• UK MP exposes Britain's evil right wing gutter rags(VIDEO)

  • Philippines Dutch national found dead in Southern Leyte after buying property in a locals name (Men are dying in droves in Britain but NOT with an axe in the head instead the legal mafia financially ruin men during divorce to steal their property and many men end up suicidal and their gutter rags NEVER expose how they do it or report the reason for the deaths)

  • UK £126,000 of public money for pre-sex selfie in Boris's kitchen! (Yet still not jailed while divorcing men lose everything with their DV capers)

  • UK Amber Heard responds to Johnny Depp's former lawyer as Twitter users brand her an 'abusive gold digger' - after ex loses bid to overturn UK High Court ruling he beat her (If Britain's judicial mafia believe this lying bitch they will believe any other lying bitches. DV allegations = big divorce payouts by complicit judges and lawyers))

  • UK Winchester College may SUSPEND its planned historic admission of girls amid fears they will create 'toxic culture' at the 640-year-old school in the wake of the sex abuse row (Keeping rabid feminists out the only way to protect young boys from smearing and framing. Parents are concerned about the plans to introduce girls amid the accusations)

  • UK Has Nicola Sturgeon succumbed to powerful LGBTQ lobbyists at the expense of Scotland’s independence issues related to the controversial ‘Hate Crime Bill’

  • UK Lizzie Must Be the Last Queen – Abolish the Scrounging Monarchy (The Royal Family has done all in its power to protect and defend a man suspected of child sex offences with close links to a convicted paedophile but did nothing to defend a woman from racism and bullying)

  • UK Prison for Benefits Fraud – Knighthoods for Tax Dodgers (The couriers who remove wealth from the UK that ultimately ends up in the royals coffers)

  • Australia Schoolboy lashes his school for making the boys stand in front of the girls during assembly and 'apologise for rapes committed by their gender' (FEMINISM GOING CRAZY. Parents have said they were 'mortified' and their children were left confused)

  • UK Former law chief Lord Macdonald says Britain could 'live to regret' rush to criminalise schoolboys - even if their behaviour IS 'obnoxious and unpleasant' (Lawyers still smear young boys even if they claim to protect them. Extreme feminism spilling into schools)

  • UK Fucking hypocrite SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon rants about ending child poverty when she provides the legalese to her fellow lawyers to destroy heterosexual families and rob fathers of everything that in turn robs their children of their financial futures)

  • UK Salmond splits SNP in two and exposes the massive infighting at Holyrood (Scotland remains a danger to heterosexual men while this mob ransack Scotland and rob it of men and their children's futures)

  • UK Dangerous feminist MAN HATING LABOUR MP Jess Phillips caused social media outrage in October 2015, after she mocked the Conservative MP Philip Davies for trying to get a debate about International Men's Day. He cited men's issues like increasing male suicides, lower life expectancy relative to women, male victims of domestic violence, low educational achievement by working class white boys and male experience of child custody cases. Phillips openly laughed and pulled faces while Davies spoke, and then stated that: "You’ll have to excuse me for laughing. As the only woman on this committee, it seems like every day to me is International Men’s Day (Labour is full of these feminist lunatics who spew their man hating bile in all the gutter rags that give her a platform she is a perfect example of why Labour is not fit for purpose with these kinds of MP's that have such an extreme biased against men. Phillips was appointed by Keir Starmer to serve as Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, a position in the Shadow Home Office, on 9 April 2020 )

  • North Korea Hidden cameras expose Kim Jong-un's clandestine weapon and drugs trade (VIDEO)

  • China formalises sweeping electoral shake-up for Hong Kong, demands loyalty (Just like Britain operates with only royalist ass kissers given political positions. No room for any dissenters and they call it DEMOCRACY )

  • UK State schools are hit by surge in rape culture allegations (Or more like a feminist infestation and a GREAT distraction from the COPS who murder)

  • Spain Brexshit: Spain denies reports it will round up and deport Britons without visas

  • UK Sturgeon takes aim at Alex Salmond with attack on politicians 'who treat politics like a game' as the SNP is rocked by MORE defections to ex-first minister's new Alba party ahead of May elections (Feminist lawyer Sturgeon has turned the SNP into a feminazi mafia)

  • UK Holyrood mafia on bogus election drive(They are ALL tarred with the same feminist dogma that see males not part of the death cult or LGBT mafia, that dominates Scotland, driven to suicide. PURE evil that masquerades as some sort of political system and one look at the SNP shenanigans of late sums up these evil bastards)

  • UK Female twins who stole grandparents' life savings 'yet to say sorry or pay them back a penny' (Scotland's gender biased judicial mafia let them walk away scot free and no doubt will allow them to rob their future husbands during divorce)

  • UK Protesters planning two further Kill the Bill demonstrations have been urged to "engage" with the police in advance (Yeah right!!!!!!!!!! 'Engage' with a death cult whose primary goal is to protect their criminal brothers and who masquerade as some sort of law enforcement when it is clear they ARE NOT)

  • UK Holyrood's feminist mafia crank up the feminist hysteria (An all out war against heterosexual men in Scotland and the infighting inside Holyrood is not detracting from their attacks on men)

  • UK Scotland shown to be in a rotten state as gang ethos takes over government (And using feminist propaganda to distract attention from their stinking institutions)

  • UK Holyrood's feminists like Sturgeon claim its 'open' and 'inclusive' but only if your WHITE (In the 22 years since Holyrood opened, it reveals, 645 people have been elected to it — and not a single woman of colour has been among them. Nice cushy jobs for the feminists to ramp up their man hate. As regular watchers of this mob we can say with certainty they have an agenda that excludes men and smear and frame is their tactic in destroying heterosexual men and why so many men have committed suicide)

  • UK Former SNP councillors jump like rats from the sinking SNP ship under feminist lawyer Sturgeon

  • UK Tory scumbag David Cameron facing fresh accusations that he 'blurred the lines' with his role at a failed financial firm after new details emerged of a business trip to Singapore.

  • UK Kill the Bill protesters plan for ‘National Weekend of Action’ over Easter weekend

  • UK Gutter rags carry cop version of supposed violent protests started by their own brutality (The vile right wing gutter rags the Sun, Mail, Mirror, Telegraph, Metro and Star manufacture cop propaganda ALWAYS in their favour. Protesters are smeared and framed just like they do with divorcing men)

  • UK A study in seediness: It's a disturbing contrast - just as schools are tackling a toxic sexual culture, woke universities are supporting sex work for their students... and even accusing those who object of discrimination (While hypocritical feminists are screaming in schools and on campus about males many of their female pals are selling sex and nudity)

  • UK Cops buy into feminist MALE HATE hysteria(They use to burn them at the stake)

  • UK Racist masonic cops disproportionate use of powers target black men (Until the masonic mafia are exposed and gutted in Britain's law enforcement justice will NEVER be done)

  • Global Manufacturers conspire to make sure their products age faster (VIDEO)

  • UK Small businesses have reported a marked drop in exports to the EU as another company bemoaned the post-Brexshit “nightmare” of delivery delays and increased costs(So much for all the tory promises)

  • UK Tory corruption: Johnson dishes out £100k+ of public money for sex

  • UK TORY CORRUPTION: Jennifer Arcuri admits four-year affair with serial love cheat tory scumbag Boris Johnson (Boris spoke at a series of technology events organised by Jennifer, who went on to receive £126,000 of taxpayer money in event sponsorships and grants. The bulk, £100,000, came in a government grant in 2019)

  • USA Fake heiress jailed for conning pals, hotels and banks lands lucrative TV deal (The same con goes on every day in divorce courts sanctioned by crooked judges and lawyers)

  • UK Sick bucket required for Harmsworth's gutter rag nauseous promotion of the royal parasites (Meanwhile the ejected royals get smeared like the rest of the peasantry)

  • UK Royal parasite gets a taste of what it is like when her judges remove children from their fathers protection (A heinous crime going on every day in her courts)

  • UK Royal parasite wont attend BAFTA's for fear of being ridiculed

  • UK The criminals employed by the Met(How freemasons can get employment as cops no matter their crimes)

  • UK Gutter rags promote marriage as something good for men to dive into (Men need to waken up to what they are signing up for and will find they will be framed as abusers while their ex's and their crooked lawyers along with judges help themselves to a lifes work, children and homes. There is NO small print in the marriage licence deliberately so men have a false sense of security despite the thousands of implications on its demise and the biggest scam in history)

  • UK Fears Post Office may go bust as IT scandal sees wrongly accused postmasters sue (A monstrous scandal where innocent victims were smeared and framed for fraud destroying their lives and livelihoods. The IT blunders left some postmasters in jail. This goes on every day in divorce courts.)

  • USA America's Looming Eviction Crisis(VIDEO)

  • Myanmar 'Mass murder' in Myanmar: International outcry after '114 protesters including children' killed in crackdown

  • UK Bristol cops filmed confronting 'Kill the Bill' protesters with shields and batons

  • UK Sexual abuse rife in state and private schools, say cops (Or cops feeding off and spouting feminist bullshit once again?)

  • UK Labour under lawyer Starmer determined to stitch more innocent men up for crimes to satisfy extreme feminist rants (A cop murder doesn't produce the 'KEEP all cops inside after 6pm curfew instead its 'keep all MEN inside under curfew')

  • UK Kill the Bill Manchester protest: 18 arrested after protesters block tram lines

  • UK Cops Admit False Claims About Serious Injuries at Bristol protests(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP ripped apart with ex-leader setting up new party (SNP run by lawyers and another without)

  • UK MP Kenny MacAskill quits SNP for new Alba Party (SNP collapsing from within along with their subterfuge. While feminist lawyer Sturgeon is running the show NO man is safe in Scotland who may already be being brutalised by her legal pals all part of the law society terror cell)

  • UK Harmsworth's vile royalist gutter rag report on "Royals using 'murder by cop' to promote the brand as if they give a jot"

  • UK BBC report on 'HATE' crime claims cops get priority but the BBC prefer homosexuals getting priority while smearing heterosexuals always as the instigators (Notice they use the terrorists at the law society to try and prove a point. An investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Law Society Gazette exposes how close the BBC are at spouting law society BULLSHIT)

  • UK GAYrdian promotes DV claims for the law society terrorists then gets a cut of the sale of all the property they thieve from men using those DV claims (This is the biggest conspiracy against heterosexual men on the planet)

  • USA American Dream sours for owners of US mega-mall amid 'significant' cash crisis

  • UK Tory scum trying to bully reluctant young people into to getting vaccines

  • Global Call centre staff to be monitored via webcam for home-working ‘infractions and the normalisation of home surveillance by employers

  • Suez Canal Blocked! $10 Billion In Losses And Gasoline Shortages Spark Chaos On Global Supply Chains (VIDEO)

  • UK Bristol protests: Police take back claims officers suffered broken bones in riot (The lying devious freemasons that masquerade as law enforcement THUGS who ONLY protect the state NOT the people)

  • UK The SNP's feminist lesbian lawyer Joanna Cherry 'taking time out' for health reasons (Is it any wonder the SNP are coming up with ever more ways to fuck heterosexual mens lives up? There is a cabal within the SNP consisting of lawyers, lesbians and homosexuals riding roughshod over men's rights under the guise they are protecting women. SO why didn't they protect women from their former leader?)

