Did masonic cops give disturbed Plymouth shooter Jake Davison a shotgun to stoke the feminist DV claims after he killed five and then himself?

  • MORE HERE (What excuses are the cops going to come up with NOW? Men are being turned into killers by psychological pressure and cop complicity i.e.monarch mind control)
  • Plymouth gunman Jake Davison's weapon seized after he assaulted two youths but cops gave it back months later
  • Who on earth decided to give Plymouth gunman Jake Davison his gun back? (Yet BRITAIN boasts some of the strictest gun laws in the world {AFTER DUNBLANE} and why so many men have their property stolen by the cops aiding bailiffs and without any form of protection)
  • Plymouth shooter Jake Davison's mum begged for mental health help before he killed her in six-minute massacre
  • Dunblane massacre triggered major gun control in Britain (Was Hamilton a monarch mind control candidate)