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  • UK The Crown Office has handed over evidence to the Holyrood inquiry into the handling of harassment claims against Former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond(Meanwhile heterosexual men not part of Scotland's masonic DEATH cult face losing everything for merely arguing with an ex-wife)

  • UK Labour will NEVER be trusted in Scotland again (Every Labour first minister since devolution has been a disaster for Scotland and the other lot are NOT much better)

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  • UK Female paedo teacher guilty of sex with pupil, 15, is thrown behind bars after bail denied (told the boy she would "bring him down with her")

  • UK Tory scum block free movement across EU after Brexit yet offer 300,000+ Hong Kongers UK residency (you just couldn't make this fucking SHIT UP)

  • UK Cladding crisis: 'I was a first-time buyer at 27, and bankrupt at 28' (BBC show how damaging buying property can be but usually only if its a woman who is suffering)

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  • UK Tory state assassins the DWP and Capita behind another female suicide caused after benefits were cut (These are the same evil fuckers that claim to protect women from all us bad men with their DV scams when they themselves are psychologically and financially torturing vulnerable females into early graves)

  • UK Female carer stole £13,000 from vulnerable residents she was looking after (Britain's crooked lawyers and judges would have allowed her to steal even more off her ex-husband with impunity)

  • UK Prince Charles condemns Holocaust deniers and fake news pushers in Memorial Day speech (Despite the fact King Edward was a TOP Nazi supporter?)

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  • USA X-ray worker who was ‘so excited’ to get Covid vaccine dies days after ‘severe reaction’

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  • UK 2.5MILLION British jobs at risk of being lost as the future of 900,000 small businesses hangs in the balance (Many who backed the tory scum will now find out what it is like to live on the breadline while trying to claim Universal credit and a draconian tory austerity boot that includes sanctioning for the slightest infraction of those draconian rules that the poorest and most vulnerable have had to tolerate for over a decade)

  • UK Royals claim to be the 'light' for jewish holocaust memorial

  • UK BBC now claim their "Sound of 2019" award went to an abuser Octavian (The accuser hired a lawyer to send Octavian a letter asking for damages. This years BBC award went to a rapper who promotes gang violence.)

  • UK A senior judge prevented the BBC from properly reporting a £2.6m legal claim against Scotland's child abuse inquiry

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson wrong to say he did everything he could to save lives

  • Ukraine Children aged four and two 'were made to eat stray dogs by their mother' are rescued from filth-strewn house with cockroaches 'dropping from the ceiling'

  • USA Lesbian couple who wanted just one more baby welcome set of quintuplets (A world gone bonkers to accommodate this madness and IVF was never meant for this but for heterosexual couples unable to conceive naturally)

  • UK Tory corruption(VIDEO)

  • UK Britain's legal mafia try and protect Epstein's sidekick Maxwell from prosecution for high crimes (Meanwhile the same legal scum use arguments with an ex-wife as sufficient excuse to strip men bare when they lose their homes, children and bank balances)

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  • UK A Scottish council rocked by claims staff self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts due to bullying and harassment has paid out £230,000 in gagging agreements over the last five years (Masonic thuggery inflicted on employees and local residents a regular ploy by council mafia's We have insider information that supports those claims with many lawyers / councillors using council powers to gather information for their clients to use against thousands of men during divorce)

  • USA Zionist thug Weinstein’s victims to share $17.1million compensation after bankruptcy judge approves sexual misconduct settlement to more than 50 accusers (Until all the zionist mafia are rounded up globally and jailed no one is safe from their vile agenda)

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  • UK Compulsory hotel quarantine on the cards for all UK arrivals to stop Covid spread and pay for it themselves

  • UK SNP's feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon claims she " did not mislead Scottish Parliament over Salmond harassment allegations"

  • UK Shocking moment female carer is caught on hidden camera abusing vulnerable pensioner with dementia by pulling her hair, grabbing her by the nose and force feeding her - as she is jailed for six months (Womens Aid and Refuge would back this evil witch to the hilt)

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  • UK The mollycoddling of women[Even those who murder] sent to prison while male prisoners are treated with disdain (The British establishment comprised of political and legal freemasons are more than happy to persecute and fleece men not part of their death cult while they claim to protect women from all us bad men)

  • UK Highly contagious UK COVID-19 variant could be more deadly (VIDEO)

  • USA Outrage after National Guard troops unexpectedly forced out of the Capitol (VIDEO)

  • UK The morally upstanding BBC promote this fucking hedonistic bullshit (Meanwhile ALL heterosexual men are smeared as abusers despite them paying the bulk of the BBC's nasty licence system)

  • USA Trump’s impeachment trial to begin on February 8, Senate confirms

  • Canada Highlights from Janice Fiamengo and her men's rights campaign(VIDEO)

  • UK Adele avoids lawyers and uses mediation to save her divorce money getting eaten up in legal bills (Lawyers think divorce laws were made to make them millionaires overnight and with NO political lackey prepared to stop their corruption)

  • UK Supposed JUSTICE in Scotland as former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond gets awarded £500,000 of public funds by Scotland's masonic judiciary despite being accused of 13 sexual assault charges against various women. While SNP feminist lawyer First Minister Sturgeon brings in draconian DV laws that states any man accused of arguing with his wife will lose his his home, family and bank accounts. (We have been reporting the corruption going on within masonic run family courts but this latest debacle exposes the monumental disparity between what is JUSTICE and what IS NOT)

  • USA Trump 'forced Biden to wait outside White House' in final petty act

  • USA Pilot 'flew Prince Andrew in Epstein's private jet' and 'sex slave was on board'

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  • UK Government borrowing soared to £34.1BILLION in December the third highest monthly figure EVER amid growing fears over the £2.1TRILLION debt mountain (The tory scum spent over a decade crucifying the poorest with their extreme austerity using the excuse it was to lower debt now they are borrowing like there is no tomorrow to keep their well heeled backers getting furlough to pay their mortgages and the lifestyles THEY think they deserve)

  • UK Tory minister on Question Time accidentally makes 'perfect case against Brexit'

  • UK How Britain's judiciary continually believe the lying devious witches to avoid jail time (If genders were reversed no man could bluff their way out of jail time)

  • UK Fury has risen after painters carried out work in Nicola Sturgeon's official residence despite the ban by her own Government (Feminist lawyer who dishes out draconian laws thinks she is ABOVE the law)

  • UK SNP lining the pockets of their corporate pals KPMG to the tune of £2million (Copying tory corruption using Covid as the excuse)

  • UK BBC facing £160m budget blackhole as one million over-75s refuse to pay TV licence fee (Are the BBC going to jail them all for NOT paying to fund their anti-heterosexual propaganda?)

