Without a very tight knit grip on the compliant and complicit media the ruling parasites could never have managed to sustain the hold on power and wealth as it has done for so long . It is only through the POWER of propaganda that has enabled an evil system to perpetuate massive inequality and the continuance of the lies that fool the sheeple into believing that those in power have their best interests at heart.

There is never a day goes by without one of their spokespersons appearing on the tv , radio or newspaper providing the mindnumbing garbage that passes as news. If it is not an appearance by a lawyer, politician, councillor, chief constable or comments made by the royal parasites or their judicial mafia then it is garbage spouted by the journo's and presenters all hand picked and sworn to loyalty using secret oaths and in fear of having their throats cut for not following their agenda. JFK is only one example of what happens to anyone who gets a position of power and disregards the self appointed elites plans, Princess Diana was another target. The fact they carried out these assassinations in public shows the arrogance that they believe they CAN get away with murder and sends a warning to any other dissenters of the repercussions.

When their media promote the royal mafia as some sort of force for good while condemning the poorest, weakest, sick and disabled to sustained vitriol you can be sure it has been the ability of the ruling parasites to control the free flow of information that has ensured their continuity, with thousands of years of experience to get it just right. By controlling the information flow they have made it impossible for any other position to be expressed. Equally the ONLY political parties you will see being promoted in their media are the political goons that bow to their every demand. Democracy or the illusion of democracy ensured that inequality and class ridden system would go on ad infinitum. The printing presses, tv and radio licences have always been dished out to their lackeys, hand picked from a very select group of psychopaths with similar traits as the ruling mafia and who do their bidding without dissent. However since the advancement of technology these lines have been redrawn and despite all their efforts to close down any information outlets that expose their dirty deeds and this has been going on in secret for years and only recently reared its ugly head when the 'Solicitors from Hell' website was shut down and hit the main headlines, we have first hand experience of the lengths they will go to remove incriminating evidence.

One of our group, in the mid 90's had his website containing damning evidence of their crimes redirected to a freemason website in Canada were a massive vitriolic attack on his person was instigated. He was also arrested and locked up in a psychiatric ward in Edinburgh and while being held down by eight nurses was continuously injected with anti - psychotic drugs the aim to chemically lobotomize him. After raising the matter at the Scottish parliament, were he made the most profound statement on the tyranny that is going on right under the noses of the unsuspecting public, he was immediately released and left the UK in fear of his life for trying to warn the public about what the upper echelons of British society was getting up to.

George's speech can be read HERE


    MI5 officer Annie Machon attacks toothless British media

    Does Britain have a 'free' press in the age of the soft totalitarian state? MI5 officer Annie Machon explains the extent of the power MI5, MI6 and HMG have over the toothless British media in the modern age of government lies, corruption, theft and betrayal. 'D' notices used to 'BURY' news about UK government atrocities including the psychological torture of activists like our own members who have been locked up in psychiatric wards and with chemical lobotomies carried out by up to eight nursing staff holding down their victims and injecting them with supposed anti-psychotic drugs.

  • Hollie Greig: How Scotlands legal mafia wage vendetta's against their opponents
  • More on Hollie Greig persecution by the Scottish establishment here
    The establishment rag run by ultra rich tory toff Jonathan Harmsworth who pays no UK tax as he is domiciled in France is offering a FREE Daily Mail android app. The price you pay is giving them access to private and personal information that includes full internet access, read phone state and identity and modify / delete SD card content. No wonder they are giving the app away free so as they can do exactly what the Murdoch mafia at News International were doing prying and hacking into your mobile to gather information which they will maybe use to smear you at some point in the future.

    If you are arrested or charged with any offence while innocent we have no doubt the Daily Mail will be able to access your very private communications with this app and potentially incriminate you with false and malicious information they can gather as some of the media did with the smearing of the landlord of the murdered Bristol girl Joanna Yates.

