media2 Journalists of future 'to come from richest 25pc'

A new report on social mobility has confirmed that the traditional career ladder of regional press journalists moving onto the nationals has all but ceased to exist. The "Unleashing Aspiration" report on access to the professions published today predicts that unless action is taken, the journalists of the future will be drawn from the richest 25pc of families in the UK. Among the reports's findings were that while journalists and broadcasters born in 1958 typically grew up in families with income around 5.5pc above the national average, those born in 1970 grew up in families with incomes 42.4pc above the average.

"Typical journalists of the future will today be growing up in a family that is better off than three in four of all families in the UK," it said. The report, by a panel of experts chaired by the former Cabinet minister Alan Milburn, also provided the first official confirmation that the old career route from local to national papers has broken down. "During the UK's first wave of social mobility, journalists might have worked their way up through local newspapers...such opportunities have diminished in recent decades," it said.

Interviewed on the BBC Today Programme, Mr Milburn said that "in the old days, it was possible to start out as a messenger boy on a local paper and become a Fleet Street journalist." Nowadays, he said, it was almost impossible to enter the profession without a university degree. The National Union of Journalists has welcomed the report's call for national standards for internships as a means of tackling what it called "bogus work experience placements."

The report showed how the cost of such internships, as well as the debt acquired when undertaking journalism courses, present a barrier for those from less well-off backgrounds to enter journalism. The NUJ has been campaigning for a number of years for the government to tackle the use of placements by media companies to get work done for free. General secretary Jeremy Dear said: "This report shows how the use of unpaid internships has undermined the diversity of our profession. It is good to see the government recognising the problem and we are now looking for swift action to ensure the financial barriers to entering journalism are lowered."


    national treasure

    During the last years, a new trend appeared in Hollywood: secret societies being at the center of movie intrigues. Some might find this surprising since secret societies are supposed to be…well…secret. Many people in the movie industry are part of those Brotherhoods so what is the reasoning behind this? We’ll look at the myth Hollywood is trying to create by examining “National Treasure” and “Angels and Demons”.

    A decade ago, movies about Freemasonry or the Illuminati were rare and far apart (see here a nice list of Masonic references in movies). There has however been a major switch during the last decade. The world wide public has witnessed major blockbuster movies featuring those Brotherhoods at the center of the story. Their exoteric symbols are abundantly displayed and some of their history is even explained. Why are those societies exposing themselves to the average movie goers, who, for the most part aren’t even aware of their existence? Isn’t secrecy an important requisite for the survival of those orders?

    I believe an important change is taking place in the communication strategies of these elite societies. The advent of the digital age, where any individual can create and publish content has rendered the secrecy of such organizations impossible. Self-published websites, books, documentaries, DVDs and other medias have exposed many secrets of Masonry and other orders. Information which could only be found in rare and exclusive books is now a Google search away. I have encountered some Masons who were astonished by the level of knowledge possessed by the ”profane”. Those types of Masonic scholars, who aren’t actually initiated into the Brotherhood, were very rare not too long ago.

    Since the digital switch is irreversible (and completed), occult orders have adapted their strategy to this new context (they’ve probably saw this coming years ago). The strategy is : “If they have to know about us, we’ll tell them what to know“. Through Hollywood and best-selling books, secret societies are being introduced to the average Joe but with one BIG condition: the public is given a distorted, caricatured and romantic portrayal of secret societies. We are introducing in pop culture a mythical lore around secret societies, associating them with fascinating symbols, treasures hunts and exotic adventures. The viewers believe they are actually learning facts about Freemasonry or the Illuminati and they leave the movies with a sense of wonder, fascination and admiration. Those feelings are however based on totally erroneous facts, dubious explanations and fairy tale story telling. After viewing those movies, the viewer has a positive predisposition concerning those orders and will be less inclined to believe and research conspiracies related to them.

  • Masonic references in cinema

    tommy sheridan The British media have been expert at undermining democracy by failing to promote ANY OTHER political party that is not part of the big three. Recently their activities have included phone tapping that was being carried out by the News of the World. Apparently a common practice by the media mafia who are ultimately responsible for ONLY promoting political parties sanctioned, controlled and funded by masons .

    However it is more than coincidence that a case against the News of the World by Tommy Sheridan, the former leader of the Scottish Socialist party, ended in Tommy winning his case . A rare occasion when a Scottish citizen had a CIVIL jury, but like so many victims of Scottish justice, despite initially having a lawyer had to finish the case on his own. A ground breaking win against the massive odds stacked up against the ordinary citizen in a tyrannical court structure operating primarily for the few self appointed elite mafia that run Scotland for the British establishment and the corrupt British crown. However the case against Tommy backfired and he has since been accused and charged with perjury.

    This week saw him and his wife facing a CROWN attack, that despite winning damages against the News of the World, the Scottish judiciary issued orders for the masonic run cops to charge Tommy with perjury and the case this week was heard in court where both Tommy and his wife pleaded NOT guilty. We have to ask, have the News of the World been getting prepared for this groundbreaking court action by holding up its hands that, YES on occasions they do "in the public interest" tap phones and that will allow them to use evidence gathered from Tommy's phone to be used to prove he had been committing perjury?

