• Switzerland Coronavirus vaccine patient 'dies five days after receiving Pfizer jab'

  • Global #mentoo, student protests, the "rape crisis" on campuses and freedom of speech in universities!(VIDEO)

  • UK Is There a War on Masculinity? (VIDEO)

  • Global The Big Lie of Feminism(VIDEO)

  • UK Mother, 36, appears in court accused of murdering her four-year-old son at their home in south east London

  • Global Male lust wilts under feminist attack(VIDEO)

  • Global Inside The World Of The Global Super-Rich(VIDEO)

  • UK Plumstead death: Woman charged with murder of boy, 4 (A RARE occasion the BBC report on a woman who allegedly murders)

  • UK BBC Scotland Investigates - The Men(FREEMASONS) Who Own Scotland (Due to crooked legal system most of Scotland's land is in the hands of the few and many men lose their property thanks to devious family courts run totally by freemasons)(VIDEO)

  • UK Empty Nightingale hospitals are quietly dismantled 'because there aren't enough staff to run them' - despite NHS chief warning health service is back 'in the eye of the storm' and hospitalisations PASSING peak of first Covid wave

  • Global Mothers of Sons group fighting for justice for men (Sons being DESTROYED by a biased court system)(VIDEO)

  • Global Former Cosmopolitan Writer Regrets the Lies She Helped Sell to Women: Sue Ellen Browder(VIDEO)

  • UK Another feminist BBC report that ONLY seems interested in the females claiming paltry state aid (Little sympathy for the many men facing the same but as ever the BBC use this report once again to push their feminazi agenda)

  • UK Covid support in Stoke-on-Trent 'stopped rough sleeper dying' (Despite the VAST majority of homeless being male the BBC give first example as female)

  • EU Brexshit: Britons warned to prepare for 'some disruption'

  • UK Hypocritical royal lackey Attenborough spends his life flying around the world then preaches that everyone else flying affects climate change and mass extinction of animals

  • UK Cop Timothy Brehmer paid for two months after confessing to killing lover

  • UK How Does The BBC Get Away With This Dirty Open Secret(VIDEO)

  • UK Throughout history Britain’s ruling class has created crisis after crisis – just like now (Britain is the “the most class-ridden country under the sun”)

  • UK Home Office criticised for refusal to state deportees' nationalities (the only reason the information could affect relations would be if it showed certain nationalities were being disproportionately targeted for removal)

  • Global Covid poses 'greatest threat to mental health since second world war'

  • UK Steep increase in food bank use demands benefit change

  • UK Harmsworth's royalist rag claims "The Queen's speech is most watched show on Christmas Day" (There are lies, damn lies and fantasy stories about the old ultra rich witch)

  • Global Why aren't men getting married (VIDEO)

  • Global Men losing everything after marriage breakdown(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory corruption(VIDEO)

  • Global Gold digger feminist gets triggered and wants all of my money!(VIDEO)

  • Global Violent women and male victims – Deborah Powney(VIDEO)

  • UK Weasel words from tory scumbag Gove "Brexit: UK and EU can have 'special relationship'" (Britain is in a mess thanks to tory fuckers like Gove)

  • UK Online harms law to let regulator block apps in UK (Being used to shut down criticism of Israel and its judeo / masonic goons around the globe)

  • Global A global cabal of feminist terrorist lawyers with media backing are the biggest threat to men's health, wealth and life(VIDEO)

  • UK Johnny Depp 'did not get fair trial' ( “This was a very public judgment, reached by a single judge(FREEMASON and NO jury?), making devastating findings of extremely serious criminal offences having been committed, and where this has had wider-ranging implications for the public at large, particularly victims, or those wrongly accused, of alleged domestic abuse”)

  • Globally Diana Davison fights for the men falsely accused of domestic violence and rape(VIDEO)

  • USA Southwest Set To Furlough 7,000 Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ramp Agents And Customer Service Agents(VIDEO)

  • EU Brexit: EU diplomats to get trade deal briefing

  • UK Covid: Queen spends Christmas apart from family (A bit like the millions of men totally separated from their children by HER hand picked draconian judges in family courts who are destroyed daily by a tyranny greater than all the pseudo terrorism and pandemics)

  • USA Female domestic violence perpetrator attacks judge in court (You have to laugh at the lunatic feminists who would back this bitch to the hilt)(VIDEO)

  • Global Project Runway "Predicted" the Kovid in 2019(VIDEO)

  • UK Brexshit: UK-EU trade talks continue ahead of likely deal

  • EU Putting Brexshit to bed: UK and EU reach trade deal ending months of arguments

  • UK Tory thug Patel wants British cops to act like they did during miners strike with brutal crackdown on anyone who gets caight up in the extreme measures they have instigated for a Christmas lockdown (Another tory fascist boot coming down on the peasants under the guise of PROTECTING them. Ask anyone reliant on state assistance and see how their DWP state assassins operate)

  • UK Royals avoiding the peasants this Christmas

  • UK Royal finances struggling due to covid (Violins playing in the distance as ultra rich royals are pleading poverty again. Maybe they will give them a council house if things get any worse)

