• Global Ex-wifes new boyfriend doesn't face scrutiny of family courts like the father (This is a scandal that fathers need to start addressing when a stranger can be moved into the home of your children with NO scrutiny)(VIDEO)

  • Global Lawyers live the high life on divorce (VIDEO)

  • Global Why do women say they don't need men(VIDEO)

  • UK Furious Judge Rinder Kicks Female Fraudster Out of Court (A very rare occasion men get any sympathy from British judges and only because it was on TV) (VIDEO)

  • USA Mike Pompeo brazenly claims the CIA lied, cheated and stole(VIDEO)

  • UK Sick bucket required for Harmsworth's gutter rag gushing bullshit on the royals after Old Phil's death (The billionaire royalist lackey has to be surgically removed from the royal arses as he has kissed their arses for far to long he has jammed himself inside their colon)

  • UK Hundreds of homeless people in Glasgow receive first dose of coronavirus vaccine but left to die on the streets(SNP party to this abuse of vulnerable citizens)

  • UK Edinburgh has now been buried in feminist bullshit and NOT a safe place for men to live (Scotland under feminist lawyer Sturgeon has been turned into a feminist fest that ignores the welfare of men who are the vast majorrity sleeping rough on the streets of Scottish cities)

  • USA The Everything Bubble Burst! Stocks, Bonds and Housing Will Face A Catastrophic Crash(VIDEO)

  • UK Less royal spongers or just more wealth for those that are left?

  • Australia's gutter media wheel on feminist to spout their anti-male bullshit (As more and more proof is surfacing about how men are being framed in corrupt masonic courts their media lackeys and partners in crime continue to push the anti-male rhetoric)(VIDEO)

  • UK Why do Britain's gutter media continue to wheel on Labour lawyer and war criminal Tony Blair to make political comment on everything he should have no say in due to his past record? (VIDEO)

  • EU European parliament votes through Brexshit deal with big majority

  • USA PREZ AND PERVERT Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images

  • UK Murdoch rag claims "Royal parasite to fade away after old Phil's death" (They ALL need to fade away from the massive scrounging and sponging they are famous for and used to prop them up)

  • UK Lockdown fines: Fixed penalty notices should all be reviewed - MPs

  • Israel is committing the crime of apartheid (While the global political mafia turn a blind eye as they are ALL in the pocket of Israel and will be accused of antisemitism as they did with Labour's Corbyn if they dare state the OBVIOUS)

  • UK Tory scumbag seeks to play down growing accusations of Tory sleaze (They call Britain a democracy where corrupt murderous scumbags are put in charge thanks to the evil bastards who vote for them)

  • UK Hypocrotical tory scum impose sanctions on 22 people involved in ‘notorious corruption cases’ (But NOT themselves)

  • UK Drunken female first-class passenger who screamed 'I hope this plane crashes' fined £10,000 (Womens Aid and Refuge are NEVER available for comment when females behave appallingly and would back her to the hilt during divorce so she could get the house, the children and the ex's wallet)

  • UK Lesbian soldier, 32, sacked from Army after headbutting and throttling wife while drunk at barracks (Womens Aid and Refuge silent as ever when its one of their own that's committing violence)

  • UK Prince Andrew goes into business with former Coutt's banker accused of sexual harassment (Coutts the bank that likes to say yes to the queen)

  • USA gutter media report "Homeless Badly Hurting Los Angeles' Tourism Industry"(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson: 'Let the bodies pile high in their thousands'. PM's incendiary remark during fight over lockdowns is latest claim in No10 drama - amid spectacular row with Cummings (For decades before the pandemic the tory scum made it almost impossible for British workers to take time off if they were ill and this is only one example of that mindset as to why they do NOT GIVE A FUCK. They have a long trail of the dead when welfare claimants were financially and psychologically pushed into early graves by these evil bastards)

  • Global Amazon's anti-union stance allowed Bezos to treat workers like shit while making him billions

  • UK Scots gripped by rent crisis as soaring costs leaving families homeless and in poverty

  • UK Dominic Cummings Goes To War With Boris Johnson (VIDEO)

  • UK Who the fuck is the BBC's lesbian producer Eleanor Lawrie?

  • UK BBC report on the dangers of cults but strangely fail to mention the freemasons who claim to have over 5 million members globally (BBC is run by them )

  • UK Post office scandal: Ex-boss quits director role after convictions quashed (She should be jailed for her part in triggering the convictions of over 700 innocent postmasters whose lives were destroyed thanks to her ignoring their pleas of innocence and others who were pushed into suicide)(VIDEO)

  • USA Judge orders all Los Angeles Skid Row homeless must be offered housing by October(VIDEO)

  • Norway Sounds Alarm As 23 Elderly Patients Die After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine(VIDEO)

  • UK Johnson faces MPs’ fury over Downing Street sleaze claims (Britain's political mafia are ALL corrupt)

  • UK Tory sleaze is the logical extension of business practices where everyone is ‘at it’

  • UK Boris Johnson’s fitness for office (Weak and dishonourable, the prime minister fails the Nolan test of public life and brings further disgrace on the government)

  • UK The lobbying scandal engulfing the tory scum

  • UK Judicial mafia let female embezzler walk free (Reverse the genders and the sentence wouldn't be so lenient)

  • Israel: Over 12,000 people test positive for COVID-19 after receiving Pfizer vaccine (VIDEO)

  • UK Postmaster's widow: 'I will never forgive them' (How the British establishment including judges allowed over 700 innocent postmasters to be smeared, shamed and framed into early graves, a daily occurrence in divorce courts)(VIDEO)

  • UK Innocent Post Office worker took his own life after being wrongly accused of stealing £60K (Smearing, shaming and framing of innocent victims causing suicide)

  • UK Post Office scandal saw woman jailed and plunged into depression, a man spend his 60th birthday behind bars and another stepped in front of a bus

  • UK Former postmasters cleared after Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice (Divorcing men are the biggest miscarriage of justice)(VIDEO)

  • UK Post Office scandal: Postmaster emotional as conviction is quashed (A legal system whose murderous regime allowed over 700 INNOCENT postmasters to be convicted of criminality)(VIDEO)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Morgan no longer has media platform to browbeat and bully dissenters

  • UK Tory scum funded by billionaires to do their bidding(VIDEO)

  • UK A mother whose baby son drowned in the bath while she was "distracted" on her phone has been jailed for 22 months (Womens Aid and Refuge in total SILENCE when another mother is jailed for a baby death but no mens groups are allowed to comment in the gutter rags. If genders were reversed they would be given a platform to spout their man hate demanding NEW laws)

  • UK A government that robs while alive and massively in death

  • UK 'Nobody can afford to buy in London' (A fucked up crazy housing market but who would want to risk money in buying when so many are stolen back) (VIDEO)

  • UK A fourth undercover cop who spied on political campaigners is alleged to have fathered a child with a woman he met while using a fake identity (British policing is WORSE than the Stasi who employ the utter dregs of the earth)

  • UK Like the SNP the Welsh first minister accused of using lockdown easing to influence poll (Lockdown easing just as they want the peasants vote and FUCK ALL to do with safety)

  • UK A group of 42 sub-postmasters and postmistresses will learn later whether convictions for stealing money will be quashed amid a Post Office IT scandal (The system was flawed and postmasters and postmistresses have spent years trying to clear their names. Smeared, framed and jailed in many cases due to a scurrilous management and failed IT system)

  • UK Convicted Post Office postmasters have names cleared (Smeared, framed , shamed and robbed of their livelihoods and in some cases their lives, just like they do in divorce courts every day)

  • UK Thirty IDIOTS queue overnight for new homes who were described as "completely bonkers"

  • UK BBC claims "A group of former sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses have seen their names cleared at the Court of Appeal in the UK's most widespread miscarriage of justice" (It doesn't come close to the millions of men treated as if they are criminals by the criminals running British courts for their own and the Crowns VAST enrichment schemes)

  • UK Scottish election: ‘Power has to be devolved out of Westminster’, says Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar (The Holyrood mafia have destroyed thousands of mens lives with their barbaric legalese that only help the legal mafia that feminist lawyer Sturgeon is part of. Devolution has been a disaster for men caught up in the anti-male legislation these bastards are ALL part of)

  • UK Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has failed to deny he is a “humbug and hypocrite” for privately educating his children despite his party's manifesto saying fee-paying schools exacerbate social injustice.