    Knowing, the to close a connection between Britain's judiciary and a corporate media that bend over backwards to promote their despicable conduct and hide the many victims who have been destroyed by a UK judiciary, we just wonder if this has ALL been done to pre-empt the ongoing court action?

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    fleetst.jpg Is it any wonder the UK public are becoming ever more sceptical about the corporate media as they are so far removed from the alternative news and bloggers on the internet? If you look at the location of Fleet Street in London were most of the lying devious scumbag press are controlled from, you can see directly below is the Temple Church .

    Fleet street also runs onto the Strand and the Royal Courts of Justice. The only reason the legal mafia in the UK have been getting away with utter murder is that their media lawyers that operate within and around Fleet Street have been massively suppressing journalism in the UK and worldwide by the use of arcane laws that are NOT providing freedom of speech, only curtailing speech unless it is uttered from the mouths of the pompous ,ruthless and criminally corrupt legal fraternity.

    The power in the British Crown is in the use of masonic controlled judges and lawyers to deviously steal the assets of the unsuspecting public while totally controlling the corporate media who only report from the perspective of a crooked judge, lawyer or Chief Constable. Seldom if ever do they report either criminal or civil cases from the perspective of the victims of their crimes.

    Think of the worst crooks that operate in the UK and then compare what they steal with the vast plundering of a corrupt crown and its lackeys who have been expert at suppressing what the true objective of the British press is. That is to provide the propaganda that ignores the complete lack of trial by jury in civil cases where most of the plundering takes place.

    We have seen the recent exposures of the crooked bankers , then the crooked political mafia but these have all MASKED the real criminals that control the UK, the legal mafia who while controlling most of the written published word have been aided and abetted by a complicit media who have turned a blind eye to the daily destruction of the men and women who have been fleeced and destroyed in these utter dens of iniquity. The only way they have been able to do so has been the massive suppression of ALL news reporting until the birth of the internet. The widening gap between the real TRUTH and the corporate media shows they remain complicit and under the control of the thugs who masquerade in their robes and regalia while propping up the richest dynasty across the globe. Seldom if ever do they leave a paper trail of the vast estates and business's that have fallen under the control of these mobsters who make all other criminals pale, by the degree to which billions can be transferred into their hands at the stroke of a masonic judges pen.

    This is how the British establishment have been able to continue the class system thanks to the fraud and corruption the British crown heads and the many victims who were incarcerated in psychiatric wards when they dared to fight back . Also the lives lost when the vast legal bills have pushed vulnerable individuals over the edge in the ruthless way these global money merchants operate. The victims are uniting and now have platforms to truly tell the truth of what has been going on that has been hidden for far to long.

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    media spies We have been exposing the sinister connection between the British media based in Fleet Street and lawyers operating from the Inns of courts at Temple church and also with Freemasons hall and MI5 and MI6. The latest revelations that they ALSO use private investigators to criminally search mobile phone messages and no doubt many other dodgy surveillance techniques that ex masonic cops who move into the private dick industry would have EXPERT knowledge of.

    The British corporate media is owned and run by high level masons who use that media to SMEAR and destroy anyone who dares challenge the thugs that rule the UK by force. They use subtle and devious psychological techniques that British judges and lawyers are expert at manufacturing to put untold pressure on men caught up in sinister court actions. It is them through their media lawyers that create the disinformation and distortions that HIDE this massive injustice that the British crown ultimately is responsible for. The British establishment protected for so long by their media friends are struggling to hide the complicity of a system of news reporting that looks totally out of sync with the alternative news on the internet and what bloggers are saying.

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    murdoch Rupert Murdoch's News Group paid £1m in court costs after its journalists were accused of involvement in phone tapping to get stories, it has been claimed.

    The Guardian says three cases were settled out of court after journalists allegedly hired private investigators who obtained the information illegally. The paper claims the News Group paid £700,000 in damages and costs to Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers chief.

    News International told the paper the case "means nothing to anyone here". A spokesman said: "This particular case means nothing to anyone here, and I've talked to all the people who would be involved." The BBC has yet to receive a response from News International.

    Mobile phone messages

    Other high-profile figures allegedly targeted include model Elle Macpherson, former deputy prime minister John Prescott and the publicist Max Clifford. The News of the World editor at the time, Andy Coulson, said: "I have made it clear to the Guardian that I knew nothing about the Taylor settlement." Mr Coulson, now the Conservative Party communications director, declined to comment further.

    The Guardian says evidence alleging journalists used investigators to hack into the mobile phone messages of numerous public figures was presented in High Court proceedings. It claims the investigators went in search of information such as bank statements and tax records. Mr Prescott told Channel Four News he had not been told his phone may have been tapped.