  • UK Brexshit trade deal expected within hours

  • UK Female who stabbed her boyfriend to death in front of his dad after she flew into a "fit of temper" during a drunken argument, has been jailed for life (A headline you'll seldom see on the BBC or GAYrdian and never spoken about by Womens Aid or Refuge and NEVER in their stats)

  • UK Scotland's masonic death cult took three fucking days to respond to a car crash where the two occupants died (Scotland ruthless scum that masquerade as law enforcement have a LOOOOONG history of sitting on their masonic arses and letting victims suffer especially in the sink estates of Scotland where thuggery and violence is left to destroy the victims of crime thanks to these malicious bastards who then clean up the bodies of those murdered and LONG AFTER the events. They have a deliberate policy of not acting to save them any paperwork and mask their stats and to persecute anyone who dares ask them for assistance while their bosses get bonuses for doing a good job well in their eyes)

  • UK facing 'human disaster' unless there's a national New Year lockdown, says expert (When the utter dregs of society keep getting voted BACK into power you get disaster after disaster)

  • Global Feminists Freak Out Because Men Don’t Want To Date 'Woke' Women(VIDEO)

  • UK Essex lorry deaths: Trial was halted after Priti Patel tweet "at the hands of ruthless criminals" (Incompetence and thuggery at the heart of the tory regime)

  • UK Scotland may enter full Covid lockdown, says Sturgeon (To protect or more like to control)

  • UK Normally Conservative-leaning media turned on Boris Johnson on Monday amid rising anger about the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the late decision to in effect cancel Christmas (The Eton groomed arsehole they held up as a new leader now admit he always was an incompetent buffoon)

  • Global Woke women are killing relationships (VIDEO)

  • Russian scientist 'working on Covid-19 vaccine' falls to his death from 14th floor window 'in his underwear after being stabbed' in latest mysterious violent death linked to coronavirus

  • UK MOTHER who let son starve to death walks free after two years in time for Christmas (Evil witches that Womens Aid and Refuge ignore at their lying peril)

  • UK £33,000,000,000 wiped off FTSE 100 over fears of mutant Covid and no-deal Brexshit

  • UK Eton groomed turd Johnson to chair emergency meeting over UK travel chaos

  • Global The Insidious War on Men: The Destruction of Masculinity(VIDEO)

  • UK France's ban on UK transport came as surprise, claims tory fuckwit Grant Shapps

  • UK Call for Brexshit transition period to be extended amid COVID crisis and border shutdown

  • UK Scotland gave up on Labour a long time ago and now lawyer Starmer thinks he can stop the rot with Brown (The only reason the SNP are in power is they are the best of a bad lot of apples)

  • Global Rewarding abusive women: the Amber Heard story (wtf is this?) (VIDEO)

  • Global Wife Abandons Husband and Son For 10 Years - Now Demands Family Back(VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer controlled gutter rag thinks Scotland's Holyrood mafia are deserving of awards especially the SNP's feminist lawyer Sturgeon (Having covered decades of legislation to persecute men these evil fuckers are the biggest cause of death among heterosexual men. They provide the ammunition for masonic judges that DOMINATE Scotland to smear, frame and thieve with TOTAL impunity and gutter rags providing the propaganda to articulate their total corruption of the law)

  • USA Biden says he will NOT sign UK US trade deal when he takes office in January

  • EU Michel Barnier seeks to end Brexshit deadlock with fresh fishing proposal

  • EU fears of British secret agents trying to obtain sensitive Brexit files exposed

  • UK Lorry drivers heading to EU face ham sandwich ban

  • UK Assange supporters stage protest in front of GAYrdian offices in London (VIDEO)

  • UK An MP has branded Jacob Rees-Mogg “Scrooge” and invited him to help south London children after he made controversial comments about Unicef feeding hungry children (Eton groomed Rees-Mogg is one of the utter dregs of society and typifies a tory mindset that is PURE FUCKING EVIL)

  • UK Green MSP quits over feminist rights coming before transgender rights (The Holyrood lunatics are running the LGBT asylum and where heterosexual men are at the bottom of their ladder when it comes to rights and priorities. Fleecing heterosexual men the NUMBER ONE priority for the Holyrood scumbags and their male 'hate' legislation)

  • UK After ten years of an EXTREME tory austerity boot for the poorest the evil bastards can still fund £billions when it comes to middle class furlough schemes

  • USA What end of eviction moratorium means for American renters(VIDEO)

  • France Jean Luc Brunel, model agent friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested in Paris airport

  • UK Even tory MP's claim they are governing via fear (this is a common trait of the tory mafia keeping everyone they want to control fearful of their futures going back to Thatcher and Heath)(VIDEO)

  • UK 'Toxic'Northern Serious Organised Crime Unit cops guilty of gross misconduct (When a masonic death cult dominates the supposed 'law enforcement' there is NO 'law enforcement' just corruption and cover ups of themselves and their lodge buddies)

