• EU There has NEVER been any political elite that has been concerned with the well-being of its citizens(VIDEO)

  • EU Massively redact(cover up) contracts with vaccine companies(VIDEO)

  • France Protesters filling up trollies and leaving them at the check outs of supermarkets who enforce vaccine passports(VIDEO)

  • UK The royal parasites are just a bunch of ruthless thieving bastards(VIDEO)

  • Russia What is Russia ashamed of? Perm 36 GULAG prison camp (Britain has secret psychiatric gulags that masquerade as treatment centres for ANYONE who dares cross the royal parasites)(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdoch rag takes the females side in man's murder once again despite evidence to the contrary (Once her lawyers appeal it will go before judges who will reverse the sentence with the COERCIVE tag)

  • UK Prince Andrew is accused of 'victim shaming' by branding Virginia Giuffre a publicity-hungry liar who made up her claims of sexual assault for a 'payday' (Royals are EXPERT at smearing anyone who dares challenge them)

  • UK BBC proudly promotes feminist witches

  • Australia Huge crowd protests in Melbourne against vaccine mandates (VIDEO)

  • Italy Demonstrators rally in Rome against the G20 summit(VIDEO)

  • UK Penelope Jackson: Woman jailed for life for murdering husband after family meal argument (Courts finally not letting the EXCUSE of alleged abuse let women get away with murder? Or the fact the husband is ex military?)(VIDEO)

  • UK Claims of alleged abuse of DEAD MEN can NEVER be the excuse to murder no matter how the feminists warp their sick man hating agenda (David Jackson's estranged daughter Jane Calverley accused the defendant of being the abuser in the relationship and that her father would never have asked for help because he would have been too proud to admit to being bullied and abused by his wife)

  • UK External experts to be appointed by BBC to ensure its content is impartial (How can they be impartial if they are APPOINTED by the BBC? and how are they going to stop them smearing heterosexual men as abusers while promoting homosexuals positively?)

  • UK BBC and gutter rags suggest the royal parasite WORKS as opposed to looking over her vast empire of greed and corruption(When the old bitch pops her clogs the exposures of what EVIL she fronts will maybe finally get exposed in the controlled media. The £trillions stolen ON HER BEHALF in her named courts and for the so called invisible CROWN ends up in her overseas tax havens thanks to her masonic couriers. Even her grandson has bailed out knowing what is coming including how his own mother was wiped out)

  • USA Royal parasite and his lawyers try and dismiss the allegations of the rape of Epstein's underage trafficked kids (Innocent divorcing men are being destroyed for arguing with their ex wives in HER MAJESTY'S courts while her son is getting away with murder and living an opulent lifestyle on the back of the peasants. If he was innocent why are the royals distancing themselves from him? That's what they call the RULE OF LAW and laws that they think they dont have to abide by)

  • UK BBC sympathetically ALWAYS paint homosexuals as victims of society (The warped bastards inside the BBC need locked up for their permanent distain for heterosexual family life and in particular heterosexual men while always portraying the royal filth as some sort of force for good)

  • UK Another BBC 'sympathy for the homosexuals' report

  • UK Academics warn universities should stop pandering to students who must be told to 'accept academic freedoms or LEAVE' after professor was 'hounded out' of her role in trans row (Not bowing to the LGBT MOB gets you hounded out of a job)

  • UK Woman glassed complete stranger, scarring him for life, then 'blew kisses' at him (The vicious bitches who seldom get exposed in the feminist run BBC or GAYrdian gutter rags)

  • Global Covid vaccine to cull global population claims nun(VIDEO)

  • Australia Madman Dan Andrews rushing through legislation that gives him unprecedented, draconian and dictatorial powers (VIDEO)

  • Global Mass protests continue over covid vaccines and restrictions(VIDEO)

  • USA No jab, no job | New Yorkers protest against vaccine mandate(VIDEO)

  • UK A former homopaedo Sea Cadet Officer who sexually assaulted schoolboys as they slept has been jailed for eight years

  • UK Homopaedo Sidney Cooke, now 94, was jailed for life with a minimum five-year term in 1999 for the abuse of two brothers (He had previously been jailed in 1989 for the manslaughter of Jason Swift, 14, who was killed by a homopaedo gang)

  • UK Another pervert Met cop charged with child sex offences

  • UK Met cop denies misconduct over interactions with 15-year-old girl

  • UK Female deputy head teacher in court on child sex abuse charges

  • UK Feminasty's permanently protesting over every damn thing they can drum up (Men are at the brunt of feminasty's always claiming victimhood and demanding new laws for their women issues)

  • UK VALERIE'S LAW demands specialist training mandatory for all police and other government agencies that support black women and girls affected by domestic abuse (Feminists pushing the DV scams making them rich through divorce black or white)

  • USA America's political mafia sure have their priorities right when NASA is spending $billions on more moon space junk while it's people flounder on the streets in utter deprivation (There is no cause for celebration when the USA is in a total shambles apart from the 1%)

  • USA A long list of government funded NASA projects that take $trillions away from housing the homeless

  • USA L.A.s answer to homelessness put sheds alongside motorways and away from the city and where NO ONE with money would want to live (Meanwhile back at NASA there is no shortage of cash for fanciful out of this world nonsense)(VIDEO)

  • UK ‘Clearly it’s a kangaroo court, has nothing to do with justice’ – Roger Waters(VIDEO)

  • UK As if £18.9 billion isn't enough for the Crossrail (Sneakily change to Elizabethan) link in London they now have a £150 million funding gap(London has always gotten the bulk of the cash dished out by the governments of both parties)

  • Global Common 29p drug Fluvoxamine slashes Covid patients’ hospital risk by a THIRD

  • Global Mocking Meta: Facebook’s virtual reality name change prompts backlash (Zuckerberg still an Israeli mossad lackey no matter the name)

  • UK Murdoch rag ONLY worried about the poor old queen getting back on her horses when half the country are struggling to feed themselves (When even the tiniest bit of royalist bullshit can be turned into a full page spread to trigger ever more deference by her dimwitted brainwashed followers)

  • UK Hypocritical royal parasite makes herself the mouthpiece for the man hating feminasty movement (The royal run family courts make £trillions from framing men. NO mention of the royal parasite being pursued for raping trafficked kids????? Nor what she put Diana through having it off with Charlie boy)

  • UK Female paedo teacher Fatinah Hossain who molested pupil, 14, was jailed for five and a half years She also threatened the boy and his family using fake names(The feminists just wont admit the bitches in their ranks)

  • UK Scotland's vile masonic cops finally getting outed

  • UK Council Children's Home in Southampton run by paedo's

  • UK Homopaedo abuse carried out by football coach Bob Higgins has not only had a profound impact on the lives of the boys he abused, but also their families

  • UK Spiking a new feminist campaign backed by the man hating BBC? (If only the BBC reported on murder and abuse perpetrated by females instead of the MAN hating that shows the BBC always slanting reports as if females are ALWAYS victims and men as ALWAYS the attackers)

  • UK In 2019 a cop 'threatened to take dad's kids into care' as '40 to 50 cops' turned up at family home (Any divorcing man will know how many Scottish cops turn up at their door if they even dare argue with their ex wives ,have an issue with the custody of their children or are having their home stolen)

  • USA Lawyers still trying to protect the royal parasites arse (These same legal SCUM frame innocent divorcing men to fleece them while this royal scumbag still lives in vast opulence)

  • UK Female deputy head shared revenge porn photos of boyfriend’s ex on Facebook (Men face vindictive witches like this daily in divorce courts that believe their bullshit)

  • UK Men only classed as heroes by the BBC when they get badly injured fighting illegal wars for the UK state (Any other time men are classed as abusers)

  • UK Cops have been graded "inadequate" in five out of 10 key performance indicator (And the MAN haters at the BBC consistently name DV as a major factor as the feminists backed by a whole gamut of money put pressure on cops to continue to persecute men against a storm of DV claims that allow women to become millionaires overnight along with every arm of the state that backs them. NOT that they have MURDERERS in their ranks)

  • UK The scum and filth employed as Met cops who think they can get away with murder

  • USA Youtube censoring Rand Paul over Covid experiments(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden wants first responders to be sacked for NOT getting vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • UK Jennifer Lawrence on corruption inside America's political scheming (VIDEO)

  • UK Another scumbag employed as a British cop (Whoever picks these fucking arseholes should be sacked as well)