  • UK Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar speaking after the launch of the party’s Women’s Manifesto (As long term watchers of devolution in Scotland the Holyrood mafia are only interested in the interests of female voters while they have massively undermined men in Scotland. Devolution for men has been a shambles primarily to line the pockets of all those who gain from the fleecing of men and they are ALL implicated)

  • USA Homeless encampments removed from Venice Beach (Hiding the homeless away wont change anything just remove the eyesore) (VIDEO)

  • UK Hypocritical GCHQ boss worried other countries can collect our private data as good as they do (You just couldn't make this shit up as Britain's spy agencies collect data on a massive scale to ensure the royals can use it to thwart any attempt to undermine them. See the divorce courts as to how they use that collected data to smear, frame and break men not part of their death cult)

  • UK Royals shamelessly USE their sprogs as next layer of parasitic promotion as old brand dies off

  • USA 3rd world poverty in Las Vegas(VIDEO)

  • USA Activists, Venice residents argue over homeless problem (VIDEO)

  • UK Think Brexshit’s all over? Wait until the grace periods end (VIDEO)

  • UK SUITCASE MURDER Woman admits murder of woman, 27, found chopped up in suitcase She was living at the same seven-bed women's refuge in Birmingham (These Womens Aid refuges harbour lesbians with ulterior motives who prey on women who get coerced into them by feminist lawyers hoping to screw the former husbands using their dodgy statements as leverage)

  • UK Woman murdered and found in suitcase was living at a womens refuge where her female murderer also resided

  • Global Womens Shelters are pure evil and stuffed full of lesbians who prey on vulnerable women or women made vulnerable by crooked feminist lawyers

  • UK Boris Johnson told Sir James Dyson by text he would 'fix' tax issue

  • UK More threats to the royals or manufactured scares to garner sympathy for them?

  • UK The scum and filth employed as Scottish cops

  • UK Murdoch's gutter rag relishes reporting how "A RUSSIAN billionaire's ex has won £453million in the world's biggest divorce settlement today" (Outlandish settlements inside Britain's crooked courts run by hand picked lackeys of the royals to screw men over. The smearing, framing and thieving continues to be justified by crooked courts)

  • UK Scots woman's severe reaction to Covid vaccine turned both legs into 'giant blisters' and left her in wheelchair

  • UK 'I'm a fucking monster' Brute Scots cop guilty of savage six-year reign of terror against girlfriend facing jail (The very bastards charged with dealing with domestic violence are the biggest perpetrators. He would expect his lodge buddies to cover up for him and refused to go to police for years because she didn't want him to lose his job)

  • UK 'Surprised' Queen gets two puppies from her "favourite son" (The 'get out of jail' card?)

  • UK ‘Bizarre’ tory comments about Australia’s trade minister a ‘serious setback’ to talks

  • USA George Floyd: How significant is Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for America? (American cops are finally getting jailed for their crimes and their brutal racist murder squads. How long will it take before lawyers and judges are fully exposed and jailed for their barbaric mistreatment of men during divorce when they are financially and psychologically pushed into early graves and a far bigger hidden 'murder by stealth' than even the cop murders? The main reason why they dont want cameras in divorce courts to see what they are up to under the guise it is to protect children)(VIDEO)

  • Global Woman exposes the BIGGEST threat to men globally (Lawyers implicated in manufacturing domestic violence allegations to claim legal aid and fleece men)(VIDEO)

  • UK Cops and lawyers conspired to cover up death of 96 at Hillsborough disaster (These are the same evil bastards that smear, shame and fleece men during divorce)

  • USA Judge attacks congresswoman for commenting on George Floyd case (VIDEO)

  • UK An endless trail of tory corruption using covid as a smokescreen (British government acting as if they are above the law meanwhile making ever more draconian laws to fuck men over who are NOT part of their death cult. They only enforce those laws as they know they wont affect them protected by a satanic brotherhood)

  • USA Homoesexual James Charles: YouTube temporarily demonetises beauty influencer after admitting to sending sexually explicit messages to two 16-year-old boys

  • UK Cops seen as "coercive agents of tory ministers (Nothing new then as the cops turn a blind eye to the monumental corruption going on inside a tory government)

  • UK Feminist triumph – or predictable diatribe against men? (Lunatic feminists endless obsession with smearing and shaming men)

  • UK A cop who "tried it on" with four vulnerable domestic abuse victims has been dismissed for "appalling" gross misconduct(A rarity getting the sack and maybe because he was black and not a member of their death cult as many of them get away with far more serious crimes and the supposed vulnerable victims could be alleging abuse after a visit to their lawyer who will recommend they make false allegations to gain power during divorce and keep the house and kids and a hefty divorce settlement that cops target. We have been exposing these cop crimes for decades where DV claims line the pockets of all those who conspire to fuck men over)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer attacked over lockdown failures (Landlord produced stats showing the average age for a Covid victim was 82 years and three months higher than the average age of death normally)

  • Denmark Danish health official faints while announcing halt of AstraZeneca vaccine(VIDEO)

  • UK DWP staff claim management are obsessed with sanctioning vulnerable claimants if they fail to meet certain behavioural conditions (Tory bastards and state assassins the DWP use sanctioning to push vulnerable claimants into early graves)

  • UK Cutting poverty and inequality is the best way to reduce crime, a police chief has said, calling for more money for deprived areas to thwart criminals’ attempts to recruit those left desperate by deprivation (A rare occasion a cop tells the tory scum why poverty leads to crime)

  • USA Why America Sucks at Everything (VIDEO)

  • UK Who Has Been Advising the tory scum On Brexshit?(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshiteer Lies - Businessman Regrets Voting For Brexshit Now Suffering Consequences!(VIDEO)

  • Global Is the pandemic being used to create a surveillance state?(VIDEO)

  • USA Changes Lanes Film: How a lawyer finds out he is part of a massive scam called 'THE LAW' (VIDEO)

  • UK Divorce lawyer admits there are legal parasites in their midst (We don't know any divorce lawyer that IS NOT a parasite causing mayhem for the lives of the parents and children alike) (VIDEO)


  • UK How scumbag lawyers(fancy name QC's) help the rich avoid tax while thieving from men during divorce

  • UK ITV Britain's top royalist gutter media alongside the BBC claims "Prince Philip's service and sacrifice" (What utter fucking bullshit to claim swanning around the globe wining and dining at the public's expense while living an opulent lifestyle on the back of the peasants enslavement is considered SERVICE and SACRIFICE)(VIDEO)

  • UK Thousands rally at ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration in London(VIDEO)

  • UK British cops seized luxury car and went on a joy ride at speed (A tracker caught their journey)

  • UK Power dressing royals on show at funeral shoving their expensive gard in the face of the struggling peasants who are classed as subjects and promoted by their head gutter rags scumbag Harmsworth

  • USA The Collapse of American Cities Has Started. And Yours Is Next(VIDEO)

  • UK Temple Church, London, where the criminal legal mafia pray to their idols (This is the centre of the biggest criminal cartel on the planet on the orders of a global law society and the Inns of court)

  • USA AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: You Have The Right To Remain Poor!(VIDEO)

  • UK Business Leaders Trash Brexshit "Teething Problems" Excuse! (VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshiteer Doesn't Understand Rule Taking Post Brexshit!(VIDEO)

  • UK ‘We’re now in the twilight of this long, Elizabethan reign (Time to get rid of this secret tyranny)(VIDEO)

  • USA Around 100 people arrested in Brooklyn Center as clashes between police and protesters intensify(VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland still suffers under the Crown's enslavement system and still expect to kiss the royal arses (A judicial and political system that is geared to serve HERR and only HERR while men not part of herr death cult lackeys get destroyed)

  • UK Old Phil's death: TV viewers switch off blanket coverage like North Korea (Old Lizzie getting a taste what it feels like when millions of men are robbed of their homes and children by her hand picked masonic judicial mafia)(VIDEO)

  • Global How safe is the vaccine?(Pulled from Youtube and re-uploaded)(VIDEO)

  • UK Cops lead topless protester away from Windsor Castle(to one of their psychiatric gulags?)