  • USA Mary Trump says her uncle Donald was ‘skillful’ in tapping into his supporter’s grievances(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden’s inauguration coverage was ‘vomit-inducing’ (Lawyers back in charge of America. Working on behalf of the global Law society terrorists) (VIDEO)

  • USA Protests in Portland following Biden’s inauguration(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden removes bust of Winston Churchill from Oval Office and replaces it with union leader Cesar Chavez

  • UK Slave trader statues in City of London to be removed (Historic masons finally being removed from public hero worship)

  • UK Could Alex Salmond bring down Nicola Sturgeon? (The Salmond abuse case exposes the pseudo utopia that murderous lying Sturgeon dreams up while she gives her lawyer pals carte blanche to smear and thieve with ever more impunity from divorcing men as if they are all deserving of being stripped and persecuted by a masonic judiciary to the point of suicide. Aided by the Scottish gutter rags only to happy go along with the murderous regime while being paid £millions by those same crooked lawyers and judges to sell those men's stolen properties and businesses. The biggest crime by far in Scotland that gets NO PRESS because of their ill gotten gains from the enormous heist. We cannot wait to see this witch fall, and she will, it is only a matter of time before she is fully exposed for her part in destroying so many men's lives and Salmond is NOT included in that extensive toll. Her feigned sympathy for men dying of covid while her lawyer pals could be destroying those same men in corrupt courts is laughable as she cares NOT A JOT for those men and Scottish men already have woken up to the SNP tyranny as she plays for the female vote who have, in some cases, been made millionaires overnight thanks to her despicable legalese and the only reason she remains in control for now)

  • UK Why Did You Start The First Women's Shelter? PART 1 - Erin Pizzey(VIDEO)

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  • USA So much for 'draining the swamp'! Trump revokes his own rules preventing White House staff from lobbying in one of his final acts as President

  • USA Feminist lawyer Kamala Harris sworn in as US’s first female, Black and south Asian vice-president (Two traits that will ensure men will continue to be fucked over in divorce courts)

  • UK BBC propaganda paid by screwing the heterosexual men who are the majority funders of the very broadcaster that smears those same men as abusers on a regular basis (Meanwhile they paint a rogue murderous rapist royal mafia as the good guys)

  • UK Scrapping £20 benefit could see Tories called 'nasty party' (They have always been and will always remain a NASTY party with the blood of millions of peasants on their hands)

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  • USA This Is Going To Be The Worst Winter For America's Economy In Modern Times(VIDEO)

  • USA The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming(VIDEO)

  • USA FAA Chief Steve Dickson Helped Delta Air Lines Retaliate Against Pilot Who Raised Safety Concerns (Delta tried to use a discredited psychiatrist to shut her down) (VIDEO)

  • UK Is 'Marbella Man' another freemason getting overpaid by a health board at £2000 a day while swanning around Spain?

  • Thai woman jailed for record 43 years for criticising monarchy (It's time for the Thai's to throw out these parasites and their crazy draconian regime)

  • USA Left Behind: Homeless Crisis in San Francisco (Murdoch rag tries to suggest addiction and mental health are the only reasons for mass homelessness and nothing to do with the VAST inequality America lives under. We have family and friends who are NOT addicts or have mental health problems that CANNOT rent or buy a house in America)(VIDEO)

  • USA Tucker Carlson's Trump slanted news shows how racially divided America has returned to (The right wing capitalist rags Murdoch runs and their right wing leaning viewers and voters now demand socialist hand outs to stop them ending up on the streets alongside those they have smeared as less worthy all their well heeled lives)(VIDEO)

  • USA Tsunami Of Evictions Expected Across America: Be Ready For The Worst Winter!(VIDEO)

  • UK SAGE papers reveal three key fears experts have about Covid vaccine rollout

  • UK A media enquiry led to questions over what Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon knew of bullying concerns surrounding the office of her predecessor Alex Salmond (SNP thuggery by the scum who CLAIM to protect women using gender biased DV laws)

  • UK Covid and the stasi state Britain's masonic cops want to enforce

  • UK Covid and the courts: 'Grave concerns' for British justice, warn watchdogs (We have warned for decades about GRAVE concern for any form of justice in a court system controlled by freemasons at the top and as corrupt as anything anywhere on earth)

  • UK Masonic cops protecting their criminal brothers (It is incredibly concerning that people enforcing the law are able to remain in positions of power despite having gross misconduct allegations against them proven)

  • UK To avoid bank accounts not emptied by divorce lawyers (Bitter and twisted ex wives aid and abet the stripping of mens bank accounts by lengthy divorces and men have NO OPTION even if the ex-wife is deranged many are on long term legal aid thanks to using domestic violence allegations that lets their lawyers spin out court cases for decades)

  • USA In LA, poverty on Skid Row defies US’ humane reputation (NOT just TRUMP but every single American president has been responsible for the shameful depths of decay in the USA when deprivation is blatantly on display across its cities)(VIDEO)

  • USA Biden inauguration: Fortified US statehouses see some small protests

  • UK HIDDEN TOLL One in eight ‘recovered’ Covid patients die within 140 days, study finds with a THIRD readmitted within weeks

  • UK Married schoolteacher, 35, 'had sex in field with pupil she sent topless photos to - and told him she would 'bring him down if he ever told anyone'

  • China’s leaders now openly admit their previous claims that the virus originated in a Wuhan market are false. The most ‘credible’ theory about the origin of coronavirus was that it escaped from a laboratory in China (Something we challenged within hours of the virus being reported)

  • Holland Thousands held an unauthorised protest in Amsterdam against a national lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic

  • UK Former Scottish Labour leader and first minister Jack McConnell under fire for suggesting half of SNP voters are extremists (McConnell responsible for bringing Labour into disrepute and for Scots to vote SNP to get rid of scumbags like McConnell who gets paid for his treachery against Scots with a lordship)

  • UK Eurostar 'could fold by April'(A multi billion pound white elephant that will fail deliberately now Britain have left the EU. Passengers have fallen 95 per cent since March)