    He said: "I find it staggering that there can be a list known to the police of people who have had their phone tapped; I'm named as one of them. For such an act not to be reported to him reflected very badly on the police "and I want to know their answer," he went on. The Metropolitan Police declined to respond to Mr Prescott's comment.

    Two years ago, the News of the World's royal reporter Clive Goodman was jailed after pleading guilty to hacking into the phone messages of royal staff. A private investigator was also jailed and Mr Coulson resigned. The Guardian now says it has evidence of repeated involvement by the group's journalists in illegal activity, which could open the way for police inquiries and legal action by the victims.

  • Murdoch papers paid £1m to gag phone-hacking victims



    The Daily and Sunday Express's main offices are on Fleet Street . Notice their banner at the top of their papers is a Knights Templar as the Express is the mouthpiece and controlled by lawyers based around the corner at Temple bar , Inner temple and the surrounding area. An area that crawls with the legal leeches who ensure the corporate media all say the same thing at the same time to protect the mass fleecing of the unsuspecting public in courts across the UK and worldwide.

    Bar association lawyers worldwide all answer to Inner Temple power and how media lawyers are used to control much of the printed word and media across the globe.


    media mafia All of the British media without a doubt are owned and controlled by rich toffs. There isn't one tabloid, TV or radio station that behind the scenes some establishment type isn't pulling the strings. So WHY are the corporate media ON MASS attacking British MP's? Is it because of their dodgy expenses claims that they have known about yet were complicit in hiding from the public for so long ? NO

    There is method in the madness once again. The latest plans to open up the tax havens abroad suddenly put those who control the vast majority of the usual complicit media under the spotlight. The Murdochs and the Barclay Brothers and the list below contain most of the media mafia bosses who, under normal circumstances, would be falling over themselves to support the masonic run political and legal mafia that utterly control the UK with menace.

    However now that their OWN foreign tax havens, are for the very first time potentially coming under the spotlight, they are taking an alternative stance for once and by exposing dodgy MP expenses they may be deflecting the spotlight from those potentially damaging exposures.Exposures that may even topple the very government that has finally gotten round to find where they lucratively hide their money.Money gained from the UK sheeple who blindly read these newspapers in the hope of hearing some truths, instead of news outlets seen through masonic tinted glasses.

    The following list of names only one arm of the wealthy media magnets who have been duping the UK public for far to long.

    Sir Max Aitken, 2nd Baronet
    John Jacob Astor, 1st Baron Astor of Hever
    Max Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook
    David and Frederick Barclay
    Conrad Black
    Gervase Beckett
    Hugh Lawson, 6th Baron Burnham
    Seymour Berry, 2nd Viscount Camrose
    William Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose
    Henry Dalziel, 1st Baron Dalziel of Kirkcaldy
    Richard Desmond
    Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe
    Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere
    Michael Berry, Baron Hartwell
    Gomer Berry, 1st Viscount Kemsley
    Sir John Leigh, 1st Baronet
    Robert Maxwell(deceased)
    David Montgomery (newspaper executive)
    Claud Morris
    Sir Arthur Pearson, 1st Baronet
    Sir Neville Arthur Pearson, 2nd Baronet
    Leslie Plummer
    George Riddell, 1st Baron Riddell
    Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere
    Esmond Harmsworth, 2nd Viscount Rothermere
    Vere Harmsworth, 3rd Viscount Rothermere
    Eddy Shah
    David Sullivan
    Charles Walter Starmer
    Brian Harold Thomson
    David Coupar Thomson
    Ray Tindle



    The many-headed serpent that threatens freedom of the press. Greedy lawyers, 'authoritarian' ministers and hostile police officers are strangling a free press. The British news media has never been so restricted, beset by the laws of an "authoritarian" government, greedy lawyers and dwindling editorial budgets, according to one of the industry's most important representative bodies.

    The Society of Editors has submitted a dossier of evidence to Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, claiming that "meritorious" articles by local newspapers are increasingly being suppressed because of the danger that legal action would bring ruinous costs. The dossier also contains examples of published stories exposing the behaviour of MPs, local authority leaders, owners of professional football and rugby clubs, business leaders and television personalities, which have been settled out of court for financial and not legal reasons, in order to avoid the danger of being bankrupted by the fees of the claimant's solicitors.

    Speaking to The Independent on the Society's tenth anniversary, Robin Esser, executive managing editor of the Daily Mail, calls for a concerted effort to ensure that the concept of freedom of expression comes to be regarded as a constitutional right in Britain, as it is in America. He says the current threats to a free press are comparable to a many-headed serpent. "It's a bit like the hydra, every time you cut off one head two more appear ... we've got enormous issues at the moment."

    Esser, a former editor of The Sunday Express who is chairman of the society's parliamentary and legal committee, criticises the police for abusing the Protection against Harassment Act 1997 (originally introduced to deter stalkers) and anti-terrorist legislation, in order to hamper the work of journalists. "Situations occur on a fairly regular basis of photographers being prevented from taking pictures in public places, being arrested and having their film taken away or inspected." He complains of "the increasing authoritarianism of the present government which sometimes without realising it, and sometimes realising it, introduces measures which impinge further on the media's rights and duty to ensure open democracy and open justice".