  • UK Westminster a den of corruption masquerading as lobbying

  • Australia What 'seemed like liberation' during the pandemic, will soon 'look like a prison'(VIDEO)

  • UK Al-Fayed: "Prince Philip is a gangster" (While the controlled gutter rags ooze platitudes about old dead Phil Al-Fayed has an alternative view. Anyone who has crossed paths with the royals know the repercussions and divorcing men face that MENACE every day in her crooked courts where her masonic henchmen rob men blind)(VIDEO)

  • UK Britain's deluded gutter rags claim "The country will come to a standstill on Saturday to mourn, remember and reflect on the life of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh" (What utter BULLSHIT as few Brits, bar the diehard royalist dimwits, give a toss about the royals and why none of their royalist Youtube video's EVER allow comment. The REACH rag owners with Prettejohn as chairman produce the left leaning Mirror and far right leaning Daily Express)

  • UK How far do the gutter rags 'REACH' into the psyche of Britain's dimwits who believe their propaganda?

  • UK While many Americans are on their knees Nasa gets to award $2.9bn moon contract to Elon Musk (American political mafia have their priorities ALL WRONG funding one of the richest men on earth. Joe Biden’s request to Congress, announced earlier this month, seeks $24.7bn for Nasa, an increase of 6.3% on the previous year, including $6.9bn for Artemis)

  • UK Gutter rag reports "Kate Middleton to use jewellery at Philip's funeral 'as a sign of loyalty to the Queen'" (It's so farcical you just couldn't make it up. Reminiscent of John Lennon's jibe that they rattle their jewellery after they performed)

  • USA Ghislaine Maxwell’s bid to dismiss charges that she recruited girls for her then boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, to sexually abuse are rejected

  • UK 'CRONYISM' FURY Matt Hancock accused of ‘cronyism’ after his sister’s firm was awarded £300,000 NHS contracts (more like corruption)

  • UK Russian model, 36, banned from every bar and nightclub in UK after attacking two police officers in booze-fuelled brawl (Irina Fedotova, 36, fought with Viktoria Goncharova and said she wanted to "destroy" her marriage)

  • UK Googlebox production team deliberately pick royalist commoners to suggest the rest of the country feels the same (They don't represent the majority of the population who dont act as royalist dimwits and kiss their enslavers arses)

  • UK BBC's endless deference and gushing praise for dead royal makes them look more like a North Korean broadcaster (The BBC is the mouthpiece for the British establishment and shows clearer when one of them dies)

  • USA The rich home owners demand the poor homeless get kicked out of Venice beach (The main reason for the massive rise in homelessness is the enormous inequality in America presently caused by the rich getting much richer while the poor get much poorer under their very warped capitalist system. Those rich business owners now demanding socialist handouts from government due to the pandemic (VIDEO)

  • UK While her judges are busy robbing men of their property there is NO SHORTAGE of machine guns protecting ALL her palaces(Dunblane ensured the public would be stripped of their right to bear arms to protect themselves from a ruthless tyranny going on inside her masonic sanctioned courts)(VIDEO)

  • Australian 60 mins gutter TV on their 'man hate' fest (Since the DV scams in Australian courts have been exposed they have been pumping out lawyer influenced propaganda. What used to be decent channel has been turned into a feminist tool) (VIDEO)

  • UK Eton groomed tory scumbag Boris Johnson doing his sucking up to the royal parasites and what Eton does to the dimwits who get all the key positions of power while claiming it's a democracy(VIDEO)

  • USA Footage released of fatal Chicago police shooting of teen 13(VIDEO)

  • UK Greensill: Lord Pickles calls for urgent reform after lobbying row (Lobbying=corruption)(VIDEO)

  • Senegal BBC travel to Africa to report positively on the homosexual agenda and being VICTIMS of HIV (Meanwhile heterosexual men continued to be shamed and smeared as abusers. Something devious and dangerous inside BBC propaganda. As far as the Buggering Boys Club are concerned homosexuals = good while heterosexual men = bad and heterosexual females are only ever viewed as victims of heterosexual men)(VIDEO)

  • UK More tory sleaze as tory scumbag Matt Hancock received shares in family shredding firm that won lucrative NHS contract

  • UK Royals power dress even in death(One of the major ploys of the royals is to spend vast fortunes on attire that separates them from the peasants and there is nothing humble about how they use their GARB to provide a facade of respectability, lawyers and judges use the same ploys to hide their vast criminal empires. A turd will always remain a turd even donning a clean shirt)

  • UK SNP scum ease Scottish lockdown just as elections are about to take place. COINCIDENCE???? (Covid a convenient political tool to sway dimwitted voters. The SNP are a devious and dangerous legal mafia determined to destroy men not part of the death cult that runs Scotland. Stripping divorcing men is the BIGGEST criminal racket in Scotland by far and makes ALL OTHER CRIME pale)

  • UK An 'HONEST' mistake a ploy used to justify corruption inside government (Tony Blair used it regularly to justify his warmongering with Bush)

  • UK Carer forged wills and starved man to death to inherit his estate

  • UK Brexshit behind eruption of violence in Northern Ireland

  • UK Cops preying on females who ALLEGE domestic abuse (DV allegations = HUGE divorce payouts that cops have financial gain from supporting allegations of DV. We have stated many times masonic cops are targeting divorcing women for the spoils of divorce)

  • Global A global legal mafia responsible for fathers having to deal with this shit (VIDEO)

  • UK How the disabled elderly are treated in tory run Britain (VIDEO)

  • UK SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon's election policies include funding of £100m to prevent violence against women. The hate crime legislation was criticised for not doing enough for women, the party says it will act swiftly if an expert group recommends a criminal offence of misogynistic harassment (Any man who votes for this EVIL WITCH needs their head looked at as SHE is a man hater who supports smearing, shaming and framing men so her judicial and lawyer pals have the excuses to rob men and their childrens futures blind. See Alex Salmond abuse inquiry as to how she operates)

  • UK SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon's main criteria is kissing the royal arses

  • UK Tory Sleaze Row Gathers Pace (VIDEO)

  • UK A sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester Jen Reid was abruptly removed by Bristol City Council who said no permission for its installation had been given, and it would be stored until the artist Marc Quinn who created it came to collect it (VIDEO)

  • USA Tsunami of new evictions across America(VIDEO)

  • USA The American DREAM on full display in Philadelphia (VIDEO)

  • USA Daunte Wright death: Female cop who shot black man charged with manslaughter (Any American cop who uses lethal force should face criminal charges and jail acting as executioners for the state. There are enough alternatives that no one should be murdered by cop and ONLY if it is to protect themselves from being killed)

  • UK Royal parasite uses former MI5 spy chief as her lackey (Sinister use of spies to prop up a vile regime who gather info on anyone they are about to fleece and why she is so fucking rich. See how her hand picked judges operate inside HERR majesty's courts)

  • UK Ex-football coach and sea cadet officer guilty of sex attacks on 10 boys (The homopaedo's lurking inside football)

  • USA Woman gave food to a homeless person, not knowing who he really was(VIDEO)

  • UK NHS trusts in London preparing to make Covid vaccinations compulsory for workers

  • UK There is sadly nothing in law to stop corporate bullying by companies like British Gas of their own staff to sign terms they don’t accept

  • UK Corruption and sleaze at the heart of the Conservative government (Rich coming from a Labour lawyer whose legal pals are robbing men blind)

  • UK How STUPID would Scots men need to be to put this SNP feminist lawyer witch back in charge?

  • USA Imagine a black man instead of a white woman, claiming to be a victim, talking like this to a cop and see what the outcome might be?(VIDEO)

  • UK Sex, Money, Boris Johnson and The Curious Case of Jennifer Arcuri (Like Prince Andrew NO cop force prepared to act on their crimes yet these are the nasty fuckers that turn men who argue with their wives into criminals that warrant thieving their lifes work and leaving them destitute)(VIDEO)

  • UK 'Dodgy Dave'? Tory scumbag Cameron and the Greensill Scandal (VIDEO)

  • UK Britain Loses The Plot Over Prince Philip's Death (Just like North Korea. They NEVER serve their country they only serve themselves and he was NOT born in Britain but was born in Greece and into Greek and Danish royal families)(VIDEO)

  • UK Prince Andrew Rolled Out On BBC After Philip's Death(VIDEO)

  • Global Judge Judy NAILS the father's role in the family(VIDEO)

  • UK A vote for the Scottish Green party is a vote for a homosexual agenda (Holyrood is stuffed full of feminists, lesbians, homosexuals and freemasons who all conspire to fuck heterosexual mens lives up who are not part of their sinister death cult. Devolution has done NOTHING for heterosexual men rather given more power to lawyers via SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon to make it MUCH easier to strip men bare. Dewar and lawyer and Blair and lawyer drew up Scottish devolution plans that is another layer of legalese and cushy jobs dominated by law society clones)

  • UK Scotland's royalist dimwits wont be able to swarm round the queen bee at Braemar for second year (Freemasons and crown lackeys en masse join in with this royalist bullshit fest)

  • UK The royals and their gutter press still promote them as WORKING for a living

  • South Korea to fight Japan's Fukushima 1 million tonnes of radioactive water dump decision in world tribunal

  • UK Man ‘armed with axe’ held at gunpoint by police outside Buckingham Palace (Are these THREATS real or manufactured to feign sympathy from their brainwashed dimwits?)