  • UK Tory's voting to remove the £20 added to their vile paltry benefit system when so many ended up jobless thanks to covid(Many millions who voted for the tory scum now realise what it is like to live on the breadline and under an extreme tory austerity boot)

  • Israel is an apartheid state (VIDEO)

  • USA Washington, DC preps for Biden inauguration(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory thug Patel claims "Home Office 'working to restore' lost police records" (Cops not only fail to investigate crime the few they cannot avoid investigating have their records deleted)

  • USA Katie Hill - DV Victim and Feminist Heroine (VIDEO)

  • USA SEX SCANDAL Naked pics show US politician Katie Hill, 32, ‘smoking a bong’ and kissing female staffer, 24, after admitting affair

  • UK British establishment try and stop destruction of their masonic hero statues who were the importers of slavery

  • Afghanistan conflict: Female judges shot dead in Kabul

  • USA Wilmington 1898: When white supremacists overthrew a US government

  • USA Trump isolated and enraged ahead of Biden inauguration (Israel will ensure he is hailed a fucking hero for backing the murdering zionist scum to the hilt)

  • UK SNP former godfather Alex Salmond fears appearing at committee investigating Holyrood’s botched handling of harassment complaints would leave him ‘in jeopardy of criminal prosecution’, his legal team say (His judicial pals at the Court of Session awarded him £500,000 of public money despite claims from many sources about his abuse of power)

  • USA Over 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed to DC in wake of Capitol riot(VIDEO)

  • USA 'Kill him with his own gun': Capitol police relive attack (VIDEO)

  • Australia Fake Rape Campus Tour(VIDEO)

  • Global Exposing male-bashing lies in television documentary(VIDEO)

  • Australia Talking about Australia's anti-male culture (VIDEO)

  • UK Disabled workers at one of the UK's oldest social enterprises, Clarity, have allegedly been denied £200,000 in wages by the new owner

  • UK The National Police Chiefs' Council said 213,000 records were deleted - more than the 150,000 first reported (Wiping masonic crimes at the push of a button)

  • Global Eton twat Boris Johnson says girls' education key to ending poverty (The BBC and government on their feminist bandwagon)

  • USA American elections now farcical as massive troop deployment required to keep the peace (The American dream is NOTHING but a broken nightmare for those not part of the wealthy elite keeping the peasants in destitution and lining the streets)

  • Global Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is 'Total Population Control'(VIDEO)

  • UK Law Society worried about the welfare of lawyers over Covid while they continue to DESTROY men in their vile draconian court regime

  • Global "They Have A Lot To HIDE"(VIDEO)

  • Global They have already PREPARED you for this..(VIDEO)

  • Global If You Want to Know Who Rules the World: The Ruling Elite - Finance, Wealth, Power (VIDEO)

  • UK Labour no longer relevant as a political force in Scotland as latest leader quits (Labour have long given up acting as a force for good for ordinary Scots and every one of the Labour First Ministers were a disgrace)

  • UK How many masonic crimes have been ACCIDENTLY wiped from a cop database????? (There's always method in their madness)

  • UK Man offers Newport council £50m if it helps find bitcoins in landfill

  • USA Trump impeached for inciting insurrection (VIDEO)

  • USA Ex-FBI Director James Comey on Trump's impeachment and further violence to come(VIDEO)

  • USA How Biden/Harris identity politics threatens men (VIDEO)

  • USA Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump: This is what a peaceful transition of power looks like in the USA(VIDEO)

  • USA Twitter criticised after it removes viral video of awkward Biden comment(VIDEO)

  • UK Rampant anti male DV propaganda continues unabated through pandemic (Lawyer / Law society / tory government controlled media like the BBC / Gayrdian provide the ammo that is destroying men. These are the same evil bastards that are destroying thousands of females through sanctioning by state assassins the DWP)

  • UK Buggering Boys Club homosexuals GOOD heterosexual men BAD (The evil that emanates from the BBC is a licence for the legal mafia to destroy men caught in a massive web of deceit)

  • UK BBC only interested in homosexuals losing their homes while heterosexual men are losing their homes in a massive DV scam thanks to the BBC's anti heterosexual male propaganda

  • UK Coronavirus: Government's rough sleeping strategy 'out of step' (How many men are on the streets thanks to their EVIL DV scams promoted by the feminist legal mafia ripping off mens homes with impunity?)

  • USA Zionist money man Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate and major Trump donor, dies aged 87 (How Israel controls America's political puppets and with hand outs of foreign aid into the billions of dollars for Israel's coffers that finds its way back into corrupting America's politicians. Israel has lost one of its main influencers in manipulating American politics)

  • UK Lowest paid in UK have suffered the most financially in the pandemic (NO political party has the will to stop those at the bottom of the ladder from suffering the most during hard times. A chronic disease that inflicits endless misery on the most vulnerable in British society)

  • UK economy facing its 'darkest hour' due to lockdown, warns Bank governor (Fear and misery has been the hallmark of the tory mafia throughout its regime for decades)

  • USA Authorities on high alert across US as fears over far-right violence intensify

  • UK Mum's body found next to benefits letter after taking fatal overdose, inquest hears (The promoters of DV laws claiming to protect women from all us bad men are the biggest killers of women financially and psychologically pushed into early graves by state assassins the DWP under the orders of the tory scum)

  • UK England's Deputy Chief Medical Officer said he didn't think we will ever eradicate coronavirus - and it's likely top-up vaccines will be needed

  • UK Woman, 71, denies forcing soiled nappies and vomit into children’s mouths (The evil women that Womens Aid and Refuge would back to the hilt)

  • Australia Amazing revelations about Sydney Uni feminist protesters(VIDEO)

  • USA 'You can either go down in history as a patriot or a pussy': How Trump berated Pence HOURS before the Capitol riots and demanded he not certify the election result in Congress

  • UK Protests after man, 24, dies hours after release from police custody in Wales (signs read ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘stop police brutality’)

  • UK Former SNP godfather Alex Salmond accusers hit out at MSPs and claim they were ‘exploited for political purposes’ (This is the same mob who have brought in legislation that sees innocent men being smeared as abusers with NO evidence required while victims of SNP mobsters are being badly let down by both the legal and political system dominated by freemasons)

  • UK Former Scots police sergeant cleared of raping sleeping woman he was also accused of groping another woman, 53, in the village

  • UK Britain's psychiatric gulags face overhaul due to discrimination (Anyone who dares cross paths with the British royals or their lackeys will face long term confinement and anti psychotic injections in these hell holes)

