The lunacy of populating Mars



There is something seriously wrong with how much money is being wasted on fanciful ideas of populating other planets when there are VAST areas of wilderness on the earth that are not being populated primarily because it is NOT suitable for living in those harsh environments. The earth is being polluted because of the failure to use science to produce clean environments instead rivers and land are being poisoned with toxic chemicals and waste instead of expending the energies of space travel into problems closer to home.

Musk may have been smart enough to start a few software firms and produce electric cars but the fanciful idea of populating Mars really shows a stupidity that hasn't considered, never mind the harsh conditions that stop people populating vast areas of the earth, but the fact Mars is far more hostile and with cosmic and solar radiation so extreme humans wouldn't last more than two years without becoming seriously ill. Never mind the lack of air and water and those systems they are trying to develop for extended periods on Mars wouldn't work for long even in the Sahara never mind on Mars.

When poverty and deprivation is rife across the globe science should be directing ALL its efforts into providing the resources that stop pollution while helping feed the planets starving peasants instead of the billions sending men into space with the delusions that we can populate other worlds that are far more hostile to life than anything as yet seen on earth even with the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters.

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