  • UK Blood clot reports could have ‘implications’ for use of Johnson and Johnson vaccine in UK

  • UK NOT COVID Quarter of virus deaths were not caused by Covid as official figures show deadly bug was not primary cause

  • UK The tory Eton scum backstabbing each other over their own corruption

  • UK A top civil servant joined financial firm Greensill Capital as an adviser while still working for the government

  • UK Lawyers implicated in the failure to ensure £186,000 goes to the family of pregnant nurse who died of Covid (They are getting away with murder with no oversight)

  • UK Royal parasites DELUDED that they work for a living

  • Global Marxist feminism is being massively funded by capitalist goverments despite their opposition (Biggest danger to men when feminism is being used to destroy men and their ability to retain what wealth they earn in a lifetime as the divorce courts redistribute mens hard earned wealth to those claiming to be victims and their legal enablers many who are feminist lawyers and masonic judges)

  • Global The damage done to kids when maliciously separated from their fathers(VIDEO)

  • Australia's gutter media fawn over old dead Phil (AWWWWWWWWWWWWW Freemasons control their output and their gender DV scams and the ONLY time heterosexual males are promoted as heroes because he was a royal parasite. Virtually EVERY gutter rag video on the royals WONT allow comment WE WONDER WHY !!!!!!!!!!)(VIDEO)

  • Japan Fukushima to release more than one million tonnes of radioactive water into sea

  • UK Greens say environmentalists owe debt to Prince Philip despite his love of blood sports (Hypocritical royals claim conservation as they go out on another shoot)

  • Global World's wealthiest 'at heart of climate problem' (Ring fencing the world's wealth for themselves aided by corrupt politicians and using vast energy resources for their own regular global jet setting)

  • UK Union fears over call centre firm's spying with 'home webcam plan'

  • UK The utter scum and filth employed as cops

  • UK 'Predator' cop faces the sack for 'trying it on' with four domestic abuse accusers (Cops targeting divorcing women who expect a huge divorce pay out)

  • UK Randy Andy uses fathers death as doorway back to public life (No police force has acted to question or charge the bastard)

  • UK What the fuck is UKHSA???????(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC receives record 100,000 complaints about wall-to-wall coverage of Prince Philip’s death (Ex Labour MP Chris Mullins hit out at the “North Korea style” tributes)

  • Global When vaccines were given to animals later when they got exposed to a virus in the wild they died(VIDEO)

  • UK GIANT sick bucket required from Britain's political mafia endlessly waffling and bullshit about those they serve and NOT the public who they ignore AT THEIR PERIL (VIDEO)

  • USA Shortage Of Everything Is Here! Americans Are Panicking As Prices Soaring At Grocery Stores(VIDEO)

  • USA NYC renter facing possible eviction: "I want people to know that this can happen to anybody"(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC newsman resigns live on air stating "It's now led by pygmies in grey suits wearing blindfolds"(VIDEO)

  • Global How many men globally are raising children that aren't theirs?(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC Finally Holding Tories To Account Over Brexshit?(VIDEO)

  • UK British Government Washing Its Hands of Northern Ireland Post Brexshit!(VIDEO)

  • UK How Brexshiteer Apathy To Northern Ireland Is Tearing The Union Apart!(VIDEO)

  • UK The security services and police are to face questions over whether they missed the chance to stop a convicted terrorist out on licence with an electronic tag who stabbed two people to death (Are law enforcement turning a blind eye to instigate terrorist attacks that act as a smokescreen for government tyranny?)

  • UK Prince Philip's Death Turns Britain Into North Korea (The BBC acting just like the Korean Central News Agency KCNA when reporting on the royals)(VIDEO)

  • UK TV coverage of Old Phil's passing from the BBC made me think I might actually be living in a dictatorship

  • UK BBC viewers more interested in Masterchef than their royalist bullshit about old Phil's obituary

  • UK Harmsworth's filthy stinking royalist fascist GUTTER rag claims "Real men like Prince Philip are rare as hen's teeth these days... because the modern world despises them" (Meanwhile heterosexual men are smeared constantly in their rags that seldom see them as heroes unless they are the royals, their lackeys or murder for the state)

  • UK Tory SCUM claim almost £3m in housing rent on expenses at same time as they freeze housing allowance

  • UK More Murdoch gutter rag lies that "Prince Philip tributes demonstrate the deep affection the nation held for him" (What UTTER bullshit)

  • UK Harmsworth's royalist GUTTER rag claims Old Phil was hailed as a god (The lunatics at the DM are running the asylum)

  • UK Stomach churning bullshit from Harmsworth's royalist gutter rag about Old Phil (A life of such intensity and length it takes Shakespeare to sum it up)

  • UK ‘Prince Philip’s death is the end of an era. What is the future for the royals?’ (Time for the rest of the sponging royals to FUCK OFF)

  • UK The dirty deeds of former tory scum PM's(The political mafia in Britain are corrupt as fuck and the system lets them get away with the corruption)

  • USA Plandemic? DR JUDY A MIKOVITS exposing medical corruption or disinformation? (Is she being smeared and framed by the state?)

  • UK Downing Street rewrote ‘independent’ report on race, experts claim

  • USA Scorned LAPD Female Detective Murdered Her Ex-Boyfriend's Wife – and Got Away With It for Decades (How many cops globally have murdered and got away with it thanks to their position inside law enforcement and also protected by the masonic death cult they are mostly part of?)

  • UK Former lecturer Chris Green behind feminist White Ribbon

  • UK Old dead Phil leaves royals in even more crisis, divided and mired in controversy (We know just how deep the royals are mired in vile persecution and abuse that their gutter rags hide from the public. HOW DO WE KNOW? We just happen to be some of their victims that survived the persecution)

  • UK Scotland's sell out political and legal royalist lackeys claim old dead Phil is 'a remarkable man' (Never have so many masonic dimwits knelt to kiss the royal arse like there is in Scotland)

  • USA All living USA presidents bow to the royals in death (Exposes the masonic brotherhood and their controllers)

  • UK Within six hours of old Phil’s death being announced the BBC had received so many complaints about its wall-to-wall coverage of the news that it opened a dedicated complaints form on its website (A deeper question over the ability of a national broadcaster to force the country together to mourn a single individual in an era where audiences are fragmented and less deferential. BBC's endless deference to a rogue mafia)

  • USA Homeless encampment Venice Beach cleaning starts temporary housing in parking lot(VIDEO)

  • The DISHonours System (Adverse publicity surrounding the award of honours to people who had also made donations to political parties)

  • UK Boris Johnson Announces Vaccine Passports For Major Events (VIDEO)

  • UK Are these the 30 people who will attend Prince Philip's funeral? Royals face dilemma over who to invite because of Covid rules with Boris Johnson likely to join senior members of family for service

  • UK Harmsworth's OTT gutter rag on Old Phil oozing 'The legacy he leaves is enormous' (OF WHAT EXACTLY? living a life of VAST opulence and swanning around the globe at tax payers expense claiming its WORK)

  • UK Is Brexshit Mess Driving More People To Support A United Ireland? (VIDEO)

  • UK "Brexshit Drove Me Out Of Britain" - EU Nationals Leave UK!(VIDEO)

  • USA Oakland Landlords Send Hundreds of Eviction Notices Despite City's Eviction Moratorium (VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist mouthpiece Jess Phillips targeted because of her views on issues relating to women’s rights and gendered violence man was sentenced to two years in prison