  • UK One half of the far right wing royalist rag 'The Daily Telegraph' has died (The Barclay brothers had an estimated wealth of £7bn)

  • USA Man has just two password guesses left until he loses £175m bitcoin fortune

  • UK TAX HELP WOES One in five calls to the HMRC for tax help are being ditched as line is swamped (The Government has been forced to drop the threat of fines for those who file their tax returns late due to Covid)

  • UK Another royal parasite faces jail after sex attack on guest at Glamis Castle

  • UK Queen's predator cousin faces jail after sordid castle sex attack

  • USA Four thousand 'armed patriots' plan to surround Congress to stop Trump impeachment, law enforcement reveals at closed-doors briefing

  • UK SNP leader and former leader in open warfare about lying (‘The political culture in the SNP government is a nauseating cocktail of arrogance, secrecy and incompetence)

  • USA Trump DENIES all responsibility for MAGA riot saying speech to mob was 'totally appropriate' and accuses Democrats of 'causing tremendous danger' by impeaching him

  • USA Trump charged with impeachment count as FBI warns of armed protests

  • Israel is a MURDEROUS non-democratic apartheid regime, says rights group (policies perpetuate Jewish supremacy over Palestinians)

  • UK Errol Graham: Starved man's family take tory state assassins the DWP to court ("The DWP must require their staff, where necessary, to make further inquiries before taking the momentous decision of cutting off what is often a person's only source of income. "Unless and until the DWP changes its policies, other vulnerable individuals will remain at risk of serious harm or death")

  • Global Why I Fight Feminism(VIDEO)

  • Australia Senator Stoker targets Sydney Uni's handling of the demo against anti-feminist Bettina Arndt(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump acknowledges for the first time he bears "some responsibility" for the assault on the US Capitol which left five people dead

  • UK Scorned woman is jailed for five years for framing her ex-boyfriend and his new lover as paedophiles by taking over his Facebook to arrange meet with '14-year-old girl (Ask any divorcing man what they have to put up with when lying devious bitches can get away with murder thanks to crooked family court lawyers and judges grooming them to make outrageous allegations for profit)

  • UK SNP's feminist lawyer liar Sturgeon (Finally Scotland waking up to the witch bitch in their midst)

  • UK SHAMED FORMER SNP MSP homosexual DEREK Mackay has now claimed more than £8,500 in parliamentary expenses sign he resigned in disgrace over a sleaze scandal (The 43-year-old MSP had contacted a school boy out of the blue without knowing his age the previous August, then sent him 270 messages over six months. These are the SNP fuckers designing legislation to destroy heterosexual men that steal their children into care and then have potential access to those now vulnerable children)

  • USA Ivanka Trump ‘planned to defy dad and attend Biden inauguration to save career’

  • UK Straight actors should not play gay characters (More and more airtime is being used to promote the homosexual agenda at the utter expense of heterosexual roles)

  • UK Gutter rags continue their endless feminist propaganda (The world will NEVER hear the end of the female victims of everything)

  • USA Battle ready: Antifa protesters dressed head-to-toe in black and armed with SHIELDS march on Manhattan to demand 'Trump and Pence leave White House now'

  • USA Trump impeachment gains Republican support(VIDEO)

  • USA Pence given 24 hours to end Trump presidency or Democrats will impeach

  • UK SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon is to hit back at 'absolute nonsense' claims that she misled parliament and gave untrue evidence regarding sexual harassment allegations against predecessor Alex Salmond (While the gutter rags having been praising Sturgeon and her SNP mob we alone were highly critical of the methods they were using to destroy Scottish men using draconian anti male DV legislation)

  • UK GAYrdian critical of American media and social networks over Trump while peddling the homosexual / lesbian agenda and while smearing heterosexual men as all being abusers

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan defends himself after revealing he flew to Antigua for Christmas despite saying that everyone will have to 'make compromises' over the festive season because of coronavirus (He rants about everyone else breaking rules while he swans off for a luxury holiday)

  • UK Crowds head to beaches despite Boris Johnson’s pleas for people to stay home during lockdown (VIDEO)

  • USA Freeloaders: The Wealthy(VIDEO)

  • UK Quarter of a million businesses could close in the next 12 months due to pandemic

  • Australia Bettina Arndt defends her Australia Day award from 'extraordinary' feminist criticism(VIDEO)

  • Australia Feminists meltdown over Bettina's radio interviews #MenToo(VIDEO)

  • Global Retired cop exposes the DV restraining order racket (VIDEO)

  • UK SACK establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan, Shameless Hypocrite Christmas Holiday In Caribbean(VIDEO)

  • Australia Jobless for telling the truth (VIDEO)

  • USA Insurrection Day: when white supremacist terror came to the US Capitol (There has been deep seated racism and huge inequality in America for centuries that Trump has brought to the surface backing murderous cops and the black lives they take almost daily. Both sides of the political fence are equally responsible for that continued inequality and a racism that keeps the majority of black citizens at the bottom of the poverty trap. We are aware of individuals who despite having decent salaries cannot rent a home in America and remain homeless)

  • UK Covid in Scotland: Police warn against lockdown protest

  • UK The lockdown cops ignore lockdown rules (One law for the peasants another for the enforcers)

  • UK Maskless demonstrators chanted ‘take your freedom back’ as they marched through London in protest against the national lockdown

  • UK Scuffles break out as police arrest COVID sceptics at London anti-lockdown demo(VIDEO)

  • Global SHOCKING.. Could We Possibly Be Mistaken! (VIDEO)

  • UK Bercow, has criticised the eagerness shown by Theresa May to “pay homage to Donald Trump” during the early days of his controversial presidency

  • UK Devolution has done NOTHING but line the pockets of lawyers masquerading as politicians with an extra income stream (Scottish devolution was instigated by lawyer Donald Dewar and to accommodate the total tyrannical control over men fleeced, persecuted and destroyed aided by feminist leaning gutter rag smear campaigns who get paid to advertise the STOLEN property while aiding and abetting the utter corruption the courts operate under. See lawyer Sturgeon as to how that works)

  • Global This Will Shock You! (2021 EVENTS)(VIDEO)

  • USA Pelosi talks to top military officer about ways to prevent Trump from accessing nuclear codes

  • North Korea Kim Jong-un pledges to expand North Korea's nuclear arsenal

  • USA Trump has Twitter account permanently shut down... and is then blocked from using Presidential account as well