  • UK Peter Hitchens' fiery clash with Owen Jones on lockdown and COVID-19(VIDEO)

  • UK Scottish and UK governments consistently “shifted the blame” for deaths onto care homes (Another section of society smeared and framed by government scum. See divorcing men for the worst form of that type of persecution)

  • EU Brexshit latest news: 'It's the moment of truth' as path to deal 'very narrow,' says Michel Barnier (VIDEO)

  • UK Jeremy Kyle show producer who was made redundant took her own life, coroner rules (We have spent decades exposing this vile program that smeared the poor by taking some of the dregs of society and portray them as if they are ALL NOT WORTHY and part of the nasty right wing tory establishment agenda to justify the mass starvation, through sanctioning, that has seen many victims on the street homeless and penniless. One of the most despicable TV shows ever broadcast on British TV. Labour under lawyers Blair and now Starmer NOT much better)

  • UK Feminist/ lawyer run BBC report apparent failings of Manchester cops over domestic abuse allegations (Something lawyers conjure up for their divorcing female clients to run up years of legal aid and gain advantage in divorce. Those cops know very well it is a racket even though they act as hired thugs for them when they come to repossess property to pay for the huge legal bills)

  • UK Establishment mouthpiece Piers Morgan calls Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'freeloading chancers' (If the fucker dared say the same about the Queen, Prince Charles or the rest of the royal spongers he'd lose his job and end up in one of their psychiatric gulags. He is working on their behalf to attack Harry and his moll who have fell out of favour with the mob. Their controlled gutter rags did the same to Diana before she was murdered)

  • Global Women are starting to worry, they see men leaving the game(VIDEO)

  • UK The tory Eton groomed toff millionaire Jacob Rees-Mogg says Unicef should be ‘ashamed’ for feeding hungry London children (Pure unadulterated evil masquerades as some sort of government)

  • UK Tory thug Patel's stasi influenced clipe machine

  • UK Labour will now be dictated to by the Israeli mafia (Britain's political system now under the control ONLY of jewish interests. Any MP daring to criticise Israel's murderous regime will be kicked out)

  • USA Trump will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day and has been throwing a massive 'temper tantrum' following his election loss

  • Global She can't find Mr Perfect, so she expects a guy to feel lucky to have her at all (VIDEO)

  • UK Homopaedo Eton College teacher, 49, who ran photography club as a cover to create child abuse images of pupils and abused boys in their rooms during late-night visits is jailed for five years (Where the royals lackeys groom their new lackeys. Since 1945, five prime ministers have been educated at Eton, including Boris Johnson and they claim its a democracy)

  • EU European parliament sets Sunday deadline for post-Brexshit trade deal

  • EU Brexshit and the lawyers, lawyers and lawyers at every turn

  • Global Feminists: Go away we don't want you...until we do(VIDEO)

  • UK The utter scum employed as Scottish cops (For anyone who has ever required assistance from Scottish cops will know they do NOTHING to improve the outcome if anything they make it a damn sight worse)

  • UK Men Matter Scotland (Promoting Wellbeing and Preventing Suicide.Peer Support Network for Men living in Scotland)

  • UK Marcus Rashford from poverty to helping those facing poverty (One special individual. Only those who have experienced real poverty understand how poverty impacts deeply on their lives)

  • UK Church officials dismissed claims a homopaedo priest was sexually abusing young men(BOYS!!!!) as "drunkenness (BBC playing down the fact the boys were below teenage age.No further action was taken by cops. These are the same masonic fuckers who will arrest a man for the most spurious of allegations from an ex wife with claims of abuse yet serious sexual abuse is ignored and shows how incompetent and corrupt they are when they are prepared to ignore abuse of young boys time and again)

  • UK MI6 kept quiet about 'criminality' of agent with ‘licence to kill’ (The masonic death cult deliberately embedded in all the UK's spy agencies, by their godfather the royals loyal lord lieutenant Dukey Kent, really are getting away with OUTRIGHT murder. He will also be protecting Prince Andy Pandy from rape claims of Epstein's trafficked kids. A global cult hell bent on controlling their victims not part of their seedy debauched mafia)

  • UK After Windrush, Britain is still deporting people to countries they barely know (The British establishment's masonic death cult at their vicious and menacing worst)

  • Global How to see who's tracking you online(VIDEO)

  • UK Peter Hitchens: 'A political crisis is coming' (VIDEO)

  • Moldovan Instagram wannabe 'stabbed her mother then cut out her heart and other organs while she was still ALIVE', court hears (The evil bitches Womens Aid and Refuge avoid like the plague)

  • UK Out of control bailiffs who work on the orders of a masonic death cult disguised as judges and council bosses

  • UK Retired homopaedo teacher, 75, who worked at two £15,000-a-year boarding schools is charged with sexually assaulting boys over 20-year period between 1965 and 1985 (These private schools are run by a den of perverts getting away with abusing young boys for decades before they are exposed and sometimes only after they die)