  • UK Free Julian Assange: Snowden, Varoufakis, Corbyn & Tariq Ali Speak Out Ahead of Extradition Hearing(VIDEO)

  • UK Senior Edinburgh social worker was serial abuser (In Scotland these utter social work scum are responsible for compiling a pack of lies to present to court to remove children from the protection of their biological fathers for ULTERIOR motives and the SNP under feminist lawyer Sturgeon is at the very heart of this evil sordid legalese)

  • UK The gutter rags including the BBC can waffle on about police corruption but until they rid the cops of the masonic protection network NOTHING will change and victims will continue dying under that murderous regime

  • UK While Britain is driven to its knees MP's are spending billions propping their ROTTING palace (The latest guestimate is £12bn and rotting from CORRUPTION)

  • Global "You Can SHOVE YOUR JOB!!” Why Are MILLIONS Quitting Work?!(VIDEO)

  • UK Claims by the BBC that "Long delay for hundreds of rape cases" (DON'T mention the crown has a long history of failing to produce proof that innocent men lanquished in jail sometimes for decades due to those extreme failings)

  • UK Royal parasite has a deadline set for depositions in sex assault civil case (While innocent divorcing men are being brutalized with claims of abuse that allow the legal mafia to strip them bare sanctioned by HER MAJESTY'S courts and corrupt HAND PICKED judiciary her son can avoid criminal charges on allegations of rape of a Jeffrey Epstein trafficked minor)

  • UK Tory scum “funnelling money to richer cabinet ministers’ constituencies”

  • UK The first weekend of enforcement of Scotland's vaccine passport scheme was an "unmitigated disaster" (Scots needs to waken up to the dictatorial feminist lawyer witch controlling Scotland for the Scottish Law Society terrorists destroying innocent heterosexual men in the process)

  • UK The utter scum and filth employed as Scottish cops (The sick fucks who get police powers to STEAL children from the biological protection of their fathers via masonic run court orders during divorce and the potential sinister outcomes)

  • USA CIA Plans To Kill Julian Assange 'UNFATHOMABLE' (Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon, Kristinn Hrafnsson) (VIDEO)

  • USA Why is trans community running everything? (VIDEO)

  • UK Woman paralysed after being pushed off bridge by 'jealous' pal is a 'better person' (17-year-old pal - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had been acting ‘irrationally’ and jealous towards Emily – accusing her of cheating on her then-boyfriend. Feminists just wont accept the evil bitches in their own ranks)

  • UK Glasgow University accused of undermining academic freedom in 'antisemitic' ruling (bowing to the Israeli mafia)

  • Global AstraZeneca jab's possible side-effect includes rare syndrome affecting nervous system (NO GOVERMENT has the right to force this on anyone)

  • UK Tory corruption: We are all in it together(VIDEO)

  • Global Covid vaccines killing people(VIDEO)

  • UK Protest at Downing Street 'Bill Gates is a murderer' (VIDEO)

  • USA Lawyer Obama a massive fraud(VIDEO)

  • Global Pfizer song 'I'm a Pfizer girl in a Covid world'(VIDEO)

  • China PCR testing equipment ordered in Wuhan in 2019(VIDEO)

  • Australia Kids taken away from parents and injected(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdoch's gutter rag claims sympathy for the devil (A rare occasion when the UK establishment mouthpiece Kyle should be taken to the cleaners)

  • UK Scotland's crooked lawyers claim they want large rise in their honeypot legal aid so they can defend 'the most vulnerable members of society' (You can but laugh at these EVIL fuckers who massively frame divorcing men to pay themselves £millions for defending ex-wives with lies and bullshit about abuse and defending serial criminals. Neither of the two are vulnerable members of society. One are lying bitches prompted by the legal crooks and two the serial criminals are hardened thugs who are defended by money stolen from good men hounded into early graves by Sturgeon's legal pals and the cons and scams perpetrated inside masonic controlled courts)

  • UK SNP lawyers make sure the cops get a decent pay rise so they can continue to act as hired thugs for the legal crooks helping themselves to divorcing mens estates (Their VAST criminal empire make all other crimes pale)

  • UK Wouldn't ANY man be outraged if their wives had been out with a friend for a 'business' meeting with a man and returned about 2am. Yet the lawyer run gutter rags paint a very different picture that SHE was the totally innocent party (He gets hit with the abuse claims while her behaviour wound him up and achieved the desired result he is out on his arse. Scottish courts want to turn men into wimps and let wives walk over them with the 'coercive behaviour' tag)

  • USA How Capitalism Ruined Work(VIDEO)

  • UK Brits warned they may need Covid boosters for foreign holidays next summer (WTF? The alleged cure is immensely worse than the disease)

  • UK If anything happens to the old royal biddy Harmsworth's gutter rags will provide an endless stream of gushing propaganda and bullshit that might go on for decades

  • UK The sick fucking witches the feminists refuse to accept exist

  • USA Firemen and cops discharged for vaccine mandate hand in their boots (VIDEO)

  • USA 6% of San Francisco cops forced out of their jobs(VIDEO)

  • USA Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dies aged 84 of Covid(VIDEO)

  • Global Ken O'Keefe on America and the West's murderous wars (VIDEO)

  • USA Pfizer research director Vanessa Gelman runs like fuck from DIFFICULT questions(VIDEO)

  • France 175 towns protest at Macron's covid passports (VIDEO)

  • Global Is Covid 19 the biggest fraud of all? (VIDEO)

  • Global The Ruling Class is Murdering You: Roger Waters on Shouting From the Rooftop(VIDEO)

  • Global Icke on 'The Secret Cult Who Control The World' (VIDEO)

  • Australia Evil Mother poisoned baby with bleach to get 'good night's sleep' (Feminists ignore wicked bitches like this one)

  • UK Latest feminist rant spiking drinks as if it's only females targetted when homosexuals have been spiking young men's drinks and then taken home and some have been murdered (But you would never guess that with the gutter media)

  • UK While so many British men are homeless on the streets councils are busy trying to rehome Afghan refugees (There is something seriously wrong when Britain classes it's own males lower down the pecking order than foreign refugees for housing)

  • UK Gutter rag explains who Gates really works for and his FUNNY handshake (ALL protected and enriched via the masonic mafia)

  • UK MP is killed and the political mafia use the death as an excuse to hide their expenses

  • UK A right-leaning Labour party has little to offer voters (Lawyers have taken control of the supposed working class party and turned it into a tory party MK2)

  • UK Female care home boss, 61, is jailed for cruelty after slapping vulnerable residents, pulling their hair, spitting and sitting on them (Yet you have nutty feminists screaming for the cops to ONLY protect women and girls while female filth are brutally mistreating the elderly)

  • UK BBC report "Stephen Timms: MP who survived stabbing wants to meet jailed attacker" (NO mention in that headline the attacker is female. Reverse the gender and it would state MAN right away. If he had been her husband she could get off claiming abuse)

  • UK 'He's in the kitchen, bleeding to death. Can I get my coat?' Chilling bodycam footage shows moment pensioner in pyjamas is arrested after stabbing her 'abusive' husband and leaving him to die on floor (How many men who murder could use being abused as the excuse to justify that MURDER????? and the gutter rags immediately publishing that without ANY proof whatsoever. She knows now she'll not get jailed and get his house and his bank account thanks to the crooks running the courts who will charge a fortune in fees to tie it all up for years)

  • UK Another murdering female 66 accuses DEAD husband 78 of abuse (This is becoming the norm how females are literally getting away with murder as soon as they utter the word ABUSE and the legal mafia fall for it time and time again as it is lucrative for stripping men even in death)

  • UK 'You've given me purpose in life once more': Father whose 23-month-old twins were drowned in the bath by their mother tells of his joy after his new partner gave birth to baby boy (Were the cops to BUSY protecting ONLY women and girls?)