    Christopher Jefferies, who was wrongly arrested for the murder of landscape architect Joanna Yeates

  • Charlotte Church: My phone was hacked and my family mistreated
  • Charlotte Church waived a £100,000 fee for singing at Murdoch mafia
    wedding in exchange for favourable coverage in his papers


  • Don't call me a Mafia don: James Murdoch denies code of silence over phone-hacking
    Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following is a glimpse into the Israeli Hasbara's/Mossad's/Sayanim's operation in the UK. It explains how Israel and its agents manage to dominate news coverage in Britain and beyond. It seems from the following leaked email as if BICOM (British Israel Communication & research Centre) runs the News desk for the BBC, Sky and the FT. I guess that last week the Guardian also joined the party. It is now an offical Israeli propaganda outlet.

    Shockingly enough, not a single British paper was brave enough to report the story or publish the leaked email. Surely they know who their masters are. The message is pretty clear. British press is not trustworthy. It is as Zionised as our political system.

    Bicom 'embarrassed' by misdirected email HERE

    There were red faces at Bicom this week when an email from its director intended for donors was in fact sent to the organisation’s media database.

    The email, sent by Lorna Fitzsimons, the director of the organisation, “dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain”, stated: “Throughout the weekend, Bicom staff were in contact with a whole host of BBC and Sky news desks and journalists, ensuring that the most objectively favourable line was taken, and offering talking heads, relevant to the stories unfolding.”

    She added: “Bicom has one of BBC News’ key anchors on a bespoke delegation. When planning her very first trip to the region, Sophie Long got in touch with Bicom to see if we could help her out with meeting in the region. Sophie is now spending three days of her trip with Bicom Israel, taking a tour around the Old City, meeting [Israeli government spokesman] Mark Regev…as well as visiting Ramallah and Sderot.”

    Most embarrassing, however, was the revelation that Fitzsimons – a former NUS president and Labour MP for Rochdale – had “briefed Jonathan Ford, the Financial Times leader writer for his upcoming leading article” in the paper.

    She noted Bicom had “regular contact with the Editor at Large of Prospect Magazine, David Goodhart, helping to inform him about the forthcoming UN vote on Palestinian statehood”.

    A Bicom spokesman told the Jewish News that this “administrative error” was “slightly embarrassing”. He stressed that Fitzsimons had not been “asked to resign or had offered her resignation”.

    —–Original Message—–
    Lorna Fitzsimons []
    Mon 12/09/2011 16:44

    Subject: BICOM’s rapid response to events over the weekend and continuing work on September and the UN


    Please find the correct analysis attached.

    I thought you would be interested to hear of BICOM’s response to events overthe weekend in Egypt as well as ongoing issues in the region.

    Events over the weekend

    * Over the weekend, BICOM’s rapid response to the unfolding events in Egypt included distributing our analysis on Egyptian/Israeli relations to key UKMedia contacts, generated extremely favourable responses. Attached here is the link to today’s analysis on this subject.

    BICOM Analysis: Israel-Turkey relations after the Palmer Report which details the events that took place, their aftermath and associated implications. In particular, the briefing examines the explanations for hostilities between Israel and Egypt, and the responses to the events in Israel, Egypt and internationally.

    * Throughout the weekend, BICOM staff were in contact with a whole host of BBC and SKY news desks and journalists, ensuring that the most objectively favourable line was taken, and offering talking heads, relevant to the stories unfolding. BICOM’s Senior Analyst Dr. Noam Leshem, briefed the BBC World News Editorial Board on Saturday afternoon regarding the fall-out fromthe Israel Egyptian Embassy siege. After contact with the BICOM Media Team,SKY News changed their narrative in explaining the prior events in the region which lead up to this weekend, eventually acknowledging that both Egyptians AND Israelis were killed in Sinai a fortnight ago.

    This Week

    * BICOM has one of BBC News’ key anchors on a bespoke delegation. When planning her very first trip to the region, Sophie Long got in touch with BICOM to see if we could help her out with meeting in the region. Sophie is now spending three days of her trip with BICOM Israel, taking a tour around the Old City, meeting Mark Regev and Dr. Alex Yacobsen, as well as visiting Ramallah and Sderot.

