• USA Maxwell has been found guilty of recruiting and trafficking young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein (NOT ONE WORD uttered from the so called feminist protectors Womens Aid and Refuge despite so many girls abused by Maxwell, Epstein and associates)

  • USA Maxwell mafia still back their evil sister despite being found guilty

  • UK Up to 90% of Covid patients in ICU are unboosted, claims tory thug Boris Johnson (But fails to mention if they have had previous vaccinations that was supposed to protect them)

  • UK Labour lawyer Tony Blair's government was as sleazy as the Tory's (When working class Labour was taken over by Israeli leaning lawyers it destroyed its credibility)

  • UK Gutter rags like the GAYrdian publish endless articles on how fast house prices are rising as it suits their agenda of aiding and abetting house theft (Paid by crooked lawyers to advertise stolen property. Young men cajoled into believing they will OWN property until its to late)

  • UK Glasgow city council a bunch of greedy bastards bleeding motorists dry for £15million over 3 years

  • UK Number of Scots with mortgage arrears soars as cost of living rises (The robbing bastards at the law society and banks will be rubbing their hands as they make thousands more Scots homeless with repossessions)

  • Global Former chief scientific advisor for Pzifer claims vaccines are a mass depopulation plan(VIDEO)

  • UK Your more likely to drown than die of Covid and the campaign of fear(VIDEO)

  • Global Facebook and instagram censor video of covid patient statements(VIDEO)

  • USA More enormous mountain of disposable coffins found stored for CDC(Center for Disease Control) (VIDEO)

  • USA Royal parasites lawyer seeks to halt US case as accuser ‘lives in Australia’ (Meanwhile the queens hand picked judges are hearing divorce cases in central London courts even if they have NO connection with Britain. London courts have NO jurisdiction to decide on men's estates if they don't live in Britain but these legal scum continue to plunder due to the multi-trillion dollar racket they reside over)

  • Global Djokovic stands up against vaccine tyranny

  • UK fascist scum Sturgeon and Drakeford barred from pubs for extreme restrictions

  • UK The NO SHAME firms who kiss the royal arse for a step up

  • Global Vaccine Mandates Adults Are Next A Warning From 2016 (VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccines fabricated level of protection(VIDEO)

  • Global NO pandemic while forcing dangerous vaccines on the population(VIDEO)

  • UK Fathers who don't see their children while being smeared in a broken family court system (VIDEO)

  • EU stripping away fundamental rights (VIDEO)

  • Italy Live webcam shows empty square despite being full of protestors(VIDEO)

  • Australia Man accused of sexual assault after fixing females car(VIDEO)

  • Global Depopulation series was cancelled(VIDEO)

  • UK Prosecutors are letting rapists walk free by refusing to take difficult cases to court, says Victims Commissioner as she brands rape 'terrorism against women' (Victims for a hard line feminist means ONLY women NOT MEN. She has taken over from feminist prosecutor Alison Saunders who helped HIDE evidence that proved men's innocence)

  • USA Female maths teacher jailed for preying on two 16-year-old male pupils

  • China residents say they are 'STARVING' under rules stopping them leaving their homes as country sees record number of Covid cases and expands lockdowns to more cities

  • UK Noel Gallagher brands the Labour Party a 'disgrace' as former Tony Blair supporter vows he will never vote for them again (Lawyer Blair and lawyer Starmer have fucking destroyed Labour's working class roots turning it into a tory party MK2. Gallacher states 'I f***ing hate the Labour Party, they're a f***ing disgrace. What they've become now, a disgrace. 'They've betrayed the working classes, they've betrayed ordinary people and they've allowed this shower to run the country for however long they've f***ing run the country.')

  • UK Energy bills skyrocket making life even more difficult for the covid scam victims (Tory scum bringing the country to its knees through their CHAOS)

  • UK More than 165,000 Police Scotland working days lost due to mental ill health (When they are employed as hired thugs for the law society to thieve with impunity maybe they can't handle the fact they are supposed to be employed to protect the public not aid and abet them being robbed by lawyers and judges)

  • UK The royal skivvies who get paid ZERO

  • UK ANYONE who dares cross paths with the royal parasites will be held indefinitely in psychiatric gulags under the mental health act

  • UK Royal parasites 'are concerned' as security shake-up sees some of their most trusted ‘cliquey’ police guards moved on

  • UK How many scumbags voted tory so they could get their way on Brexshit despite the mountainous corrupt mess that has followed?


  • USA NASA gets to spend and launch a $10 billion space telescope while millions of Americans are destitute on the streets (Political mafia are doing a grand job)

  • UK Gutter rag reports 'refuseniks' queued at pharmacies on Christmas Day for their “jingle jabs”

  • UK MPs and peers may be banished from Palace of Westminster for 20 YEARS under shock renovation plans that could cost £14 BILLION (Their corrupt palace gets £billions screwed from the peasants they plunder)

  • UK Draconian covid restrictions only eased because of royal parasites Platinum Jubilee (You just couldn't make this fucking bullshit up and the English dimwits who fawn over her)

  • Australia ‘We’re all going to get Omicron’: Claims NSW health minister’s warning as Australia records 9,618 cases

  • UK The royal bastards get a taste of what it feels like for the millions of fathers separated from their children at Christmas thanks to HER evil judges draconian family court decisions

  • UK BBC's Christmas message to men 'more feminist DV propaganda' (BBC HATE men LOVE royal parasites. MEN hating all part of the vast crown theft network the BBC promotes)

  • UK Sick bucket required for gutter rags endless sympathy over royalist propaganda

  • UK The scumbag who shut down Britain gets knighted (Millions are destroyed and he gets one of her LOYALTY medals)

  • UK London 18th Dec mass protest against government mandates(VIDEO)

  • UK Nursing home deaths were government inflicted euthanasia murders(VIDEO)

  • Brussels protests against government mandates(VIDEO)

  • Spain Madrid mass protest (VIDEO)

  • Germany standing up to covid tyranny(VIDEO)

  • Global Covid testing kits contain toxic substances like sodium azide(VIDEO)

  • Global Diagram describes how the British royals use the legal system to rob the public GLOBALLY(VIDEO)

  • UK Magna Carta 'Article 61' explained and why protestors shouted it as they 'seized' Edinburgh Castle in August 2021

  • UK's new national anthem (VIDEO)

  • USA Paul exposes more covid bullshit coming out of spokespersons who smear anti vaxxers(VIDEO)

  • UK paramedic exposes covid mistreatment and sackings(VIDEO)

  • Global Medical profession cornered over questions on vaccine safety (VIDEO)

  • Australia the world's largest prison on earth(VIDEO)

  • UK More feigning of threats against the royal parasitic mafia (Looking for more sympathy from the duped goons who believe the most guarded despot on the planet can be threatened at her palatial mansions and castles surrounded by vast arsenals of weaponry and military but NOT like the divorcing fathers who are defenceless against her army of evil masonic judges and cops stripping men of their land, property and children)