  • UK BBC only interested in homelessness when it's females on the street

  • USA NASA unpacks its successor to Hubble: $10 BILLION James Webb Space (With millions of Americans in dire straits its good to see the political elite have their priorities right giving NASA $billions for more space junk)

  • Poland clashing with EU over homosexual agenda

  • UK Vaccination centre shut down by protesters(VIDEO)

  • USA What is behind this massive push for vaccinations?(VIDEO)

  • USA Rand Paul attacks lawyer over Israeli vaccination stats(VIDEO)

  • Ireland Political nutjobs claim 300,000 non vaccinated are putting the rest of population at risk (So the vaccinated AREN'T safe despite being vaccinated?)(VIDEO)

  • Canada Trudeau demands vaccinations for over 12's before flying or taking the train(VIDEO)

  • UK Funeral director warns about massive deaths from covid vaccinations(VIDEO)

  • UK The utter scum and filth employed as British cops

  • UK Cops "shut down" investigations into jewish homopaedo lawyer Lord Janner "without pursuing all inquiries" (It brought up themes that are extremely familiar, such as deference to powerful individuals. How cop masons protected the judeo / masonic paedo's like Janner)

  • UK Leicestershire police were guilty of a “serious and inexcusable failure” to properly investigate allegations of child sexual abuse against the late Labour peer and lawyer Greville Janner (These are the same masonic bastards who are used as hired thugs for lawyers to hound divorcing men for even daring to ARGUE with their wives by claiming they are abusing them while a LAWYER can get away with NO CHARGES despite repeated allegations of homopaedo abuse of young boys)

  • UK Lord Janner inquiry: LAWYER Tony Blair defends granting LAWYER and ex-MP Janner a peerage who was a Labour MP being accused of child sex abuse(Filthy lawyers once again getting away with murder)

  • UK Council bosses were told a former Leicester MP Lord Janner was sharing a room with a boy at night (A worker reported concerns the boy was sharing a hotel room with Lord Janner but a manager told her there was not "a problem" and social services managers were aware of what was described as "their association". Social workers manufacture the fabricated statements in divorces that lead to children being removed from their biological fathers protection and into the hands of disgusting filth like Janner)

  • Poland EU concerned about the independence of Poland's judiciary (The global judicial mafia are ANYTHING but independent instead operating as a global cartel with the LAW SOCIETY at the head of a satanic beast destroying everything it crosses paths with especially divorcing men)

  • UK Nothing worse than seeing working class TV presenters sucking up to the royal parasites (Sick bucket required as they sell their souls to the devil and fucking Murdoch rag only to happy to promote them)

  • UK Bonkers tory scumbags think heat pumps will be a GOOD alternative to replacing gas boilers in cold wet Britain

  • UK Heat pump bullshit from the tory nutters on GREEN energy (Its not the med its cold wet UK FFS)

  • USA Boeing Chief Test Pilot Could Face Up To 200 Years In Prison(VIDEO)

  • UK Tesco buying Israeli technology for its new 'NO STAFF NO CASH' checkout-free stores (Convenient or just fucking CREEPY)

  • UK Tory thug Patel using "Insulate Britain" as the EXCUSE to clamp down on protesting (You would NEVER guess this witch is the biggest abuser and bully of all)

  • UK The Football Association of Wales (FAW) and Welsh Government have launched a joint education programme to take on online hate towards girls and women (We don't see them doing the same for the BLACK male players who get far more racist 'abuse' than any female gets)

  • UK BBC finally getting exposed in the gutter rags for being influenced by homosexual mouthpiece STONEWALL (We have been warning for DECADES about this homo mafia's twisted influence on society)

  • UK Scotland's civil service agreed to delete the word 'MOTHER' from its maternity leave policy after being urged by homosexual mouthpiece Stonewall to remove 'gendered' words from official documents

  • USA Fully-vaccinated former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies of COVID complications

  • UK SNP's draconian and discriminatory vaccine passport scheme has become enforceable by law (When is Scotland going to waken up to feminist lawyer / psychopath Sturgeon? Any man facing divorce already knows the lengths Sturgeon's legal pals will go to destroy their lives and harass them for decades while they wipe them out, and the very bitch who rants about ending discrimination, especially for her gay pals, now brings in laws to discriminate on medical grounds. This is law society control BIG TIME she is their LACKEY like Biden in the USA)

  • UK BBC only interested when it's females facing online abuse (They are NEVER portrayed as the instigators despite endless articles saying otherwise)

  • UK Terror suspect, 25, who 'killed Sir David Amess was flagged as extremism risk by teachers when he was still at school at least FIVE YEARS ago' and was 'radicalised by watching videos of hate preacher Anjem Choudary'

  • UK Tory thug Patel will face questions concerning what was known about a suspect held on suspicion of murdering MP Sir David Amess

  • UK The latest bullshit coming from tory idiot Patel once again censoring the internet(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish MASONIC scum cops are the utter DREGS of the earth (Divorcing men's lives are made a misery by these EVIL bastards never mind females)

  • UK FEMINIST Union leader claims " We must make our workplaces a safe haven" (Then adds "Employers must do more to support the victims of male violence against women" While feminist mass hysteria continues in the gutter rags a MALE MP is murdered. Are the cops to busy with gender protection they are forgetting to protect males?)

  • UK Lawyer controlled gutter rags manufacturing exaggerated hysterical claims about DV in Scotland now they claim over 1 million (One million domestic abuse cases UNREPORTED every year. SO how do they know that if they are unreported?)

  • UK Gutter rag claims "We need to start taking women’s safety seriously, not only when it’s too late" (While a male MP is murdered the feminist leaning rags ONLY want females protected) (VIDEO)

  • USA NASA Lucy spacecraft to Jupiter costs $981 million (It seems despite America's political mafia endlessly ranting about America's debt and while millions of Americans are on the streets there is NO shortage of $BILLIONS for NASA's endless space junk scams)

  • Global Printing money: How long can governments get away with it? (Outrageous use of property rises to prop up the economy and the house thieves. The biggest drain on men's wallets are the mortgages that suggest property ownership until divorce ensures the houses are stolen back by the legal and banking scum who manufacture the dodgy purchase contracts a TOTALLY illegal monopoly)(VIDEO)

  • Russia Big Brother 'Face Pay' now available across all 241 stations of Moscow Metro(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Matt Hancock's United Nations role withdrawn

  • UK If only the BBC were as sympathetic to the men on the streets homeless while they positively promote females who get pregnant but dont know how they will feed them (Women are so used to the state taking care of their every need while men are brutally and barbarically treated and why most of the UK homeless are MEN)

  • UK Does it take the murder of an MP for the BBC to show any empathy for males? (Or is it that he worked for the state that the BBC can praise him?)

  • UK A rare occasion when the BBC spout gushing praise for males (But only because he is part of the political establishment)

  • UK LGBT charity Stonewall 'dictated policy' to Welsh government (Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi said the government promoted an "ideological culture" by adopting Stonewall's interpretation of the Equality Act. This is the grotesque reason heterosexual families are being destroyed with the homosexual agenda the TOP priority for ALL political parties in Britain. SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon is absolutely OBSESSED with lesbians and homosexuals while she pushes male HATE legislation that provides the legalese for her lawyer pals to destroy heterosexual men and their families. The only way any man can survive divorce is to legally change gender and use that gender change to fuck up the lawyers and judges persecuting men)

  • UK Senior Scots police chief apologies to victims of sexual abuse by serving cops (How freemason cops can get away with the most horrific sexual crimes while they can persecute non cult divorcing men over an argument with their wives then hang on to their coattails for the big divorce payouts and stealing their properties)

  • USA The Inside Story of the USA - Israeli Covert Relationship (1991) (VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer run BBC and political feminists continue the extreme DV hysteria that gives these witches multi-million pound divorce pay outs alongside loads of dosh for the lesbian sisters behind the man hating (ALL of the hysteria manufactured using a single female being murdered by a cop. Instead of looking at the masonic structure inside law enforcement they smear men in general. BBC quote "Victims of ALLEGED domestic abuse")

  • UK BBC promotes feminist mass hysteria on DV allegations (Freemasons need DV scams to help themselves to men's assets NOT part of their death cult and why so much government and lottery money is ploughed into their dodgy lawyer run Womens Aid and Refuge)

  • UK Property stats exposes why the legal mafia need DV scams to fleece men of $trillions in house theft (Britain’s homes were worth a total of £9.2 trillion)

  • USA Fully vaccinated Delta pilot dies in flight and covered up (VIDEO)

  • Global Doctor comments on vaccine propaganda(VIDEO)

  • Taiwan Number of people dying from the vaccine is great than those dying from covid(VIDEO)

  • Global Great Reset Deception(VIDEO)

  • Sweden Rothschild's palace attacked by protesters(VIDEO)

  • UK Man who couldn't get to see a doctor has terminal cancer(VIDEO)

  • Global Feminists will HATE this song(VIDEO)