    * My second article for the Huffington Post UK entitled ‘How to make the next9/11 less likely: myth busting and truth telling,’ will be published today.It is a timely response, synthesising the messages which can be taken from 9/11 with the current, unnerving events unfolding between Egypt and Israel. The American version of the Huffington Post has 1.2 million readers in the UK,and 38 million in the U.S.

    September & the UN

    * I briefed Jonathan Ford, the Financial Times leader writer for his upcoming leading article in tomorrow’s paper.

    * BICOM had regular contact with the Editor at Large of Prospect Magazine,David Goodhart, helping to inform him about the forthcoming UN vote on Palestinian statehood. The uniquely tailored BICOM Spotlight - has the most up to date news, as well as BICOM analyses and podcasts on the Palestinian drive to the UN.

    I hope you find this of interest. Yours, Lorna

    Background Sophie Long:- HERE

    Sophie Long is one of the main presenters on the BBC News Channel. She has covered many big stories and can regularly be found anchoring the channel’s output on location.

    During the last General Election she was on the road with Nick Clegg in that extraordinary campaign. Her coverage was acclaimed for its wit and insight.

    She regularly presents bulletins on BBC1.

    After graduating from King’s College London with a degree in War Studies, Sophie travelled extensively, including a period working as an election monitor in Cambodia. It was there whilst working as a researcher for Reuters she crystallised her ambition to pursue a career in the media.

    The BBC of course are impartial. They say so themselves.


    The Agreement accompanying the BBC Charter requires us to do all we can to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality in our news and other output dealing with matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy. But we go further than that, applying due impartiality to all subjects.

  • Zionist Bicom 'embarrassed' by misdirected email
    LEFT: Tory toff and ultra rich press baron Jonathan Harmsworth

    Do readers of the mass media need any further proof that the reason they are evil is that scumbags like Rupert Murdoch and the other ultra rich press barons employee the utter dregs of the earth to write complete bullshit to accommodate their vile agenda's ?

    Lets take a look at the tactics they use to brainwash the sheeple into following that vile agenda.

    1. They love wars, warmongering is part of keeping the sheeple in their place as well as a facade for hiding the money trail and the corrupt bankers best friend.

    2. They treat British royalty as if the sun shines out of their arse.

    3. Meantime they crucify the poor and disabled as if they, rather than the ultra rich spongers are responsible for all the present woes.

    4. They constantly quote corrupt judges and police chiefs as if they are the upholders of the 'LAW' when they are the biggest crooks of all.

    5. They are totally controlled by media lawyers who in turn act for the law societies who can hide the mass fleecing of the population using their form of 'LAW' and NOTHING to do with justice. Ask any man who has been impoverished by the freemasonic tyranny going on in CROWN courts and family law a means for the Queen and her masonic henchmen to live off the backs of the sweat and toil of the men caught up in their legal mafia scams.

    6. While they fabricate vile propaganda to demean men in domestic violence campaigns they make hero's of the same guys who pick up guns for the state and blow away women and children in far flung countries and total hypocrites.

    7. Come election time you wont see any political parties other than the BIG three getting a platform as they are controlled by the establishment and their masonic goons ensuring a never ending policy of propping up the rich while enslaving the poor.

    8. The Daily Mail is owned and controlled by ultra rich tory toff Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere and inherited from Harold Harmsworth a supporter of Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists . This tory toff pays no UK tax and is classed as non-domiciled yet uses the Daily Mail to brainwash its readers into believing the ultra right wing bullshit the Harmsworth's are notorious for, he is ranked 51st in the Sunday Times Rich List 2006. More on Hamsworth here

    This is typical of those who controlled the British printing press's until the internet came along and blew their cover. Harmsworth like Murdoch are vile right wing, almost Nazi like, interpreters of what they class as news. Unfortunately their vile bastardisation of the news has warped the very fabric of society and ensures, instead of good will to our fellow citizens, they use class war to create a platform were people look on the most vulnerable as worthy of the attacks that are reminiscent of medieval times when the stocks were used to humiliate the poorest and the hangman's noose was used to stifle dissent. The sheeple need to waken up to the way they are distorting news to promote their own form of bile that masquerades as some sort of unbiased reporting .
    It has only been recently that regular articles have been appearing about women who murder and violently abuse. Why would the media want to suppress such information? If it wasn't for the internet that same media would still be hiding the fact EVIL is not confined to one gender alone but for their massive financial scams to work they require propaganda to back up their enormous theft.

