• UK Prince Philip, 99, now in longest ever hospital stay as he fights infection (After he gets vaccine jab in January. Coincidence?)

  • UK Gutter rags report Prince Philip received vaccination on 9 January 2021

  • UK Upset the royal fuckers and the right wing rags like Murdoch's SCUM will attack at every turn (Britain's gutter rags are only interested in propping up an EVIL regime)

  • UK ‘Cover-up’ claims could end Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership ‘within weeks’ (Feminist lawyer has put in place pure evil legalese to destroy heterosexual men in Scotland to prop up the crooked legal mafia she heads as First Minister and the incaculable damage of so many men who ended up dead through legal persecution dished out by her pals who run the courts for their own self enrichment. PURE EVIL at the top of the SNP mafia)

  • USA How Jeffery Epstein Made His Billions(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum encourage young people to BUY? property so the legal mafia can thieve it back (Are the young catching on to the massive fraud and corruption going on across the world with homes being seized on a grand scale into the £trillions)

  • USA Old-School Italian Restaurant Owner Tells All! (lockdowns, nostalgia, struggles, hope) (VIDEO)

  • UK Salmond accuses lawyer liar Sturgeon of lying at Holyrood committee (When will Scotland waken up to the wicked witch at the heart of fucking up heterosexual mens lives? We have been warning them for long enough as VICTIMS of Scotland's corrupt legal mafia that Sturgeon is the mouthpiece for)(VIDEO)

  • USA Student ejected for telling professor there are only 2 genders(VIDEO)

  • Syria Joe Biden takes military action for first time as president - US launches airstrikes on Syria

  • UK Alex Salmond to testify at Holyrood over claims of conspiracy against him

  • UK Salmond tells of a 'malicious plan' against him

  • UK Salmond says there is 'no doubt' Nicola Sturgeon broke ministerial code

  • UK The Holyrood lunatic asylum at each others throats

  • UK Written Submission from Alex Salmond to Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints (Redacted)

  • Australia Protesters rally in Melbourne against vaccine passport(VIDEO)

  • UK Police ‘unable to explain’ why cops use force and stop and search disproportionately on black people (Erm racist freemasons who think they are above the law and like Jimmy Savile UNTOUCHABLE?)

  • UK More bullshit from the rabid feminist lunatics at BBC (Entitlement at the top of the BBC agenda for feminists pleading victimhood that entitles them to more and more entitlement)

  • UK A disproportionate numbers of solicitors and barristers(LAWYERS) attended private schools (Thats why so many are EVIL bastards who work for the royalist crown and not the peasants being stripped of their properties every day)

  • UK War criminal lawyer Blair gets platform in lawyer run GAYrdian to back Labour lawyer leader Starmer (While politics allows lawyers to act as MP's NOTHING will be done to stop the utter corruption the legal system operates in. Like in America the Clinton lawyers, Obama lawyers and Biden lawyers DOMINATE their corrupt political system)

  • UK BBC positively promote homosexual agenda even when reporting on Aids (Meanwhile the heterosexual male bashing continues unabated with the gender biased domestic violence propaganda)

  • USA 8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Million Behind On Rent (VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless Students in California(VIDEO)

  • UK Calls for mandatory Covid jabs conflict with Britons' right to say no

  • UK Britain's secret services have better spying capabilites than the Stasi (Hitler would be proud of how Britain has become even worse than the Stasi)

  • UK Paedo protecting BBC still pushing the lunatic feminist DV propaganda (Never has so much lies been fabricated by the lawyer run gutter press to ensure men are persecuted by freemason run courts)

  • UK The boss of a family-run Fife company which supplied teachers across Scotland with leather belts has moved to distance the firm from the “barbaric” abuse uncovered at a boys’ school in the kingdom (Scotland has a long history of abusing boys and men into adult hood. Something we are determined to expose seeing men's health being given NO priority by the political scum who back a sinister masonic death cult smearing, persecuting and robbing men not part of their vile mafia )

  • UK Boris the abuser merely swapped the Telegraph for Downing Street

  • UK The SNP tinpot dictatorship exposed

  • UK Woman, 36, admits to wearing fake baby bump to dupe former lover

  • UK Two women who attacked a teenage boy with a bottle and then stamped on his head have been jailed

  • UK Boris Johnson 'an unrepentant liar' who will blame Brexit costs on Covid, says diplomat (Johnson comes from an Eton and Oxford University class that believes they are entitled)

  • USA White House slaps back at Bernie Sanders for 'collectivist, socialist approach' after senator promises to eliminate Trump tax cuts for the rich to fund universal health care

  • UK Bank of England to 'resist firmly' EU raid on London

  • UK Ten Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to New York City (VIDEO)

  • USA Why San Francisco Is SO BAD Now(VIDEO)

  • China BBC reports on "China court orders man to pay wife for housework in landmark case" (With the usual feminist bullshit that follows)

  • UK Homosexual mouthpiece Peter Tatchell backs new HATE speech laws (He also backed reducing the age of consent that included very young boys)

  • UK BBC continues to promote the homosexual agenda positively (Meanwhile heterosexual men negatively portrayed as stereotypical abusers. A satanic paedo cult runs the BBC behind the scenes see their top dead presenter Savile as to how that operates)

  • UK Salmond inquiry exposes the none to cosy relationship between the political and legal mafia's ruling Scotland with an iron fist(Heterosexual men pay a heavy price for being smeared, framed and thieved from in masonic death cult run courts dominated by CORRUPTION)

  • UK Salmond pulls out of Holyrood inquiry after evidence censored (The extreme backstabbing inside the SNP with former leader Salmond and present leader Sturgeon at each others throats. We have NEVER trusted these bastards in how they have turned a blind eye to the massive injustice going on inside masonic death cult run corrupt courts against heterosexual men despite getting loads of evidence that has been totally ignored and in fact much worse now under a feminist lawyer)

  • UK This sleaze and scandal within the SNP has now undermined everything that's going on in Holyrood (The Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, was appointed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and is both the head of the Crown Office and the Scottish government's chief legal advisor. Any man facing the nepotism and MASSIVE conflicts of interest in Scottish courts knows that directly relates to the massive corruption stripping men bare thanks those serious conflicts of interest)

  • UK Salmond abuse inquiry exposes how the legal mafia can control the political mafia (Shocking conflicts of interest are rife with the crooks running the courts)