    Last week the prominent barrister Ken Macdonald, QC, suggested that the recent growth of privacy legislation was strangling the freedom of the press. "We would pay a very high price indeed for underscoring the marketability of film stars and footballers," he said.

    According to Esser, who has worked in Fleet Street for more than 40 years and reported on the first landings on the moon, "I think we are more restricted now than we've ever been before". The Society of Editors, which represents both newspapers and broadcasters, is concerned that the media, already weakened by the impact on editorial resources of falling advertising revenues, is being further cowed by the danger of incurring huge costs from libel actions brought by solicitors under "no win, no fee" conditional fee agreements (CFAs), which allow successful lawyers to double their charges. The issue is being investigated under a Litigation Costs Review being conducted for Mr Straw by Lord Justice Jackson.

    The society has submitted to both the judge and Mr Straw a dossier which indicates that the local and regional media, in particular, has become terrified of the prospect of finding itself in court. Cases cited include a light-hearted piece on a local MP's views on expenses, which he complained about, leading to an out-of-court payment of £10,000 plus a bill for £26,000 in costs. Another local paper piece containing comments from a contestant on the BBC show Dragons' Den, who complained he had not been given the financial support promised by the dragons on screen, led to a settlement of £13,000 plus a further £7,000 paid in costs, despite the editor being advised that the piece was probably protected by the libel defence of "fair comment". A daily paper in the North of England paid out £10,000 (plus £7,000 costs) and made a full apology to a professional rugby league player for the local team who it had criticised after he was suspended for foul play by the league disciplinary committee. The settlement was in spite of legal advice that a defence of fair comment had "a high prospect of success".

    A Welsh paper which featured a report by a conservation trust criticising plans to develop a building and land once occupied by the poet Dylan Thomas, provoked a writ from the property developer. On being advised of the potential costs under a CFA – where London solicitors can charge £390 an hour and then double the sum with a 100 per cent uplift or "success fee" if they win – the paper caved in, paying £10,000 in damages to the property developer and still incurring £16,000 in costs. The threat of a case brought under a CFA is often enough to ensure a story is withheld altogether. The dossier cites an investigation by a regional Sunday newspaper into a money-making cult, which was not published after the editor was warned that an action would be brought using CFA.

    "In the light of this threat, the editor felt obliged to give the undertaking demanded, not because of any concerns about the quality of the journalism, the accuracy of the story, or the public interest, but purely because he feared that an adverse costs order may cause the newspaper to cease publishing," said the dossier. The report also cites the suppression of a story about an offshore company bidding to take control of the local football club. The paper had sought to expose the fact that the company had a subsidiary which had been criticised by business regulators in several EU countries but the article was dropped following a threat of an injunction and libel action.

    Tony Jaffa, of Exeter-based solicitors Foot Anstey, who compiled the dossier, says large London law firms have become adept at exploiting the use of CFAs, which were originally introduced to increase public access to justice. He confirms: "The issue of CFAs has become an important tactical weapon in the litigation process." Esser is adamant there has been a "chilling effect" on local papers and their willingness to investigate. "They will settle or they won't print a story which exposes hypocrisy or double dealing or disgraceful behaviour on the part of public servants, and that is a terrible loss." The society continues to lobby ministers and their shadow counterparts to remove what it sees as unnecessary shackles on the media. It was exasperated by a backlash against new plans to allow journalists into Family Courts, with judges and officials seeking to maintain a ban on reporting. "It's madness," says Esser. "What newspaper has got people to send along to sit in court and not be able to write a story?"

    He is hopeful, though, that progress is finally being made in introducing television cameras into courtrooms. "We feel that will help open justice and bring instant pictures to the public, just as the people in the public gallery can see what goes on. The judges fear some sort of OJ Simpson effect but that really isn't going to happen." Though proud of the society's achievements over the difficult past decade, Esser knows that the hydra that threatens freedom of the press is far from slain. "There will be two more heads tomorrow," he says. "We have to remain vigilant."


    they live How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare
    by L. Wolfe
    Printed in The American Almanac, May 5, 1997.

    ``I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television.... You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images....'' --Hal Becker, media ``expert'' and management consultant, the Futures Group, in an interview in 1981 [1]

    In the 15 years since Becker's comment, Americans have become even more ``wired'' into a mass media network that now includes computer and video games, as well as the Internet--an all-surrounding network whose power is so pervasive that it is almost taken for granted. As the standup comic said, ``We are really a media conscious people. I know a guy who was run over by a car in the street. He didn't want to go to the hospital. Instead, he dragged himself over to the nearest bar, to check out whether he made it onto the evening news. When it wasn't on, he said, `What does a guy have to do, get killed, to get on television?'|''

    In the highest circles of the British monarchy and its Club of Isles, this great power is not taken for granted. Rather, it is carefully manipulated and directed, as Becker describes from a limited standpoint, to create and mold popular opinion. In a 1991 report published by the Malthusian Club of Rome, entitled ``The First Global Revolution,'' Sir Alexander King, top adviser on science and education policy to the royal family and Prince Philip, wrote that new advances in communications technology will greatly expand the power of the media, both in the advanced and developing sectors. The media, he proclaimed, is the most powerful weapon and ``agent of change'' in the fight to establish a ``one-worldist,'' neo-Malthusian order that will transcend and obliterate the concept of the nation-state.