  • UK BBC's utterly sickening royalist fucking bullshit (BBC wall to wall royalist propaganda)

  • UK BBC a propaganda tool for the royals (BBC wall to wall royalist propaganda)

  • UK BBC no end to the gushing royalist bullshit (Biased towards royal despots and against heterosexual men who are PLUNDERED by the royals judges and lackeys)

  • Global masonic cops to quick to act on the allegations of lying bitches against men not part of their satanic lodges(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC report theft of MASONIC pine cone bollards of Glasgow (Monolithic satanic symbolism right across the globe to dictate who is in control. Well at least for now as the world is rising up against their enforced tyranny)

  • Global Occult Secrets Behind Pine Cone Art and Architecture

  • USA Satanic Mickey Mouse club (VIDEO)

  • Global Covid 19 morbidity study was doctored(VIDEO)

  • Austria 450,000 march against government mandates(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum's record on homelessness is a fucking disgrace(VIDEO)

  • UK Deranged Johnson claims Jesus Christ supported vaccine mandates (VIDEO)

  • USA In 2009 a doctor warns of compulsory vaccinations to reduce population (VIDEO)

  • Bolivia Former president warns of the NWO seeking to reduce human population(VIDEO)

  • UK Family courts decisions impact on women connected to fathers(VIDEO)

  • USA Gutter media report first Omicron death in America(VIDEO)

  • Global protesting against vaccine mandates and passports(VIDEO)

  • Global Legal proceedings begin against the CDC, WHO and DAVOS group for 'Crimes against Humanity'(VIDEO)

  • America Yahoo reports the CDC over counts millions of vaccinations(VIDEO)

  • Global Silencing and censoring doctors, scientists and medical professionals (VIDEO)

  • UK Solitary protester with large posters warning of vaccinations(VIDEO)

  • UK Arguing over booster jabs(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccines ain't free and producers are making $billions from fascist governments(VIDEO)

  • UK Warmonger Blair calling unvaccinated idiots (VIDEO)

  • Australians surround coffee shop to protect it from authorities after allegedly ignoring passport rules(VIDEO)

  • UK 11 years of tory negligence and corruption(VIDEO)

  • UK Mandatory vaccines brewing in Britain but medical profession against it but remaining silent (VIDEO)

  • Global Covid fact checkers funded by vaccine companies(VIDEO)

  • Australia's ruling political mafia's draconian vaccine rules(VIDEO)

  • UK Covid used by governments to rule over peasants NOT work for them(VIDEO)

  • UK Hospitality backlash in Wales and Scotland as Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford are accused of 'pressing the panic button' with tough new Covid curbs (Devolved government instigated by lawyer Tony Blair has been a fucking joke now ruled over by little fascist scum like lawyer Sturgeon and social worker Drakeford)

  • UK London mega properties used by the global rich to launder money and tie up vast sections of land adding to homelessness crisis(VIDEO)

  • Global It's not about a virus it's about control (Gutter rags NOT reporting on global protests)(VIDEO)

  • UK Some people in UK may need four Covid jabs to stay protected (Never in history has governments imposed multiple and continuous injections as a demand to remain FREE)

  • UK NHS now only interested in womens health (Feminist leaning governments not only SCREW men during divorce but don't give a fuck about their health and wellbeing)

  • UK NO one can ride any e-scooter unless its government backed

  • Global Pfizer making $billions despite behind criminal activities (VIDEO)

  • Germany even cops are marching against covid restrictions(VIDEO)

  • USA NIH signs deal with Moderna over Covid vax and smear lab link theory(VIDEO)

  • UK You couldn't make it up(VIDEO)

  • UK Aggressive cops threaten gym and customers with HEAVY fines over covid restrictions(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden totally senile and unfit for office(VIDEO)

  • UK Homes on Britain’s most expensive street of 2021 cost £28.9 million, 105 times more than the average house price in the country(The extremes of VAST inequality alive and well in Britain)

  • UK The Great pandemic robbery (VIDEO)

  • Israel to offer FOURTH Covid jabs to bolster protection against Omicron (WTF!!!!!!!!!!! How much longer do they expect people to put up with this shit?)

  • Germany Female nursing assistant is jailed for 15 years for stabbing four residents to death at German care home for the disabled where she worked

  • UK Nicola Sturgeon under fire over Scotland's 'draconian' Covid restrictions (Are Scots finally waking up to this EVIL tyrannical witch?)

  • UK Hospitality bosses have blasted Mark Drakeford and warned they are 'at the end of their tether' after he banned large New Year's Eve parties and imposed the rule of six on pubs and restaurants as part of new coronavirus rules which will come into force in Wales on Boxing Day (Drakeford in Wales and Sturgeon in Scotland PROVE devolution has failed as dictators are now running the show)

  • UK Funeral director exposes unnaturally large number of deaths from blood clots and damaged immune systems with no response from chief coroner (VIDEO)

  • UK Female primary school deputy head, 44, and partner, 52, jailed for rape and abuse of 13 year old girl (Another incident that Womens Aid and Refuge wont comment on despite the VICTIM being a young girl. So much for their claim of wanting to protect girls and women. If the perpetrator is a female they dont want to know)

  • UK War criminal and lawyer Tony Blair gets platform in gutter rags to Blast 'Idiots' Who Have No Health Reason Not To Get Covid Vaccine

  • Australia Dictator Dan Andrews claims to feel threatened(VIDEO)

  • UK Massive freedom protest in London

  • UK The head of the police officers' association has been suspended after he was accused of sexual misconduct (No wonder British cops are the utter scum and dregs of the earth who have been getting away with murder protected by the satanic brotherhood)

  • UK It's described as the biggest divorce case in British legal history - a settlement of more than £500m involving the billionaire ruler of Dubai and his estranged wife (Where lawyers using Israel's invasive spyware pegasus to dig dirt as the do against most men?)