  • UK Female MP Claudia Webbe guilty of threatening and harassing woman (Webbe claimed she was a VICTIM of "domestic abuse and coercive control" and was being "goaded and gaslighted" during the row, which resulted in police being called after a neighbour reported her screams. Webbe previously said: "I have spent my lifetime campaigning for the rights of women, for challenging this type of behaviour and this is not something that is in my character and not something I would ever do" The FEMINISTS who claim to be the VICTIMS are in fact the biggest perpetrators)

  • UK Judge stops 28 copy and paste divorces with ‘absolutely identical’ wording (Hypocritical legal mob when lawyers do the exact same thing)

  • UK Ted talk gives feminist lawyer Sturgeon a platform to preach her man hating bullshit

  • UK A very rare occasion when the royal parasites make any sense (William criticises billionaires who keep sending rockets into space, saying the world’s greatest minds need to focus on trying to fix the planet instead)

  • UK DVLA staff to vote on further strikes as Covid-related safety row continues for 26th week

  • UK Pandora Papers: The secret owners of UK property worth billions (The legal mafia who steal property in corrupt courts will be at the top of that list and who are behind ALL the dodgy contracts bought by offshore companies but a gutter press wont expose them and shows how PROPERTY scams are the biggest racket on the planet)

  • UK The sick fucks at the Buggering Boys Club are always promoting homosexuals positively (Meanwhile negatively smearing heterosexual men as abusers)

  • UK Brexshit Threat to British Manufacturing(VIDEO)

  • UK Nick Robinson Tells Boris Johnson To 'Stop Talking' In R4 Interview(VIDEO)

  • USA Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about elites to Americans(VIDEO)

  • UK Case against woman accused of harassing her ex-husband was dropped after she had a sexual affair with senior Met cop, tribunal hears (We have been warning for decades that masonic cops are hanging on to the coat tails of divorcing women for the big divorce pay outs that would include persecuting the ex-husbands over bogus abuse claims)

  • UK Married cop used his position to manipulate ALLEGED domestic abuse victim as he asked her out for cocktails and messaged her up to 18 times a day, misconduct panel hears (We have been warning for decades that masonic cops are hanging on to the coat tails of divorcing women for the big divorce pay outs that would include persecuting the ex-husbands over bogus abuse claims)

  • UK Nurses put on notice about the illegal vaccination of children (VIDEO)

  • UK Gordonstoun has a 'moral obligation' to help its abuse victims, says ex-pupil who was drugged and sexually assaulted by teacher in 1980s at prep school linked to Prince Charles' alma mater (Homopaedo abuse rife in private schools)

  • USA Pilot of 18 years faces the sack for not get vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • UK The destructive powers of Britain's SS social services (Any divorcing man knows the lengths these evil bastards will go to ruin men)

  • UK Female fraudster, 39, stole more than £325,000 from her parents then delivered eulogy at her grandmother's funeral after secretly draining her £58,000 estate to fund gambling habit (The same fraud goes on every day in divorce courts only SANCTIONED by crooked lawyers and judges)

  • USA California has become the first US state to require large retailers to display toys and childcare items in gender-neutral ways (The lunatics are running the asylum in America)

  • UK Lesbian barrister sues Stonewall and her London chambers claiming she lost income because she disagrees with the LGBT charity's philosophy that 'trans women are women'(Lunatics running the LGBT asylum)

  • USA How Pelosi got so rich(VIDEO)

  • UK Met cops LAUGHED at female DJ when she tried to report murdering cop Wayne Couzens flashed at her 13 years before Sarah Everard's murder

  • UK Met cops 'did NOT speak to Virginia Roberts' before dropping probe into sex abuse claims against Prince Andrew (Any divorcing man whose ex-wife claimed he had argued with her would be hauled over the coals by cops with claims of COERCIVE conduct yet here they are dismissing serious sexual abuse claims without even interviewing the complaint. The royals as well as the met think they are ALL above the law)

  • UK Another man stabbed to death by his wife because SHE CLAIMS he was abusive (This is becoming an easy 'get out of jail card' for murdering females)

  • UK After over a decade of enforced extreme tory austerity cuts that caused massive destitution for millions the DEBT is now even higher

  • UK ‘How can you ignore this?’ Glasgow's soup kitchen under the bridge

  • UK ONLY violence against women, NOT men, exposes the creepy bastards employed as cops (Despite accurate stats[NOT feminist leaning stats] that show men suffer from violence FAR MORE THAN FEMALES it has taken a solitary murder of one female by a cop to expose the massive cover up of crimes by cops. NONE of this explains how cops are used as hired thugs to persecute divorcing men prior to lawyers wiping them out which is RIFE and the BIGGEST crimes of all)

  • UK Lawyers using more obfuscation and threatening tactics to impose NDA's (Non disclosure agreements) to protect their rich criminal clients like jewish thug Weinstein (Any divorcing man knows the extreme abuse by lawyers during divorce to cover their persecution tactics)

  • UK If the morally upstanding met cops say the royal parasite is innocent then he must be innocent (British cops more interested in protecting the royals than them answering for their crimes)

  • UK 2,000 cops accused of sex offences in the past four years and punished(or NOT) in secret (How masonic criminals masquerading as law enforcement are getting away with MURDER when they DELETE misconduct outcomes and a media that fail time and again to mention freemasons covering up for their murdering lodge pals)

  • UK No dismissals despite almost 250 sexual misconduct allegations among Scotland cops (Masonic protection network now getting exposed without pointing directly at them)

  • UK Met Police female forensic scientist, 41, will stand trial over claims she mishandled lab evidence over period of nine years (How many men have been JAILED and faced injustice thanks to her mistakes?)

  • UK Met cops despite review of Ghislaine Maxwell and royal parasite Andy decided that "no further action will be taken" (Here are a bunch of freemason thugs acting as law enforcement protecting the royal mafia and their lackeys against their crimes while persecuting men for daring to even argue with their wives using 'coercive' bullshit as the excuse to relieve men of their lifes work)

  • UK Feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon is suffering from the Margaret Thatcher problem (When the gutter rags start comparing Sturgeon to Thatcher you know its all downhill)

  • UK William branded Andrew a 'threat' to the future of the monarchy (Royal parasites in a death spiral)

  • UK Prime numbers: How stamp duty-dodging LAWYER Tony Blair became a multi-millionaire (Why does a war criminal keep constantly popping up in the gutter rags to give his opinion on EVERYTHING?)

  • Poland A “pseudo court, of people dressed in judge’s gowns and on the order of the party’s leader, in violation of the Polish constitution, decided to lead our homeland out of the EU”

  • UK For a public broadcaster like the hypocritical BBC who condemn male violence daily its extraordinary that they then relish in the prospect of British boxers winning trophies for inflicting violence

  • USA Attorney General challenged on why "Parents are being silenced and intimidated" (VIDEO)

  • Australia rising up against tyranny and union collusion(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdering cop Wayne Couzens 'molested drag queen at bar near his home and said "I'm an officer" as he demanded dark alley sex' three years before raping and murdering Sarah Everard (Most people are SCARED to report a cop as they know they will face the wrath of the masonic mafia who protect their murdering arses)

  • UK Gutter rags give platform to frenzied feminist hysteria rant to tory thug Priti Patel who is "urged to tackle male violence" (NO mention of the female murderers who are conveniently ignored to push their male hate)

  • UK The tory mafia who CLAIM to protect women take £20 a week off of Universal credit claims leaving many destitute

  • France claim they haven't seen a penny of the £54million Priti Patel promised them to tackle migrants crossings (More tory thug Patel HOT AIR again)

  • UK The Observer(GAYrdian) view on institutional MASONgyny in the Metropolitan police

  • UK Almost a third of police forces in England and Wales referred allegations of sexual assault and harassment against their own cops to the police watchdog in the days following the sentencing of Wayne Couzens for the murder of Sarah Everard

  • UK Did the royals loyalist 0range / masonic thugs attack Chris Packham's home just a day before he delivered a 100,000 signature petition to Buckingham Palace? (Anyone who crosses paths with the firm will face some sort of attack even end up in a psychiatric gulag)

  • UK Gutter rags frenzied hysterical attacks on former royals (Anyone, even their own kind, can face the wrath of the Buckingham Palace MAFIA for daring to cross them)

  • UK Royal parasite Andy's accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre FINALLY gets interviewed by Met detectives over allegations he raped and abused her (Took them long enough and ONLY under pressure. Cop masons main job is to protect the monarchy at ANY cost)

  • USA Retired nurse asks "Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected"(VIDEO)

