Just days after appointing this witch you get hard line feminist misandry propaganda

Gutter rag DC Thomson CEO Rebecca Miskin is reported as recently appointed to the Sunday Post and this utter bullshit becomes front page headlines with all the extreme elements of radical feminism smearing men while constantly portraying females as victims of all us bad men. Meanwhile she is on Youtube ranting about how she panders to them selling advertising of items to females using this pathetic style of misandry reporting .

  • Feminist / lawyer controlled Scottish gutter rag reports on more feminist smear campaigns (Gutter rags paid thousands by lawyers to sell men's stolen homes need to pump out male hate rants regularly)
  • DC Thomson CEO Rebecca Miskin - Making Money On Media (Pandering to feminist dogma)
  • DC Thomson appoints Rebecca Miskin as its new CEO for media business December 2021 (She has been pushing the feminist hate male campaigns)