  • Japan reports vaccines cause heart inflammation in young men(VIDEO)

  • UK Wembley stadium booster drive empty(VIDEO)

  • USA TV news reporter sick of reporting Covid (VIDEO)

  • Global How bad do things have to get before you do something? (VIDEO)

  • USA Doctor exposes big pharma propaganda

  • Global 2016 research exposes how they have been working on Covid 19 for years (VIDEO)

  • UK While the political mafia are destroying heterosexual families they bow to the tranny mob

  • UK 'Serious failings' at watchdog overseeing Holyrood mafia's conduct (Pure evil inside the feminist lawyer run 'fem den' that has now replaced devolution by manufacturing laws that are destroying heterosexual men and their children and with a duff regulator like every other one in the UK)

  • UK Scottish power uses thuggery against its growing band of victims (We have personal experience of how these evil bastards push people into early graves)

  • UK Funeral director exposes the covid lies that lead to death(VIDEO)

  • UK Anti-lockdown protest london 18 Dec 2021(VIDEO)

  • UK British cops prey on vulnerable women (Meanwhile claiming they protect them)

  • Australia cops attacked in mass protest

  • UK Brighton: Council accused of 'dumping' homeless in neighbouring towns (Many men forced into homelessness by the lies manufactured by council social services then DUMPED far away from their previous lives and made suicidal)

  • UK Over 1 million march on London streets over vaccine enforcement 18 Dec 2021(VIDEO)

  • UK Mass freedom rally in GLASGOW 18 Dec 2021(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson the RUTHLESS clown(VIDEO)

  • Germany 10,000 tractors seal off Berlin(VIDEO)

  • UK Freedom protest London 18 Dec 2021(VIDEO)

  • UK Life insurance wont pay out for death by vaccine but will pay out for death by covid (VIDEO)

  • UK Homosexual mouthpiece Stonewall and its THUGGERY finally being outed in the gutter rags that backed their twisted agenda for way to long (Stonewall 'undermined' the NHS's ability to keep patients safe, 'stifling' free speech and creating a 'culture of fear' among some NHS staff. We have spent decades exposing and resisting these evil bastards attempts to destroy heterosexual family life by embedding themselves inside the council, legal, media and political systems of Britain)

  • UK Tory rats abandoning the sinking ship (Behind bumbling Boris is PURE evil like PATEL who does his DIRTY work)

  • UK health minister, Sajid Javid criticises vaccine refusers

  • UK Brit Awards announces gender neutral awards

  • UK Royal parasite worried Harry and Meghan could take over the firm if they all die in a helicopter crash together

  • USA Victim of privilege: how Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer scum tried to make her seem likable

  • UK No masks despite flu killing over 300 per day in winter(VIDEO)

  • Global WHO part of UN full of paedo's(VIDEO)

  • Canada Swat team goes to church during ceremony(VIDEO)

  • UK Scientists corrects TV presenter on Covid stats(VIDEO)

  • Global She knows everyone (VIDEO)

  • Global What you pick up at a club might not look the same in the morning (The amazing trick of make up hiding all the flaws)(VIDEO)

  • USA Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers tell judge 'our client's life is on the line' - but she will not testify in sex-trafficking trial (The utter scum and filth protecting the utter scum and filth. The same scum and filth that use the power of judges and courts to psychologically and financially persecute innocent divorcing men into early graves. The law as it is being administered by a global law society pariah is a fucking joke and creates MASSIVE injustice NOT justice)

  • USA Judges NOT juries reinstate vaccine mandate for large American Corporations (A global pariah of judges and lawyers dictating covid tyranny instead of protecting the constitution)

  • UK The new head of the Charity Commission has stepped down after it emerged that there were several allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” made against him at his previous job (Charity Commission have been turning a blind eye to so called charities run by judges, lawyers and politicians for their own self enrichment schemes using compromised hand picked lackeys)

  • UK A covid believer no longer believes the bullshit(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish Power thugs are the utter scum and dregs of the earth (A whistleblower claims call handlers working on behalf of Scottish Power are told to threaten customers with debt enforcement - even over mistaken bills. Freemasons at the top pulling the bully boy strings)

  • Global How can they produce billions of vaccines in such a short timescale?(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory government scum taking away liberties on an industrial scale (VIDEO)

  • Global Mountains of waste while the world starves(VIDEO)

  • UK Campaigners hit out after Katie Price avoids jail for drunken crash during driving ban (Unbelievable leniency shown towards even the most wayward and destructive females by a misandric judiciary. Price was serving her FIFTH driving ban at the time of the incident. Maybe it helps that she is jewish inside a judeo / masonic controlled court system that destroys men for profit)

  • Global Facebook bans seven cyber mercenary firms from its platforms - including Israeli company used by Harvey Weinstein to target women who accused him of abuse

  • UK Tory scum lose North Shropshire seat they held for nearly 200 years (Despite horrendous loss BBC are still interviewing England's tory voting scum who still vote for these evil fuckers no matter how dire and corrupt they are)

  • UK Bully boy freemasons running Scottish power getting away with hounding victims into early graves (When men in Scotland are divorcing utility companies are being used to add financial pressure to the mounting debts from divorce tipping men over the edge into suicide. The BBC only ever use female victims to expose what they are getting away with)

  • UK A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder and child neglect after four boys died in a house fire (Feminist silence when reports like this come out)

  • UK Girl, 17, and woman arrested after dead baby found in freezer in Doncaster (Feminist silence says it all)

  • Global Booster vaccine side effects can be lethal (Governments are expecting people to accept these risks with enforced vaccinations)

  • USA Lawyers who hound into early graves divorcing men try and get royal parasite accused of rape dismissed (The law and the lawyers who use it to protect the rich while abusing ordinary Joe's are the utter scum and dregs of the earth)

  • UK Would a man avoid jail after being banned from driving on five separate occasions? (A prejudicial judicial mafia that hammers men for the tiniest infraction yet lets women away with MURDER)

  • UK Lesbian social workers ignored warnings of physical abuse of murdered child by lesbian murderer (Lesbians have no place in family court scenarios and are wholly responsible for making children vulnerable)

  • UK NO money for cheap housing but PLENTY for new jails to house the unhoused in

  • Germany repeating itself (VIDEO)

  • UK Two jabs not enough for covid passport (Turning population into experimental pin cushions)(VIDEO)

  • Italy Massive protest in Rome against covid tyranny (VIDEO)

  • Global Pfizer vaccine blackmail(VIDEO)

  • EU MEP argues against mandatory vaccinations that are dangerous(VIDEO)

  • Australia Why are the vaccinated being left without compensation against vaccine damage?(VIDEO)

  • UK Anti vaxxers block Parliament gates(VIDEO)

  • Global Massive turnouts for global protests against vaccine tyranny(VIDEO)

  • UK Lesbian social workers turn a blind eye to their lesbian sisters abuse and murder (These are the utter scum responsible for the monstrous fabricated lies they produce in court to remove the protection of the biological fathers from their children)

  • UK Tory scumbag Raab on TV lying his fucking ass off CAUGHT massively inflating figures for Omicron hospital admissions(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum about to rob pensions again

  • UK People wait decades to receive their state pension and then the DWP make them wait even longer

  • Germany Cop raids target ‘anti-vaxxer murder plot’ against state leader

  • UK Gender-neutral passports: Campaigner Christie Elan-Cane loses Supreme Court case (An X instead of Male or Female TOTALLY BONKERS)

  • France More deaths due to automated Tesla cars that accelerated while trying to brake

  • Space Science eating up $billions on fanciful space junk (James Webb: A $10bn machine in search of the end of darkness. While billions are destitute across the globe space is using up VAST resources rubber stamped by the political mafia who claim there is NO money for help to those in need)

  • UK City of London police firearms officer and Freemason, 69, who shot his daughter's partner dead after blasting him TWICE with 12-bore shotgun told police he 'only wanted to frighten him', court hears (Exposes the murderous scum who get employed as cops)