  • Australia Andrews doesn't practice what he preaches (Lunatics running the Ozzie asylum)(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish cops terrorise females within their own ranks (The same treatment meted out to divorcing men just before they help seize their homes. A tribunal heard that Scottish cops had a “horrific” workplace culture and was an “absolute boys’ club” [of thug masons])

  • UK Tory thug Priti Patel’s fury as Johnson blocks public sexual harassment law (Home Office fears PM views aggressive targeting of women and girls as ‘mere wolf whistling’. Patel claims to want to protect women against all us bad men yet she constantly backs taking more and more money from them with the tory austerity including removing £20 per week from Universal Credit and especially the £50billion stolen from retiring women. SHE IS A DEVIOUS HYPOCRITICAL WITCH trying to point the finger away from the tory bastard scams on the public)

  • UK Lawyer controlled BBC pours on the DV hysteria (While masonic judges and lawyers carry on the persecution of men NOT PART OF THEIR CULT and who end up on the streets the bleating feminists funded by a vile government carry on the DV scare stories. This is an enormous RACKET that just keeps on giving to all those who manufacture DV scams. A £33 trillion corrupt machine that relies on DV claims to relieve men of their wealth )(VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist BBC claims 'women are more burnt out than men' (Would that be because of spending all the money that gets thrown at them by divorce judges after they screw their ex-husbands? A pathetic JOKE)

  • UK Boris's Brexshit boomerang: Is the UK spiraling into chaos? (Tory scum reign always relies on CHAOS or 'order out of chaos' as the old masonic motto goes)

  • UK Why is the Rise in Cost of Living a Shock?(VIDEO)

  • UK Just who the FUCK is Philip Jansen?

  • UK Feminist lawyer named Charlotte ProudMAN gets a platform on the feminist lawyer controlled BBC to state "We need to tackle the real harm here that is male violence against women and girls" (The law society lackeys generating the MALE HATE hysteria that allows them and their hired cop thugs to persecute innocent men when being framed in divorce courts)

  • UK All sexual and domestic abuse allegations against Met cops over past 10 years to be reviewed following murder of Sarah Everard, Cressida Dick reveals

  • UK New phone lifeline for lone women: Priti Patel backs plan for 888 'walk me home service' as emergency number could be online by Christmas amid outrage over murder of Sarah Everard

  • UK Feminist GAYrdian gives hypocrite feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon a platform to spout her man hating feminist smear campaigns (This law society witch can't PREACH to anyone about morals when the SNP's former leader was accused of abusing women and her homosexual former finance minister was sending lewd messages to a schoolboy)

  • UK The scum and filth employed as lawyers / barristers

  • UK Hypocritical GAYrdian attacks female tory DWP minister who is stripping millions of females of £20 per week (The ruthless tory austerity is being done by the tory feminists who claim to protect females when they are depriving them of the most basic income)

  • UK 'I've got time on my side': Nicola Sturgeon is slammed for 'chilling' suggestion the death of elderly Scots who back the Union will help deliver independence

  • UK What the fuck are the BBC promoting as POSITIVE (The Buggering Boys Club are morally bankrupt helping destroy heterosexual men and their families while promoting this utter bullshit)

  • UK Murdoch's VILE right wing royalist rag struggles to remove tongue from royal arse

  • UK The British Empire founded on ruthless greed and murder (That same mindset operates inside the family courts where men are fleeced like they used to do with the colonies)(VIDEO)

  • UK How cancer patients are being mistreated and bullied by employers with NO protection (This is rife in Britain)

  • UK An ex-soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who died after being Tasered by cops "suffered a campaign of harassment" by police for years leading up to his death (Another victim of brutal UK cop persecution despite serious mental illness triggered by war)

  • UK A protestor was ‘bundled into a cop van’ outside the Tory Party conference after holding up a sign calling Tory scumbag Priti Patel a ‘fascist’

  • UK's most expensive street are 120 times more than the national average (Despite the tory austerity boot there are enough millionaires able to buy houses that for the vast majority are miles out of their price range)

  • UK The lead prosecutor in the case against Britain's most prolific rapist hopes his horrific crimes will raise awareness of rape against men (BBC and GAYrdian seldom have anything to say about men as victims and a disgusting lack of attention from major rags)

  • UK Gofundme started for tory scumbag MP Sir Peter Bottomley who highlighted tragedy of £82,000 a year salary (They DON'T live in the real world)

  • USA Message for Joe Biden on garden lawn(VIDEO)

  • USA Facebook warned "YOUR TIME IS UP"(VIDEO)

  • UK How Diana froze after Charlie boy was asked above love(VIDEO)

  • Australia Danny Andrews gets ripped for his dictatorial stance (VIDEO)

  • UK Houses of Parliament ignore (BAD) men's issues while bending over backwards to promote feminists, lesbians and homosexuals as ALL good (VIDEO)

  • Switzerland Miss UK winner now Britain’s richest divorcee as £9,200,000,000 fortune split (Gutter rags positively promote absurd mega divorce settlements that make divorce look lucrative for women. So WHY stay married?)

  • UK BBC pumping out DV hysteria that only EVER relates to ONE gender (It's as if ALL women are innocent of violence despite many of them jailed for murdering husbands and children)

  • Global The Pandora Papers: How the world of offshore finance is still flourishing (CROOKED LAWYERS behind the scams to hide the world's richest. Meanwhile ordinary men are being screwed by the SAME crooked lawyers during divorce)(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish cops put me through 'absolute hell' says female ex cop (These fucking scum employed as Scottish cops are finally getting exposed for their abhorrent conduct, corruption and persecution ploys that many divorcing men have had to tolerate for decades. They put a female cop and her family through absolute hell and torture. We have been reporting on these assholes for decades that anyone who crosses paths with masonic cop scum, for ANY reason, will find they make matters as damn sight worse and steal your home in the process)

  • UK Disabled man with cerebral palsy, yet has a uni degree, confronts tory toff scumbag Rees-Mogg over loss of job and being forced to claim benefits (VIDEO)

  • Global Facebook’s response to whistleblower accusations(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Boris Johnson is "completely committed" to protecting gay rights and is looking at "extending them further (While DESTROYING heterosexual men's rights every major UK political party is bowing to a homosexual agenda. They are all pushing a satanic cult's hedonism at the expense of heterosexual family life the sick fucks)

  • Romania Massive protest against vaccine passports (VIDEO)

  • Australia civil war breaking out on the streets against covid dictatorship (VIDEO)

  • Australia government's AUKUS dictatorship(VIDEO)

  • UK British inquiries will NEVER sort out the freemasons embedded in law enforcement and judiciary protecting each others arses

  • UK SNP ministers have been accused of “shamefully using children’s rights to play nationalist games” (SNP lawyer scum using any ploy to steal children into care homes run by perverts. Their former homosexual finance minister Derek Mackay's unhealthy interest in young boys exposed a lot of how they creepily operate)

  • UK Thousands of users slam 'chaotic and shambolic' rollout of Scotland's £600,000 vaccine passport as Nicola Sturgeon is forced to apologise for 'farcical' scheme - but blames the NHS (Time for Scotland to waken up to SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon's dictatorial laws and how she talks down to the lesser mortals)

  • UK How are men , who friends describe as having a 'calm and caring nature' and as a 'loving father with no previous convictions, resorting to murder triggered by divorce? (Gutter press classing them as monsters. There is plenty of proof MASONIC lawyers and judges are BREAKING non-cult men turning them into mass murderers using psychological and financial torture and then justifying their persecution after they murder)

  • Russia Rapists hired to 'break' inmates inside Putin's horror 'torture conveyor belt' prisons

  • UK BBC positively report on how a lesbian found out that infidelity was not a ground for ending her civil partnership

  • Global Zuckerberg's mass spying machine for Israel is 'a harmful presence in our lives' claims facebook whistleblower (Anyone who thinks Facebook is great are deluded as to the motives for its use or misuse)

  • UK Plans for a compulsory Covid passport in nightclubs and big events in Wales will not be put to the Senedd again despite a knife-edge vote

  • UK Crisis warned that about 100,000 renters could face eviction when the £20 universal credit booster payment ends (Many more victims of the tory austerity boot about to become homeless in Britain)

  • UK Police Scotland ‘boys’ club’(MASONS) victimised female officer, tribunal rules (They are the scum tasked with dealing with DV allegations yet are the worst offenders when it comes to abusing women)