  • Spain "I Voted For Brexshit Now It Is Harming Me And My Wife!" - Retiree In Spain(VIDEO)

  • UK United Ireland Is "Cloud Cuckoo Land" DUP Gregory Campbell!(VIDEO)

  • UK Mark Master Masons of London (How London's masonic couriers corruptly remove £billions to offshore accounts for and on behalf of the royal mafia. They have NO intention of closing the Crown's offshore tax dodging as long as it feeds the royal parasites VAST empire)

  • Global Freemasons: The silent destroyers - deist religious cult based on the Knights Templar

  • Global Freemasonry, Feminism and Divorce (A direct connection as to how feminism is used by freemasons to conjure up divorce laws that bleed non cult men dry)

  • UK Dulwich college and freemasonry in public[private] schools (Most public schools have a masonic Lodge for their old boys and Dulwich College is no exception)

  • UK Feminists taking over the Holyrood mafia (An even bigger danger to men when this lot get some power)

  • USA Landlords struggle with New York's eviction moratorium (VIDEO)

  • UK Wall to wall royal propaganda as old Phil bites the dust

  • UK Gushing praise in the gutter rags for old dead Phil(VIDEO)

  • UK Old Phil funeral set for next Saturday (Maximum 30 at the church????????? OR one law for the elite and another for the peasants?)

  • UK A rare occasion when the BBC has high praise for a heterosexual male BUT only cos he's a fucking royal

  • USA Retail Apocalypse: $100 Billion In Losses Trigger New Wave Of Bankruptcies and Mass Store Closures (VIDEO)

  • UK NWO chants at Trafalgar Square protest(VIDEO)

  • USA Evictions Are On Hold, But What Happens When Rent Is Eventually Due? (VIDEO)

  • UK Governments rant about protecting women from all us bad men while screwing them for £billions (Pointing the finger away from their crimes against women)

  • UK Endless pathetic trivia conjured up by Britain's gutter rags to promote the royal parasite (Harmsworth's other gutter rag the Metro)

  • Australia and the Philippines limited use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, while the Africa Union dropped plans to buy the shot, dealing further blows to the company’s hopes to deliver a vaccine for the world

  • Global AstraZeneca vaccine scientists set for £22m payday in New York float

  • UK Head of police force criticised over Bristol protests to step down (Unrest following kill the bill protests in Bristol in recent weeks led to claims that policing had been too aggressive)

  • UK More BBC man smearing using disabled

  • UK Royal establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan claims members of the Royal family were delighted someone was standing up for them (What he says about the expelled royals he wouldn't get away with saying about the Queen, Charlie and William)

  • Global Feminist Therapy: Can Hatred Be Healing(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC report of feminist leaning man smear campaign view of the Easter bank holiday weekend (Subtle, devious and dangerous use of public money, much of it coming from heterosexual men who are being endlessly smeared by the BBC mafia)

  • UK In 2012 the BBC were told to push a homosexual agenda on kids programs (Who are the LGB lesbian, gay and bisexual experts?)

  • UK BBC report "In 2010 nearly one in five people are unhappy about the depiction of gay, lesbian and bisexual people on TV and radio"

  • UK The most dangerous feminist lawyer in Britain doesn't seem to like cooperating with men (Her plans are to give women ever more power and remove men from any positions of power)

  • UK Loyal Bank of Scotland customers were now being "exploited" to steal their homes in old age (A £19,500 loan in 1997 is now expected to be cost more than £200,000 to repay. If there is any better example that shows how property BUYING is a racket that only enriches banks and the legal mafia who use enormous legal bills to thieve homes especially during divorce)

  • Spain Investigation into death of a woman vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Tenerife

  • Global Illusion of a Multi Media that speaks with same forked tongue(VIDEO)

  • USA Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan gets platform in America to bad mouth expelled royals (Found it “impossible to believe” the Duchess had not been given help when she said she had thoughts of suicide. Stating "You're accusing people in the palace of being unspeakably cruel simply to protect the brand of the Royal family")

  • UK How Queen Elizabeth's Cousins Secretly Lived in a Psychiatric Hospital (Locked up and neglected. Only one example as to how psychiatric gulags are being used to lock away the royals misfits and royal dissenters)

  • USA Derek Chauvin ‘absolutely’ violated cop policies when he knelt on George Floyd’s neck for over 9mins, police chief says

  • USA How was Derek Chauvin’s jury chosen?(Will the jury consist of former or retired cops?)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan slams 'stand-in weather guy' Alex Beresford for 'pre-meditated' Meghan Markle attack that cost him his Good Morning Britain job and how Susanna Reid's reaction 'disappointed' him in bombshell TV interview (Johnny no mates upset those he thought were his friends deserted him)

  • USA Venice Beach Homeless Crisis | New Update(VIDEO)

  • France French cops throw down handcuffs refusing to arrest anyone breaking lockdown rules(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshit Reality: more costs and more delays as jobs and investment leave the UK (VIDEO)

  • UK Covid passports: Plans criticised by MPs amid fears of 'two-tier Britain'

  • UK BBC report on new mothers having mental health issues (But DON'T mention when those mothers facing mental health disorders turn to the legal mafia for help they are pushed down the divorce road with doctors prepared to LIE [with legal aid backhanders] to allow them all to fleece the family silver. Post partum depression is more common than they want to admit as it is a goldmine for family theft)

  • UK Labour lawyer leader Starmer forced to apologise for visiting a church that is against the homosexual agenda

  • Global International Conference on Men's Issues Recap from 2019(VIDEO)

  • USA Favoring the rich | Major US companies dodge 2020 taxes while small businesses go bus(VIDEO)

  • USA Brace Your Self For A Catastrophic Housing Crash: Bubble Explodes and Inventory Fall Like Never Before(VIDEO)

  • Global The Decline of Feminism and the Manspreading Chair(VIDEO)

  • Australian TV ramping up hysteria over feminist leaning perspective of DV as if females are immune from committing violence and abusing their male partners(This vicious prejudice and propaganda stirred up by a media controlled by the terrorists at the global law society) (VIDEO)

  • UK The obnoxious bitches that judges, feminists, Womens Aid and Refuge would back to the hilt (So much for the DV slingers about all us bad men when she forced a plane to turn back to kick her off)(VIDEO)

  • UK EVERY pub-goer must check-in with NHS Covid app from April 12 under new rules to go for a pint (Sinister 1984 type monitoring movements)

  • UK Homopaedo Sea Cadet commander accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys was introduced to dignitaries and royals

  • UK The frivolous shite Harmsworth's gutter rag pumps out about the royal parasites

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon wants to scrap 'not proven verdict' to get more men jailed for 'false' allegations of rape and sexual abuse(This dangerous witch continues to undermine men's rights in Scotland to the point she wants men to have 'no defence' against the endless false claims that go on in masonic controlled courts. Anything to swing females to vote for her after the endless lies, deceit and secrecy that have gone on throughout the Salmond inquiry )

  • UK Covid passport trials to begin this month (Enforced vaccines being imposed on the population against their will and despite potentially dangerous side effects. For anyone who believes the tory scum have men's best interests at heart one look at the long trail of the dead they have created through persecution of divorcing men and men claiming welfare is enough evidence to show they give NOT A FUCK about the welfare of men with the streets awash with the men that survived the suicidal tendencies triggered by their psychological and financial torture)(VIDEO)

  • UK Only women and homosexuals get the sympathy of the BBC mafia during pandemic (For anyone unaware of the BBC agenda it is becoming abundantly clear they give not a fucking jot for the interests of heterosexual men, many on the streets after major divorce trauma and NOT because of drugs or addiction as they always claim as a distraction from judicial tyranny)

  • USA TOP 10 AMERICAN SLUMS - Exploring ghettos in the USA(VIDEO)

  • USA INJUSTICE: American Prisoner Compares Norway's Prisons to Our Criminal Justice Prison System(VIDEO)

  • UK Neil Oliver: The SNP is not about freedom of speech, it’s about silencing freedom of speech (What we have been exposing for a LONG time the lawyer run SNP want to silence their critics) (VIDEO)

  • UK Fraud cops probe SNP over £600,000 of indyref 2 funds after claims cash was 'diverted'

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon playing the feminist card again over rape convictions (She fails to look at her own party members where abuse is rife)

  • UK The royals open warfare spill on to their gutter rags

  • UK Brexshit Is A Threat To Peace In Northern Ireland - Loyalists Vent Anger Over NI Protocol!(VIDEO)

  • UK End of Protests in Britain? The Controversial 'Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill'(VIDEO)

  • UK Kill the Bill: Arrests at protests as anger mounts over policing bill(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson’s four-year affair with Jennifer Arcuri poses many questions about his conduct and character, his honesty and integrity.

