) kill them too (As with Meghan and Harry, an utterly unique set of circumstances is in danger of being hijacked and politicised by people with their own axes to grind)
  • Feminists and their lawyers go to court to protest over female murdered by cop in London (Massive hue and cry when a female is murdered yet nowhere to be seen when its young men and boys who are the vast majority of the murders on London streets. But now they want more laws that are different to protect ONLY females)
  • Wales would consider bringing in local curfews for men to make women feel safer on the streets at night (Britain and the freemasons embedded in the political system are falling over backwards to accommodate the extreme feminists by totally undermining heterosexual mens rights and prepared to even consider such ridiculous measures as if men are all potential murderers and abusers. Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford is steeped in social work and an arm of the state that causes major problems for separated men)
  • Feminist Labour MP Jess Phillips reads out women killed by men but omits to name the men and children murdered by women(They dont want to recognise the murderers in their camp)
  • Did met cops protect cop murderer from being charged for indecent assault before he murdered?
  • Tory thug Patel defends police after officer’s arrest in Sarah Everard case (The officer, who is in the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, remains in custody after being detained on suspicion of the murder and kidnapping of Ms Everard, and on a PREVIOUS separate allegation of indecent exposure)
  • Feminists want SPECIAL treatment after cop murders female (There are far more young black men murdered in London and vastly outweighs the females killed on the streets of London but the feminists act like its only them that are victims)
  • Meghan Takes Out Morgan VIDEO
    The System Implodes: Amazon, Evictions, Tax Abuses, and Minimum Wages VIDEO

    On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Amazon's profits; New York state's eviction crisis and capitalism's reproduction of poverty and inequality; New York's stock transfer tax; raising the minimum wage; and the subsidizing of billionaire's big sport businesses.
    Scottish judges fail to jail a woman who kept a two-year-old child in a makeshift cage

    Yet men who argue with their ex wives can be jailed
    and have restraining orders that stop them from seeing their children

    SNP trying to cover up homo pervs in their party

    No wonder so much anti=heterosexual male hate legalese is being conjured up by the SNP

  • The SNP accused of sweeping SNP MP sex case under the carpet...twice including the man he is accused of sexually harassing
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • Creepy lawyers, lesbians and homosexuals dictating anti-male laws in Scotland
  • Ali Wong on why feminism is the worst thing that ever happened to women(from 29.00) VIDEO

    Gutter rags controlled by a masonic death cult

  • BBC and gutter rags perpetuate the MYTH that Brits have a vote and a democracy when ALL the political establishment operates under the control of a satanic death cult resided over by royal mafia via the Dookie Kent(VIDEO)