  • UK Some plonkers will go to extreme lengths to please their girlfriends (That hold is used as a means to fuck men over when it peters out)

  • UK Scots OAPs robbed of life savings by evil twin granddaughters forced to raise cash online (They are now looking for two gullible guys to marry and then rob in the equally evil divorce courts run by Scotland's masonic death cult who grant them permission to rob men blind)

  • UK The SNP's feminist lawyer control freak Sturgeon shutting down Scotland FOREVER (She gives the impression she cares about men dying when she almost single-handedly provided the means to rob those same men blind and dying in droves from suicide.DO NOT believe this evil cows intentions she is a plant for the equally evil terrorists at the law society)

  • UK Step-mum branded 'pure evil' as she admits she wants fiancé to get rid of his daughter (And she would still be considered a GOOD mother by the masonic death cult running the family courts and the warped man hating lesbian social workers who write the reports for them)

  • UK Royal parasite delayed family holidays to party with Epstein. Probe reveals the bombshell 48 hours he was on paedophile's island WITH teen sex accuser just days earlier (When the royals gutter rag run by billionaire royalist Harmsworth exposes their dirty deeds that is a sea change and only because this was exposed long before those gutter rags loyal to these evil bastards could cover it up anymore)

  • UK SNP's hate crime bill is another control mechanism against free speech (Lawyer feminist Sturgeon is a stooge for the terrorists working out of the law society intent on stripping heterosexual men)

  • UK Scottish gutter rag promotes Paisley sheriff court as if it is some force for good when it is maybe the most corrupt court in Scotland

  • Global Property Seizure (The masonic death cult use domestic violence claims against men they target for property theft) (VIDEO)

  • FRENCH fishermen have vowed to blockade Dover and Calais if there's a No Deal Brexshit - and warned it could lead to "warlike" tensions in the Channel

  • UK The number of people dying while homeless in England and Wales has risen for a fifth year in a row to reach the highest level since the collection of comparable statistics began in 2013

  • USA Protesters demand justice for killing of black man in Columbus, USA (VIDEO)

  • USA election: Pro-Trump rallies see scuffles in US cities

  • Israel Protest outside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence (It's time they locked this evil warmongering bastard up) (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC promote homosexual agenda positively (Meanwhile smearing heterosexual men as abusers CONSTANTLY with their DV bullshit for and on behalf of their terrorist controllers at the Law Society acting under instruction from the freemason godfather the Dukey Kent acting for and on behalf of the richest bitch on the planet. The main reason their sprog underage rapist prince is still living an opulent lifestyle instead of being locked up in a nice American jail)

  • UK BBC promote feminist agenda positively (Meanwhile smearing heterosexual men as abusers CONSTANTLY with their DV bullshit)

  • UK A cash-strapped council had to use a credit card to pay a bill of nearly £40,000 for photocopiers after bailiffs arrived at its head office (The very bastards that hound the poor for bills that are impossible to pay have the same bailiffs at the door they use to bully the poor into increased deprivation)

  • Global Angelina Jolie's scorpion brooch telling where her allegiances lie

  • UK A woman allegedly used a prosthetic baby bump to trick a man’s family into believing she was pregnant, send the man abusive messages and procure money from him (Men daily are being fucked over by evil witches lying in divorce courts as if they are the victims when its men who are being screwed by a corrupt system)

  • USA Florida scientist and former covid tracker home raided by cops(VIDEO)

  • UK Harmsworth's vile gutter rag attacks MP for slating honours system as 'offensive' (We have spent decades exposing the pathetic attempt by the royals and politicians to curry favour with talented individuals by giving them worthless tacky awards just like the worthless medals given to the military instead of decent long term financial assistance for any who were injured during service)

  • UK Even the supposed heterosexual male presenters on ITV are closet homosexuals (If there was any more evidence required that one of Britain's major TV channels is virtually controlled by homosexuals and feminazi lesbians)

  • UK Prince Andrew's sex slave alibi falls apart

  • UK Latin America politics: UK's 1960s covert activity revealed (The lengths Britain's masonic establishment will got to destabilise countries they are about to plunder)

  • UK Hundreds of postmasters are finally cleared after they were falsely convicted of 'fraud' caused by computer glitches (Their accusers should ALL be jailed after some of their victims committed suicide with many lives destroyed)

  • UK Two women banned from owning horses for a decade after one was left so hungry it was forced to eat a wooden fence post (Womens Aid and Refuge are forever silent when their sisters are exposed as pure fucking evil)

  • UK Brexshit: No-deal Navy threat 'irresponsible (Crazy warmongering from the tory scum that even their own kind disagree with)

  • UK Covid: MPs will not get expected pay rise amid economic woe (You can but laugh at the very scum that have imposed deadly austerity on the vulnerable have the audacity to think they have the right to constant pay rises more than anyone else)

  • UK Homosexual rapist Reynhard Sinaga: Serial rapist 'abused 206 men' (Took the BBC long enough to report this homosexual rapist alone)