  • UK 'It's a mystery how bare-faced Boris Johnson keeps getting away with everything' (If Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister gave £100,000 of public money to a woman he’d had affair with, or had same shameful track record with UK Covid deaths, would media be so forgiving?)

  • UK MI6 proud of its transgender stance with flag (A homo / tranny leaning secret service used to spy on 'heterosexual' men's private data and used to destroy them in family courts. They are also heavily employed in social work dept's)

  • UK Labour lawyer leader Keir Starmer says Labour will get tough on crime (TOUGH but only if its heterosexual men much of it manufactured by crooked lawyers and with absolute leniency towards females, lesbians and homosexuals who could murder and still walk free)

  • UK Kill the Bill: Riot police charge at Bristol protesters and use dogs to clear crowds

  • Global DR CREEP - PANDEMIC (From 2013 lyrics gave advance notice)(VIDEO)

  • USA America's Debt Problem: How the Richest Nation Became the Most Indebted? (If there is so much debt why can NASA get $billions to spend on frivolous space trips to Mars?)(VIDEO)

  • UK Brits ‘forced to live with vaccine passport for less than a year’ as Boris Johnson sets ‘time limit’ to calm Tory revolt (Enforced vaccines required to live a normal life)

  • UK Tory scum enforcing vaccine passports on the population despite evidence of variants continually mutating (Vaccines will not protect against an ever increasing variant strain of a virus)

  • UK Boris Johnson among top Tories savaged in 'The Thick Of It', new book by PM's former deputy Sir Alan Duncan (Tory thug Priti Patel is "a nothing person, a complete and utter nightmare" who studied at Essex University and was "abysmal beyond measure" as a student. What we have been stating for some time and now backed up by the tory scum themselves)

  • UK Harmsworth's gutter rag still attacking Corbyn quoting a Starmer backer (Labour is a shambles of its former self and now an Israeli supporting right wing mafia controlled by the law society terrorists)

  • UK Hundreds defy police warnings to attend Kill the Bill protests across England (Fascism creeping into all areas of Britain under tory thug rule and MASONIC cops dictating when and where people can protest if at all)

  • UK Hand picked googlebox lackeys being used as a political tool to spout support for royals and their henchmen amd smear anyone who dares challenge them

  • UK BBC endlessly report on women suffering from Covid (Seems men don't matter at the feminist BBC)

  • UK Labour's lawyer leader Keir Starmer Hires A Former Israeli Intelligence Officer (Starmer hires Mossad spy?)(VIDEO)

  • Global Feminists celebrate their hatred of men

  • Global Feminism the Hate Group

  • UK BBC use Amy Whinehouse one-off documentary to push 'new female-driven' interpretation of her life and highlighting her influence on the next generation of female singer-songwriters (EVERYTHING the BBC now do is to push a feminist agenda in every program they make)

  • USA Panic Buying Sweep Across US As Catastrophic Shortages Are Collapsing Supply Chains(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory Corruption Exposed Following Business Collapse! (VIDEO)

  • USA AMERICAN DECLINE - The Fall Of A Superpower(VIDEO)

  • UK What Happened To The UK's Oil Wealth? (While other countries people thrived when oil was found only the elite few got rich on North Sea oil)(VIDEO)

  • UK Feminists dont mention the Bet365 boss who paid herself £469m this year (more than the bosses of every FTSE 100 company combined)

  • UK Crime victims(females) to be told when perpetrators leave prison (The law is now being tipped ever more in favour of the feminist perspective as if men alone commit criminal acts that is outrageous as even their gutter rags regularly report on how evil females can be but never taken account when new laws are being created to give more powers to women while undermining mens rights endlessly)

  • UK The scum and filth employed as met cops(How bad cops are protected by the laws they use against innocent men)

  • Spain Brexshit Deportations Beginning Next Month(VIDEO)

  • Spain British expats 'in tears' as Spain to deport 500 under new rules ‘Dream over' (DUH!!!!!!Fellow returning expat Shaun Cromber voted Leave but said he did not believe Brexshit would end his Spanish lifestyle)

  • UK Boris Johnson’s most senior black aide ‘quits amid backlash over racism report’

  • UK Met cop found guilty of neo-Nazi membership

  • USA Prince Andrew's sex accuser Virginia Giuffre could testify about him at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial - as the photo showing the Duke of York with his arm around her is requested by lawyers (While innocent men are being robbed blind by HERR majesty's hand picked judicial mafia over arguments with ex wives her SON remains free from any charges over allegations of the rape of a trafficked minor and why the 'RULE OF LAW' in Britain is a fucking joke)

  • UK Boris Johnson faces calls to “urgently reassure” the public that Jennifer Arcuri did not receive special treatment (£100k+) in the awarding of public money as a result of their affair

  • UK Candidate for Salmond's new party sorry after calling Nicola Sturgeon 'a cow' (The biggest understatement of the year)

  • UK Sarah Everard vigil organiser says rabid feminists are ‘silenced and belittled’ after report clears Met of ‘heavy-handed’ policing (Silenced? and Belittled? when they drag their unfortunate ex-husbands into divorce courts they can shout as loud as they want about how they allege mistreatment with a judiciary bending over backwards to accommodate their lies and deceit while ex husbands are silenced and belittled while they are being robbed)

  • UK Homopaedo footballer, 74, who sexually abused 11-year-old youth player after training and matches while they played for same club in 1970s is jailed for five years

  • UK Tory scum have used pandemic to shut down protests against their tyranny

  • USA L.A. Closing down Echo Park homeless encampment for renovations Closed off (America's capitalist ideology has FAILED MASSIVELY. Those who believed in it now demand government handouts over the pandemic lockdowns)(VIDEO)

  • UK's masonic mafia masquerading as thug cops feed lies to gutter rags about protests(VIDEO)

  • UK 10 years for stealing a mobile phone (The 'toxic' legacy of sentences without end while women can kill their husbands and walk away and exposes the extreme gender bias by Britain's judicial mafia)

  • Bank Meltdown Coming To America And Will Lead To An Apocalyptic End Game VIDEO
    Britain's gutter rags in denial as to how they function as a royalist arm of the state VIDEO
    'Challenging' and 'disruptive': Susanna Reid addresses Piers Morgan's GMB exit VIDEO

    Establishment mouthpiece who selectively attacked anyone who challenged the royal parasites or their freemason lackeys under the orders of their loyal lord lieutenant and freemason godfather the Dukey Kent. While smearing covid breakers he swans off for two weeks holiday to Antigua at Christmas. ONE law for them and another for the peasants.Long overdue the boot as he uses his broadcast status to bully and intimidate anyone who has an alternative view

  • Even the GMB staff complained about Piers Morgan's Meghan comments (When the media mock anyone who openly admits mental health issues including suicide there is no room for their crass comments while so many around the UK and world struggle with those issues due to lockdowns)
    Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford Clash Over Prince Harry and Meghan’s Accusations of Racism VIDEO
    The British Media Is Institutionally Racist VIDEO
    Time To Abolish The Monarchy VIDEO
    Homeless in Venice Beach - No place should look like this VIDEO
    Edward Snowden 2021 This Is Really Happening! VIDEO
    Three Ways The United States Could Collapse Into Chaos VIDEO
    Lawyer Biden's New World Order VIDEO
    Masonic Takeover of the World VIDEO
    Royal parasites hoarded wealth VIDEO
    British gutter rags do hatchet job on banished royals exposing their agenda

    They would be jailed for daring to do the same to the queen

  • ROYAL RIFT Meghan Markle & Prince Harry biographer Omid Scobie claims bullying probe ‘unfair’ after ‘silence’ on Prince Andrew
  • Meghan ‘blamed Kate and Camilla for leaking stories to the press about her’ (Royal scum at their best)
  • Non disclosure agreements go right out the window when the royals want to smear and frame those who dont knuckle under their mafia
  • Commercial Real Estate Catastrophe: Property Value Dropping By 60% As Business Face Foreclosure VIDEO
    SNP Scotland's Nasty Party under feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon

    Scotland finally gets a lesson in what the SNP stands for under the vile leadership of a bitch who made life unbearable for the men destroyed in divorce courts thanks to her monstrous anti male legalese. Lying devious bastard now caught out as a lying devious bastard. Feminists along with the homosexuals, lesbians and freemasons that are embedded in Holyrood are a dangerous bunch of evil bastards masquerading as some sort of force for good and responsible for the many male suicides that get downplayed by their partners in crime the gutter rags.
    How the media manipulate telling endless lies VIDEO
    Royals at war and smear tactics start again
    Tory scum give feminist agenda £19,000,000 to smear men

    These tory bastards have robbed women about to retire of billions and any women on Universal Credit have also been fleeced yet they give this dubious sum to those pushing the feminist agenda that lines the pockets of the Crown, legal mafia and golddiggers as men are smeared framed and robbed of all their worldly positions. THEY DO NOT look after women as they suggest just use them to have an excuse to persecute men unaware of what is actually going on inside divorce courts run by freemasons.