  • UK BBC with Womens Aid ratchet up the DV racketeering where women wanting divorce are then swept away into lesbian dens controlled by feminist lawyers getting £billions in public money between legal aid and grants to provide the lies that allow CROWN masonic judges(NO JURIES) to screw men of their livelihoods and where children are hidden and groomed away from the protection of their biological fathers (They are the biggest threat to men and their children under the guise they protect women when they manufacture lucrative jobs with FREEMASONS pulling the grant schemes behind the scenes in the political and legal arena's. BBC presenters like serial paedo Jimmy Savile have previously accessed those now vulnerable children and are part of this sinister network of propaganda)

  • UK Mum, 19, left baby alone to starve to death for six days while she partied for birthday (No Womens Aid or Refuge's rabid feminists screaming about this young girls death at the hands of the mother. Also an absence of men groups being asked to comment like they do when genders are reversed)

  • UK Kill The Bill protestors vow to march in Bristol AGAIN tonight as they ignore police pleas to stay at home after earlier demos turned into riots

  • UK MPs vote to renew emergency Covid powers for six months

  • UK Britain's judicial mafia once again back claims from golddigger Heard and the Murdoch SCUM about Depp's abuse against HER (NOT as the evidence showed she was the abuser. and NO JURIES when it comes to DV allegations never juries just specialist courts with masonic judges)

  • UK SNP run Scotland now robbing bodies unless people say NO

  • UK Alex Salmond launches Alba party to rival SNP after civil war with Nicola Sturgeon vowing to stand candidates in May elections

  • UK Tory scum want to use the refusal of alcohol to force everyone to get vaccinated (Keep the pubs closed for a year then reopen on the proviso that entry is only allowed after showing a vaccination ID. It is now sinister how this COVID shit is panning out to enforce vaccination on anyone who doubts their safety)

  • UK COVID-19: Publicans and Tory MPs' fury at PM's 'vaccine passports' for pubs idea

  • UK Tainted Union Jack used as a propaganda tool for the murderous tory SCUM to fly on every government building (Just like the gestapo as pure EVIL reigns over a broken and isolated Britain)

  • UK Tory scum back BBC scum and their extortion racket for funding establishment propaganda (This must be the longest running criminal racket in history supported by every political mafia that has been in power in Britain since the BBC was instigated. How can we get the peasants to pay for the elites bullshit?)

  • Ukraine Here's Why Chernobyl is Still a Massive Problem Today(VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland's judicial mafia rules Nicola Sturgeon's church ban is unlawful as he declares criminalisation of worship unconstitutional, disproportionate and in breach of human rights

  • UK Holyrood mafia a fucking shambles throughout the Salmond abuse inquiry (These are the same evil bastards that are voting through legalese that is smearing heterosexual men and making stripping them bare so much easier in framing them when lies and malicious allegations are passed as the truth in corrupt crown courts)

  • UK SNP taken to court again by their own former leader (A fucking shambles at the heart of the SNP and its law society control via Sturgeon)

  • UK Tory Brexshit plans have permanently fucked up trade with the EU despite the bullshit

  • UK This week we got a glimpse of neo-Thatcherite Sturgeon in all her DEVIOUS splendour as allegations that she broke the ministerial code only for another lawyer to say she hadn't (Gutter rags only now catching up with what we have been saying for decades about the SNP and Sturgeon. Also how the global law society terrorists protect their fucking evil lackeys to continue their reign of terror against heterosexual men. Sturgeon, Starmer, Blair, Wallace and Dewar have been infiltrated into key political positions along with the Clintons and Obama's in America)

  • UK BBC's weird feminist leaning report about a female complaining about 'I craved human touch after months of no hugs' then complaining about 'I've experienced my fair share of unwanted attention, advances and harassment' (Typical hypocritical feminist bullshit that men should STEER well clear of this crap)

  • UK There is very little can be said about the success of any of the Prime Ministers who governed Britain (and why it is in such a mess as they all bowed to serve the royal parasite and NOT the people)

  • UK The police scum charged with hounding men over DV claims are the biggest perpetrators and protected by their masonic brothers (A very RARE occasion when they get caught)

  • UK Tory thug Patel gets to turn her thuggery and bullying regime on to refugees especially if they are MEN

  • UK 'Stop (FEMINISTS)politicising Sarah's tragedy and turning her into a martyr' - Ryan-Mark Parsons (VIDEO)

  • USA Why The United States Can't Handle Crises(VIDEO)


  • UK BBC's usual warped reporting of protests "Kill the Bill Bristol protests: Police action at demo" (BBC smear and frame any person who stands up to establishment tyranny and promotes the police version of events and backs scum like tory thug PATEL who is painting herself as another Thatcher)


  • Global No One Can STOP Them, It Was All Organized!(VIDEO)

  • UK How BBC thugs hound the poor and vulnerable into court and jail for NOT paying for their propaganda (Outrageous that these evil bastards are still getting away with their thuggery while they claim to help women who are victims of all us bad men while they themselves bully and abuse those women)(VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer Sturgeon claims she would have resigned if another lawyer had found her guilty (The law society mafia in operation who smear and frame men every day with their fucking lies)

  • UK The feminist lawyer run GAYrdian backs feminist lawyer Sturgeon despite lying to parliament (The civil war between Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond has proved a turn-off for the public)

  • UK The scum and filth employed as British cops

  • UK The scum and filth employed as British cops 2

  • UK Royal Wealth And Scams: Norman Baker (VIDEO)

  • UK Western societies seem to be 'tearing themselves apart' (Scotland has become one of the most authoritarian country's in western Europe. Something we have warned about for decades)(VIDEO)

  • UK Holyrood mafia back the feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon for NOW

  • UK The two female civil servants who made harassment complaints against Alex Salmond have accused the Scottish government of not giving them enough support(this is the same feminist lawyer who claims to protect women against all of Scotland's men by undermining their rights and with draconian laws)

  • UK So WHO cleared lawyer Sturgeon? Oh right ANOTHER lawyer!!!!!!!!! (All the lawyer controlled gutter rags back up that dodgy decision without question)

  • UK SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon accused of misleading parliament over Alex Salmond (Despite one of her lawyer pals backing her)

  • Global COVID lockdown When will governments set us free?(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC's hysterical endless feminist DV claims back the groups getting £millions to spread man hating bile that aids the royals and their judicial henchmen in finishing men off (PURE FUCKING EVIL masquerading as women as victims of all us bad men)

  • UK Tory scumbag Matt Hancock confirms No10 may make Covid jabs COMPULSORY for care home staff as data shows just a THIRD of workers in parts of London have been vaccinated

  • EU pressing to reopen Brexshit talks with the UK over Northern Ireland

  • Global Seven Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Right Now And Creating An Apocalyptic End Game(VIDEO)

  • UK Kill The Bill Protest / Riot in Bristol (Claims the police instigated the thuggery to provoke a reaction)(VIDEO)

  • UK Hypocrite tory thug Priti Patel blasts Bristol protest as ‘shameful criminal thuggery'(VIDEO)

  • USA America's Overwork Obsession(VIDEO)

  • UK There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: Prepare Your Self For The Worst!(VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer finds SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon did nothing wrong (He was completely impartial LOL)


  • UK Former subpostmasters begin court appeal to clear their names (900 postmasters were prosecuted. Dozens of claimants appeal against convictions for theft, fraud and false accounting they claim were due to computing errors. Some of those accused were jailed, and many faced financial difficulties as they struggled to rebuild their lives with a criminal record. Smearing, framing and destroying people lives and stealing their assets is rife in Britain)

  • France Ikea goes on trial in France accused of spying on staff

  • UK GAYrdian report on latest feminist moves against men backed by local cops (There would be a fucking outcry if the gender where reversed and specific gender have laws that include another gender as if women are crime free)

  • UK GAYrdian feminist reporter demands judges hammer men even when the 'hysterical' bitches lie like fuck about abuse and rape

  • UK Revealed: the grim list of sex abuse claims against Met cops (The death cult they swear oaths to protect each others filthy arses no matter how despicable their conduct is)

  • UK The SNP's feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon has three days to save her skin: First minister's career on a knife-edge as she faces result of two inquiries AND a vote of no confidence (Only her demise will be the start of the restoration of men's rights in divorce courts that she has turned into a vast racketeering network for her lawyer buddies. She is the utter scum and dregs of the earth)

  • UK Disgraced SNP HOMOSEXUAL finance secretary Derek Mackay, quits after he was suspended for bombarding boy, 16, with 270 messages - piling more pressure on Nicola Sturgeon (This is the same evil witch that manufactured new laws that saw men lose everything for arguing with their wives while homosexuals like Mackay inside her party have been manufacturing legalese to make that so much easier)

  • UK Tory scum asked by the election watchdog to explain how Boris Johnson found £60,000 to pay for the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat

  • UK Raise benefits to curb UK crisis in mental health, expert urges (breaking the link between the rise in unemployment and the rise in suicide)

  • UK Dozens of arrests in anti-lockdown protests in central London

  • Ireland Gardaí make arrests after anti-lockdown protesters march through Dublin

  • UK Royals at each others throats after exposure of how they function (Only the tip of an enormous iceberg what these fuckers are really behind the mass culling of men in HERR courts through devious secretive ploys)

  • UK Royal parasite having a laugh appointing a 'diversity tsar'

  • Thailand's people finally stand up to the ruthless royalist regime that has kept its people in abject poverty (The movement sharpened its campaign to focus on the monarchy, and Thailand’s lese majeste law, which makes criticising, insulting or defaming the king and some other senior royals punishable by up to 15 years in prison)

  • UK Tory scumbag David Cameron personally lobbied tory scumbag Rishi Sunak to grant millions of Covid loans to a financial firm he was advising before it collapsed(As the legal system stands back and lets these tory's away with murder)

  • Israel: Thousands rally against Netanyahu ahead of tight election contest

  • USA Homeless Crisis in California / homeless encampment in Venice Beach new skid Row (VIDEO)