  • USA Covid 19 fraud exposed in NY Hospital(VIDEO)

  • Global Stop the male-bashing DV campaigns(VIDEO)

  • UK Salmond has accused SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon of misleading parliament, calling evidence she gave to an inquiry into the handling of sexual harassment claims against him "simply untrue" (The civil war that masquerades as some sort of SNP utopia , They are a bunch of fucking liars and a danger to men with their lawyer influenced attacks on men using dodgy DV legislation to line their crooked pockets)

  • UK SNP just another bunch of lying political shysters that Scots need to waken up to especially the men being fucked over by their man hating legislation that breaches human rights

  • UK Nurse catches Covid three weeks after getting Pfizer vaccine (There is NO guarantee covid vaccines work)

  • Israel 'paid to jump the vaccine queue' with PM Benjamin Netanyahu phoning Pfizer boss 17 times in just days to secure more supplies of the Covid jab

  • USA A return to civility will not begin to quell the threat of fascism in the US (A broken society thanks to the GIGANTIC disparity in wealth inequality. The storming of the Capitol shows that the groundwork is in place for a far-right movement that outlasts Trump )

  • Australia Domestic Violence scams and immigration fraud(VIDEO)

  • USA Calls for Trump to be removed from office days before Biden inauguration(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump calls for end to violence he incited as pressure on White House mounts (VIDEO)

  • USA Allegations of racial bias, with Wednesday's largely white crowd not meeting the same show of federal force in the US Capitol as the Black Lives Matter demonstrations months earlier

  • USA 'Four years of propaganda': Trump social media bans come too late, experts say

  • UK DPD said that some 20 per cent of parcels destined for Europe are having to be returned because the new customs forms required by Boris Johnson’s EU trade deal

  • USA From Charlottesville to the Capitol: how rightwing impunity fueled the pro-Trump mob

  • UK Devastated family slams 'selfish' homopaedo who murdered boy, 15, to keep relationship secret

  • USA Boeing pay $2.5bn to settle US criminal charges that it hid information from safety officials about the design of its 737 Max planes (Any other company would be SHUT DOWN and their board jailed for mass murder)

  • Global The $195billion man: Elon Musk, the richest person on the planet - but for how long? (NOT compared with the UK's royal parasite and pales next to her vast empire of stolen wealth)

  • UK The SNP's feminist lawyer Sturgeon closing down Scotland indefinitely (As a law society terrorist plant Sturgeon and her merry band of robbing bastard lawyers have ulterior motives and as many more businesses and marriages falter they will be there to pick up the failures and to line their deep murderous pockets. As long term survivors of Scottish masonic tyranny we know many who have lost £millions to Sturgeon and her legal mob. We wouldn't trust this legal witch bitch one iota. She and her crooked buddies care not a jot for the thousands of men dying of suicide thanks to persecution they met out on a daily basis in utterly corrupt courts)

  • UK The racist scum employed as British cops (Freemasons who think they can get away with MURDER)

  • UK MP Speech Slams establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan and Sanctimonious Supercilious Journalists Over Hypocrisy(VIDEO)

  • USA Looking back on a violent day as protesters stormed Capitol Hill (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC DV propagators promote rapper that promotes GANG VIOLENCE (You just can't make this fucking shit up. Rapper Pa Salieu wins BBC Sound of 2021: 'I am the voice of the voiceless')

  • Australia Mark Latham fights feminism and identity politics(VIDEO)

  • UK The pseudo home OWNERS who dont own the land the house sits on

  • USA Four dead in US Capitol riots as woman shot by police is named

  • Global Twitter and Facebook lock Donald Trump accounts after posts to rioting supporters

  • USA Can Trump be removed from office before his term ends?

  • USA Capitol siege: Congress resumes election session after deadly riot

  • UK Horrifying moment teenager, 18, smashed her mother's car into her ex and his 16-year-old new girlfriend in 'uncontrollable rage' – as she is jailed for more than three years (Womens Aid and Refuge silent as another female attempts murder and NOT in their very warped stats to justify gender biased DV claims)

  • USA First picture of female Trump supporter and military veteran shot dead in Capitol riots

  • USA Democrats seize US Senate after Georgia victory confirmed amid Capitol riots

  • USA Mass resignations from Trump administration follow president’s failure to stop Capitol violence

  • USA Ivanka Trump criticised for calling pro-Trump mob 'patriots'

  • UK Lawyer run BBC a mouthpiece for bleating lawyers. If it's not DV scams they promulgate it's that they NEVER get enough money for the damage they are doing to families and especially divorcing men(Many should be jailed for their crimes against humanity yet it is these evil bastards that have stolen the decision making from juries)

  • USA Dr. Dre, 55, admitted to the ICU with a brain aneurysm amid his ugly billion-dollar divorce battle (WTF his ex is demanding nearly $2million in monthly spousal support payments and $5 million for attorney fees)

  • UK Chaos outside court after WikiLeaks founder's bail is DENIED: Police haul off protesters as Julian Assange is told he will stay in HMP Belmarsh for at least two more weeks while US officials appeal extradition ban

  • UK WikiLeaks founder could walk free TODAY: Julian Assange arrives at court to hear if he will be bailed while US officials appeal UK judge's extradition ban

  • Australia White Ribbon Australia Bullies a Legend(VIDEO)

  • USA Phil Collins gets fucked over a second time by ex-wife (Unbelievable how much golddigging is being allowed to go on)

  • UK Row blows up over council's plans for £100,000 'party' to celebrate unveiling of Margaret Thatcher statue in her home town (Thatcher is maybe the single most hated tory in history)

  • UK 'She deserves an Oscar': 'Black Widow' who tried to manipulate three men into murdering ex-husband 'infuriates' viewers after demanding a gluten-free vegan sandwich and groaning at officers on 24 Hours in Police Custody

  • UK Tory Eton groomed fuckwit Boris's boosterism means he never learns

  • USA White cop Rusten Sheskey cleared in shooting of black man Jacob Blake shot several times in back

  • UK Top UK bosses are paid 115 times more than average worker (Vast gap in earnings described as ‘unfair’ and ‘repugnant’ by trade union leaders)

  • UK YouTube U-turns on talkRadio suspension after ‘further review’ (VIDEO)

  • USA MAXWELL STING Ghislaine Maxwell arrested at her £800k US hideaway after FBI tracked her mobile phone (Proves anyone can be tracked and traced using mobile network but it took them LOOOOOONG enough)

