Aren't MI5 supposed to protect UK citizens from attacks?

We hear time and again how we are all being spied on a surveilled by the latest CCTV and internet technology in Britain supposedly to stop attacks like the Manchester suicide bombing. Housed within MI5 is one arm of the freemason network that has the Royals Duke of Kent as its head and their influence should be as worrying as any lone suicide bomber who, going by the latest news, was KNOWN to Britain's security services.

Also there have been reports he had just come back from Syria and despite that MI5 had claimed he did not pose any threat. Shouldn't the media be directing their attention at the supposed spy agencies who would have knowledge of the bombers history but decided not to intervene and gave him the opportunity to kill young children due to a lack of attention by those who claim they spy to protect?

We have published many articles about Britain's arcane security services who through their failures are a bigger threat to the UK than the terror threats now being wheeled out across Britain. Are they REALLY there to protect us or allowing attacks to distract attention from the exposures of the political mafia who seem to wallow in these attacks claiming they will protect us when that is so far from the truth? If they had knowledge but failed to act then they more than anyone else are responsible for the attack taking place given the background to the killers recent visits to areas known as terrorist hot spots. You do NOT have to be a rocket scientist to see clearly Salman Abedi was a potential threat yet was not under surveillance.

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