  • UK Revealed: the truth about the peers who are born to rule (A long line of masonic families that serve ONLY the interests of the royal mafia)

  • UK Brad Pitt like Johnny Depp hit by the DV scam claims in divorce courts by Jolie to get the upper hand (Men need to waken up to the nightmare of marriage and the following divorce that allow courts to hound men into early graves on the back of golddigging liars and their lying manipulative lawyers)

  • UK Harmsworth's royalist / establishment GUTTER rag attacks two of the BBC's better presenters for commenting on the tory scum's obsession with always having Union Jack flags and pictures of the royal parasite in view everytime they are interviewed at their home or office

  • UK Harmsworth's royalist / establishment GUTTER rag claims FURY over two BBC presenters being reprimanded for commenting on the tory's promoting the Union Jack and royal parasites in their interviews

  • UK Tory state assassins the DWP left a group of homeless men destitute by automatically deducting a third of their universal credit allowance to pay off court fines (It is inhumane for universal credit recipients to be put in a position by the government where they are forced to survive without basic necessities)

  • UK Covid: Anti-lockdown protests as MPs call for law change

  • UK BBC promote CCTV as something positive like they do in Orwell's '1984' (Northern Ireland's Orangemen and freemasons will be anonymously behind the camera's ensuring their sworn enemies are constantly monitored ensuring a two tier system of law)

  • UK The only time the gutter rags don't back feminists is when they protect the royal parasites

  • UK BBC thugs wont be visiting over 75's at the moment the way they do with everyone else who refuses to pay for their royalist / establishment propaganda(Some of their victims end up in jail never mind the extortion the BBC are implicated in)

  • UK Peers 'warn threat of No Deal Brexshit has resurfaced' amid rising tensions with EU over Northern Ireland

  • UK Police watchdog launches probe as man, 44, is left in a critical condition after being restrained by Met officers at his home following a call-out to a disturbance

  • Turkey GAYrdian's twisted report on why Turkey pulled out of the feminist DV racket controlling the EU (They are also hostile to the principle of gender equality in the Istanbul convention and see it as promoting homosexuality)

  • UK GAYrdian reports "We always speak of women's safety. Let's talk about male violence instead" (NOT feminists deranged craziness and violence claiming victimhood and entitled to screw men over)

  • UK Feminist SNP lawyer liar Sturgeon desperate to hang on to power despite breaking ministrial code (She has deviously lied her way to the top and continues to create a HATE agenda against men with her vile anti-male legalese. Meanwhile pampering to the homosexual / lesbian mafia's demands. It can't get much more twisted than that)

  • UK Feminist SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon rejects claims over Alex Salmond inquiry evidence (They will need to get the men in white coats to remove this deranged feminist witch who has conspired with her legal buddies to make life in Scotland impossible for heterosexual men and responsible for the mass suicides of men who have been persecuted into early graves)

  • UK Ex SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay quits the SNP (The SNP launched a disciplinary investigation after he admitted behaving "foolishly" by messaging a 16-year-old boy on social media. He aided and abetted the anti-heterosexual male legalese that is destroying heterosexual families in divorce courts)

  • UK Royal parasite spouts 'COMPASSION' (Meanwhile his grandmothers vile courts are destroying men's mental health en masse with the diabolical mistreatment and barbaric judgements that have been destroying mens lives with many ending up suicidal)

  • UK Coronavirus: Protests should be allowed during lockdown, say 60 MPs and peers in letter (Tory scum using lockdowns to stifle dissent)


  • UK The former police ombudsman Baroness Nuala O’Loan has warned against demonising all men as “evildoers”, after UK-wide protests following the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard (“To impose a curfew on all men because a small minority of them attack others would be to discriminate against men,”)

  • UK The frivolous royalist bullshit conjured up by the gutter rags

  • UK Extreme homosexual buggery before Stuart Lubbock's murder(VIDEO)

  • UK JONATHAN Kenney was the homosexual partner of TV star Michael Barrymore at the time of Stuart Lubbock’s death in March 2001

  • UK Homopaedo used Fortnite game to groom boys as young as seven online, jailed

  • USA Amber Heard’s pledge to charity a ‘calculated and manipulative lie’, says Johnny Depp (Not a golddigger but a genuine victim of mens domestic violence????????????? The feminazi groups would back her lies to the hilt to ensure even more women become millionaires on the back of malicious smearing)

  • UK Right to challenge government in courts overhauled (Neither the political or legal mafia will resolved the deep seated issues that see policies that kill vast numbers of British citizens through stealth and sanctioning with unaccountable lackeys for the tory austerity boot avoiding responsibility for the deaths inflicted due to financial and psychological torture of their victims)

  • UK It's great to see the BBC bringing wholesome family entertainment crowned the winner of BBC's Drag Race

  • USA MORE HOMELESS IN 2021 : STREET LIFE IN CALIFORNIA (Humanitarian crisis in the land of capitalism and of the free to starve and die on the streets of America that runs with the blood of the victims of pure GREED)(VIDEO)

  • UK Uber drivers claim they were fired after identification software fail(VIDEO)

  • UK Alex Salmond inquiry says Nicola Sturgeon misled committee (SNP's feminist lawyer liar and the same fucking bullshit goes on in divorce courts the length and breadth of Scotland with many men pushed to suicide thanks to the persecution that comes from monstrous lies)

  • UK Meghan: Murdoch mafia dug up dirt for royal parasite by using a private investigator to unlawfully access private information

  • UK Murdoch's filthy rags main agenda is to further the royal parasites position even when they are exposed

  • Global You really have to be one creepy bastard to wear this t-shirt

  • UK Googlebox's hand picked die hard royalists (Get a few working class duped goons to sit in front of a TV and rant about the royals)

  • UK The GAYrdian reports "The Football Association, Premier League and leading clubs have issued formal apologies after a landmark inquiry said that generations of young footballers suffered horrific sexual abuse because of the wholesale absence of child protection policies, ignorance and naivety" (No massive hue and cry when our young boys are horrifically abused while government funded(into the millions) feminists go on the rampage over their claimed abuses i.e. a wolf whistle)

  • UK Hypocrite and establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan claims Gayle King should stop 'acting as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's PR mouthpiece'

  • UK Another establishment mouthpiece and former closet homosexual TV presenter Phillip Schofield takes ANOTHER swipe at Meghan Markle (You can see where their allegiances lie protecting the royal parasite and her lackeys at every opportunity)

  • UK Johnny Depp's lawyers accuse Amber Heard of 'calculated and manipulative lie' for claim she gave her £5.5m divorce settlement to charity as actor seeks retrial at Court of Appeal (A very rare occasion when lawyers can be bothered protecting the good name of men besmirched and framed in divorce and in their gutter rags and only because he is so wealthy )

  • UK Tory, Labour and SNP scum(lawyer Starmer in Scotland SNP lawyer Sturgeon) pampering to the toxic man hating feminists while men are dying en masse from masonic persecution in draconian family courts where lies and deceit are destroying innocent men (Lawyers and judges feeling the squeeze desperately need more whiny women in divorce courts to steal with impunity even more of mens hard earned wealth and a gutter press only to happy to provide the propaganda and fodder spouting from the government funded and lawyer run feminazi groups)

  • UK Scotland's specialist courts for sex crimes(or an easier way to frame men for crimes? Specialist courts are how they can do away with juries and ensure a solitary masonic judge can issue dodgy court orders that keeps the whole legal profession in ultra well paid jobs under the guise they are protecting vulnerable women)

  • UK Once feminists get involved in politics their MAN hate credentials come out with demands to take away mens rights to give even more rights to women even when they are lying bitches (Ever more despicable legalese being manufactured to satisfy the screaming sheila's who take umbrage against anything men do when they interact with them. This is the money spinner of a lifetime when divorce makes them millionaires and home owners overnight for doing nothing but lie like fuck with the spoils shared with the legal and political mafia who conspire in their plots to destroy men)

  • UK BBC wheel out the feminazi lies (Increasing onslaught by a whole myriad of government agencies aiding feminist propaganda)

  • UK BBC bringing their brand of homosexual / lesbian / feminist propaganda to a town near you soon

  • UK 'Jury free' sex crimes Scottish courts where heterosexual men will continue to be smeared and framed by the masonic judiciary (The SNP under feminist lawyer Sturgeon more determined than ever to undermine mens human rights in jumped up kangaroo courts where radical feminist groups conspired with the judiciary to come up with these malicious male hate plans. However, Solicitor Advocate John Scott QC warned against a move away from jury trials in a bid to allay fears over rape myths and stereotypes)

  • UK Tory thug Priti Patel Is Trying To Ban YOUR Right To Protest (VIDEO)

  • Spain on the brink of collapse(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC have to report the homopaedo's using football to abuse young boys (The same lot that promote the homosexual agenda at every turn while the feminists bleat about abuse when British boys are being abused en masse. Why aren't men marching on the streets while feminists scream at the frivolous slights they claim is abuse by men?)

  • UK Aberavon: Vicar admits 219 indecent images of young boys

  • UK A former police chief has said she would think "very carefully" about reporting a crime committed against her because of how she would be "judged" due to toxic culture of sexism(Ask divorcing men who have been persecuted by these evil bastards and much worse than what feminist claim in fact its feminists lies that let masonic cops abuse men with impunity

  • UK Hypocritical tory scumbag feminist leaning claims that "Schools urged to teach boys how to treat women and girls with respect on Britain's streets" (These are the same evil fuckers who VOTE to strip women of the pittance of welfare for the slightest infraction and are sanctioned and also strip over 60's women of 6 years pension into the £50billion+ then have the fucking audacity to come up with this shit about treating women with respect)

  • UK Plainclothes cops in nightclubs: Crazy fucked up plans even the bleating feminists think is wrong claiming "“Many women will now be quite rightly asking: ‘But who will protect me from the plainclothes officer?’ Undercover policing has recently been exposed as providing an opportunity for police officers to abuse their cover in forming inappropriate sexual contact with women" (We have stated many times divorcing women with a potentially large divorce settlement are being targeted by masonic cops using domestic violence claims to get rid of the husband to carry out their fleecing plans)

  • UK Institutional misogyny 'erodes women's trust in UK police' (But NOT when they hound innocent men out of their homes with unfounded claims of domestic abuse or violence. Freemasons targeting the assets of non death cult men using frivilous allegations that would NEVER be classed as criminal in criminal courts only in family courts)

  • UK Tory scum use law to make protesting a crime (A totalitarian boot emerging in Britain quote "The loose and lazy way this legislation is drafted would make a dictator blush. Protests will be noisy, protests will disrupt and no matter how offensive we may find the issue at their heart, the right to protest should be protected”)