  • UK Police state UK: Crime commissioner calls for law change to allow officers to force entry into homes of suspected rule-breakers while Scotland Yard tells cops to 'to issue fines more quickly'

  • Global Feminism fuels vindictive women(VIDEO)

  • UK New lockdown laws in full: Police AND PCSOs can fine people in the street, if they aren't wearing a mask or don't have a good reason to be out and EVERYONE at an illegal gathering faces penalties of up to £10,000 - and the rules don't expire until MARCH 31

  • USA Congress set to certify Joe Biden victory amid protests

  • Hong Kong: Dozens of arrests look more like a purge than law enforcement

  • USA 'They'll speak to my lawyers!' Dismissive Trump defies Dems' demands for his tax returns as scolding Pelosi warns she's 'not walking away' from brewing fight

  • UK Met police’s crackdown on London lockdown flouters who meet in groups and refuse to wear mask

  • UK Tory fuckwit Johnson announces third national lockdown (VIDEO)

  • UK Covid: England's third national lockdown legally comes into force

  • UK ‘Bail him now!’ – Roger Waters on Assange(VIDEO)

  • Australia Senate motion condemning anti-feminist Bettina Arndt a 'complete freedom of speech violation'(VIDEO)

  • UK Peter Lloyd exposes UK feminist madness(VIDEO)

  • UK Britain ratcheting up the 'feminist lawyer' gender biased DV hysteria with the help of the femi / homo BBC (ALL women are victims and ALL men are perpetrators except if you're a homosexual, freemason, politician, judge, lawyer, councillor or cop who are ALL implicated in imposing persecution on men facing trumped up divorce allegations)

  • UK Tory scumbag Rishi Sunak can give businesses cash injection of £4.6bn (While for over a decade the poorest and most vulnerable faced a massive tory austerity boot)

  • UK TV licence fee: Non payment to BBC will remain a crime (Don't pay for their paedo protecting propaganda and you can be jailed)

  • Global "Under OATH, Zuckerberg ADMITS!" (users can't do nothing about it)(VIDEO)

  • UK Assange: Wikileaks founder extradition to US blocked by UK judge

  • Global "Under OATH, Zuckerberg ADMITS!" (users can't do nothing about it)(VIDEO)

  • UK Live from outside court in London as judge rules Assange cannot be extradited to US(VIDEO)

  • UK Royal parasite backs the BBC feminist agenda (She is ultra rich thanks to how she has used feminist lies to provide ammo to her crooked judges to thieve from divorcing men)

  • UK We're going home': Britons told pre-Brexit ID documents invalid for flights to Spain(VIDEO)

  • Global Modern feminists are reluctant to examine the ‘damage, death and problems’ caused by toxic femininity(VIDEO)

  • Global Casualties of a Male Bashing Society(VIDEO)


  • USA Policeman buys family food instead of arresting them for shoplifting

  • Global Covid vaccines ‘may be ineffective against South African mutation’

  • UK Sturgeon expected to announce another national shutdown

  • UK WikiLeaks founder’s US extradition to be decided in UK court (A solitary judge NO JURY will decide his fate)

  • Global Whitewashing the truth of why men kill themselves(VIDEO)

  • Global She took joy in her husbands misery. Who would ever marry again if this happened to them?(VIDEO)

  • UK Scots Labour MSP slams colleagues as 'spoiled brats' who harmed party (Dewar, McLeish and McConnell three VILE labour leaders that did NOTHING for Labour's working class voters)

  • China Leak from secret Wuhan lab most ‘credible’ theory behind Covid outbreak, says US official (We had been suspicious from the onset that the outbreak started in a food market with so many labs involved in biological research in Wuhan)

  • UK Julian Assange’s partner has said a decision to extradite the WikiLeaks co-founder to the US would be “politically and legally disastrous for the UK”, on the eve of the judge’s ruling

  • UK Gutter rag claims Scottish cops ACTUALLY catch criminals (As long term users of their supposed law enforcement we have seen NOTHING of that other than when they act as hired thugs for the corrupt legal mafia stealing Scottish mens property into the £billions)

  • Iran make death threats against Trump(VIDEO)

  • Global Telling the truth about domestic violence(VIDEO)

  • Global Teaching girls to fear boys (VIDEO)

  • Australia Help close down Australia's kangaroo courts (VIDEO)

  • USA Jobs of 1000s of NYC transport workers at risk as Big Tech rents luxury offices(VIDEO)

  • UK Some guys just NEVER learn about marriage and the enormous cost of divorce (He loses half his fortune, £31million, after first marriage fails and will likely lose half of the other half when this latest marriage falls on its arse)

  • UK Royal parasite treats grandson as she treated daughter in law like a leper (Anyone who messes with these fucking scum will end up inside a psychiatric gulag and a media that stays silent on how they stifle dissent. Harry getting a taste of what his mother Diana faced when resisting the royals total control)

  • Global The royal parasites now fractured and exposed

  • UK How the pandemic is pushing people into poverty (Millions blocked from working and unable to pay their bills thanks to lockdowns) (VIDEO)

  • UK BEEB TEST Nearly half of Brits think the BBC fails to represent their values, survey finds (While the BBC lesbians / homo's pump out their man hating agenda the BBC are a fucking disgrace. Tarnished forever after decades of protecting their top presenter and serial paedophile Jimmy Savile)

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson deluded he can create as many jobs as covid lockdowns have decimated (While harshly punishing the poor and vulnerable for over a decade the tory scum can find the massive sums to bail out their middle class voters on furlough schemes when it suits. NEVER fall for the illusion of concern they dont give a fuck about the working classes and NEVER will, only their rich donors in the city propping these evil bastards up)

  • USA Lisa Montgomery: Only woman on US federal death row to face execution after she strangled a pregnant woman in Missouri before cutting out and kidnapping the baby in 2004

  • UK A massive tory austerity boot left families in the UK entering the pandemic with one of the lowest rates of savings in the developed world (Until Britain wakens up to the far right wing agenda of the tory scum many more will die impoverished and battling depression caused by decades of allowing the peasants to live on the very edge of life)

  • Global THE biggest threat to men globally (What we have been warning about for decades eloquently put)(VIDEO)

  • Global Feminism's Biggest Blindspot Revealed(VIDEO)

  • UK Debbi Hicks Arrested For Posting Video Online Of Empty Gloucester Hospital(VIDEO)