  • UK The Alex Salmond inquiry and the political stink at Holyrood

  • UK Lawyer Vera Baird QC wants a Victims' law call but ONLY if your female (When females get key positions of power men get left behind with their rose tinted ultra extreme feminist dogma that NEVER see men as victims of female criminality)

  • UK Feminist lawyer Vera Baird QC gets Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to women and equality (But fuck all to do with men and a promoter of gender biased DV legislation)

  • USA Former Trump jewish lawyer Cohen warns tax release could spell end for ex-president: ‘Take responsibility for your dirty deeds’ (But only after years of protecting his arse)

  • UK SNP scum implode with bombshell claims (The Holyrood mafia consists of feminist lawyers, homosexuals, lesbians and freemasons conspiring to fuck mens lives up in masonic run courts)

  • UK The Crown Office has warned the Scottish parliament it has “grave concerns” about the publication of new claims by Alex Salmond that there was a “malicious and concerted” attempt by former colleagues to banish him from public life (Just like they do with divorcing men in Scottish courts supported by feminist lawyer Sturgeon's draconian divorce legislation)

  • UK More sex perverts inside the royal parasites circle jailed

  • South Africa's unemployment soars to 32.5% with 7.2 million without work

  • USA Harry now part of the Hollywood set and rid of the parasite set

  • UK Cops apologise for claiming "being offensive is an offence" as part of a campaign to encourage people to report hate crime (The masonic bastards can't or WON'T catch real criminals instead spend wasted time on this fucking bullshit)

  • UK Tory scumbag Matt Hancock called to step down over a court ruling which found he had acted unlawfully in failing to publish details of billions of pounds’ worth of coronavirus-related contracts within the required time (Tory corruption exposed handing millions in public money to their friends and election backers)

  • UK SNP expert: Divided party needs time in opposition 'to sort itself out' (An SNP mask that hides extreme feminist malicious intent especially against heterosexual men being destroyed by the masonic death cult's political and legal SCUM dominating Scotland)

  • UK SNP's lesbian feminist lawyer Joanna Cherry 'takes legal action' against actor in 'disproportionate' move

  • UK How Scottish lawyers terrorize anyone who dares challenge their club (Ask any man facing divorce in Scotland the degree to which these threats and intimidation cause serious mental health problems leading to suicide)

  • UK Neil Oliver claims SNP have 'made a fool of Scotland' in furious attack (Finally the gutter rags are turning on the SNP after spending decades propping them up. We have been the only outlet that has been consistently exposing the hypocrisy of the SNP mafia and the pending threat to heterosexual men across Scotland from their abysmal legislation attacking men at every turn)

  • UK Holyrood hardly dares to breathe as Salmond faces final showdown

  • UK SNP 'sleaze' over Salmond affair as complainants are pawns

  • UK SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon accused of using FALL guys to get her off the hook in the Salmond abuse inquiry

  • UK Extreme lunatic feminists want protected from their exposure by new laws while they can continue to rage in their male hate campaigns (Scotland will no longer be a safe place for heterosexual men as the feminist mafia want total control of policies that see men stripped bare to satisfy the greed of the feminists making themselves and their crooked legal pals millionaires overnight thanks to draconian divorce laws)

  • UK When extreme feminist MP's like Jess Phillips get platforms in the GAYrdian to spout "Women who choose not to become mothers, she says, “are literally my superheroes" (How the fuck are they getting positions of authority while being anti-family as well as anti-male? God help their sons)

  • UK The former homelessness tsar thinks we need big, radical reform to tackle hunger, rough sleeping and poverty (Hypocritical GAYrdian rant about homelessness while pushing the feminist agenda that sees men kicked out on to the streets after brutal divorce orders)

  • UK More extreme feminist man hating from the GAYrdian ranting that "We assess domestic abusers as husbands, boyfriends, lovers. We don’t think of them as psychopaths, narcissists, killers" (NEVER any mention of the female bullies and killers that are totally ignored when talking about domestic abuse or violence

  • UK London is a Ghost Town 2021(VIDEO)

  • Singapore After Dark: Homelessness in The City(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Matt Hancock's ex-neighbour under investigation by UK's medicine agency

  • UK homeless deaths rise by more than a third in a year, study finds (Dying on the streets of Britain is the hallmark of a fascist state under a VILE tory austerity boot)

  • USA Texas freeze shows a chilling truth – how the rich use climate change to divide us

  • Global Boeing 777s grounded around world after Denver engine failure

  • UK Gutter rags get ready for old Lizzie's death (No doubt she will receive saintly adulation from the royalist rags who have propped her up throughout her TWISTED reign)

  • UK The number of British households plunged into destitution more than doubled last year (When the tory scum are controlling the purse strings its always the most deprived who face the biggest hardships)

  • India Spying on India's Scammers 1 0f 4(VIDEO)

  • India Spying on India's Scammers 2 0f 4 (VIDEO)

  • India Spying on India's Scammers 3 0f 4 (VIDEO)

  • India Spying on India's Scammers 4 0f 4(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden Sells Missiles to Fascists and US Base Destroys Ancient Coral Reef (VIDEO)

  • USA The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Is Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The United States (VIDEO)

  • USA Texas power grid CEO explains what went wrong (VIDEO)

  • USA Texas Senator Ted Cruz apologises over trip to Mexico during weather crisis(VIDEO)

  • UK Covid keeps homosexual / lesbian mafia debauchery from spilling on to the streets of Britain (Some positive news from pandemic. The satanic / masonic death cult leaning political and legal mafia's manufacturing more rights for homosexuals / lesbians while stripping heterosexual men of ALL their rights)

  • UK Covid vaccine passports could discriminate, experts warn (The main scientific issues are around how long immunity lasts and whether vaccines will protect against new variants)

  • USA Homeless encampment spread to Venice Beach new skid Row (VIDEO)

  • USA Here are the cities Americans are abandoning the most(VIDEO)

  • USA election meddling in Palestine(VIDEO)

  • Global "As soon as you turn it on, is not yours anymore"(VIDEO)

  • Global “You can't buy food, you will become a non-person”(VIDEO)

  • UK Future generations bill sounds 'namby pamby' but it's start, says Lord Bird (the founder of the Big Issue)

  • UK Salmond set to spill the SNP beans before Holyrood inquiry next Wednesday (Abuse inquiry exposing the not so rosy agenda of the SNP mafia. The SNP's feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon behind the anti-male agenda being pushed for lawyers in Scotland so they can steal with impunity)