  • USA Ioan Gruffudd's estranged wife Alice Evans admits 'Lawyers aren't the law. Lawyers are there to f*** the law' (And to fuck the millions of MEN caught up in the divorce trap)

  • USA The Everything Bubble Burst! Stocks, Housing And Bond Markets Will Collapse Simultaneously (VIDEO)

  • USA Why Malls Are Disappearing(VIDEO)

  • USA What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? (VIDEO)

  • UK Piers Morgan hand picked establishment mouthpiece for the royal parasites (Key figures running Britain's media are hand picked by the royals to serve their propaganda network and Morgan sits right at the top of the stinking pile of lackeys who back their vile murderous regime to the hilt. There is a long trail of dead men persecuted into early graves by her hand picked judges on the orders of their masonic satanic death cult godfather the Dukey Kent)

  • UK GAYrdian FIRES Columnist For Tweet About Israel (VIDEO)

  • UK UK exports to EU plunge 40 per cent in January (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory MP David Davis reveals whistleblower's explosive evidence of Nicola Sturgeon cover-up - including claims her chief of staff knew about Salmond 'sex misconduct' allegations two months EARLIER than she says and 'interfered' in process

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon denies she encouraged women to complain about her old boss she went on to replace (This is the witch who has brought about the legalese that provides the wholesale smearing and framing of men for her legal pals in divorce courts)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer dangerous claims that 'Under the Tories, rape has effectively been decriminalised'

  • UK There had been a "concerted effort" by SNP officials to encourage complainers to come forward about Alex Salmond (Lawyers like Sturgeon had plans to take over leadership of the SNP for their own malicious ends)

  • UK Tory scum vastly underestimated Britain's homeless with actual figures nine times the official figure during pandemic

  • UK Peter Oborne: Tory scum have become a "far right sect"(VIDEO)

  • UK Britain is lifting the cap on the number of Trident nuclear warheads, costing £10bn, it can stockpile from 180 to 260 (With the government strapped for cash, we don’t need grandiose, money-wasting spending on weapons of mass destruction. While giving 1% rise for nurses from the tory scumbags who claim to protect women which is totally bullshit)

  • UK Undercover cops to patrol bars and clubs to protect women from predators (Problem, reaction, solution men now being hounded by feminist dogma just like they do with divorcing men)

  • UK Renting a flat where credit reference agencies are demanding accesss to your bank account to see 12 months of statements (Britain is one of the worse areas of Europe to rent a house with extensive and intrusive references required to get any chance of a roof over your head)

  • UK Court of Appeal rejects feminazi claim CPS approach to rape prosecution was 'unlawful' (After years of feminist run CPS with Alison Saunders and the many innocent men released after evidence was finally turned over the feminazi are determined to back their lying witch bitch sisters)

  • UK What is tory scumbag Johnson planning with his 'violence against women' summit meeting? (Action against murdering cops? or just men in general? They never hold these kind of meetings when men are dying in droves on the streets of London but bow to a feminazi agenda)

  • UK Labour(under lawyer Starmer) said they would vote against new bill for "ignoring violence against women" (The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will confront violence that affects everybody, including women and girls." But not for feminists and lawyer Starmer stating that's not good enough "saying they would vote against it for "ignoring violence against women""

  • Ireland Now Irish medical chief says use of AstraZeneca Covid jab should be suspended after reports of blood clots in Norway, as region in Italy suspends vaccine following death of a teacher

  • UK Feminists claim hate crime laws 'focused on minorities', not women (Men are being stifled to the point they cannot shout out the HATE agenda of feminazi against ALL men)

  • UK Rabid feminists ‘shocked to see police manhandling women’ (Disgusting pushing a 'hate men' agenda on the back of a murdered woman by cop) (VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist vigil turns ugly as cops arrest illegal protesters of London kidnapping-murder victim(VIDEO)

  • EU Brexshit: EU expected to launch legal action today over UK breaking Northern Ireland protocol

  • UK Tories accuse Labour of being 'soft on crime' for opposing new law boosting police powers and prison terms ('CRIME' meaning anyone who protests that the cops and government dont like)

  • Global Rhode's Secret Society behind the New World Order(VIDEO)

  • Global The Secret Society: Cecil John Rhodes’s Plans for a New World Order (Rhodes was a homosexual who was in love with his private secretary, Neville Pickering, and that he established "… a homosexual hegemony – which was already operative in the Secret Society – went on to influence, if not control, British politics at the beginning of the twentieth century"

  • Australia Thousands of feminazi demand justice for women across Australia as govt rocked by rape allegations (Amid allegations that a defense minister sought to silence a rape claim and accusations of sexual assault against an attorney general)

  • Australia Brittany Higgins addresses March 4 Justice rally as feminazi demand action across Australia

  • USA GAYrdian report on Grammy awards 2021 claiming 'women rule' (NOT if men get off their arses and start fighting back against an onslaught of hate by feminist groups funded by governments with ulterior motives)

  • UK Toxic feminists wont be happy until every man in Britain is castrated and jailed as they have the potential to become rapists and murderers (That's like crushing every car in Britain after someone is killed in a crash. They are fucking NUTS and with a government bending over backwards to accommodate their demands and pouring money at them when they are used by the crown and courts to screw men over)

  • UK Rabid feminists the BBC report are claiming "'The criminal justice system is failing women'" (With a judicial mafia happy to avoid jailing women for serious crimes while jailing men for the slightest infraction these scumbags use scaremongering to promote their hatred of men. Including the evil bitches who cry rape only for their social media and phone messages [hidden by the crown] to expose how their lies caused enormous harm to innocent men)

  • UK Feminist GAYrdian rolls out the rabid man hating feminists with their diatribes about all the bad men good women have to tolerate using a cop murder as leverage(within the context of an epidemic of male violence against us. NO an epidemic of lunatic feminists who jump on any bandwagon to further their hatred of men who are seen as bad and ALL women as angels)

  • UK The rantings of the feminazi go on in Scottish SNP run gutter rags "Women are still being denied protection in Scotland" (Scottish freemason judges hound non cult men into early graves on the back of supposed protection of women and their endless victimhood and entitlement status during divorce and the malicious lies and allegations that are taking as the truth no matter how devious they are while they ALL pocket men's stolen wealth)

  • UK GAYrdian serious about "Angry at the idea of a curfew for men? Think of all the ways women are told to adapt" (This is the outright lunacy that goes on in divorce courts every day where men are stifled by restraining orders that allow golddiggers and crooked lawyers and judges to help themselves to a man's wealth, home and children)

  • UK Hypocritical GAYrdian rant about civil liberties while demanding a curfew on men (You just couldn't make this fucking shit up from the man hating lesbians / feminists who write for the GAYrdian)

  • UK More feminist crap from the GAYrdian reporting that "Tory scumbag Johnson is a proclaimed feminist" (The levers of power are twisted every day by the rabid feminists embedded inside the legal and political systems that bully men into backing their twisted male hate campaigns and making themselves millionaires overnight, NOT through hard work, but by the lies they spout in divorce courts)

  • UK Revolt of 'the male, pale and stale' Ministers: Tories accuse feminist Boris Johnson of 'tokenism over talent' as he plans a 'women-first' reshuffle this summer

  • UK Scotland's GUTTER rags bullshit that suggests judges make inquiries must more reliable with polls that use a pittance of those supposed polled in their manufactured stats (As long term court watchers we have seen some of the biggest heists in the UK carried out by crooked Scottish judges using legalese to thieve with impunity backed up by a corrupt crown)

  • UK Meghan facing the same smear campaigns divorcing men have to tolerate every day in divorce courts where hand picked judges(By the queen) use those smears to frame, rob and persecute men into early graves (NO ONE truly knows the evil and pure GREED that emanates from the royal parasites controlling so much of the CROWN legal process and how their alleged rapist son can avoid being charged and jailed)

  • UK Tory thug and bully Priti Patel under pressure by feminazi to toughen laws on hate and violence against women (But not men. Labour, under lawyer Starmer, has urged the Government to make misogyny a hate crime. Criticising rabid man hating feminists could be classed as a crime FFS)

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson sold Britain a botched EU deal and no amount of spin or downright lies can conceal that it is falling apart

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson faces a new Tory rebellion threat over pre-Easter vote to extend lockdown laws for another SIX MONTHS despite plans to end most restrictions in June

  • UK Gutter rags promote royal parasite Kate marching with the rabid man hating feminists to Sarah Everard memorial 'because she remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night' (Meanwhile continue to attack Meghan the OUTSIDER)

  • UK Rampant feminists arrested as protesters clash with police at Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common (Using a dead woman to spout their hatred of men instead of directing their venom at cops. If only the gutter rags gave the same platform when men are murdered much more regularly on the streets of London)

  • USA Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift In The Standard Of Living In All Of U.S. History(VIDEO)

  • USA First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination(VIDEO)

  • USA Is Skid Row Safe To Walk At Night?(VIDEO)

  • UK An extreme feminist GREEN Party peer today doubled down on her call for men to face a 6pm curfew to make women feel safer (Any divorcing man knows how ex wives via crooked judges and lawyers can take enormous control of their lives and finances leading them to suicide. There is no words to describe the horrors that permeate from divorce courts and the utter abuse of power going on behind closed doors and sanctioned by a corrupt crown and monarchy who hand pick the evil bastards dishing out their vile orders)

  • UK BBC give platform to raging feminists when one female is murdered on the streets of London (To politicise this death with the man hating mantra shows how toxic they and the BBC are at spouting their venom as if the world is full of bad men and godly saintly females. Many women no longer believe feminism is good for their sanity)

  • UK Feminists demand "Men to challenge other men on women's safety" (Extreme feminist dogma rising up after murder by cop and being used to push their man hating agenda)

  • UK Is met cop who murdered in London a one off or a potential serial murderer who has kept under the radar by being employed as a cop and protected by his lodge buddies?