  • UK X Factor contestant, 38, whose audition was slammed by Simon Cowell as a 'complete and utter nightmare' killed herself after battling schizophrenia and lay in bed undiscovered for days (We stated well over a decade ago how disturbed individuals were being allowed to perform on Cowell's nasty platform so he could ridicule them and then dump them on the streets to be ridiculed even more by the public and NO better than vile Jeremy Kyle)

  • UK Deepfake Queen: 2020 Alternative Christmas Message (VIDEO)

  • UK Female NHS worker, 35, avoids jail after poisoning four-month-old baby in hospital with laxatives in 'attention seeking spree' (Womens Aid and Refuge silent as ever when their gender gets exposed)

  • UK Why is Britain the ONLY country in the world to approve Oxford's Covid jab? Denmark's top medical director fears UK's approval of game-changing jab was 'too fast'

  • UK Anti-lockdown activist who walked into hospital and filmed 'empty' wards is handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested by police who turned up at her door (she claims shows the coronavirus pandemic is a 'massive scam')

  • UK Brexshit Britain is warned it will not get a US trade deal until 'at least 2022' because Democrat president-elect Joe Biden plans to rebuild ties with the EU

  • Global Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence - Bettina Arndt(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson's father reveals he is applying for French citizenship as Brexshit is finalised

  • UK Britain’s shame: Hundreds of armed forces veterans left homeless and living on our streets(From 2019

  • UK Is this ANY way to treat our soldiers? Harsh reality of sleeping rough faced by veterans(From 2017 Murder for the state and the state will leave you to die on the streets)

  • UK At least 13,000 hero soldiers left HOMELESS after leaving the military - and almost all have PTSD (From 2018)

  • Domestic Violence scams and immigration fraud VIDEO
    Covid 19 fraud exposed in NY Hospital VIDEO
    Salmond has accused SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon of misleading parliament

  • Salmond has accused SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon of misleading parliament, calling evidence she gave to an inquiry into the handling of sexual harassment claims against him "simply untrue" (The civil war that masquerades as some sort of SNP utopia , They are a bunch of fucking liars and a danger to men with their lawyer influenced attacks on men using dodgy DV legislation to line their crooked pockets)
  • SNP just another bunch of lying political shysters that Scots need to waken up to especially the men being fucked over by their man hating legislation that breaches human rights
  • Stop the male-bashing DV campaigns VIDEO
    Calls for Trump to be removed from office days before Biden inauguration VIDEO

  • Trump calls for end to violence he incited as pressure on White House mounts (VIDEO)
  • Allegations of racial bias, with Wednesday's largely white crowd not meeting the same show of federal force in the US Capitol as the Black Lives Matter demonstrations months earlier
  • 'Four years of propaganda': Trump social media bans come too late, experts say
  • From Charlottesville to the Capitol: how rightwing impunity fueled the pro-Trump mob
  • MP Speech Slams establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan and Sanctimonious Supercilious Journalists Over Hypocrisy VIDEO
    Boeing Finds 3RD 787 Quality Control Lapse FAA Warns 900 787's May Be Damaged And Need To Be Fixed! VIDEO

  • Boeing pay $2.5bn to settle US criminal charges that it hid information from safety officials about the design of its 737 Max planes (Any other company would be SHUT DOWN and their board jailed for mass murder)
  • AeroMexico Resumes BOEING 737MAX Service Cockpit Takeoff from Mexico VIDEO
    Looking back on a violent day as protesters stormed Capitol Hill VIDEO
    Mark Latham fights feminism and identity politics VIDEO
    BBC DV propagators promote rapper that promotes GANG VIOLENCE VIDEO

    You just can't make this fucking shit up. Rapper Pa Salieu wins BBC Sound of 2021: 'I am the voice of the voiceless'


  • White Ribbon Australia Bullies a Legend VIDEO
    Bettina Arndt on how feminism fuels vindictive women VIDEO
    ‘Bail him now!’ – Roger Waters on Assange VIDEO
    Australian senate motion condemning anti-feminist Bettina Arndt a 'complete freedom of speech violation' VIDEO
    "Under OATH, Zuckerberg ADMITS!" (users can't do nothing about it) VIDEO
    Peter Lloyd exposes feminist madness VIDEO
    Live from outside court in London as judge rules Assange cannot be extradited to US VIDEO

  • Live from outside court in London as judge rules Assange cannot be extradited to US(VIDEO)
  • Modern feminists are reluctant to examine the ‘damage, death and problems’ caused by toxic femininity VIDEO
    How the Boeing 737 Max returned to the skies after two deadly crashes kill hundreds VIDEO
    Casualties of a Male Bashing Society VIDEO
    Whitewashing the truth of why men kill themselves VIDEO
    She took joy in her husbands misery. Who would ever marry again if this happened to them? VIDEO
    Gutter rag claims Scottish cops ACTUALLY catch criminals

    As long term users of their supposed law enforcement we have seen NOTHING of that other than when they act as hired thugs for the corrupt legal mafia stealing Scottish mens property into the £billions

  • Iran make death threats against Trump VIDEO
    Telling the truth about domestic violence VIDEO
    Teaching girls to fear boys VIDEO
    London's 2021 fireworks VIDEO
    THE biggest threat to men globally VIDEO

    They won't just take you to court, they'll put you under it
    What we have been warning about for decades eloquently put.
    737Max UPDATE Return To Service! VIDEO
    Feminism's Biggest Blindspot Revealed VIDEO
    Debbi Hicks Arrested For Posting Video Online Of Empty Gloucester Hospital VIDEO

  • Anti-lockdown activist who walked into hospital and filmed 'empty' wards is handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested by police who turned up at her door (she claims shows the coronavirus pandemic is a 'massive scam')
  • Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence VIDEO

    The biggest killer of men globally being accused of abuse by the freemasons running the corrupt courts across the globe for their OWN and the royalist crown's self enrichment. The smearing, fleecing and persecuting of men they can't control via their satanic lodges.
    #mentoo, student protests, the "rape crisis" on campuses and freedom of speech in universities! VIDEO
    Is There a War on Masculinity? VIDEO
    The Big Lie of Feminism VIDEO
    FAA Chief Explains Why He Rescinded The Order Grounding the Boeing Max VIDEO
    Male lust wilts under feminist attack VIDEO
    Inside The World Of The Global Super-Rich VIDEO
    Mothers of Sons group fighting for justice for men VIDEO