    Freemasons have been using ex-wives allegations in divorce to fleece men using domestic violence as justification for throwing men onto the street homeless and penniless. If their compliant media properly published the large amount of women who acted violently , murdered and raped under age children their vile scams would not work . The massive amounts of money pumped into Eastern Star , Masonic and lesbian run Women's Aid to continually lie that only men and NOT women are responsible for violent acts and that children are protected by women and abused by fathers creates the necessary propaganda to act as a facade for the trillions stolen by masonic controlled judges and lawyers in secret family courts .

    The media in suppressing the thousands of cases were women have been responsible for murder, violence and rape and has allowed men to be smeared as the sole perpetrators of criminal behaviour and is a perfect storm for masons to line their coffers with the sweat and toil of men caught up in these vile scams operated by the legal mafia for and on behalf of the English crown. This is being sanctioned at the highest level primarily because the ruling royal mafia live off the spoils of the judicial mafia and their dodgy judgements that require constant attention to their domestic violence agenda that ensures justification for the redistribution of men's wealth into the hands of the utter scum and filth that masquerades as some sort of legal system.


    A former police officer has revealed how the authorities have known for more than eight years the vast scale on which media organisations employed private detectives to obtain the personal information of thousands of individuals, including the families and friends of murder victims.

    The Independent has conducted a detailed examination of the files seized as part of Operation Motorman in 2003, and has been told by the lead investigator on that inquiry that his team was forbidden from interviewing journalists who were paying for criminal records checks, vehicle registration searches, and other illegal practices. Among the targets of these searches were the victims of some of the most notorious crimes and tragedies of the past 15 years. Many of the investigations were perfectly legal, but many others, it is clear, were well outside the law. The Motorman files reveal that the Sunday Express used private investigators to obtain the private telephone number of the parents of Holly Wells, shortly after she was murdered in Soham by Ian Huntley. In a statement last night, Express Newspapers said it "has never instructed private investigators to obtain information illegally. We have always and will continue to uphold the highest level of journalistic standards".

    The parents of the murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne were targeted by the same investigator, who was hired by two national newspaper groups – News International and Trinity Mirror – and separately by a celebrity magazine, Best, which is owned by the National Magazine Company. The same agency was also used by the News of the World to target the parents of Milly Dowler, and by The People and NOTW to obtain private numbers for the family of Stuart Lubbock, whose body was found in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool. The People used similar tactics to target the families of children who were victims of the Dunblane massacre. Operation Motorman was set up by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to look into widespread breaches of data protection laws by the media. In a signed witness statement given to The Independent, Motorman's original lead investigator, a retired police inspector with 30 years' experience, accuses the authorities of serious failings, and of being too "frightened" to question journalists. "I feel the investigation should have been conducted a lot more vigorously, a lot more thoroughly and it may have revealed a lot more information," he said. "I was disappointed and somewhat disillusioned with the senior management because I felt as though they were burying their heads in the sand. It was like being on an ostrich farm."