  • USA 'HISTORY WILL JUDGE US' George Floyd’s family to get $27M settlement from Minneapolis as jury selection underway for cop Derek Chauvin’s trial

  • UK The honours system embodies much of what is wrong with modern Britain: corruption, abiding snobbery and obsession with status (How the royals use tacky awards to steer duped goons into their grooming network)

  • UK The royals were drifting apart long before Meghan came on the scene

  • UK Homosexuals virtually taking over the BBC as new weatherman is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ mafia

  • UK 'It’s been tough': UK exporters on how Brexshit has damaged them (So much for the tory scum's bullshit)

  • UK Sturgeon and the SNP are past their peak - and Scotland has had enough, Ruth Davidson claims (A very rare occasion whe a tory gets it spot on)

  • UK Sexual assaults are are rife in the British forces (As former young cadets we know that even before joining up for Britain's forces that they strip young boys naked and take them into fields and force them to run back to their barracks where forms of torture with toothpaste and boot polish are dished out as initiation rituals with the adults turning a blind eye)

  • UK 'We’re not a racist family,' says Prince William. But it's not that simple

  • UK Harmsworth's gutter rag claims polls show popularity for the royal parasite goes up while expelled royals go down (Same shite they produce come election time with dodgy pollsters)

  • UK Feminists try and high jack and politicise murder of female by cop

  • UK Feminists use female murder by cop to push their gender biased mindset

  • UK 'Calling all men dangerous is bad for our sons, brothers, partners': Davina McCall faces the wrath of the cancel culture mob by sticking up for men in wake of Sarah Everard death (The vicious attacks on women who dare suggest feminists are deranged in their mindset exposed)

  • UK Feminists in Scotland try and high jack female murder by cop to politicise hate against men

  • Mars Elon Musk Mars plan branded 'delusional' by astrophysicist - 'like living on Everest' (We stated years ago that Musk's Mars project was crazy as anyone getting there would die from solar and cosmic radiation in a very short time never mind coping with the extreme temperatures)

  • WALES would consider bringing in local curfews for men to make women feel safer on the streets at night (Britain and the freemasons embedded in the political system are falling over backwards to accommodate the extreme feminists by totally undermining heterosexual mens rights and prepared to even consider such ridiculous measures as if men are all potential murderers and abusers. Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford is steeped in social work and an arm of the state that causes major problems for separated men)

  • UK The lunatic feminists want "6pm curfew for men after Sarah Everard's murder"

  • UK JANET STREET-PORTER: The murder of Sarah Everard is horrific but it's no reason to demonise half the population. The vast, vast majority of men are not rapists and murderers and people(women?) kill them too (As with Meghan and Harry, an utterly unique set of circumstances is in danger of being hijacked and politicised by people with their own axes to grind)

  • UK Feminists and their lawyers go to court to protest over female murdered by cop in London (Massive hue and cry when a female is murdered yet nowhere to be seen when its young men and boys who are the vast majority of the murders on London streets. But now they want more laws that are different to protect ONLY females)

  • UK Feminist Labour MP Jess Phillips reads out women killed by men but omits to name the men and children murdered by women(They dont want to recognise the murderers in their camp)

  • Italy How Gucci's Black Widow dressed to kill

  • USA The System Implodes: Amazon, Evictions, Tax Abuses, and Minimum Wages(VIDEO)

  • Thailand delays Oxford vaccine after 30 out of 5,000,000 to receive it get clots

  • UK Roman Kemp reveals mental health struggles left him suicidal in new documentary

  • EU MEPs vote to declare the European Union an ‘LGBTIQ freedom zone’ (Meanwhile destroying heterosexual family units)

  • UK Sick bastard homopaedo's raped little boy then offered his mum £30 after filming sick abuse (Meanwhile gutter rags promote homo agenda positively)

  • UK Meghan Takes Out Morgan(VIDEO)

  • UK Did met cops protect cop murderer from being charged for indecent assault before he murdered?

  • UK Tory thug Patel defends police after officer’s arrest in Sarah Everard case (The officer, who is in the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, remains in custody after being detained on suspicion of the murder and kidnapping of Ms Everard, and on a PREVIOUS separate allegation of indecent exposure)

  • UK Holyrood mafia pass Scotland's controversial new 'hate' crime law (How lawyers will stifle criticism of how they operate and use groups to target heterosexual men)


  • UK Scotland's housing market slump 'worst in UK' (Are men finally waking up to the myth that they are buying property in Scotland when so many men have those supposed owned homes stolen back by the legal scum who write the contracts and headed by feminist lawyer Sturgeon providing the vile anti-male legalese to make that so much easier)

  • UK Hate crime vote delayed after marathon Holyrood debate (An amendment from MSP Johann Lamont that would have included women as a protected group under the legislation was defeated. The SNP mafia has instead set a working group to look at whether misogynistic abuse should be a separate crime. This is ALL about giving lawyers more power over men's estates under SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon)

  • UK Alex Salmond inquiry: How Scotland's civil servants have been badly let amid a descent into political circus

  • UK The royal parasites made their fortune from the slave trade

  • UK Scottish judges fail to jail a woman who kept a two-year-old child in a makeshift cage (Yet men who argue with their ex wives can be jailed and have restraining orders that stop them from seeing their children)

  • UK Feminists want SPECIAL treatment after cop murders female (There are far more young black men murdered in London and vastly outweighs the females killed on the streets of London but the feminists act like its only them that are victims)

  • UK Even the GMB staff complained about Piers Morgan's Meghan comments (When the media mock anyone who openly admits mental health issues including suicide there is no room for their crass comments while so many around the UK and world struggle with those issues due to lockdowns)

  • UK Extreme right wing gutter news TV run by Andrew Neil and Rupert Murdoch coming soon with Morgan as possible presenter

  • Global Fukushima disaster should serve as a warning against building new nuclear plants

  • UK The SNP accused of sweeping SNP MP sex case under the carpet...twice including the man he is accused of sexually harassing

  • UK Tory scum attempting to make protests criminal and illegal

  • UK How can anyone be safe on the streets of Britain when murderers are being employed as cops? (This is the same scum that arrest men on bumped up charges of DV)

  • UK Fury as hereditary Tory scumbag peer Lord Bethell says nurses are already 'well paid for the job' compared to other people

  • UK Gutter rags to busy reporting supposed tiny minority LGBT injustice than the MASSIVE injustice against heterosexual men and their families

  • Global Ali Wong on why feminism is the worst thing that ever happened to women (from 29.00)(VIDEO)

  • UK Meghan racism row: Society of Editors boss Ian Murray resigns (Gutter rag mouthpiece resigns before sack)

  • USA Bank Meltdown Coming To America And Will Lead To An Apocalyptic End Game (VIDEO)

  • UK Britain's gutter rags in denial as to how they function as a royalist arm of the state(VIDEO)

  • Holland Demonstrators dance in protest against COVID restrictions in Amsterdam (VIDEO)

  • UK Megzit scandal 2.0 Why it's good for the royals (A great distraction from Randy Andy)(VIDEO)

  • UK What priorities? Tory scum spend £millions on briefing room but only 1% NHS nurses wage rise(VIDEO)

  • UK The blanket refusal to accept there is any bigotry in the British press is laughable (Billionaire scum and bullyboy lackeys for the royals are attacked by their own editorial staff)

  • USA Could This Mansion Be Donald Trump's Biggest Legal Headache Yet?(VIDEO)

  • USA Ghislaine Maxwell's US jail conditions 'are torture' claims brother

  • UK 'Challenging' and 'disruptive': Susanna Reid addresses Piers Morgan's GMB exit (Establishment mouthpiece who selectively attacked anyone who challenged the royal parasites or their freemason lackeys under the orders of their loyal lord lieutenant and freemason godfather the Dukey Kent. While smearing covid breakers he swans off for two weeks holiday to Antigua at Christmas. ONE law for them and another for the peasants.Long overdue the boot as he uses his broadcast status to bully and intimidate anyone who has an alternative view)(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP MP Patrick Grady quits party post after being accused of groping two men at a Christmas party - amid claims he was 'protected' by the party despite complaints about his alleged behaviour (And why so much SNP anti-heterosexual male laws are being manufactured by this mob)

  • UK Lawyer accuses palace of using Meghan to take focus off Prince Andrew (No police force worldwide has YET made any attempt to interview the scumbag and shows how deeply entrenched the freemasons are within a global law enforcement acting solely for the royals and controlled by their godfather the Dukey Kent.A sinister and creepy death cult behind the royals power, control and wealth)

  • Japan Female MP awarded Japan’s most sexist comment after casting doubt on sexual assaults (Mio Sugita earns notoriety for accusations that women lie about sexual violence. Even females know the fraud being committed against men by lying witches)

  • Global GAYrdian report "WHO World Health Organization chief Tedros Ghebreyseus spout more feminist bullshit about bad men and poorly treated women" (Freemasons throughout the DV industry cannot stop the barrage of abuse men face being smeared and framed so the courts have an excuse to thieve with impunity. DV is BIG BUSINESS with bilateral aid from OECD development assistance committee (DAC) donor countries rose from $121m (£87m) in 2016 to $449m in 2019 )

  • Global WHO World Health Organization chief Tedros Ghebreyseus is accused of aiding genocide in Ethiopia (This is the same fucker that issues DV propaganda while he is embroiled in genocide allegations. A great distraction from his own crimes?)

  • Global Five Disturbing Facts About Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director-General Of World Health Organization (As foreign minister from 2012 and 2016, Tedros became the face of a government that human rights groups accused of systematic torture, disappearances and repression of the media and civil society)


  • UK GAYrdian reports "MP behind Meghan letter calls for action on press bullying" BUT only if your female (The feminists are happy to let the press continue bullying men who are being smeared and framed with their extreme DV claims. See Johnny Depp as to how that works)

  • UK Britain's gutter rags aren't racist, claims their WHITE editors. That just shows how long the problem will endure

  • UK The royal who they say asked about baby Archie's skin colour will be OUTED (We have a bloody good idea who that might be. The rest just quietly think the same)

  • UK Today host Brooke Boney accuses the Queen of 'gaslighting' Harry and Meghan with her statement about the hurtful remark about 'how dark' their son Archie would be

  • UK Britain's judicial mafia claim MI5 is allowed to authorise its agents to torture and murder (But argue with your wife and you'll lose everything by the same judicial scum)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford Clash Over Prince Harry and Meghan’s Accusations of Racism (VIDEO)

  • UK The British Media Is Institutionally Racist (VIDEO)

  • UK Haughty titles dished out by the royals but only if you're white (You really have to be some sort of fucked up psychopath to drum up calling yourself a royal HIGHNESS)

  • UK A Met cop has been arrested over the disappearance of a woman in London

  • UK Hypocritical establishment mouthpiece unapologetic Piers Morgan breaks silence on GMB exit (This bastard is primed by his bosses to go after ANYONE who dares challenge the ruthless scum that control Britain and who push the peasants through persecution to suicide and who are dying en masse)

  • UK A "toxic culture" of bullying and harassment at Sellafield nuclear site could let serious safety concerns go unreported claims whistleblowers (Sellafield has the largest plutonium store in the world)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan criticised by mental health charity over Meghan comments on suicide (There are literally THOUSANDS of victims driven to suicide in Britain by the persecution meted out by Her Majesty's many arms of the state with mostly freemasons in the key positions that exert those pressures. See welfare claimants and divorcing men as to how financial and psychological torture pushes many over the edge)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece and bully Piers Morgan resigns before he gets the boot from Good Morning Britain, ITV says in wake of Meghan and Harry comments(There is nothing funny when anybody seeks help for serious mental health issues that could lead to suicide when brushed aside by bullies like Morgan)