    ``It is certainly necessary to engage in a broad debate with the journalists and the top media executives involved to study the conditions for them to be able to define this new role,'' King wrote.

    In his project, King's Club of Rome can count on cooperation from the media cartel, which is a British asset, as documented in our report. It can also call on the capabilities of a mass psychological warfare machine, also run by the British and their assets, which extends into key phases of media production, and includes writers and psychiatrists who help shape the content, and the pollsters who fine-tune and analyze the impact on targetted populations. Beyond this interacting network, there are millions of participants involved in the production, distribution, and transmission of media messages, whose thinking, in turn, has been shaped by the content of the media product, and who are, effectively, self-brainwashed by the culture within which they live.


    stv We have PLENTY of evidence to prove that Scottish TV has an EVIL masonic agenda that promotes the New World Order through its news and current affairs programs.

    Many victims of Scotlands evil legal scum who's lives have been destroyed have tried desperately to get STV to expose their crimes to no avail. STV is like ITV a law unto themselves suggesting they have investigative journalists but in fact are highly selective in what is and is NOT promoted.


  • Guaranteed only MASONIC run companies get that rubber stamp. How about all the freebies that get sent their way from companies endorsed by them?



    PCC chairman Sir Christopher Meyer criticises media law firms

    Sir Christopher Meyer yesterday criticised a number of London media law firms, claiming they see the Press Complaints Commission as their "sworn enemy". Meyer singled out leading law firm Carter-Ruck, accusing it of using a Commons select committee hearing to lead an attack on the press industry watchdog. Meyer, the outgoing chairman of the PCC, suggested to MPs on the Commons culture, media and sport committee that Carter-Ruck had used a hearing before them earlier this month to attack his organisation.

    Gerry McCann, father of the missing child Madeleine and a Carter-Ruck client, also criticised the PCC at the same hearing. McCann gave evidence flanked by Adam Tudor, a partner at Carter-Ruck. The Formula One boss Max Mosley appeared before the committee on the same day and heavily criticised the PCC.

    "It was a classic Carter-Ruck operation," Meyer told MPs, adding that the session in which McCann give evidence to the committee had seen "a tendentious onslaught on the PCC". "There are lots of law firms in London specialising in media matters that see us as their sworn enemy, probably because we can do the job for free and can provide a degree of discretion," he added.

    Cameron Doley, managing partner with Carter-Ruck, denied that his firm had any involvement with Mosley, who he said was not a client. Doley also denied that Carter-Ruck had orchestrated an attack on the PCC through McCann, saying his views about the PCC predated the relationship with Carter-Ruck. "It is quite insulting to suggest that he's an innocent dupe, it's nonsense," Doley said.

  • The International Bar Association maybe the most dangerous legal group on the planet and controlled by the International law society's for their own greedy ends.
  • Media Law and Freedom of Expression

    Have the worlds media conspired to hide the masonic influence over NASA moon missions? The extraordinary position were masons are boasting about Aldrin as the first mason on the moon should be significant enough for the world's media to inform the public about one aspect of NASA's selection process.

    Was Aldrin picked for his intellect or for selling his soul to the SATANIC network he was initiated into?

    star We hope this scumbag of a journalist Cameron Millar of the DAILY STAR never has to endure life threatening illness like cancer.Neither his wife,children,mother or any other member of his extended family.

    He will soon find out the SCROUNGERS and SKIVERS he so viciously attacks in the article below are ,while trying to survive life threatening diseases, trying to live on the pittance that is supposed to compensate for the years of paying National Insurance to a bully boy British state.Millar is typical of the appalling British journo's hand picked to psychologically agitate the population to vent their anger on the poor and least fortunate.

    He also supports scumbag DWP minister Purnell who will likely try and use MASONIC backed private companies to do the dirty on many cancer patients, the mentally ill and disabled, BULLY BOY tactics at the extreme.

    This is typical of the vicious attacks from the MASONIC media controlled by establishment masons who while living in opulence love attacking the poor in the UK. Millar while backing scumbag Purnell forgets to mention that in 2004 he had the HIGHEST expenses claim of any MP in Manchester of over £120,000.

    We suggest Millar goes onto a NATIONAL REGISTER of the masonic scumbag press who ,while busy name calling the poor as scroungers , does bugger all to expose his masonic buddies that control Britains media and are part of the SATANIC network of abuse.