  • UK Covid: Homeless people in Milton Keynes left struggling for shelter

  • UK Brexshit deal done, Boris Johnson announces

  • USA Trump is America’s most prolific executioner leader in more than a century

  • UK Scotland's feminist leaning political mafia at Holyrood headed by wicked feminist witch Sturgeon blame men for women forced into prostitution not the vile political moves that have seen women lose any support from the state thanks to a sanctioning system that can kill and the continued failure to address POVERTY that is rife across Scotland despite all the feminist bullshit coming from Sturgeon

  • UK Voters are finally beginning to resent the SNP's total control over Scottish life (Feminist lawyer Sturgeon a control freak, man hater and a lackey for the law society terrorists destroying men for profit)

  • UK BBC can't report homosexual mass murdering rapist separately

  • UK Markets fall with Britain on the brink of No Deal Brexshit (Tory scum isolating UK to rot with covid and brexshit bombshells)

  • UK Borearse warns No Deal Brexshit is now 'very, very likely'

  • EU Brexshit: EU leaders told no UK trade deal most likely outcome (Under a tory boot Britain will NEVER do well or at least a majority wont and much worse leaving the EU)

  • UK 'Be careful what you wish for': Boris Johnson warned over 'Australia-style' Brexit trade deal (Britain's political goons never wanted to be part of the EU and weren't using Euro's and always looked like a temporary measure to see how much clout they had at the top of the table, they found out otherwise)

  • Global "It's All A SMOKESCREEN" (only a few people know about this)(VIDEO)

  • UK Ex-primary school head teacher and homopaedo accused of sexually abusing young boys

  • UK The SNP's feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon has accused opposition MSPs of trying to use her husband as a "weapon" against her over his evidence to Holyrood's Alex Salmond inquiry

  • UK Boris Johnson faces legal challenge for clearing Priti Patel of bullying (A bunch of thugs masquerading as some sort of government)

  • UK A tory government of Bullingdon led bullies pushing their minions into suicide (This has been going on for decades with the poorest sections of society psychologically and financially pushed into early graves now its at the very heart of government )

  • Global "Lockdown Was an Overreaction" - Professor Karol Sikora(VIDEO)

  • UK Most Britons could be barred from visiting the EU after Brexit under coronavirus travel rules - even if there IS a deal

  • UK EU no deal warning as London faces £10bn hit: Fresh pressure on Boris Johnson after Brussels turns up heat

  • UK Mothers blamed for deaths of their babies in NHS's worst ever hospital maternity scandal (Meanwhile children en masse are losing the protection ONLY biological fathers can provide thanks to horrendous and financially ruinous divorce scams. The masonic run STATE deliberately making children vulnerable to abuse and maltreatment)

  • UK Warning after two NHS workers have allergic reaction to Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine (Who is going to be the first to die?)

  • UK Ex-judge Sir Peter Gross to head human rights law review (There is NO human rights for men in Britain's masonic death cult courts and the hand picked judicial mafia by the queen will ensure that continues unabated and why she is so fucking rich)

  • UK Jewish MP Margaret Hodge calls for ban on social media anonymity so she can't be exposed for her part in abuse cover ups (The allegations of covering up paedophilia stem from abuses at children’s homes that were not investigated while Hodge was leader of Islington council in London. She was later sued by a victim and has previously said the failure to investigate was “the biggest mistake of my life”. Hodge also said she had also been connected to apartheid South Africa through a business interest of her father, but that she had produced evidence to newspapers investigating the claims that she opposed the South African office opening)

  • UK Boris's Moll's friend Nimco Ali given Home Office role without it being advertised (Nepotism rife inside the tory mafia)

  • UK Met faces legal action over spies' use of dead children's identities (The disgusting lengths Britain's masonic cops go to thwart dissent they really are fucking pigs)

  • UK Now disgraced ex-Post Office boss evil witch Paula Vennells is forced out of her £55k NHS job (She being responsible for MASS suicides of postmasters pushed into early graves by the smearing, framing and jailing of them despite their innocence, something divorcing men face every SINGLE day)

  • UK 'Tax the wealthy to pay for coronavirus' (NOT while the tory scum are running the country for themselves and their rich crooked toffs)

  • UK Courts logjam leaves 227,000 waiting for justice in London alone (Anyone who has witnessed how judges and lawyers run the courts at snail pace to ensure extensive legal bills and living a life of Riley will know why that backlog cannot be cleared they are the laziest, most murderous and most crooked bastards on the planet)

  • France security law incompatible with human rights, say UN experts (In that you cannot film French cops brutally beating campaigners or protestors?)