  • UK 'I'm sexually assaulted by women up to 10 times a night': Bouncer, 19, reveals other guys think he's 'lucky' because girls try to grab his genitals and unzip his clothes - but insists men wouldn't get away with doing the same thing

  • UK Shameless 999 call of little Star's murderer: Lesbian bouncer, 28, who stamped to death her girlfriend's tragic 16-month daughter tried to pin the blame on a two-year-old boy

  • UK 'You're a serious girl, deadly': Chilling video shows 16-month-old Star Hobson not smiling or kissing as she is being held by the stepmother who murdered her one month later - after social services missed FIVE chances to save her (Social workers do NOTHING if a child is in the care of a female no matter how badly they behave)

  • UK Children's Services boss in charge of Star Hobson's care quit his £121,000-a-year post FIVE DAYS before killer couple went on trial (SS Scum)

  • UK Dismissed as 'racist homophobes', the great grandparents who tried to save Star Hobson: Toddler's injuries were ignored FIVE TIMES by social services after gipsy lesbian stepmother 'convinced them relatives who raised alarm were malicious' (Evil bastard feminists who are getting away with murder)

  • UK Will we need three jabs to have 'fully vaccinated' status by JANUARY (Turning us all into pin cushions)

  • UK Online Safety Bill: New offences and tighter rules(Or just more censorship)

  • UK How do they justify multiple jabs for protection?

  • UK A senior tory MP has warned Brexshit “destroying” British agriculture, as he condemned a government minister for failing to act

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon, despite enforcing vaccine passports, wants to shut Scotland down even more (How much longer are Scots going to tolerate this law society witch dictating their lives??? She is out to destroy peoples lives who have any land or propeerty so her legal mafia pals can clear up. Ask any divorcing man just what that entails)

  • Global Greatest backfire in the history of Facebook(VIDEO)

  • Australia Huge protest along Queensland / New South Wales border (VIDEO)

  • Canada Stopping unvaccinated from obtaining food(VIDEO)

  • UK Drakeford challenged on being a threat to Wales(VIDEO)

  • Global Natural immunity far superior to untested vaccines(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccine the great reset(VIDEO)

  • Australia Queensland senator Pauline Hanson wont take vaccine(VIDEO)

  • Global Stick yer vaccines up yer arse(VIDEO)

  • Global Death toll rising exposes governments dont give a damn(VIDEO)

  • UK Victim of vaccines speak out (VIDEO)

  • Australia Vaccines contracts block right to sue(VIDEO)

  • USA Deaths from vaccines (VIDEO)

  • Global Not compulsory but we will force you to do it(VIDEO)

  • Global Humanity under a massive psychological attack (They have been using this in divorce courts against men for decades as a prelude)(VIDEO)

  • UK Cop attack for not wearing mask(VIDEO)

  • USA FDA funded by BIG pharma (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory does NOT agree with Plan B (VIDEO)

  • USA Deaths after vaccination have been falsified more accurate stats are 500,000 (VIDEO)

  • UK Social workers 'failed' boy neglected so badly by child in cage monster Claire Boyle doctors thought he had leukaemia (Females in Scotland are getting away with MURDER as feminist / lesbian social workers back them to the hilt. Ask any divorcing man what their ex-wives can get up to with NO repercussions including dodgy unvetted boyfriends given FREE access to an ex-husband's children)

  • UK Boosters now the ONLY way out claims Welsh political mafia (Anyone who believes this vaccine bullshit needs their mental state assessed)

  • UK Scottish SNP justice secretary claims "that Scotland's justice system is fair, transparent and meets the needs of modern society" (From decades of court watching we can guarantee it is none of them just TOTALLY corrupt)

  • UK Edinburgh council lacks 'safe culture' for whistleblowers by covering up for a homopaedo social worker (These are the sick fucks Scottish councils use to steal children into care and away from their biological fathers protection and into the hands of the paedo networks that run them)

  • UK Cops to lead Covid-19 passport enforcement in fascist Northern Ireland (Devolution now being exposed as a tyrannical form of control)

  • UK Daniel Morgan: Axe-murder victim's family set to sue the Met (This case more than any other exposes the masons embedded in the Met abusing police powers to the point of murder)

  • UK Trying to punish the unvaccinated is irrational(VIDEO)

  • UK Scotland's SNP mafia's extreme draconian covid passports are NOT working as reports that 'Huge rise in Covid cases suggests escalating problem' (The lawyer controlled SNP have ulterior motives for these fascist passports and it is FUCK ALL to do with keeping Scots safe)

  • UK Just days after appointing this witch you get hard line feminist misandry propaganda

  • Europe Anti-lockdown protestors hit the streets in York, Austria and the Netherlands as Europe faces up to new Covid strain

  • UK No let up in the feminist BBC's portrayal of WOMEN as always victim of bad men (The BBC and the mob who work there generate daily vast amounts of male hate despite being investigated for bias and none more so than the HATE they spout about heterosexual men every day. Stereotyping all men as abusers and ALL women as victims of abusers)

  • UK Bercow attacks Johnson as an habitual liar ducking, diving and deceiving (VIDEO)

  • UK Tory's resign over plan B and moving in a tyrannical direction (Behind bumbling Boris is PURE EVIL)(VIDEO)

  • UK How many jabs to get back to normal 10,20 or 30 (TURNING THE POPULATION INTO PIN CUSHIONS WITH ENDLESS JABS!!!!!!!!!)(VIDEO)

  • Ireland Masks given a CO2 test prove children subjected to high levels(VIDEO)

  • Australia sunbathing not a reason to be outside(VIDEO)

  • Australia's hard lockdowns can't leave their homes and then to quarantine camps (Gun control has allowed the covid mafia to take over)(VIDEO)

  • Australia Vaccinated pilots dying in droves(VIDEO)

  • Global How many vaccines? a fourth dose and fifth dose(VIDEO)

  • Global The Great Reset an excuse for totalitarian regimes (VIDEO)

  • Poland Nuremberg 2.0 project(VIDEO)

  • Global Rich get educated poor get indoctrinated(VIDEO)

  • Global revolution over freedoms and vaccine passports(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccine terrorism destroying healthy hearts(VIDEO)

  • USA Sudden deaths from vaccinations (VIDEO)

  • Global Nursing home whistleblower claims 8 died from vaccinations(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC biased report on enforced vaccines

  • UK BBC at the gender biased feminist man smearing again (BBC has done more to damage men's reputation than all other media combined despite it being funded by the very people who get hated on every day)

  • UK BBC only interested in reporting mens deaths if they are homosexuals

  • USA Who funds the main stream media (VIDEO)

  • UK Swansea: Cinema and Co bolted shut amid Covid breach summons (Divorcing men have known for decades about the abuse of power by the masonic SCUM that control British councils and who aid and abet the fabrication of evidence that destroys heterosexual men)

