Freemasons behind the biggest child abuse network on the planet



ALL repeat ALL terrorism is a cover for the biggest child abuse network on the planet.

Fathers are being abused in their millions in freemason controlled family courts and when fathers are abused you can be sure the children of those fathers will face the same poverty , oppression and abuse destroying families in their millions. It is NOT just that freemason judges can remove millions of children into care on malicious allegations made up by their lawyer lackeys but while fathers are being destroyed their children face the nightmare of seeing their fathers broken, homeless and penniless and who can no longer rely on the protection ONLY their biological father can provide.

Vulnerable children especially young boys are easy prey for the vermin left to abuse those children when distanced from their fathers protection with British care homes awash with homopaedo's as reported regularly in the gutter press. Despite endless media propaganda that infers mothers are better guardians of their children only a fathers strength can stop a potential threat to a child's life. Hence the enormous global infrastructure put in place by the royals top dog the Duke of Kent who controls freemason thugs within the supposed law enforcement and legal system to instigate brute force against fathers who DARE stand up to the state abusers and murderers that are all bound by masonic oath swearing and who are getting away with abusing millions of fathers and children because so much money is being poured into ensuring even the strongest fathers are broken when the full might of the state assassins is initiated, including arresting men for daring to stand up against the most evil network on the planet.

Only separated fathers truly know the lengths the freemason political, legal and cop mafia's will go to gain access to men's wealth but especially their children. The mass media now only touching on this monster after the BBC's top predatory paedo presenter mason Jimmy Savile was outed along with his vast paedo network within the BBC as one after another presenter is jailed for decades of abuse. ONLY thanks to their victims having a platform on the internet has exposed the complicit media being implicated after claiming Savile was a legend and hero on his death, when they knew for decades what he was getting up to in the homes and hospitals he frequented while getting away with murder.

He was joined by jewish lawyer and UK law lord Greville Janner who despite decades of homopaedo abuse was like Savile allowed to die before he was charged and jailed and his victims left without any justice when he was behind some of the manufactured laws that made stealing children into care so much easier for the zionist / freemasons all part of the biggest child abuse network on this planet.

BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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