    He claimed that had investigators been allowed to interview journalists at the time, the phone-hacking scandal and other serious breaches of privacy by the media may have been uncovered years earlier. "The biggest question that needed answering was, why did the reporters want all these numbers and what were they doing with them?" His comments reflect badly on the ICO, and the Press Complaints Commission, which was given early notification of the evidence in the Motorman files. "We weren't allowed to talk to journalists," he said. "It was fear – they were frightened." The PCC said last night that it had never been given sight of the Motorman evidence but had strengthened its code and issued industry guidelines which had led to an improvement in standards. All the information has been in the hands of the authorities since 2003, when a team from the ICO seized the material from the home of private detective Stephen Whittamore. Whittamore and three other members of his private investigation network were given conditional discharges when Motorman came to court in 2005. No journalists were charged, although the files contain prima facie evidence of thousands of criminal offences. Thousands of victims disclosed in the paperwork have never even been told they were targeted. News International spent £193 and then a further £105, hiring Whittamore's company JJ Services to carry out investigations into "Sarah Payne", a few months after her murder in 2000. The People also paid for the ex-directory number of Sarah's family home in Surrey. Whittamore was engaged by Best magazine to obtain the same number. At the same time Best, which is now owned by Hearst Magazines UK, asked for three more ex-directory searches relating to Pam Warren, a survivor of the Paddington rail crash of 1999, who was so disfigured she had to wear a face mask. Hearst declined to comment. The families of Dunblane massacre victims Aimie Adam and Matthew Birnie also appear as subjects in the Motorman files, following requests for ex-directory numbers by The People.

    When a major tragedy occurred, Whittamore was often the first person that tabloid newsrooms would call. NOTW spent more than £200 using him to locate the parents and other relatives of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, whose mobile phone was later hacked by Glenn Mulcaire. John Whittingdale, chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said: "There was an absolute lack of any wish on the part of the police or the ICO or those looking into it to start delving into the prosecution of newspapers and journalists. [The ICO] took a list of hundreds and hundreds of journalists' names. Yes, there's a public interest defence but they didn't even bother to go and ask whether that was what they employed Whittamore for." The Operation Motorman investigator, who has requested anonymity, has written to Lord Leveson asking to give evidence to his inquiry into media standards. The inquiry has expressed interest in him giving oral evidence or submitting a witness statement. He has also been interviewed by Strathclyde Police, which is investigating criminal activity by journalists in Scotland. The Whittamore files have also recently been requested by the Metropolitan Police's Operation Tuleta team, which is investigating the use of computer hacking by journalists.

    Many searches will have been carried out legitimately, but the files show the grand scale on which newspapers were using private detectives to gain access to the police national computer and the records of the DVLA in order to obtain details of criminal records and vehicle registrations. Such offences could carry a jail sentence for encouraging a police officer or DVLA employee to commit misconduct in public office. JJ Services was hired to "blag" personal information (by impersonating individuals or officials) from organisations ranging from hospitals to hotels, gyms and banks. Blags are not always illegal – for instance, when information is freely volunteered by an individual without reference to a database. Newspapers and magazines also used the agency to illicitly obtain thousands of private telephone numbers, often including the details held by telephone companies under the category "Friends and Family". In total, the Whittamore files reference 17,489 orders from media organisations. Some 1,028 are in the so-called "blue book", which was essentially dedicated to News International. The "red book" contained 6,774 jobs, most on behalf of Trinity Mirror titles. The "green book", which includes work from Associated Newspapers titles, Express Newspapers and some celebrity magazines, has 2,227 references. And the "yellow book", which is miscellaneous, has 7,460 orders.

    In 2006, the Information Commissioner's Office published a report What Price Privacy?, giving some details of what it had discovered. The ICO did not identify victims and, in a follow-up report, printed a league table of titles that had used Whittamore's service, showing a total of 3,757 transactions. The senior investigator described the report as "very inaccurate", citing the apparent under-reporting. Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, said the ICO stood by its reports and that the placing of these documents before Parliament "was a far more effective method of raising awareness of the illegal trade in personal information" than attempting to prosecute journalists. "The ICO has always been clear that our decision not to pursue legal action against any of the journalists linked to the Operation Motorman investigation was based on a lack of evidence that the journalists who had received information from Mr Whittamore had directly asked him to obtain the information illegally. Without this evidence the ICO could not justify chasing every possible prosecution as this would have taken a disproportionate amount of time and resource and was unlikely to lead to any meaningful results."