  • UK Time To Abolish The Monarchy (VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless in Venice Beach - No place should look like this (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum use extra protection for children laws with tagged on protection of masonic statues (Ten years for damaging a memorial to slavery. Also extra stop and search powers for cops)

  • UK Piers Morgan storms off GMB set and says he 'can't do this' after Meghan Markle clash(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasites lie, smear and frame anyone who gets in their way (Palace officials failed to protect her and 'were willing to lie to protect other members of the Royal family.' Evil bastards who will rot in hell for the enormous harm they manufacture via their global network of dimwitted death cult scum controlled by their loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent along with their gutter rag lackeys like Harmsworth, Murdoch and the Barclay Bros who provide the bullshit and propaganda that props them up and covers their arses. See how their rapist son avoids the law with their global control of law enforcement)

  • UK Surprise surprise the royal parasites are exposed as racists (accusing her in-laws of being concerned about how dark Archie's skin would be)

  • UK Feminist / lawyer run GAYrdian and more exaggerated claims over pensions (They fail to mention how women are using divorce courts to turn themselves into millionaires overnight thanks to the Queens hand picked judicial mafia who use smearing and framing like they are doing with Meghan right now)

  • UK Harry blasts dad for 'letting him down' in ruthless Oprah chat

  • USA Edward Snowden 2021 This Is Really Happening!(VIDEO)


  • UK Meghan and Harry interview: Tabloid racism 'large part' of why we left UK (Gutter rags in Britain NEVER EVER criticise the Queen and her vast entourage of freemason dimwitted lackeys OR ELSE)

  • UK Harry and Meghan rattle monarchy's gilded cage (The pseudo 'House of Windsor' that is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in freefall)

  • UK Homopaedo to stand trial on Celtic Park sex abuse charges (Football system rife with perverts trying to access young boys)

  • UK GAYrdian report on "International Witches Day" with ever more extreme feminist entitlement claims (How to sit back and do nothing then claim rights with women turning themselves into millionaires overnight via feminist leaning divorce courts. The biggest fraud against men on the planet who are cajoled into signing marriage certificates that are a licence for the Crown, legal mafia and golddiggers to enrich themselves with £millions stolen from those men)

  • Global The radical roots of International Witches Day (Men and women should be out there fighting for women NOT)(VIDEO)

  • USA Three Ways The United States Could Collapse Into Chaos(VIDEO)

  • UK Meghan Markle's Oprah tell-all will 'open Pandora's box' that will be 'hard to close' (The royal parasites only survive by smearing and framing anyone who gets in their way. See how her hand picked judges operate inside divorce courts where men faced the same persecution tactics)

  • UK Haughty titles the royal mafia indoctrinate themselves with get removed when they get upset (You really need to be an extreme psychopathic nut job to claim to be a royal highness)

  • UK Only feminist lawyer run GAYrdian could back SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon's failures (Only hardened feminists can't see the pathetic conduct of the SNP in Scotland and especially the lawyer who leads them with some extreme draconian anti-male legalese)

  • UK SNP meltdown as TWO polls find Scots would vote AGAINST independence and just a third believe Nicola Sturgeon has been honest in Alex Salmond row (Finally the gutter rags are forced to expose the SNP scum and their secret cover up network)

  • UK BBC SNP covid briefings are free party political broadcasts by a lawyer acting for the law society and who also control the BBC in Scotland


  • USA Lawyer Biden's New World Order (VIDEO)

  • Global Masonic Takeover of the World (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC Buggering Boys Club the mouthpiece for Stonewall (BBC sounding more like a satanic death cult every day with the morals of a cesspit. See their former deceased top presenter Jimmy Savile as to how that worked)

  • UK The Queen should APOLOGISE to Meghan for ‘racial hatred’ in UK, TV host Sunny Hostin claims as A-list pals rally round (The toxic family traits searing through with the treatment of Meghan and just like Diana)

  • UK Royal Family to retaliate 'powerfully' as 'war' with Meghan and Harry nears boiling point (The masonic godfather and royal fixer the Dukey Kent sets loose over 5 million freemasons globally to fuck Meghan's life up. The sinister global power of a satanic death cult used against anyone who dares cross or challenge these fucking scum and their dimwitted goons)

  • UK Royal parasites hoarded wealth(VIDEO)

  • Australia Homo debauchery parades down streets of Sydney sanctioned by their government (Even a pandemic couldn't stop the rot)

  • UK Tory scum pour £19million into feminist DV scams while failing to help the millions of women who have had six years of pension stolen costing them £billions thanks to the tory scum (Claims that they protect women from all us bad men is a distraction from the poverty millions of women find themselves in thanks to the tory austerity boot)

  • UK Tory scumbag Hancock tries to defend one per cent pay rise for nurses: decision based on 'affordability' (Meanwhile the evil bastards are handing out £millions in public money to their friends in covid contracts)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Matt Hancock broke the law by failing to reveal coronavirus PPE contracts worth billions of pounds', High Court rules (It comes after the former landlord of Hancock's local pub supplied tens of millions of Covid tests to the NHS after sending him a personal WhatsApp message - despite his company having no previous experience of making medical supplies)

  • UK £19million for DV scams and a pay cut for nurses (Claims by the tory scum they protect women is utter bullshit as female nurses are being used and abused during pandemic)

  • UK travel alert: Britons must now carry Covid form to be able to leave country from Monday (Getting more like the Stasi every single day)

  • UK British gutter rags do hatchet job on banished royals exposing their agenda (They would be jailed for daring to do the same to the queen)

  • UK ROYAL RIFT Meghan Markle & Prince Harry biographer Omid Scobie claims bullying probe ‘unfair’ after ‘silence’ on Prince Andrew

  • UK Meghan ‘blamed Kate and Camilla for leaking stories to the press about her’ (Royal scum at their best)

  • UK Non disclosure agreements go right out the window when the royals want to smear and frame those who dont knuckle under their mafia

  • UK Tory thug Priti Patel reaches £340,000 settlement with ex-Home Office chief Philip Rutnam who she bullied out of his job) (This is the same hypocrtical bullying bastards who just used £19million of public money on DV bullshit by claiming to protect women from all us bad men)

  • UK £19 million for feminist DV bullshit while cutting the wages of NHS nurses coping with pandemic (The scumbag tory's claim to protect women against all us bad men while using them as slave labour)

  • UK Dozens of Covid contracts had not been published when Boris Johnson told MPs they were "on the record for everyone to see (Most went to their pals with no tendering. Even way back to Thatcher they were getting away with this corruption with the cops turning a blind eye to the robbing bastards criminality)

  • EU EU postpones setting date for ratifying Brexit trade deal (Northern Ireland troubles rearing its ugly head again)

  • USA Renowned men's rights lawyer Marc Angelucci talks to Bettina Arndt - Audio Podcast(VIDEO)

  • Australia Duluth DV re-education programme – one man's amazing story(VIDEO)

  • UK Levelling up but only if you're in a tory voting area

  • UK Sturgeon's 'litany of lies' is 'too much for her to survive'

  • USA Commercial Real Estate Catastrophe: Property Value Dropping By 60% As Business Face Foreclosure (VIDEO)

  • UK SNP Scotland's Nasty Party under feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon

  • UK Meghan accuses royals of 'perpetuating falsehoods' (Smearing and framing is rife when freemasons operate for and on behalf of the royal mafia. See divorce courts as to how that works)

  • Global How the media manipulate telling endless lies(VIDEO)

  • USA Mother Who Left Kids at Home for European Vacation avoided jail in 2018 (If genders were reversed jail would be definite but not when the judicial mafia show empathy for females even in the worst case scenarios) (VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshit: EU accuses UK of trying to break international law again in new row

  • UK Northern Irish loyalist paramilitaries withdraw support for 1998 peace deal due to concerns over the Brexshit deal

  • UK Sturgeon to give evidence to Holyrood on Salmond inquiry amid calls to resign (Legal witch finally gets caught with her lying devious ploys just like her legal buddies use in Scotland's draconian divorce courts racking up millions from their lies)

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims total ignorance of THIRTY harassment complaints about five other SNP ministers (Here is a political mafia claiming to protect women with extremely gender biased domestic violence legislation while they themselves are embroiled in harassment claims against women)

  • UK Holyrood Inquiry: Calls for feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon to quit over Alex Salmond revelations(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP's feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon fighting for political life amid Alex Salmond inquiry(VIDEO)

  • UK Enforced Covid jab coming for NHS and care home staff (Who will be forced to next?)

  • Global Jewish Mayim Bialik explains Purim and how "Everyone hates the jews"(VIDEO)

  • UK What's The Point Of Labour? (Britain needs a new political party that is NOT tainted by infiltration from the legal mafia like their lackeys Blair and Starmer)(VIDEO)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer hammered for his stance on tax rises for the rich

  • UK Shaun Bailey: Tory black mayoral candidate says universal income would be used for drugs (Stereotyping working class people by the rich who can sit behind their gated driveways sniffing coke)

  • UK Gutter rags smear campaigns against ANYONE who crosses the royal mafia (and psychiatric gulags for anyone who gets to close)

  • UK Murdoch's royalist revolting gutter rag claims royal parasite works hard (Yeah all those luxury banquets must take a toll on her innards FFS)

  • UK Woman, 52, who murdered her retired civil servant ex-boyfriend, gouged his eyes out and stuffed his body in a freezer dies of Covid in prison (So much for the feminist claims about domestic violence is always instigated by men)

  • UK How Britain bowed to American nukes on its shores (Scotland now heavily contaminated from work carried out on American nuclear subs on its embankments and coastal beds)

  • UK UK failed to inform EU countries about almost 200 killers and rapists (Masonic cops covering for their lodge buddies again?)