  • UK Greater Manchester wins funding to buy homes for the homeless (A drop in the ocean but a start)

  • Global "We Call Them THE ELITE" 1% of The 1%(VIDEO)

  • UK Don’t Believe Me About BBC? Two Stars Speak Out(VIDEO)

  • Global They Organized It From The Beginning(VIDEO)

  • EU Brexshit trade talks “on a knife edge” with time running out(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump holds 'victory rally' in Valdosta, Georgia (Dec. 5 starts 3.22.00) (VIDEO)

  • Global Women Can No Longer Find Good Husbands (Where have all the good men gone?) (VIDEO)

  • USA NASA claims "We are going to the Moon, to stay, by 2024. And this is how" (By spending trillions of dollars that America doesn't have)(VIDEO)

  • Global Widening Inequality Mega-rich get much richer as small businesses collapse in the pandemic (VIDEO)

  • UK Judge orders jury to clear woman of murdering Emily Jones in Bolton (The judicial mafia and gutter rags would take a very different line if the genders were reversed and no sign of Womens Aid coming to voice their opinion on a young girl murdered at the hands of a woman)

  • UK Brexshit deal hanging by a thread as Boris Johnson meets EU chief with time running out

  • USA Trump: This may be the most important speech I've ever made.... (VIDEO)

  • UK Mother, 32, cleared of having sex with 14-year-old as she didn't know his age (Reverse the gender and it would be a damn sight different outcome)

  • UK Tory scum press ahead with breaking international law at crucial moment in Brexshit trade talks (The very bastards that push the 'Rule of Law' bullshit think they are ABOVE those laws)

  • UK How we know why cops demand helicopters

  • Global Feminists want you to ERASE men from your life (wtf is this?)(VIDEO)

  • Global 97% Owned - Money: Root of the social and financial crisis(VIDEO)

  • Global Apparently VIOLENT and ABUSIVE women are less harmful (Amber Heard/Johnny Depp case study)(VIDEO)

  • UK More female paedo's get exposed but NOT in the BBC or GAYrdian

  • EU Top European Parliament politician quits over lockdown-defying homo orgy (No fucking wonder these evil bastards continue to push for more homosexual rights and agenda) (VIDEO)

  • Global The Truman Show Tried to Warn Us(VIDEO)

  • UK Campaigners say 'common sense has prevailed' as High Court rules children under 16 are unlikely to be able to give 'informed consent' to take puberty blockers

  • UK Tyson Fury asks BBC to take him off Sports Personality of the Year shortlist (He says he was the "people's champion and has no need for verification or awards")

  • South Africa's lottery probed as 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 drawn and 20 win (Global scams and even the British lottery is now no longer aired on the BBC)

  • UK Home Office proceeds with disputed Jamaica deportation flight

  • China Former diplomat to China explains the ‘weaponisation of COVID’(VIDEO)

  • UK Equality and Human Rights Commission full of bigoted arseholes and Israeli sympathisers (Aided an abetted the Israeli mafia's attempts to destroy the Labour party while Corbyn was leader with extreme antisemitism rhetoric)

  • Ireland's prime minister has said he is "hopeful" a Brexshit free-trade deal can be made this week, after leaders warned time is "running out"

  • UK Boris Johnson An opportunist chancer only interested in self-glorification

  • UK Britain under the tory extreme Brexshit closes its doors to incomers as Brits are locked in freezing Britain for good (No long term breaks in the sunshine anymore for Brits sold Brexshit as good for their health and wealth)

  • Iran says weapon used to kill top nuclear scientist was ‘made in Israel’

  • UK Labour party being turned into an arm of the Israeli mafia (Labour is being destroyed by Israeli / law Society lackeys like Starmer and Blair leaving far right wing tory's to remain in power in Britain for the forseeable future)

  • UK The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (VIDEO)

  • UK Feminist lawyer SNP's Nicola Sturgeon car crash interview on Andrew Marr - 29th November 2020 (LAWYER LIAR. She is responsible for the many men who committed suicide after being persecuted by her fellow lawyers and judges with her extreme draconian claims of abuse that allows men to be smeared, framed and thieved from using her nasty legalese) (VIDEO)

  • The Truman Show Tried to Warn Us VIDEO
    Former diplomat to China explains the ‘weaponisation of COVID’ VIDEO
    Peter Hitchens urges people to 'stop swallowing this garbage' on Covid restrictions VIDEO
    Feminist lawyer SNP's Nicola Sturgeon car crash interview on Andrew Marr - 29th November 2020 VIDEO

    In a VERY rare moment, the BBC's Andrew Marr held Nicola Sturgeon to account for her dismal record on Covid19, her appalling record on education and exposed her for lying to him about the Alex Salmond case back in 2018.


    She is responsible for the many men who committed suicide after being persecuted by her fellow lawyers and judges with her extreme draconian claims of abuse that allows men to be smeared, framed and thieved from using her nasty legalese
    The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire VIDEO
    Protests against ‘Global Security' bill in Paris VIDEO
    Prominent Iranian scientist killed in apparent assassination VIDEO
    Deadly Decisions Australia: Victoria's hotel quarantine catastrophe VIDEO
    America's Food banks see record turnout on Thanksgiving amid growing food insecurity VIDEO

    Trump's America and his 'land of the free' starving on the streets
    With a scent of ‘1984’? UK’s ‘Orwellian’ unit obstructing release of sensitive data VIDEO
    Trump flips out on reporter: 'I'm the President of the United States!' VIDEO