  • UK Tory scum's tough decisions ALWAYS hurt the poorest the most

  • UK Sexist 'boys' club'(FREEMASONS?) culture in armed Scottish police unit, rules tribunal

  • UK Hypocritical tory scumbag DWP chief belts out 'Time of My Life' hours before cutting 6million Brits' benefits

  • UK ALL major political parties now bow to the homosexual agenda (Meanwhile they unitedly manufacture anti-male laws that are destroying heterosexual men during divorce using homosexuals / lesbians embedded in social work and the law society)

  • UK Tory scum Build 'fuck all' Back Better

  • UK It was reported in 1997 there would be "STRICT Vetting measures to check corrupt police" (Didn't do much good as murdering cops are getting through that supposed 'STRICT' vetting and while freemasons remain active inside law enforcement to protect their criminal brothers)

  • UK BBC positively promote how homosexuals use their debauched marches to generate millions for their propaganda machine (Anybody who is brainwashed into believing these are a group standing up for their so called 'rights' need to see how they are being used by the state legal machine to SMASH heterosexual families and rake in £TRILLIONS)

  • Global Pandora Papers: Secrets of World Leaders Exposed (BBC's attempt at exposing lawyers behind the criminal rich who use property purchase to launder their corrupt money. Only on BBC iplayer)(VIDEO)

  • Global Pandora Papers: Political Donors Exposed(Only on BBC iplayer)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag IDS pursued by chants of 'Tory scum' on his way to a Brexshit talk on the fringes of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester

  • UK Boris Johnson wont be following in the footsteps of SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon by making misogyny a hate crime (So criticising extreme feminism could be classed as misogyny?)

  • UK Secret owners of more than 1,500 UK properties bought using offshore firms (Corrupt judges and lawyers like Tony Blair will be in that mob much of the property stolen from men during divorce)

  • UK Met Police announces review 'to rebuild public trust' (Dick refuses to resign so she has to be SACKED. A centuries long festering masonic death cult masquerading as law enforcement getting away with MURDER)

  • UK Former SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay resigned from the SNP government after messaging a teenage boy, was paid £100,000 while "hiding at home" and not in parliament (This is the same hypocritical SNP SCUM AND FILTH who pass laws to persecute innocent HETEROSEXUAL divorcing men for merely arguing with their wives classing it as some sort of 'COERCIVE' behaviour. A phrase LAWYERS have conjured up like war criminal lawyer Tony Blair's 'WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION' to smear and frame men before destroying them)

  • UK 'RAPIST' COP in murdering cop Wayne Couzens’ Parliamentary Protection unit is charged with RAPE 7 months after Sarah Everard’s murder

  • USA Covid vaccine side effects exposed (VIDEO)

  • Brazil Outcry over photos of people scavenging through animal carcasses

  • Global More NWO rants from the elites policial lackeys(VIDEO)

  • Global A patent for the system and method for testing for Covid in 2015 was invented by the Rothschilds (VIDEO)

  • UK Protest outside TV doctors home who was pushing for child vaccines(VIDEO)

  • Global Before 1971 what the average income was (VIDEO)

  • UK Female carer gets five years for defrauding 100-year-old woman of £226,000 (Tons of robbing bitches are in court every single day backed up by crooked judges and lawyers when defrauding men under the guise of divorce)

  • UK Feminists at Rape Crisis Scotland rant 'We need to actively challenge men's poor behaviour towards women' (While ignoring the robbing bitches within their gender)

  • UK Jacob Rees-Mogg called 'scum' by protesters at the tory conference in Manchester (VIDEO)

  • Global Facebook putting profit before public good, says whistleblower Frances Haugen

  • UK Calls for ALL police officers across UK to be re-vetted: Ex Met Police chief says every officer should be reassessed in wake of Sarah Everard murder to restore trust (Time to rid the cops of freemasons who are protecting their murderous lodge pals)

  • UK Another Met cop charged with rape (How many of these twisted scumbags have been protected by their lodge buddies?)

  • Global The Pandora Papers is a leak of almost 12 million documents that reveals hidden wealth, tax avoidance and, in some cases, money laundering by some of the world's rich and powerful

  • UK Pandora Papers: Businessman linked to Tory donations made millions from a corrupt Russian pipeline deal

  • UK A prominent Tory donor who contributed to tory buffoon Boris Johnson's leadership campaign was involved in one of Europe's biggest corruption scandals (Mohamed Amersi has given nearly £525,000 to the tory scum since 2018)

  • UK Scots lawyers boycott courts in protest over legal aid 'crisis' (Their legal aid honeypot is the biggest racket in Scotland)

  • UK Commons Speaker wants Met Police to explain murdering cop Wayne Couzens' Parliament work (BBC claim police misogyny at fault when it should be MASONgyny)

  • UK A new verification check for lone cops in Scotland has been introduced in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard (With the majority of cops in Scotland part of a DEATH cult they need much more than checks they need SACKED. Many divorcing men have to witness ONLY male cops removing daughters and sons during custody battles that should NOT be allowed yet it goes on sanctioned by feminist lawyer Sturgeon and her evil legal pals operating out of the Law Society)

  • UK Scots justice in dock: Solicitors' indefinite courtroom boycott over legal aid crisis (The BIGGEST racket in Scotland is the ease with which crooked lawyers can access vast sums from their honey pot the corrupt Legal Aid Board part of the law society TERROR cell who steal most of it from unsuspecting divorcing men who are smeared and framed prior to their homes being stolen and resold to pay for the defence of serial criminals who Scottish lawyers attach themselves to in a corrupt scam that just keeps on giving)

  • UK SNP Justice secretary: Misogyny may become a stand-alone crime in Scotland (The lawyer run SNP once again go on the attack against men under the guise of protecting women instead of lining their pockets.Its NOT misogyny its MASONgyny. SNP Keith Brown said men's attitude to low level sexism had to be challenged to make women safer. Heterosexual men DON'T need scumbag hypocritical SNP lackeys preaching about morals when within their own party women have been mistreated and abused as well as teenage boys being chatted up by former SNP ministers)

  • UK War criminal lawyer Tony Blair promotes the digital biometric ID(VIDEO)

  • Global Depopulation and democide(VIDEO)

  • USA Smearing activists and whistleblowers to undermine their exposures (VIDEO)

  • USA New York mayor wants to hurt the unvaccinated(VIDEO)

  • Canada Fascist Toronto cops arrest mother in front of her crying children (VIDEO)

  • Global Toxic feminism brainwashes women to hate male traits(VIDEO)

  • Australia Corrupt politicians getting paid millions to push vaccinations(VIDEO)

  • Global Vaccine companies making billions from government purchases(VIDEO)

  • UK Thousands protest in Manchester against the tory SCUM

  • UK BBC give another platform to feminist male hate and smear agenda (Rape Crisis Scotland: 'We need to actively challenge men's poor behaviour towards women' as if they are all innocent little princess's)

  • UK Lawyer Blair and his lawyer wife still racketeering years after he gets kicked out of number 10 (Lawyers the biggest crime ring in Britain and globally)

  • UK The myth of OWNING property goes on unabated in lawyer controlled rags

  • UK Scottish gutter rag promoting the myth of buying property

  • UK The SNP scum's draconian discriminatory vaccine passport NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE (Feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon a plant for the terrorists who operate out of the lawLESS society)

  • UK Feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon accused of being out of touch, arrogantly talking down to everyone who doesn’t speak at her 'supposedly' higher level of intelligence (Holyrood “ignores” and “belittles” the values of working class people)

  • UK Top spy warns feminist SNP lawyer Sturgeon's emails could be revealed online by hostile states like Clinton's Russia attack (How many would show her in direct contact with her terrorist masonic BOSSES at the law society who dominate and control most of Scotland's dictatorial regime inside Holyrood?)

