Global Law Society the biggest gang stalker on the planet
Recent reports that a lawyer was being paid millions in legal aid to attack former soldiers fighting in Iraq, who reports claim, made their lives a misery show the unaccountable power and lengths lawyers will go to persecute, NOT only soldiers, but anyone involved in a court case in the UK but all areas of the world the law society's tentacles reach out to.

The United Grand Lodge of England plays a major part in creating the laws and orders to the many masonic lawyers embedded in Britain's legal system and who operate from the Inns of Courts in London with a network of bar associations globally that are all part of their sinister network.

There is no easier way to destroy a person than to forcibly drag them into a court process either criminal or civil and use every dirty legal trick in the book to psychologically and financially destroy those hand picked for their form of gang stalking. The powers of the judiciary, police and bailiffs used to cause untold damage in the most barbaric way and where men are regularly found dead due to the extreme mental torture these evil bastards have been accustomed to getting away with.

The complicit media ALL have a media lawyer at the head of their editorial and why they have managed to block exposure of the biggest gang stalkers on the planet for so long. Only the concerted long term efforts of their victims has opened the doors to expose what will turn out to be the biggest murderous agenda in history with trillions being stolen to line the pockets of those using gang stalking as a mass murder tool.

  • Plague of lawyers greed, self-importance and lack of scruples of UK’s last unreformed vested interest group
  • Disgraced lawyer agreed to pay ‘sweeteners’ to a fixer to bring murder claims against British troops (Lawyers right across Britain pay legal aid 'sweeteners' to doctors, social workers, teachers, psychiatrists and a myriad of dodgy expert witness's to destroy divorcing men with claims of domestic violence and with a mass media that fails to expose them)
  • Lawyer struck off because of reckless campaign of false and exaggerated allegations against soldiers (Every day the same false and exaggerated allegations are used against divorcing men by the evil bastards who have been getting away with murder funded by the state with legal aid)
  • Kick out hospital blood suckers, demands NHS Boss: Lawyers who tout for business in hospitals cost £440m a year - enough for 15,000 nurses (A tiny fraction compared with the blood sucking of divorcing men these evil bastards have been getting away with)
  • Britain's legal mafia are screwing the country (heterosexual males) dry
  • Scandal of the £millions spent on lawyers in inquiries while child abuse victims wait decades for LITTLE justice or recompense
  • 'The Law Society is worse than a pit full of vipers'
  • Memorandum of Understanding between cops and law societies
  • Lawyer helped mastermind mortgage scams with their victims having to move out of their family homes after bailiffs knocked on their doors over the unpaid debts