  • USA Why I left the U.S. and moved to Eastern Europe (VIDEO)

  • UK MSPs agree to publish Alex Salmond's inquiry submission (Did feminist lawyer Sturgeon grab power with the aid of the feminist pals inside Holyrood. The vast majority of legislation is extreme feminism and against heterosexual men and behind the break up of heterosexual families)

  • Australia Fiona Barnett - Candy Girl Documentary VIP elite paedo ring (Part 1 of 2)(VIDEO)

  • Australia Fiona Barnett - Candy Girl Documentary VIP elite paedo ring (Part 2 of 2) (VIDEO)

  • USA NASA expects to spend approximately $2.7 billion on the Perseverance rover landing on Mars today (There is something seriously wrong with America's political mafia who sanction so much money money for space junk while its people rot on the streets in mass homelessness)

  • Mars Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot heads for daunting landing

  • UK Homopaedo's operated with impunity inside Scottish CARE? homes

  • UK Fife Christian Brothers trial – GUILTY Homopaedo's Paul Kelly and John Farrell both taught at St Ninian’s (Shamed teacher jailed for abusing pupils at a former school for troubled boys in 2016)

  • Global Ten Most Secret Societies Who Run The World (VIDEO)

  • UK Major probe into why evil Scots woman who kept toddler in cage was allowed to look after kids (Claire Boyle had previous convictions including trying to sell a baby for £1million)

  • Global The Secret Society of the World's Most Exclusive Law School (VIDEO)

  • UK Queen gets tax bill on shooting activities at Balmoral estate slashed to lower than local businesses

  • USA Survival Lessons for the Homeless (No mental illness, no addiction just ONE pay check away from losing EVERYTHING)(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC forced to back off from hounding the over 75's into debt and jail for refusing to pay for their vile propaganda

  • UK Disagree with homosexuality and get fired and vilified by the gutter rags and judiciary

  • UK Vaccine passports the new NORMAL(NWO plans in progress)

  • UK Nearly 2,000,000 more people told to stay at home until March 31 (We just dont believe this is all about saving lives. The SNP and tory mafia's have millions of victims blood on their hands through extreme welfare sanctioning and divorce persecution)

  • USA Charges dropped against white New York woman who falsely accused Black man

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer's leadership needs an urgent course correction (Lawyer Starmer like Lawyer Blair is a law society lackey and hell bent on continuing the war against heterosexual men stripped bare in their corrupt courts run by the likes of Starmer)

  • UK Oxford professor who needed security to protect her from radical trans rights mob blasts universities over 'dismal failure' on free speech that lets liberals shut down debate by accusing people of 'hate speech'

  • UK Retired chartered accountant, 65, 'stabbed her fourth husband, 78, to death with kitchen knife in row over an iPad charger' at their £300,000 home

  • UK Feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon drunk on covid power(She has been fucking up mens lives with her new anti-male legalese now she is dictating about not getting a holiday. There is ulterior motives this bitch is up to and it is fuck all to do with saving lives. One look at how many scots men commit suicide thanks to the enormity of the persecution meted out by her legal buddies says it all)

  • UK Scotland's judicial mafia back away from interfering in Salmond abuse inquiry

  • USA Why Homelessness is Growing in California(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC feminist hysteria negative heterosexual male hate DV propaganda (BBC have an agenda and it has fuck all to do with happy heterosexual families by positively promoting them ONLY painting men in those families as abusers. Meanwhile covering up for their vast network of paedo's and mostly homopaedo's who have worked inside the BBC starting with their head honcho Jimmy Savile )

  • UK BBC positive LGBT propaganda(BBC stuffed full of feminists / lesbians / homosexuals and lawyers only to happy to provide the homo LGBT propaganda and the male hate campaigns)

  • Global 'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'

  • UK Calls for post-Brexit reforms of UK competition law (The biggest and most dangerous monopoly globally are the law society who more than Google or Facebook can gather the most intimate and private data of men facing divorce and who are getting away with MURDER)

  • UK Looming MASS evictions in Britain unless a Spanish-style loan scheme to help UK households in arrears is enacted (So many who voted in a hard line tory government to HAMMER the poor again now realise what it is like to live on a pittance and to struggle with surviving on the breadline)

  • Global Ten Most Secret Societies Who Run The World(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory thug Dominic Cummings was instrumental in the process of awarding a government contract without tender to a company run by his “friends”

  • UK Covid vaccine take-up lower among health workers

  • Global Academic Feminism from the Inside(VIDEO)

  • UK If only the BBC were as sympathetic to the heterosexual men who commit suicide when smeared and framed in family courts as domestic abusers

  • USA Chaos And Shock As Electricity Prices Across America Explode ! (VIDEO)

  • USA THE AMERICAN DREAM IS OVER! Google Street View shows Los Angeles is becoming a slum!(VIDEO)

  • USA The WORST Places You Can Live in the United States in 2021(VIDEO)

  • UK Scamming insurance companies get OWNED by UK court!(VIDEO)


  • UK BBC's extreme feminist ideology in their 'This is happening to women everywhere' (Men are being accused of every form of abuse everywhere destroying their lives and the BBC reinforce the stereotype of men all BAD women all GOOD)

  • UK Covid-19: Hotel quarantine comes into force (Travellers will have to pre-book and pay £1,750 to spend 10 days quarantining in government-sanctioned hotels)

  • UK Jewish weddings go on unabated despite lockdowns and pandemic

  • USA Ten Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to the United States (VIDEO)

  • USA America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling (VIDEO)

  • UK Eviction ban extended ONLY until March (Expect a massive increase in homelessness after the extension)

  • USA Trump impeachment trial: Former president not guilty of inciting Capitol riot (VIDEO)

  • Global Social Progress Index (USA 28th UK 20th)

  • USA Living Off Grid As The Collapse Of Society Approaches: Why Aren’t More People Doing This?(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish lawyers behind major hold ups in Salmond inquiry (Lawyers dominate Scotland acting only in the best interests of the terrorists operating out of the Law Society and will no doubt be protecting their lackey Sturgeon who has ensured she made new laws to line their stinking filthy pockets at the utter expense of the men hounded into their courts and stripped bare many who later commit suicide and die without a peep from their complicit gutter rags)

  • UK Despite the rantings of Womens Aid and Refuge females are every bit as capable of serious assault as men yet they NEVER support women attacked by other women despite them claiming they always support females(There are lies damn lies and womens aid stats)