    Sons being DESTROYED by a biased court system
    Former Cosmopolitan Writer Regrets the Lies She Helped Sell to Women: Sue Ellen Browder VIDEO
    How Does The BBC Get Away With This Dirty Open Secret VIDEO
    Why aren't men getting married VIDEO
    Violent women and male victims – Deborah Powney VIDEO
    Men losing everything after marriage breakdown VIDEO
    Tory corruption VIDEO
    Gold digger feminist gets triggered and wants all of my money! VIDEO
    How do SSDs Work? How does your Smartphone store data? VIDEO
    A global cabal of feminist terrorist lawyers with media backing are the biggest threat to men's health, wealth and life VIDEO

    More exposures of the racket that is destroying men globally with an incredible tool ex wives can use with total impunity domestic violence and restraining orders

    Bettina talks to Neill McCarthy, a lawyer working on the South Coast of NSW. Neill explains that the working life of most small town lawyers is now dominated by protecting men from false accusations of violence, which are generally being used to gain advantage in family law battles.

  • Johnny Depp 'did not get fair trial' ( “This was a very public judgment, reached by a single judge(FREEMASON and NO jury?), making devastating findings of extremely serious criminal offences having been committed, and where this has had wider-ranging implications for the public at large, particularly victims, or those wrongly accused, of alleged domestic abuse.”)
  • Southwest Set To Furlough 7,000 Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ramp Agents And Customer Service Agents VIDEO
    Diana Davison fights for the men falsely accused of domestic violence and rape VIDEO
    Female domestic violence perpetrator attacks judge in court VIDEO

    You have to laugh at the lunatic feminists who would back this bitch to the hilt
    Project Runway "Predicted" the Kovid in 2019 VIDEO
    More victims of a masonic death cult

  • Scotland's masonic death cult took three fucking days to respond to a car crash where the two occupants died (Scotland ruthless scum that masquerade as law enforcement have a LOOOOONG history of sitting on their masonic arses and letting victims suffer especially in the sink estates of Scotland where thuggery and violence is left to destroy the victims of crime thanks to these malicious bastards who then clean up the bodies of those murdered and LONG AFTER the events. They have a deliberate policy of not acting to save them any paperwork and mask their stats and to persecute anyone who dares ask them for assistance while their bosses get bonuses for doing a good job well in their eyes)
  • Woke women are killing relationships VIDEO
    Feminists Freak Out Because Men Don’t Want To Date 'Woke' Women VIDEO
    The Insidious War on Men: The Destruction of Masculinity VIDEO
    Rewarding abusive women: the Amber Heard story (wtf is this?) VIDEO

    Johnny Depp smear campaign, triggered by a nasty homosexual Murdoch reporter and resided over by a masonic judge, exposes the masonic death cult at the heart of this enormous global racket instigated by a global law society terror brigade dominated by the masonic godfather the Dukey Kent for and on behalf of the richest royalist scum on earth. Even females realise the enormity of the crimes against men many who later commit suicide and covered up by their propaganda rags who reap vast rewards for advertising the property stolen from men. Any rag promoting false DV claims is implicated and part of this racket taking dirty money for ignoring those deaths and the thousands of broken men left destitute. See the femi/homo BBC and GAYrdian for how that works. Masonic judges NOT juries dish out the persecution campaigns against men they target for stripping that is PURE FUCKING EVIL.
    Wife Abandons Husband and Son For 10 Years - Now Demands Family Back VIDEO
    What end of eviction moratorium means for American renters VIDEO
    An MP has branded Jacob Rees-Mogg “Scrooge” and invited him to help south London children after he made controversial comments about Unicef feeding hungry children VIDEO

    Political stunt': Jacob Rees-Mogg slams Unicef support for UK children in poverty

    Eton groomed Rees-Mogg is one of the utter dregs of society
    and typifies a tory mindset that is PURE FUCKING EVIL

  • Assange supporters stage protest in front of GAYrdian offices in London VIDEO
    Peter Hitchens' fiery clash with Owen Jones on lockdown and COVID-19 VIDEO
    Brexshit latest news: 'It's the moment of truth' as path to deal 'very narrow,' says Michel Barnier VIDEO
    Women are starting to worry, they see men leaving the game VIDEO
    Gutter rags attack when you fall out with the firm

  • Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan calls Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'freeloading chancers' (If the fucker dared say the same about the Queen, Prince Charles or the rest of the royal spongers he'd lose his job and end up in one of their psychiatric gulags. He is working on their behalf to attack Harry and his moll who have fell out of favour with the mob. Their controlled gutter rags did the same to Diana before she was murdered)
  • Peter Hitchens: 'A political crisis is coming' VIDEO
    How to see who's tracking you online VIDEO
    Property Seizure VIDEO

    The masonic death cult use domestic violence smear scams against non cult men they target for property theft
    Protesters demand justice for killing of black man in Columbus, USA VIDEO
    Angelina Jolie's scorpion brooch telling where her allegiances lie
    Florida scientist and former covid tracker home raided by cops VIDEO
    "It's All A SMOKESCREEN" (only a few people know about this) VIDEO
    "Lockdown Was an Overreaction" - Professor Karol Sikora VIDEO
    "We Call Them THE ELITE" 1% of The 1% VIDEO
    Don’t Believe Me About BBC? Two Stars Speak Out VIDEO
    They Organized It From The Beginning VIDEO
    Trump holds 'victory rally' in Valdosta, Georgia (Dec. 5 starts 3.22.00) VIDEO
    Women Can No Longer Find Good Husbands (Where have all the good men gone?) VIDEO
    NASA claims "We are going to the Moon, to stay, by 2024. And this is how" VIDEO

    By spending trillions of dollars that America doesn't have
    Widening Inequality Mega-rich get much richer as small businesses collapse in the pandemic VIDEO
    Trump: This may be the most important speech I've ever made.... VIDEO
    Moment iconic Arecibo telescope collapsed caught in jaw-dropping footage VIDEO
    Feminists want you to ERASE men from your life (wtf is this?) VIDEO
    97% Owned - Money: Root of the social and financial crisis VIDEO
    Apparently VIOLENT and ABUSIVE women are less harmful (Amber Heard/Johnny Depp case study) VIDEO
    Top European Parliament politician quits over lockdown-defying homo orgy VIDEO

    No fucking wonder these evil bastards continue to push for more homosexual rights and agenda