    We suggest that MILLAR will in time get his day for writing the atrocious muck he thinks is journalism . Also for the STAR to publish this disgraceful piece of drivel. While Britain has an ever increasing millionaire and billionaire population, thanks to their SATANIC affiliations, this BUM journo MILLAR attacks and bullies those least able to protect themselves.

    MILLAR YOU ARE THE UTTER SCUM OF THE EARTH WHO WILL GET YOUR DAY AS GOD HAS A FUNNY WAY OF WORKING. You go onto our top ten list of the worst journalists in the UK.


  • Rich list blow for Gates £29.2bn


    US MEDIA 'There is no such thing , at this date of the world's history, in America as an independant press. You know it and I know it.! There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions , and if you did , you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who woud be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

    The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth: to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and the folly of this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the string and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men.

    - John Swinton, Former Chief of Staff, New York Times, 1953



    The above image is a selection of houses people live in around the UK.

    Which occupiers of those houses do the British fascist press continually ridicule as being greedy, feckless, self serving, arrogant, ruthless, scum , scroungers , leeches and innumerable appalling nouns that would fill a book? Also that they have been attacking them in an ever increasing frenzy?

    Not surprisingly the SCUMBAG British journalists ,editors and owners scandalously ridicule and bully those living in the derelict and impoverished dwellings.While the one living in the luxurious mansion and the myriad of properties she owns throughout the UK and overseas is treated like a goddess.

    Who actually owns and controls that media? Well , between the masonic mafia and the dodgy licences they get issued, that ensures the mass media must continually promote the richest dynasty in the world while condemning the victims of their massive corruption and fraud. That keeps her and her hangers on in the lifestyles she think she deserves while the rest of the population are forced to live in the shi_tholes of council schemes that masquerade as homes.

    Many of those who had dragged themselves out of these cesspits and into homes they BOUGHT with dodgy mortgage scams only later to find, as soon as they had been forced into the British Crown courts for ANY reason, that her judicial lackeys, would steal back those homes using ruthless masonic based legal systems that ensure SHE remains in those huge mansions while the rest of the population are returned to the ghetto's they had dragged themselves out of, by the most heinous crimes against British citizens .

    Judicial tyranny, that assures the British establishment perpetuate the vast fraud that saw their ancestors steal our land and property and continues to this day in family/civil courts across the UK. A mass media that assures this evil system carries on the destruction of thousands of NON mason families who have been fleeced of ALL their worldly possessions to ensure this appalling class system carries on its dirty tricks against the vast majority of the population.

    Also the media who conspire with the political and legal mafia in the UK use another devious ploy to justify bringing in ever more draconian laws. They pick the worst case scenario like the perverts or terrorists to bring in ever expanding laws that remove more and more of our rights and freedoms.



    Everyone should take another look at this video to see how the British media promote judges and their comments when sentencing .
    ALL OF THE BRITISH MEDIA PROMOTE THIS NONSENSE a bit like how Germany's media ALL promoted Hitler and his mob.

    QUOTE Judge McCombe
    "What they had done to Shannon was truly despicable. It must have been highly disturbing to a nine year old to be removed suddenly from her normal environment ,her school,her siblings and her friends,without knowing when if at all she will be returned."

    For any separated father or couple who have seen British judges and social workers STEAL thousands of children for their own agenda this is utterly laughable. The very actions this judge accuses Karen Matthews of carrying out is the same actions his fellow masonic judges carry out everyday in courts up and down the length and breadth of the UK. While fleecing the families assets and home. What is so utterly ridiculous is that these same EVIL judges (NOT JURIES) have undermined British justice by REFUSING to allow TRIAL BY JURY in all cases were the defendant requires , especially when it concerns children . They want secrecy in those courts to hide the wickedness and injustice of the process.

    Also a mass media that fails time and again to expose what this masonic judicial mafia are doing while PROMOTING their speeches that condemn others for the evil actions they take themselves.


    FOX NEWS While watching the film MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY promoted by most of Britain's media there was a scene of a man being called by Rowan Atkinson who when he didn't get the answer to his question threw himself to his death from a bridge.This was one of the many FUNNY incidents in the film.

    Then we have the media blaming a YouTube clip of someone showing how to tie a hang mans knot on all the suicides at Bridgend.While Britain's mass media don't blame Atkinson's film on anyone who throws themselves off high bridges committing suicide.They however blame the YouTube clip on the suicides at Bridgend in Wales.

    The ridiculous double standards of the UK media who are being exposed as SATANIC protectors and who are threatened ,not by the risks to human life of the internet,but that they cannot stand the fact that the internet is exposing their part in the evil masonic satan worshippers,a cult controlling British citizens ,bullying and abusing everyone that crosses their path.The owners and controllers of British media head that bully boy network destroying ,through media assassination ,anyone that dares suggest what they have been up to for far to long.The internet will remain a threat to these scumbags and the agenda they protect above all else.

    How could the richest dynasty in the world survive a revolution? Thanks to the masons embedded in every area of power and none more so than the heavily controlled mass media who have failed the UK population in their complicity to cover up evil threats to the country as a whole.