  • UK Budget report exposes the £billions government make on property selling (But doesn't mention the £trillions plundered when those properties are stolen back in corrupt divorce courts and the need to promote the excuses they need to steal them back under DV bullshit)

  • UK Tory Corruption 7(VIDEO)

  • USA Here's a drive through the wealthiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, California(VIDEO)

  • USA How L.A. Profits from City-Wide Homeless Crisis (VIDEO)

  • UK Female caught red handed thieving from man's grandmother(VIDEO)

  • UK Outrage as hundreds of desperate homeless people are forced to queue in the snow for hot food in Glasgow as temperatures plunged to -14C (Rich coming from Harmsworth's right wing rag that backed tory cuts in extreme austerity boot. The vast bulk of those homeless are men and NOT as suggested women on the streets thanks to DV claims but men kicked on to the street by ruthless divorce proceedings)

  • UK HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT How Scottish football HOMOPAEDO sex beasts’ abuse left lasting impact on lives of their victims

  • UK Young footballers may have been victims of cross-border 'organised sexual abuse' by homopaedo's using football training as a cover

  • UK Scottish football sex abuse victim left 'bereft, broken and ignored' for decades abused by homopaedo

  • USA Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. (VIDEO)

  • UK Ian Botham accuses BBC of institutional bullying after targeting OAPs over TV licence (The morally upstanding BBC have been getting away with threatening their victims for decades to pay for their vile establishment propaganda including jailing non payers)

  • UK Biden to replace London with Amsterdam to ensure 'critical' spot in EU affairs (Britain now isolated by tory twisted Brexshit plans)

  • UK Salmond will be able to appear at inquiry into Scottish Government's botched handling of sex complaints against him (While divorcing men are stripped of their livelihoods for daring to argue with their ex-wives,a former SNP First Minister is awarded over £500,000 of public funds by Scotland's judicial mafia and then walks away from 13 charges, including sexual assault, indecent assault and attempted rape. He also gets a jury which doesn't happen during divorce and we wonder just who the jury consisted of and what all those women now think of Scotlands legal system. If they had made the same allegations during a divorce hearing the judges would be falling over themselves to award them compensation with NO evidence whatsoever? This is the same SNP that allows judges to hound men into early graves)

  • UK Martin Lewis incident exposes how LAWYERS oversee EVERYTHING put out on TV (Quote "The ITV lawyers might not like me saying that but I think these sites are outrageous")

  • UK Hypocrite Camilla, her true story: Her love affair with Prince Charles rocked the monarchy (Did NOT give a fuck about Diana's pain while shagging Charlie)

  • UK Another British establishment tosser charged with child sex offences

  • Global World's top 15 hedge fund managers made $23.2bn in total last year (Meanwhile back in the REAL world homelessness skyrockets)

  • USA Afghanistan Mercenary Shocker + US Says Nuclear War “Very Real Possibility”(VIDEO)

  • UK ‘It’s impossible to pay’: the UK residents trapped overseas by quarantine rules (‘Travel is almost a privilege now: you have to be rich enough to pay for quarantine’)

  • UK Half of UK exporters to EU are having Brexit difficulties, survey finds (Tory fuck up)

  • USA 8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Mill Behind On Rent(VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless in Los Angeles California - IT'S VERY BAD!!!(VIDEO)

  • USA For 55 Percent Of Americans, 2020 Has Been “A Personal Financial Disaster”(VIDEO)

  • USA In LA, poverty on Skid Row defies US’ humane reputation(VIDEO)

  • UK Pregnant Labour MP threatens legal action over maternity leave for top ministers (Tory feminists want to give themselves six months paid leave to have kids)


  • USA Trump impeachment: New footage shows just how close mob got to officials during riot

  • UK Tory fury over threat to holidays grows as Matt Hancock says 'nothing is certain' and ministers urge Brits NOT to book trips

  • EU Brexshit: EU accuses UK of 'shortcomings' over implementation of Northern Ireland protocol (Tory shambles as usual)

  • UK Nicola Sturgeon REFUSES to say if she'll quit if she is proven to have broken strict ministerial rules she signed off herself - as she calls for Alex Salmond to be FORCED into giving evidence (Despite the gutter rags backing this feminist lawyer witch we have warned from the beginning just who she operates for and its NOT Scottish people but her terrorist masters at the law society with orders from the freemason godfather Dukey Kent for a corrupt royalist crown)

  • UK Kamal Ahmed was axed from 'non-job' £205k BBC editorial director role 'after losing power struggle and was never forgiven for pocketing £12,000 for speech to hedge fund bosses days after sacking 450 staff'(BBC now run by feminists)

  • Global World won't be protected from Covid for six years, expert predicts in dire warning

  • UK The sickest lie of all: This ex-Harrods manageress convinced 600 people to give her £45,000 for 'life-saving' cancer treatment. The vile truth? She was healthy - and funding a luxury lifestyle. As she's jailed, furious victims condemn her callousness (Pales next to the golddiggers that MASONIC judges are only to happy to extort money from their ex-husbands using malicious lies and allegations)

  • UK Tory Corruption 6(VIDEO)

  • UK Brits face £1750 quarantine bill as Covid tests enforced for UK-bound travellers (Unless your rich everyone else will be stuck in Britain with no chance of travel to anywhere else)

  • UK Tory's shutting down travel anywhere

  • UK COVID-19: 10-year jail sentences 'appropriate' for lying at UK border, says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

  • UK Feminist lawyer run Womens Aid propaganda(VIDEO)

  • UK Salmond inquiry exposes feminist lawyer Sturgeon's biased legalese against heterosexual men (Holyrood is an utter den of lesbians / homosexuals / feminists / freemasons and lawyers determined to destroy heterosexual men with their vindictive laws under the guise they are protecting women while lining their pockets with the spoils of free stolen property)

  • UK Holyrood’s harassment complaints committee has voted against publishing the evidence from former first minister Alex Salmond on the potential ministerial code breach by Nicola Sturgeon (“Today’s vote will only raise suspicions among the wider public that the SNP Government have had no intention of being fully transparent with this inquiry despite what the First Minister has said previously.")