  • Tory thug Priti Patel reaches £340,000 settlement with ex-Home Office chief Philip Rutnam who she bullied out of his job) (This is the same hypocrtical bullying bastards who just used £19million of public money on DV bullshit by claiming to protect women from all us bad men)
  • £19 million for feminist DV bullshit while cutting the wages of NHS nurses coping with pandemic (The scumbag tory's claim to protect women against all us bad men while using them as slave labour)
  • Millions of women will lose £38,000 from pensions under tory plans to raise retirement age to 66 (Claims they have robbed £30billion more like £50billion)
  • Long trail of the tory dead MANY who are women fleeced of the pittance in welfare that cost them their lives
  • Holyrood Inquiry: Calls for Nicola Sturgeon to quit over Alex Salmond revelations VIDEO

    Dangerous and devious bastard is this feminist lawyer now being exposed

  • Sturgeon's 'litany of lies' is 'too much for her to survive'
  • Feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims total ignorance of THIRTY harassment complaints about five other SNP ministers (Here is a political mafia claiming to protect women with extremely gender biased domestic violence legislation while they themselves are embroiled in harassment claims against women)
  • Sturgeon to give evidence to Holyrood on Salmond inquiry amid calls to resign (Legal witch finally gets caught with her lying devious ploys just like her legal buddies use in Scotland's draconian divorce courts racking up millions from their lies)
  • Feminist lawyer witch Nicola Sturgeon fighting for political life amid Alex Salmond inquiry

    You can't get much more kranky than this SNP feminist lawyer witch

    Lawyer run SNP government funded feminist charity bragged about the WORLD'S NEW GOLD STANDARD for framing men

  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • Creepy lawyers, lesbians and homosexuals dictating anti- heterosexual male laws in Scotland
  • Scotland's vile domestic abuse laws and the untold damage they can cause (VIDEO)
  • Eviction Moratorium Ruled Unconstitutional, Largest Tsunami Of Evictions In U.S. History Incoming VIDEO
    We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities VIDEO
    COVID-tracking bracelets given out at Tel Aviv airport VIDEO
    Labour lawyer Starmer's critics become increasingly vocal

    Like lawyer Blair he does NOT speak on behalf of the working classes he is part of the British establishment and a lackey for the law society terrorists

  • Labour lawyer Starmer was party to the cover up of Jimmy Savile's crimes while head of Public Prosecutions when the Crown Prosecution Service claimed there was insufficient evidence to proceed
  • Labour lawyer Starmer led the CPS when it did not charge Jimmy Savile, although he wasn’t the reviewing lawyer (While divorcing men face ruin if they argue with their ex wives evil bastards like Savile were getting away with murder thanks to the very warped prejudice the Crown operates under with scum like Starmer at the head of the twisted snake)
  • Labour lawyer Starmer as head of the CPS used ‘insufficient evidence’ constantly to ignore serious crimes (Meanwhile promoting DV scams that see innocent men destroyed during divorce and losing everything over malicious smear campaigns that Starmer promotes)
  • What is Happening to California Restaurants? VIDEO
    Who is the cause of poverty in black America VIDEO

    There is quite a lot wrong and missing from the views in this video.

    1. When it comes to employment there is still a massive prejudice in who will be selected for all the GOOD well paid jobs.

    2. No mention of how corrupt the legal system is worldwide and no matter how hard any man works the system is geared to steal it all back if there is a breakdown in a relationship. Now with Covid and jobs becoming scarce black men will go back to the end of the queue.
    Making House Calls to Homeless People in Venice Beach VIDEO
    Is federal tax illegal? VIDEO
    Royal parasite claims anyone not taking Covid jab is selfish VIDEO

  • Prince Philip, 99, now in longest ever hospital stay as he fights infection (After he gets vaccine jab in January. Coincidence?)
  • Gutter rags report Prince Philip received vaccination on 9 January 2021
  • Prince Philip transferred to second hospital for heart condition tests
  • A man who was inside Chernobyl reactor VIDEO
    Credit agencies exposed as a major cause of homelessness, race bias and selling data

  • CREDIT BOOST Almost every adult in England and Wales could receive ‘£750 share of £34BILLION claim against Experian’ (These fuckers are the utter scum of the earth and a major reason why so many across the globe are homeless and now EVERONE except the ultra rich are in debt and behind in their payments thanks to lockdowns so very few have good credit or how scum like Experian judge them)
  • Biden May Move to Fire the Big three Credit Bureaus to Minimize Racial Bias (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, the three credit reporting bureaus who are a major cause of mass homelessness in America and now most people have bad credit NO ONE will be able to get a home or loan thanks to lockdowns)
  • Now That Universal Basic Income Checks Have Started, The Americans Will Go Mad If They Dont Continue VIDEO

  • Coronavirus: Biden's $1.9tn Covid relief bill passes House vote (America's capitalist dream has collapsed and now propped up with socialist handouts. The dream is a nightmare for the millions now finding themselves on the streets like so many before. Capitalism NEVER works only ensures vast inequality and a break down in society when its run like a dog eat dog)
  • SNP and Sturgeon get their FUCKING day

    SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon has been the WORST First Minister in Scotland who has caused enormous harm to divorcing men with her lawyer driven domestic violence scams to access millions in legal aid.

  • The end is nigh for the SNP toxic feminist lawyer troll Sturgeon (Lawyer liar Sturgeon responsible for the most diabolical legislation against innocent divorcing men is about to face the boot. Where malicious lies and smearing allows her fucking scumbag buddies to rob men en masse with her help)
  • Prince Philip in hospital weeks after vaccine jab. Coincidence?

  • Prince Philip, 99, now in longest ever hospital stay as he fights infection (After he gets vaccine jab in January. Coincidence?)
  • Prince Philip transferred to second hospital for heart condition tests
  • Gutter rags report Prince Philip received vaccination on 9 January 2021
  • How Jeffery Epstein Made His Billions VIDEO
    Salmond accuses lawyer liar Sturgeon of lying at Holyrood committee VIDEO

    When will Scotland waken up to the wicked witch at the heart of fucking up heterosexual mens lives? We have been warning them for long enough as VICTIMS of Scotland's corrupt legal mafia that Sturgeon is the mouthpiece for.

  • Alex Salmond to twist the knife again: Devastating blow for Sturgeon as ex-First Minister prepares to reveal new evidence that she misled Scottish parliament (The ugly festering bastard scab that is the SNP)
  • Old-School Italian Restaurant Owner Tells All! (lockdowns, nostalgia, struggles, hope) VIDEO
    The Holyrood lunatic asylum at each others throats

    Feminists, lesbians, homosexuals, lawyers and freemasons in open warfare at the lunatic asylum called Holyrood.