  • UK Top Scottish lawyers suicide exposes the murky underworld inside Scotlands legal system (He was mainly doing 'very demanding' civil cases. From our OWN experiences of civil courts in Scotland they operate in total corruption as thousands of innocent men are stripped bare by the malicious lies and deceit at the very heart of so called Scottish justice and something we have been exposing for more than 20 years)

  • UK Right wing Murdoch mouthpiece Neil uses Daily Rat to claim how he wants unvaccinated punished

  • UK Scotland's children's commissioner has called for a controversial sex survey of schoolchildren to be paused (The ulterior motives of a lawyer controlled SNP should waken up Scots as to their twisted motives)

  • UK Met cops covering up tory criminality now being challenged (NO wonder they are keeping Dick in charge despite her major shortfalls)

  • UK More than 274,000 people are now homeless in England with a ‘rising tide’ of evictions (The really ugly face of an extreme tory austerity boot)

  • UK The tory scum responsible for DV legislation are found guilty as the worst abusers using "coercive and controlling behaviour" laws (This lot are responsible for allowing men to continue to be SHAFTED in non jury trials)

  • Global Covid summit (VIDEO)

  • EU pushing for enforced vaccines (VIDEO)

  • Italians gather to mourn vaccine dead (VIDEO)

  • \global Government manipulation (VIDEO)

  • Germany Nuremberg trials against global pandemic(VIDEO)

  • UK Omicron variant causing crazed scientists to enforce unnecessary measures(VIDEO)

  • Australia Freedom v tyranny(VIDEO)

  • Australia Thousands who lost their jobs due to mandates leave their uniforms on the steps of parliament (VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccines every 5 months(VIDEO)

  • Global Warning to unvaccinated by dead vaccinated victim 1 Nov 2021 (VIDEO)

  • UK Britain's judicial mafia back American persecution of Assange (Courts, especially appeal courts, without juries should be OUTLAWED. Judges have given themselves powers no decent society should tolerate as they are NEVER impartial while being paid by government coffers. NON jury family courts have allowed masonic judges to persecute divorcing men into early graves)

  • UK BBC reports on undercover cops on Welsh trains but ONLY to protect women they claim (Females will OBVIOUSLY feel much safer after a met cop admitted raping and killing Sarah Everard in London)

  • UK BBC only interested in feminist 100 Women 2021 (One look on the list shows how many MAN haters are on there while claiming to fight for womens rights)

  • UK Feminazi unhappy their HATE campaigns against men didn't work

  • UK Top labour feminist lawyer Hatemen is quitting the Houses of Parliament (Labour was NEVER the same when lawyer scum like Blair, Starmer and Harman joined their ranks)

  • UK BBC and the legal mafia who control its output claim exposing the feminist agenda should be classed as HATE crimes (The whole legal system is founded on stripping men using manufactured allegations and the BBC aid and abet the smearing and framing of those men)

  • UK BBC report upset at NO females voted on to council in Scotland (no women were elected to the Western Isles' Comhairle nan Eilean Siar)

  • UK Cop superimposed his face on sick snap of murdered sisters' bodies (The sick fucks employed as British cops)

  • USA Pfizer document exposes the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) cover-up of vaccine deaths-three times more WOMEN than MEN in early 2021

  • Global Melissa Ciummei: Covid passport to totalitarian state control(VIDEO)

  • Global Enforced vaccines being imposed by EU and global leaders(VIDEO)

  • USA Occult fucked up world attacked(VIDEO)

  • Australia CRAZY bastards now rule the country(VIDEO)

  • EU MEP to Australia SOS (VIDEO)

  • Global NO vaccination is safe(VIDEO)

  • Germany Dr. Guido Hofmann: Coronavirus is an introduction to a 'Worldwide Dictatorship'

  • Germany Did a doctor commit suicide rather than give vaccines?

  • Global Lockdowns do work for the banks(VIDEO)

  • UK Welsh premier caught on audio "regulation or advice"(VIDEO)

  • USA Billionaire Epstein(VH1 were busy promoting the perverted jewish blackmailing gangster)(VIDEO)

  • USA The REAL Anthony Fauci psychopath(VIDEO)

  • French cops throw down handcuffs in protest(VIDEO)

  • USA Pfizer is accused by a former senior USA health official of “war profiteering’’ during the pandemic

  • USA CNN's self righteous loudmouth Cuomo sacked after digging dirt for his sleazy NY governor brother

  • UK Junkies running the country

  • UK Belfast funeral director exposes the pandemic lies(VIDEO)

  • Global Prince Andrew 'flew on Epstein's Lolita(BLACKMAIL) Express jet four times' according to flight logs

  • UK How royal celebrity arse kissers are reported by gutter rags of being in awe of the utter dregs of the earth

  • UK Labour at war while feminist / Israeli leaning lawyers like Starmer are destroying any last bastion of decency

  • UK BBC report jews and homosexuals always as CONSTANT victims (While pushing the Israeli and homosexual agendas)

  • UK BBC only ever report sympathy for males if they are royals or part of the masonic loyalist royalist clique (Otherwise heterosexual men are reported as abusing bastards)

  • UK Met cop, 46, denies charges of rape, sexual assault, controlling behaviour and false imprisonment against four women (The quality of the cops they employ in Britain)

  • Global Imagine queuing up for something for the third time that didn't even work the first time(VIDEO)

  • Australia Darwin's political puppets dictating vaccine mandates (VIDEO)

  • France Covid passports deactivated without booster jab(VIDEO)

  • Global Covid privateers(VIDEO)

  • UK Majority of England's Omicron cases ARE double-vaccinated

  • UK So if we force people to get jabbed what's next, compulsory gastric bands for fatties?

  • USA How golddiggers become millionaires after men, like Phil Collins who should know better, are duped

  • UK Bride-to-be smashed glass into the face of love rival who had 'spent night' with her future husband

  • UK 'Girl gang' attacked a vulnerable lone woman in Manchester city centre like a 'pack of wild animals'

  • UK Boosters forever? Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup says Brits 'probably will' have to get jabbed against coronavirus EVERY YEAR

  • UK A whistleblower has claimed that Edinburgh council bosses were "hell-bent" on protecting a senior social worker who was a serial abuser (Council scum use these evil bastards to steal children into care homes for their own perverted ends and provide malicious reports to divorce courts to remove childrens biological fathers protection. Sean Bell, 58, had been protected by an "old boys network")

  • Austrian political scum party while imposing enforced vaccines on the population(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccination bullshit and propaganda (VIDEO)

  • UK Sadiq Khan's henchmen drag questioner away(VIDEO)

  • UK Woman stabs best friend 18 times after using her card on £144 Home Bargains spree

  • Global Lockdown Number two despite the promises(VIDEO)