    By Uli Schmetzer

    Amid ever more aggressive criticism of our ‘democratic’ mass media the question we should ask is whether our media’s much vaunted impartiality has become blatantly partial over the last years or whether the mass media has always been the serf of particular interests, interests camouflaged as the struggle to preserve the freedom of ‘our’ democratic world.

    The answer is partly contained in the communications revolution which, for the first time in human history, has given the public, or at least those interested in a more profound analysis of events, not one but many alternative sources of information - almost instantly. This capability has raised the hue and cry that what our mainstream media report is mostly one-sided often contrived and serves almost exclusively the interests and policies of those in power and their corporate allies. The justified charge then is that the mainstream media has been turned into a propaganda machine, so blatant, so efficient that some critics complain it now resembles that of the defunct Soviet Union.

    These critics should accept the media has basically been the same for decades. The concept of an independent impartial media is an abstraction as illusionary as the concept of real democracy. But the public became increasingly conscious of the flaws once the sources of information became pluralistic.


    FOX News told reporter: "We'll tell you what the news is. The news is what we say it is."
    Reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were first asked by FOX News and later bribed, to downplay a story they had on a cancer-causing growth hormone called Posilac. The reporters decided to blow the whistle on FOX News and filed a law suit.

    After the ordeal was over, it was discovered in the appeals court that it's actually not against the law to falsify the "News."

     media At a time of growing public disenchantment with the major media, millions now rely on alternate sources. Many online and print ones are credible. One of the world's most relied on is not - the BBC. It's an imperial tool, as corrupted as its dominant counterparts, been around longer than all of them, now in it for profit, and it's vital that people know who BBC represents and what it delivers.

    It was close but not quite the world's first broadcaster. Other European nations claim the distinction along with KDKA Pittsburgh as the oldest US one. BBC's web site states: "The British Broadcasting Company Ltd (its original name) was formed in October 1922....and began broadcasting on November 14....By 1925 the BBC could be heard throughout most of the UK. (Its) biggest influence....was its general manager, John Reith (who) envisioned an independent British broadcaster able to educate, inform and entertain the whole nation, free from political interference and commercial pressure."

    That's what BBC says. Here's a different view from Media Lens. It's an independent "UK-based media-watch project....offer(ing) authoritative criticism" reflecting "reality" that's free from the corrupting influence of media corporations and the governments they support.

    Its creators and editors (Davids Cromwell and Edwards) ask: "Can the BBC tell the truth....when its senior managers are appointed by the government" and will be fired if they step out of line and become too critical. It notes that nothing "fundamentally changed since BBC founder Lord Reith wrote the establishment: 'They know they can trust us not to be really impartial.' " He didn't disappoint, nor have his successors like current Director-General and Chairman of the Executive Board Mark Thompson along with Michael Lyons, Chairman, BBC Trust that replaced the Board of Governors on January 1, 2007 and oversees BBC operations.

    On January 1, 1927, BBC was granted a Royal Charter, made a state-owned and funded corporation, still pretends to be quasi-autonomous, and changed its name to its present one - The British Broadcasting Corporation. Its first Charter ran for 10 years, succeeding ones were renewed for equal fixed length periods, BBC is in its ninth Charter period, and is perhaps more dominant, pervasive and corrupted than ever in an age of marketplace everything and space-age technology with which to operate.

    It's now the world's largest broadcaster, has about 28,000 UK employees and a vast number of worldwide correspondents and support staff nearly everywhere or close enough to get there for breaking news. It's government-funded from revenues UK residents pay monthly to operate their television receivers - currently around 22 US dollars, and it also has other growing income sources from its worldwide commercial operations supplementing its noncommercial ones at home.

    Most important is how BBC functions, who it serves, and Media Lens' editors explain it best and keep at it with regular updates. They argue that the entire mass media, including BBC, function as a "propaganda system for elite interests." It's especially true for topics mattering most - war and peace, "vast corporate criminality," US-UK duplicity, and "threats to the very existence of human life." They're systematically "distorted, suppressed, marginalized or ignored" in a decades-long public trust betrayal by an organization claiming "honesty, integrity (is) what the BBC stands for (and it's) free from political influence and commercial pressure."


    police raid Chris Bryant MP comments
    "It is clear that several national newspapers pay police officers for information about impending arrests and ongoing investigations. That is clearly bribery and corruption, and it occurs regularly throughout the United Kingdom.

    I have asked several Home Secretaries about that practice—they always say that they will put a stop to it by clarifying the law on suborning a police officer, but so far none of them has done so. Is my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary who will?"

    Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news.

    Behind the scenes at Fox News
    This is not the film itself. Instead, it's a reel of interviews from the film. Lots to learn here.
    "The revolutionary thing that Fox has done is that it's eliminated journalism from the TV news. There is no journalism at the Fox News Channel." - Bob McChensey

    matthews It is interesting to watch the reporting of the British media on the Shannon Matthews case were her mother has been found guilty of kidnapping her. Normally the radical feminist man hating press BURY stories of any description that show a mother abusing or failing to protect their child. This group knows this goes on ALL the time but seldom sees the light of day from a British media that has a masonic agenda.