  • UK Royal parasite, by way of the peasants, is paying for her rogue sons defence against rape claims(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdering Met cop shows all the signs of being a serial killer as criminologists believe he "must have struck before" (With a death cult protecting their brothers no wonder they have been getting away with murder)

  • UK When children are separated from their biological fathers protection they can be murdered (Family courts are deliberately making children more vulnerable to be preyed on as mothers and their NEW boyfriends put men's children at risk)

  • USA United States of Secrets: Part One(VIDEO)

  • USA United States of Secrets: Part Two (VIDEO)

  • USA Journalists outraged by CIA’s alleged plot to assassinate Julian Assange (VIDEO)

  • UK Sarah Everard: Does the police need institutional change? (The BBC like the rest of the gutter press fail to pin down this to how freemasons lie at the heart of the massive injustice and protecting even murdering cops with their oaths of allegiance)(VIDEO)

  • UK POLICE SCANDAL Cops who sexually harass women are allowed to stay in their jobs even in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder (These are the same masonic fuckers who persecute innocent non death cult divorcing men for alleged abuse while they are getting away with murder)

  • UK Queen ‘is spending MILLIONS funding Prince Andrew’s fight against sex abuse allegations’ (Meanwhile her hand picked MASONIC judges are stealing £billions from innocent divorcing men smeared and framed in 'HER MAJESTY'S' courts)

  • UK Expose the royal mafia and their gutter rags will smear and attack like Rottweilers (The stinking cesspit of Britain's dimwitted scum and filth who get employed as pseudo journo's in filthy rags like Murdoch's)

  • UK Tory thug Patel directs attention away from masonic cops onto smearing men in general (The home secretary said police had to "raise the bar" and treat everybody "with respect, dignity and seriously". EXCEPT heterosexual men classing us all as abusers)

  • UK Sarah Everard: Boris Johnson urges public to trust the police (Meanwhile attacking men generally when it's freemason cops protecting each others arses)

  • UK Cressida Dick must be held accountable over Couzens case, says ex-Met chief (Putting lesbians in charge of the cops is NO BETTER than replacing freemasons)

  • UK It’s all in the delivery as Boris Johnson faces worried Tories at conference (Tory scum throughout history have created chaos for the working classes no matter the decade. See Thatcher era for clear proof but the tory voting scum still vote them in across England)

  • UK Who really runs Scotland with an iron fist via masonic royalist lackeys (Heterosexual men, not part of the royal controlled death cult, are either doomed to destitution and homelessness or suicide thanks to these evil bastards grip on Scotland's [il]legal system)

  • Global What the fuck are they finding inside covid vaccines?(VIDEO)

  • USA 70,000 unvaccinated hospital staff to be fired(VIDEO)

  • UK Murdering Met cops: There appeared to be a "culture of colleague protection" within the police service and warned that police officers were failing to raise concerns about colleagues who exhibit "damaging or worrying" characteristics (When are the freemason cops who protect their brothers going to get the boot? There would be NO COPS left)

  • UK Freemasons fast tracked, with little or NO vetting, into London's Met cops?

  • Global Juicing up super virus's with Gain-of-Function Research(VIDEO)

  • USA Distorted covid stats that mislead as fully vaxed die (VIDEO)

  • Australia New South Wales Covid deaths mostly vaccinated (VIDEO)

  • Singapore Covid cases surge despite 82% of the population vaccinated(VIDEO)

  • UK Court served with common law papers over death of children after vaccination(VIDEO)

  • Italy Rome Covid summit declaration accuse policy makers of potential "Crimes against humanity" (VIDEO)

  • USA Government apologise over citizen experiments(VIDEO)

  • USA Kids being asked by doctors 'are you a boy or girl?'(VIDEO)

  • USA Cops quitting over vaccine mandates(VIDEO)

  • USA 99.8% of Covid cases reported by CDC are mild(VIDEO)

  • UK The murdering perverts the Met think are suitable to employ as cops

  • Australia NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian RESIGNS after anti-corruption bombshell(VIDEO)

  • UK Outrageous cost of protecting the old royal bat (Maybe the biggest security motorcade on earth)(VIDEO)

  • UK Were freemason cops protecting the ass of murdering MET cop despite repeated warnings? (Cressida Dick was today fighting for her job just days into her new term amid anger at the multiple missed chances to identity killer cop Wayne Couzens as a sexual predator)

  • UK Met cops breached human rights when eco-activist got into relationship with cop spy (Until the powers that be FULLY recognise ruthless British cops are controlled by a death cult NOTHING WILL CHANGE)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer just like Labour lawyer and war criminal Tony Blair (Left wing parties taken over by law society lackeys)

  • UK Labour lawyer Keir Starmer heaps praise on 'winner' Labour lawyer Tony Blair as he demands Corbynites accept Labour has 'changed' (Despite Blair like Bush being a war criminal)

  • UK Law society judges back law society run SNP's vaccine passport (We have been warning about Scottish LAW SOCIETY tyranny and terrorism destroying divorcing men with the same evil bastards now backing vaccine passports)

  • UK Labour lawyer Starmer playing the feminist card with James Bond (NEVER trust any man who backs the feminazi agenda)

  • UK How far lying Met cops will go to dig themselves out of a murderous hole(VIDEO)

  • UK Gutter rag hatchet job on Harry (Now an outsider)

  • UK Gutter rag royalist positive promotion of William (Still the bees knees)

  • UK Tory donor made life peer and appointed as government minister(Crony tory party Malcolm Offord donated almost £150,000 to the tory scum)

  • Rabid feminist gutter rags come up with this headline

  • Rabid feminists get to spout their man hating VICTIMHOOD in their femi rags
  • America's Overwork Obsession VIDEO
    SNP gutter rag claims BBC negative reporting

    The BBC are being accused of running negative stories against the SNP government. This should come as no surprise to heterosexual men who see daily the BBC negatively portraying those men as abusers while promoting homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders in a positive light. That is despite the vast bulk of BBC revenue coming from those men.

    However we accuse the SNP, under feminist lawyer Sturgeon, of running smear campaigns in Scotland's gutter rags targeting heterosexual men as abusers while positively promoting feminists, homosexuals and lesbians. They are being used daily by the divorce courts to write reports, via the legal mafia and social work they have been deliberately employed and embedded in, to attack fathers as NOT worthy giving freemason judges and lawyers the excuse to destroy those same men not part of their satanic DEATH cult.
    Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech, Sept. 19 2021 VIDEO
    Why America Throws the Poor in Prison VIDEO
    Why Facial Recognition Technology Is So Dangerous VIDEO
    Innocent men being fucked over by false accusations VIDEO
    Who's responsible for the Joe Biden "Making the Taliban Great Again" billboard? VIDEO
    Shocking comparison between covid vaccinated blood and non-vaccinated blood VIDEO
    How the FAA allowed Boeing to murder with impunity VIDEO
    The Dark Reality of Los Angeles VIDEO
    Feminists forget "Men built the world women live in" VIDEO
    Biden go fuck yourself VIDEO
    Extreme Fukushima radiation fallout encircling the globe VIDEO
    Biden demands employers with more than 100 staff to force them to get vaccinated VIDEO
    Damaging vaccination stats read out in the Houses of Parliament VIDEO
    Eric Clapton's "Disastrous" Vaccine Experience VIDEO
    A Prison On Earth VIDEO
    Is this cops or the military parading on Scotland's streets?

    Scotland under SNP tyranny now like some dystopian nightmare

  • Scottish cops dressed like paramilitaries during COP26 (Scotland descending into a dictatorship where cops act as hired thugs for the ruling elite)
  • SNP draconian vaccine passport proves they are even more right wing than the tory scum

    Sturgeon a dangerous and devious bastard who is a lackey for the law society terrorists
    American judge Commits Suicide As FBI Prepares To Arrest Him VIDEO

  • Homopaedo 'PERV' JUDGE SUICIDE Maryland Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, shoots himself dead as FBI swoops to arrest him for ‘filming naked boys’
  • 9/11: What 20 Years of Lies Have Done to Us VIDEO
    Afghanistan War Pays Off BIG For Generals Who Lied VIDEO
    The Met's lesbian chief more interested in LGBT rights than tackling corruption

  • How much longer can Met Commissioner Cressida Dick hang on to her job? (A shambolic disaster masquerading as law enforcement. A landmark panel of victims of police corruption, incompetence and malpractice today call for the head of Cressida Dick. They also demand an overhaul of the Met's senior team, 'urgent and long overdue' reform of the police complaints system and a shake-up of the 'unfit for purpose' Independent Office for Police Conduct. But NO mention of ridding the cops of a freemason mafia behind the corruption, incompetence and malpractice)
  • Cressida Dick will serve an extra two years as Metropolitan Police commissioner despite "presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up" (The worse you are as a cop the higher you climb the greasy pole)
  • How the Elite Control the World: Rich Getting Richer, the Upper Class and Money in America (1996) VIDEO

    If you are heterosexual male in Scotland expect to be totally and utterly destroyed by feminist lawyer Sturgeon and her legal mafia and a Holyrood mafia controlled by homosexuals, lesbians and freemasons. How do we know? We have been some of their victims targeted by these evil bastards.
    Desperate divorced dads in Australia fight for equal custody of their kids VIDEO

    Five males a day commit suicide in Australia driven to their grave by the legal mafia
    Scottish freemasons masquerading as law enforcement want more guns with CLAIMS of assault

    Anyone who has crossed paths with these utter scum and filth especially divorcing men will know the lengths they will go to persecute their targets. There are no words to describe how the utter dregs of society get employed to abuse the law for their masonic masters.