    FAKE news now its a FAKE election he's a right dickhead
    Dr. Roger Hodkinson on Covid hoax VIDEO
    Joe Biden: No 'guarded border' in Ireland - the US president-elect on Brexshit VIDEO
    Trump leaves reporters baffled with impromptu, one minute press conference on Dow Jones VIDEO
    Billionaire Barclay Brothers rag gushing tribute to a bunch of royal parasites VIDEO

    Sick bucket required for this utter royalist bullshit and propaganda
    Clashes erupt in Paris as police break up makeshift refugee camp VIDEO
    Calls mount for tory thug Patel to be held accountable over bullying allegations VIDEO

    Thuggery the mark of the tory bullyboy regime with Patel doing his dirty work.
    American businesses crumbling amid pandemic VIDEO
    Carol McGiffin: I won't take a vaccine for Covid-19 VIDEO
    Lord Sumption: Fear has been 'skilfully and deliberately' used by government to ensure compliance VIDEO
    Tory MP: 'There are lies, damn lies and Covid statistics' VIDEO
    WHY GOD WANTS YOU TO BE ALONE Powerful Motivational and Inspirational Video VIDEO
    Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged VIDEO
    Inside Russian hospitals amid overcrowded conditions dealing with covid VIDEO
    Police separate Trump supporters and opponents at massive rally in Washington, DC VIDEO
    Kennedy Assassination: David Icke VIDEO
    Antonov AN-124 Engine Failure and runway excursion in Novosibirsk! 13/11/2020 VIDEO
    Abby Martin's Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate in USA VIDEO
    Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos VIDEO
    Election 2020: Is American democracy in crisis? VIDEO

    Make it look like a crisis when they ALL work for the same zionist backers and it's NEVER been a REAL democracy when money is how presidential elections operate and keeps the working classes out of the running.
    New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases VIDEO
    Far right gutter rag backs tory thug Patel shutting off Europe for good over freedom of movement

    So many racist Brits unaware of how free movement lets them spend lengthy periods in warmer European countries especially after retirement. But to dimwitted to see those missed opportunities.

  • Scottish cops are the utter dregs of the earth

  • Gutter rag backs Angiolini claims that "Damning report finds bigotry and misogyny in Police Scotland" (As long term victims of these fucking masonic scum we can say with certainty that when they are kicking men out of their homes during divorce they show NO FUCKING SIGNS of misogyny just brutal persecution of men not part of their vile satanic club and more cops are living in stolen property than EVER before thanks to outrageous claims of DV that makes the legal and police mafia's rich on the back of corruption)
  • Scots cops given free reign to smash down doors in line of duty following watchdog probe (During divorce Scottish cops massively abuse the powers to SMASH DOWN DOORS terrorizing men not part of their satanic club before they fleece them of everything when acting as hired thugs for the crooked legal mafia feminist lawyer Sturgeon heads)
  • Dave Chappelle on Trump VIDEO

  • Gutter rag claims Harry and Meghan turned Remembrance Sunday into a 'publicity stunt' (But NOT the queen and her entourage?)
  • Murdoch gutter rags use REMEMBRANCE day to promote royals as if they ever get put on the front line (What have the royals EVER got to do with working class men being sent to war to be murdered in the trenches?)
  • Remembrance Sunday an excuse to wheel out the royal propaganda machine on the back of dead working class men (They must be turning in their graves to see heterosexual men being detroyed by the royals masonic lackey judges)
  • ROYAL WREATH RIFT Prince Harry ‘refused permission for Remembrance Day wreath to be laid at Cenotaph on his behalf’ in sign of Royal rift
  • Trump discusses vote counting at the White House VIDEO
    Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting VIDEO
    Psychologist calls to lobby government to end restrictions VIDEO
    The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward VIDEO
    Whistleblowers calling out 'corruption' and 'cover-ups' in the NHS VIDEO
    Apparently, fathers are now UNNECESSARY VIDEO
    Denzel Washington's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS VIDEO
    America's cops now acting as assassination squads against black victims of their brutality VIDEO
    Legal mafia up in arms over attacks from the political mafia

    If only they would attack corrupt judges and lawyers when they are fleecing and persecuting divorcing men? GAYrdian run and controlled by feminist lawyers at the top.

  • Lawyers call for apology from Johnson and Patel for endangering colleagues (Political and legal mafia's battle over lawyers sympathetic to immigration but who are allowed to persecute Britain's divorcing heterosexual men in their nasty fleecing courts and how they find the money to pay for defending serial criminals and immigration appeals)
  • Tory thug Priti Patel kept up anti-lawyer rhetoric after Met warning on terror (NEVER a mention when men are being destroyed in their corrupt courts)
  • Legal mafia demand the political mafia Boris Johnson and Priti Patel 'apologise for lawyer attacks' (Corrupt lawyers and judges have been out of control for decades but its only when it doesn't suit the government they attack lawyers NOT when they are fleecing men for the crown)
  • Women's Aid the mouthpiece for the legal mafia

    Women's Aid is a construct of the terrorists at the Law society who claim to protect women from all us bad men when in reality it is a licence for these evil fuckers to smear, frame and thieve from men using manufactured domestic abuse bullshit that is brought up, NOT before juries, but freemason judges during divorce. This is the single biggest racket on the planet and no mafia can steal more than the legal mafia when men's money is tied up in bricks and mortar that cannot be moved out of the country when these fuckers come to thieve big time.