  • UK GAYrdian and its feminist propaganda(Run for and on behalf of feminist lawyers)

  • UK The end is nigh for the SNP toxic feminist lawyer troll Sturgeon (Lawyer liar Sturgeon responsible for the most diabolical legislation against innocent divorcing men is about to face the boot. Where malicious lies and smearing allows her fucking scumbag buddies to rob men en masse with her help)

  • USA Eviction Moratorium Ruled Unconstitutional, Largest Tsunami Of Evictions In U.S. History Incoming(VIDEO)

  • USA We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities(VIDEO)

  • Isreal COVID-tracking bracelets given out at Tel Aviv airport(VIDEO)

  • UK The SNP is so used to 'othering' – the demonisation and smearing of its critics (A tactic used regularly by lawyer Sturgeon's legal buddies against divorcing men just before they strip them bare)

  • UK SNP scumbag Swinney agrees to publish Salmond case legal advice (Exposed the political and legal mafia's attempts to COVER UP what is going on in Scotland)

  • UK Support for the SNP and for independence has been falling in recent polls (SNP exposures ensure their demise as well as the fear of independence under an SNP banner would lead to more tyranny and more men being destroyed in their corrupt courts)

  • UK Are Britain's bosses up to the job? (We have personal experience of companies who use FAST track routes for dimwitted freemasons to go directly into management and who are promoted WELL above their station and with no flair for management, just ruthless bullying and fear. We have witnessed people being destroyed by their deadly tactics)

  • UK BBC report "Dozens of arts freelancers lose out on Covid support over tax 'error'" (Once again not ONE example of how men are affected only from a feminist perspective)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer's critics become increasingly vocal (Like lawyer Blair he does NOT speak on behalf of the working classes he is part of the British establishment and a lackey for the law society terrorists)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer was party to the cover up of Jimmy Savile's crimes while head of Public Prosecutions when the Crown Prosecution Service claimed there was insufficient evidence to proceed

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer led the CPS when it did not charge Jimmy Savile, although he wasn’t the reviewing lawyer (While divorcing men face ruin if they argue with their ex wives evil bastards like Savile were getting away with murder thanks to the very warped prejudice the Crown operates under with scum like Starmer at the head of the twisted snake)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer as head of the CPS used ‘insufficient evidence’ constantly to ignore serious crimes (Meanwhile promoting DV scams that see innocent men destroyed during divorce and losing everything over malicious smear campaigns that Starmer promotes)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan goes after the ex-royals who have upset old Lizzie (Freemasons inside the media have their axes sharpened, on the orders of their godfather the Dukey Kent, to paint the queen positively while the renegades who are exposing them are smeared by the likes of Morgan. We are no big fans of any of the royals but it is clear how they go after anyone who dares expose their operations)

  • UK Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview ‘bought for £1M by ITV’ despite fears it will ‘detonate diplomatic bomb’

  • Japan Stop doing anal Covid tests on our citizens, Japan tells China

  • EU Holidays to Europe on the cards as EU is set to include UK in passport scheme (It is thought the plan includes allowing non-vaccinated tourists to travel, provided they can show proof of a negative test)

  • UK One million households to get energy refunds after 18 suppliers break switching rules (The energy racketeers who have been getting away with murder. Scottish Power one of the worst to deal with when they have been ripping off customers)

  • USA What is Happening to California Restaurants? (VIDEO)

  • USA Who is the cause of poverty in black America (There is quite a lot wrong and missing from the views in this video. 1. When it comes to employment there is still a massive prejudice in who will be selected for all the GOOD well paid jobs. 2. No mention of how corrupt the legal system is worldwide and no matter how hard any man works the system is geared to steal it all back if there is a breakdown in a relationship. Now with Covid and jobs becoming scarce black men will go back to the end of the queue)(VIDEO)

  • UK Meghan silenced by the mafia don the royal parasite via her lackeys (When freemasonry controls every aspect of how the royals operate you get an EVIL tyranny that is now being exposed. It takes a FEMINIST to expose how when the royals get upset your life is in danger see Princess Diana as to how that operates. Harmsworth's filthy gutter rag does the usual hatchet job on anyone who crosses the royal mafia)

  • USA Making House Calls to Homeless People in Venice Beach(VIDEO)

  • USA Deluded Trump still thinks he won election over two months on

  • UK Scots don't want independence under a feminist lawyer run SNP mafia (Scots finally waking up to the vile scum operating inside the SNP)

  • France Sarkozy convicted of corruption and sentenced to one year in prison

  • UK Sturgeon's Deputy First Minister John Swinney faces a no confidence vote in Scottish Parliament for refusing to publish Salmond legal advice(Swinney no better than Sturgeon a waste of space)

  • UK BBC The Big Bully Club threaten and hound pensioners for 3p underpayment (Time these evil bastards have their dodgy licence scams revoked by the political mafia)

  • UK New Scottish Labour leader(NOT a lawyer) disagrees with lawyer Starmer on EU stance (Labour may take decades to repair the damage their cretins did to Scotland under McConnell, Brown and Blair)

  • UK CROOKED Scots lawyer had been caught ripping off his clients to the tune of more than £200,000 (William Murnin systematically overcharged by up to 7,000 per cent above what his fees should have been, but it has taken more than ten years for him to be found guilty. Not an isolated incident this is happening across Scotland DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • UK MP's a licence to print money meanwhile austerity continues for the peasants in lockdown

  • UK DV promoters the BBC 'bullies' spent £7m on fee threats (Hounding people to pay for their vile propaganda is their top priority. Time to encrypt their bullshit and let anyone who wants brainwashed to pay for their male hate propaganda)

  • Israel Netanyahu claims Iran 'clearly' behind blast on Israeli-owned ship (Or even a Mossad false flag)

  • Ukraine A man who was inside Chernobyl reactor(VIDEO)

  • USA Is federal tax illegal?(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasite claims anyone not taking Covid jab is selfish (VIDEO)

  • UK Eviction orders being issued despite tory scum Covid pledge (Twenty members of the London Renters Union are among those facing the first court proceedings after the government secretly changed its eviction ban last month)

  • UK Queen's bank Coutts, the bank to rely on in a Covid crisis – BUT ONLY if you're seriously wealthy (The continued secrecy surrounding the enormous wealth hidden behind closed doors will in time be fully exposed and show just how corrupt Britain and the world truly is)

  • UK BBC, Crown, judges, lawyers and political mafia cranking up the feminist hate men legalese (Criminal attacks are already covered by the law. The NEW laws are for separating couples with solitary masonic judges and no juries deciding non cult mens fate with only allegations required prior to men losing EVERYTHING)

  • UK Brown claims unemployed could be 'betrayed' in budget (Just like they were under Blair and Brown. Labour record not much better and why they were kicked out of Scotland only to be replaced by the SNP mafia that Scots are now waking up to)

  • USA Coronavirus: Biden's $1.9tn Covid relief bill passes House vote (America's capitalist dream has collapsed and now propped up with socialist handouts. The dream is a nightmare for the millions now finding themselves on the streets like so many before. Capitalism NEVER works only ensures vast inequality and a break down in society when its run like a dog eat dog)

  • USA Now That Universal Basic Income Checks Have Started, The Americans Will Go Mad If They Dont Continue (VIDEO)

  • UK CREDIT BOOST Almost every adult in England and Wales could receive ‘£750 share of £34BILLION claim against Experian’ (These fuckers are the utter scum of the earth and a major reason why so many across the globe are homeless and now EVERYONE except the ultra rich are in debt and behind in their payments thanks to lockdowns so very few have good credit or how scum like Experian judge them)

  • USA Biden May Move to Fire the Big three Credit Bureaus to Minimize Racial Bias (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, the three credit reporting bureaus who are a major cause of mass homelessness in America and now most people have bad credit NO ONE will be able to get a home or loan thanks to lockdowns)

  • UK More positive homosexual promotion from the BBC Buggering Boys Club (Meanwhile endless negative stereotyping of heterosexual males as abusers. The BBC is now a sick satanic fuck for so called news from their homopaedo network)

  • UK Tory austerity is alive and well, and giving public services a kicking

  • UK It is only a matter of time before they turn on the unvaccinated

  • UK Alex Salmond to twist the knife again: Devastating blow for Sturgeon as ex-First Minister prepares to reveal new evidence that she misled Scottish parliament (The ugly festering bastard scab that is the SNP)

  • UK Prison for Benefits Fraud – Knighthoods for Tax Dodgers

  • UK HMRC’s use of criminal prosecutions for tax fraud and other revenue crimes. A comparison with benefits fraud (Equality before the law?)

  • UK Royal parasites deciding on their future(Or more like when will be their demise)

  • UK Buying dream homes turn into nightmares

  • Chaos And Shock As Electricity Prices Across America Explode ! VIDEO
    The WORST Places You Can Live in the United States in 2021 VIDEO
    Ten Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to the United States VIDEO
    Trump impeachment trial: Former president not guilty of inciting Capitol riot VIDEO
    America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling VIDEO
    Living Off Grid As The Collapse Of Society Approaches: Why Aren’t More People Doing This? VIDEO
    Tory Corruption 7 VIDEO
    Female caught red handed thieving from man's grandmother VIDEO

    There are plenty more like her using Britain's corrupt family courts doing the same to men and sanctioned by crooked judges and lawyers
    Homopaedo ring hiding inside British football

  • HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT How Scottish football HOMOPAEDO sex beasts’ abuse left lasting impact on lives of their victims
  • Young footballers may have been victims of cross-border 'organised sexual abuse' by homopaedo's using football training as a cover
  • Scottish football sex abuse victim left 'bereft, broken and ignored' for decades abused by homopaedo
  • How L.A. Profits from City-Wide Homeless Crisis VIDEO
    Here's a drive through the wealthiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, California VIDEO
    Royals behind DV that makes them rich via judicial corruption

  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • HypOcrite Camilla, her true story: Her love affair with Prince Charles rocked the monarchy (Did NOT give a fuck about Diana's pain while shagging Charlie)
  • Hypocrite royals fake tears over their domestic abuse tactics
  • How the royalist judeo masonic 'Rule of Law' operates
  • Paedo royal parasite only the tip of an enormous iceberg
  • Queens bank Coutts and her Eton groomed lackey behind funding of extreme feminist mafia
  • Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence - Bettina Arndt(VIDEO)
  • Feminism fuels vindictive women(VIDEO)
  • Whitewashing the truth of why men kill themselves(VIDEO)
  • Telling the truth about domestic violence(VIDEO)
  • Women's Aid the mouthpiece for the legal mafia
  • Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. VIDEO
    The Elephant's Foot - Corpse of Chernobyl VIDEO
    Afghanistan Mercenary Shocker + US Says Nuclear War “Very Real Possibility” VIDEO
    8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Mill Behind On Rent VIDEO
    In LA, poverty on Skid Row defies US’ humane reputation VIDEO
    Tory Corruption 6 VIDEO
    For 55 Percent Of Americans, 2020 Has Been “A Personal Financial Disaster” VIDEO
    Homeless in Los Angeles California - IT'S VERY BAD!!! VIDEO
    Salmond inquiry exposes feminist lawyer Sturgeon's biased legalese against heterosexual men