  • Scotland's utterly corrupt masonic coppers (To busy stealing mens property while letting accident victims DIE)
  • Australia painted as a ‘dystopian nightmare’ as footage goes viral VIDEO

    Coming to a country near you soon
    750,000 Face Eviction As Housing And Rent Prices Explode VIDEO
    British cops ALWAYS get their priorities right

    The same mob turn up at men's doors when they are about to be evicted from their homes ILLEGALLY when they act as hired thugs for the legal mafia
    Sharri Markson has 'uncovered the greatest scientific scandal of all time' VIDEO
    Baby BOY on Nevermind cover sues Nirvana over child sexual exploitation

    If this had been a girl there would have been a massive uproar from the feminazi. Geffen Records controlled by jewish thug David Geffen is a homosexual mouthpiece and at the helm when the boys image was used for what? A homopaedo promotion tool and to make it acceptable?

  • Nirvana's In Utero producer Steve Albini reputation destroyed by Geffen Records (from 15.30 jewish thugs like David Geffen use the media to smear anyone they want to destroy)
  • How music labels destroy bands when homosexuals target young male musicians (NOW PULLED)(VIDEO)
  • False information trends because of click farms VIDEO
    People so scared of dying they gave up on living VIDEO
    Anti-vaxxers enter ITV TV studios VIDEO
    Ex-cop exposes how cops behave today protecting Australia's political criminals and thuggery VIDEO
    British cops using RAINBOW cars to push the homosexual agenda

    Any criticism of that homosexual agenda could be reclassified as HATE crimes

  • Cressida Dick, first openly LGBT Met Police Commissioner (See new rainbow cars for how she is pushing her agenda)
  • Did masonic cops give disturbed Plymouth shooter Jake Davison a shotgun to stoke the feminist DV claims after he killed five and then himself?

  • MORE HERE (What excuses are the cops going to come up with NOW? Men are being turned into killers by psychological pressure and cop complicity i.e.monarch mind control)
  • Plymouth gunman Jake Davison's weapon seized after he assaulted two youths but cops gave it back months later
  • Who on earth decided to give Plymouth gunman Jake Davison his gun back? (Yet BRITAIN boasts some of the strictest gun laws in the world {AFTER DUNBLANE} and why so many men have their property stolen by the cops aiding bailiffs and without any form of protection)
  • Plymouth shooter Jake Davison's mum begged for mental health help before he killed her in six-minute massacre
  • Dunblane massacre triggered major gun control in Britain (Was Hamilton a monarch mind control candidate)
  • Masonic run family courts cannot function without domestic abuse / violence claims

    The regalia cannot hide the stench of sleaze that emanates from the royals

    Despite the world being consumed by a LAWYER controlled gutter press pushing the terrorism / pandemic / brexit fear propaganda and a myriad of other distractions the BIGGEST and most monstrous crimes in history are going on inside secret courts where millions of men and their families are being destroyed by a satanic death cult determined to transfer non cult mens wealth into their coffers. That does not take into account the thousands of men persecuted into early graves by a rogue system of lies and deceit that push men over the edge.

    Every arm of the state is being used to fabricate evidence so that properties and businesses across the globe can be seized and redistributed to all those implicated in the biggest heist in history that has been concealed by a media gaining substantial rewards for advertising property into the $trillions being stolen from men. Every single gutter rag and media outlet is deliberately covering this up while building smokescreens of propaganda to distract those as yet to face the wrath of these evil bastards and their biggest extortion racket in history.

    We are starting to see some dissenting voices exposing the truly monstrous lies being told that leave men like Johnny Depp whose lives are being ruined by a cult that has taken over the courts, the police, councils, social services and every arm of the state that is used to build a wall of terror to destroy men and we will continue to address this while the vast bulk of the media keep the peasants in fear with their propaganda and bullshit. Meanwhile the royals raping trafficked kids can be brushed aside while their masonic godfather the Dukey Kent is directing all of the above to inflict the most hideous persecution campaigns against the men facing an onslaught on their lives, homes and children.


  • Men accounted for 71% of suicides in 2020 in Scotland (Many men pushed over the edge by a satanic death cult's draconian grip of power in Scotland that the gutter rags will NEVER recognise as they are also controlled by them)
  • What Can Prince Andrew Do Now? Five Ways to Dodge Conviction(VIDEO)
  • Prince Andrew is a “person of interest” for prosecutors in the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein investigation (Yet he remains free living an opulent lifestyle paid by the public purse)
  • Prince Andrew's lawyers 'could try to claim diplomatic immunity against Virginia Roberts sex abuse lawsuit' - and friends say the 'relaxed and cheerful' royal will remain SILENT about the case (The same lawyers that smear innocent men as abusers during divorce are protecting the royal scumbag and how the arsehole laws work in UK protecting the rich while thieving from the poor)
  • Breaking down Virginia Giuffre's sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew(VIDEO)
  • Total value of British housing market stands at £7.9 trillion
  • America's Housing Market's Combined Value Hits $33.6 Trillion in 2020
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts (The most important video men need to understand before marrying and how freemasons smear, frame, persecute and plunder men not part of their death cult)(VIDEO)
  • Woman exposes the BIGGEST threat to men globally (Lawyers implicated in manufacturing domestic violence allegations to claim legal aid and fleece men)(VIDEO)
  • Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence - Bettina Arndt(VIDEO)
  • Whitewashing the truth of why men kill themselves(VIDEO)
  • Telling the truth about domestic violence(VIDEO)
  • THE biggest threat to men globally(VIDEO)
  • Men losing everything after marriage breakdown(VIDEO)
  • X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion (How they FRAME men they want to plunder globally) (VIDEO)
  • Legal Aid the massive trough of dodgy money used to seize men's wealth
  • Global gutter rags complicit in selling off men's stolen property
  • Retired cop exposes the DV restraining order racket (VIDEO)
  • How the royalist judeo masonic 'Rule of Law' operates
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • Epstein, Gates and Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence VIDEO

  • Commons Speaker wants Met Police to explain murdering cop Wayne Couzens' Parliament work (BBC claim police misogyny at fault when it should be MASONgyny)
  • Calls for ALL police officers across UK to be re-vetted: Ex Met Police chief says every officer should be reassessed in wake of Sarah Everard murder to restore trust (Time to rid the cops of freemasons who are protecting their murderous lodge pals)

    Establishment and gutter rags turning murdering met cops, protecting each other, into attacking MEN in general?

  • POLICE SCANDAL Cops who sexually harass women are allowed to stay in their jobs even in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder (These are the same masonic fuckers who persecute innocent non death cult divorcing men for alleged abuse while they are getting away with murder)
  • Tory thug Patel directs attention away from masonic cops onto smearing men in general (The home secretary said police had to "raise the bar" and treat everybody "with respect, dignity and seriously". EXCEPT heterosexual men classing us all as abusers)
  • Sarah Everard: Boris Johnson urges public to trust the police (Meanwhile attacking men generally when it's freemason cops protecting each others arses)
  • Cressida Dick must be held accountable over Couzens case, says ex-Met chief (Putting lesbians in charge of the cops is NO BETTER than replacing freemasons)
  • Murdering Met cops: There appeared to be a "culture of colleague protection" within the police service and warned that police officers were failing to raise concerns about colleagues who exhibit "damaging or worrying" characteristics (When are the freemason cops who protect their brothers going to get the boot? There would be NO COPS left)
  • Freemasons fast tracked, with little or NO vetting, into London's Met cops?
  • The murdering perverts the Met think are suitable to employ as cops

  • Murdering Met cops: There appeared to be a "culture of colleague protection" within the police service and warned that police officers were failing to raise concerns about colleagues who exhibit "damaging or worrying" characteristics (When are the freemason cops who protect their brothers going to get the boot? There would be NO COPS left)
  • Freemasons fast tracked, with little or NO vetting, into London's Met cops?
  • The murdering perverts the Met think are suitable to employ as cops