  • Salmond tells of a 'malicious plan' against him
  • Salmond says there is 'no doubt' Nicola Sturgeon broke ministerial code
  • Alex Salmond to testify at Holyrood over claims of conspiracy against him
  • Written Submission from Alex Salmond to Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints (Redacted)
  • Protesters rally in Melbourne against vaccine passport VIDEO
    8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Million Behind On Rent VIDEO
    The SNP tinpot dictatorship exposed
    USA: Homeless Students in California VIDEO
    Woman, 36, admits to wearing fake baby bump to dupe former lover

  • Ten Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to New York City VIDEO
    Legal and political mafia cover ups the NORM in Scotland

  • Salmond inquiry exposes the none to cosy relationship between the political and legal mafia's ruling Scotland with an iron fist(Heterosexual men pay a heavy price for being smeared, framed and thieved from in masonic death cult run courts dominated by CORRUPTION)
  • Salmond pulls out of Holyrood inquiry after evidence censored (The extreme backstabbing inside the SNP with former leader Salmond and present leader Sturgeon at each others throats. We have NEVER trusted these bastards in how they have turned a blind eye to the massive injustice going on inside masonic death cult run corrupt courts against heterosexual men despite getting loads of evidence that has been totally ignored and in fact much worse now under a feminist lawyer)
  • This sleaze and scandal within the SNP has now undermined everything that's going on in Holyrood (The Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, was appointed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and is both the head of the Crown Office and the Scottish government's chief legal advisor. Any man facing the nepotism and MASSIVE conflicts of interest in Scottish courts knows that directly relates to the massive corruption stripping men bare thanks those serious conflicts of interest)
  • Salmond abuse inquiry exposes how the legal mafia can control the political mafia (Shocking conflicts of interest are rife with the crooks running the courts)
  • The Alex Salmond inquiry and the political stink at Holyrood
  • Why San Francisco Is SO BAD Now VIDEO
    SNP scum implode with bombshell claims

    We have been warning long before any other outlet about the SNP's malicious agenda and none more clearly than the exposures coming out over Salmond abuse inquiry. The Holyrood mafia consists of feminist lawyers, homosexuals, lesbians and freemasons conspiring to fuck mens lives up in masonic run courts

  • The Crown Office has warned the Scottish parliament it has “grave concerns” about the publication of new claims by Alex Salmond that there was a “malicious and concerted” attempt by former colleagues to banish him from public life (Just like they do with divorcing men in Scottish courts supported by feminist lawyer Sturgeon's draconian divorce legislation)
  • Neil Oliver claims SNP have 'made a fool of Scotland' in furious attack

  • Neil Oliver claims SNP have 'made a fool of Scotland' in furious attack (Finally the gutter rags are turning on the SNP after spending decades propping them up. We have been the only outlet that has been consistently exposing the hypocrisy of the SNP mafia and the pending threat to heterosexual men across Scotland from their abysmal legislation attacking men at every turn)
  • SNP expert: Divided party needs time in opposition 'to sort itself out' (An SNP mask that hides extreme feminist malicious intent especially against heterosexual men being destroyed by the masonic death cult's political and legal SCUM dominating Scotland)
  • SNP's lesbian feminist lawyer Joanna Cherry 'takes legal action' against actor in 'disproportionate' move
  • How Scottish lawyers terrorize anyone who dares challenge their club (Ask any man facing divorce in Scotland the degree to which these threats and intimidation cause serious mental health problems leading to suicide)
  • Holyrood hardly dares to breathe as Salmond faces final showdown
  • SNP 'sleaze' over Salmond affair as complainants are pawns
  • SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon accused of using FALL guys to get her off the hook in the Salmond abuse inquiry
  • Extreme lunatic feminists want protected from their exposure by new laws while they can continue to rage in their male hate campaigns (Scotland will no longer be a safe place for heterosexual men as the feminist mafia want total control of policies that see men stripped bare to satisfy the greed of the feminists making themselves and their crooked legal pals millionaires overnight thanks to draconian divorce laws)
  • London is a Ghost Town 2021 VIDEO
    Singapore After Dark: Homelessness in The City VIDEO
    Spying on India's Scammers 1 of 4 VIDEO

  • Spying on India's Scammers 2 0f 4 (VIDEO)
  • Spying on India's Scammers 3 0f 4 (VIDEO)
  • Spying on India's Scammers 4 0f 4(VIDEO)
  • Biden Sells Missiles to Fascists and US Base Destroys Ancient Coral Reef VIDEO
    The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Is Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The United States VIDEO

  • Texas power grid CEO explains what went wrong (VIDEO)
  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz apologises over trip to Mexico during weather crisis(VIDEO)
  • Here are the cities Americans are abandoning the most VIDEO
    "As soon as you turn it on, is not yours anymore" VIDEO
    Ten Things I Hate About India! VIDEO
    “You can't buy food, you will become a non-person” VIDEO
    Homeless encampment spread to Venice Beach new skid Row VIDEO
    Why I left the U.S. and moved to Eastern Europe VIDEO
    Fiona Barnett - Candy Girl Documentary VIP elite paedo ring (Part 1 of 2) VIDEO

  • Fiona Barnett - Candy Girl Documentary VIP elite paedo ring (Part 2 of 2) (VIDEO)
  • NASA get to spend $2.7 billion on more Mars Space junk

  • Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot heads for daunting landing
  • NASA expects to spend approximately $2.7 billion on the Perseverance rover landing on Mars today (There is something seriously wrong with America's political mafia who sanction so much money for space junk while its people rot on the streets in mass homelessness)

  • Meanwhile back in America
    Homopaedo's running Scottish care homes

  • Homopaedo's operated with impunity inside Scottish CARE? homes
  • Fife Christian Brothers trial – GUILTY Homopaedo's Paul Kelly and John Farrell both taught at St Ninian’s (Shamed teacher jailed for abusing pupils at a former school for troubled boys in 2016)
  • Ten Most Secret Societies Who Run The World VIDEO
    Major probe into why evil Scots woman who kept toddler in cage was allowed to look after kids

  • Claire Boyle had previous convictions including trying to sell a baby for £1million
  • The Secret Society of the World's Most Exclusive Law School VIDEO
    Survival Lessons for the Homeless VIDEO

    No mental illness, no addiction just ONE pay check away from losing EVERYTHING
    Royal parasites continue to get away with murder

  • Queen gets tax bill on shooting activities at Balmoral estate slashed to lower than local businesses
  • Why Homelessness is Growing in California VIDEO
    Academic Feminism from the Inside VIDEO
    Ten Most Secret Societies Who Run The World VIDEO
    THE AMERICAN DREAM IS OVER! Google Street View shows Los Angeles is becoming a slum! VIDEO

  • Royals shamelessly USE their sprogs as next layer of parasitic promotion as old brand dies off

    Football seems more important to the gutter rags than reporting on cop jailed for murder in USA.
    The feminist GAYrdian doesn't even cover the fact because it was a man who was murdered.

    North Korea would be proud of the gutter rags OTT coverage of an establishment death

    Royal deaths: When the dimwitted enslaved show deference to their enslavers

    As ever with the UK's gutter rags it is OTT coverage of anything royal

  • More Murdoch gutter rag lies that "Prince Philip tributes demonstrate the deep affection the nation held for him" (What UTTER bullshit)

    Gutter rags totally controlled by a ROYALIST masonic death cult. An illusion that claims the royals are loved in Britain when they are HATED as more people waken up to their tyranny. See how Princess Diana, Harry's mother was treated to understand how that works, he now faces similar expulsion and a gutter press who like rottweillers are smearing and framing him and his wife. See divorcing men as to how that works while they are robbed.

  • Prince Philip, 99, now in longest ever hospital stay as he fights infection (After he gets vaccine jab in January. Coincidence?)
  • Gutter rags report Prince Philip received vaccination on 9 January 2021
  • Within six hours of old Phil’s death being announced the BBC had received so many complaints about its wall-to-wall coverage of the news that it opened a dedicated complaints form on its website (A deeper question over the ability of a national broadcaster to force the country together to mourn a single individual in an era where audiences are fragmented and less deferential)
  • Old dead Phil leaves royals in even more crisis, divided and mired in controversy (We know just how deep the royals are mired in vile persecution and abuse that their gutter rags hide from the public. HOW DO WE KNOW? We just happen to be some of their victims that survived the persecution)
  • Harmsworth's OTT gutter rag on Old Phil oozing 'The legacy he leaves is enormous' (OF WHAT EXACTLY? living a life of VAST opulence and swanning around the globe at tax payers expense claiming its WORK)
  • Illusion of a Multi Media that speaks with same forked tongue(VIDEO)

  • Within six hours of old Phil’s death being announced the BBC had received so many complaints about its wall-to-wall coverage of the news that it opened a dedicated complaints form on its website (A deeper question over the ability of a national broadcaster to force the country together to mourn a single individual in an era where audiences are fragmented and less deferential)