    The ICO said the lower figure in its report was a result of grouping multiple requests by a journalist as a single transaction. The most alarming inquiries in the Motorman files – and those which would appear to be among the least justifiable in the public interest – are those which involve intrusions into the privacy of victims of serious crime. In 2003, following a drive-by murder in Birmingham, a reporter on The People employed Whittamore to carry out a series of ex-directory checks and other searches on the relatives and associates of the victims, Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare. He obtained an ex-directory number for the parents of Charlene and sent a total bill to the paper for £355.50. Other tragedies were subjects of searches. When Stuart Lubbock was found drowned in the swimming pool of Michael Barrymore, NOTW paid Whittamore for the ex-directory number of Claire Wicks, his girlfriend and mother of their daughters. The People made similar inquiries for the private number of the dead man's father, Terry.

    Blags were Whittamore's speciality. Charging £100 a time, he repeatedly posed as someone else to obtain information from organisations. Among the targets were the Guide Association, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, the Bel Air Beverly Hills hotel and the investment bank Goldman Sachs. Some of the tasks performed by Whittamore for newspapers are entirely legal and a number of others have been carried out to obtain information in the public interest, such as in exposing corruption and other criminal activity. In some cases, editors may not have been aware their reporters were engaging private detectives. Some subjects were political figures. Anji Hunter, former adviser to Tony Blair, came under close scrutiny following her break-up with the landscape gardener Nick Cornwall. The Daily Mail asked Whittamore to obtain the address of Hunter and Cornwall. It then asked for the "Family and Friends" numbers listed by the couple, through which Whittamore discovered the address of Cornwall's parents. The reporter then requested the "Family and Friends" numbers of the parents – 15 numbers, many of them in Liverpool – and did a similar exercise on one of those to produce a further 10 numbers. Whittamore and his network of associates typically obtained such numbers by blagging them from staff at BT. There is no evidence that the Daily Mail engaged in phone hacking, and no article actually appeared. Associated Newspapers, which owns the Daily Mail, said last night that it had banned the use of private investigators in 2006.

    Much of the work in the files targets celebrities or appears to be salacious gossip that has no clear public interest justification. The files contain scores of invoices paid to JJ Services, and among those paid by News International are jobs which he records in his files under such descriptions as "Love Rat Mum", "Sex in Unusual Places", "Emma's Sexy Secrets" and "Bonking Tory". News International declined to comment. A spokesman for Trinity Mirror said: "Since the publication of the Information Commissioner's What Price Privacy Now? report it has been widely known that a number of media organisations, including some of our titles, used the services of Steve Whittamore. We have not used Steve Whittamore since that report. We are engaging fully with the Leveson Inquiry as we will with any other inquiries from appropriate regulatory or legal authorities." Only a tiny proportion of victims have been told they were targeted. The ICO investigator and his senior colleague interviewed a small sample, including Ian Hislop, Lenny Henry, Hugh Grant, Chris Tarrant and Charlotte Church.

    There are around 400 named journalists in the files, from investigative reporters and newsdesk executives to showbiz hacks and diary writers. For some, Whittamore's services were not just a useful tool but almost an addiction. One reporter used him 422 times. Another carried out 191 transactions, requesting dozens of vehicle searches, more than a dozen criminal records checks, several blags and numerous Friends and Family inquiries. Yet the Motorman team were told not to speak to any journalist. The whistleblower's story: They were too afraid of the press to let us interview journalists It was incredible. Even as we were doing the search I could see how big it was and that night when we retired to the hotel I spent about four hours browsing through it and the more I browsed the more apparent it became how big it was going to be.

    We were down there for two or three days. We came back and the first thing I did was arrange an informal meeting. When we enlightened them with what we'd found I was subsequently told, within a few days, that we [the investigations unit] weren't allowed to talk to journalists and that he [the Information Commissioner] would deal with the press. It was fear, they were frightened. We told them what our plan of action was. We intended to put together 30 or 40 prosecution packages and then go for conspiracy, which would involve the blaggers, the private detectives, the corrupt sellers of the information, right up to the journalists.

    When I mentioned the press, I still remember the words which one of them said: "We can't take them on, they're too big for us." I remember thinking, "It's our job to take them on and if we can't take them on, who does take them on?" As an ex-police officer for 30 years and a detective, there's nothing worse than having a damned good case and somebody tells you, "You can't go and interview the suspect". If you don't ask questions you don't get answers. I feel that had we been given the opportunity to interview some of the reporters we might have got a hint about this hacking because it was totally unknown at that time.