  • UK BBC spin more sympathy for homosexuals while maliciously smearing heterosexual men as abusers (There is NOTHING more clear than the BBC attacking heterosexual family life and men as something than should be avoided)

  • UK A ROOKIE female cop has been banned from EVERY police force in the country after she was convicted of stalking her ex-boyfriend (Feminists just ignore the stalkers in their midst)

  • UK BBC never report on female stalkers (Instead of reporting about a female cop stalker the BBC pump out more feminist bullshit about all us bad men)

  • UK SNP's creepy and perverted survey of children (These evil bastards are still being voted in by a gullible Scottish public unaware of how feminist lawyer Sturgeon is a plant for the terrorists operating out of the law society)

  • USA Fauci predicts pandemic he created(VIDEO)

  • Austria's corrupt political leaders bring in mandatory vaccines

  • UK One of Labour's Israeli agitators Hodge decides to stand down (She aided the antisemitism claims that effectively let the tory mafia in again who back everything Israel does to the HILT. Labour gets stabbed in the back anytime their leader backs Palestine by the traitors inside the Labour party)

  • UK Scotland's masonic mafia disguised as cops at their very best (Anyone who crosses paths with these EVIl bastards wont be surprised they had to payout £1million to the family of the woman who lay dying from a car crash due to their utter failures. This only exposes the total failure of Scottish cops as they are to busy acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia HOUNDING divorcing men into early graves while stealing their children, homes and wallets to have any time left to protect the public)

  • Australian cops hound innocent men while acting for evil lying bitches(VIDEO)

  • Switzerland Barricades erected to separate vaccinated from the unclean (VIDEO)

  • UK TV argues masks are useless and unsafe then changes his mind(VIDEO)

  • Ireland marches for freedom(VIDEO)

  • Global Eric Clapton claims vaccinations made him seriously ill (VIDEO)

  • Global Greenwald claims elected politicians know nothing about the workings of their spy networks(Or so they claim)(VIDEO)

  • EU 'Time to think about mandatory vaccination' across the ENTIRE EU, Ursula von der Leyen warns after Austria and Germany announced plans to force jabs on all adults

  • Greece Unjabbed over-60s will be FINED £85 a month in Greece as the country makes Covid vaccinations compulsory for that age group

  • UK Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists (Clots known as vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, have been linked to 73 deaths)

  • UK Tory scumbag Rees-Mogg under investigation by watchdog he wanted to abolish

  • USA Fauci on CONTROL before and after(VIDEO)

  • UK Society needs strong masculine men(VIDEO)

  • UK Omicron found only in the double vaxxed(VIDEO)

  • UK Omicron makes the relationship even more abusive(VIDEO)

  • Australia Melbourne brings in riot squad against lockdown protests (VIDEO)

  • Barbados kicks out royal parasites replacing them with a president and becoming a republic (UK needs to do the same ASAP)

  • UK Lawyer Starmer's Labour shuffle turns it into a lawyer Blair / Israeli influenced right wing tory party MK2

  • Global Ghislaine Maxwell accused of preying on young girls for Epstein to abuse (The utter silence from Womens Aid and Refuge who claim to fight for women and girls doesn't include when those women and girls are preyed on by one of their own. Those abused girls are TOTALLY AND UTTERLY ignored by these feminist witches)

  • UK Doom merchants who long to shut us down (The merest hint of a Covid setback and out they come – the merchants of doom)

  • UK If we don't stand up to our hysterical Omicron overlords now then I fear our future as a free people is lost forever

  • UK Devolution a JOKE run by Covid tinpot dictators (In Scotland SNP's Sturgeon a former lawyer,in Wales Welsh Labour Drakeford a former social worker)

  • Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown VIDEO

    After watching this film anyone who believes governments pushing for nuclear reactors as part of the climate change bullshit should let this be a warning of the real dangers to the planet NOT how hot its getting but how polluted with radiation thanks to their obsession with nuclear reactors. Also the decades of above ground explosions of nuclear bombs that have threatened the land and sea we depend on for food.
    Law society lackeys run USA and Scotland

    Lawyer Biden meets his Scottish law society co-conspirator lawyer Nicola Sturgeon

    She wouldn't meet Trump because he isn't a fucking LAWYER

  • Biden is slammed for plan to fine businesses up to $14,000 for EACH unvaccinated worker
  • Most American workers required to get Covid vaccine by January 4 under new Biden rule (This is COMPULSORY redundancies through the covid back door. How to get rid of employees who don't tow the corporate line)
  • Lectured about climate change by the hypocritical royals and their masonic lackeys at COP26

  • COP26 royal parasites join their masonic lackeys to lecture the peasants on how to save energy (While they all jet in and out with their VAST entourages, especially Biden, while wining and dining at the peasants expense
  • Getting lectured about climate change by the royal parasites from their huge mansions and while they privately jet across the world at the peasants expense the fucking hypocrites)
  • How many private jets and their HYPOCRITICAL occupants have come to Glasgow claiming to fight climate change?
  • 'We won't stop untill Assange is free' | Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to RT on US extradition appeal VIDEO
    Mossad the most evil arm of the Israeli mafia VIDEO

    Covert Operations, Assassinations, Agents, Stories, Spy Agency Documentary
    The royal parasites are just a bunch of ruthless thieving bastards VIDEO

    The royals loyal lieutenant the Dukey Kent head of the global masonic mafia used to persecute, frame and ruthlessly abuse any heterosexual man not part of their death cult. See how the divorce courts operate totally controlled by a masonic judicial mafia acting for a corrupt crown.
    From one decrepit old bastard to an even WORSE decrepit old bastard

  • Royal parasites MOLL 'to step up to bigger role' as old parasite ordered to rest for at least two weeks
  • Huge crowd protests in Melbourne against vaccine mandates VIDEO

  • Madman Dan Andrews rushing through legislation that gives him unprecedented, draconian and dictatorial powers (VIDEO)
  • Scotland's vile masonic cops finally getting outed

  • In 2019 a cop 'threatened to take dad's kids into care' as '40 to 50 cops' turned up at family home (Any divorcing man will know how many Scottish cops turn up at their door if they even dare argue with their ex wives, have an issue with the custody of their children or are having their home stolen)
  • CIA Plans To Kill Julian Assange (Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon, Kristinn Hrafnsson) VIDEO

  • Free Julian Assange: Snowden, Varoufakis, Corbyn & Tariq Ali Speak Out Ahead of Extradition Hearing(VIDEO)
  • Why is trans community running everything? VIDEO
    Glasgow University accused of undermining academic freedom in 'antisemitic' ruling

    Glasgow University bowing to the Israeli mafia

  • How Capitalism Ruined Work VIDEO
    The Ruling Class is Murdering You: Roger Waters on Shouting From the Rooftop VIDEO
    Gutter rag explains who Gates really works for and his FUNNY handshake

    ALL protected and enriched via the masonic mafia
    SNP's draconian and discriminatory vaccine passport scheme has become enforceable by law

    When is Scotland going to waken up to feminist lawyer / psychopath Sturgeon? Any man facing divorce already knows the lengths Sturgeon's legal pals will go to destroy their lives and harass them for decades while they wipe them out, and the very bitch who rants about ending discrimination, especially for her gay pals, now brings in laws to discriminate on medical grounds. This is law society control BIG TIME she is their LACKEY like Biden in the USA.