  • UK The SNP's lesbian lawyer Joanna Cherry has said her party is in "unprecedented" turmoil (As we have been warning for over a decade the SNP are a fucking farce and full of lawyers determined to destroy heterosexual mens lives and steal their wealth)

  • UK Prince Charles vetted laws that stop his tenants buying their homes (Royals used secretive procedure to approve laws that gave special exemptions to Duchy of Cornwall)

  • UK BBC report 'online romance fraud' and as ever ONLY suggest females as victims (The vast majority of this kind of fraud is against men. There is always a vindictive and venomous hatred of heterosexual men that comes across in ALL their reports)

  • UK SNP's lesbian lawyer Joanna Cherry sacked over stance on transgender

  • USA There is an answer to America's homeless but the political mafia dont want to know (Meanwhile no shortage of $trillions for the Military Industrial Complex, NASA and Israeli foreign aid)(VIDEO)

  • USA Americans Have Never Been More Dissatisfied With How The Country Functioning Than They Are Right Now(VIDEO)

  • USA Las Vegas Homeless February 2021 Update(VIDEO)

  • UK Peter Hitchens: "I'm not sure our political system will survive the turmoil"(VIDEO)

  • UK Edinburgh cop targeted 'vulnerable?' women for sex (There is evidence that cops who lock men up after claims of assault then target their partners after they are jailed. If there is one reason to assume Scottish cops have ulterior motives to back womens claims it is this)

  • UK SNP Sturgeon's husband lied to Salmond inquiry (Married but didn't take her husband's surname)

  • UK SNP Sturgeon's 'shifty' husband accused of being 'coached' off screen at Salmond inquiry(VIDEO)

  • UK Femi / homo BBC and feminist MP's claim bullshit that "Government policies have repeatedly skewed towards men" (Time to open a ward to treat extreme feminism as a mental disorder with their DELUDED status as eternal victims of men and with governments pouring millions into lawyer run Womens Aid to strip men bare)

  • Global Latest feminist t-shirts(Avoid any female wearing this bullshit)

  • UK The WORST FOI responders the BBC rant about the government failing to respond to FOI requests (Talking about the pot calling the kettle black)

  • USA Michael Cohen: Does Trump have a 'secret' pardon?(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasite used her lawyers to bully government to stop disclosure of her enormous wealth (It might prove embarrassing)

  • UK How archaic process of Queen’s consent is still used on modern laws (Governments main concern is to ensure the royal parasites remain ultra rich and without scrutiny)

  • UK How Queen’s consent raises questions over UK democracy

  • UK Queen did not block legislation, claims Buckingham Palace (Documents published by the Guardian suggest the monarch's personal lawyers successfully lobbied ministers to change a draft law in order to conceal her private wealth)

  • Global Why Big Tech Wants You To Ditch Your Password(VIDEO)

  • Spain's Economy is Collapsing and it's only getting worse! Live report from Malaga(VIDEO)

  • UK Holyrood inquiry session with Salmond called off (The murky corridors of the SNP mafia are being kept shut by Scotland's legal mafia to protect lawyer Sturgeon)

  • UK Covid-19: Social murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant

  • USA Manhattan retail rents PLUMMETING? No Bloomberg.. no they are not(VIDEO)

  • UK 300,000 denied Universal Credit due to having too much savings (Many tory voters who voted back in the tory scum to hammer the poor now find themselves trying to claim the pittance they thought was to much to pay to the most vulnerable)(VIDEO)

  • UK Stalking laws part of the feminist agenda (Men trying to keep in touch with their STOLEN children can be jailed for stalking and Womens Aid run by lawyers is at the centre of this anti male legislation. No room for women stalkers only men can be punished)

  • Global Britain's royal parasitic mafia's global control(Using 5,000,000+ freemasons)(VIDEO)

  • USA Venice Beach out of business(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory Corruption 5 (VIDEO)

  • UK Labour leader LAWYER Sir Keir Starmer is facing a backlash after one of his most senior frontbenchers described the Covid pandemic as a 'gift that keeps on giving' for millionaire lawyers(As we have been saying throughout when businesses and houses are stolen by crooked lawyers as people get in to difficulty with no wages during these lockdowns. How these fucking crooks have managed to get away with so much for so long and with a MOUNTAIN of dead men to answer for)

  • UK Labour's lawyer Starmer promised Corbynism without Corbyn but he’s giving us Blairism without Blair’ (Lawyers like Blair and Starmer are destroying any credibility Labour has left)

  • UK Labour’s Lord Falconer ‘very sorry’ after calling Covid a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ in talk to lawyers

  • UK Lord Falconer apologises for calling Covid a 'gift' for lawyers (Political and legal mafia' corrupt agenda exposed)

  • EU Union Jack flag removed from European council building in Brussels (VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland's Holyrood feminist mafia want more time off with their kids instead of working full time at their job (Watching this devolved asembly bow more and more towards feminist ideology while hammering heterosexual men is utterly disgusting)

  • UK Scotlands's GUTTER rags want propped up with public money for providing propaganda for Scotland's political mafia that are a fucking shambles

  • UK Crunch time for SNP as feminist lawyer Sturgeon and Salmond’s rift comes under scrutiny (The SNP's flawed LAWYER driven utopia finally being exposed in the rags that once backed them to the hilt)

  • UK SNP sacking lesbian lawyer exposes split in their party (And exposes the extreme feminist agenda of male hate legislation that emanates from inside the SNP and pure fucking EVIL and behind many men's deaths from divorce court persecution)

  • UK Government lawyers protecting lawyer controlled SNP arses

  • UK The freemasons that SPY for the royal parasites get all the cushy jobs (Brits need to waken up to this mafiosa)

  • UK Gutter rags sickly deference to the royal parasites they churn up NEWS from decades ago (The MAIN occupation of Britains gutter rags is to provide nauseous bullshit and propaganda for an EVIL historically germanic regime the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

  • UK Harmsworth's right wing rag accuses EU of kissing Russia's ass while he and his journo lackeys kiss the royal ass BIG TIME

  • UK Nicola Sturgeon's husband to appear before Alex Salmond Inquiry next week

  • UK Scottish judge hand picked by the Queen dismisses referendum on independence (NO JURY only judges that are loyal to the crown before Scottish people. Scottish men are being destroyed by these evil bastards though independence under lawyer run SNP would be no better only worse for men)

  • USA Biden: Trump should not receive intelligence briefings due to his 'erratic behavior'

  • USA Trump's second impeachment: will the Senate convict him?