  • More Here (Holyrood is an utter den of lesbians / homosexuals / feminists / freemasons and lawyers determined to destroy heterosexual men with their vindictive laws under the guise they are protecting women while lining their pockets with the spoils of free stolen property)
  • Holyrood’s harassment complaints committee has voted against publishing the evidence from former first minister Alex Salmond on the potential ministerial code breach by Nicola Sturgeon (“Today’s vote will only raise suspicions among the wider public that the SNP Government have had no intention of being fully transparent with this inquiry despite what the First Minister has said previously.")
  • The SNP's lesbian lawyer Joanna Cherry has said her party is in "unprecedented" turmoil (As we have been warning for over a decade the SNP are a fucking farce and full of lawyers determined to destroy heterosexual mens lives and steal their wealth)
  • Gutter rag promotes establishment mouthpiece ahead of Boris
    There is an answer to America's homeless but the political mafia dont want to know VIDEO

    Meanwhile no shortage of $trillions for the Military Industrial Complex, NASA and Israeli foreign aid
    Las Vegas Homeless February 2021 Update VIDEO
    SNP Sturgeon's husband lied to Salmond inquiry (Married but didn't take her husband's surname)

  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • SNP Sturgeon's 'shifty' husband accused of being 'coached' off screen at Salmond inquiry VIDEO
    Peter Hitchens: "I'm not sure our political system will survive the turmoil" VIDEO
    Michael Cohen: Does Trump have a 'secret' pardon? VIDEO
    Latest feminist t-shirts

    Avoid any female wearing this bullshit

  • Femi / homo BBC and feminist MP's claim bullshit that "Government policies have repeatedly skewed towards men" (Time to open a ward to treat extreme feminism as a mental disorder with their DELUDED status as eternal victims of men and with governments pouring millions into lawyer run Womens Aid to strip men bare)
  • Royal parasite used her lawyers to bully government to stop disclosure of her enormous wealth

    It might prove embarrassing

  • How archaic process of Queen’s consent is still used on modern laws (Governments main concern is to ensure the royal parasites remain ultra rich and without scrutiny)
  • How Queen’s consent raises questions over UK democracy
  • Queen did not block legislation, claims Buckingham Palace (Documents published by the Guardian suggest the monarch's personal lawyers successfully lobbied ministers to change a draft law in order to conceal her private wealth)
  • Prince Charles vetted laws that stop his tenants buying their homes (Royals used secretive procedure to approve laws that gave special exemptions to Duchy of Cornwall)
  • Britain's royal parasitic mafia's global control(Using 5,000,000+ freemasons) VIDEO
    Venice Beach out of business VIDEO
    EASA Stops Accepting The FAA's Certification Of New U.S. Jets Until EASA Can Check Them Personally VIDEO
    Labour leader LAWYER Sir Keir Starmer is facing a backlash after one of his most senior frontbenchers described the Covid

    Pandemic as a 'gift that keeps on giving' for millionaire lawyers(As we have been saying throughout when businesses and houses are stolen by crooked lawyers as people get in to difficulty with no wages during these lockdowns. How these fucking crooks have managed to get away with so much for so long and with a MOUNTAIN of dead men to answer for.)

  • Labour’s Lord Falconer ‘very sorry’ after calling Covid a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ in talk to lawyers
  • Labour's lawyer Starmer promised Corbynism without Corbyn but he’s giving us Blairism without Blair’ (Lawyers like Blair and Starmer are destroying any credibility Labour has left)
  • Lord Falconer apologises for calling Covid a 'gift' for lawyers (Political and legal mafia' corrupt agenda exposed)
  • Union Jack flag removed from European council building in Brussels VIDEO
    Government lawyers protecting lawyer controlled SNP arses

  • Crunch time for SNP as feminist lawyer Sturgeon and Salmond’s rift comes under scrutiny (The SNP's flawed LAWYER driven utopia finally being exposed in the rags that once backed then to the hilt)
  • Scotlands's GUTTER rags want propped up with public money for providing propaganda for Scotland's political mafia that are a fucking shambles
  • Tory Corruption 5 VIDEO
    Captain Tom Moore R.I.P. used as a cynical promotion tool by the British Establishment as some sort of help to the NHS

    The Queen and her Eton groomed tory lackey Boris Johnson have done more to destroy the NHS than at any time in Britain's past history and no one should need to do anything to raise charity to prop it up

  • Captain Sir Tom Moore dead: NHS hero, 100, dies after Covid fight
  • Gutter rags claim 'crazed killer' or another Scots man driven to suicide?

    Anyone unaware of what is going on in Scotland would assume all the gutter rags that are controlled by lawyers are right in calling him a 'crazed' killer but many men are driven to suicide that the gutter rags never mention except when they take their family with them then they are classed as deranged without looking at what was happening behind the scenes within the family courts.

    Until those rags are fully aware of the background to this case they are merely seeing a man driven to despair taking his family and then himself while mentally driven to insanity. This is a common ploy by rags who back the legal mafia's persecution of men in divorce courts controlled by freemasons. If he has no history of this type of behaviour then he HAS likely been psychologically driven to commit these heinous acts like some sort of mancurian candidate. No judgement should be made until a full inquiry examines why a man would be driven to kill the family he loved.
    The freemasons that SPY for the royal parasites get all the cushy jobs

  • Queen appoints ex-MI5 chief Andrew Parker as new Lord Chamberlain (Brits need to waken up to this mafiosa)
  • Gutter rags sickly deference to the royal parasites they churn up NEWS from decades ago (The MAIN occupation of Britains gutter rags is to provide nauseous bullshit and propaganda for an EVIL historically germanic regime the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)
  • Harmsworth's right wing rag accuses EU of kissing Russia's ass while he and his journo lackeys kiss the royal ass BIG TIME
  • Jewish lawyer Michael Cohen who protected Trumps corrupt ass now spills the beans VIDEO

    Globally decent men are being fucked over in divorce courts by crooked lawyers who are busy protecting their rich buddies backs
    Venice Beach homeless encampment during a rain storm VIDEO

    Every President for decades is responsible for the shocking state their citizens are forced to live in and despite the propaganda from their controlled media it is NOT addiction or mental health problems that is causing this as we have contacts there and can say with certainty it is the vast inequality and lack of affordable housing that causes thousands of Americans to lose their homes forced to live on the streets. Covid is exposing many more Americans, who may have shown little sympathy with the growing tidal wave of homelessness, now fear they may end up on the streets themselves.
    California Shutdown Double Standard; Looming Economic Backfire VIDEO
    Apple slaves REVOLT, destroy factory over $7/month pay VIDEO

  • Followup on the Apple subcontractor slave revolt (VIDEO)
  • Beautiful MacArthur Park is a homeless encampment park now VIDEO

    From looking down at the homeless many Americans are now a big step closer to ending up there themselves
    Tory corruption 4 VIDEO
    Deluded Feminists VIDEO

    There is a masonic death cult judicial mafia globally bowing to this mindset that is fucking mens lives up
    A Right Royal Reset (Global Value Creation WTF!!!!) VIDEO
    American Elections: It Doesn't Matter VIDEO
    Israeli hypocrisy over Iran VIDEO
    Streets of Los Angeles (Sunset Boulevard) VIDEO
    Employed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rent VIDEO
    Feminist lesbian lawyer sacked from SNP front bench

  • SNP's lesbian lawyer MP Joanna Cherry dropped in SNP frontbench reshuffle (The assault on heterosexual men in the courts emanates from allowing the SNP to push the LGBT agenda at the UTTER expense of heterosexual family life)
  • SNP's Cherry sacking exposes the feminist lesbian lawyers dictating anti heterosexual male legalese (The whole political and legal system in Scotland DOMINATED by homosexuals and lesbians dictating anti male laws)
  • Lawyer run SNP government funded feminist charity bragging about the WORLD'S NEW GOLD STANDARD for framing men
  • Scotland's vile domestic abuse laws and the untold damage they can cause (VIDEO)
  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties
  • SNP homosexual Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • War against heterosexual men in Scotland like gender Apartheid
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Bad Laws Cause Homeless Crisis VIDEO
    Priti Patel CALLED OUT By NHS Doctor On Covid Deaths VIDEO
    Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin's Palace’ VIDEO

  • Russians protest in -41C as police arrest 1,600 Navalny supporters
  • Putin's Palace: The $ Billion Dollar GRIFT - narrated by Alexei Navalny (Poor subtitles due to machine generation)(VIDEO)
  • What's Equality Got To Do With It - Dr. Janice Fiamengo at Queen's University VIDEO
    EASA Stops Accepting The FAA's Certification Of New U.S. Jets Until EASA Can Check Them Personally VIDEO
    Los Angeles Homeless Epidemic VIDEO
    Be Ready For Housing Market Crash And Mass Evictions In America VIDEO
    Homeless Encampments Spread to venice beach new Skid row VIDEO
    Do Women Want Equality? VIDEO
    Homeless in Hollywood on the walk of fame VIDEO
    Boeing is broken VIDEO
    Tory Corruption 3 VIDEO
    Why is it wrong for dictators and terrorists to kill innocent citizens and right or excusable for America to do exactly the same? (at 9.20) VIDEO
    Fascism is all about spectacle VIDEO
    Crash more, corrupt NYC real estate bubble VIDEO
    Jordan Peterson debunks the Patriarchy VIDEO
    Israeli hypocrite dodges question on their nuclear weapons VIDEO
    Trying to defend billionaires VIDEO
    Homeless encampment the real skid row Downtown Los Angeles VIDEO
    US House delivers article of impeachment against Trump to the Senate VIDEO

    The gutter rags who push the domestic violence scams and who promote the devious lies that are generated in divorce courts by groomed females to give the crown and its hand picked judges(by the queen) an excuse to destroy men not part of their satanic death cult change their tune when it comes to a female exposing the royal parasites and do the exact opposite they DON'T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The royals now getting a taste of their own medicine but their rags still smear and frame anyone who dares threaten them.

    What has happened to Meghan pales next to the long trail of the men persecuted in the Queens name by her hand picked judicial mafia who financially and psychologically destroy men to the point of suicide on the back of the smearing, framing and destruction of men's lives using malicious and vicious lies and character assassinations during divorce.

    Also the Eton groomed tory assassins the DWP, ATOS and Maximus who have done the same to anyone dependent on state help withdrawn at a whim and left to die on the streets using a sanctioning system that punishes for the slightest infraction or made up lies.


  • Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan criticised by mental health charity over Meghan comments on suicide (There are literally THOUSANDS of victims driven to suicide in Britain by the persecution meted out by Her Majesty's many arms of the state with mostly freemasons in the key positions that exert those pressures. See welfare claimants and divorcing men as to how financial and psychological torture pushes many over the edge)