    British masonic judges rely on a steady stream of articles from a complicit mass media to justify the multi billion pound asset stripping in Britains secret family courts. These articles must ensure the attack on NON masonic men goes on continually to ensure JUDGES have the excuse to relieve men of a life time of assets and their homes, but most importantly their children.

    Usually if a woman is attacked or abused the BBC and the other tv stations follow suit trundling on women's aid and a myriad of other radical feminist groups to comment on those BAD MEN. However they are ALL noticeably quiet and also noticeable that MASS MEDIA never allow comment from credible mens groups when the role of abuser is reversed. This would not suit the masonic judges who need to ensure women are always seen in the best light while men have to be continually castigated for their masonic agenda to work successfully.

    How successful these masonic plans are can be put in this way. That more money has been stolen from good men across the UK by corrupt judges and lawyers than all the plundering by the Gestapo during the last war . The multi billion pound asset stripping by Britains masonic judges with a complicit media ensures this massive gravy train continues with ever more men destroyed by this EVIL system. One good reason why MEN should avoid British mass media news and ensure they read the alternative news media on the internet who have been exposing their part in these horrific crimes for a very long time.

    Also noticeable is the sudden GLUT of stories in that complicit mass media showing mothers failing their children . Is that anything to do with a NEW government agenda to punish women who have children and are to be forced to find work even if the child is only one year old?

  • Mother guilty over Shannon kidnap
  • Pure evil: Shannon's mum found guilty of kidnap
  • Mother said Shannon was missing ‘then headed off to buy beer’
  • Evil mother guilty over Shannon kidnap
  • Social workers 'warned of Matthews'
  • Karen Matthews conned live-in lover Meehan into thinking he'd fathered one of her 7 children
  • Shannon Matthews: A wee survivor given the chance of a new life
  • Police hunt and MEGA overtime so why did it take 24 days to find Shannon Matthews?
  • Video: Karen Matthews continues her lies during police questioning
  • Shannon 'friends' pestered McCanns for money but couple were warned off by police
  • Mother of seven portrayed as sink estate slob
  • Council orders social services probe into Matthews' family in years before kidnap
  • Seven children, six fathers : Lazy, sex-mad Karen Matthews symbolises broken Britain
  • Donovan: The oddball accomplice who had snatched a child before
  • Shannon Matthews: Mother 'unable to place children's needs above her own'
  • Scribbled notes shed light on Shannon's disturbing world
  • No explanation can excuse what happened to Shannon Matthews
  • I have seen close up how UK social workers can be seized by paralysis
  • The fantasist and the domestic drifter
  • They drugged her, hid her, then waited to claim £50,000 reward
  • Public grief and private greed of kidnap mother

    council house
  • Revealed: the £2.6m council house family

  • How can this EVIL government with its patsy media like "This is London" still able to endlessly attack the poor?

    First use someone as a scapegoat,like the above, for the venom that will be created when this story is published by ALL the obliging media ,especially if its a foreign national . Give the illusion that everyone gets large fancy houses in the UK police state, instead of the shitholes on council schemes.

    That creates the PROBLEM.

    Make sure the British media feed this utter GUFF to the sheeple as if it is the norm ,instead of a nasty devious plan by Purnell to instigate that PROBLEM, which will get the REACTION from the sheeple. Finally create the SOLUTION to utterly abuse everyone else who lives on the paltry sums that masquerade as some sort of benefit after maybe years of paying into a never ending money pit of tax and National Insurance.

    There are lies,damn lies and the British mass media.


    The mainstream media is dominated by a handful of mega corporations who control what many of us hear, read, and believe. The propaganda masters are censoring and suppressing the truth from the American people. There are many reporters who know the truth but dare not talk or write about it, and what some report they don't even believe themselves. Those who are courageous enough to stand up to the establishment are often ridiculed, intimidated, and blocked by editors and producers who are acting as gatekeepers to the truth.

    There have been calls for the arrests and even death of those who criticize the government. You know you have slipped into a fascist dictatorship when those who dissent are treated like traitors, terrorists, and enemies of the state. We are being brainwashed with all the propaganda that we are subjected to in our everyday lives in an effort to control our minds and shift us into massive groupthink. We are being told that we are spreading democracy around the world while our own freedoms are being systematically taken away.


    TV A series of scandals over rigged phone-in contests and manipulated documentary footage has sparked a crisis of public trust in television, two high-profile BBC figures have warned. Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman will warn of a "catastrophic loss of nerve" in the industry in tonight's flagship MacTaggart lecture.
    Paxman is expected to demand a statement of "greater purpose, or moral drive" from television executives. A source close to Paxman said: "Jeremy feels there has been a fairly catastrophic loss of nerve in trying to define any sense of purpose or ambition in TV."