  • USA Jewish lawyer Michael Cohen who protected Trumps corrupt ass now spills the beans (Globally decent men are being fucked over in divorce courts by crooked lawyers who are busy protecting their rich buddies backs)(VIDEO)

  • UK NO FOREIGN HOLIDAYS without a Vaccine passport to allow Brits who have had Covid jab to go on summer holidays ‘planned by Government’

  • UK Scottish cops spinning out more Covid surveys and is not even close to how a masonic death cult rules Scotland with an iron fist(Ask any man persecuted out of his home by a ruthless cabal acting as hired thugs for the law society terrorists destroying mens lives by the thousands every year many through suicide. Many cops now living in the homes stolen from their victims)

  • USA Venice Beach homeless encampment during a rain storm (Every President for decades is responsible for the shocking state their citizens are forced to live in and despite the propaganda from their controlled media it is NOT addiction or mental health problems that is causing this as we have contacts there and can say with certainty it is the vast inequality and lack of affordable housing that causes thousands of Americans to lose their homes forced to live on the streets. Covid is exposing many more Americans, who may have shown little sympathy with the growing tidal wave of homelessness, now fear they may end up on the streets themselves)(VIDEO)

  • USA California Shutdown Double Standard; Looming Economic Backfire (VIDEO)

  • China Panic And Chaos Sweep Across In China As Lockdown Leaves Citizens With No Food And Medicine (VIDEO)

  • USA Beautiful MacArthur Park is a homeless encampment park now(VIDEO)

  • Global Apple slaves REVOLT, destroy factory over $7/month pay(VIDEO)

  • Global Followup on the Apple subcontractor slave revolt (VIDEO)

  • UK A 2017 report claims the UK has lowest state pension of any developed country (How can a rich country allow its government to punish the weakest and oldest sections of society?)

  • UK Tory corruption 4(VIDEO)

  • Global Deluded Feminists(There is a masonic death cult judicial mafia globally bowing to this mindset that is fucking men's lives up)(VIDEO)

  • Global A Right Royal Reset (Global Value Creation WTF!!!!) (VIDEO)

  • USA American Elections: It Doesn't Matter(VIDEO)

  • China WHO heads to Wuhan lab at center of conspiracy theories(VIDEO)

  • UK More positive lesbian promotion by the BBC (Meanwhile attacks and smearing continue for heterosexual men by the Buggering Boys Club)

  • Global Does Anybody Actually "Believe Women?" (VIDEO)

  • China WHO investigators visit Wuhan lab at heart of China Covid-19 conspiracy claims (We had stated from day one that a food market was NOT the likely source for Covid-19 but more likely the biological labs doted across Wuhan)

  • UK Woman gambles away husband's property in secret (Many men face similar theft in divorce courts sanctioned by legal crooks)

  • UK Trump's son hits out at MSPs over Scottish wealth debate (There were "serious concerns" about how Donald Trump financed the cash purchases of his Scottish golf courses)

  • UK SNP former First Minister Alex Salmond abuse inquiry will not publish women's messages (Did the feminists conspire to get a feminist lawyer into power? Or have the freemasons protected their brother with Scotland's masonic judges handing him £500,000 despite a number of women claiming sexual abuse? Meanwhile the SNP bring in draconian domestic violence laws that will threaten men who merely argue with their ex-wives to face RUIN)

  • UK Brexshit HAS fucked up trade across the UK with Northern Ireland facing the brunt of the exit (That is despite assurance from the tory scum that wouldn't happen)

  • Myanmar: Hospital staff on strike in protest over coup by 'illegitimate military regime'

  • UK asks EU for Brexshit grace period extension to 2023 (The same Tory scum that were determined to push through Brexshit in the middle of a crisis)

  • Israeli hypocrisy over Iran (VIDEO)

  • UK How the tory's EVIL bastards like Osborne can walk into the top jobs after they hammer the population while politicians (Osborne has stolen more wealth from the peasants than any other former chancellor and is PURE FUCKING EVIL)

  • USA Employed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rent (VIDEO)

  • Northern Ireland's troubles rearing its ugly head again post Brexshit

  • North Korea The End of Kim Jong-un(VIDEO)

  • USA Bad Laws Cause Homeless Crisis(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP's lesbian lawyer MP Joanna Cherry dropped in SNP frontbench reshuffle (The assault on heterosexual men in the courts emanates from allowing the SNP to push the LGBT agenda at the UTTER expense of heterosexual family life)

  • UK SNP's Cherry sacking exposes the feminist lesbian lawyers dictating anti heterosexual male legalese (The whole political and legal system in Scotland DOMINATED by homosexuals and lesbians dictating anti male laws)

  • UK SNP Alex Salmond inquiry: Nicola Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell snubs second chance to clear up evidence

  • UK Zionist mouthpiece at the BBC Yentob tries to justify BBC decline (The BBC more interested in pushing the judeo / homo / lesbian agenda while smearing heterosexual men and their family units breaking down due to BBC propaganda)

  • UK BBC continue the heterosexual male bashing and feminist victim status (Yet homosexuals continue to get ultra positive promotion from the Buggering Boys Club)

  • UK Priti Patel CALLED OUT By NHS Doctor On Covid Deaths(VIDEO)

  • USA Lawyer who met with Epstein in final days hired by Trump for impeachment trial

  • UK Despite ALL the warnings there are people still stupid enough to BUY property in Scotland (Many men find out to late they NEVER owned anything in the first place as the legal mafia turn property into a cash cow for ALL the masonic crooks involved in fraudlently selling property illegally and then using ANY excuse to thieve them back)

  • USA Los Angeles Homeless Epidemic(VIDEO)

  • Canada What's Equality Got To Do With It - Dr. Janice Fiamengo at Queen's University (VIDEO)

  • UK Fake cancer woman faced charity fraud claims (The divorce courts are full of scheming women like this one)

  • UK Royals feigning sympathy once again for racist abuse (When they DONT give a fuck with some of their brood wearing nazi uniforms for fun)

  • Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi detained as military takes control ‘for a year’

  • UK Feminists ramp up hysteria at Scottish University (Jill Stevenson, Dean for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, has claimed: “The University recognises that sexual and gender-based violence is pervasive throughout society")

  • UK Sexual violence widespread at leading Scottish university, claims feminists

  • USA Be Ready For Housing Market Crash And Mass Evictions In America (VIDEO)

  • USA Trump parts with lawyers a week before impeachment trial (Trump is now like divorcing men who can't find lawyers to represent them during divorce)

  • UK People will be rightly asking why the UK has been through five years of debate in Britain over leaving a trade bloc with their closest neighbours only to rush into joining another one on the other side of the world without any meaningful public consultation at all