    The biggest question that needed answering was why did the reporters want all these numbers and what were they doing with them? I knew about phone-tapping but I knew there were complicated issues involved in phone tapping so we dismissed that. Had we been given the opportunity to investigate more thoroughly and interview journalists it may well have identified that phone-hacking existed – instead of waiting for the Mulcaire case to break. If we had identified this in 2003 then perhaps a lot of this would never have happened. I was not present at the Whittamore court case but I was told that the first thing the judge said was a comment about not seeing any journalists in the dock.

    If newspapers and reporters had seen the ICO going into their premises or arranging to interview journalists I think it would have sent a lot stronger message out than publishing a report 13 months later. I feel the investigation should have been conducted a lot more vigorously, a lot more thoroughly, and it may have revealed a lot more information. I know it's difficult to tell all the victims but isn't that the Information Commissioner's job? There are thousands of people out there who still don't know they've been victims. When I was in the police I was always taught that your victim is your most important person.

    I was disappointed and somewhat disillusioned with the senior management because I felt as though they were burying their heads in the sand. It was like being on an ostrich farm. The impression being given is that they never prosecuted the press because they were so disappointed with the [Whittamore] result of a conditional discharge.

    But by then it was too late and, in any case, we knew virtually from the start of that inquiry that no journalist was ever going to get prosecuted. To be honest it made a bit of a farce of the investigation.

    Were these methods illegal?

    The transactions which are contained in Stephen Whittamore's files range from area and occupancy searches to criminal records checks and inquiries into vehicle registrations.

    Area and occupancy searches

    Area and address occupancy searches may have been procured illicitly but would provide no prospect of a prosecution, even when there was no public interest defence in requesting the information. This is because the requester of the information could claim an expectation that the investigator would acquire the details through legitimate means, such as by consulting an electoral roll in a public library, for instance.

    Ex-directory checks, phone 'conversions' and friends and family searches

    This would be information obtained from a phone company and might be in breach of Section 55 of the Data Protection Act (which came into effect in March 2000 and carries a maximum fine of £5,000) unless Whittamore had obtained them from a friend or relative. These searches could be legally defended if the inquiry was in the public interest.

    Searches of the police national computer or the DVLA database

    Serious. Not only would they be a breach of the Data Protection Act but in serious cases, where there was no public interest in the inquiry, the requester of the information might be charged with aiding and abetting misconduct in public office by the person supplying the information, which could carry a jail sentence.

  • £375 for Jeremy Clarkson, £655 for JK Rowling: the private eye's lucrative trade
    On July 18, 2011, Sean Hoare was found mysteriously deceased by London police. This is notable for two reasons.

    The first reason is that Hoare was a primary whistle-blower in the unfolding crisis at News Corporation. The scandal has implicated multitudes in illegal and immoral electronic eavesdropping on everyone from an abducted teenager to Prince William and his brother.

    The second and far more ominous reason is because Sean Hoare’s demise was not suspicious in any way. The London police, though already implicated in the scandal for widespread corruption through bribe-taking and callow complicity in shuttering earlier eavesdropping investigations, assure us it is so. Naturally, only the pitifully paranoid or unsettlingly obsessed would doubt this claim. Everyone knows whistle-blowers are by far the most likely people to generally have poor timing in all matters of corporeal termination. At the most inopportune times they are prone to hang themselves, have inconvenient heart attacks, overdose on pills, and get into car accidents in which the other parties mysteriously vanish.

    “In novels and films the hero is lauded for his efforts at illuminating this world’s evils. In reality the hero is usually not identified at all, except perhaps by his remains.” Thus, absolutely no one else was involved in Sean Hoare’s accident. It is a certainty that this will be deemed a former narcotics abuser’s drug overdose. Simple as that. We know this because we are told so (and we know to heed the master’s halt). Here are a few historical examples to erase all doubt.

  • Sex, Lies and Gagging Orders (VIDEO)