  • Scottish MASONIC scum cops are the utter DREGS of the earth

    Divorcing men's lives are made a misery by these EVIL bastards never mind females.
    Printing money: How long can governments get away with it? VIDEO

    Outrageous use of property rises to prop up the economy and the house thieves. The biggest drain on men's wallets are the mortgages that suggest property ownership until divorce ensures the houses are stolen back by the legal and banking scum who manufacture the dodgy purchase contracts a TOTALLY illegal monopoly
    Scottish cops who get away with murder

  • Senior Scots police chief apologies to victims of sexual abuse by serving cops (How freemason cops can get away with the most horrific sexual crimes while they can persecute non cult divorcing men over an argument with their wives then hang on to their coattails for the big divorce payouts and stealing their properties)
  • The Inside Story of the USA - Israeli Covert Relationship (1991) VIDEO
    How Pelosi got so rich VIDEO
    Just who the FUCK is Philip Jansen?

    In a letter to the Home Secretary, BT chief executive Philip Jansen
    said technology should be used to tackle MALE violence

    Stats of murder in England and Wales by gender

    If anyone who knows how corporate Britain operates you can be sure the vast majority of dimwits selected for the top corporate jobs are hand picked FREEMASONS. As the former monopoly for telecomms in Britain BT has a hierarchy founded on fast tracking freemasons into top key lucrative jobs while the TALENTED staff can only watch as idiots are promoted well above their station. We have an in depth knowledge as to why that is the case but for another article, but here is a CEO writing about BT using technology against men, NOT criminals in general but specifically MEN.

    Compare the murder stats for England and Wales and even DIMWITS can see the vast bulk of murder victims are men and young boys. Yet two articles in the Daily Mail, one by tory thug Priti Patel and one by the Met's lesbian chief Cressida Dick, ignore those stats instead claim, thanks to the murder of a female by a met cop now men's and boys deaths can be totally ignored and all of Britain's cops efforts are to be aimed at protecting women and girls against all us bad men.

    Mr Jansen came up with the idea while 'despairing' at Miss Everard's abduction, rape and killing by Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer jailed for life last week. He is now calling for ministers, police leaders and telecoms bosses to discuss the plan urgently.

    That is despite the fact tory thug Patel sits on the cabinet who are behind the vile tory austerity that is crippling the poorest, MANY of them women who then went on to commit suicide, alongside the £50billion the tory scum cut from retiring women who have been left destitute in OLD age thanks to increasing their pension age six years with little notice. Yet in that article she claims to want to protect women but during her time in office, as the tory state assassin the DWP's head, she was accused of bullying female staff to the point one of those female staff took an overdose.

    Feminist lesbian Cressida Dick, despite being responsible for the vetting of all cops in the London Met, allowed cops with a history of sexual abuse to carry on as cops with little or no disciplinary action that allowed Sarah Everard to be murdered by a Met cop. A police force riddled with freemasons protecting each others arses from the most horrendous crimes to the point they THINK they can get away with murder. Also met cops, charged with dealing with domestic violence allegations, yet they themselves are committing DV against their partners and wives and get away with it and allowed to carry on as cops supposedly to protect women.

    Both Patel and Dick, with the backing of a BT CEO, claim the ONLY important thing is to protect women and girls from abuse and violence of men, despite the stats clearly showing the vast majority of murder victims are MEN, not women, but one cop murder is enough for the feminists and feminist supporters to state the vast bulk of resources of the cops should primarily be spent on ONLY ONE genders protection.

    This is outrageous, if the genders were reversed there would be a flood of well funded banner waving feminists lining the streets screaming of the injustice. BUT WHEN ARE MEN going to start protesting while this madness is going on all around them????????????

  • All sexual and domestic abuse allegations against Met cops over past 10 years to be reviewed following murder of Sarah Everard, Cressida Dick reveals
  • New phone lifeline for lone women: Priti Patel backs plan for 888 'walk me home service' as emergency number could be online by Christmas amid outrage over murder of Sarah Everard (Jansen's comment here)
  • Murdering Met cops: There appeared to be a "culture of colleague protection" within the police service and warned that police officers were failing to raise concerns about colleagues who exhibit "damaging or worrying" characteristics (When are the freemason cops who protect their brothers going to get the boot? There would be NO COPS left)
  • Freemasons fast tracked, with little or NO vetting, into London's Met cops?
  • Commons Speaker wants Met Police to explain murdering cop Wayne Couzens' Parliament work (BBC claim police misogyny at fault when it should be MASONgyny)
  • Calls for ALL police officers across UK to be re-vetted: Ex Met Police chief says every officer should be reassessed in wake of Sarah Everard murder to restore trust (Time to rid the cops of freemasons who are protecting their murderous lodge pals)
  • POLICE SCANDAL Cops who sexually harass women are allowed to stay in their jobs even in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder (These are the same masonic fuckers who persecute innocent non death cult divorcing men for alleged abuse while they are getting away with murder)
  • Tory thug Patel directs attention away from masonic cops onto smearing men in general (The home secretary said police had to "raise the bar" and treat everybody "with respect, dignity and seriously". EXCEPT heterosexual men classing us all as abusers)
  • Sarah Everard: Boris Johnson urges public to trust the police (Meanwhile attacking men generally when it's freemason cops protecting each others arses)
  • Cressida Dick must be held accountable over Couzens case, says ex-Met chief (Putting lesbians in charge of the cops is NO BETTER than replacing freemasons)
  • The murdering perverts the Met think are suitable to employ as cops
  • It was reported in 1997 there would be "STRICT Vetting measures to check corrupt police" (Didn't do much good as murdering cops are getting through that supposed 'STRICT' vetting and while freemasons remain active inside law enforcement to protect their criminal brothers)
  • What is really wrong with the whole structure of UK policing
  • SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon once again preaching to men about her FEMINAZI agenda

    This law society witch can't PREACH to anyone about morals when the SNP's former leader was accused of abusing women and her homosexual former finance minister was sending lewd messages to a schoolboy

  • Feminist GAYrdian gives hypocrite feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon a platform to spout her man hating feminist smear campaigns HERE

  • "Men must challenge misogynistic behaviour", says Nicola Sturgeon

    What she should be saying is that FREEMASONS (MASONgynists) that dominate Scottish and UK cops are murdering females but instead she swipes at heterosexual MEN in general while she as a lawyer and her lawyer and judge pals in Scotland have been using Scottish cops as whipping boys for the Law Society and Legal Aid Board that she acts on behalf of to smear, frame, persecute and plunder men not part of their death cult and leave them homeless and penniless.