  • Global Royal parasites pathological obsession with calling themselves haughty titles that are totally meaningless unless you're a royal sheeple or the gutter rags that provide their propaganda (It doesn't require a psychiatrist to work out all these fuckers are nutcases)

  • USA Prince Harry told to 'drop haughty titles' and 'become US citizen' if he wants to voice opinions

  • UK Royal parasites dreams of kingdom fucked up by broken family ties (Time to get rid of these unelected charlatans and their haughty ancient ideas of wealth, power and privilege)

  • USA How every American president sucks up to the royal parasite (She controls them ALL via freemasonry)

  • USA GameStop Reddit army trolls Wall Street billionaires with billboards and plane banners gloating over stock gains (Investors were able to pump up GameStop's stock prices to mess with hedge funds who were selling the stock short, and wanted to profit from its failure)

  • USA Gamestop shorts lose BILLIONS, get $2 billion bailout; AND KEEP SHORTING ANYWAY! (VIDEO)

  • USA Homeless Encampments Spread to venice beach new Skid row(VIDEO)

  • UK Gutter rags , especially MURDOCH's right wing rag, still quote war criminal Tony Blair as if he is a spokesman for how Britain is run only because he is a lackey for a global law society

  • Russia Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin's Palace’(VIDEO)

  • Russians protest in -41C as police arrest 1,600 Navalny supporters

  • Russia Putin's Palace: The $ Billion Dollar GRIFT - narrated by Alexei Navalny (Poor subtitles due to machine generation)(VIDEO)

  • The Women Are Wonderful Effect VIDEO
    Panic And Shoplifting Sweep Across America As Fears Of An Economic Collapse Continue To Rise VIDEO
    What I learned from my husband's suicide VIDEO

    A wife describes the anguish of losing her husband to suicide. She talks about a man who seemed to have everything, a loving wife and children and a comfortable lifestyle yet he ended his life silently hiding the severe depression he was suffering from for a lengthy period of time.

    However we know from our own experience that many men commit suicide for far more sinister reasons. Despite governments across the globe seemingly showing concern about the deaths due to covid and bringing in draconian measures to stem those deaths they themselves as a political mafia along with their partners in crime the legal mafia are responsible for more men committing suicide than the many wars across the globe. They ALL work under the control of the millions of freemasons given privileged powerful positions through their death cult as judges, lawyers ,MP's, cops, councillors, social workers and the many arms of the state that are primed to provide the persecution against men dragged into divorce courts.

    A media SILENT to these mass murders using ex wives groomed to provide false allegations that smear and frame men in courts ONLY controlled by the masonic mafia and who use their judges to impose psychological and financial torture using court orders that destroy men's lives. They do NOT have loving wives like the woman above instead are happy to see these evil bastards using every legal trick in the book to bring men to their knees and in so many cases suicide is seen as an easier option for those tortured men than facing the destructive forces of an evil legal system set up to leave men with NOTHING and why so many are pushed into early graves.

    The gutter rags who promote this evil system fail time and again to state how so many of the homeless are NOT on the streets through addiction or mental health problems but are there due to the enormity of the destruction solitary masonic judges can inflict on men not part of their satanic network and why for decades they have been named the SILENT DESTROYERS. When they can control the media that pumps out their propaganda to continue their reign of terror against every man, who at some point in their life, may be dragged through their utter dens of iniquity.

    The above video explains how men can silently deal with extremes of depression that no one realises until their body is found at the bottom of a cliff, or next to a bottle of pills, or strewn across a railway track. Until this evil is fully exposed men will continue to die while the political mafia, behind this evil, feign sympathy for those dying of covid while they themselves are responsible for the mass culling of men facing their evil legalese.

    Many men suffering physical or mental health problems face the same with a legal mafia, that are only driven by greed, showing NO SYMPATHY for those men already suffering severe health problems made monumentally worse by the torture they inflict by their utter conniving usually behind closed doors. Only men that have been inside those doors know the extent of the destructive powers that are totally out of control.

  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco VIDEO
    The Feminist Whisper Network VIDEO
    Panic Buying Sweep Across America As Fears Of Food Shortage Continues To Rise VIDEO
    Kate Andrews critiques modern feminism VIDEO
    Airbus Pleads Guilty And Pays Record 4 Billion Dollar Fine For 15 Year Long Global Bribery Scandal VIDEO
    Tory corruption VIDEO
    Why are Billions of Dollars Worth of Ships Being Intentionally Destroyed? VIDEO
    What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? VIDEO
    The Queens Pervert Cousin: Norman Baker VIDEO
    Horror Of America’s New Breadlines! We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering Since The Great Depression VIDEO
    The Coming Retirement Crisis Explained and Explored VIDEO
    How Feminists Lie About Domestic Violence VIDEO
    Tulsi Gabbard: Proposed domestic terrorism laws 'directly undermine' freedom VIDEO
    Highlights from Janice Fiamengo and her men's rights campaign VIDEO
    Outrage after National Guard troops unexpectedly forced out of the Capitol VIDEO
    12 Coronavirus Autopsy Cases Reveal the TRUTH How COVID Patients Dying VIDEO

    Do You Need A Pulse Oximeter for COVID? (Lung Doctor Explains)

  • Covid: How a £20 gadget could save lives
  • Highly contagious UK COVID-19 variant could be more deadly (VIDEO)
  • Highly contagious UK COVID-19 variant could be more deadly VIDEO
    The Boy Crisis VIDEO
    Nicola Sturgeon's official residence Bute House decorated by painters despite lockdown

    Feminist lawyer who dishes out draconian laws thinks she is ABOVE the law

  • Fury has risen after painters carried out work in Nicola Sturgeon's official residence despite the ban by her own Government
  • Mary Trump says her uncle Donald was ‘skillful’ in tapping into his supporter’s grievances VIDEO
    Biden’s inauguration coverage was ‘vomit-inducing’ VIDEO

    Lawyers back in charge of America(Working on behalf of the global Law society terrorists)
    Could Alex Salmond bring down Nicola Sturgeon?

    The Salmond abuse case exposes the pseudo utopia that murderous lying Sturgeon dreams up while she gives her lawyer pals carte blanche to smear and thieve with ever more impunity from divorcing men as if they are all deserving of being stripped and persecuted by a masonic judiciary to the point of suicide. Aided by the Scottish gutter rags only to happy go along with the murderous regime while being paid £millions by those same crooked lawyers and judges to sell those men's stolen properties and businesses.