    Women's aid are totally integrated with lawyers, run by lawyers and funded by governments to ensure an easy way of re-distributing billions of men's wealth into the hands of the crooks using the most extreme persecution campaigns that even the toughest of men can end up suicidal when their life's are ruined by the legal mafia running the courts for their own and the crown's self enrichment schemes.

    All the feminist offshoots of Women's Aid like Refuge are full of man hating feminists whose only mission in life is to destroy heterosexual family life with men as its head and draw women into their lesbian lifestyles that smear men only ever as abusers and a legal system only to happy to turn them into millionaires overnight on the back of the lies and deceit that freemason judges NEVER question as that is all part of the racket.

    Even the cops who enforce the court orders using DV scams to line their pockets when they get offered some of those stolen properties at knock down prices from the law society mafia only to happy to share the spoils with a myriad of government agencies used to break men while fleecing them of everything they have ever worked for. A gutter press, also controlled by the law society, who regularly use DV scams to propagate the myth that Women's Aid are supportive of vulnerable women when those women ultimately learn that all the legal aid used to fight their husbands in court will have to be be paid back from the proceeds of selling off the family home and silver to pay for the extortion used to destroy their ex-husbands.

  • Divorced man turns his life around moving to the Philippines VIDEO
    Anti-COVID measures protest in London VIDEO
    Final Presidential Debate Highlights Between Trump And Biden VIDEO
    From Brexshit to Canzuk? VIDEO
    Trump’s crooked former jewish lawyer Michael Cohen on working for the president VIDEO
    How judges treat great fathers with contempt unless the mother backs off VIDEO
    Doctors pushing the feminazi domestic violence bullshit VIDEO

    Doctors and lawyers get massive legal aid payouts when they conspire over DV bullshit
    Legal mafia and their gutter rags will stop at NOTHING to hide their crimes against heterosexual men

    Since launching attacks on some of the enemies of heterosexual men who have been helping the legal system besmirch men to the point they are being persecuted into early graves to make thieving from them so much easier, we have seen ominous moves that have forced us to reconfigure everything we put out online. As with the printing presses of the past the legal mafia used libel laws to shut down any dissenters who were exposing their corruption.

    They seem to be trying to use any trick in the book to block the truth of how they operate getting out and to cover up the many thousands of men who have either died or left broken thanks to their tyranny. That we intend to remain vigilant to and to avoid the removal of their crimes from exposure. Youtube have been particularly helpful in bending to their demands by pulling any video's the establishment don't like as we have been unable to keep up with the speed in how so many important video's have been removed.

    They cannot and will not be able to stop the ever expanding avalanche of material even if they try and pick us all off one at a time that we have spent decades avoiding and will continue to do so even if we have to close down some parts that might be easier to attack.

  • Monopoly in danger Google faces wrath of US antitrust law VIDEO

    What started out as a clever little search tool has turned into a massive devious and dangerous global data theft network for and on behalf of the CIA, MI5 and Israel's Mossad used to undermine anyone who dares challenge their unchecked powers.

  • How Google wrecked its own website by replacing search results with ads and their own products
  • Nigeria’s security forces “shoot dead at least 12 civilians” as protests grow VIDEO
    While NASA gets to spend $billions on frivolous space junk millions of Americans remain homeless and starving on the streets VIDEO
    Michael Parenti on so called "Poor Countries" VIDEO
    Two USA cops turn themselves in, nearly 3 years after fatal shooting VIDEO
    Trump and Biden take different approaches as US election campaign nears end VIDEO
    America's Small business owners struggle to survive while waiting for new stimulus package VIDEO
    Spitting Image - Series 1, Episode 3 VIDEO
    ‘OK you’ve heard that?’ ‘Unbelievably dumb statement’ on police shooting, brought to you by Biden VIDEO

    Don't shoot to kill just shoot them in the leg
    ‘Will we have to wear masks forever?’ - Ben Swann has something to say on Biden’s COVID policy VIDEO
    Mystery probe of Trump campaign cash revealed VIDEO
    Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore VIDEO

    There is no letting up on the death toll from men still dying of suicide from the persecution being meted out by the masonic death cult that controls the courts while the gutter rags are distracting the sheeple with their exaggerated reports on Covid and Brexshit. We suspect the alarmist reports have a smokescreen effect masking the many men who die in far more sinister ways inflicted by a satanic death cult. Diabolical how the gutter media still support the smearing, framing and thieving of men not part of the murderous silent destroyers while taking the dubious stolen money for remaining silent, advertising their ill gotten gains in their gutter rag property pages that are into the £billions.