    She also ignores the fact her former leader was accused of abusing multiple women that despite being let off the hook in Scottish courts because of the criminal intent the accusations still require disciplinary action.

    She also ignores the fact that her former finance minister was booted out after sending creepy messages to a schoolboy.

    She and the SNP have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attack heterosexual men in general with her total lack of morals while within her own party there are abusers of both females and young males. She is a fucking hypocrite who while attacking murdering cops has been using cops as hired thugs to remove men from their homes and children.

  • Hypocritical GAYrdian attacks female tory DWP minister who is stripping millions of females of £20 per week (The ruthless tory austerity is being done by the tory feminists who claim to protect females when they are depriving them of the most basic income)
  • 'I've got time on my side': Nicola Sturgeon is slammed for 'chilling' suggestion the death of elderly Scots who back the Union will help deliver independence
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • Former SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay won't face charges after messages scandal involving 16-year-old schoolboy (Is that the freemasons running the cops and prosecutors covering for their lodge buddy? Meanwhile Scottish men are losing EVERYTHING for MERELY arguing with their wives thanks to that same SNP scum like Mackay manufacturing extreme anti HETEROSEXUAL male legislation)
  • Feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims total ignorance of THIRTY harassment complaints about five other SNP ministers (Here is a political mafia claiming to protect women with extremely gender biased domestic violence legislation while they themselves are embroiled in harassment claims against women)
  • SNP MP Patrick Grady quits party post after being accused of groping two men at a Christmas party - amid claims he was 'protected' by the party despite complaints about his alleged behaviour (And why so much SNP anti-heterosexual male laws are being manufactured by this mob)
  • Former homosexual SNP minister Derek Mackay who quit over grooming a schoolboy has continued to claim expenses for accommodation in Edinburgh (While heterosexual divorcing men face losing EVERYTHING over an argument with their ex-wives [feminist coercive conduct BULLSHIT] some of the SNP homosexual hierarchy who brought in even harsher draconian measures against heterosexual men can still get away with murder)
  • Derek Mackay: SNP government denies trying to block newspaper claims
  • SNP homo perv Derek Mackay sent secret late-night Facebook messages to boy, 16, while on holiday with lover boyfriend
  • SNP's former Scottish finance secretary Derek Mackay asked married man, 25, 'got any naughty pics?' in message bombardment
  • Deluded SNP councillor claims shamed MSP’s hounding of schoolboy was ‘honey trap’ to scupper Scottish independence (Rivals called for the party to expel Jean McClung after she suggested the 16-year-old lad was linked to a secret plot to derail the Yes movement)
  • A LEADING child abuse expert said in Feb 2020 police should probe ex-SNP chief Derek Mackay's messages to a 16-year-old schoolboy (BUT THEY DIDN'T so he must be being protected by freemasons inside Scotland's evil cop mafia)
  • A SCHOOLBOY targeted online by SNP government minister Derek Mackay told how he felt forced to make up lies to avoid a face-to-face encounter with the powerful MSP (While feminist lawyer Sturgeon and her LGBT SNP mob make up anti-heterosexual male legislation i.e. Coercive behaviour = arguing with ex-wives as twisted by the legal mafia their SENIOR homosexual MP's get away with grooming schoolkids)
  • Former SNP first minister Alex Salmond appeared in court today accused of offences against 10 women, including attempted rape and a series of sexual assaults (We are the ONLY outlet that has been warning the public about the SNP utopian bullshit but even we didn't expect these sordid headlines as SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon manufactures laws to criminalize husbands whose only crime was to argue with their wives now classed as 'COERCIVE' bullshit while their own leaders are accused of multiple rape charges)
  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and framed while their biological protection is taken away from children)
  • Scottish legal aid chief arrested with rent boy in shopping centre toilet (This evil bastard is STILL responsible for signing the cheques to Scottish lawyers from their legal aid honeypot to aid smearing divorcing fathers and separate their biological protection from their children)
  • The British Empire founded on ruthless greed and murder VIDEO

    That same mindset operates inside the family courts where men are fleeced like they used to do with the colonies
    The Pandora Papers: How the world of offshore finance is still flourishing VIDEO

    CROOKED LAWYERS behind the scams to hide the world's richest.
    Meanwhile ordinary men are being screwed by the SAME crooked lawyers during divorce
    NO amount of vetting will rid law enforcement of the death cult embedded in their ranks

  • It was reported in 1997 there would be "STRICT Vetting measures to check corrupt police" (Didn't do much good as murdering cops are getting through that supposed 'STRICT' vetting and while freemasons remain active inside law enforcement to protect their criminal brothers)
  • What is really wrong with the whole structure of UK policing
  • Tory scum Build 'fuck all' Back Better

  • Build Back Better; Global establishment lackeys rabbit off parrot fashion the elite agenda (It's like the Weapons of Mass Destruction warmongers Bush and Blair used to rant on about) (VIDEO)
  • ‘Build back better. Blah blah blah’: Greta Thunberg mocks leaders at youth climate summit (A New World Order chant all the hand picked lackeys rabbit on about) (VIDEO)
  • Response to Scottish lawyers bleating about legal aid

    See how long the comment lasts in their gutter rags???????????

  • Epidemic of lawyer controlled gutter rags pushing DV hysteria


  • The same gutter rag now manufacturing exaggerated claims about DV in Scotland at 1 million (One million domestic abuse cases UNREPORTED every year? SO how do they know that if they are unreported?)
  • The same gutter rag promoting the myth of buying property
  • Masonic run family courts cannot function without domestic abuse / violence claims
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts (The most important video men need to understand before marrying and how freemasons smear, frame, persecute and plunder men not part of their death cult)(VIDEO)
  • Woman exposes the BIGGEST threat to men globally (Lawyers implicated in manufacturing domestic violence allegations to claim legal aid and fleece men)(VIDEO)
  • Scots justice in dock: Solicitors' indefinite courtroom boycott over legal aid crisis (The BIGGEST racket in Scotland is the ease with which crooked lawyers can access vast sums from their honey pot the corrupt Legal Aid Board part of the law society TERROR cell who steal most of it from unsuspecting divorcing men who are smeared and framed prior to their homes being stolen and resold to pay for the defence of serial criminals who Scottish lawyers attach themselves to in a corrupt scam that just keeps on giving)
  • Total value of British housing market stands at £7.9 trillion
  • Outrageous cost of protecting the old royal bat VIDEO

    Maybe the biggest security motorcade on earth
    Two royalist GUTTER rags that browbeat Scotland with royal mafia propaganda

    These filthy rags are the absolute dregs of the earth while her hand picked Scottish judicial mafia backed by her Scottish political goons destroy divorcing heterosexual Scottish men and their families by persecuting them into early graves or to be left homeless and penniless.



    NO MENTION of Maxwell in the front page of the feminist rag the GAYrdian