Masonic run family courts cannot function without domestic abuse / violence claims

The regalia cannot hide the stench of sleaze that emanates from the royals

Despite the world being consumed by a LAWYER controlled gutter press pushing the terrorism / pandemic / brexit fear propaganda and a myriad of other distractions the BIGGEST and most monstrous crimes in history are going on inside secret courts where millions of men and their families are being destroyed by a satanic death cult determined to transfer non cult mens wealth into their coffers. That does not take into account the thousands of men persecuted into early graves by a rogue system of lies and deceit that push men over the edge.

Every arm of the state is being used to fabricate evidence so that properties and businesses across the globe can be seized and redistributed to all those implicated in the biggest heist in history that has been concealed by a media gaining substantial rewards for advertising property into the $trillions being stolen from men. Every single gutter rag and media outlet is deliberately covering this up while building smokescreens of propaganda to distract those as yet to face the wrath of these evil bastards and their biggest extortion racket in history.

We are starting to see some dissenting voices exposing the truly monstrous lies being told that leave men like Johnny Depp whose lives are being ruined by a cult that has taken over the courts, the police, councils, social services and every arm of the state that is used to build a wall of terror to destroy men and we will continue to address this while the vast bulk of the media keep the peasants in fear with their propaganda and bullshit. Meanwhile the royals raping trafficked kids can be brushed aside while their masonic godfather the Dukey Kent is directing all of the above to inflict the most hideous persecution campaigns against the men facing an onslaught on their lives, homes and children.


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