    The biggest crime by far in Scotland that gets NO PRESS because of their ill gotten gains from the enormous heist. We cannot wait to see this witch fall, and she will, it is only a matter of time before she is fully exposed for her part in destroying so many men's lives and Salmond is NOT included in that extensive toll. Her feigned sympathy for men dying of covid while her lawyer pals could be destroying those same men in corrupt courts is laughable as she cares NOT A JOT for those men and Scottish men already have woken up to the SNP tyranny as she plays for the female vote who have, in some cases, been made millionaires overnight thanks to her despicable legalese and the only reason she remains in control for now.

  • Supposed JUSTICE in Scotland as former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond gets awarded £500,000 of public funds by Scotland's masonic judiciary despite being accused of 13 sexual assault charges against various women. While SNP feminist lawyer First Minister Sturgeon brings in draconian DV laws that states any man accused of arguing with his wife will lose his his home, family and bank accounts. (We have been reporting the corruption going on within masonic run family courts but this latest debacle exposes the monumental disparity between what is JUSTICE and what IS NOT)
  • Lawyer run SNP government funded lawyer run feminist charity bragging about the WORLD'S NEW GOLD STANDARD for framing men
  • Scotland's vile domestic abuse laws and the untold damage they can cause(VIDEO)
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • War against heterosexual men in Scotland like gender Apartheid
  • SNP Shambolic Narcissistic Pervs and oh how the mighty fall
  • Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow
  • Scotland has a feminist lawyer MAN hater Nicola Sturgeon running the show
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties
  • Fury has risen after painters carried out work in Nicola Sturgeon's official residence despite the ban by her own Government (Feminist lawyer who dishes out draconian laws thinks she is ABOVE the law)
  • What's inside a wind turbine? VIDEO
    Why Did You Start The First Women's Shelter? PART 1 - Erin Pizzey VIDEO
    WATCH LIVE: Inauguration Day for President Joe Biden VIDEO
    Homeless on the Cruel Streets of South Los Angeles VIDEO

    Breakdown Of The Heterosexual Family - Erin Pizzey VIDEO
    This Is Going To Be The Worst Winter For America's Economy In Modern Times VIDEO
    The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming VIDEO
    FAA Chief Steve Dickson Helped Delta Air Lines Retaliate Against Pilot Who Raised Safety Concerns VIDEO

    Delta tried to use a discredited psychiatrist to shut her down
    Left Behind: Homeless Crisis in San Francisco VIDEO

    Murdoch rag tries to suggest addiction and mental health are the only reasons for mass homelessness and nothing to do with the VAST inequality America lives under. We have family and friends who are NOT addicts or have mental health problems that CANNOT rent or buy a house in America.
    Tucker Carlson's Trump slanted news shows how racially divided America has returned to VIDEO

    The right wing capitalist rags Murdoch runs and their right wing leaning viewers and voters now demand socialist hand outs to stop them ending up on the streets alongside those they have smeared as less worthy all their well heeled lives
    Big Boeing 787 Retirement News VIDEO
    Tsunami Of Evictions Expected Across America: Be Ready For The Worst Winter! VIDEO
    In LA, poverty on Skid Row defies US’ humane reputation VIDEO

    NOT just TRUMP but every single American president has been responsible for the shameful depths of decay in the USA when deprivation is blatantly on display across its cities.
    Israel is an apartheid state VIDEO
    Washington, DC preps for Biden inauguration VIDEO
    Katie Hill - DV Victim and Feminist Heroine VIDEO

  • SEX SCANDAL Naked pics show US politician Katie Hill, 32, ‘smoking a bong’ and kissing female staffer, 24, after admitting affair
  • Over 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed to DC in wake of Capitol riot VIDEO

  • 'Kill him with his own gun': Capitol police relive attack (VIDEO)
  • Fake Rape Campus Tour VIDEO
    Exposing male-bashing lies in television documentary VIDEO
    Talking about Australia's anti-male culture VIDEO
    Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is 'Total Population Control' VIDEO
    "They Have A Lot To HIDE" VIDEO
    They have already PREPARED you for this.. VIDEO
    If You Want to Know Who Rules the World: The Ruling Elite - Finance, Wealth, Power VIDEO
    BBC use heterosexual mens licence money to push this hedonistic bullshit?
    Trump impeached for inciting insurrection VIDEO
    Ex-FBI Director James Comey on Trump's impeachment and further violence to come VIDEO
    Twitter criticised after it removes viral video of awkward Biden comment VIDEO
    Trump: This is what a peaceful transition of power looks like in the USA VIDEO
    How Biden/Harris identity politics threatens men VIDEO
    Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic VIDEO
    Another royal parasite faces jail after sex attack on guest at Glamis Castle

  • Queen's predator cousin faces jail after sordid castle sex attack
  • Amazing revelations about Sydney Uni feminist protesters VIDEO
    Woman, 71, denies forcing soiled nappies and vomit into children’s mouths

    The evil women that Womens Aid and Refuge would back to the hilt

  • British cops now dress to intimidate the public

    How did we get from this to ............................................this?
    Why I Fight Feminism VIDEO
    Senator Stoker targets Sydney Uni's handling of the demo against anti-feminist Bettina Arndt VIDEO
    Trump impeachment gains Republican support VIDEO
    Freeloaders: The Wealthy VIDEO
    Crowds head to beaches despite Boris Johnson’s pleas for people to stay home during lockdown VIDEO
    Feminists meltdown over Bettina's radio interviews #MenToo VIDEO
    The Evolution of Computing VIDEO
    Retired cop exposes the DV restraining order racket VIDEO
    Bettina Arndt defends her Australia Day award from 'extraordinary' feminist criticism VIDEO
    Boeing Found Even More Carbon Defects In The Fuselage Of 787 Dreamliner This Month See How Bad It Is VIDEO
    Jobless for telling the truth VIDEO
    SACK establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan, Shameless Hypocrite Christmas Holiday In Caribbean VIDEO

  • Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan defends himself after revealing he flew to Antigua for Christmas despite saying that everyone will have to 'make compromises' over the festive season because of coronavirus (He rants about everyone else breaking rules while he swans off for a luxury holiday)
  • SHOCKING.. Could We Possibly Be Mistaken! VIDEO
    Who'll be first?

  • Pelosi talks to top military officer about ways to prevent Trump from accessing nuclear codes
  • Kim Jong-un pledges to expand North Korea's nuclear arsenal